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Our $400 Load Of Tractors!
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  • juPiter. tv
    juPiter. tv 4 hours ago

    this friend of yours has no idea at all and no imagination about what could happen, first gassing the engine freshly after firing up which can cause seizure because the oil must spread for some time and later when you burned the rubber on the rearview he would go with the camera, after all they let go of your shoes so you wouldn't even have time to react. I like your videos but Please use brain

  • Ward Fertuck
    Ward Fertuck 4 hours ago

    If you look while doin the forward burnout it was the tranny smoking not the tires I believe.

  • Beau Daunoy
    Beau Daunoy 4 hours ago

    Don't forget to check the Bruce Jenner oil

  • pascal lefebvre
    pascal lefebvre 4 hours ago

    Where that fire men truck

  • Globule 78
    Globule 78 4 hours ago

    Plus débile tu meurs !!!

  • pascal lefebvre
    pascal lefebvre 4 hours ago

    That was stupid no point but like must of time

  • Nofear 29
    Nofear 29 4 hours ago

    Plz don't do anymore adverts if you do can we at least have a skip button Plz so help me god 🙏

  • Rob Slade
    Rob Slade 4 hours ago

    That going to be a sharp bitch put twin tubos

  • Maria Stellnberger
    Maria Stellnberger 4 hours ago

    Yeah Mann schöne Grüße aus Austria

  • GMC Jimmy
    GMC Jimmy 4 hours ago

    You don't see that everyday, excellent.

  • Allen Troxel
    Allen Troxel 4 hours ago

    You fellas are crazy.

  • txstreetman
    txstreetman 4 hours ago

    Hey Bruce--I'm in Houston, and a school bus guy. If you need bus info and expertise, hit me up...

  • billy kennedy
    billy kennedy 4 hours ago

    It's a bad connection at the idm or the uvch (under valve cover harness) these things are known for that

  • Isaiah Hussain
    Isaiah Hussain 4 hours ago

    @bruce Wilson hold the gas pedal down for a few not to rev it to high jus a little

  • Taylor Mclaughlin
    Taylor Mclaughlin 4 hours ago

    Sound like it has a bad icp sensor

  • Sid Walker
    Sid Walker 4 hours ago

    How much chrome can you put on a short bus?

  • Christopher Dryer
    Christopher Dryer 4 hours ago

    Put the 5 ton under the bus

  • MacG
    MacG 4 hours ago

    Maybe you can shorten the bus by the length of a window. For losing some weight.

  • michael carter
    michael carter 4 hours ago

    Dump transmission fluid down then do it

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd 4 hours ago

    Get a bigger turbo and a fass

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd 4 hours ago

    If it wasnt so much work you could shorten the rear of the bus by one section.

  • Mark Carey
    Mark Carey 4 hours ago

    Great video, looks like a fluid leak under engine during forward burnout.

  • Perry Daniels
    Perry Daniels 4 hours ago

    And another news in 2055, Bruce Wilson retires, children across Dade City voting unanimously as the best bus driver, attendance at 100%, burnout all the way to the schoolhouse 🤔👌😜😜😜😜

  • Brandon Floyd
    Brandon Floyd 4 hours ago

    Could always take the tires of the inner rims

  • MRgorgonzola
    MRgorgonzola 4 hours ago

    who the fuck even "restore" a vehicle and looks at the engine at the end.... sloppy job from beginning to end...

  • Rod Green
    Rod Green 4 hours ago

    How Come You Didn't Just Get A New Piece Of C-Channel & Do It Right...

  • Rod Green
    Rod Green 4 hours ago

    How Much Was It... $$$ If You Decide To Sell Let Me Know...

  • You're Jovian
    You're Jovian 4 hours ago

    15:09 didn’t think that through did ya..

  • pacowboy
    pacowboy 4 hours ago

    Looks awesome, Bruce. Although that Rotary Mystery Machine is going to be hard to beat. Lol.

  • Ansemik
    Ansemik 4 hours ago

    ''spool'' bus XD

  • Ian Innes
    Ian Innes 4 hours ago

    Cool old bus guys . Shl deffo do burnouts well . Sounds like ur box isnt quite right somehow the way its tickin over etc . I had a truck once with a performance chip fitted to it increasing the power greatly and it used to idle like ur bus . It was just when the chip was live . If u disconnected the chip it idled fine . Could be a compatibility issue . Mayby a wire slack . Worth a look at maybe . Otherwise great fun lol . Have fun with it guys .

  • Taylor Mclaughlin
    Taylor Mclaughlin 4 hours ago

    T 444 E

  • Jim p
    Jim p 4 hours ago

    Look at the injector harness plugs at The valve cover gasket. The harness plugs into the gasket and the terminals melt. Very comon prob on the direct injected turbo 7.3l

  • Making it Happend
    Making it Happend 4 hours ago

    This with hair loss. I have very thin hair. It doesn't matter, because there are warm hats if you freeze

  • MrNHL30
    MrNHL30 4 hours ago

    Should make it Mobile man cave / party bus.

  • Logan Plays
    Logan Plays 4 hours ago

    Take some seats out and weld the diff

  • Kright
    Kright 4 hours ago

    Aaron is crazy for running behind that short bus during the reverse burnout. Lol Great video. Gotta say it seems like yall have fun everyday

    S S VLOGS 4 hours ago

    Convert this bus into a house

  • Neumann
    Neumann 4 hours ago

    Going bald sucks but trying to hide it is worse.

  • Jerry Pruitt
    Jerry Pruitt 4 hours ago

    36! That's T-shirt weather! Try putting a negative sign in front of that number! THEN YOU'RE TALKING COLD! TRY LIVING IN MINNESOTA! 😂🤣😂

  • Jake Resch
    Jake Resch 4 hours ago

    I know everything their is to know about them 7.3l's get a set of 250/200 injectors and a t4 set up with an s467 some tunes and it will rip!!!!!!!

    MANTRAKKK 4 hours ago

    not many youtubers dare to let one fly or in this case multiple lol

  • Steven Gunderson
    Steven Gunderson 4 hours ago

    I was wrong. You can polish a Turd! cool Bus!

  • Korean Jesus
    Korean Jesus 5 hours ago

    Like zip ties and bias plies “take er all the way in the ketchup”

  • Alex McAngels
    Alex McAngels 5 hours ago

    How DARE YOU! 😂🤣😂 BTW. We Need a Greta Emoj

  • Jase Poag
    Jase Poag 5 hours ago

    Nah, don't cut it up. Increase the power and add some line locks.

  • Joe Ellis
    Joe Ellis 5 hours ago

    Ole Darryl Knight is a character one of my dad's old friends from years ago

  • Andrew Bell
    Andrew Bell 5 hours ago

    What ever happened with the fire truck

  • Carl Irving
    Carl Irving 5 hours ago

    Only a police car and ambulance to go and then you got them all!! Lol!

  • Spencer Delatte
    Spencer Delatte 5 hours ago

    Put the 5 ton axles under it

  • Robert Webber
    Robert Webber 5 hours ago

    Good old 7.3

  • Vaughn Hill
    Vaughn Hill 5 hours ago

    That panel to the left of thd drivers seat has all the wiring inside it so if your having issues with electrical that would be the place to start

  • Marcos Antonio
    Marcos Antonio 5 hours ago

    Helô Bruce Wilson 👌🇧🇷

  • Michael Konstantellis

    Am I the only one that thinks his brother is an idiot and they suck at filming?

  • Sebastian Brzeczeszczykiewicz

    That’s where these two belong on a short bus

  • Dennis Taras
    Dennis Taras 5 hours ago

    Single the rear wheels out that should work then you have an extra set of tires for more burn outs

  • Doug N
    Doug N 5 hours ago

    What are the hose valves for?

    • Steve Stefano
      Steve Stefano 5 hours ago

      If your talking about the ones in the engine bay I believe they are for the heater core

  • Poogan123
    Poogan123 5 hours ago

    Jesus, let the starter finish spinning before you hit it again..

  • Collin Walsh
    Collin Walsh 5 hours ago

    Lmfaooooo this is awesome 😂😂😂 you have some great projects right now between the cabover, the Bus and the fire truck!

  • Daniel Glidden
    Daniel Glidden 5 hours ago

    Need to make it 4×4 bis

  • Eddie Patterson
    Eddie Patterson 5 hours ago

    Delete the whole Exhaust. Run some Stacks with a rain cap flap. Find a way to turn up the fuel pump. I find this fun and I’m 54 and soon to be 55 in July. Here’s a thought use those 5 ton military axles and make the bus 🚌 a 4x4 would be sweet and lift it. I’m sure that hasn’t been done before. It would be a heck of a ride in the mud.

  • Terrell Chapman
    Terrell Chapman 5 hours ago

    Finish blacking out the windows.

  • KinGTeraTino
    KinGTeraTino 5 hours ago


  • Stable Genius
    Stable Genius 5 hours ago

    Remove insides, the inner dual wheel on rear set, then drop air pressure in front tires by half at least and throw down some bleach or water and season with diesel to flavor....🤣

    • Kyle Medina
      Kyle Medina 5 hours ago

      Stable Genius I was going to say the same thing!

  • Max Fly
    Max Fly 5 hours ago

    Another Rats nest in the intake it

  • OutragedOwen
    OutragedOwen 5 hours ago

    Burn out bus > burn out truck

  • XxCaptanTac0MoN
    XxCaptanTac0MoN 5 hours ago

    I’ve never seen a bus full send until today.

  • Jefferson Moctezuma
    Jefferson Moctezuma 5 hours ago

    That sounds like the IPR valve to me. When i change the IPR valve it sounded just like that.

  • Andrew Amado
    Andrew Amado 5 hours ago

    Lift it and put some off road tires on it with lockers🤘🇺🇸 Sweet bus man!

  • KinGTeraTino
    KinGTeraTino 5 hours ago

    Damn 7.3 they refuse to die!!!!

  • Jimmy Tretow-Loof
    Jimmy Tretow-Loof 5 hours ago

    Um dude, you hooked the batteries up wrong...

  • Nick Shadix
    Nick Shadix 5 hours ago

    Check out the youtube channel gingium and check out his spool bus. He just built his engine and its a beast now! Good content.

  • cable TV cutters
    cable TV cutters 5 hours ago

    if you cant save it shave it

  • Marlon Leslie
    Marlon Leslie 5 hours ago

    What is the plan you have for it the bus?

  • ShootingZay Phillips

    You need to check the icpc sensor also that maybe the rough idle.

  • willian barros
    willian barros 5 hours ago


  • Joe Doing Random
    Joe Doing Random 5 hours ago

    Cut the front tire pressure in half, then try to do a burnout!

  • Daniel Jacobs
    Daniel Jacobs 5 hours ago

    I'd love to hang out with y'all for a day, I've said it numerous times, best channel on TheXvid, love the content, living 4 hrs away I may stop in Wilson Tractor and browse around, even tho I have no tractor or any kind of diesel lol

    METALHEAD 5 hours ago

    😂😂😂 that was awesome

  • Robert Brady
    Robert Brady 5 hours ago

    hello everyone here today

  • Big50 Garage
    Big50 Garage 5 hours ago

    You should put super single semi tires on the rear

  • The Custom Everything Channel

    The bus sounds like it has a bad ass tune

    ISXCUMMINS 565 5 hours ago

    Good looking bus💪

  • Thomas Fagan
    Thomas Fagan 5 hours ago

    Bruce. When I get a 18 degree day. Im happy in the winter. Lol. Love the videos, keep them up.

  • Wesley Bartholomew
    Wesley Bartholomew 5 hours ago

    You guys should weld up the diff on the spool bus

  • BB 572
    BB 572 5 hours ago

    Can you run it without the inner duel wheel

    • mike93eh
      mike93eh 5 hours ago

      yea just take the tire off the wheel

  • Jacob Myers
    Jacob Myers 5 hours ago

    I was pretty much bald by the time I was out of high school. Sucks.

  • Fellow Figure Collectors

    Too much work for a burn out IMO

  • Big Dog Country Music

    Paint it a Bright Red and name it Red Hot Hauler.

  • Corvette Guy
    Corvette Guy 5 hours ago

    The cabover doing burnouts would be way more fun, smoke and a show!!! Better choice for Cleetus!

  • Cody Elliott
    Cody Elliott 5 hours ago

    Body solonoids under panel

  • james daniels
    james daniels 5 hours ago

    Afraid that engine won't last much longer. Alot of miles on that thing. Not too smart walking behind it when he was burning out. You don't ever know what'll happen.



  • Dennis skullman
    Dennis skullman 5 hours ago

    loosing hair? if your loosing your hair your just becoming a man doing other stuff then fix your bieber hair every day. A diesel has no hair... just smoke.

  • mr420in
    mr420in 5 hours ago

    What you needed was some bleach under the back wheels

  • captainjerk
    captainjerk 5 hours ago

    Stubby burns tire! lol

  • in motion
    in motion 5 hours ago

    I dont think people are here for cab over I can care less but I been watching for hella long now I'm a after hours fan.

  • dekker1257
    dekker1257 5 hours ago

    Needs a hood stack.and it might be the ipr sensor thats making it lope at idle

    • Ian Innes
      Ian Innes 4 hours ago

      Thats what i thought a loose wire on a sensor or something similar .

  • Charles Chapman
    Charles Chapman 5 hours ago

    I love that bus.

  • Andy Bobandy
    Andy Bobandy 5 hours ago

    That “idm”. Is that the diesel equivalent of an pcm? It’s basically the engine computer? No? Honestly curious lol

    • Andy Bobandy
      Andy Bobandy 5 hours ago

      Anything Motors gotcha I may have misheard what he said at the beginning. If you don’t mine me asking, in this case, would the pcm be non existent? Or is that basically it

    • Anything Motors
      Anything Motors 5 hours ago

      *injector control module!