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QI: Quite Interesting
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  • Joshua
    Joshua 7 minutes ago

    Everyone knows a horse girl

  • George C
    George C 17 minutes ago

    Stephen joking about little boys was easier to bare than this ill-humoured man hating lesbian. Would like to meet the genius that gave her the job.

  • George C
    George C 26 minutes ago

    Ruthless - wow that man has a lot of ruth

  • Gold161803
    Gold161803 39 minutes ago

    The other sport you say the name of while playing is Atari Tennis.

  • Dan Man
    Dan Man Hour ago

    The scale of cyber warfare coming from the West dwarfs China's efforts. The West just happens to have back doors to a lot of stuff already so the kind of brute force hacking by NSA et al is less prevalent on certain targets Snowden has confirmed already that most commercial apps in the West are already 'owned' by 5-eyes.

  • Velocinox
    Velocinox 2 hours ago

    Why are the Sherpa's teeth in better shape than Edmund's? His look rotted whilst the sherpa's looks like modern teeth.

  • Tibi Kibe-Mohapi
    Tibi Kibe-Mohapi 2 hours ago

    privilege lesson yet again...we shoulnht stop teaching!

  • Danksy Arts
    Danksy Arts 3 hours ago

    thanks to vsauce

  • Dan
    Dan 3 hours ago

    8 0's is like resetting the date. 00/00/0000

  • lee Roberts
    lee Roberts 3 hours ago

    The universe is the center of the universe

  • TheTruePhantasm
    TheTruePhantasm 3 hours ago

    The movie Stephen is thinking of when he quotes the immortal Vincent Price is Fall of the house of usher

  • Michael Finnigan
    Michael Finnigan 3 hours ago

    appreciate what you what, be are the make you appreciate what you dad.

  • Scout Micucci
    Scout Micucci 4 hours ago

    It's like the opposite of an appeal to authority

  • Rumi900
    Rumi900 4 hours ago

    Actually, Woodhall Spa is twinned with the small French town of Roeze sur Sarthe, about 15 kilometres south-west of Le Mans. But you can't hear the cars racing from there (or so I'm told).

  • Leo Warren
    Leo Warren 4 hours ago

    A 1kg silicon 28 sphere is the roundest thing on earth

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel 4 hours ago

    It is actually godwin's law.

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes 5 hours ago

    fry is a bottom

  • AudieHolland
    AudieHolland 5 hours ago

    General Sedgwick was quite correct in his assessment. The rifles generally used by enemy soldiers couldn't reliably hit a target at that distance so his men were taking cover for no reason. Specialized snipers however, were employed by both sides with the objective of taking out senior officers, disrupting the other side's command structure. In the film "Gettysburg," General John Reynolds is seen being shot and killed by an enemy sniper. Historians are not 100% sure however.

  • Daria Lu,
    Daria Lu, 6 hours ago

    1:16 did he just spoil me the book I’m currently reading?!?! 😱

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 7 hours ago

    How is it Antarctica

  • RandallWindle Official

    Rob not only plugs his hair but he exaggerates his accent for WILTY

  • Liz M.
    Liz M. 7 hours ago

    I keep waiting for the circus clowns to show up. Please don't add the music to videos like these - they don't need it.

  • Cmajor
    Cmajor 7 hours ago

    It's kind of concerning how quick he got that lmao

  • Mr.EDM
    Mr.EDM 7 hours ago

    How do you win money from a casino? Don't go at all, it's a fools game

  • TheHutchy01
    TheHutchy01 8 hours ago

    I don't remember that Columbo.

  • Blue Sparrow
    Blue Sparrow 8 hours ago

    Stephen fry pronounced issued as 'e-ssu-ed'. Ive been taught to pronounce it as 'e-shu-d'. Which is it?

    • Maniac8275
      Maniac8275 5 hours ago

      Blue Sparrow “Is-sood” is more British. “Ish-ood” is more American.

  • Hand Solo
    Hand Solo 8 hours ago

    Because the condom belongs to your teenage daughter.

  • Kiz Nibbs
    Kiz Nibbs 9 hours ago

    When Sandi says she's 'part-beaver', Alan looks like a really embarrassed teenager 😂

  • Tinnitus Sex Cures
    Tinnitus Sex Cures 10 hours ago

    This 2005 episode of QI was filmed in 1987.

  • Skulls Ain't Dead
    Skulls Ain't Dead 10 hours ago

    "Great men" mentions only dictators.

  • Bob Harmer
    Bob Harmer 11 hours ago

    "I am part beaver!" You are what you eat 🙃 🤘

  • frank de Ruiter
    frank de Ruiter 11 hours ago

    A bee actually makes just 1/12 teaspoon of honey over its lifetime.

  • Ane T
    Ane T 11 hours ago

    Am I missing something, why are there people walking around on set?

    • Ellie-Anne Hart
      Ellie-Anne Hart 2 hours ago

      Behind the scenes I guess. They read these out when they're setting up to shoot maybe?

  • G58
    G58 12 hours ago

    UNDERSTAND: To stand under the yoke of control and acquiesce to it.

  • G58
    G58 12 hours ago

    The BBC, dumbing down its audiences since 18 October 1922; 96 years of treating us like morons.

  • MCDexX
    MCDexX 13 hours ago

    When Sandi said "part beaver" they really missed a trick by not replying "Well, you are what you eat". ;)

  • typacsk
    typacsk 13 hours ago

    Gotta look for the Five Signs of Death, to make sure the patient is worth operating on.

  • Lord of Flying Monkeys

    *Alan Davies is so freakin annoying..... the only time he shuts up is when he can't think of a stupid comeback for the facts presented...*

  • Eskay1206
    Eskay1206 15 hours ago

    We know your counting by your bet increase and how far through the shoe we are, or sudden back bets

  • RandallWindle Official

    Bollocks. Sleep rests and repairs your body.

  • Luke Curtis
    Luke Curtis 16 hours ago

    Don't worry mate, interruptions or not it still wasn't a very good joke at all. Got no one to blame but yourself...

  • ihathtelekinesis
    ihathtelekinesis 16 hours ago

    Maybe 2:10 was the inspiration for the Mr Psycho Bean sketches on Harry and Paul...

  • Dawn Ironside
    Dawn Ironside 16 hours ago

    If a man is in the forest and his wife is talking, is he still wrong?

  • Madalyn Maree
    Madalyn Maree 16 hours ago

    Australians actually pronounce six quite close to the standard British pronunciation ("sicks"). To be far though New zealanders definitely say "sex" when they pronounce six.

  • Dutch Blades
    Dutch Blades 16 hours ago

    1:24 Who's he dressed as?

  • Michael Finnigan
    Michael Finnigan 17 hours ago

    darrrghhth vader

  • Matt Burfield
    Matt Burfield 17 hours ago

    Jo brand, there. Managing to sneak in a ‘I’m fat joke’ into proceedings.

  • Jon Bastian
    Jon Bastian 17 hours ago

    Part Beaver... wet 'em.

  • One MercilessMing
    One MercilessMing 17 hours ago

    Which software drive people to violence? Windows 8.

  • One MercilessMing
    One MercilessMing 17 hours ago

    The King of Siam wrote Lincoln, offering elephants to assist in the American Civil War. Lincoln declined the kind offer, as elephants were not suited to the much harsher winters of Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I might remind people that the Mason-Dixon line, separating the North from the South, is the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. A copy of the letter exists. www.foxnews.com/world/lincoln-to-thai-king-thanks-but-no-thanks-for-the-elephants

  • brucedickinson12
    brucedickinson12 18 hours ago

    Claire balding . Funny bloke

  • One MercilessMing
    One MercilessMing 18 hours ago

    What happens eventually to an Internet argument? The one with the greater wisdom and maturity mutes the aggressor and terminates the discourse.

  • Annette Poke
    Annette Poke 18 hours ago

    I love love love Qi, however, am in Australia and cannot for love nor money, find DVDs or blue rays anywhere. Is there anywhere that I can purchase episodes? I would appreciate any advice. Thank you in advance world 🌍 🙏🏻🙏🏻😍😍💖💖🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Trawlerfly
    Trawlerfly 18 hours ago

    A terribly tidy beaver who has a woman in twice a week. Love Sandi ❤

  • marcello234
    marcello234 19 hours ago

    lozenge !

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern 20 hours ago

    Johnny Vegas made the most sense in that debate

  • romulusnr
    romulusnr 21 hour ago

    Why is Rob using an aussie accent, I'm sure there's a reference I'm missing because I'm a stupid yank.

  • ashwin
    ashwin 21 hour ago

    Missed David Mitchell here to go berserk

  • joseph galarneau
    joseph galarneau 21 hour ago

    Lee should learn to shut up.

  • Nicholas Bored
    Nicholas Bored 23 hours ago


  • ffeff
    ffeff 23 hours ago

    This is very cute! I never knew they did this in QI, or is it new?

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson Day ago

    why don't you take all the money when you have time stopped? then pay to have your money laundered?

  • James Hudson
    James Hudson Day ago

    the st petersburg lottery!

  • Orange Man
    Orange Man Day ago

    He’ll sang les.

  • pete jones
    pete jones Day ago

    If that's true what Stephen says ..why do folk have to have liver transplants ..if u have fucked ur liver up by heavy drinking. .it's ok cos in about a yr it's replaced itself according to that statement ?

  • Jeremy Ardley
    Jeremy Ardley Day ago

    I think it was actually an Ounce - which is the old name for a heraldic leopard - and also in reality the Snow Leopard.

  • sarah
    sarah Day ago

    Greg Proops looks like Tony Stark

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes Day ago

    fry is a bottom 🤮

  • Xiutie
    Xiutie Day ago


  • Nakadu
    Nakadu Day ago

    Surely a 🐧 is a land animal??

  • Nakadu
    Nakadu Day ago

    That doesn't sound like a very accurate way to measure speed

  • Jacob A J Taylor

    Oh! The wasted life of fishermen; millennia doing the wrong thing: fishing nothing!

  • jabloko992
    jabloko992 Day ago

    holy shit that redhead

  • jabloko992
    jabloko992 Day ago

    Hold on, but nearly everyone on the planet works (or studies, or is a housewife) but nowhere near as many people take part in wars! So work cannot be called 3x as dangerous.

  • Adam M-S
    Adam M-S Day ago

    Johnny Vegas is half right here. 'In 1977, Article 56 of the Protocol I amendment to the Geneva Conventions outlawed attacks on dams 'if such attack may cause the release of dangerous forces from the works or installations and consequent severe losses among the civilian population'. There is however an exception if 'it is used for other than its normal function and in regular, significant and direct support of military operations and if such attack is the only feasible way to terminate such support'.'

  • Mosi G
    Mosi G Day ago

    The Botswana primary schools "fact" is nonsense. First of all, there are no wolves in Botswana. The rest is also BS.

  • Max Power
    Max Power Day ago

    Lee whatever the fuck his last name is ...is a pain in the FUCKING SHITTER.

  • emptank
    emptank Day ago

    Japanese bees hum to kill hornets. The Japanese giant hornet is so much larger and tougher than a bee that a few dozen of them can massacre an entire hive with no trouble. So when ever a hornet scout finds a hive the bees lure it inside and dog pile on top of it and start vibrating their bodies to generate heat. Since the bees can with stand a slightly higher temperature than the hornets can, so long as they can keep it trapped they will eventually cook it to death.

  • Smokes McGee
    Smokes McGee Day ago

    The real question is, what with them being primarily land based mammals, why would the American army be performing sea rescues?

  • toag
    toag Day ago

    still find is hard to watch this show after Sandy's horrendous views on the Greenland peoples.... it's okay for Denmark to steal the resources and wealth of Greenland for the benefit of the danish people, but they aren't Danish according to her because the aura borealiss in Sandy's horrible opinion thdoesn't happen in Denmark.... Her brutal European colonialism has her superior danish people not poisoned by the indigenous people. If they aren't part of Denmark, why don't yo give them freedom from their European colonial master. Could it be the oil rights the prevent you from releasing these lowly Greenland fro m your European leadership. She thought she was being clever but just laid bare on air her racist views. his show needs a new non Racist host. She's never apologized shame on her shame on this show All for oil rights he Danes keep hold of Greenland but clearly as Sandy said on air they aren't part of Denmark. Separate but different sounds a familiar evil, because it is.

  • RandallWindle Official

    This video proves Jimmy fakes his laugh

  • Little Red Hen Videos - Dalston

    Bag for afterlife.

  • Little Red Hen Videos - Dalston

    Gary Windsor

  • Little Red Hen Videos - Dalston

    Get Harry Kane to take it.

  • Chris Manuel
    Chris Manuel Day ago

    That last joke. Glorious. She's a great host. 10/10

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern Day ago

    Anyone else have a bit of a crush on Liza Tarbuck back in the day?

  • Brem
    Brem Day ago

    Ooohhh How do you stop a baby from drowning? Take your foot off its head.

  • Tom DeLaCruz
    Tom DeLaCruz Day ago

    Don't ever tell David that he shouldn't eat bread or drink milk.... unless you want to unleash his inner dark side...

  • Roach
    Roach Day ago

    This isn't true. The land on which the JFK memorial at Runnymede sits might belong to the United States but it remains under British sovereignty.

  • ingloriousdonk

    If you can argue the answer then it's not a valid question

  • hopethisworks1212

    Carol Vorderman. I used to think she was crumpet until I found out that she was a fully paid up member of the Tory party.

  • Astra Siezed
    Astra Siezed Day ago

    Clarification: Arafat’s wife was a Palestinian Christian who was living in France at the time her mother introduced them. She wasn’t ethnically French.

  • David Guthary
    David Guthary Day ago

    But there are more than two poles of inaccessibility....

  • Talancir
    Talancir Day ago

    5:01 alas, I dont get it.


    This is incorrect Edward VIII did not change and insisted in facing the same way as his father.

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes Day ago

    fry is a bottom tho

  • Pipe Tunes
    Pipe Tunes Day ago

    What the actual fuck is that pink abomination? fry in disguise?

  • Kabir Kumar
    Kabir Kumar Day ago

    I wondered what that effect was called!! I play around with hotplates and water drops so often!! Is there a name for the sound when the water rapidly turns to steam when you flick it onto a hot surface? And has anyone else tried to play a song using that sound and wet hands?

  • AR 23
    AR 23 Day ago

    Here is a antigram our park parkour I worked that out the other day

  • Velocinox
    Velocinox Day ago

    a communist