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Signal Balloon in a Can
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Firewood Log Holder
Views 123K8 days ago
$500 Survival Kit in a Box
Views 392K20 days ago
World's Largest Folding Saw!
Views 255K2 months ago
8 Survival Fire Starters
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  • Daily Dose of ATEEZ
    Daily Dose of ATEEZ 7 seconds ago

    I was dishes by hand. *It's so therapeutic.*

  • manjesh pn
    manjesh pn 6 minutes ago

    He even said wow for 2 rusted nails

  • Tasawar Javed
    Tasawar Javed 26 minutes ago

    I m from Pakistan if you send me this light then reply because i like thate.

  • King Rabbi
    King Rabbi 37 minutes ago


  • James Witte
    James Witte 38 minutes ago

    Rather peel my garlic first ...

  • Charles F
    Charles F 42 minutes ago

    I love chia spiced tea

    RIO GAMER 47 minutes ago

    I think I saw a condom in there

  • Mitch Mckenzie
    Mitch Mckenzie 53 minutes ago

    Box full of "gajicks" :)

  • Hhh Vvvbh
    Hhh Vvvbh 58 minutes ago

    Eats pill:woaahhh my pp big Oh i don think that was enegry pill

  • jshana100
    jshana100 58 minutes ago

    Karemik pots

  • Boshi Yoshi
    Boshi Yoshi Hour ago

    "You know what, sometimes gadgets works really well, you just gotta use 'em right"

  • The Non Smoker
    The Non Smoker Hour ago

    1:02 logo in that box kinda looks like HalfLife logo 🤔

  • wille
    wille Hour ago

    Bruh please start doing new things

  • Gary Reed
    Gary Reed Hour ago

    This is impressive but looks like a lot of work.

  • ilma
    ilma Hour ago

    my hungry soul thought it was bacon

  • The Non Smoker
    The Non Smoker Hour ago

    12:28 *DEMONITIZED*

  • Najwa Laylah
    Najwa Laylah Hour ago

    Proof that apples have gotten larger.

  • fahmy vii
    fahmy vii Hour ago

    Supir unique -russian man

  • Najwa Laylah
    Najwa Laylah Hour ago

    Now I know why we have directions. =)

  • Dustin Fay
    Dustin Fay Hour ago

    Safety devices are overrated

  • Pixy Perfect
    Pixy Perfect Hour ago

    I always wonder what you guys are going to make for dinner after these demonstrations. Love to your fam😘

  • Shakar Akram
    Shakar Akram Hour ago

    Putting safety glasses to taste MRE!!!

  • Natalie Schumacher

    Where can I get one of those dice lighters from. Haha

  • Luciano Aliquo
    Luciano Aliquo 2 hours ago

    Where do u store all this stuff u reviewed

  • SuperSikfish
    SuperSikfish 2 hours ago

    Can you please tell me what those shoes are???

  • calling from mountains

    Banana gajek 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lxatives _
    Lxatives _ 2 hours ago

    9:30 I guess I’ll have to help it a bit

  • Lxatives _
    Lxatives _ 2 hours ago

    “Oooh that’s definitely juicy”

    LOKESH PATHAK 2 hours ago

    In the beginning he said welcome to my laboratory tutorial😂😂

  • JCW
    JCW 2 hours ago

    I'd like to see a video of reviewing however many pet bird gadgets/toys.

  • D T
    D T 2 hours ago

    Safety is #1 priority, so use a real saw that costs the same and works.

  • calling from mountains

    Welcome back to what ?????

  • **THUGKILLA** from YT

    Im a Filipino from the Philippines we always wash dishes done by hands

  • D T
    D T 2 hours ago

    Butter knife cuts faster!! Use that chainsaw to trim your toenails!!

  • Wild enchant ART
    Wild enchant ART 2 hours ago

    3:10 napom enters the chat

  • D T
    D T 2 hours ago

    What a piece of junk chainsaw!

  • Rico nisbet
    Rico nisbet 3 hours ago


  • Scott Magill
    Scott Magill 3 hours ago


  • Connie Helms
    Connie Helms 3 hours ago

    I have one but haven’t used it yet!! Thank you for the tutorial!!

  • Mr Trundull
    Mr Trundull 3 hours ago

    There's a reason items come with instructions, try reading them.

  • Jerry Gault
    Jerry Gault 3 hours ago

    Thare goes nothing 😂😂😂

  • Introvert Jazz
    Introvert Jazz 3 hours ago

    That moo mixer is cool

  • Sakura Moshiyo
    Sakura Moshiyo 3 hours ago

    black light boom

  • TDF266 ‘
    TDF266 ‘ 3 hours ago


  • King Rabbi
    King Rabbi 3 hours ago


  • Lorry Stagg
    Lorry Stagg 3 hours ago

    whats the cup like to clean?

  • Azazel Thorne
    Azazel Thorne 3 hours ago

    Cook a steak on it bruh

  • Teresa M.
    Teresa M. 3 hours ago

    DISHWASHER - it's called a DISHWASHER. It washes your dishes.

  • Radar433
    Radar433 3 hours ago

    All that dust is asbestos 🤣

  • Papeeeng Malupet
    Papeeeng Malupet 4 hours ago

    condoms included?

  • Esteban Flores
    Esteban Flores 4 hours ago

    Imagine how hard it is to find a kitchen gadjek he actually wants to use lol

  • raye whitfield
    raye whitfield 4 hours ago

    with the flint you need quite a bit of magnesium

  • beccasmama63
    beccasmama63 4 hours ago

    the spiralizer looks like it's too much work for what you get and it wastes most of the potato

  • Carla G
    Carla G 4 hours ago’re kinda awesome!

  • Chaitanya Dumble
    Chaitanya Dumble 4 hours ago

    What about Indian MRE??

  • Mark_037
    Mark_037 4 hours ago

    More buffoonery and cack-handed nonsense, those handheld garlic presses have been around for about 30 years plus.

  • paul nimmo
    paul nimmo 4 hours ago

    Awesome survival kit! The black thing in with the raft is a sea anchor.

  • Юрий Климов

    Сколько всё это стоит?

  • Monster samator
    Monster samator 4 hours ago

    Germans needed this back in 1943 in stalingrad.

  • Neil Williams
    Neil Williams 4 hours ago

    Lol awesomeness

  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto 4 hours ago


  • Chia Seed
    Chia Seed 4 hours ago

    Taras has spirilizer envy

  • Dhirendra
    Dhirendra 5 hours ago

    Do we'll be able to het a french mre

  • Mitchell
    Mitchell 5 hours ago

    call now and receive a free garlic crusher

  • Matthew Olson
    Matthew Olson 5 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Lil Sticker 95
    Lil Sticker 95 5 hours ago

    This is the only russian i like

  • Tyrael Lim
    Tyrael Lim 5 hours ago

    Woahh hahqhqhq woahh

  • Geronimo Tanto
    Geronimo Tanto 5 hours ago

    Thats KDazy

  • Rose Boudreaux
    Rose Boudreaux 5 hours ago


  • Manic Mike
    Manic Mike 5 hours ago

    Do you even direction bruh

  • Steve Hargis
    Steve Hargis 5 hours ago

    Dude's hands look like he's been using them in self defense against a serial knife killer

  • Trenten Kobertz
    Trenten Kobertz 5 hours ago

    Nobody: Crazy Russian hacker: I Like washing dishes in the washer machine Love the videos always makes me laugh 💯💪

  • Namiisal
    Namiisal 5 hours ago

    Yeah I'd have a knife on a backpack 🙄

  • bubu mic
    bubu mic 5 hours ago

    People still wash dishes by hand... Maybe you forgot where you left from my friend!!!

  • Enrish Cakes
    Enrish Cakes 5 hours ago

    On the tomato slicer can it only do tomatoes or can it do other veggies or fruits?

  • ASLAM 'S
    ASLAM 'S 5 hours ago

    Ni gontu andhira baabu.mi country vallakanna ardham avtada kaada.

  • Janice White
    Janice White 5 hours ago

    I liked the collapsible drain board.

  • Steve Aumann
    Steve Aumann 5 hours ago

    Good video 👍

  • kingturtle5_
    kingturtle5_ 5 hours ago

    What are the SpongeBob cards from?

  • krazy bzs
    krazy bzs 5 hours ago

    i throw my dishes in the washing machine .. Lol

  • K. Sattar hazi
    K. Sattar hazi 5 hours ago

    And boom

  • Tricia Mejia
    Tricia Mejia 5 hours ago


  • Robert Ryan
    Robert Ryan 5 hours ago

    Taras: as you can see here... I got apple slicer Me: oh boy. He may cut himself. Here we go

  • Briana Parks
    Briana Parks 5 hours ago

    This was the best yet. Actually was laughing as dogs demonstrators. Lol.

  • Josh Manaois
    Josh Manaois 6 hours ago

    How about a Can in a Can

  • Raven Joshua Corrales

    I thought there will be another tomato slicer clip

  • Mayuresh Gawade
    Mayuresh Gawade 6 hours ago

    Very much Versatile and organized MRE's ive seen so far

  • XxTheRealMarauderxX
    XxTheRealMarauderxX 6 hours ago

    Just imagine using that in summer

  • K. Sattar hazi
    K. Sattar hazi 6 hours ago

    " i can eat snakes" lol

  • Rogu Smith
    Rogu Smith 6 hours ago

    8:20 waffle trophie

  • Daniel Adame
    Daniel Adame 6 hours ago

    2 pork and 1 chicken

  • jeffery hamilton
    jeffery hamilton 6 hours ago

    I like the dish dryer, garlic press and apple slicer.

  • Adam Beharry
    Adam Beharry 6 hours ago

    Paralyzed potatoes

  • 風下主人
    風下主人 6 hours ago


  • 風下主人
    風下主人 6 hours ago

    Now i know your name

  • Bogdan Dumitrescu
    Bogdan Dumitrescu 6 hours ago

    0:20 well excuse me for being poor!

  • Expandedsky5280
    Expandedsky5280 6 hours ago

    I need to create a Nut/that’s what she said counter for this video

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn 6 hours ago

    Recycled content blows

  • lauren s
    lauren s 6 hours ago

    Awwwwww this is so cute

  • Carla Vargas
    Carla Vargas 6 hours ago