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6 Teasers 'Joker' (2019)
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  • Lamont Peanut Miller Jr
    Lamont Peanut Miller Jr 27 minutes ago

    Great Feature on The Character Black Manta

  • adarshfareed khan
    adarshfareed khan 40 minutes ago

    Flop movie. Christian Bale is.the ultimate Batman of all time

  • Aiviloxx
    Aiviloxx 53 minutes ago

    I love her❤

  • Jones ferreira
    Jones ferreira 3 hours ago


  • martymcguinness
    martymcguinness 5 hours ago

    315 don't appreciate Evolution, Design, Production, Testing, Modifications that take an idea and turn it into reality Best Batmobile ever

  • VPovver
    VPovver 5 hours ago

    Thanks youtube for a goodnight time lapsing

  • Alexo Skykasl
    Alexo Skykasl 5 hours ago

    3:19 look what he did to the Batman Character. Fuck you Whedon!

  • DudaM0105
    DudaM0105 5 hours ago

    A única pessoa que n apareceu foi o Jared leto 😭😭😭

  • oce
    oce 6 hours ago

    “Being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus: Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in His blood, to declare His righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; To declare, I say, at this time His righteousness: that He might be just, and the justifier of Him which believeth in Jesus.” Romans 3:24-26

  • Luke M
    Luke M 7 hours ago

    When the pre-visualization is the same quality as the movie.

  • Зарабатуем как умеем

    Класс мне нравица .

  • Douglas Snyder
    Douglas Snyder 10 hours ago

    Jack Nicholson said in an interview that portraying the Joker is among his favorite roles. And his performance was among the highlights of the film.

  • C.R. Davis
    C.R. Davis 10 hours ago

    The front tires are sprint car right rear tires

  • Dave C
    Dave C 10 hours ago

    The worst batman film and the worst batman.

  • Maru
    Maru 11 hours ago

    Beautiful movie ♥

  • D P
    D P 12 hours ago

    Main character’s actor: “I didn’t know much about Shazam, Shazam wasn’t really one of the super hero’s that I knew...” Producer: “Shazam’s been incredibly popular...” Wait.....🧐🤨

    DAXX VEVO 12 hours ago

    0:28 when u have gt 720

  • Vijay Anand
    Vijay Anand 12 hours ago

    Man of steel is one of the masterpiece from DC I love it 🔥🔥🔥

  • We Play At Night
    We Play At Night 13 hours ago

    Hows there so many dislikes?

  • Christina Armstrong
    Christina Armstrong 13 hours ago

    Superman in my Hero. He is the best👍💯 😘😘🥰😗🤗🥰😘

  • Filiz Nilgün Beltan
    Filiz Nilgün Beltan 14 hours ago

    O çok başarılı Zachary' i seviyoruz.

  • C k
    C k 14 hours ago

    She is damnnnnn damsel

  • dave miller
    dave miller 14 hours ago

    This is what women are supposed to look like. And for all the SJW idiots out there, I don't mean her skin color. And besides being beautiful and in shape, she's intelligent and well spoken. If only there were more women like her.

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer 14 hours ago

    Shazam is a beast and can match up with superman dues to being a magical wizard and I can't wait to see him vs black Adams in future sequels. Mark strong is the right choice for Dr.siviana.

  • PeRoV_77 _
    PeRoV_77 _ 14 hours ago


  • ponytailsforlunch
    ponytailsforlunch 15 hours ago

    2:29 spitting image of Injustice Flash

  • Martin Munoz
    Martin Munoz 15 hours ago

    This was more like Gladiator woman then wonder woman 👎👎

  • Gaswalker
    Gaswalker 17 hours ago

    Man what a shitshow this movie was. And that massive padding was horrible to look at every second. Compared to Superman suit in MOS and BVS Shazam looks like bad cosplay.

  • Azazel
    Azazel 18 hours ago

    Christian Bale is not batman. Batman is Christian bale

    DC FANBOY 18 hours ago

    pls man upload shazam and aquaman extras original files in google drive or mega . nz

  • BiH Bosangero
    BiH Bosangero 18 hours ago

    Best Batman sucks that we dont get a standalone

  • Артур Арсланбеков

    Что музыка на 2:80 минуте

  • G.O. Gaming
    G.O. Gaming 19 hours ago


  • Marvel and DC comics
    Marvel and DC comics 19 hours ago

    Thanks David F Sandberg and the people who were involved in making this film for giving us one of the worst movies ever made. Also fuck 🐍🧢

  • iM26 C
    iM26 C 19 hours ago

    #Superman# is a legend super hero more then Avengers,

  • Chris Benson
    Chris Benson 21 hour ago

    Director and (writer/producer) of the John Wick franchise.

  • AlxEm3
    AlxEm3 22 hours ago

    Haha, those beautiful women are more ripped than Aquaman...lol

  • Prathmesh Tiwari

    Is he the John Wick's Chad Stahleski???

  • Dương Thị
    Dương Thị Day ago

    So cute 😆😆😆😆

  • Ritz Roldenn Alpajora

    he really looks like supes from injustice...

  • DocDoomClassic 52

    Seeing new footage of Eckhart and Bale is like finding money in the couch.

  • Joseph Zielinski

    1:25 Speaking of which, this is bear resemblance to Nod Soldier in Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun. 2:35 Also resemblance to Spartan Laser in Halo 3.

  • 배종철
    배종철 Day ago

    James wan is coming

  • brayan julian diaz nieto

    Yo quiero uno de esos

  • mike vincent
    mike vincent Day ago

    they spent a lot of money on this garbage ...its a shame cause this is dope

  • Efren Pangilinan

    Henry cavills the most rip superman ever

  • Victor Da Silva

    Bill Cosby could knock them all out....

  • Efren Pangilinan

    Superman returns may not be the best film but at lest brandon routh plays syperman better then henry cavill

  • Efren Pangilinan

    People that thought brandon routh wasnt tall enough, christopher reeve was 6'4 routh was 6'3 and cavill was 6'1


    tanto trabajo puesto para que luego venga un pringado y no lo aprecie... sad.

  • Daniel Sandoval

    Getting paid to build muscle, the job of my dreams

  • Hermon Basil
    Hermon Basil Day ago

    I wish they hadn't rushed into the justice league movie....should've build their individual character movies first ...n then made it....huge mistake ...hence they paid for it too

  • osamabad
    osamabad Day ago

    Henry Calveless

  • Zain Aman
    Zain Aman Day ago

    Dear santa....

  • Ricmann3
    Ricmann3 Day ago


  • Maru
    Maru Day ago

    So perfect♥

  • Filiz Nilgün Beltan

    O iyi ve başarılı bir yönetmen kendini kanıtlamış John Wick serisinin son filmini de harika yaptı.

  • fartamplifer
    fartamplifer Day ago

    This scene was supposed to be Faora-Ul fight 2.0. The crab walk that Whedon gave us instead was such a disappointment.

  • Paloma Pseudoautista

    Aldred saying "master kent" its weird

  • Calcan Bogdan
    Calcan Bogdan Day ago

    Emma Stone would have been a better Harley.

  • uno dos
    uno dos Day ago


  • Pak Spoken English

    Great movie though. Handsome guy, best acting, best performance.

  • Saad S
    Saad S Day ago

    Batman was supposed to be an urban legend to the citizens of Gotham and a demon to criminals. This is by far the best on screen version of Batman, he was always a skilled hand to hand fighter and scared the shit out of his enemies.

  • Siobhain Louiseoxx

    Hahahah I love him

  • Casey Crocker
    Casey Crocker Day ago

    They should accept what has already been filmed and keep everything going. Its not a mess, really. Bring back Snyder, as I am sure he wants to blend it all back together. He is brilliant. It took so much to bring this together. Like the Spiderman issue right now...WB could learn and accept and correct. I think Cavill is a great Superman! There was magic on those sets and in the stories. Sure...make it lighter, but let it all be rebuilt.

  • wilson peralta

    LA NASA, utiliza esos trucos para su porqueria de engaño esos asquerosos robando miles de millones de dólares para enseñarnos fotos de piedras jjj y para colmo falsas

  • Thimar Wahab
    Thimar Wahab Day ago

    Nxt harley alexa bliss hahaaha😂😂

  • Cyber Warior
    Cyber Warior Day ago

    Ulen bilgisayar basinda film yapiyorlar milyon dolar aliyorlar .hey gidi cuneyt arkin filmlerinde ziplar ucardida adama gulerdik hakkini helal et cuneyt abi bunlari gorunce hakkini yemisiz..

  • The Dark Knight

    It's amazing how much spirit and time and energy they invested into this vehicle :) You can feel the great love behind every Batmobile. In these hard times the spirit of Justice and Batman really comes alive. People need their heroes today more then ever.

  • Mars Mars
    Mars Mars Day ago

    i love Faora-Ul :-D

  • jeremiah white

    Faora vs wonder woman

  • IMM
    IMM Day ago

    Dctv flash is better than this garbage CHANGE MY MIND

  • shabbir khan
    shabbir khan Day ago


  • Sabyasachi Das
    Sabyasachi Das 2 days ago

    that's the coolest bike I have ever seen in my life

  • Zayn Mallick
    Zayn Mallick 2 days ago

    Supb movie

  • Mohsen Hajiyari
    Mohsen Hajiyari 2 days ago

    طوری برقصید و بچرخید گویی شما رهبر و ناجی جهانید ، البته فراوان امار فقر و بدبختی و اعتیاد مردمانتون مهم نیست ، مهم خر کردن مردم است

  • The Prophecy Cat
    The Prophecy Cat 2 days ago

    I always said all you needed to stop Batman was a speed bump but Nolan changed everything. The Tumbler would split Zach Snyder's Batmobile like a wet newspaper.

  • bernardo mariano
    bernardo mariano 2 days ago

    Omg you are gorgeous

  • Arif Khan
    Arif Khan 2 days ago

    Goog job .

  • laluprasad 29071997

    I love all superhero movies.

  • MrDragos1221
    MrDragos1221 2 days ago

    Бля фильм охуенный

  • belinda hawkins
    belinda hawkins 2 days ago

    I’m sorry when I here Cavill speak I prefer Superman to be British at this point Forget the American speech and let Cavill be his accent for real 😌🥰🤗

  • belinda hawkins
    belinda hawkins 2 days ago

    I apparently have no imagination As they r doing the shooting of this I would have not seen To follow the lenses as he tells her to follow what is being thrown 😳😣😖😐