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  • Linda Lee
    Linda Lee 20 seconds ago

    I LOVE Angelica.

  • Kendall Thorpe
    Kendall Thorpe 52 seconds ago

    Somehow I think Simon is a very kind person but very honest too. He’s not rude he’s just honest.

  • lorrane Cat
    lorrane Cat 55 seconds ago


  • max eire
    max eire 2 minutes ago

    Song title please?

  • itzYTWolf wolf
    itzYTWolf wolf 2 minutes ago

    Já jsem Čech lidi

  • Billies biggest fan
    Billies biggest fan 3 minutes ago

    But other wise she good

  • Shanae_32 1
    Shanae_32 1 4 minutes ago

    The never enough performance was touching .. good performance from everyone else as well .. the dog was adorable😊

  • Sümeyye Arslan
    Sümeyye Arslan 4 minutes ago

    Turk olanlar 1 layk

  • Sultan Sultan
    Sultan Sultan 5 minutes ago

    Ethiopia first

  • Maria Maturano
    Maria Maturano 5 minutes ago

    Todos 2 en 2😱😱😱😱😱😱😱🙉🙊🙊🙉🙉🙈

  • Kostas Andreou
    Kostas Andreou 6 minutes ago

    I have never seen anyone play the guitar like this guy!!!

  • Эльза Арсанова

    А золотую кнопку нажали интересно

  • Zind y
    Zind y 8 minutes ago

    Чё ето за фигня лол🤣🤣🤣😄😄

  • Dennis nilo Alvarez
    Dennis nilo Alvarez 9 minutes ago

    Este paisano mio creeme q tiene pacto con zatanas

  • Only One way
    Only One way 9 minutes ago

    Magician was the ONLY TALENT in this group !!!!

  • Claire Waspe
    Claire Waspe 10 minutes ago

    Love how he played the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet ❤️❤️❤️

  • The Darkest Ones
    The Darkest Ones 10 minutes ago

    I was crying my butt off 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Daculi Dany
    Daculi Dany 11 minutes ago

    Porque que ele estava vendo aí não

  • Billies biggest fan
    Billies biggest fan 12 minutes ago

    And her dirty behind feet

  • Billies biggest fan
    Billies biggest fan 13 minutes ago

    I can’t even with her she bout to tip the pole over xD

  • Webson Albuquerque
    Webson Albuquerque 13 minutes ago

    O primeiro que cego e autista que talento maravilhoso !!

  • Mustafa Shafique
    Mustafa Shafique 14 minutes ago

    Small packet.... Big Blast!! Love you my boy!!

  • Sal Stotibrigovic
    Sal Stotibrigovic 17 minutes ago

    Yeah I hugged my dog after watching this. We are all so on a brink of emotional connection but life gets in the way. 👍 to the officer and very glad dog is live and well.

  • Valentines V
    Valentines V 18 minutes ago

    The Angel City Chorale is so pure

  • TheBrown1
    TheBrown1 24 minutes ago

    Microsoft Windows was 1 of the best had me in hysterics

  • Krishanka official
    Krishanka official 25 minutes ago

    Unbelievable baby I love it love you

  • maria ovejero
    maria ovejero 27 minutes ago

    jaja me mori de risa

  • jyo73
    jyo73 27 minutes ago

    I don't understand the mentality of watching dogs running thr' the reality shows It's like circus without a ring master. Still they are using animals just like circus All animals should come under the same rule of treatment. Poor dog!

  • Meister Geister
    Meister Geister 27 minutes ago

    Nr 3 wasnt live or? I did see a shot where one wo en was playing and there wasnt any violin playing in the soundtrack

  • Philooopp
    Philooopp 28 minutes ago

    oh my god mandy´s dad (is it her dad? i cant tell by this video) has the cutest reaction ever

  • I dont do birthdays
    I dont do birthdays 28 minutes ago

    #1 Darci. That's it.

  • jings shady
    jings shady 28 minutes ago

    Sept 2019 and am here

  • Veronika Zachova
    Veronika Zachova 29 minutes ago

  • Sofia Pantó La Via
    Sofia Pantó La Via 29 minutes ago

    13:30 the lyric is wrong. I'm filing so sorry for them

  • Shash King
    Shash King 30 minutes ago

    Damn i love this girl's aura

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar 31 minute ago

    the guy dressed up like crown think

  • Catherine Ikzon
    Catherine Ikzon 31 minute ago

    The first act already looks sexy and just gracefully dances on that pole. DAMN!!!

  • No No
    No No 32 minutes ago

    อินเดียโชว์สุดยอด ไปเลยื

  • NormalMF
    NormalMF 33 minutes ago

    Ehrenmann <3

  • Chris Barber
    Chris Barber 36 minutes ago


  • Shareef Emp
    Shareef Emp 39 minutes ago

    I don't think 4 yes deserve crying at all and I don't think that golden buzz deserves crying any single tear, yep he is going to mid final but he could lose easily at any level what I mean he actually didn't get anything he still not win and there is no one evidence or highly possibility to win, wake up each one gets 4 yes starts crying and saying (oh i dont believe that no I am dreaming ) if u had a talent u will pass to the next stage if u don't and come don't suspect that, go show ur talent and prepare yourself for the next stage only when u win the whole thing then start crying as much as u want at least something deserve then, this is my point of view.

  • Hy Brid
    Hy Brid 39 minutes ago

    Indians taking over the Britain's got talent! Oh man, the dance performance was LIT AF. Greetings from the Philippines!

  • شانكس Shanks
    شانكس Shanks 41 minute ago

    This girl is Cute Talented Best voice I’ve ever heard Lovely I love you so much

  • Marek Steinke
    Marek Steinke 43 minutes ago

    Mały to geniusz po prostu przyszły dryget

  • Rosie Red
    Rosie Red 44 minutes ago

    What a cutie! ❤

  • Medo Salas
    Medo Salas 45 minutes ago


  • Dalton Wells
    Dalton Wells 45 minutes ago

    Who let the chipmunks audition

  • Ty Blascak
    Ty Blascak 51 minute ago

    He is SOOOOOOOO. cute

  • Aderonke ige
    Aderonke ige 53 minutes ago


  • mark ripley
    mark ripley 53 minutes ago

    waw i have chills up and down my back

  • techplus lab
    techplus lab 53 minutes ago

    14:34 That's when he switched his tee shirt

  • Domino Dares
    Domino Dares 53 minutes ago

    Imagine getting Simon’s golden buzzer... Like a golden buzzer is one thing, but SIMON’S?

  • Pharaon Alain
    Pharaon Alain 53 minutes ago

    Bravo, magnifique, superbe, AGT est le meilleur

  • Arabe yt
    Arabe yt 54 minutes ago

    Este tipo es la mera pija 🔥

  • Mikel Wegweiser
    Mikel Wegweiser 54 minutes ago

    It give people they didn't like so nice videos . ???Why???

  • tightenup lisboa
    tightenup lisboa 54 minutes ago


  • GAMER R 24
    GAMER R 24 56 minutes ago

    Alguien en español? De like porfi

  • Sunnydoe
    Sunnydoe 56 minutes ago

    The Inman dance group EASILY should win. All amazing performances don’t get me wrong. Just their level of talent is immensely above the rest. They’ve not messed up nor degreased in their performance technicality or synchronization. In fact, they’ve excelled.

  • Salmah Shak
    Salmah Shak 57 minutes ago

    Such amazing voice .😍

  • Mk Aflatoon
    Mk Aflatoon 58 minutes ago

    How to see ATG live Show ...??? And which channel & which time....??? Please tell me.. When is ATG finale ...??

  • Nom De Plume
    Nom De Plume 59 minutes ago

    I dnt get how ppl are scared by this... shes an illusionist..... i dnt get it, its not scary....

  • Zinash Asha
    Zinash Asha Hour ago


  • Jimin's Lover
    Jimin's Lover Hour ago

    Marcin 😢

  • Captain Marvel Junior

    From the little Spanish I know.. they are all very impressed with his performance, and all stated how good they thought he as and that he will go a long way and that they think he is very talented for a one year old if I heard correctly.

  • Ahmed YT
    Ahmed YT Hour ago

    LOL :/

  • Youou Tuber
    Youou Tuber Hour ago

    I particularly liked the 3rd youtube advert.

  • royroger1984
    royroger1984 Hour ago

    simon coward

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man Hour ago

    23:00 new singer

  • Jay Dj
    Jay Dj Hour ago

    Amardeep Singh natt batter than all

  • TikTok Comedy
    TikTok Comedy Hour ago

    Your anchor is looking ghost 👻 really change his

  • Наталья Жукова

    Кто знает что такое топография

  • berni n
    berni n Hour ago

    If there’s a dog of course Simon will be smiling from ear to ear

  •  Hour ago

    The afro American judge really enjoy the Performace. She stay in wet panties lol

  • محمد نجار

    كل شي حلو ......بس ليش اغلب التعليقات بلاجنبي .....علق بلعربي وافتخر وارفع راسك انك عربي .....

  • Lee Zehour
    Lee Zehour Hour ago

    صوت نجوى مزعج

  • Kkatiee Hharrisonn

    i know he’s young and everything... but i was waiting for something a bit more, they were all like 😱when he kept on doing the same tune over and over😂

  • Coc Guru Mohit
    Coc Guru Mohit Hour ago


  • Marcos Morales
    Marcos Morales Hour ago

    Americanos Dramaticos......Egoistas.

  • Calango Man
    Calango Man Hour ago

    SAW is a live

  • Faheem Waqar
    Faheem Waqar Hour ago

    This ls Capital and Final Living

  • Infamous BVZ
    Infamous BVZ Hour ago

    where was kodi lee

  • Orange Store
    Orange Store Hour ago

    Hay talento en ese niño que bien

  • jorge luis rodriguez rodriguez

    en el truco de las monedas si le pones atencion a las manos de joel se ve que trae las monetas en la palma de la mano derecha

  • Lalneihi Aneihi
    Lalneihi Aneihi Hour ago

    I love u and I like u too much Celine tam and you're all off smile is I proud u and you're voice is beautiful😘

  • Lalneihi Aneihi
    Lalneihi Aneihi Hour ago

    I love u and I like u too much Celine tam and you're all off smile is I proud u and you're voice is beautiful😘

  • عبدالرحمن يحي


  • عبدالرحمن يحي


  • artos olla
    artos olla Hour ago

    yang nonton 2020 mana suaranya

  • Marcel Koni
    Marcel Koni Hour ago

    Is that pirlo ?

  • Ayelen Carme
    Ayelen Carme Hour ago

    #BTS !!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍LOS AMO!!!

  • Javier Vega Bravo

    And all those fruits and coconuts goes for .....

  • Ayelen Carme
    Ayelen Carme Hour ago

    #BTS 😍😍😢😍😍😍😍

  • Ηλιας Μπασακαλης

    But impressive

  • Azad El Bimbo
    Azad El Bimbo Hour ago


  • Ηλιας Μπασακαλης


  • Intel core i3
    Intel core i3 Hour ago

    Please god save earth from human

  • La girl team
    La girl team Hour ago

    Wat 😧😧😮😮😮🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔😳😳😳😳😵😵😵🤯🤯

  • Agus Lukman
    Agus Lukman Hour ago

    Please subcribe ... thanks

  • Liyi Wei
    Liyi Wei Hour ago

    Did Howie offended him?😂😂😂😂 Howie is poor😂😂😂

  • Ayrra Abilar
    Ayrra Abilar Hour ago

    Amazing 💓💓💓 at his age I called it genius 😘 so adorable.