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  • VAZZ 22
    VAZZ 22 16 seconds ago

    Pelosi is a Jesuits Vatican NEW WORLD ORDER PUPPET

  • adam Shortnacy
    adam Shortnacy 18 seconds ago

    NAFTA was a disaster. Trump is fixing America sorry if that doesn't fit the narrative that's stuck in your head.

  • Caleb Lewis
    Caleb Lewis Minute ago

    That girl with the lisp seems like she knows a lot

  • Rip Off
    Rip Off Minute ago

    Trump is renting the presidential office of the United States of America!!!😂😎

  • honey badger of the truth

    There are two Justice systems why isn't Hunter and Joe Biden prison!!!

  • Mr.Youtuber
    Mr.Youtuber 3 minutes ago


  • J. Reynolds
    J. Reynolds 4 minutes ago

    Another Republican criminal. Who's surprised?

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos 4 minutes ago

    I live in Tallaboa & the ground hasn't stopped shaking. If you look at seismic activity for the past 10 days it's all day every day. I told a friend from San Juan if he drove to Penuelas, Guayanilla, Yauco or Guanica & stood anywhere for an hour he would experience significant seismic activity. Bingo! He couldn't believe the sequencing. He got more than one before he got out of dodge.

  • don't care 4 U
    don't care 4 U 4 minutes ago

    I don’t get way people are so angry about what trump did it was totally legal under the “war powers act” which it itself was created to limit the presidents power

  • Music Feign
    Music Feign 5 minutes ago

    And to think , knowing of the crime, knowing this repugnant stupid moron cheated and conned the people of buffalo, they still voted him in . Reflective? Yes. Being from the area , take a lesson, if it smells like crap and it looks like crap , guess what. It is. Choosing party over country and the law doesn't pay and never will. Take a note 45, your crimes will not prevail over the will of the people or law either.

  • Max Barrett
    Max Barrett 6 minutes ago

    Game over for Democrats

  • Marseilles Vieux
    Marseilles Vieux 7 minutes ago

    It was perfectly legal for Pelosi. www.newsmax.com/InsideCover/pelosi-stock-insider-60minutes/2011/11/13/id/417848/

  • Ernesto Ybarra
    Ernesto Ybarra 8 minutes ago

    Protesters I believe I could hear YMCA by the Village People perfect for Mayor Pete

  • adam Shortnacy
    adam Shortnacy 8 minutes ago

    Paid for by Demoncrats. Nothing to do with women's rights it's all about pushing the leftist agenda.

  • 1970Gambino
    1970Gambino 8 minutes ago

    Pretty amazing anytime a Caucasian dude commit a crime they are always sent to a boys camp...... American Justice at its finest

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos 9 minutes ago

    I live in Tallaboa & the ground hasn't stopped shaking. If you look at seismic activity for the past 10 days it's all day every day. I told a friend from San Juan if he drove to Penuelas, Guayanilla, Yauco or Guanica & stood anywhere for an hour he would experience significant seismic activity. Bingo! He couldn't believe the sequencing. He got more than one before he got out of dodge.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 9 minutes ago

    www.realjewnews.com/?p=493 thexvid.com/video/S0_TrFRclNw/video.html

  • Ann O'Halloran
    Ann O'Halloran 10 minutes ago

    Today’s Nazis are awfully whiney. So is tRump.

  • peace jen
    peace jen 11 minutes ago

    All these old men must retire . Clean up.

  • Sir DukesAlot
    Sir DukesAlot 14 minutes ago

    Who the (bad word) cares about what Monica Lewinsky has to say. The media is really sickening.

  • Jimmy survivor
    Jimmy survivor 15 minutes ago

    notice how the black football players weren't laughing when he was trying to joke... not funny cheetoh

  • donn illuminous
    donn illuminous 16 minutes ago

    I know one that lives near my house that can still breathe.

  • Emilio Vargas
    Emilio Vargas 16 minutes ago

    The president said he dosent know this man 😂

  • jason morgan
    jason morgan 18 minutes ago

    Insider trading.....🤔 Lol don't all Elitist rub elbows at the dinner table? Just ask Martha Stuart.

  • HoneySiegalSurvivor
    HoneySiegalSurvivor 18 minutes ago

    Honey R Siegal Stober 1/18/2020 Day 3491 We The People Against Corruption Campaign To Remove& Indict Obamas, Janet Napolitano, impeached liar murderer Trump et al. No integrity since US dissolved. OathsRus Con.1st U.S. lawmaker to endorse Trump gets jail sentence thexvid.com/video/aFotCUDRx0Y/video.html Fundraisers Mar-a-lago thexvid.com/video/2ogedkgtf9c/video.html Parnas describes multiple Ukraine quid pro quos thexvid.com/video/jKM4T0XGtEk/video.html See thexvid.com/user/HoneySiegalSurvivorfeed

  • Matthew Amelino
    Matthew Amelino 20 minutes ago

    Maybe that was her way of flirting.

  • Stone Edge Entertainment

    Trump would be so disappointed that those protesters weren't harmed and were handled with respect. Just saying. I am also glad that we're not blindly accepting the big influence the ultra rich still have on politics.

  • Brian Perkins
    Brian Perkins 22 minutes ago

    Who cares what Monica Lewinsky says she sucks. Let's hear from the octomom or maybe an illegal immigrant or consensus of leftist children.

  • DoItWith Thema
    DoItWith Thema 23 minutes ago

    He’s more polite than I am. She was NOT following me to my door. I was knocking on someone’s door, explain the problem or go on the wrong floor and take the stairs up. Just how she doing want strangers in “her building”, I don’t need strangers at my door

  • Billy Asegan
    Billy Asegan 25 minutes ago


  • Anthony Shannon
    Anthony Shannon 27 minutes ago

    Gets to pick his prison.... no there's not two different justice systems!!!

  • King j
    King j 27 minutes ago

    Anything orange goon touches, DIES

  • Errick Flesch
    Errick Flesch 28 minutes ago

    Drain that swamp. I could care less what side of the isle they are on.

  • AngelFireFreeze 2024
    AngelFireFreeze 2024 29 minutes ago

    In 9:30 Is it me or is he really holding up a symbol representing the illuminati. That is so fascinating how it is really true who will hold up that type of hand signal.

  • Bobbyjean Leblanc
    Bobbyjean Leblanc 29 minutes ago

    The killer flu is back

  • kynismos
    kynismos 30 minutes ago

    How dare the US interfere with a pipeline between Russia and Germany. It is none of their business.

  • Fabien Eldridge
    Fabien Eldridge 30 minutes ago

    Chris Colins hopefully got life as he knew he was going to break the law, he planned it ! Wow, two years, Everyone should break the law plus tells the Court where he wants to go ! Easy way to get rich, clearly there are know laws against the Rich or well connected ! Isn't it nice to lnoe you can become a Democratic Communist Party Member and never worry ask Hillary and all the rest of Congress, they can help you get elected and become rich ! Ask AOC who stole a million dollars her first year ! Wow, the swamp pays, you can Steal Lie and Cheat elected and never worry about Prison, ask Elizabeth Warren the Blonde Hair Blue eyed Indian, Millionaire ! Wow, easy money just ask Bernie how much Hillary Paud him to lose the Presidential election last time. Three homes new cars plus the money and backing to run again ! Wow, easy money, that would be a good nickname for someone who has never worked but becomes a millionaire, Easy Money Bernie !#!! Wow become rich easy just Lie ,Cheat and Steal from the public who Trusts you because the more you Lie Cheat and Steal the Richer you get, just ask Nancy Pelosi, Wow,wow,wow more easy Money ! $200 Million way to go Nancy Pelosi, clearly she and never has cared about who lives or dies ! Wow easy money !

  • Ronnie Carroll
    Ronnie Carroll 30 minutes ago

    Israel can interfere though! No problem at all.

  • JB Crump
    JB Crump 30 minutes ago

    When I see this, I think of my dad. He's an engineer, but in his pastime enjoyed playing with 500ft+ of kites with lights at night in the late 90s. He confused many people. #LOL

  • Just for fun neverending
    Just for fun neverending 32 minutes ago

    NBC sucks

  • Yanks & Brits.
    Yanks & Brits. 32 minutes ago

    Wow a Doctor assaulting a Pregnant woman! .....Wow! No Wonder Woman are turning against us men!

  • John Yeager
    John Yeager 33 minutes ago

    Maybe trump will pardon him no wait he is kinda busy desperately trying to keep his own freedom.........🤔cellies

  • Melita Gasparic
    Melita Gasparic 33 minutes ago

    I REALLY means, that is Meghan very, very manipulative PERSON, without ALL RESPECT to anouther PERSON, she Don t know, what is sincerity, what is truth, what is honesty. WHO can t SEE this is tottal BLIND. SHE IS PERSON WITHOUT PERSONALITY, AROUND HER IS ONLY CONFUZE.

  • Christian valx
    Christian valx 33 minutes ago

    What about Joe Biden and his son?

  • [* Rosey*]
    [* Rosey*] 34 minutes ago

    Uhmmm... uh guys Is Philippines Clean? From:Philippines -Filipino-❤🌍🙏

  • ricardo alvee
    ricardo alvee 35 minutes ago

    Republicans are garbage, they reelected this pos and the disgraced Marine duncan hunter in san Diego

  • Venice Lockjaw
    Venice Lockjaw 35 minutes ago

    Wait a minute...are you saying a Republican did something unethical? NO!!

  • Justin Kayz
    Justin Kayz 36 minutes ago

    Silly Republican...only Democrats can be criminals

  • America First#1
    America First#1 37 minutes ago

    demokkkrat? MAGA Trump2020

  • Andy Leung
    Andy Leung 37 minutes ago

    好亮丽的凤景缐呵,👍👍👍这是自由民主very good.

  • Bismuth Crystal
    Bismuth Crystal 40 minutes ago

    And here come the Ayn Rand "Objectivists" (a name so laughably silly it's akin to the cultists of Zorp calling themselves the Reasonablists) to defend him because blahblah insider trading isn't *that* big a deal, what a stretch, if they're on *my* side they can't be bad. It's great to see *some* people saying they're all for *any* corruption getting punished, though.

  • Stratan T.
    Stratan T. 41 minute ago

    Before 1979 Iran used to be one of the most western middle eastern country, now look at Iran. A sh*thole country that underestimates the power of U.S army.

  • Patricia Burgess
    Patricia Burgess 41 minute ago

    That goes to prove, you can't eat everything.

  • Rose Lodoe
    Rose Lodoe 41 minute ago

    Seems like America has a great president. Richard Nixon would be proud.

  • 羅德夫
    羅德夫 42 minutes ago

    Democrats are socialists and Republicans are fascists. American white workers still prefer the fascists.

  • Nicky Krystals
    Nicky Krystals 42 minutes ago

    Any politician regardless of party affiliation that's involved with banking, energy companies or investments is crooked!!! And there's alot of them

  • Sonofspam64
    Sonofspam64 43 minutes ago

    So, if I committed the exact same crime, I would have gotten more time & would not have had the luxury of choosing which prison I went to. This Pensacola "prison" is a posh resort complete with daily maid service, luxury suites for prison cells, and 5 star luxury dining complete with alcohol selections of the finest vintage. Gee whiz, he may never want to leave.

    • Nicky Krystals
      Nicky Krystals 40 minutes ago

      Lmmfaoooooo I know it's not that nice. The feds did away with "camp fed" style prisons a long time ago.

  • Mountain Rambler
    Mountain Rambler 44 minutes ago

    I've had judges, that lied, that allowed lies when all the time, knew! Lies were flying in the court, liberal judge to give Free legal advice to opponents ! Justice (IS NOT) blind, You are GUILTY, until you pay out the nose, To prove yourself innocent ! You can take that to the bank !!! Why ? Do you think they say (Anything you say can and Will be used against you) ? Cause they ( ALL INVOLVED IN THIS SO CALLED legal system) right or wrong, is GOING TO rule for the local voter ! The only winner is the lawyer !

  • Irving Lipshitz
    Irving Lipshitz 45 minutes ago

    Ugh, it’s getting boring listening to your kosher baloney. You do realize we see right thru it ? Go-Yum™️ come in all colors NEVER FORGET 🙏🏻✂️💦 This ain’t about race you cheep caw-meez This is about Liberty for ALL 💪🏻Get it on and get it over with 🙏🏻 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Revelations 2:9 Revelations 3:9 John 8:44

    VOODOO CHILD 46 minutes ago

    2 years fed time he be ight

    VOODOO CHILD 46 minutes ago

    Wow what a gangster

  • Janina Carter
    Janina Carter 48 minutes ago

    Jus another Person tRump doesn’t know thats on their way to Prison. Gonna have to open a New Wing jus to house all the Trumpers in Jail.

  • davenetdog
    davenetdog 48 minutes ago

    How do they make millions on a barely 6 figure salary?

  • Cove Dweller
    Cove Dweller 48 minutes ago

    Held to a different standard my eye! Politicians are blatantly getting away with murder and nothing happens to them! Don't feel sorry for him one little bit.

  • Brian
    Brian 49 minutes ago

    0:36 school super knows there was 1o year ban...BUT does NOT acknowledge the reason it was lifted is because it made no difference in what it attempted to do! Teacher does NOT want to use an epi=pen? That teacher should not be allowed to hold that position!

  • American Pride
    American Pride 49 minutes ago

    The doors are being opened for both corrupt parties in their new homes . It's not just Republicans . If you think that then your corrupt yourself . But that is becoming evident !

  • Confederate Rooster
    Confederate Rooster 50 minutes ago

    Her story has no credibility in my opinion. When a victim of any type of assault fails to report the alleged assault it leaves me to wonder if it really happened at all. Then she says that rather than resist she simply stared at the wall and let it happen. Sounds like BS to me. Then when you get to the end of the story you get an idea of why she may be trying to jump on the bandwagon. Oh, there is a law suit. How convenient.

  • courtney hall
    courtney hall 50 minutes ago

    that is righr,nobody is above the law.including all those lieing sonsofbitches in the fbi as well as hillary clinton as well as nancy pelosi as well as adam schiff and the list goes on.oh yeah,how about rachel the mad cow?

  • Co Bob
    Co Bob 51 minute ago


  • justin holmes
    justin holmes 52 minutes ago


  • Freudian Trialogue
    Freudian Trialogue 56 minutes ago

    Why is quoting an Israeli rag considered incitement to violence? So, the media can do anything, but we can't mention it, or disagree with it. Way to go!

  • Dan Senior
    Dan Senior 58 minutes ago

    I don't mind getting people that commit crimes. Good for you Justice department. Now why do democrats (Hillary) still get away with murder. Some people are above the law.

  • N Marrs
    N Marrs 59 minutes ago

    Oh no a whole two years. Meanwhile the pharmaceutical company are still going cause they can pay. Booo

  • adam Shortnacy
    adam Shortnacy 59 minutes ago

    The chances a 25 yrs old is having a heart attack is so rare that ofcourse they didn't expect it.

  • Matthew Hensley
    Matthew Hensley Hour ago

    Yes the people who write these laws are being held to a different standard meaning immunity from being held accountable which should NOT be!!!! just because you write a law you shouldnt be immune from them you should be prosecuted times 10 because that person knows the laws and SHOULD NOT BREAK THEM

  • Southside Memphis

    Why so much hate? You’d think this was a fox news comment section

  • adam Shortnacy
    adam Shortnacy Hour ago

    Yes this is all about racism. At least they want you to think that.

  • Odel Schwanck
    Odel Schwanck Hour ago

    Another Republican where he belongs, in prison.

  • SM96
    SM96 Hour ago

    WTF, just how backward are these people?!

  • blessed and highly favored Peele


  • JS Daniel K
    JS Daniel K Hour ago

    3:01 here's a doctor demonstrating what a cough/difficulty breathing is, in case you didn't know

  • Alessandro Gambino

    Haha! Its better than nothing!

  • Ray Santiago
    Ray Santiago Hour ago

    trumpee will forgive him

  • Virginia Fry
    Virginia Fry Hour ago

    Why was the man not removed from the flight? He could well have posed a threat!

  • johan bell
    johan bell Hour ago

    I live in China and I swear western media is worse than any plague out of Asia.

  • surferdude44444
    surferdude44444 Hour ago

    Pardoned the day after the election whether or not Trump wins or loses.

  • Nancy Bodenheimer

    lock him up he is guilty now go after the demons for their dirty deeds were is joe and hunter

    • john Barry
      john Barry Hour ago

      So you have evidence that implicates them in a crime? What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Not a word from you about all of Trump's lies and crimes....got it.

  • JJ Finkelstein
    JJ Finkelstein Hour ago

    That’s why you got to vote for Bernie free jobs, free education, free money, free medicine, and free fast food! I need a chic too

  • alexleanh
    alexleanh Hour ago

    President Obama needs to endorse Andrew Yang who was Obama's 2011 "Champion of Change" and 2015 "Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship". Andrew Yang founded Venture For America, which recruits top college graduates into a two-year fellowship program at startups in developing cities across the United States, and created thousand of jobs. He has a degree in Economics and Political Science from Brown University, and a law degree from Columbia Law School. He's well-versed in economics, technology, and their impacts on society as a whole. His policies are with humanity first. He is intelligent, humble, down to earth, with an easy going attitude. He recognizes the nations' problems and needs with practical and modern solutions. As a non-politican who has been running with the news media blackouts and biases, he is still in the race while outlasted many established politicians, 3 governors, 2 senators, and 5 member of congress... and all on the support of donors with less than $30 donation. Andrew Yang 2020 and Beyond. Freedom Dividend. Humanity First. MATH (Make America Great Again).

  • Ne Mutlu Türküm Diyene!!!

    Go on we are ready i dont care about my life.

  • Kyle Strand
    Kyle Strand Hour ago

    haha "Ken Starr is a disaster"!!!! What a CLOWN!

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter Fraumeni Hour ago

    Club FED, no locked doors, tennis courts, gourmet meals nightly, congical visits by call girls.

  • Iron Bar
    Iron Bar Hour ago

    Why bother screening? We once had tuberculosis eradicated here. But thanks to all the squishy, fuzzy, "ahhhhs" in the country, it's back. So who cares?

  • Currentlyinjail
    Currentlyinjail Hour ago

    Everyone gangsta until Iran drops Nokia 3310 in America

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter Fraumeni Hour ago

    Duncan Hunter? You’re next, buddy....

  • silvano novalis
    silvano novalis Hour ago

    Another travesty of justice! An average chap would be locked up for at least 5 years. The judges are promoting a culture of recklessness, saying greed is good. Basically, DO IT, GET CAUGHT, and DO IT AGAIN!

  • Peter Fraumeni
    Peter Fraumeni Hour ago

    Lying and cheating, 2 GOP core values.

  • Wayne Clark
    Wayne Clark Hour ago

    This whole smear, the timing, the cnn framing and the biased media saturation for 48hrs and then the media and warrens deescalation,was like watching a drive-by shooting at a school bus stop and the cops saying "ok break it up nothing to see here folks go home" INFURIATING!

  • firebearfl
    firebearfl Hour ago

    Pam Bondi is a C$$t.

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago

    It's interesting that the timing of this coincides with start of the impeachment trial. Days after Fox interviewed Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Giuliani mentioned the repeated alerts from Ukrainians about Biden and son, private citizen Biden became candidate Biden. It never occured to private citizen Biden and friends that candidate Biden could make more fake impeachment trouble news days after the first fake impeachment onslaught failed. The endless cleverness of the swamp creatures is only excelled by the stench. thexvid.com/video/a0RfIAFCXgU/video.html thexvid.com/video/vCSF3reVr10/video.html