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  • Mo ɛomma
    Mo ɛomma 5 hours ago


  • fangirlkaren 04
    fangirlkaren 04 5 hours ago

    i miss him ;(

  • Sofia Maulinda
    Sofia Maulinda 5 hours ago


  • 우야오
    우야오 5 hours ago

    와 이 노래가 에오에 노래였어??? 개좋아.. 귀가 기억을 하고있네

  • Jenny Pucio
    Jenny Pucio 5 hours ago

    Eugene so beautiful!!!!

  • 32 K
    32 K 5 hours ago

    진짜 긴장많이 하는구나.. 가수가 입을 떠는건 거의 처음본다

  • Divine Guardiano
    Divine Guardiano 5 hours ago

    Korean isn't even Renjun's and Chenle's first language, but they did the high notes for BOA's song smoothly (I really like Renjun's voice), I wondered why they didn't let Jeno and Nana sing too, Jisung's doing good!!

    DONIS K 5 hours ago

    P.e.r.f.e.c.t !

  • SU JU
    SU JU 5 hours ago

    Momo has no impact. She looks like a back up dancer

  • 정우진
    정우진 6 hours ago

    매번 힐링합니다..

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo 6 hours ago

    i really want her to cover speechless by naomi scott because i her voice is so powerful 😭

  • Dessysca L
    Dessysca L 6 hours ago

    Im work at a drink stand,waiting for a customer,and find this video.. Watch them... And crying.. OMG,and some customer come to buy drink,watch me cry a river 😂😂😂

  • Shannah Chongaud
    Shannah Chongaud 6 hours ago

    😳your performance is amazing!

  • 하각
    하각 6 hours ago

    4키 낮춘건가?

  • Ribby Zarlota
    Ribby Zarlota 6 hours ago

    Love you

  • Ribby Zarlota
    Ribby Zarlota 6 hours ago

    Kamu mirip om aku

  • 조태보
    조태보 6 hours ago

    이노래는 진짜 사이먼가펑클노래같음ㅠㅠ 컨추리느낌풍부

  • Ribby Zarlota
    Ribby Zarlota 6 hours ago

    Jin ganteng banget

  • 이름
    이름 6 hours ago

    초아는 넘사고 유나랑 혜정이동 잘하는것 같은디ㅣㅣ....

  • 혼인
    혼인 6 hours ago

    민 지아 수지 따시키는거 진짜인것 같음 민 지아 얼굴도 수지보다 못생..

  • MnMn Bahr.
    MnMn Bahr. 6 hours ago


  • Chiminh Toi
    Chiminh Toi 6 hours ago


  • BTS Infires Me A Lot

    my first ever crush when I was a little kid, full house hehe

  • Sugalicious
    Sugalicious 6 hours ago

    I’m still admiring Taemin singing in Spanish till this day

  • hania 266
    hania 266 6 hours ago

    Suga😎 Suga😎 Suga😎 Suga😎 Jin😦😍

  • christian bastismo
    christian bastismo 6 hours ago

    ❤❤❤ sending LOVE from PHILIPPINES 💋💋💋

  • Rose
    Rose 6 hours ago

    Irene’s outfit and Seulgi’s abs 😳

    iKONIC UWUUU 7 hours ago

    Njir im si wan 🤣🤣🤣mukanya unyus bgt 😂❤

  • Sopa Mokine
    Sopa Mokine 7 hours ago

    The best singer of south korea!

  • Coin Poin
    Coin Poin 7 hours ago

    시크릿 넘 멋있다

  • Coin Poin
    Coin Poin 7 hours ago

    시크릿이 그 당시 걸그룹중에서도 라이브론 알아줄만한 팀이었는데 ㅠ 티레기진짜

  • 남최찬호
    남최찬호 7 hours ago


  • Coin Poin
    Coin Poin 7 hours ago

    진짜 티레기 짜증 ㅠ

  • 셀리
    셀리 7 hours ago

    2:53 힘들어~ 하면서 하트한거 뭔데ㅋㅋㅋㄱㅋㅋ

  • amalia azizah
    amalia azizah 7 hours ago

    I know that mamamoo's dances are not so intense but i love their vocal-focused perfomance. Beside they know how to own the stage and hype the audience too. I love their fresh concept

  • 조현성
    조현성 7 hours ago

    이석훈은 정말 훈훈함에 표본

  • Raisa Putri
    Raisa Putri 7 hours ago


  • Turkish Rene
    Turkish Rene 7 hours ago

    ZO MangK -EDU>>>>>> Manzano???????

  • Ran Z
    Ran Z 7 hours ago


  • Chandana v.s
    Chandana v.s 7 hours ago

    OMG taemin is 😮

  • Valentina Castillo
    Valentina Castillo 7 hours ago


  • Budiono Pheng
    Budiono Pheng 7 hours ago

    finally new performance of sohyang

  • yanie yaaa
    yanie yaaa 7 hours ago

    My heart hurts bcause of the lyrics and the fact a son and a dad singing together

  • Min SugaGenius
    Min SugaGenius 7 hours ago

    Ok so i am new who is the guy at :30

  • Ahdian TV
    Ahdian TV 7 hours ago

    You my ruler 2NE1

  • Shimokari 14344
    Shimokari 14344 7 hours ago

    Sohyang ???? Who prang ngo ngo kumanta . Labas sa ilong boses nya

  • Boss 302
    Boss 302 7 hours ago


  • Roman Muñoz
    Roman Muñoz 7 hours ago

    I need subtitle English or Spanish!! Please

  • yewduyou hxh
    yewduyou hxh 7 hours ago


  • 고지혜
    고지혜 7 hours ago

    마이틴 너희들 정말 어마어마하게 매력있어~ 귀엽다 국허니

  • babylove
    babylove 7 hours ago

    i need this video spread all over this whole world to let them know that they are so talented 😭❤️

  • Meljan Barzuela
    Meljan Barzuela 8 hours ago

    I dont hear any POWER of LOVE. she's just singing. She sounds like a chipmunk. There are millions of people who can sing this song effortlessly but very few who really who understand the song. She really needs to learn how to sing with her heart. Nothing has changed from the last time i watched her sing live. Some say shes incomparable but billions say shes just one of those singers who doesnt know real music..nothing has really changed from her performance. Yes she can sing and belt high notes but she lacks REAL VOCAL POWER and REAL HEART.


    Cant get enough of this

  • Hey Yeah
    Hey Yeah 8 hours ago

    Thats singing there.. no oversinging and screaming.

  • aten chiha
    aten chiha 8 hours ago

    All beautiful... ;) Eunbi Sakura Chaeyeon :D

  • Sundari Triyono
    Sundari Triyono 8 hours ago

    Powerful. Wow! Amazing. Good job, Mr. Kim.

  • vie Fishy
    vie Fishy 8 hours ago

    쭌영아~ 보고싶당! 🤘🏼

  • BPL Origenal
    BPL Origenal 8 hours ago

    The king of the voice

  • Henry Obando
    Henry Obando 9 hours ago

    Como se llama ella?

  • Rayvina Fidelino
    Rayvina Fidelino 9 hours ago


  • ดรีม นก
    ดรีม นก 9 hours ago


  • sierra jake
    sierra jake 9 hours ago

    Terrific. Sad they couldn't keep the camera on the girls.

  • JeNoJam Bear
    JeNoJam Bear 9 hours ago

    SM can u put all of them again in one unit, they will be superior *I SURE OF THIS*

  • Cathy Zhang
    Cathy Zhang 9 hours ago


  • Farhama Jumain
    Farhama Jumain 9 hours ago

    hyunjin is jeongyeon oh my god😱😱my two bias

  • Nurul Adi
    Nurul Adi 9 hours ago

    Ian not joke, but NCT DREAM is The best unit in NCT

  • lizette bravo
    lizette bravo 9 hours ago

    0:09 Dope BTS

  • lia santos
    lia santos 10 hours ago

    sou fa dos bts mas n tenho dinheiro meu sonho e ver eles ahhhhhh

  • Amy Jacobo
    Amy Jacobo 10 hours ago

    still one of the biggest hoe anthems EVER. also please don't say that bts did it better cuz that's just... no.

  • Ahmad Maulidan
    Ahmad Maulidan 10 hours ago

    Long time no see my Queen🖤

  • Always ARMY
    Always ARMY 10 hours ago

    The vibrato in his voice is so unique!

  • Craig Winstanley
    Craig Winstanley 10 hours ago

    Perfection in voice. Forestella are the best of the best !

  • Wati Kurnia
    Wati Kurnia 10 hours ago


  • Gomu Gomu Nomi
    Gomu Gomu Nomi 10 hours ago

    Love you Ailee

  • 쑤쑤쑤
    쑤쑤쑤 10 hours ago

    많이 알려지지 않아도 괜찮아요 알려진 이들에겐 "그림"이란 명곡이 생각이 날 때마다 부활의 노래라는 이유로 감사한 마음으로, 사랑하는 마음으로 듣습니다 저도 그런 사람 중 한 사람입니다. 오늘도 감사한 마음으로, 부활을 사랑하는 마음으로 노래를 듣습니다.

  • Kim Jongdae
    Kim Jongdae 10 hours ago

    Lenda vocal

  • 제일 이뻐
    제일 이뻐 10 hours ago

    아니 피디님 !!! 빨간 완장이 지금 제정신인가여? 그리고 왜 저리 저 많은 옷핀 을 꼽고 ㅜ 정말 누가 볼까 챙피해서 못 보겠네 나만그런가 정말 you ok?

  • Dawt Kom
    Dawt Kom 10 hours ago


  • nayeon unnie
    nayeon unnie 11 hours ago

    Mina's voice is so flowy omg i cant handle anymore 😭

  • isa or corna.
    isa or corna. 11 hours ago

    tudo p mim:((

  • isa or corna.
    isa or corna. 11 hours ago


  • isa or corna.
    isa or corna. 11 hours ago


  • Andreas Pradiva Albert Albert

    Queen of Mix Voice nowadays

  • My Name Is In Use
    My Name Is In Use 11 hours ago

    Who is the guy at 1:07?

  • Vane la fan:3
    Vane la fan:3 11 hours ago

    Momo mi bias 💖💖💖💜💜

  • Ron Alvarez
    Ron Alvarez 11 hours ago

    I'm peacefully eating my 🥗 then i saw this on my recommendation ...

  • Sahara Mcgee
    Sahara Mcgee 11 hours ago

    One of my favorite era's

  • Minda Saputra민다 사푸트라

    Agnezmo harus belajar sama penyanyi ini nih...Kelakuan diva pantura improvisasinya selalu aneh aneh.

  • Leo from Blackpink
    Leo from Blackpink 11 hours ago

    The choreography looks good and the song as well! 😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Queenie Diane Cabil
    Queenie Diane Cabil 11 hours ago

    Its Kyungsoo focus but I couldn't really focus 👀

  • Nur Farhana Fakhruddin

    The fact that his parents opposed him when we wanted to be a singer and now he is singing with his father.... i’m crying 😭😭😭

  • MyBangtanLife
    MyBangtanLife 11 hours ago

    Jungkook out here looking like he belongs in the Slytherin house with that tie 😆

  • vasudha
    vasudha 11 hours ago

    i watch this too much than is probably good for my health

  • Howard
    Howard 11 hours ago

    다른 가수들의 노래는 조미료가 잔뜩 들어간 음식처럼 금방 질려 버리는데 와우 !!!송가인의 노래는 들어도 들어도 자꾸자꾸 듣고싶어 .

  • 박영희
    박영희 11 hours ago

    다움.치면 이현공식카페들어오실수있어요 이현님에대한모든거공유하고 등산도합니다

  • Momoland Forever
    Momoland Forever 11 hours ago

    Sana's shy shy shy is the cutest thing to ever exist :(((

  • De Low
    De Low 11 hours ago

    Like they once said are beloved Jin raps like a monk

  • ganeztri dyah
    ganeztri dyah 11 hours ago


    LILIAN BENITEZ SORIA 12 hours ago

    tiene un don en la voz, es impresionante como trasmite las emosiones que te hacen que se te erize la piel.

  • Daysenara Michelle
    Daysenara Michelle 12 hours ago

    Sofro demais por essa menina gente sooooooooooofro😭😵😵😵