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Anaheim Real Estate
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Thank You Australia
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One Million Dollar Math
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  • Geoffrey Manneck
    Geoffrey Manneck 24 minutes ago

    What he is saying is that instead buying a home to lives in, You should buy a home to rent it.. Even the tax code agree with him .. But I guess that's to hard to digest to normal people. That's why they're fucked in the first place.

  • DioMhla II
    DioMhla II 27 minutes ago

    Where's the Jordan Belfort interview on this? I got fish!

  • Andreea Dragne
    Andreea Dragne Hour ago

    Hi Grant! I did not find any information on Google, when and where your next stop in Bucharest is :) . Please let me know!

  • Hack Nation
    Hack Nation Hour ago

    I agree whatever you just said. Its damn true. They should invest money rather than wasting it on some useless shits.

  • Asked golden
    Asked golden Hour ago

    You right man

  • Ahmad Sankar
    Ahmad Sankar 2 hours ago

    3:12 what's your rent? $3000, Grant Cadrone: seriously bitch !

  • Kafetti
    Kafetti 2 hours ago


  • V.J INet
    V.J INet 2 hours ago

    He try something he stay with great man few minute great experience we watch only videos

  • Lonegrowth
    Lonegrowth 3 hours ago

    The guy in the gray seems nice, but did he come to the interview blastered?

  • akult isgod
    akult isgod 3 hours ago

    Did he just call Teddy Baldassare Teddy Baldergas ?

  • Prahlad
    Prahlad 4 hours ago

    This is one of the best GC videos. The ultimate.

  • Breakfast Fordinner
    Breakfast Fordinner 4 hours ago

    I make like 1000$ sum a month wtf.

  • Nathan Armstrong
    Nathan Armstrong 4 hours ago

    Haha that hustle note, these talks are absolute my scripture, even at 5yrs old these are still worth watching

  • wendy poole
    wendy poole 4 hours ago

    Cashflow and we’re coming with you!!! 😉🙌🏻 see you at Cardone Capital!

  • Frederic Lonchay
    Frederic Lonchay 4 hours ago


  • Tony Malo
    Tony Malo 4 hours ago

    "It isn't showing off if you can buy it forever" - Grant Cardone that's a BAR!

  • Patricia Barthe
    Patricia Barthe 5 hours ago

    Please consider writing a book on FINANCES FOR COUPLES from both perspectives with the different scenarios you mentioned! It would be of tremendous value for couples who want to build an empire together. Thanks for all you do as a power couple.

    DMAY LIFE 5 hours ago

    We need more videos explain how to get money right way

  • V.J INet
    V.J INet 5 hours ago

    I give you all but I am in different place more transparent grant you are really great I learn today sales more then before I know

  • Florida Offroad
    Florida Offroad 5 hours ago

    To hell with rappers and ball players.. I actually do bust my ass 7 days a week I own a new lawn care company.. they make millions a year to play ball or rap.. while everyone else actually does the hard work and gets paid crap... I'll never have any of that..

  • Andre C
    Andre C 5 hours ago

    Grant take a dam break and come down lay off that shit Man U like a feen...

  • Diallo Khari
    Diallo Khari 5 hours ago

    Hey Grant, will ya help me out. I got enough for a decent down payment but my credit score is too low.. No history.. I didn't do credit cards til.... well I still don't.. I use a debit card... point is I don't know how to get into real estate this way. I cant get a loan. I want to get an FHA loan to build a multifamily in Florida. I understand they'll give me 90% if I have the remainder. But that's a big endeavor and im just a regular guy with regular guy knowledge. I don't know how to go.

  • mayday911us
    mayday911us 6 hours ago

    Well it is not for the average investor. Of anywhere from $500-$1000.

    SAM G. NJOGU 6 hours ago

    Crack + Money = GRANT

  • test777ful
    test777ful 6 hours ago

    I believe you (: I'm one year older but/and... I'm scrambling to save my life. I've been blessed in the last 2 days by the belief that I can turn this thing around. That it is - not- too late. 2 things I discovered (or really, that were given to me from some kind of grace... :) And 1 of those things was finding your show and your message is - Strong- brother it is Powerful Medicine. I have made Changes Grant and I'll continue to I assure you of that (: I'll meet you someday soon and Thank You personally (: M "Let's Roll!" P. S. (Sorry, but Happy Belated Birthday! and Thanx for the gift :)

  • Arfan Khan
    Arfan Khan 6 hours ago

    100% motivational

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar 6 hours ago

    This video does not correlate with the tile. What is the success secret here?

  • Rico Olivarez
    Rico Olivarez 6 hours ago

    A video about nothing. 95% of GC videos are about nothing.

  • 28 Nate
    28 Nate 7 hours ago

    Dude talks just like grant

  • Daniel Pettersson
    Daniel Pettersson 7 hours ago

    Great comment Grant. Don t look for an industry look for opportunity

  • Zoli Nagy
    Zoli Nagy 7 hours ago

    This guy is such a stupid fucking loser

  • Hans RC
    Hans RC 7 hours ago

    27:48 You guys don't need any personal development. you just need to listen to me every day. =9

  • kyani kid
    kyani kid 7 hours ago

    Good stuff Grant grew up as spoiled child parents divorced when i was 10, stayed with my dad till he died when i was 18, grew up without any direction in life , started working hard just to pay bills and have fun for 20 years!! till i realized i wasnt going anywhere , remember dad saying i needed to go bussines school, “never stay as an employee” Thanks Grant for going out there and shine light on the darkness of the broke and hopeless, ppl need guidance big time, u’ve been a great example and worthy to be followed. ur a Legend dude! wish u and ur family the best of this world 🌎

  • Jared Murray
    Jared Murray 7 hours ago

    You Can Have It All!!

  • Abdikhani Hagi
    Abdikhani Hagi 8 hours ago

    I Can’t wait to meet you man.

  • Jaden bourne
    Jaden bourne 8 hours ago

    Who else saw OBJ was wearing a cheap fake saphhire RM56-02...

  • imajinz
    imajinz 9 hours ago

    Happy Birthday!

  • Martin Shkreli
    Martin Shkreli 9 hours ago

    Grant Cardone fight "Sketch" in a boxing match. . he dissed you in his new interview. i'll put up the money for both of you to fight. $5Million each!!! what do you say??????

  • Martin Shkreli
    Martin Shkreli 9 hours ago

    Grant Cardone fight "Sketch" in a boxing match. . he dissed you in his new interview. i'll put up the money for both of you to fight. $5Million each!!! what do you say??

  • Jackson Scurlock
    Jackson Scurlock 9 hours ago

    “I got Tai Tai renting cars and I got one on my wrist”

  • Bernie Lawrence Jr.
    Bernie Lawrence Jr. 10 hours ago

    #Lawrencechange 310•505•1115

  • Marius Neagoe
    Marius Neagoe 10 hours ago

    What a great model for young folks right here tho 👌🏼👑🔝🔑🎒💰 #CardoneTalk®️

  • Clean Company Records
    Clean Company Records 10 hours ago


  • Statik Damon
    Statik Damon 10 hours ago

    Oh thank the maker! I’ve been thinking right all along

  • numi numful
    numi numful 10 hours ago

    next toy a space ship

  • Michael Mcnees
    Michael Mcnees 10 hours ago

    Grant always has me pumped

  • Gediminas Vrubliauskas

    @Grant_Cardone i want to work with you!

  • Oniel Otero
    Oniel Otero 11 hours ago

    Grant Cardone, podremos ver y escuchar en idioma español sus buenas enseñanzas?

  • Richard Free ferilizer

    Hey Grant. 10 X time to go green go organic with free fertilizer. I want your business call me, Grant order it . for all your apartment properties . Say hi to captain Ryan

  • Richard Free ferilizer

    Hey Grant. 10 X time to go green go organic with free fertilizer. I want your business call me, Grant order it . for all your apartment properties . Say hi to captain Ryan

  • Obi Emegano
    Obi Emegano 12 hours ago

    You always talk about not investing in single family homes. But for someone starting out in real estate and doesn’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to put as a down payment off the bat, where do you start?

  • dan brow
    dan brow 12 hours ago

    No Holy Ghost..U empty and Depressed. Read Bible for 67 days straight. Drink Water...Walk 33 minutes daily

  • dan brow
    dan brow 12 hours ago

    Im confused..Called wife a Freak and everybody knows. 3:20 timestamp... Freak in certain cultures means something negative I think. Did he insult his wife in public then post it to the World??

  • USMCborn2kill
    USMCborn2kill 12 hours ago

    I stopped watching after he said “don’t buy lease, don’t own rent.”

  • Elevate Payment
    Elevate Payment 12 hours ago

    Man, Grant. Just one video that doesn't have a 5 min intro please. Thank you boss.

  • 1 1
    1 1 12 hours ago

    My comment has to do with the impact a G550 makes on the environment, as opposed to going commercial. Didn't think I had to explain it.

    • Geoffrey Manneck
      Geoffrey Manneck 55 minutes ago

      The same impact Gore, Biden, Ocasio, Sanders Hillary private or rented Jets do

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Pray for the GM workers on Srike 50k workers. Read Bible and trust Jesus Christ

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Read the Bible..Get a $1,800 car...WOrk a Job $9 hr and Be Happy and successful

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Jesus Christ is your Heavenly Father. Study Jesus Christ for 45 day .read the Bible become obessed not Average

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    10x Bible Reading 2019 next 15 days

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    I hear crickets on the Bible Reading Challenge. 15 days straight. Dont Be average

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Jesus Christ had a Worldwide Network. 15 Day Challenge reading Bible straight..2 minutes a day Bible Reading Sept 22, 2019

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Read the Book of Matthew for 17 days Challenge... Who accepts? 17 days straight reading the Bible. Be Obessed Read it 45 days straight. I hear crickets

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Study the Life of Jesus Christ for 60 days . Get Obessed . Read Bible for 5 days straight.

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Trust Jesus Christ. Read the Bible has a Business Manual or Business Book. Read Bible in 8 days Challenge. Book of Matthew then Book of Job

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Bible free on your phone. Just read

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Read The Bible in 8 day Challenge. Genesis 8:22 thats Geneisi Chapter 8 verse 22 Sowing and Reaping Law of the Land

  • AFTECH 72
    AFTECH 72 13 hours ago

    The average home in America is 150k not 200k+so buying real estate will always win over renting

  • Рустам Губайдуллин

    Спасибо бро, крутой подкаст, Гранд!

  • BADY
    BADY 13 hours ago

    Hats off

  • dan brow
    dan brow 13 hours ago

    Read the Bible in 66 days challenge. Read Book of JOB and Matthew

  • Rizi Gerald
    Rizi Gerald 13 hours ago

    I love u man !

  • Valkyrie Industrial
    Valkyrie Industrial 13 hours ago

    Grant, Im a blue collar, working class guy from the rust belt.... Ive been through alot, more than some less than some...34 and now own a small fabrication, welding and mechanical services business. I struggle everyday. Dont have shit but the skills I have dedicated myself too. Im a worker bro. Im getting better everyday!!!! But Im trying to crush the industrial world and bring hands on skills, and oppurtunities back to our country. I would drop what I am doing right now to help you....theres gotta be something that needs built, manufactured, welded assembled..... I like what you got and how you bring the truth to business minded people. GOD BLESS James

  • FasterThanU
    FasterThanU 14 hours ago

    Grant, I love your Charisma, your Tenacity, Thinking BIG're a great role model, leader...keep it up Man!!

  • Sean Stilwell
    Sean Stilwell 14 hours ago

    Grant or someone HELP 21:12 I don't understand letting your credit go bad, won't you need that to invest in real estate?

  • Valkyrie Industrial
    Valkyrie Industrial 14 hours ago

    Man I just think people are mis-understanding the point GC is trying to make. I think Grant is just trying to enforce that work ethic, quality product, consistency matter etc etc matter for than your sales pitch. Eveyone is trying to break this guys balls because hes telling you that you need to work harder and smarter first. But everyone just wants that fast money. Btw If you need some welding, or job shop manufacturing call me. I like this guy because of his blue collar approach. 👍 for GC

  • Jrockiano
    Jrockiano 15 hours ago

    My Mentor 🖤

  • Hugecannonballs
    Hugecannonballs 15 hours ago

    "Fridee" "Tuesdee"... lol

  • siddhant iyer
    siddhant iyer 15 hours ago

    ❤❤❤❤go GC!

  • James Moore
    James Moore 15 hours ago

    "I Got Fish" 🐟........ 😏

  • Eduardo Munoz
    Eduardo Munoz 15 hours ago

    If I get a diamond ticket, do I get complimentary fish?

  • Luis J Espinal
    Luis J Espinal 15 hours ago

    grant looking like a baby jajaj

  • Eber Perez
    Eber Perez 15 hours ago

    Wherever the fish are, that's where we will go.

  • Dehvzer Artworks
    Dehvzer Artworks 15 hours ago

    I’ve always agreed the Earned Income spent was on mostly bullshit, Passive Income is truly where it’s at. Invest into the essentials of living; land, buildings, homes, transportation, food and even energy.

  • Eber Perez
    Eber Perez 15 hours ago

    These fish comments got me 😂😂😂

  • Ally C.
    Ally C. 16 hours ago

    Best fucking advice ever!!!! I’m 29 and I wanna be super rich and successful! And be one with god! How can I get the book you showed the the end of your video?

  • Tasha Frank
    Tasha Frank 16 hours ago

    Love Marie Forleo! Inventor of B-School. Awesome addition.

  • Pawan Goyal
    Pawan Goyal 16 hours ago

    Mony is not everything but everything is money 👍👍👍

  • Fly Straight
    Fly Straight 17 hours ago

    Man. I love you. Thank you

  • Nikhil Jashnani
    Nikhil Jashnani 17 hours ago

    I am waiting for my Shot.

  • Pascal Haller
    Pascal Haller 18 hours ago

    If you need a contact in Germany, let me know. I'd love to have a lunch break with you.

  • FluffyZergling
    FluffyZergling 18 hours ago

    IVE GOT FISH!!!!

  • FluffyZergling
    FluffyZergling 18 hours ago

    I'VE GOT FISH!!!!!

  • David
    David 18 hours ago

    What’s the point of this video 😂it just says essentially don’t spend your money on dumb shit but why not 🤷‍♂️make money, spend money and make good investments you can’t take your money with you when you die

  • Jerome Hamilton-Jones
    Jerome Hamilton-Jones 18 hours ago

    Powerful info 🧨💯

  • Doodleslime lina
    Doodleslime lina 18 hours ago


  • huy binh Nguyen
    huy binh Nguyen 18 hours ago

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  • Scott Baryiewski
    Scott Baryiewski 18 hours ago

    This is great advice. Exactly what employees need to be hearing.

  • Immortal Piyush
    Immortal Piyush 20 hours ago

    dumb truck 🤣🤣🤣

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    young_ yanga 20 hours ago

    Am learning 🕘🙏🏽🙏🏽🔥