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  • Archana Kulkarni
    Archana Kulkarni 7 minutes ago

    I am a spicy eater l love spicy 😊

  • Shyam Sundar
    Shyam Sundar 20 minutes ago

    Hit if ur life is 🍕 pizza

    EVELYN ELSA PHILIP 22 minutes ago

    Oh you are the best ! ♥️

  • Alo Chowdhury
    Alo Chowdhury 47 minutes ago

    I like blue lays

  • Disha Das
    Disha Das 51 minute ago

    Same here with me. . My relationship has crossed 7 long years.. 😊😍

  • Kashmira Murmu
    Kashmira Murmu Hour ago

    So Relatable!

  • Clay melon
    Clay melon Hour ago

    Nothing happens to me lol

  • sosamma thomas
    sosamma thomas Hour ago

    If children are making noise in the classroom the teacher asks is this a fish market. And if a child forgot to bring his book of a subject the teacher asks did you forgot to bring your lunch. ANSWER. No miss. Then the teacher asks then why did you forgot to bring your book. That's what my my teachers say to children. By the my favorite subject is math

  • Worst Sunshine
    Worst Sunshine Hour ago

    I can relate!!

  • Koustabh. Gogoi
    Koustabh. Gogoi Hour ago

    Same thoughts when i go for an first interview.

  • kishore steve
    kishore steve Hour ago

    Yeah i am

  • Anil Arora
    Anil Arora 2 hours ago

    Shaadi ke pehle toh papea hi hai oye baba ji 😂😂😂

  • Shilpa Sarkar
    Shilpa Sarkar 2 hours ago

    Komal cheat

  • abhishek jaiswal
    abhishek jaiswal 2 hours ago

    Thekua is love ❤️❤️

  • sanchari dasgupta
    sanchari dasgupta 2 hours ago

    If you're a girl just like I am 🤣🤣

  • Nesara S
    Nesara S 2 hours ago

    Whoelse feels like eating golgappa after watching this???

  • Karan Gamer
    Karan Gamer 2 hours ago

    Yes I am bihari😃😃😃

  • Eshita Roy
    Eshita Roy 2 hours ago

    It's awesome ♥ i jst love it tqq♥

  • Latha C Latha
    Latha C Latha 3 hours ago


  • Ashwarya Inda
    Ashwarya Inda 3 hours ago

    Vani u look stunnnnnning, that top, oh my god!! Everything is on point , be it your makeup or hair or that choker ,i m crushing your look❤❤

  • Roaster Hen
    Roaster Hen 3 hours ago

    I hate maths also and I got 8/50 .in my PA1test

    DHIRENDRA KUMAR 4 hours ago

    I love this video

  • Megna Pradhan
    Megna Pradhan 4 hours ago

    It happens with me because I am also from middle class family but I don't want to be rich because the happiness that I get being a middle class family member that I can't get by being rich

  • Vimla Meena
    Vimla Meena 5 hours ago

    Palae de straight hair hi Kutty

  • Vimla Meena
    Vimla Meena 5 hours ago

    Kuti pahaila

  • Puneet Verma
    Puneet Verma 6 hours ago

    Keep it up !

  • Madhura Joshi
    Madhura Joshi 7 hours ago

    Lol when you are first class, but can still relate 😂

  • Shikha Tiwari
    Shikha Tiwari 8 hours ago

    Vani and kalki gone same same 💖💖

  • A.S. A
    A.S. A 9 hours ago

    So glad your are back ❤❤❤

  • Khushi Dadhich
    Khushi Dadhich 10 hours ago

    What the hell she already has straight hair 😠😠 nonsense

  • Hanna Oberoi
    Hanna Oberoi 11 hours ago

    Did you guys put 13 intentionally in the title? Dang, that was a good pun. 😂

  • Poulami Banerjee
    Poulami Banerjee 11 hours ago

    Love The Eyelook but Her Face makeup looks Cakey

  • Tanmay Dhali
    Tanmay Dhali 12 hours ago

    পুরো পাড়ার কাকিমা গুলোর মতো ভ্যান ভ্যান । রিয়াল বাঙালি মহিলা ।

  • Nikhil Humane
    Nikhil Humane 12 hours ago

    Flat is justice

  • Ismail Iml
    Ismail Iml 12 hours ago

    Im 6'3

  • Sonam Rijoe Augustin
    Sonam Rijoe Augustin 12 hours ago

    The cosmetics you guys use are quite costly and not affordable for day to day use. But the hacks you guys provide are good to learn from.

  • Sahara Gartaula
    Sahara Gartaula 13 hours ago

    People getting rude in the video. Audiences are not liking this behaviour

  • Jovial Janavi
    Jovial Janavi 13 hours ago


  • Uttam Kumar Mondal
    Uttam Kumar Mondal 14 hours ago

    Third wala mere 7 hua tha

  • Samraggi Chatterjee
    Samraggi Chatterjee 14 hours ago

    Next review zoya factor

  • dream life
    dream life 14 hours ago

    The same it happen with me today was my maths exam

  • Apratim Chatterjee
    Apratim Chatterjee 14 hours ago

    I'm only the boss at my office.............and the vdo. Was xtremely nice ....

  • Samraggi Chatterjee
    Samraggi Chatterjee 14 hours ago

    Get back shantanu pls. I wonder y u mentioned names of all actors except nushrat. I don't like the review done by both of you

  • abdullah abdullah
    abdullah abdullah 15 hours ago

    Hi I am too lefty

  • Darshanie Singh
    Darshanie Singh 15 hours ago

    Komal always over act

  • Sweta Agrawal
    Sweta Agrawal 15 hours ago

    Hit for Marwari!!!!

  • Vaibhav Chawla
    Vaibhav Chawla 15 hours ago

    Nice 👍🏻 keep it up!

  • Afsar Afsarch.
    Afsar Afsarch. 15 hours ago

    Bhosdi ke Teri Man ki chut aur gandi gandi video

  • dhiraj chaudhary
    dhiraj chaudhary 15 hours ago

    No mam its never too deep always wear bright colours always run fast and that chick is gay for ya

  • shraddha singh rana
    shraddha singh rana 15 hours ago

    vry vry true

  • shraddha singh rana
    shraddha singh rana 15 hours ago

    all are true

  • Crafty kids
    Crafty kids 15 hours ago

    I can absolutely relate to the switch and fridge one.

  • Rhea Thomas
    Rhea Thomas 15 hours ago

    my sister is a complete fool in the kitchen. So much so that we are considering starting a channel for her cooking fails. Leave a like if you would watch... Also, you become an expert at cleaning the kitchen, thanks to your misadventures.... PS: I can cook. In fact I'm considering culinary science for college.

    ARCHANA MOHAN 15 hours ago

    Use khadi toner and moisturiser...its an awesome product

  • Akramul Haque
    Akramul Haque 16 hours ago

    I love golgappaaaaaaa

  • yashaswini Bakshi
    yashaswini Bakshi 16 hours ago

    Being a non girly girl is not komal thing

  • Swaroop Kanaparthi
    Swaroop Kanaparthi 16 hours ago

    Vani - Super Crushing on your entire look , you look perfect gorgeous Upalina - Super crashing ,You look horrible today, why don’t you fire your stylist...

  • Sunil Velpula
    Sunil Velpula 16 hours ago

    I'm a girl. My daily makeup routine 1.Wash your face 2.apply nivea light moisturizer (berry blossom) . 3.apply kajal. Lakme eyeconic. 4.apply nivea strawberry lip balm. 5.wear 2 braids. 6.pull funks. 7.go to school. 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  • The Canny Rani
    The Canny Rani 16 hours ago

    Cuz audience is the best judge

  • The Canny Rani
    The Canny Rani 16 hours ago

    Remember nobody is overrated or underrated.... They are just deserved by the audience

  • The Canny Rani
    The Canny Rani 16 hours ago

    Sorry Popxo but work on your caste and get this irritating and brainless ragini and the gal in blue jacket out. Believe me you guys are just wasting ur salary on them as nobody likes them and they are not talented. I am just stating the facts believe it or not. The girl in red dress is very smart and charming.

  • arun hallan
    arun hallan 16 hours ago

    Punjabi 💞 star

  • teeya tiktok
    teeya tiktok 17 hours ago


  • Tariq Khan
    Tariq Khan 17 hours ago

    my star is also aquarius and this 17 february is my date of birth

  • Vani Sirohi
    Vani Sirohi 17 hours ago

    We dont need make up vdeos.... We need komal on this chanell

  • laveena Motiyani
    laveena Motiyani 17 hours ago


  • Palak Jain
    Palak Jain 17 hours ago

    Also I'm thinking sab log jab negative hi comment kr rahe to dislikes itte kam kaise h😬

    RAF RAF 17 hours ago

    Same me

  • Palak Jain
    Palak Jain 17 hours ago

    Kitni chaat hai ye log🤯

  • abdullah abdullah
    abdullah abdullah 17 hours ago

    No it does not happen to me

  • Awesome Cat
    Awesome Cat 17 hours ago

    Who else is a non-girly girl

  • Archana Kulkarni
    Archana Kulkarni 17 hours ago

    Komal don't like chocolate

  • Archana Kulkarni
    Archana Kulkarni 17 hours ago

    If u like pop xo please hit like

  • Archana Kulkarni
    Archana Kulkarni 17 hours ago

    Yeah she wears 😂

  • Deepak Patil
    Deepak Patil 17 hours ago

    Hey 7th comment

  • Indian Sweta's Vlog
    Indian Sweta's Vlog 17 hours ago

    Heyyyyyy.... Can I get some subscribers 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  • Sanjay Ghosh
    Sanjay Ghosh 17 hours ago

    Fifth comment

  • vinnnee sharma
    vinnnee sharma 17 hours ago

    No views but 6 like TheXvid pagal hai pagal hai 😩😌😌😋

  • Pramod Chitkara
    Pramod Chitkara 17 hours ago

    First comment ❤️❤️

  • Sashi Choudhary
    Sashi Choudhary 17 hours ago

    I love popxo

  • Sashi Choudhary
    Sashi Choudhary 17 hours ago

    Yeah first comment

  • Ashwini S
    Ashwini S 17 hours ago

    Amazing 😍

  • Tune with Chandu
    Tune with Chandu 17 hours ago

    Same here guys 😂❤️ Thanks for this

  • Khushi
    Khushi 17 hours ago

    me especially the red lipstick and kajal is a daily struggle for me! ;(

  • Piyush Chandra
    Piyush Chandra 18 hours ago

    most lovable char: Kay😍😍😍😍😍

  • NaturalBeauty
    NaturalBeauty 18 hours ago

    it's me..my version 😁

    KPOP In INDIA 18 hours ago

    I can see my reflection in the video 😂😂

  • Charu Srinivas
    Charu Srinivas 19 hours ago

    My best friend as also changed its like my life is hell now

  • Ajay Nair
    Ajay Nair 19 hours ago

    Tomorrow is my Maths Exam😥😥

  • Panache
    Panache 19 hours ago

    do sonam kapoor zoya factor promotion red looks

  • Angad Josi
    Angad Josi 19 hours ago

    i dont have boob

  • Sadia Shahid
    Sadia Shahid 20 hours ago

    I love biryani

  • Sadiya Khan
    Sadiya Khan 20 hours ago

    Bakwas swatches bhi batadetey madam

  • Sparkly Girl Sparkly Girl

    These girls dont know how to even talk nicely. Trash review lol.

  • Namrta Kumari
    Namrta Kumari 20 hours ago

    Mera bhi yhi hai

  • Ankita Mishra
    Ankita Mishra 21 hour ago

    Vani, girl you are looking stunning.....But Upalina when she doesn't agree to Vani she actually behaves little rude.I would appreciate to be little gentle with Vani if you don't want to agree to her opinion.Just a healthy advice.

  • Saran Wajid
    Saran Wajid 21 hour ago

    Is chnl ki sari video hi boobs aur bra aur condom par hai

  • JayPrakash & Kalpana Devi


  • Alivia Saha
    Alivia Saha 21 hour ago

    Step one- Have a flawless skin then apply this method

  • Star Hetvi
    Star Hetvi 21 hour ago

    Ragini don't lie it is the correct hook step of deewani mastani. And Ragini is doing the worst dance ever, Upallina u r such a wonderful dancer !