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  • Scourge
    Scourge 20 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that feels a bit weird about Dick dropping f-bombs all the time. Maybe it’s just because I grew up watching incarnations of dick that made a point to never curse, but it just feels kinda weird for the character to be so angsty but also calm at the same time.

  • VAFA
    VAFA 30 minutes ago

    Part 2 is out

  • Mr Majid
    Mr Majid 40 minutes ago

    I don’t except anything from the title because they did the same damn thing with Kory’s episode she had like 3 or 4 scenes I think? Gar got a bit more lucky but still. I’m really excited for the next episode and hoping that Jericho isn’t really dead because omg he’s so likable and cute 😭😭😭

  • Sal Scalici
    Sal Scalici Hour ago

    I hope its not true.....cuz then why am I paying $80 a year for a few new original shows then. DC Universe has gotta keep this and make more original content or has gotta merge with HBO Max

  • Ly Ly
    Ly Ly 3 hours ago

    I bet Jericho isn’t dead and was in the Titan’s Tower all tne time. Jericho can possess a person after making eye contact with them; his body turns insubstantial and enters the subject. While he is in possession, Jericho has access to all of that host's powers (physical, mental, and magical), and is also able to tap into their memories (Wikipedia) Jericho can possess human and meta-humans when they are asleep or unconscious. Wasn’t Gar asleep .....I also think he possed everyone in the Titans Tower except Kory, Dick, Mom & Connor

  • Andrew Vidmar
    Andrew Vidmar 5 hours ago

    hey chainsaw I hope that Harrison wells and jesse quick survived do you think they made it please let me know what you think

  • Rexroad 22
    Rexroad 22 6 hours ago

    I hate that the fact they blame Jason for everything that and he didn’t even know about that stuff he didn’t know about the soda or about The picture or about the bourbon

    • Joshua Williams
      Joshua Williams Hour ago

      Exactly, the boy almost died!!!! Why would he even be in the mindset to do it🤦🏾‍♂️😡

  • webtely
    webtely 6 hours ago

    I hope this doesn't happen because I believe the cw arrowverse already has a version of stargirl in their universe.

  • ZekroFire
    ZekroFire 8 hours ago

    Did the way Gar walked into the room during that argument make anyone else suspicious?

    ARYAN WAYNE 8 hours ago

    Just release it on hbo but not cw

    ARYAN WAYNE 8 hours ago


  • Stanley Jr Nicodemus

    I enjoy this more snarky take on Bruce Wayne. It reminds me of the difference between comics Oliver Queen and Arrow's Oliver Queen.

  • Alexius Pereira
    Alexius Pereira 9 hours ago

    Chainsaw, here's my take on Eve. Last episode, Conner grabbed Eve by the throat in a Lex moment, and then he fled. So Eve told Mercy Graves that Conner assaulted her (shows bruises on throat); hence Eve is allowed back into Cadmus, so that the writers can use Eve to bust Krypto out -- so that Krypto can track / super sniff where Conner was, so that they can give Kory the solution to removing the Kryptonite juice and giving Conner the mom monent. Convenient, but acceptable in a comic book tv show.

  • juvia lockser
    juvia lockser 10 hours ago

    i think the show will be accurate to the comics with rose and jason

  • gamer josh
    gamer josh 10 hours ago

    That dance scene reminded me of Adam west batman I loved it😂😂😂 I like this funny version of Bruce gives you a different version not all versions are dark 😂

  • michael ogilvie
    michael ogilvie 11 hours ago

    I’m in Australia and we get the shows on tv

  • William Steyert
    William Steyert 11 hours ago

    If blind wave can show the "Who the fuck are you?" scene, I'm sure you can too. And it was a damn funny moment.

  • justinn bucano
    justinn bucano 11 hours ago

    Was Jason Brainwashed only thing I can think of

  • Ghost8386
    Ghost8386 12 hours ago

    The man with the glorious beard.

    ARYAN WAYNE 12 hours ago

    It's been more than half of the season and still I don't give a damn about beast boy 😅 . So I don't have any problem

  • Stinko 407
    Stinko 407 12 hours ago

    You are a fair man. I look forward to your reactions. If something is cool, you call it out. If something is not, you do the same. Thank you.

  • xShineyxDiverx
    xShineyxDiverx 12 hours ago

    This is actually a deceptively HUGE episode, I think. The black woman that Dick talked to at the burlesque show is the woman they cast as Blackfire, Kory's sister, so it seems like Blackfire and Slade are working together in some capacity. Also Beast Boy wasn't around for most the episode and wasn't messed with like the other team members, AND I don't think Jericho's dead cause killing THAT character is just tacky and silly. A lot happened this episode that I think is building to the end of the season.

  • Cyraphic
    Cyraphic 12 hours ago

    The real villains are the titans. get it right man

  • Jacob Holly
    Jacob Holly 12 hours ago

    This episode reminds me of the episode in the teen Titans cartoon where Slade was in Dick's head even though the other Titans couldn't see him until Raven helped him.

  • Charizard Master
    Charizard Master 13 hours ago

    It was a good episode!! Bruce dancing with the girls😂😂😂😂 Great reaction/review!! I saw a rumor that titans is moving to the CW. Is that rumor true or fake?

    • Scott Winchester
      Scott Winchester 4 hours ago

      Just a cameo on crisis, also titans is an R-Rated show and CW is cringe channel with bad shows with the the exception of flash and arrow so it won't match

  • Cleven Loadholt
    Cleven Loadholt 13 hours ago

    Fun fact, these titans are on a different earth than the arrow verse but their earth will have a cameo in crisis on infinite earth. Just check out pageys TheXvid

  • Mega Michael
    Mega Michael 13 hours ago

    I don’t think that dick actually killed Jericho, but he was somehow involved with his death. Or, maybe Jericho didn’t die, and is just using his powers

  • Shaneal Rainford
    Shaneal Rainford 13 hours ago

    Love this episode. One of my favorite scenes was when Krypto flew with Eve. I so didn't expect that and it was fantastic😁 Another favorite was Bruce (Iain Glen), he was hilarious. He made me laugh all the way through this episode. Jason broke my heart this episode💔 Just felt so bad for him. I still don't trust Rose. I just feel like she was sent to the tower to infiltrate the Titans. She could possibly want revenge for her brother's death. Dick, sigh, I'm not sure if he really klled Jericho or his actions led to Jericho's death and he feels responsible. Looking forward to next week's episode. P.S. Connor was looking at Kory like she was a Goddes after she saved him.Yes Connor, she is a 👑🤩

  • damon miller
    damon miller 13 hours ago

    bruce doing adam's batusi dance,lol

  • Juan Jose Bustamante Condori

    Crisis is comming...crisis is HERE

  • WebHead2099
    WebHead2099 14 hours ago

    I loved this episode and I hope to see more from Beastboy cause he didn’t do shit this episode lol, and wonder when we get to see them all suited up again ? Especially the new team and their suits Starfire, Rachel & Gar

  • Bloosee
    Bloosee 14 hours ago

    Arrow is nearly done and they can probably see that Batwoman will fail, so far it's pretty bad. The CW needs content, lets steal a show from the streaming service.

    • Zach Hershman
      Zach Hershman 13 hours ago

      Arrow has another spinoff coming and Batwoman’s ratings will have to go down even further for it to be canceled. The CW doesn’t have a tough threshold to reach.

  • Jack Crofts-Mullin
    Jack Crofts-Mullin 14 hours ago

    When Dick said "I killed Deathstroke's son", I took it as "I brought Jericho into the team's feud with Slade, so his death is my fault" and Dick is feeling that guilt. But, maybe that's just me

  • willjohnboy
    willjohnboy 14 hours ago

    It's bad news, doom patrol is amazing and so is titans season 2 and young justice the only CW show I really like is flash because I'm a huge fan of the flash so I've not given up hope yet, i lost faith in arrow a few years back same with legends, black lightning is ok and the other 2 shows are badly acted cringe filled messes looking forward to watchmen though.

  • MercenaryX84
    MercenaryX84 14 hours ago

    hallucination Bruce Wayne is my new favorite Bruce Wayne

  • Noel Crenshaw
    Noel Crenshaw 14 hours ago

    I dug this episode. Dick needed this come to Jesus moment.

  • Bret The Saint 29
    Bret The Saint 29 14 hours ago

    I thought I heard Jason playing As I Lay Dying

  • KnightDark000
    KnightDark000 14 hours ago

    I think what Dick meant by that was that he felt responsible for his death, because it was his idea to use Jericho as bait to lure Slade out of hiding. There was a confrontation, probably a stray bullet went off from Slade's gun and shot Jericho, and because Slade is too proud and/or delusional to think he started this whole thing, he blames Dick and the Titans as a whole.

  • Mulan
    Mulan 15 hours ago

    Didn’t really like this episode I found it the worst episode of the season plus beast boy is just literally a side character like wtf are they actually doing with his character they is literally nothing going on with him just like in season 1 he had nothing to do and even in this season he still gets nothing to do.

      ARYAN WAYNE 6 hours ago

      @Mulan lol I think gar betrayed them . Because in church there was no gar pics and he said he's feeling sleepy .aybe Jericho took over gar body

    • Anita K
      Anita K 12 hours ago

      @Mulan Agreed😔 I want more Gar. More Gar with Dick. More Gar with Kory. More Gar with Rachel. More Gar with the old Titans. Right now, that screentime is going to Jason😢

    • Noel Crenshaw
      Noel Crenshaw 12 hours ago

      @Mulan Just relax and let the story happen

    • Charles Jiles
      Charles Jiles 12 hours ago

      Beastboy isn't even really that special in my opinion. The best I've ever seen him was in YJ season 3. Otherwise he's boring as f

    • Mulan
      Mulan 13 hours ago

      I just find it really disrespectful toward the character that he literally got 10 seconds of screen time and is always sidelined even though he is the main 4 members of the group

  • Artemis WildHuntress
    Artemis WildHuntress 15 hours ago

    I find the fact that Gar not in the pictures interesting at least I didn't see him and appearing right when dick appears. how do we know he isn't the one taking pictures and messing with everyone for all we know when him and Jason looked for deathstroke something could have happen to him before he went back to the titans

  • Hydrosphere13
    Hydrosphere13 15 hours ago

    what is dick's special skill?! we'll never know and the suspense is killing me! I fucking loved this episode. JayRose, Bruce hallucinations were hilarious especially the comment about the phone number, krypto, Connor, Jason's struggle with PTSD(Curran's acting was amazing this ep) easily one of the best episodes yet. Only complaints is how the team treated Jason at the end and Gar isn't getting screen time

    • Mulan
      Mulan 14 hours ago

      IKR at this point they might aswell make gar a side character

  • Kris Tate
    Kris Tate 15 hours ago

    I guess it's just how Grayson sees Bruce from his perspective

  • Diego Pansini
    Diego Pansini 15 hours ago

    There were some funny moments, but this episode as a whole felt...unsatisfying, so to speak. It felt a bit dragged and I still can't see Ian Glenn as Bruce (unless we're talking about Adam West's Bruce XD). Personally, I want the Titans to become Titans already and for Dick to get over his personal problems to finally become Nightwing. On a side note, I believe the action sequences are the best part of this show, especially all the Dick and Jason ones from season 1 and Superboy's recent scene. The flashback action sequence of Titans vs Light could've been executed better and less awkwardly, but they had the right idea. I can't wait for more

    • Diego Pansini
      Diego Pansini 14 hours ago

      ​@Noel Crenshaw There's not much else of interest in this journey other than the last flashback scene involving the Titan's first encounter with Deathstroke and maybe a good action sequence. Might as well just look forward for the destination which involves Nightwing and the Titans fighting Deathstroke

    • Noel Crenshaw
      Noel Crenshaw 14 hours ago

      You already know what the destination is. Just sit back and enjoy the journey.

  • Josh K
    Josh K 15 hours ago

    I love funny Bruce Wayne I don’t care if it’s “out of character” even though it’s technically not. It’s just a different version of Batman. Kinda like how Green Arrow is funny in most versions of the character but in arrow he’s more serious but he’s still a good character.

    • CJ Winchester
      CJ Winchester 4 hours ago

      I still think Bruce is still Bruce. Ian was just able to be more creative with the character because it was all in Dick's mind. It was really fun to watch though.

  • VersusSEED
    VersusSEED 15 hours ago

    I want DCUniverse to have more eyes on their shows but not like this. Seriously don't get why these services don't release internationally either. I started watching DCUniverse because I got tired of the CW formula too lol

  • RJ Wallace
    RJ Wallace 15 hours ago

    I love Jason he is my favorite character. I also love dick.

  • otis cunningham
    otis cunningham 15 hours ago

    I really liked this episode. I think that all of the weird stuff that happened in the tower was all Jericho.

  • Nightwing
    Nightwing 15 hours ago

    Episode was weird.

  • pennywise
    pennywise 15 hours ago

    Alright if it was just the crosses thing that they accused him for it would make sense as he has said things to her before( Rachel had it coming) but the other things he was blamed for makes no sense at all. How would Jason know that Hank had a drinking problem? How would he know about the dead boy's image? How would he know about the orange soda? The fact the 3 of them (Hank, Dawn and Donna) didn't think of that amazes me.

    • pennywise
      pennywise 15 hours ago

      @Dragon Sword true.

    • Dragon Sword
      Dragon Sword 15 hours ago

      I guess everything that's happened has clouded their judgment.

  • Josh K
    Josh K 15 hours ago

    Plot twist: Bruce was actually there he just ninja vanished every time someone walked in the room.

  • Teen Perfect
    Teen Perfect 15 hours ago

    I highly doubt Dick killed Jericho. If he didn’t kill his parents murderer, I doubt he killed a pretty much innocent person, so there is obviously still a lot of mystery to solve.

  • Guitar Guy
    Guitar Guy 15 hours ago

    Who thinks the Spit Out The Bone intro for the first ten seconds sounds like Angel Of Death intro?

  • Mulan
    Mulan 15 hours ago

    NO NO NO!!!!! Plz god no!

  • Josh K
    Josh K 15 hours ago

    I don’t really care tbh as long as the show is good. I already have more than enough reason to have a dc universe subscription cuz of all the dc content you get. I’m terms of budget I’m not a huge stickler on cgi so if there’s a moment in a show that looks a little weird or a little low budget it doesn’t bother me that much and I hardly even notice.

    • Mulan
      Mulan 15 hours ago

      Just put it this way if it’s on the dc app it will have better writing and story and a bigger budget. But if it’s on the cw it will be piss cheap the story would be boring after the first or second season and the writing will be lazy

  • N.J Pro
    N.J Pro 15 hours ago

    Really appreciated the Adam west reference with Bruce in the dance club scene. Also, Bruce talking to Dick gave off Arkham Knight vibes

    • g7dmother •}:{•
      g7dmother •}:{• 5 hours ago

      Diego Pansini uuuh, dick has been unraveling since before the start of season 1?? fuck you talking about "out of nowhere"?

    • Diego Pansini
      Diego Pansini 11 hours ago

      @Charles Jiles He's been distraught and conflicted for the whole freaking series XD

    • Bitan Dutta
      Bitan Dutta 11 hours ago

      @Diego Pansini this episode was the worst ... the only part i am liking is when it is related to connor

    • Charles Jiles
      Charles Jiles 13 hours ago

      @Diego Pansini He's distraught and conflicted to the point where this is his only way of coping lmao

    • Myles Brooks
      Myles Brooks 13 hours ago

      Bruh Bruce reminded me of the Joker hallucinations in Arkham’s Knight lmao I was laughing so hard the whole episode

  • Jeqse
    Jeqse 15 hours ago

    Don’t think dick physically killed him himself think he got him killed or he did something to make slade kill Jericho

  • IamNoFanboy
    IamNoFanboy 15 hours ago

    Bruce Wayne ftw

  • G0d Ginrai
    G0d Ginrai 15 hours ago

    Uploaded 18 seconds ago when I clicked and no views. 2nd fastest I've been for an upload.

  • Chainsaw Reacts
    Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

    Enjoy! Launched my merch today! Check it out!

  • Glenn Jerome
    Glenn Jerome 16 hours ago

    Im honestly open for any superhero shows coming to the CW but it better come thru bigtime...any new shows have big shoes to fill😊

  • Ricardo dos Reis Schmitt

    I'm OK to CW/DC shows,and OK to Stargirl

  • Davina Galka
    Davina Galka 16 hours ago

    Totally a rumor. The FB group Im in the guy who runs it that has connections with the dc universe people says it’s totally just a rumor.

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      Davina Galka I know who you are talking about lol

  • goon Smoothie
    goon Smoothie 16 hours ago

    Did you ever see m and 2 in theaters?

  • SquareScreen Entertainment

    What i really hate about the CW is they keep most stuff in real time. so when they air an episode its usually about the same time. You can assume its around christmas time when Flash ep 9 comes out for example. What i love about Doom patrol and Titans is they don't have week to week bullshit and why the villain escaped to come back exactly one week. The story flows at its own pace. But since you said they wrapped the show already. Means this could be a way to promote the show internationally to get more people to DC universe because they have more stuff to come. So this could be a business move and not a production and how they do things. Camera angles, production value and CGI etc. This is just the way the distribute the 1st season to promote the content.

  • wholetruthy
    wholetruthy 16 hours ago

    Holy Swamp Thing !

  • joe lewis
    joe lewis 16 hours ago

    Hope it's not true !

  • captain beastwinger
    captain beastwinger 17 hours ago

    No i dont want cw to ruin another tv show No thank you

    • captain beastwinger
      captain beastwinger 13 hours ago

      They dont exactly yeah simlair but it isnt only caused by one event agreed also since when is every cw show every superhero show like im happy doom patrol titans s2 are doing things i think weekly villains should be more memorable not just mini boss batles until the main villain is back yeah like i hate hoe flash villains get their powers in the comics they dont all get their powers frlm one event and if a villain the smallville meteor im fine with alot of supermanvillains get powers trough lex or kryptonite anyway i hate hhow the arrowverse treat audience like braindead idiots nevermind my point i want less cringey cheap cw shows that feel the same and more doom patrol or swamp thing and titans s2 wasnt a big fan of s1 or gotham gotham has way more memorable episodes then the arrowverse for me

    • SquareScreen Entertainment
      SquareScreen Entertainment 14 hours ago

      @captain beastwinger you listed every superhero show trope. There are just some things you cannot change about superhero shows. Supervillain origin/hero origin. Most of those happen like that type of way in comics. But after todays Titans 2x7 episode thats how people act and react. Doom Patrol too. stop letting story drive characters. How about characters Drive story.

    • captain beastwinger
      captain beastwinger 15 hours ago

      S2 would be they would change it into a cheap drama and be filled with cw tropes and cringe i love the arrowverse but you gotta admit theres alotof cheap cgi cheap suit forced drama and cringe you can adres that but stil love it Here are some cw tropes -love triangles -focusing more on physical apearences i mean have you seen how much shirtless stephen amell there is or shirtless ronnie digle slade flashbacks roy James etc or sexy time with laurel thea sara iris patty cop lady arrow s1 etc there is -stupid drama - annoying guy in the chair chloe felicity curtis felicity annoying hacker friend wiliam now youre cisco caitlin wells iris Gideon or whatever i dont watch legends youre win alex brainie old guy and mom on black lightning dont follow that either or mow luke foxx -father figures youre Jonathan kent on walter quintin joe martin stein you get the idea -parent advice - supervillain origin or origin superpowers via big event ogh clark that villain lady with water powers was swiming on day of meteors that guy girl made smoothirs with meteor kryptonite soil that guy who sucks heat from people to stay warm fell in a frozen lake wit small meteor rocks in it this guy is on my father list this villain escaped or lost something because gladeas earthquacke that guy or girl lost or saw you during mirakuru army attack that guy with weather powers got it because his plane in storm during particall excellirator explosion that guy with cloning powers was doing cloning experiment during particall excellirator explosion that guy with gassing powers was being executed during particall excellirator explosion that girl came trough the breach that girl was a villain in flashpoint that guy or girl was on meta bus that girl phone had satalite shrapnel i pullle this villain ouyt of phantom zone when i got out yeah this one i find extremely lazy - smeone dramaticly leave after drama in backalley of verdant club police building starlabs hallway legend ship kent farm some other character follows them to say isnt how you reacted like that i know this is hard dont lecture me or judge me do you know this or that one character leaves -medic - guy who say sceintific shit walks around says how to defeat him sets feeling like sets because the way theyre used how many times do they just talk in that area alone - bad love interests -friends to enemies - a villain walks in secret room with big secret revdaled or show hes working with guy -flashbacks Many more

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      captain beastwinger IF they got ahold of it, the first season can’t be changed, besides cutting down the episodes to fit broadcast standards.

  • Inhuman Quake
    Inhuman Quake 17 hours ago

    A month ago they said samething about Swamp Thing to cw i wonder now

  • PantherKing 13
    PantherKing 13 17 hours ago

    I would be okay with whatever happens

  • Jon
    Jon 17 hours ago

    This rumor literally ruined my day. I truly hope this isn't real.

    • Mulan
      Mulan 15 hours ago

      I was having a shitty day today and it just got bad to worse. I really don’t like the cw shows anymore after the first two seasons they all seem to do downhill with boring and lazy writing.

    • Isaiah Adams
      Isaiah Adams 16 hours ago


  • Inzaynmembrain97
    Inzaynmembrain97 17 hours ago

    I would certainly like to see this show on CW it’s an easy fix to put her into the Arrowverse as you could say she’s either from another Earth or she’s the great granddaughter of the original Stargirl and this definitely isn’t a great sign for DCU

    • Mulan
      Mulan 13 hours ago

      Zach Hershman the cw shows are cheap and cheesy shows the writing and storyline is bad that just my opinion I enjoyed the first 2 seasons of the flash and arrow but after that it just became garbage

    • Zach Hershman
      Zach Hershman 13 hours ago

      Mulan That’s just not true. Supergirl has only gotten better and Arrow rebounder after a couple bad seasons.

    • Mulan
      Mulan 15 hours ago

      No no no do you want a boring show. The cw shows are cringe worthy they were good for the first two season but then they all do downhill with lazy writing and a boring storyline altogether. Stargirl doesn’t deserve this.

  • Mark Hayden
    Mark Hayden 17 hours ago

    But the multiverse is getting destroyed in crisis

    • Mark Hayden
      Mark Hayden 13 hours ago

      @Chainsaw Reacts I suspect earth 1 3 and 38 will survive and probably merge

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 13 hours ago

      Zach Hershman they are still shooting crisis, and it could already be written to not destroy every earth just so we don’t lose the multiverse aspect.

    • Zach Hershman
      Zach Hershman 13 hours ago

      Not the Arrowverse version at least. It’s already been shot.

    • Zach Hershman
      Zach Hershman 13 hours ago

      Chainsaw Reacts No way possible for them to alter Crisis.

    • Killer Online Gaming
      Killer Online Gaming 16 hours ago

      Its possible that not all the earths will be gone

  • Mark Hayden
    Mark Hayden 17 hours ago

    I've heard nothing about stargirl since they cast the actress

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      Mark Hayden been hardly any news besides casting and a few shooting locations, been hush hush it seems

  • Noxwave 30104
    Noxwave 30104 17 hours ago

    Oh god I really hope not, it will ruined the show, since DC Universe cancelled Swamp Thing, and they better not move to The CW and by the way Stargirl is already in the Arrowverse thanks to Legends

    • bertan ozer
      bertan ozer 9 hours ago

      Yeah but it would be separate. I just don't want the CW to ruin Stargirl.

  • Enda McNabola
    Enda McNabola 17 hours ago

    Fake news.

    • Mulan
      Mulan 15 hours ago

      Enda McNabola I hope so

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      Enda McNabola maybe, but it’s a rumor. Why I had RUMOR in front

  • Brandon Bryce
    Brandon Bryce 17 hours ago

    Bring her home

  • David Cosloff
    David Cosloff 17 hours ago

    I wonder if HBO Max and DC Universe will have a merger so the app can be available in other countries.

  • Conor Yardumian
    Conor Yardumian 17 hours ago

    The problem with the Alternate Earth idea is that Crisis on Infinite Earths was the end of the multiverse in the comics. After Crisis, there was only one Earth, and the universe was rebooted. My guess is that while they won't reboot the other shows, they'll use that as their reasoning for this Stargirl existing.

  • Mark Hayden
    Mark Hayden 17 hours ago

    What current dc show will be getting axed to make room black lighting is currently the worst rated show

    • Gopala Bhamidipati
      Gopala Bhamidipati 8 hours ago

      If they’re gonna put him in crisis I doubt they’ll end his show if anything he’ll have a bigger role in the arrowverse tbh they kinda need legends still to guide us through the post crisis world so I doubt this is true

  • Shaun Sullivan
    Shaun Sullivan 17 hours ago

    If it is on cw then am not watching it would make sense to release it in WB streaming services which is HBO max

    • Mulan
      Mulan 15 hours ago

      Agreed the cw will ruin the show with its bad writing and low budget

  • Arkham Gaming
    Arkham Gaming 17 hours ago

    I don’t really believe rumors say because most of the time they’re not true so I’ll believe it when there’s a official statement

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 17 hours ago

      Arkham Gaming tons of rumors aren’t true, but I thought this was one was interesting to make a video about. Would change a lot if the show moves

  • Charmed Original
    Charmed Original 17 hours ago

    Sa\dly, it' likely only going to be on CWSeed.

  • Spagetti Salade
    Spagetti Salade 17 hours ago

    Nice video man thanks for the info👌

  • Labib Chy
    Labib Chy 17 hours ago

    Quality over quantity will happen as it'll progress if this happens.

  • Chainsaw Reacts
    Chainsaw Reacts 17 hours ago

    What do you think of this news? Let me know in the comments!

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      Killer Online Gaming maybe, maybe not. We will see hopefully soon what’s happening

    • Killer Online Gaming
      Killer Online Gaming 16 hours ago

      @Chainsaw Reacts still i tought you would like to know, maybe... Just maybe What They are saying its true

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      Killer Online Gaming not an official twitter account, just a fan

    • Killer Online Gaming
      Killer Online Gaming 16 hours ago

      @Chainsaw Reacts Stargirl TV twitter

    • Chainsaw Reacts
      Chainsaw Reacts 16 hours ago

      Killer Online Gaming where?

  • Dario Jauregui
    Dario Jauregui 20 hours ago

    I wonder what they’re excuse is gonna be for changing robert queen being earth 2’s hood/green arrow to it being adrian chase 🤔

  • Nakai Johnson
    Nakai Johnson 20 hours ago

    6:14 ohhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Joseph Simpson
    Joseph Simpson 21 hour ago

    Two Flashes in Elseworlds. Two Green Arrows in Starling City.

  • D.W Brown
    D.W Brown 21 hour ago

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  • Matt Fortmuller
    Matt Fortmuller 22 hours ago

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  • Chainsaw Reacts
    Chainsaw Reacts 23 hours ago

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  • the gothic pirate

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  • Jackson
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