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  • conor murray
    conor murray 36 seconds ago

    geo locate and drone strike this interview

  • DinamiteBarese
    DinamiteBarese 3 minutes ago

    Gvozdyk is stone cold. Artur gonna have a hard time.

  • Deluce
    Deluce 10 minutes ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 Eddie Hearn is violating Chisora

  • Big One
    Big One 15 minutes ago

    Hughie "shades of Ali" fury reckons hell make super welter 😂 in

  • Allan Bennett
    Allan Bennett 16 minutes ago


  • Salman Waheed
    Salman Waheed 23 minutes ago

    He has a great chin unlike aamir khan

  • TheTruthness2011
    TheTruthness2011 30 minutes ago

    'WITHOUT THIS TEAM - TYSON MAY NOT BE ALIVE' - BEN DAVISON It's amazing how low the world's standard has dropped. Would he not want to stay-alive because of the love and enjoyment he experiences with his family? And, people look-up to this guy? Tyson Fury is an example of how boxing, money or fame will not bring you happiness. Yet, everyone praises him. This is the world I live in.

  • Hiluxste
    Hiluxste 39 minutes ago

    Best of luck andy

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon Hour ago

    Adam " honestly Officer, the wind blew these dirty underpants onto my nose " Smith.

  • Last_ Gasp21
    Last_ Gasp21 Hour ago

    Reigning, defending? Hahaha he’s never done either of those things!

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon Hour ago

    Adam Finger Of Fudge Smith.

  • Charlie Bruce
    Charlie Bruce Hour ago

    Kurgan you are such a arsewip I wish frank knocked you out for a tenner

    HARI-NG- SABLAY Hour ago


  • Emmanuel A
    Emmanuel A Hour ago

    How can you not like eddie hearn

  • kroyt jhio
    kroyt jhio Hour ago

    Dean Whyte lmao😂😂😂

  • TJ
    TJ Hour ago

    Oscar is probably thinking why the hell do I have to interview these bellends when Umar and Kugan interview the big dogs Tunde provides Anthony zero technical or tactical advice on the corner spencer comes up with random past boxing history matches and tries to relate it to modern days which is so irrelevant And the other guy... well I can’t figure it out... how can you say you are Dillians brother and not be🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Jonny Saki
    Jonny Saki 2 hours ago

    AJ doesn't look like he wants to be there

  • Ben Brown
    Ben Brown 2 hours ago

    This guy will want too much money for a nothing fight that no one wants to see, won't happen

  • gabriela amador
    gabriela amador 2 hours ago


  • Jose Islas
    Jose Islas 2 hours ago

    No lo vas a cargar mi Andy entre más altos caen más chido tu puedes compa

  • W P
    W P 2 hours ago


  • Jeev Prinja
    Jeev Prinja 2 hours ago

    Dean Vs Wilder - who wins? I believe Dean

  • Jason Campbell
    Jason Campbell 2 hours ago

    Eddies a good guy and as funny as fuck and the best in the game and looking out for his people good that why bjs jump ships LOL😂😇🤣😂😇🤣🎉

  • xFADEx
    xFADEx 2 hours ago

    3:29 im dying😂😂😂. Little guy in that grey suit holding up the fists😂😂😂

  • Frank Warren nocontextfrank

    This guy chats some shit - this fight could have been so good a few years ago!

  • Frank Warren nocontextfrank

    @ me on insta 😂😂😂😂

  • Howard James
    Howard James 3 hours ago

    Does anyone really care about Brook v Kahn now. Should have happened a long time ago. The time has passed - both are way past their best.

  • chester nyangu
    chester nyangu 4 hours ago

    2:41 when you wanna smoke the opp but cops pass so you just smile at the cop like you cool

  • Eric Cooper
    Eric Cooper 4 hours ago


  • bolo yeung
    bolo yeung 4 hours ago

    Usyk looks like the nicest serial killer you’ll ever meet.

  • Tai Chi Tube
    Tai Chi Tube 4 hours ago

    Congrats @IFLTV on 500K subscribers

  • Norma Black9.1.5
    Norma Black9.1.5 4 hours ago

    Black motherfuker cried inside.

  • Ed Lucertola
    Ed Lucertola 5 hours ago

    that KO was frankly spectacular

  • Shanghaii Management

    Bout to get knocked out..... AGAIN

  • Edgar Diaz
    Edgar Diaz 5 hours ago

    Andy ruiz’s dad looks like the mexican tony stark with those glasses

  • Hector rock
    Hector rock 5 hours ago

    I will keep my energy and smile after Ruiz wins again...

  • Rann Rann
    Rann Rann 5 hours ago

    Andy don't be shy homie fuck the doubters and haters you done what you said you were going too do not only Mexico loves you and are fan's American's loves you and are fan's also we are pulling for you big homie because you might be Mexican but you were born in America so you're ah Mexican American and you've got alot of fan's congratulations you and Tyson Fury are inspirational people human beings and figure's too the masses and Fury actually really likes you he just said that about you cause he's entertaining guy and person he's funny individual like you are actually Tyson Fury was one of the very few before the first match with AJ that said he thought that you were going too knock AJ out Tyson Fury Andy Ruiz two great Heavyweights and two great human beings.!!!

  • BearBFC
    BearBFC 5 hours ago

    Love him or hate him Eddie is the definition of selling sand to an Arab. he's like something straight out of lock, stock and two smoking barrels every time 🤣🤣🤣

  • Edwin Alvarez
    Edwin Alvarez 5 hours ago

    That’s the Stare of a broken man. Ruiz has this one already 💪🏽

  • jay Lopez
    jay Lopez 5 hours ago

    All Anthony Ruiz 🥊🥊🥊🔥🔥

  • Scott
    Scott 6 hours ago

    He did terrible job with cut.Globbed vaseline on it.

  • Ruben Magdaleno
    Ruben Magdaleno 6 hours ago

    Chingon vamos con todo El corazon Andy

  • Logan Hall
    Logan Hall 6 hours ago

    My dumbass thought the title said, "Anthony Joshua gives ice cold head to Andy Ruiz Jr."😂😂😂

  • robertg305
    robertg305 6 hours ago

    He sounds like Golovkin. Big Drama Show

  • Ulises Ocampo Cruz
    Ulises Ocampo Cruz 7 hours ago

    Who knows what Ruiz said? Before, "especially with all these belts."

  • Wayne Marshall
    Wayne Marshall 7 hours ago

    I like Tunde but damn answer a serious question has he sparred anyone or not.....and chill the fuck out and be gracious and humble in defeat...hes got worse. Work on your flaws and improve your fighter. With this attitude your gonna get nowhere....but I like the guy hard to hate him

  • Fred Derf
    Fred Derf 7 hours ago

    After the staredown aj looked either nervous or just anxious and ready cant tell wither way hope they both come A game Ready and put on a good show good luck to both sides

  • zzhanayah Zhanayah
    zzhanayah Zhanayah 7 hours ago

    It’s business a fix

  • OG/PL//Boogieman Gonzo

    Can't wait to see this card . Love sounds like it's gonna be a Barn Burner.👌💯💪

    PROUD AFRICAN 7 hours ago

    “But but but the uk runs boxing doe” lol

  • Gabriel Frias
    Gabriel Frias 7 hours ago

    You can tell Andy is in the moment while AJ is trying to get out of it

  • Jay Gogetta
    Jay Gogetta 8 hours ago

    He's your koogie bear? 🙄

  • Chico Lopez dogs
    Chico Lopez dogs 8 hours ago

    The Nail

  • Olayinka Oke
    Olayinka Oke 8 hours ago

    If Anthony Joshua will be reading my comment, I understand that he must have watch his bout with Andy over and over again but then, a spectator may know better...I have watch the match over and over again too....actually I have just watch the full match again and here are my conclusion: Anthony has to improve on his precision in landing lethal punches. 2. His footwall to me is ok, but he need to deliver his punches with purpose, this is what marks Deontay Wilder out! 3. He seems to be withdrawing too much, as if too fearful of Andy's punches....this must stop! If you must win this guy in the rematch, let your fists be swift, lethal, precise and direct! Put your weight behind your punches and be proactive rather than defensive....put him on the defence! Never retreat for Andy....Press forward with straight punches to put him on the defence....you may be surprised that you will knock him out severally and earlier than you expected!

  • xerakis
    xerakis 8 hours ago

    these eastern European fighters are all cool guys......no attitude or rudeness

    KOMOREBI 8 hours ago

    I honestly don't think I can watch this. Spencer ''I Have White Friends'' Fearon and Tunde ''Loons in the Camp'' Ajayi in the same video?? Is this some sort of test, god?

  • The Tartan Gamer
    The Tartan Gamer 8 hours ago

    calzaghe vs mcgregor ......... mcgregor he likes to blind side old men lets see what he would do when the old man fights back!!!! would remortgage my house to see it lol :) 100k calzaghe would drop him inside 45 seconds lol

  • Jerrick Hepburn
    Jerrick Hepburn 8 hours ago

    AJ will win

  • ramon ortiz
    ramon ortiz 9 hours ago

    Champ Ruiz will RETAIN HIS BELTS and demolish A.J. again then,,,, Ruiz will knock the stuffing out of Wilder...... !! Fury will retire or Ruiz will assist him!!!

  • Sham Ali
    Sham Ali 9 hours ago

    This punch drunk idiot needs them ears ripping off! He's never fighting brook he's a fraud just STFU an sort beef out with your real famliy (falak&shah)

  • civ34
    civ34 9 hours ago

    If joshua isnt feeling boxing anymore, and then the immense pressure of not losing a second time, he must feel kinda shit. Feel sorry for the guy

  • Youtube Pigs Vs Truth Channels

    They are all just cashing in now & ripping the dum public off, Amir is washed up Kell is more or less done they will probably make it a PPV event

  • inderjit bansal
    inderjit bansal 9 hours ago

    Baby ting definitely got a F in English language gcse

  • Buzztang Kras
    Buzztang Kras 9 hours ago

    Persoon was robbed!

  • J R
    J R 9 hours ago

    AJ looks like he is thinking about whether or not he left the stove on at home.

  • TobiiRaMa
    TobiiRaMa 10 hours ago

    They both just have class

  • Michael Cain
    Michael Cain 10 hours ago

    I could murder some strawberries after watching this tbh 😂😂

  • richy r
    richy r 10 hours ago

    This dude always starting shit and never wins the fights when he acts like that lol never when he keep is cool he wins lol.

  • Scott Andrew Horne
    Scott Andrew Horne 10 hours ago

    I'm happy Nick you come out of this pal. I've lost a mate still alive but brain damaged God bless him and it allway's break' my heart when I see him. He alway's remember's me bless him. Tyson Fury an Angle in your dream's aswell as Heaven a lol. Come and got you over his shoulder top fella Tyson Fury. Please stay well Nick God Bless you pal. Father Jesus put his supportive arm around you whenever you get down Nick Amenxxx

  • A Brummies View
    A Brummies View 10 hours ago

    it's got to the point where no one would buy the fucking thing, I used to be proper interested in the fight now its completly dead

  • Sam Dare
    Sam Dare 10 hours ago


  • Saf K
    Saf K 10 hours ago

    Blind date gone wrong

  • Saf K
    Saf K 10 hours ago

    The moment you realise you actually like his hat

    CAF420ALLDAY7 10 hours ago

    Hope ruiz knocks the fuck out of him again ice cold stare lmao

  • 9095alison
    9095alison 10 hours ago

    Omg Adam waffles on and on zzzz Johnny is absolutely hilairious l. Adam really does need to shut up a bit Jeez

  • Potatoes
    Potatoes 10 hours ago

    Billy Joe had the edge on Andy psychologically here. Andy had doubt in himself. Billy Joe had/has potential to be one of the best boxers from the uk ever. Andy lee is great man also.

  • Frank PITTAL
    Frank PITTAL 10 hours ago

    After shaking hands with Eddie Hearn about a McCaskill future fight with Linadatou Brian Cohen got home to the USA and was minus 2 fingers !!!!

  • Usuario Fix
    Usuario Fix 10 hours ago

    Jajaja se le ve el miedo en los ojos al negro y todo x subestimar al mexicano.. sabe bien que no podrá con el mex. Y aún no puede creer que al que creyó más débil le resultó ser más bravo e inteligente y con paciencia para demostrar lo que es a todos los que se burlaban y no creían en el. Felicidades mi amigo

    ONLY WORDS 11 hours ago

    Dom is a Don 😂

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 11 hours ago

    Adam Smith shoots his load in his panties every time he sees Dave Doris Allen licking his granny's face.

  • teo pash
    teo pash 11 hours ago


  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 11 hours ago

    Fury calls herself The Gypsy King? LOL! More like The Shitty Ring.

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 11 hours ago

    Adam Smith is only friends with Fury because he knows caravan seats are removable.

  • Animal Fart Factory
    Animal Fart Factory 11 hours ago

    Macauley culkin was Michael Jackson’s girlfriend before he died. RIP Macaulay caulkin, we miss you.

  • pseudopetrus
    pseudopetrus 11 hours ago

    Bruno tells it like it is!

  • Animal Fart Factory
    Animal Fart Factory 11 hours ago

    Is that Eddie hearns?

    JULIO A MONTALVO 11 hours ago


  • Mr Bipolar matthew howard

    The Eubank one was the one I hurt from laughing so much

  • Spark 515
    Spark 515 11 hours ago

    Well hope fluffy enjoys the time being champ its gon be over real quick soon.

  • Potato Pete
    Potato Pete 11 hours ago

    Fairplay to Wallin but what is the story with that nuisance promoter dimitry or what ever his name is! What a clown!

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 11 hours ago

    Adam " pooh on my coffee table " Smith.

  • EddysWorkout Channel
    EddysWorkout Channel 11 hours ago

    Still funny to this day

  • Bhafc 7
    Bhafc 7 11 hours ago

    Dean Wilder

  • Mike Harrigon
    Mike Harrigon 11 hours ago

    Adam " I collect men's farts in coffee jars " Smith.

  • lindinium 3 d
    lindinium 3 d 11 hours ago

    What a Legend! Love frank Bruno

  • Kevin Seward
    Kevin Seward 11 hours ago

    She’s coked up ... why not

  • Surfer Culture
    Surfer Culture 11 hours ago

    I bet that hurt

  • Andrew Doris
    Andrew Doris 11 hours ago

    This guy should retire, legacy is worse than Harrison

  • TheTayfun12
    TheTayfun12 11 hours ago

    Wilder would smash both

  • Emtiaz Zafar
    Emtiaz Zafar 11 hours ago

    Perfect example of what most guys should be in this day and age. Definitely one to follow! Fuck the haters. Jealous bastards