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Hashtag United
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  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 23 minutes ago

    2:05 2:06 if hashtag United in that division they will be featured in 442oons video and just cartoons video but if they reach the champions league they will be featured in R4six video and the champions video

  • Judy Chen
    Judy Chen 27 minutes ago

    If they get promoted to the 4 tier then they will qualify for the FA cup

  • Orla M
    Orla M Hour ago

    10:00 he loves willne

  • Pratt family Games
    Pratt family Games 3 hours ago

    I went on a tour around Hamden park in April

  • Rúben Loureiro
    Rúben Loureiro 4 hours ago

    Gleed is 100% cheating :D

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno 5 hours ago

    Can you get anyone else to commentate apart of these 2 I mute every video cus of there annoying voices

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno 5 hours ago

    You need a new left back hes dogshit lol

  • Patrick Turkson
    Patrick Turkson 8 hours ago

    Jesse is such a beast

  • Ralphie Thicc
    Ralphie Thicc 11 hours ago

    Great second half and Jesse is amazing how he cuts in is unbelievable

  • Pratt family Games
    Pratt family Games 13 hours ago

    3:59 my friends still do that

  • Craig Tyler
    Craig Tyler 13 hours ago

    Jesse us ridiculous. He plays like a Prime Eden Hazard!. I've never seen someone play football so easily.

  • RizlaOfficial
    RizlaOfficial 14 hours ago

    George Irving seems like a grounded lad, happy for him 🤜🤛 solid win boyssss

  • Dan Ade
    Dan Ade 14 hours ago

    What was claptons keep tho lol

  • Tūtaki Christensen
    Tūtaki Christensen 15 hours ago

    If Gill and Gleedy aren’t your favourites, you’re lying to yourself

  • Calum Louden
    Calum Louden 16 hours ago

    That photo looks like Tom Jepson

  • Tanner Kimball
    Tanner Kimball 18 hours ago

    Outro song is You X You by Ooyy. Don't @ me

  • Liutauras Puckorius
    Liutauras Puckorius 20 hours ago

    what is update on George Smith @HastagUnited

  • Kiera Brown
    Kiera Brown 21 hour ago

    Ross gleed is one of hashtags best players no doubt about it!!

  • Joe Yo
    Joe Yo 21 hour ago

    What a bad referee smh

  • thetheu32
    thetheu32 22 hours ago

    I from Brazil 🇧🇷

    THE HANDY MAN 22 hours ago

    Love the vids please keep making them

  • Calan Morrison
    Calan Morrison 22 hours ago

    I thought it said huddersfield fc

  • Conor Sean Murtagh
    Conor Sean Murtagh 23 hours ago

    Jesse and Gleedy best players in division never mind at Hashtag

  • Connor Z
    Connor Z 23 hours ago

    Cav Clarke as terrible for them as he was for Hashtag

  • Harry Wright
    Harry Wright 23 hours ago

    Ngl Hashtag have probably scored more freekicks than penalties

  • KOsfc
    KOsfc Day ago

    JWL is class

  • Joakim Persson

    Gleed is a monster. Holy moly the free kicks, first class!

  • Daniela de Groote

    Happy birthday Wes

  • Revolzy
    Revolzy Day ago

    Season 1 - Hashtag wins the Prem Season 2 - Hashtag wins Champions League

  • RBGamer
    RBGamer Day ago

    Wilsons positioning is so bad dats why they scored goals

  • Peter Ley
    Peter Ley Day ago

    Jesse is a BALLER! Crazy cuts. I would know that he'd fake the shot and even be sent every time!

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell Day ago

    Happy birthday Ricky

  • Lucas Wareing
    Lucas Wareing Day ago

    Some call him Ross Gleed, others call him the non league Charlie Mulgrew 😉

  • Ox Kruno
    Ox Kruno Day ago


  • Just Ry
    Just Ry Day ago

    Jesse is absolutely outrageous. Best signing hashtag have made I reckon.

  • jaykelly7
    jaykelly7 Day ago

    Jesse WL and Gleed absolutely taking the piss this game. Not sure there have been many better performances

  • General. SirTMM

    And it was south London :)

  • General. SirTMM

    Who actually cares about hashtag when Boston win 4-1 in the FA Cup! And I nearly got stood on 4 times from rushing after the goals. My shoe is broken. :(

  • Justin Wella
    Justin Wella Day ago

    Start a hashtag junior tea,

  • Tolu Bewaji
    Tolu Bewaji Day ago

    gleedy is the Milivojević of hashtag

  • TheBaddabo
    TheBaddabo Day ago

    Already know the outro song, people who ask need to make their research better. Wasn't THAT hard to find! #jokes #loveyouhashtag #dothefactthatidontreallyknowtheinsandoutsoftheartsofhashtagingcorrectlyshinethroughinthiscommentaskingforafriend

  • Michelle Newby

    Ksi win the fright

  • J Kelly
    J Kelly Day ago

    Josh get rid of the doorag now

  • Lang & The Gang

    "I don't think we've ever had a man get 4 assists in one game" Still havent mate.

  • Henry Geaves
    Henry Geaves Day ago

    Click bait by hashtag🤣

  • Charlie gamer 123

    Ksi England for every

  • Alfie Dimmock
    Alfie Dimmock Day ago

    Outro song is: You X You

  • Peyton Dagenais


  • Rushil Abhinav

    Spoiler Ksi wins

  • giantsdms
    giantsdms Day ago

    Talking about something that has nothing to do with football? What a joke

  • Nicholas De Liseo

    Can Clarke just takes Ls constantly

  • Craig Taylor
    Craig Taylor Day ago

    Was this sped up a bit.. the pace of hashtags attacks are unbeleivable 😎

  • Malik
    Malik Day ago

    Cheers lads cheeky little title for the algorithm lmao

  • Minbog 7
    Minbog 7 Day ago

    Can we just appreciate Jessie’s assist for Ryan’s goal? 🔥

  • Philip Joyce
    Philip Joyce Day ago

    I'm with Devs on that 'fight'.

  • Samee Jung
    Samee Jung Day ago

    Where is Daniel adgei

  • Alex Ainsworth

    Ryan Adams is your dirk Kuyt, in the big games he will always deliver. Saw him at the Wembley cup 2017 and never stopped running, what a selfless and unbelievable player for this level, would love to get to a game sometime this season

  • Sper0_ •
    Sper0_ • Day ago

    anyone wanna know the name of the outro song cus i have it

  • Bagin Dominik
    Bagin Dominik Day ago

    Hashtag United is like Man City now. Everyone is getting injured

  • expo Gr
    expo Gr Day ago

    dont you dare let Jessie and Gleed leave

  • ross allen
    ross allen Day ago

    Who is the captain nowadays?

    • Spencer FC
      Spencer FC 10 hours ago

      Jack Harrison still club captain but out for season. Ryan Adams is the vice captain.

  • SkilledZX
    SkilledZX Day ago

    Did no one else clock cav Clarke was on the other team 😂

  • Rob Taylor Music Vlogs

    The keeper situation needs attention. Louis Hawes doesn’t look solid to me and may have been a mistake. Pitman seems to be a much better option. It’s a shame the Cav Clarke felt like he had to leave, I feel as though he and Pitman are a much safer pair of hands than Hawes. Yes he conceded four for sawbridgeworth but they were a poor class of opposition with an awful defence.

  • Roan Spillane
    Roan Spillane Day ago

    Gleedy what a legend

  • Joseph Wanga
    Joseph Wanga Day ago

    Who's better, Jesse or Gleedy

  • Gekko Wizard
    Gekko Wizard Day ago

    unreal team contribution from jesse, keep it up son

  • phil morgan
    phil morgan Day ago

    Ryan Adams has played since the start of hashtags matches

  • Spitfire Gaming

    Does anyone know why Neil Richmond isn’t playing?

  • Matt Warren
    Matt Warren Day ago

    Video idea: Best team talks by Devs

  • Ikenna Obasi
    Ikenna Obasi Day ago

    Outro song is You X You by ooyy

  • Dylan Huddleston

    why are the vids getting shorter ? :(

  • Lydia D
    Lydia D Day ago

    We’ve got Jesse Jesse Waller- Larsen I just don’t think you understand Yes he’s a man But he’s better Abraham We’ve got Jesse Waller-Larsen

  • Man Like
    Man Like Day ago

    Jese & Gleed are on a different level compared to the others.

  • Chief Blub-Blub

    3:32 From Fifa videos to Gigi buffon in the dressing room. Nice one Spence!

  • MegaCK8
    MegaCK8 2 days ago

    Nice to see that Kav Clarke is still a hashtag boy at heart. Throwing at least 3 of those goals into his own net 👌

  • John Macmillan
    John Macmillan 2 days ago

    Where can I find some of these David Beckham sandwiches? 17:46

  • Ethan Chu
    Ethan Chu 2 days ago

    At 8:45 I can’t help but think Dan Brown would have been at that back post

  • Joe Southwell
    Joe Southwell 2 days ago

    Outro song for anyone wondering, You X You by Ooyy

  • Atkarigi
    Atkarigi 2 days ago

    Jesse playing inspired football mate

  • A1
    A1 2 days ago

    Jesse is stupid good. Should be playing higher no doubt

  • RineyyHD
    RineyyHD 2 days ago

    Would love to see a day in the life of a hashtag player

  • BetterSpuD YT
    BetterSpuD YT 2 days ago

    Can't beat getting home from the Enfield match to find this in my feed! Watching it with fish and chips and a pint o Guiness. Double Decent. :)

  • Hamza Siddique
    Hamza Siddique 2 days ago

    Sorry but Clarke is so bad.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 days ago

    Sick and tired of seeing Hawes in goal. No reason for either Pitman or Clarke to be dropped.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones 2 days ago


  • Zach Foro
    Zach Foro 2 days ago

    Gleedy and Jesse were absolutely class this game

  • Lewis Gillmore
    Lewis Gillmore 2 days ago

    Replace Wilson with that Angus lad from their team, he's bigger, faster, stronger, less toxic.. even tackles better..

  • Emrys 22
    Emrys 22 2 days ago

    Rumors are coming out that Manchester United will sign Ross Gleed in January.lol Good job boys! Keep it going! Come on Hashtag!

  • Esnef Kovac
    Esnef Kovac 2 days ago

    Jesse is different level

  • Scott Plummer
    Scott Plummer 2 days ago

    David Beckham sandwiches. 😂

  • Antonios Vasilellis Neto


  • Scran On Your Nan?
    Scran On Your Nan? 2 days ago

    Gill looks great every time he plays how come they dont use him often?

  • syeda huda
    syeda huda 2 days ago

    Ross gleed or Messi??? Oh sorry it’s not even a debate, we all know gleedy is the best.............😉

  • gilly Perez
    gilly Perez 2 days ago

    My favorite player is Gil because his passes

  • felixthijssen
    felixthijssen 2 days ago

    Nice one

  • Futball Perfect
    Futball Perfect 2 days ago

    a speedy recovery for big 5'11.5 Lee Hursit

  • TheZombieNixon
    TheZombieNixon 2 days ago

    Winning a FK does not count as an assist lol

  • Drew G
    Drew G 2 days ago

    Do people in britain actually care about Logan Paul vs KSI?

  • Futball Perfect
    Futball Perfect 2 days ago


  • Stephen Muller
    Stephen Muller 2 days ago

    Outro Song: You x You - Ooyy