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We Had A Close Call Today!
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  • T. W.
    T. W. 2 hours ago

    Big single above cab with some nice above cab intakes just to be different. Everyone wants dual exhaust pipes.. :) You need to polish up the original bumper and see how it looks. I'd also put on a MASSIVE train air-horn..

  • ghostscantkill
    ghostscantkill 2 hours ago

    Wrap that bar end with electrical tape and melt it. Takes several times to do it, but eventually it gets hard and sticks to the bar without getting smudge marks on the rims.

  • David Jenkins
    David Jenkins 2 hours ago

    You’ve got a good friend in Mr. I’ve Man

  • Gfb2303
    Gfb2303 3 hours ago

    Ur a bitch for that

  • Michael McQuilkin
    Michael McQuilkin 3 hours ago

    Top videos Bruce, can’t wait to see the outcome of the cab over and the next project truck. I think you should go 8 inch single pipe on the exhaust and definitely get the visor that comes down in front of the windscreen, I think you should keep the original bumper as it’s a working truck and go full slammed bumper on the next ‘show truck’. Hope the family emergency isn’t too bad and everyone is ok. Iv got my own truck and these videos encourage me to do more of my own work on the truck and try and learn more about how things work. Top man! P.s does ice man ever take that respirater off haha he’s always got it on, even when he’s talking hahaha

  • Andrew Paul Afford
    Andrew Paul Afford 3 hours ago

    Complete tosser 😬😬😬😬😬😬

  • Mikarx
    Mikarx 4 hours ago

    I LOVE the when the girl says "you don't have to be a dick all the time Bruce" lolol

  • James James
    James James 4 hours ago

    Have you seen the You Tuber with No Arms splitting a Tractor? Go view the Harmless Farmer Andy Detwiler.

    BROWNWRENCH BROWN 5 hours ago

    Your grease gun chuck seems loose

  • Sonoma County towing

    Stand on the truck

    BROWNWRENCH BROWN 5 hours ago

    Might also have been a good time to check your brake stroke all around. Chamber diaphragms could be rotten by now. Cheap to replace.

    BROWNWRENCH BROWN 5 hours ago

    You may have missed a grease fitting on the steering box at the sector gear. Take it easy on it or you can possibly blow out the seal.

  • Vitor Pires
    Vitor Pires 5 hours ago


  • Pulido Fam
    Pulido Fam 5 hours ago

    I used to live in plant city not a lot of people know where it is

    • Pulido Fam
      Pulido Fam 5 hours ago

      I also know the lock and key guy

  • Marc Evans
    Marc Evans 6 hours ago

    Are you Guna upload another video or what it’s been 4 days!!!!!

  • webmozaic
    webmozaic 6 hours ago

    So for those big mud tars, you'll be wantin' a big ole tar arn?

  • Paulo Custodio Jorge

    Tá ficando top👍

  • Massab S.
    Massab S. 7 hours ago

    Anyone knows what the family emergency he had? Hope he and his family is okay 🙏

    • YRSX
      YRSX 6 hours ago

      they lost their child that wasn’t born yet 😭

  • anthony banks
    anthony banks 8 hours ago

    Props for using the Benny Hill song !

  • HotCampinas Arrancada

    Love your videos Keep going

  • pj novakovic
    pj novakovic 9 hours ago

    I got same tires on my t800

  • Tom Roberson
    Tom Roberson 9 hours ago

    sir a like watching you and your friends rebuild the cabover .your attude never quit ,much respect have a happy holiday

  • Alessandro Sacramento
    Alessandro Sacramento 11 hours ago

    Esse caminhão vai trabalhar depois de toda essa reforma ou vai ser só para exposições ???? Alessandro (caminhoneiro) aqui do Brasil MG !!!!

  • Dave Goldspink
    Dave Goldspink 11 hours ago

    Love the video really takes me back nearly 50 years ago when as a 9 year old learning to drive an old Ferguson on the family’s sugar plantation in North Queensland Australia. Mind you the old Fergie wasn’t as high tech as the tractors in this video. 😂🤣😂 Great job and thanks for the memories. Think you need Tim the tool man Taylor to put a v8 in like he did with his ride on mower 😂🤣😂 Sorry just couldn’t resist 😂🤣😂

    Q.R.A CORUJÃO 11 hours ago

    Cadê os vídeos meu querido? Colocando os pneus no caminhão?

  • Jason Fowler
    Jason Fowler 12 hours ago

    Hey there. You might check on running a aluminum wheel on the inside dual do to the heat

  • Richard Jameson
    Richard Jameson 13 hours ago

    Put a piece of carpet on the ground, turn the wheel over soap the hell out of the bead and the tire will almost mount itself. An air bead seater works wonders.

  • mazen al.mezni
    mazen al.mezni 13 hours ago

    My friend suggested that you put in front of the truck an alternative front bumper something used to drive snow and push sand and be a strong bumper like rescue cars I hope I can send you a rough picture with my best wishes for success

  • Allen Attoni
    Allen Attoni 14 hours ago

    They don't make them this solid anymore.

  • 4 spd life
    4 spd life 15 hours ago

    Fuckin right we want a cab over shirt that would be cool as hell

  • fred grove
    fred grove 15 hours ago

    What's happened to the next episodes? I've been waiting for several days , and nothing.

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith 16 hours ago

    This is cool stuff! I know nothing about trucks, diesel engines, etc..but that doesn't mean I'm not interested. I'm learning a lot that I didn't know before. Quick question on air brakes: I don't think it was this video, but on one of the other videos with this truck you mentioned that you have to build air before the brakes release. Why is that? I'm going to take a guess even though this sounds backward to me, but to apply air brakes to make the truck slow down or stop, does that mean stepping on the brake pedal removes air from the brake cylinders? If so, is the opposite true where putting on the parking brake (air brake) where the truck makes the loud "Pshhhh!" sound, is that the air coming out and no air pressure makes the parking brake apply? It sounds backward to me but I think/hope my question makes sense. Thank you!

  • Q&A Computers
    Q&A Computers 17 hours ago

    Maybe you should number your Vid's in the titles so we can watch them in order....

  • Eduardo silva
    Eduardo silva 17 hours ago

    Questions or concerns? Yeah I'm concerned, stay away from the rest or the tires hahaha

  • Q&A Computers
    Q&A Computers 18 hours ago

    How much did you pay for this truck? Does anyone know? Thanks...i subscribed :-)

  • Corey Muscavitz
    Corey Muscavitz 18 hours ago

    You just fucked up those new bearings in the drive hubs beating those studs out

  • Chris Tripp
    Chris Tripp 19 hours ago

    Keep up the good work bruse

  • Chris Tripp
    Chris Tripp 19 hours ago

    Truck never looked so good

  • 2Stroke Diesel Power
    2Stroke Diesel Power 19 hours ago

    Stretch the wb out to about 250"... it Will ride a whole lot better, And... "IF" you're actually going to be putting it to work, a longer wb (250" or longer) will Not "jack-knife" nearly as quickly as that short wb that you have now.

  • Chris Tripp
    Chris Tripp 19 hours ago

    Bud wheels

  • Conway Conway
    Conway Conway 19 hours ago

    What's up fellas ..hell yeah I love the content....whats not to like or love about it....ole ice man is gaining some celebrity status huh🤔👍✌️***ole country boy from perryville Missouri***

  • Jim Buffalo
    Jim Buffalo 20 hours ago

    So much fun it's ridiculous.

  • Frederic Gros
    Frederic Gros 20 hours ago

    super vidéo

  • Team Wagy
    Team Wagy 20 hours ago

    Can we please get a tour of Icemans Excursion??? Or if you did it already, point me in the direction of the video.

  • Larry Croft
    Larry Croft 21 hour ago

    Ice man schooled Bruce on the proper use of a sledge hammer

  • Barry Forster
    Barry Forster 22 hours ago

    1x 8 inch straight through

  • Frederic Gros
    Frederic Gros 23 hours ago

    dans le noir comme ça je verrai pour allumer une lumière

  • Haida Guy
    Haida Guy 23 hours ago

    New video tonight?

  • Frederic Gros
    Frederic Gros 23 hours ago

    la super vidéo et un tableau n'est pas flou

  • Chase Whitmore
    Chase Whitmore 23 hours ago

    Y'all going to end up killing y'alls self

  • Stoneyburke
    Stoneyburke 23 hours ago

    dat ass at the bar........

  • Frederic Gros
    Frederic Gros 23 hours ago

    ta vidéo était fou au début sinon tu fais toujours des belles vidéos continue le temps camion

  • kingkurtzig
    kingkurtzig 23 hours ago

    What a bodge

  • collin king
    collin king 23 hours ago

    Ice Man is one hell of a unit. That’s a real og ol son

  • Zach Dow
    Zach Dow Day ago


  • Bronson First Gen

    48 degrees is cold?😂😂 Come to North Dakota

  • Justin Lopez
    Justin Lopez Day ago

    What gear ratio is the truck

  • John Painter
    John Painter Day ago

    My c8000 started after 7 years without much fuss. I need to replace the fuel filters, as the pri-D fuel didn’t make it to them and lots of cold weather seems to have waxed them up a little. But no bio-gunk in the fuel, and the batteries were replaced (almost dead when it was put up...) and the fuel cutoff needed wd-40 to break some rust, then cable Oiler. So 1 hour or so prep, then cranked 2 to 3 times and it started up.

  • Charles bai
    Charles bai Day ago

    I used to really enjoy this channel seems like it has a ton of ads now

  • logan grubaugh

    tires are cool. just dont hit any curbs it will rip the tread right off

  • Ed Leigey
    Ed Leigey Day ago

    Did he pull at The Buck ? I’ve seen this pull before I believe

  • Evan Bunch
    Evan Bunch Day ago

    Waiting 2 days now for another video !! Lol

  • Jason Griggs
    Jason Griggs Day ago

    Man I had an old international cabover with a Cummins loved it it was a 84 I meant though

  • williams wallace

    Hellow Bro More videos

  • diesel power ford

    The ice man is freaking John Henry. 💪💪💪

  • Domenic Haines

    Yeah I never got your video so that’s why I have been watched it on TheXvid because I never received it

  • Adam Gunter
    Adam Gunter Day ago

    Awesome stuff Bruce!

  • Mark Nairn
    Mark Nairn Day ago

    Don't worry when you start running those aggressive tread tires the truck will feel like it is swimming don't worry when they get broken in they will straightened right out.

  • Adam Gunter
    Adam Gunter Day ago

    Love this.

  • Malc Robinson
    Malc Robinson Day ago

    Knocking those studs out in situ is doing that hub no favours

  • hilham 89
    hilham 89 Day ago

    Damn man I thought the others was going in the rims. Great video though

  • Zac Jenkins
    Zac Jenkins Day ago

    Hey brother, your using the wrong side of the tire bar to mount tires. The bar can easily slip out and hit you or someone the way that your using it now. Be safe and keep up the awesome job


    Has the tractor been restored and put back into circulation?

  • Mike Warman
    Mike Warman Day ago

    Iceman is a machine! I hope you pay that man well, hard to find a work ethic like that!!

  • AlfaPower
    AlfaPower Day ago

    nice to do this without mask. those breakpads have Asbestos.

  • Scott Dixon
    Scott Dixon Day ago

    Iceman is my hero

  • Scott AKA Gypo


  • Andrew Cox
    Andrew Cox Day ago sells hazmat suits for future reference

  • Nicholas HOSS Logan

    Look like the tires on the 605 hp kw 18 speed triple axle I drive

  • Алексей Казаков

    Ждем первый рейс!

  • Nicolas Brindesi

    So ecological way of working ! Mother Nature will thank you for sure

  • Josh Bommer
    Josh Bommer Day ago

    The turn down visors are sick. Polish the stock bumper. Wonder how dual pipes would look, both on the same side. That would get some looks.

  • Silver Stacker

    Dang what 170mph like in a truck ?....UK England

  • Aiden Bardoni
    Aiden Bardoni Day ago

    Ice man knows how to swing that sledge

  • Mon Frig
    Mon Frig Day ago

    get rid of the fucking go pro

  • Lsvip 1
    Lsvip 1 Day ago

    No updates ?

  • lokatwhaticando

    Dual long train horns

  • Chris Lemaster

    Im guessing Rural King is the same as Blain's Farm & Fleet.

  • Timmothy McCandless

    If you talkin bout it you ain't about it

  • Deep River
    Deep River Day ago

    Concrete blocks yikes no strength at all should have used the wood

  • Donald Joseph
    Donald Joseph Day ago


  • FoxHound SF
    FoxHound SF Day ago

    Leave side deflectors on, get rid of the cab top deflector. Man she’s pretty.

  • Larry Yaw
    Larry Yaw Day ago

    Ice man is a beast! Lol. What a hard working man.

  • Scott Longlitz


  • Random Stuff In Oregon

    That truck is so good you could've just cleaned the windows, fixed the air leak and drove it home. That thing is sweet!

  • Benwaski Gonzalez

    Why do you have to use fire while filling tires with air? Curios?

  • Jason Ralston
    Jason Ralston Day ago

    Dual, chrome straight stacks. I was born in the mid 70’s. My Dad was a long distance truck driver from when he graduated high school, until he had to medically retire in the early 90’s. I love Freightliner and Peterbuilt cabover semis. Those are what my Dad drove. The more lights the better. The more chrome the better and with all of the switches and knobs in the cabs, I used to love the multi color, clear plastic switches with metal flake in them. If I ever become wealthy, I will buy as many old school semis and do frame off restorations back to all original condition or modded to the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s eras. I will then open a museum for them all.

  • Jack Hoffmen
    Jack Hoffmen Day ago

    Daddy Finnish no project

  • Steve McFarland

    Dual stacks drop visor and big bumper

  • jacob cheney
    jacob cheney Day ago

    What would be cool is mix lil new school with old school take that engine out the international and put that Detroit in it