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  • Twisting Dervole

    Ooh nice! Can't wait to see his fight; hope everything goes well for him

  • Davey charlton
    Davey charlton Hour ago

    I’m surprised you are still alive mick

  • No Worries Health & Wellness

    I applaud Tyson for dealing with his depression. He is an asshole though. He talks trash and doesn’t back it up. How many titles does he have. None!

  • babass4154
    babass4154 Hour ago

    Frank Warren has always been a politician with his words. I personally like his interviews because he is very transparent unknowingly ie. he tries his best to write a story with his words (a story that benefits his business) but his true feelings towards subjects that are put forward to him ends up shining through bright. In other words the guy is absolute competitor who will say and do absolutely anything to come out on top in the boxing promotion business.

  • J. Lewis
    J. Lewis Hour ago

    That’s one fight I’d love to of seen. Kev v Rios

  • Clarence Wright
    Clarence Wright Hour ago

    Andy Ruiz reminds me of Rocky Marciano, same sweet personality, simple round face, but in the ring he was nasty, come at you none stop, hits hard, no fear, and worst of all can take a punch, thats a dangerous person, and that Mexican left hook Ruiz has all fighters better be aware of that, Marciano had the right hand. one thing i would advise Ruiz, don't spend your money on fancy cars and such until you beat AJ the second time, thats when you prove yourself, then you can have fun

  • Luke
    Luke Hour ago

    He is the complete opposite to what a champion is. Boxing does not want or need him. Please retire.

  • Alias Zazai
    Alias Zazai Hour ago

    Shannon is older than this world

    SCANDA ZACH Hour ago

    All these dumb comments, Joe weller should 100% do this and regain his manhood. Why fight Jake WTF He should go straight for ksi.

  • J B
    J B Hour ago

    Nice guy rocky, can see why he doesnt want sims junior as hes pretty good and doesnt offer him much.

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy Hour ago

    damn these guys are absolute money hungry scumbags lol ive only been listening for 3 minutes ! lmfao

  • Sonny Dortmund
    Sonny Dortmund Hour ago

    “Don’t call it Boxing” What the fuck is it ? Wine tasting ?

  • Gustavo Raja king

    1:30 that cant be healthy, almost like Adam smith has locked him in the basement for weeks. Lee is way to big for the weight, time to move up

  • benjaminapplebaum86

    Clean you bloody lens

  • Marvin Price
    Marvin Price Hour ago

    Big John on love Island would be tv gold

  • Gullivers Travels

    I like Mick decent bloke does a lot for the sport

  • Sharp Shooter
    Sharp Shooter Hour ago

    Love to see the 54 year old fight anyone. I think many hard men could smash him . Mike Tyson?

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams Hour ago

    I agree with Freddie 100%. Cutting weight is one of the stupidest things in the world. It's NOT an advantage. It's horrible for your body and mind. Whoever started that fad should be punched in the face. A lot. It's totally unhealthy for the fighters. The guy closest to his normal weight is more fit. So for all you "weight bully" conspiracy theorists...Have a seat. The reason old school boxers were able to fight so much and with less time between fights was because they were closer to their normal weight.

  • Stefan2SERB
    Stefan2SERB Hour ago

    I wonder if Ruiz realises how popular he is in the UK?

  • Thrasymachus Monk

    Tyson Fury is even cooler than his name, and that's saying something!

  • Spartacus Hundred
    Spartacus Hundred 2 hours ago

    Tyson fury is such a fucking clown... boxer do not stand a chance in a ufc fight they will get taken down and beat to fuck no ufc fighter is gonna stand and box with boxers when they can beat piss out of them on the floor.

  • Chris Barker
    Chris Barker 2 hours ago

    Black dot in the background made me check my screen

  • Roger Williams
    Roger Williams 2 hours ago

    Stop saying Errol Spence. Manny should stay away from him at all cost.

  • SAS TrIkS
    SAS TrIkS 2 hours ago

    That one grey spot on the camera 😤

  • Rob
    Rob 2 hours ago

    The only person he’d stand a chance against in the UFC is Ngannou.

  • Fight Night
    Fight Night 2 hours ago

    Dillian "Where's the B sample" Whyte Dillian " The B Sample Snatcher" Whyte Dillian " DBol" Whyte

  • Ben Swine
    Ben Swine 2 hours ago

    if more people would punch each other in the face , the world would be a safer place.

  • Dav1d15196
    Dav1d15196 2 hours ago

    Who you think will win and why ?

  • KK Corleone
    KK Corleone 2 hours ago

    Rocky Fielding Pisses me Right Off The Guy Should Stick To Window Cleaning ! Shit House!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hopwoodwhite
    hopwoodwhite 2 hours ago

    Dom talking shit about Josh again, disrespecting Selby and Frampton. Josh beat the ped king for the third time. Move on you chump.

  • Victor Lugosi
    Victor Lugosi 2 hours ago

    Not even close... I’ve seen a few better, mostly burns, but still way better and higher profile...

  • Lee Woolmer
    Lee Woolmer 2 hours ago

    Blokes a proper muppet, seems to think he’s the big man. You’re only the big man in its literal term.

  • rob scrivener
    rob scrivener 2 hours ago

    There are so many idiotic and stupid comments on this video!

  • guccigucci man
    guccigucci man 2 hours ago

    Been wiping my phone for 5mins thinking it was dirty

  • LR266
    LR266 2 hours ago

    Go on Ed!

  • Monu Sony
    Monu Sony 2 hours ago

    Vijender Singh interview

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar 2 hours ago

    Tysons unathletic ability would be exposed in first round of mma match. This has been tried before and is boring af

  • Kun Tysonnn
    Kun Tysonnn 2 hours ago


  • Alex CF
    Alex CF 2 hours ago

    Clean your camera, Kug

  • TimPool's BaldHead
    TimPool's BaldHead 2 hours ago

    He could easily go with any old super model get that nice poosay, but he has stuck true with his wife and his family. How can you dislike this man, money hasn't changed him this is someone who has morals.

  • Don Spartan
    Don Spartan 2 hours ago

    I'm a real man

  • Send Location
    Send Location 2 hours ago

    Kash got that lion 🦁 eye lions only kash knocks him out Lee looking drained to fuck oh lee draining him self down just making weight by skin of his teeth...

  • Jack Blackburn
    Jack Blackburn 2 hours ago

    Remember frank comparing DDD to AJ because he fought Kevin Johnson in his 9th fight and AJ fought him in his 13th. Well AJ fought Whyte in his 15th and won a world title in his 16th and Dubious will be fighting a pure bum in his 13th. Time to step him up Frank. Stop making shit offers and pay people decent money.

  • R T
    R T 2 hours ago

    So am I surprised 😂😂

  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 hours ago

    Fury ain't ready for mma......he's gonna get hurt

  • MadMax382
    MadMax382 2 hours ago

    If he has no position on the fight, this interview is irrelevant. He has the same unfocused way of talking as Joshua. The disgraceful manner of that defeat, displaying complete incompetence, overshadows everything about him. He's getting better, stronger? Well, who cares now?

  • Howard Send
    Howard Send 2 hours ago

    Fielding v Papalazarou. You're my wife now.

  • Utopian Dreamer
    Utopian Dreamer 3 hours ago

    It broke my heart when big John said dyslektik. It's dyslexic. But, I just want to say. The travellers are hard, but they're good. There are travellers who are not nice, like every community. But, when I was young and fit, I boxed with these guys. They appreciated it. I loved it. Not once did they give me a hard time. I don't know if they remember me. Probably not. I'm a long retired cop, so they might recall me. A lot of these guys don't read, so they'll probably not. All I want to say is. Rockfist is asking for you all. I'm old now. But never forgot any of you. God Bless ye all.

  • Maho Aga
    Maho Aga 3 hours ago

    Cris bu sefer avninin elinden ucuz kurtuldu

  • Sh7doow
    Sh7doow 3 hours ago

    Viddal riley Would literally clap your dude!

  • I’ve got Dillian Whytes B Sample

    Ah man, the signs were there and the majority of Fury fans didn’t see it. He wasn’t well here.

  • Krish Nam
    Krish Nam 3 hours ago

    Here after Tyson said he felt underwhelmed & depressed even after a historic victory! Can see it in his eyes. Mental Health is real...thanks champ for sharing your story!x

  • P C
    P C 3 hours ago

    Never Tell Anyone Outside The Family What Your Thinking, Santino!

  • MALIK anderson
    MALIK anderson 3 hours ago

    I had no idea who this guy was before the AJ fight but man he just has champ energy he seems more fitting to be champ then aj hes willing to fight anybody and is genuinely confident he can beat anybody

  • M Man
    M Man 3 hours ago

    This guy sounds like Robbie from AFTV. Cockney

  • A K
    A K 3 hours ago

    O’sick 😝😂😂😂

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 3 hours ago

    Mick is a gent but sometimes he could a little more upbeat. Keep your chin up mick.

  • David Taylor
    David Taylor 3 hours ago

    Mcgregor looks drained

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond 3 hours ago

    If your gonna fight Stipe GQ you better learn to stuff takedowns or you will be smashed mate

  • y i man
    y i man 3 hours ago

    Come on kash!!

  • ur mum
    ur mum 3 hours ago

    Fight eubank jr be a good fight

  • Michael Harris
    Michael Harris 3 hours ago

    Respect to Tyson Fury for being humble and hungry to learn. Also it's cool seeing him already piecing together combos of his own with the right, elbow, knee set up he did.

  • d a m o
    d a m o 3 hours ago

    Only here because big Robin Deakin recons he could knock out KSI

  • Ty the mma fighter King

    They get no credibility if they do that actually fight somebody for real in the ufc stop clout chasing

  • EZwin EZwin
    EZwin EZwin 3 hours ago

    let him fight viddal riley he got as much clout as fury if not more

  • Ashley Hughes
    Ashley Hughes 3 hours ago

    I think your mum should be more involved......the way that Eddie said that, couldn't help but laugh!!!!!

  • Jangle Boyz
    Jangle Boyz 3 hours ago

    this is funny😂😂😂

  • You're Right But
    You're Right But 3 hours ago

    Ruairi Spackman the fool from Northern Ireland 🇬🇧says Kieran is "totally shite" Wise up Spackman, your entire knowledge of boxing could be written on the back of a postage stamp!

  • Jack Walker
    Jack Walker 3 hours ago

    Every time this guy is interviewed, he directly contradicts what he said in a previous interview.

  • Curious Carrot
    Curious Carrot 3 hours ago

    Is he taking the piss

  • Retroplayer
    Retroplayer 3 hours ago

    Problem is most of Scotland won't care.

  • Big Blair
    Big Blair 4 hours ago

    Burns Crawford

  • vaishnav
    vaishnav 4 hours ago

    Will ifl TV pin this comment?

  • Ty the mma fighter King

    No we dont need franchise champions that ruins boxing

  • xxSPEAR
    xxSPEAR 4 hours ago

    this dude is very educated about boxing, he answers before the question is fully asked

  • steviemc
    steviemc 4 hours ago

    Danny shoulder roll Vaughan

  • S Chaudhry
    S Chaudhry 4 hours ago

    Proper pending, love it

  • Ty the mma fighter King

    More you tuber fights

  • Del
    Del 4 hours ago

    Wow why fury do mick like this

  • Tom Newman
    Tom Newman 4 hours ago

    wilder ohtees

  • Jamie Gourlay
    Jamie Gourlay 4 hours ago

    I'm a boxing casual fan and always rip MH for his Fury Ali comments. But this is a interview that's made me change my opinion on him. Seems like a nice man. All the best

  • neil jones
    neil jones 4 hours ago

    rhys edwards on micks show this saturday, one too watch

  • D
    D 4 hours ago

    Honest nice fella, shame he’s been left behind probably lacks that ruthless streak.

  • James Day
    James Day 4 hours ago

    Great video,

  • halpinio1234
    halpinio1234 4 hours ago

    Top bloke. Stuck by Tyson fury through thick and thin. Everybody should get behind his shows.

  • Jedi Master
    Jedi Master 4 hours ago


  • foty
    foty 4 hours ago

    Who else is a true fan of IFL?🥰 🥰Gifting my next 37 subs👇 𝙒𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙣𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙨💘

  • FanOMisery
    FanOMisery 4 hours ago

    Get ready for the WBC world UTube franchise in recess belt...coming soon

  • Dan B
    Dan B 4 hours ago

    Mic has too much integrity to last in a slimey business like boxing

  • Supa Flash
    Supa Flash 4 hours ago

    Just listened to one of Macklins Take podacast...well worth a listen. No bullshit just a top show with intelligent talking.

  • Ty the mma fighter King

    Eddie Hearn used these young guys these TheXvidrs

  • noby0714
    noby0714 4 hours ago


  • Matt Mclatchy
    Matt Mclatchy 4 hours ago

    Shout out Mick Hennessy, one of the few genuine people in boxing.

  • parvathi Venkatraman

    Whoa, Eddie just lost a pair of balls.

  • Baz Network
    Baz Network 4 hours ago

    wow tht wz big rip becuz Logan hve lost even tho Justin bieber waz with Logan team RIP

  • -TruthSeekerUK-
    -TruthSeekerUK- 4 hours ago

    If ksi and Logan can fight can I fight Frank Warren? 🤔🥊🥊

  • Jack Tripper
    Jack Tripper 4 hours ago

    Scream SHHHIIITT ASSSS on every punch. It helps

  • Memory Warrior
    Memory Warrior 4 hours ago

    He spends thirty seconds talking about AJ and that is the title of the video.

  • blimpism
    blimpism 4 hours ago

    That spot on the lens should get it's own Insta account.

    GATEKEEPER BOXING 4 hours ago

    Wasn't Forest Whitaker the Last King of Scotland.