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  • Armoured Bear
    Armoured Bear 5 hours ago

    AJ fought the best out there in the ranks who have Tyson and wilder fought

  • James Foster
    James Foster 5 hours ago

    I want to see an AJ V Ruiz a 3rd time. Ruiz spanked him the first fight. AJ outboxed him in the second fight but looked terrified everytime andy got close to him.

  • Armoured Bear
    Armoured Bear 5 hours ago

    About the split i think AJ been abit greedy he wants to unify so bad like he says but he also wants the better deal hes going to make a fortune off the unification fight even if it is 50/50 ...just make it happen for the fans what's 50 million to 80 million on the case of not getting fight done and this is from a AJ fan

  • James Foster
    James Foster 5 hours ago

    A potential AJ v Fury fight should be in the UK! Not Saudi Arabia

  • femwa
    femwa 5 hours ago

    That look from Wiley at the start!!! LMAOOO 'Yes its me'

  • Zamad Allah
    Zamad Allah 5 hours ago


  • lefroy1
    lefroy1 5 hours ago

    JOSHUA 'RUIZ Jr was boring as hell. I felt Ruiz' frustration during that shit-show.

  • James Roome
    James Roome 5 hours ago

    Hope he smashes the pompous Corbyn lover.

  • Jump Gang
    Jump Gang 5 hours ago

    Shelly winkle uno🤣😭

  • George Mick
    George Mick 5 hours ago

    Huge respect to John Fury. Lovely honest real man says it like it is. Tyson has made his father proud and is an asset to his father. Love these guys. Real men! Good honest hard working and straight and say it like it is and no bullshit! Wishing Tyson all the best and i know he will win on 22nd Feb coz he is focussed and will achieve his goal. Im behind him 100% Tyson is a credit to his father and huge respect to both of them. Roll on 22nd Feb!

    AIR GUN MAD ,UNREAL 5 hours ago

    Keep her lite big lad get them all

  • agsn
    agsn 5 hours ago

    right.. AJ does not want to do 50 50. he does not have an unbeaten record. a good way to run from a fight. He can keep his stupid belts, it means nothing. He is a third-best right now at best, who has decided to hijack the belts. Someone needs to beat his ass, and take the belt from him. Then the boxing can move on from this drama. Wilder never misled anyone on fighting, he straight up told Whyte, he does not like his manager Eddie, on how Eddie manipulated when he wanted to have a fight with AJ, and now is going to return the favor by waiting until the last minute for the mandatory. Whyte can have the fight sooner if he drops Eddie. This is the environment AJ and his promoter are creating, they cry about tit when they are the ones who started the tats.

  • You're Right But
    You're Right But 5 hours ago

    Josh smoked Barry's boots, big style! 😂

  • Brooklyn
    Brooklyn 5 hours ago

    Daviboy got left behind

  • Kellogg’s CornFlakes

    14:20 nah idk why this killed me off😂😂

  • The Alkebulan Trust
    The Alkebulan Trust 5 hours ago

    On A Level the Godfather of Grime remains the GOAT. But when will he release Godfather 3?

  • Adam Turner
    Adam Turner 6 hours ago

    Protected fighter.

  • Lobo Nocturno
    Lobo Nocturno 6 hours ago

    Is this Mahammadrasul Majidov really good ?

    JAMIE LESTER 6 hours ago

    Joshua would beat Wilder and Fury.

  • danvers213
    danvers213 6 hours ago

    That clash wasnt competitive. It was a 1 sided beat down! 2 - 0 to Stormzy

  • jboy Star
    jboy Star 6 hours ago

    I can understand a 50-50 split with Wilder, but not with Fury. He got nothing to offer

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 6 hours ago

    Kugan take your tongue out of Eddie's arse pal

  • omor abedin
    omor abedin 6 hours ago

    this is normal tyson not the character

  • Ben wishton
    Ben wishton 6 hours ago

    How long has he had them socks for lol

  • Terry Carr
    Terry Carr 6 hours ago

    Stick them lip puckers up yer jacksy kugan kucant

  • Ben wishton
    Ben wishton 6 hours ago

    FURY is about 5 times faster than whyte he should steer clear of that 1. Look how much trouble chizora gave whyte and then check fury vs chizora 2. Different levels .

  • Enemy Of moron
    Enemy Of moron 6 hours ago

    tomorrow dinner time, I'm having pie and mash. How's your Tuesday going

  • Special-T-419 On Urban Dictionary

    there's uk hip hop it's just more of a back pack version and the mainstream 1 is more american but who cares music is shit these days i have to source the shit out just to get good tunes

  • Long Jon
    Long Jon 6 hours ago

    Fury no1 in world wilder no2 aj needs a new job and stop talking cos to be honest who the fuck he ever beat that was worth beating an old man what fury all ready beat and a load off no body's he fake boxer with a big mouth

  • christian
    christian 6 hours ago

    One of youngest trainers in te game and got the best boxer in the world back to the top. Excellent work. Future wide open fornyou. Good man Ben. All the best for the future.

  • Billy Bongo
    Billy Bongo 6 hours ago

    Heard Andy Ruiz has fucked off his trainer and Towel boy Ben davidson is stepping in.

  • A drillaa
    A drillaa 6 hours ago

    Too much crack

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong 6 hours ago

    Tyson is height frauding as 6'9. Celebheights is accurate and listed Tyson as 6'7.5 while Momoa is 6'4. Looks accurate.

  • marlymarz
    marlymarz 6 hours ago

    Living legend 🙌🏾 he deserves a knighthood for his contribution to uk music, how many artists on this planet can say they have created a whole genre?

  • Shahzad Younis
    Shahzad Younis 6 hours ago

    What the hell is dem chocolate brownies, Kells going on about?

  • Gurvinder Lail
    Gurvinder Lail 7 hours ago

    Anyone else think the thumbnail REALLY looked like Andy Robertson from Liverpool Football Club?! 😅

  • JAYCE Tv
    JAYCE Tv 7 hours ago

    u must be slow 😂ignorant British fans always talking about clout last time I heard fury and wilder and Ortiz and Andy agree that Joshua is ducking wilder and fury 😂😂🖐🏾soo essstop it and last time I heard wilder wanted to show up to Joshua’s fight to call him out in the ring and Joshua raised security so wilder won’t step in the ring and don’t believe Joshua because he’s a hypocrite and Eddie because he lets his fighters fight on PED

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins 7 hours ago


  • Alex Bertolino
    Alex Bertolino 7 hours ago

    Kugan living it up

  • BadaBingBadaBoom
    BadaBingBadaBoom 7 hours ago

    Joe’s voice is kinda annoying ngl

  • Owner Newowner
    Owner Newowner 7 hours ago

    Anthony joshua is good fighter nit fan yours but like style .. But you scare to fight tyson fury or wilder only talk and talk fight boxers ho olready have boeing rec whit some losses ..

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins 7 hours ago

    Fucking sad,John should be champion,

  • Big John Fury
    Big John Fury 7 hours ago

    Felix Wonga e treten ma dosser

  • YhYh C
    YhYh C 7 hours ago

    When is the TRILOGY with Andy Ruiz?? It's 1 all right now.. Best out of 3 is THE TRUE champion

  • Matt Watkins
    Matt Watkins 7 hours ago


  • Rory Cumins
    Rory Cumins 7 hours ago

    He's a headliner, lol.

  • Information Trending

    AJ should Fight Ortiz now so he can be prepared! He has lost twice to Wilder by KO! AJ, its your turn!

  • Curtis Lewis
    Curtis Lewis 7 hours ago

    3M 4M 10M Not en for Fighters like them give them 40M 50M for the too figthers .....EDDIE HEARN you have the boxers fighting for peanuts.

  • Scott Smott
    Scott Smott 7 hours ago

    I like this side of AJ. I think Fury and Wilder both beat him, but i'd love to be proven wrong.

  • Premier productions Liverpool

    Fucking right AJ, you call the shots now mate, fuck everybody else, you are the top man!!

  • Scarlett Mavin
    Scarlett Mavin 7 hours ago

    Shane the most punchable face in the world

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 7 hours ago

    All that money and a poop tash :/

  • Public toilets Cheap toilets

    Sorry if stormzy fights wiley it's a easy lts an easy night

  • mike johnson
    mike johnson 7 hours ago

    Love to watch the Big JOHN and all the Fury...

  • Lock Stock
    Lock Stock 7 hours ago

    just saying i think whyte and ruiz would be a very very good fight to watch.

  • Blake Antcliff
    Blake Antcliff 8 hours ago

    Politics in Boxing is worse than Politics in Politics. This Camp that Camp, its all bollocks not about legitimate fights all about money. Should be a set finance plan winner takes 60% 70% loser takes 40% 30% of the profitable prize pool. currently it's manufacture bullshit.

  • Maddie Guajardo
    Maddie Guajardo 8 hours ago

    Anyone else here after there engaged

  • Rory Milburn
    Rory Milburn 8 hours ago

    FFS Joshua just take the 50/50 split "biggest upset the worlds ever seen" my ass. It's a champ vs champ fight 50/50 would have to be the split.

  • Jamie Hill
    Jamie Hill 8 hours ago

    I’ll tell you why a 50/50 split is right, because AJ you already have a kazillion dollars you don’t need 70%. If 50/50 makes these biggest fights in boxing happen in 2020 do it for the fans, fuck the politics it’s beyond frustrating!

  • Danny Adams
    Danny Adams 8 hours ago

    No doubts he’s been on the chizzel 🤣😆

  • Getmoney Pooh
    Getmoney Pooh 8 hours ago

    Bullshit . We all know how this gonna end

  • Hughesy RealEastender

    how can you say wilder dont want the belts to come over here and that's why hes taken another route, but he is fighting fury and if he loses to him the belts come back to uk. this guy really needs to listen to himself before he speaks.

  • Worldwide Remix
    Worldwide Remix 8 hours ago

    Sri Lankan time? You must have been visiting Uncle Rajeet again Dillion.

  • iamneallyons
    iamneallyons 8 hours ago

    i shouldnt be watching ifl videos pissing my sides laughing, but i am! funny as fuck!

  • M Swayze
    M Swayze 8 hours ago

    If Wilder had 4 belts and AJ had 1, would Wilder and Haymon give AJ 50/50? - F*CK NO!!! SO THEY CAN GO F*CK THEMSELVES!!

  • chris whittaker
    chris whittaker 8 hours ago

    I don’t hear any other promoter & boxer combinations talk about percentages as much as AJ & EH. There not the Mayweathers

  • neelante
    neelante 8 hours ago

    Wiley go sleep your embrassing yourself.

  • Akirah
    Akirah 8 hours ago

    Anthony 'providing' Joshua

  • Fight Disciple9
    Fight Disciple9 8 hours ago

    I’ll make sure I’m nowhere near a tv for this one

  • Declan Scott
    Declan Scott 8 hours ago

    Fury record is not a patch on AJ resemay

  • iamneallyons
    iamneallyons 8 hours ago

    birdy nom nom

  • taius20
    taius20 9 hours ago

    going in for pride! it's not like he needs any more money!

  • Robert Eason
    Robert Eason 9 hours ago

    Off his fucking tits bruvvvvv

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt 9 hours ago

    This is "THE BEST" Tyson interview I've ever seen.. Never been a fan.. but he spoke 100% sence and Mad props for saying he'd give Whyte the opportunity he deserves. Liked

    G UNIT SOILDER 9 hours ago

    Nope your wrong aj...Fatboy Ruiz won't beat whtye ....whtye has mad heart and underrated skill....

  • KPhoenix 3000
    KPhoenix 3000 9 hours ago

    Joshua has to remember he has a loss on his record. Wilder and Fury do not. Theirs me explaining the 50/50 split to you.

  • Oliver Smith
    Oliver Smith 9 hours ago

    Shelly winkle 😂🤣😂

    G UNIT SOILDER 9 hours ago

    Another Chris brown v souija boy all talk will never happen.

  • K B87
    K B87 9 hours ago

    Stormyz is too big and too strong like Froch was for GGG. Ye thanks for that.

  • Jamie Paget
    Jamie Paget 9 hours ago

    Wilder is more of a swinger than a layby dogger. He has zero skills, and just relys on that right hand arriving from behind that wavey left jab. That's all wilder is, if he catches you, he turns into a windmill. He has lucked his way into everything so far. I hop TF knocks him about, or takes a decision. Time he was exposed as the fraud that he is........

  • LR266
    LR266 9 hours ago

    Hopefully Cash can keep the ball rolling and keep active this year.

  • The Wrightway
    The Wrightway 9 hours ago

    Absolute nitty he is nutted

  • Luke Ross
    Luke Ross 9 hours ago


  • Buju B
    Buju B 9 hours ago

    Wiley is a intelligent 🤓 guy

    TKO BOXING UK 9 hours ago

    Lots of Smith fans Turned Ryder fans after that liberty

  • Box your head off
    Box your head off 9 hours ago

    Just because Ruiz beat you and made you quit don't mean he can beat anybody else. Styles make fights, good thing you ran harder than the roadrunner in the rematch Beep, beep 😂😂😂😂

  • Samsung Worldwide
    Samsung Worldwide 9 hours ago

    How did a local english person not come up with this years ago. Took a foreigner tut tut

  • michael ougarezos
    michael ougarezos 9 hours ago

    Anthony is my favorite and a fine gentleman.

  • Samsung Worldwide
    Samsung Worldwide 9 hours ago

    The boss mc gregor 🇮🇪

    GYM WARRIOR 9 hours ago

    AJ the heavy weight coward fight the gypsy king instead of running

    TKO BOXING UK 9 hours ago

    Wilder should of been at MSG When Ruiz don AJ. Wilder boxed breazele few weeks before in same city

  • The Mac
    The Mac 9 hours ago

    What upcoming fighters do you like? Luke Campbell 🙄

  • Joe Boyd
    Joe Boyd 9 hours ago

    Let me come over there you carebear. I will make a statement.

  • Meek Dav
    Meek Dav 9 hours ago

    Wilder doesn't deserve 50/50, i will rather suggest AJ 80/ Wilder 20

  • Ian Garland
    Ian Garland 9 hours ago

    DO NOT like the 50/50 thing! GREEDY! love AJ but come on 50% of multi millions and to finally get all the belts and RETIRE Fury or Wilder, then move on and make even more millions.!...Sound like a good deal to me

  • Edward Fennon
    Edward Fennon 9 hours ago

    What the hell is this guy saying?

  • Neil Balderstone
    Neil Balderstone 9 hours ago

    Fury is a legend but seldom gets the right fight prediction lol

  • Andrew waldon
    Andrew waldon 9 hours ago

    And might I add that I much prefer this relaxed and real Anthony Joshua. A bit of bite to him. He’s actually a lot deeper being the real him and a lot more likeable. He ain’t perfect, he’s got a bite, he’s got knowledge and it’s fucking real man. Keep it this way and conquer the world 🌎

  • Don Spartan
    Don Spartan 9 hours ago

    The sims family got my dad pat whacked

  • Adam smith
    Adam smith 9 hours ago

    Swear that's eddie hearne in the back of the winnibego cooking meth lol