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TACS: The Toddcast #01
Views 2.5K17 hours ago
TBD: Shaun Attwood
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  • Józef Hofmann
    Józef Hofmann 5 minutes ago

    Shit, I wish they included the ending of this episode when they spoofed the "Yackety Sax mishap". Garrett running around the booth had me in tears. - Timecode = 2:17:46

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 10 minutes ago

    Anthony talks about Opie a lot.

  • Systemic Studio
    Systemic Studio 38 minutes ago

    Hey Todd, adjust the mic stand a few more times...

  • Frances Haypenny
    Frances Haypenny 46 minutes ago

    Starting petition now for the Opie and Todd Show.

  • Kevin Warne
    Kevin Warne 59 minutes ago

    It may be my personal opinion, but Dave is a way better co-host than Artie.

    • Suq Madiq
      Suq Madiq 28 minutes ago

      Artie sucks

    • steven randazza
      steven randazza 35 minutes ago

      Artie wasn't in any kind of shape to make that show work.

  • ChaosFlower
    ChaosFlower Hour ago

    I thought his prank calls were pretty funny.

  • Jess Dckey
    Jess Dckey Hour ago

    At least scotts dementia gave us a few laughs in between the failed humor that eventually turns into stress and anger

  • Santo Tomei
    Santo Tomei Hour ago


  • Butt Stephens
    Butt Stephens Hour ago

    Also, while I'm at it, I'd pay a cool $24.17 to watch Chrissie pee. Get at me, girl.

  • Imight Realperson
    Imight Realperson 2 hours ago


  • David Doherty
    David Doherty 2 hours ago

    What was the bit that opie fucked up? I'd love to hear that.

  • topher nolastname
    topher nolastname 2 hours ago

    It's very ironic that Todd worked extremely hard for decades to turn the entire Scott & Todd crew and WPLJ staff against Scott, because Scott's been holding him back, and after he finally succeeded, evolved into the Todd Show on WPLJ, and forces Scott to move on: Todd gets fired, the station changes format to one that (coincidentally) prevents him from Ever coming back, moves to San Fransisco to have a hole for a co-host (Todd & Jan), loses that job, and starts a podcast when nobody wanted to pay him to do radio anymore. And Scott's still in New York working.

    • Suq Madiq
      Suq Madiq 29 minutes ago

      You spelled opie as todd, you idiot learn how to spell.

  • Chris young
    Chris young 2 hours ago

    Erock is a dinosaur 🦕 marching

  • case7372
    case7372 2 hours ago

    Who’s worse; Todd or Scorch?

  • Butt Stephens
    Butt Stephens 2 hours ago

    You need to get Jimmy Pettengill on when you review the next Toddcast, that gay's hilarious

  • Fuckus O’Reilly
    Fuckus O’Reilly 2 hours ago

    That intro is literally the worst fucking thing I’ve ever heard. If I wasn’t douche chilling out, it would be ultra cringe

  • Daniel Hubschmitt
    Daniel Hubschmitt 2 hours ago

    My stomach hurts now. I wish Todd died and Not Carl.

  • Mike Perry
    Mike Perry 2 hours ago


  • World Top10
    World Top10 2 hours ago

    Anybody else think Dave ruins tacs?

  • Imight Realperson
    Imight Realperson 3 hours ago

    saw dave do stand up in detroit a couple days ago he was hilarious totally worth it

  • Ian O'Hara
    Ian O'Hara 3 hours ago

    I thought ant quit alcohol? Is that an alcohol free he is drinking or something

  • TheCoffeePie
    TheCoffeePie 3 hours ago


  • Turds McGillicuddy
    Turds McGillicuddy 3 hours ago

    Holy crap Erock’s face is so bloated

    • markie5287
      markie5287 51 minute ago

      @topher nolastname did he really get divorced?

    • topher nolastname
      topher nolastname 2 hours ago

      It's probably a side-effect of the new anti-depressant he's on since getting laid off & divorced.

  • P XXX
    P XXX 3 hours ago

    Todd should be a writer for SNL... or maybe he already is?

  • P XXX
    P XXX 3 hours ago

    Todd makes you yearn for Grease Man

  • Emblematic
    Emblematic 3 hours ago

    Nothing personal against Dave Landau, but the show would be better without him. Just Anthony behind the desk, plus E-rock giving info and feedback from the booth, would be better.

    • Suq Madiq
      Suq Madiq 24 minutes ago

      Ant would just go on racist tirades if he didn't have no one to share time with

    • topher nolastname
      topher nolastname 2 hours ago

      Yeah, then Ant could start talking about overlooked things that the media constantly ignores, like black crime statistics. And get increasingly drunk while he's at it.

    • GREG LEE
      GREG LEE 2 hours ago

      Thats alot of work for Anthony. He shouldered that load for a long time. Having someone else kills time.

  • José Martí
    José Martí 3 hours ago

    Bring back jocktober!

  • P XXX
    P XXX 3 hours ago

    Todd podcast so bad makes Steve Carell movies seem funny

  • P XXX
    P XXX 3 hours ago

    The Todd show is a cry for help.

  • Pork Fist
    Pork Fist 3 hours ago

    Its bad enough that todd thinks he's funny but even worse is there's radio stations and people who thought this horse shit was funny. Theres a big percentage of people who are pure dog shit npc tards.

  • Jason Maddox
    Jason Maddox 3 hours ago

    Why is everyone in radio so Godamn ugly 😂

    • topher nolastname
      topher nolastname 2 hours ago

      "You've got a face for radio!"

    • GREG LEE
      GREG LEE 2 hours ago

      Dont forget Opiester was a "model"! hahahaha

  • Retro monkey
    Retro monkey 3 hours ago

    He should get together with Opie. Christ imagine that crap

  • Imight Realperson
    Imight Realperson 3 hours ago

    isnt it a little early for jocktober?

  • Joee1257
    Joee1257 3 hours ago

    Opie > Dave

  • Jeremy LeBlanc
    Jeremy LeBlanc 3 hours ago

    Todd blew Millie's nephew

  • Matthew Claiborne
    Matthew Claiborne 3 hours ago

    Jesus Dave has some amazing lines in this. “It’s like the stairway to Heaven of clown music”

    • Sean Clough
      Sean Clough 3 minutes ago

      A schizophrenic with a tape recorder

    • Leo
      Leo 3 hours ago

      Matthew Claiborne He has a shit load if you’re subscribed

  • awfpunisher
    awfpunisher 3 hours ago

    Jocktober aint the same without the Opster

  • Paulie Force
    Paulie Force 3 hours ago

    Love jocktember

  • Fern From Lake Ave
    Fern From Lake Ave 3 hours ago

    I love the fact that ant has to green screen the view Opie wakes up to. Speaks volumes

    • GREG LEE
      GREG LEE Hour ago

      Speaks volumes? About what?

  • Donald Jackson
    Donald Jackson 3 hours ago

    Cringe radio is back! Thanks, Ant!

  • GentlemanBystander
    GentlemanBystander 3 hours ago

    Ant's horrified utterances and Dave with his head resting in his hand with vicarious shame was 200% funnier than anything on the Toddcast...and Opie Radio. One the note of which, are we going to address how Carl Ruiz just went and pulled a Steve Carlisi? Coincidence or is Gregg a legit death sentence?

  • Al Wolf
    Al Wolf 3 hours ago

    Taxing AF

  • killustrator
    killustrator 3 hours ago

    Todd backwards is dot? I turned it off after that gem. Who is that nerd on the right?

  • DB
    DB 3 hours ago

    *Sadly there is a market for that kind of absolute shit.* They are likely the same people that find Blue Collar Comedy to be hysterical.

    • Drew Martin
      Drew Martin Hour ago

      @GREG LEE Ron White is a beast. 2 are marketing geniuses. Then there's Engvall.

    • GREG LEE
      GREG LEE 2 hours ago

      Don't equate Todd with Blue Collar Comedy, Ron White is a beast. The other 3 are marketing geniuses

    • Drew Martin
      Drew Martin 3 hours ago

      Not quite. Blue Collar plays to the southern market. I can assure you, no one down south gives a tuppenny fuck about some failed New York radio "personality". If there's a market for this, it's older people that genuinely somehow enjoy that morning zoo bullshit. Not a crowd I want anything to do with.

  • Paul Bellini
    Paul Bellini 3 hours ago

    Nagel's time to shine.

  • Random Ent.
    Random Ent. 4 hours ago

    Someone tell dave landau his voice impressions suck

  • SpaceBear
    SpaceBear 4 hours ago

    Hey Todd subscriber Day One. It's about time people are giving Todd the props he deserves.

  • eric brown
    eric brown 4 hours ago

    I hate Todd Pettingil

  • Butt Stephens
    Butt Stephens 4 hours ago

    I would pay, like, $6.50 for Chrissie to spit in my mouth after she ate a cheeseburger. $8.75 if she would throw up on me.

  • James Page
    James Page 4 hours ago

    That is not a real voicemail. What kind of freak is this?

  • Ghost Crusaders
    Ghost Crusaders 4 hours ago

    only thing missing from the song is Opie playing the "BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! BE MORE FUNNY" drop

    • Suq Madiq
      Suq Madiq 30 minutes ago

      Repeatedly till it wasn't funny

  • Christopher M
    Christopher M 4 hours ago

    I miss Jocktober

    • Józef Hofmann
      Józef Hofmann 8 minutes ago

      Check out "Who Are These Podcasts?" -

    • A Tiefling
      A Tiefling 49 minutes ago

      Came here to say this.

    • Jonathon Murillo
      Jonathon Murillo Hour ago

      Christopher M Anthony’s entire career has been one long jocktober

  • Drew Martin
    Drew Martin 4 hours ago

    Can we bring WATP in for one of these. I'm sure Karl would have some choice words for Todd.

  • Google User P
    Google User P 4 hours ago

    I HATE this.

  • RockHumper
    RockHumper 4 hours ago

    The toddcast is funnier than "the wet spot ".....

  • Payne Killer
    Payne Killer 4 hours ago

    I've been waiting for this, my favorite kind! Todd is saving mother's with sick babies while Opie makes them sicker. With great podcasting comes great responsibility.

  • WrightOnTarget
    WrightOnTarget 4 hours ago

    Dave landau's great

  • Anang
    Anang 4 hours ago

    Nothing better than E-Rock bringing his knowledge and love of hack radio to the show. God I miss jocktober.

    • Payne Killer
      Payne Killer 4 hours ago


    • Andrei Lemieux
      Andrei Lemieux 4 hours ago

      Lol I couldn’t help but watch. Who doesn’t like a good old fashion Todd beating

  • Sean Dennehy
    Sean Dennehy 4 hours ago

    Todd sucks so bad I feel very bad for his terrible lack of talent

    • ChaosFlower
      ChaosFlower Hour ago

      I think it's so bad it's good. Like a real life Alan Partridge.

  • PickupsAreNotTrucks
    PickupsAreNotTrucks 4 hours ago

    E-Rock is on TACS now? Neat!

  • Aldon Morris
    Aldon Morris 4 hours ago

    Todd forgot the TACS most basic strategy for success. Go on vacation immediately for a week.

  • Alcoon Slambag
    Alcoon Slambag 4 hours ago

    I wanna see the hack movie!

  • John Collins
    John Collins 5 hours ago

    The Anthony cumia show is the only reason I subscribe to Compound Media I disagree with them sometimes but a lot of times I agree with Anthony. but that's free speech and having an opinion

  • Timeshare Travels
    Timeshare Travels 5 hours ago

    E-Rock army niguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!

  • Matt Quast
    Matt Quast 5 hours ago

    This todcast thing is the biggest pile of shit I've ever heard. I'd rather listen to Opie

  • Brandon Walton
    Brandon Walton 5 hours ago

    Might resub soon this seems like the best the show has been, artie stunk

    • Józef Hofmann
      Józef Hofmann 9 minutes ago

      If you unsubbed when it was the A&A Show, you should consider resubbing again. Every episode is hilarious like this, Ant and Dave are an amazing team.

    • topher nolastname
      topher nolastname 29 minutes ago

      You didn't think Artie leaving every 15 minutes to "use the bathroom", pacing around the table when the guests were talking, making jokes too far from the microphone to pick them up, and donning a new "homeless drug addict" style of dress was good?

    • John Minchin
      John Minchin 39 minutes ago

      joshcb7 Gavin and the LOC guys and Anthony should of been the network

    • joshcb7
      joshcb7 43 minutes ago

      I unsub'd after Gavin and LOS left,Then they added gay shows and Kevin left.Cumia has said he's not in control of everything,eluding to the point that he is not happy with the decisions but KTC and prob some investors control it.

    • Putki
      Putki Hour ago

      Just subscribed couple weeks ago and haven't been disappointed yet. Should've done this shit years ago

  • Ed Roydlick
    Ed Roydlick 5 hours ago

    I hope his microphone is battle-tested.

  • Pussy smasher Mcgahee

    Anthony isn't funny anymore either. So wierd

  • Louie Bee
    Louie Bee 5 hours ago

    I do better prank calls and they are real

    • Louie Bee
      Louie Bee 4 hours ago

      @Drew Martin those were lit. Did you hear the one where she called that daycare

    • Drew Martin
      Drew Martin 4 hours ago

      Terri Schaivo did better prank calls.

  • Jocko Adams
    Jocko Adams 5 hours ago

    If you listen to the Toddcast.. just stop. Re-evaluate yourself and your shitty life choices. Life can get better.

  • R G
    R G 5 hours ago

    Todd's looks/lifestyle - (H/BA products) is guaranteed to give him cancer. Being vein is costly to your body in the end.

  • edgeidore84
    edgeidore84 5 hours ago

    Is it me or does Tod sound like Keith the Cop?

  • BIG M 3472
    BIG M 3472 5 hours ago

    even on am radio this would be sooooooooooo bad.its sad.

  • Greg Kuhlen
    Greg Kuhlen 5 hours ago

    I got a tree on my... You know what, nevermind.

    • Marybeth Eby
      Marybeth Eby 5 hours ago

      You wanna see the boat movie?😣😁

  • Max Power
    Max Power 5 hours ago

    Is this millie thing a bit?

  • Noise Pollution
    Noise Pollution 5 hours ago

    That Millie thing makes me uncomfortable to listen to.

  • AnE none
    AnE none 5 hours ago

    Jocktober in September

  • Sam C
    Sam C 5 hours ago

    There's a Todd on mah House

    • Sam C
      Sam C 4 hours ago

      @Austin Mckenney i've seen it and it stinks

    • Austin Mckenney
      Austin Mckenney 5 hours ago

      Sam C I wanna see the boat movie

  • HeyItsVos
    HeyItsVos 5 hours ago


  • Ben Godleman
    Ben Godleman 5 hours ago

    E-rock looks like John Candy. Orange whip 👆 👉Orange whip?. 😂😂

    • Payne Killer
      Payne Killer 4 hours ago

      His head is considerably larger then I remember Haha

    • Jocko Adams
      Jocko Adams 5 hours ago

      3 Orange Whips!

  • Pilkie101
    Pilkie101 5 hours ago

    Anth should do his shows stark bollock naked - and get that brownstar out you skinny guinea!

  • Governor Riff Raff
    Governor Riff Raff 6 hours ago


    • Leet Skeet
      Leet Skeet 2 hours ago


    • Fuckus O’Reilly
      Fuckus O’Reilly 2 hours ago

      Governor Riff Raff I was a governor, I know. I was on the inside.

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M 6 hours ago

    Is meatballs still in the industry????

    • Jess Dckey
      Jess Dckey Hour ago

      I heard he rolled out.

    • Payne Killer
      Payne Killer 4 hours ago

      He's still interviewing Alec Baldwin legend has it.

    • Orange Man BAD NPC #8675309
      Orange Man BAD NPC #8675309 6 hours ago

      Ryan M One can only hope. That intern’s talent was well above the like of Sam Roberts.

  • DarthMode
    DarthMode 6 hours ago


  • Twobarpsi
    Twobarpsi 6 hours ago


  • Dennis C.
    Dennis C. 6 hours ago


  • 15945 L
    15945 L 9 hours ago

    I’m kinda depressed with the fact that as a woman, that guy has bigger boobies than me😞

  • Tom Tom
    Tom Tom 12 hours ago

    Shaun is awesome, those other two are clowns

  • Garey w
    Garey w 12 hours ago

    Eleanor is hilarious.

    • Garey w
      Garey w 12 hours ago

      And obviously everyone else. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages

  • Christopher H. Meuse
    Christopher H. Meuse 12 hours ago

    "I used to bring a pillow when I'd travel" "Something to bite? fruit" *OLDSCHOOL YIMMY WHEEZE*

  • LUCKY Games
    LUCKY Games 13 hours ago

    It's funny how the window/display shows a flat horizon

    • Jhon Voyage
      Jhon Voyage 10 hours ago

      As you would see with your eyes so close to the Globe ;) Here, believe to one of your own "scientist"

  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark 14 hours ago

    Clearly a chromosome issue

  • Kraig Bender
    Kraig Bender 15 hours ago

    ROT Gut dont..... sing high notes... !

  • Erick Cisneros
    Erick Cisneros 21 hour ago

    When doing the right thing becomes far harder than doing the wrong thing, that’s a problem ! I loved that!

  • Erick Cisneros
    Erick Cisneros 21 hour ago

    A great TheXvid place to go is Shanghaiist, it’s pretty funny

  • prettyfly_4 _awhiteguy

    The “party rock” guy put more effort into his show than Opie.

  • Paul Pince
    Paul Pince Day ago

    He became the "MAAAN!" man!

  • mecha gojira69

    Right...when these guys were in there 20's they didn't like "Face Off" or "Swordfish" drooling over Halle Berry..please.

  • im Clever Artist Name

    Balfour Declaration caused a lot of problems.

  • Salty Bear SomethinAintRightHere

    “They’re all in one place, easier to kill them off - take it from my people” LOL