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  • Jay Me
    Jay Me 32 seconds ago

    why feed them junk food?

  • Debbie Hipsher
    Debbie Hipsher Minute ago

    Dont feel bad that how id do it

  • Whiskey Pete
    Whiskey Pete 2 minutes ago

    Touching footage but this guy is a condescending, arrogant douche..

  • Smiley Miley
    Smiley Miley 3 minutes ago

    Wtf is that thumbnail

  • Jamey Noel
    Jamey Noel 4 minutes ago

    love you guys!!!!!!

  • FeroxCious
    FeroxCious 4 minutes ago

    Clearly this lady is hiding large important parts of the story. She probably came over to try rid herself of the guilt she was feeling watching other people clean up her mess by presenting some nonsense story about it being OTHER people who abandoned the dog. It sure isn't her fault... well glad she got that off her chest pfew now it's other people's problem. Back to sitting on the couch eating cheetos and feeling zero remorse for the disgusting heartless decisions she's made in her life. Thanks for the good work, Hope for Paws.

  • R.KEVIN Quiroz
    R.KEVIN Quiroz 9 minutes ago

    I hate when people do that to such a wonderful animal

  • Phyllis Nunn
    Phyllis Nunn 9 minutes ago

    Risking your lives to get those puppies!!!!!! You guys are phenomenal!!!! ❤️

  • danceballetacro
    danceballetacro 9 minutes ago

    awww beautiful story

  • Eastern Serenity
    Eastern Serenity 12 minutes ago

    i don't like the way you catch her.

  • cristian jara parada
    cristian jara parada 16 minutes ago

    Me iso llorar 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭no voten perritos y no maltralo animal

  • Aussie Big G
    Aussie Big G 16 minutes ago

    How many watched this for the hot girl instead of the dog?

  • loveloses
    loveloses 19 minutes ago

    Eldad was like, "whatever..." I wouldn't be able to hold my tongue. Such irresponsibility.

  • icedanthony
    icedanthony 19 minutes ago

    I love dogs and cats

  • C V
    C V 22 minutes ago

    You are amazing!!!

  • mizz jeann
    mizz jeann 24 minutes ago

    Gosh! She is sooo terrified 😭 The shaking. . 😟

  • Trstn Clrk
    Trstn Clrk 25 minutes ago

    This is absolutely amazing. Just amazing. But...WHY CANT WE DO THIS FOR NEGLECTED AND ABANDONED HUMAN CHILDREN?! RIGHT NOW

  • Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III

    Worries about dog's well-being - feeds it McDonald's food. This is not animal-loving, this is animal abuse. Which is no surprise because, in my experiences, "animal lovers" (especially dog lovers) are the biggest perpetrators of animal cruelty and abuse.

  • Lisa Schlotthauer
    Lisa Schlotthauer 26 minutes ago

    Still sobbing...I just lost my 15 yr old furbaby that I rescued from neglectful Xfriends...this is why I donate...everyone should!!! 💙🐶

  • johnny norton
    johnny norton 27 minutes ago


  • Ham Channell
    Ham Channell 28 minutes ago

    I have heard this several times before. Definitely from abuse.

  • Bhewel Garcia
    Bhewel Garcia 30 minutes ago

    God will always bless you and your love

  • Sherlock MacGyver
    Sherlock MacGyver 30 minutes ago

    You need a thermal camera

  • James Wright
    James Wright 32 minutes ago

    Homeowner is more of an animal than that poor pup.

  • graynephalim
    graynephalim 33 minutes ago

    Don't need sappy music to make an emotional point. It makes the whole thing seem less real.

  • zomg222
    zomg222 34 minutes ago

    Fk me i always seem to be cutting onions when watching these freaking vids.

  • bob D
    bob D 36 minutes ago

    the music is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooud

  • Osirus Lament
    Osirus Lament 37 minutes ago

    We need people like you all over the country especially Ohio hope you guys think about expanding

  • loveloses
    loveloses 39 minutes ago

    I'm sitting here boo hooing and crying like I knew this dog

  • BlueEyes Brittany
    BlueEyes Brittany 40 minutes ago

    Poor dogs.... at least these ones if you give them proper care and love, will stay loyal and loving to you .... not like most human beings ..

  • PS2Nerd
    PS2Nerd 44 minutes ago

    That's an extremely unhealthy dog the state, they found him it, it always amazes me, what love can do to transform a dog

  • Aaron Crawford
    Aaron Crawford 44 minutes ago

    3:17 omg that is the sweetest face, and purest eyes... reminds me of my german shepard

  • Austin
    Austin 44 minutes ago


  • Henry Phillips
    Henry Phillips 45 minutes ago

    Since watching this over again it has made me want to volunteer as a dog rescue in my spare time. In the UK however we dont have any stray dog charities in my area because in the UK a stray animals cant last on the streets for 10 minutes before someone voluntarily helps it anyway. We are animal lovers in the UK I am proud to say it seems there are no charity to join and not a big enough demand to set one up. Also it's illegal to not have a microchip and in public places a collar with name tag with owners info including postcode on. That's rite.. Illegal! Thankyou for doing this where it is needed.

  • AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER
    AR15cuz BlackGunsMATTER 45 minutes ago

    Wait, so the dog was named Rain and then some shmuck named her Sassy Pants !? Hit that dislike button

    ICECREAMK1NG1 46 minutes ago

    Really kids throwing rocks at him. I'd love to throw fucking rocks at them.

  • Not Luke
    Not Luke 46 minutes ago

    mom: has brown and white fur puppies: ArE bLaCk

  • Daniel Cross
    Daniel Cross 48 minutes ago

    thanks man

  • Quinn Lane
    Quinn Lane 49 minutes ago

    God damn it I just did my makeup perfectly I CANT CRY

  • Jyles Morrell
    Jyles Morrell 49 minutes ago

    why is it in most videos there is a video of some chicks ass,XD im not complaining just curious haha

  • loveloses
    loveloses 51 minute ago

    Love the tech who got smooches from Alfie

    LEAD FARMER 52 minutes ago

    Feeding the dog mc donalds cancer wouldn't have been my first choice personally

  • Nick Boronda
    Nick Boronda 53 minutes ago

    You guys sure know how to be kind and loving, but you also obviously don't know much about dogs' biology..... You DONT feed dogs processed or human food (both human and processed is the worst), due to Canine Pancreatitis.....which can severely shorten the life of, or even quickly kill a dog.... A tiny bit might be insignificant but that's like getting a junky into treatment by handing out a fix at the door...

  • Ulyceez Gil
    Ulyceez Gil 54 minutes ago

    lol what the hell was that intro?

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia 55 minutes ago

    Those who dislike discusst me😖🤡🤡

  • SONICE69
    SONICE69 55 minutes ago

    Ok, please explain this to me guys “WHEN did showing love to a homeless, abandoned dog, giving her food, nurturing her and introducing her to other dogs become a topic for a 👎in a video? Alotta dumbasses in this world of ours....🙄🤦‍♂️🙄🤦‍♀️

  • Nah Swae
    Nah Swae 55 minutes ago

    Omgomgomg this was shoot in my town, Bell CA my elementary school called Woodland is right across the street!!!😭😭

  • Soccertz1
    Soccertz1 55 minutes ago

    Great saves, I’ve watched a ton of your videos and I have a question for you. Why do you have to be in control of every single aspect of the rescue. You are constantly telling everyone what to do like they don’t have a brain themselves...... just saying....chill....

  • Braveheart
    Braveheart 56 minutes ago

    It's not euthanasia it's murder. No excuses or rationalizations. And if you love animals then don't eat them.🌷

  • James High
    James High 56 minutes ago


  • Jaws xx
    Jaws xx 57 minutes ago

    I think is was very generous of Arya to share her chicken nuggets with Esmeralda.

  • Daphne Dedrick
    Daphne Dedrick 57 minutes ago


  • delreydavid
    delreydavid 57 minutes ago

    People here don't even realize that throwing rocks at the dog is the least that these 'kids" are going to do that day. By night fall the rocks become bullets and the target is not a stray dog, it is other 'human beings'. Attacking the dog is a way to dull their senses towards violence.

  • just I ? nothing
    just I ? nothing 58 minutes ago


  • Thomas Davis
    Thomas Davis 59 minutes ago

    Super Guy

  • Susanty Liauw
    Susanty Liauw Hour ago

    Why in first you want keep pets when at the end u get bored and u dump them. They are not toys.. They are living creature and i believe they never betraye their owner. Luckily Hope of paws are the answer of their future life..

  • Jo Lind
    Jo Lind Hour ago

    How heartless do you have to be to thumbs down this video.

  • harimau garang
    harimau garang Hour ago

    Look how thankful he is 💖💖💖

  • delreydavid
    delreydavid Hour ago

    What a bunch of BS! It is not the schools job to teach compassion it is the parents job, and they are the same people who are abandoning these animals in the first place. Lecturing them won't do a thing. Welcome to the third world of California.

  • Erin Hale
    Erin Hale Hour ago

    Finds a confused and scared dog-Throws a net over a dog instead of gaining its trust, immediately surrounds it with 3 people while it is in a net instead of only himself. You managed to rescue a dog in the absolute worst way possible. I’m surprised it didn’t bite all of you.

  • loveloses
    loveloses Hour ago

    right on for the security guards....not like that one JERK of a security guard that made Eldad move his car.

  • Ashley Hallman
    Ashley Hallman Hour ago

    Awww momma looks so relaxed

  • Vero Beach Guy
    Vero Beach Guy Hour ago

    Who really gives a thumbs down?!

  • Carolina Cuellar


  • Holly Days
    Holly Days Hour ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. I wanted to cry. Thank you so much for your work and for rescuing these sweet babies.

  • JS Mariani
    JS Mariani Hour ago

    I like the technique of feeding the dog and slowly gaining its trust before leasing it, like in other Hope For Paws videos. Still she came around pretty quickly.

  • 2710Pocahontas
    2710Pocahontas Hour ago

    Does anyone think that sometimes these dogs like their freedom and don't want to be locked in somebody's house or yard?

  • Porn O'Clock
    Porn O'Clock Hour ago

    Hell yeah, I am the 1,000th dislike

  • Billy Darley
    Billy Darley Hour ago

    my dog looks almost exactly the same but maybe two times bigger and yes they are damn smart. didnt surprise me to see how quickly she dropped the act and gave in. their comprehension level for a dog is quite high.

  • Hermon Munster
    Hermon Munster Hour ago

    I do not think I could do what you do but I thank you so much for helping our furry friends.

  • Patty Farghaly
    Patty Farghaly Hour ago

    Nothing like a chihuahua. They are loving and faithful ❣❣

  • John Vidal
    John Vidal Hour ago

    I wish im near coz i would love to adopt them, they're both so lovely 😍😍😍. Thank you for saving them guys. GOD BLESS YOU all ❤️🙏😇

  • Corzappy
    Corzappy Hour ago

    Wow she doesn't look like a filthy cave goblin at the end, Nice.

  • The Keto Chief
    The Keto Chief Hour ago

    and this could have possible ben avoided if we would pass federal laws that made hitting a dog or any pet a crime punishable buy a huge find and minimal prision time. People need to start to understand we are all Gods creation and should treat each other as that. the only creature that should have a broken leg is the person who hits a dog and drives off like its nothing. I also support what some states and cities are starting to do and that have vet rescue added to ems and put on the 9II system

  • Jules Pilapil Acosta

    Thank u guys for all that you have done.

  • 1313sp
    1313sp Hour ago

    Who in their right mind would dislike this video. If that was you, shame on you.

  • Commodore Sixfour

    In Milwaukee we have M.A.D.A.C, They are all about catching the animals and moving them to get adopted or pushed to other animal shelters. They are also very good to the animals. They are fighting to treat "fighting dogs" just like every other dog.

  • Ruth Buck
    Ruth Buck Hour ago

    So happy he ran in to the wall

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young Hour ago

    You see this and realize there is hope for us Humans. God Bless..🙏

  • TheSkiingJeep
    TheSkiingJeep Hour ago

    Who the hell would abandon a newfy. They're so sweet, incredibly low maintence, and very people dogs.

  • Ben Woodman
    Ben Woodman Hour ago

    She’s so cute

  • loveloses
    loveloses Hour ago

    the dude with the pink goggles and China is the coolest

  • ksoltar
    ksoltar Hour ago

    my service dog is a pitbull. she is the true essence of the nanny dog. best instincts to catch my PTSD moments. just had to make sure she was properly socialized and had the right temperament. her skills were almost natural and only needed a bit of work to make them better. the right pit with the right temperament and the proper socialization will make a great service dog for a veteran in my opinion.

  • Andrew Young
    Andrew Young Hour ago

    With teeth like that it's Chad Morgans dog for sure.....👍

  • minischnook
    minischnook Hour ago


  • C M
    C M Hour ago


  • Julie Rhodes
    Julie Rhodes Hour ago

    The kittens are Soooooo cute

  • vunkong chia
    vunkong chia Hour ago

    Awesome great job guys, Thank you somuch.

  • UDI
    UDI Hour ago

    God Bless you guys 🙏

  • jdsim9173
    jdsim9173 Hour ago

    He knew he was loved, didn't complain once during the bath, he was so grateful to be saved.

  • Kimisha Stewart
    Kimisha Stewart Hour ago

    Omg omg omg i sall a puppy that you mist she wus in the tree branch omg omg omg ok mg omg omg omg omg omg omg o mg o. M. G

  • Dinithi Amanda Samarasinghe

    2.5k people don’t have a heart. That make my heart broken 🙀 Tribute for “Hope for 🐾 “

  • Bulb _Life
    Bulb _Life Hour ago

    Nice ass shots 👌 3:18 3:24

  • clinton alexander

    I'm crying I felt sad when rain cried

  • down 4 whateva
    down 4 whateva Hour ago

    I'll take BEN he'll love in dog Paradise with love, exercise, play, pet obedience, from 20 ppl food beyond belief high quality water playmate and dog park and lake life love a shepherd always

  • Refined Crits
    Refined Crits Hour ago

    Hearing those cries is devastating but I know they’re ok

  • Greivin Guzman
    Greivin Guzman Hour ago

    Nice doggy jill🤗😘🐶👌

  • Clairabelle99
    Clairabelle99 Hour ago

    Thank you

  • loveloses
    loveloses Hour ago

    Security guard is a GIGANTIC prick

  • Hawk eye
    Hawk eye Hour ago

    Very beautiful dog