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Pixel Buds 2 hands-on
Views 305K29 days ago
Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on
Views 771K2 months ago
Apple iPhone 11 hands-on
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Porsche Taycan first look
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How to shut down a website
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  • Google User
    Google User 5 hours ago

    And, we're almost on the verge of producing smart babies as well.

  • Meme Team
    Meme Team 5 hours ago

    Hey Spotiri Fetch me some tissue

  • Douglas Klang
    Douglas Klang 5 hours ago

    Okay that's cool. But why?

  • Stanford Merritt
    Stanford Merritt 5 hours ago


  • Kelsey Curtis
    Kelsey Curtis 5 hours ago


  • SFSB True Hearts
    SFSB True Hearts 5 hours ago

    I'm getting a switch lite for christmas and i'm gonna buy a normal switch of my own money

  • urban Geiko
    urban Geiko 5 hours ago

    60 cents a mile... What's average deprecation on a car! Hope it folds...

  • Promit Moitra
    Promit Moitra 6 hours ago

    Can we also have a breakdown of the privacy implications of the product being reviewed? This one for example puts two cameras on everyone's noses. Feel free to extrapolate...

  • firewalk kenpachi
    firewalk kenpachi 6 hours ago

    Please let be reasonable afults here and not waste our precious rsources on a goal so, small. There is simply not enough to gain up there "yet". Let's heal this ball of dirt, breathable air and drinkable water first!!!

  • Jorge Lopez
    Jorge Lopez 6 hours ago

    This presentation was quite boring!!

    LUIS BOSS31 6 hours ago

    Doesn’t recognize people at all.... YET

  • Bizz
    Bizz 7 hours ago

    "Automating a task that would not be possible without a human being" Oh no

  • Ahmed Abdou
    Ahmed Abdou 7 hours ago

    Yes, test on users and collect money Why not it’s another greedy corporate

  • MrBob2k99
    MrBob2k99 7 hours ago

    Who really wants to wear these in public? Snapchat wasting public investor money.

  • FaKe_Luigizockt
    FaKe_Luigizockt 7 hours ago


  • Michael
    Michael 7 hours ago

    Becca is an awesome reviewer!!

  • Pigmister24
    Pigmister24 8 hours ago

    Snapchat should just stop.

  • Emanuel Muresan
    Emanuel Muresan 8 hours ago

    Can you attach propellers instead of legs and make it fly? Cuz that would be cool

  • Jacob leones
    Jacob leones 8 hours ago

    i just came to watch dami

  • Atari2600Stormtrooper

    I got rich off my operating system, now I poison food and vaccines. Blah blah blah...

  • Democracy_is_truth
    Democracy_is_truth 8 hours ago

    Hmph... im not seeing a headphone jack

  • Patrick Worsham
    Patrick Worsham 8 hours ago

    I'm still disappointed the universal app thing didn't take off. Still no native TheXvid or Kindle app on Win 10 for my surface 3. :-(

  • Joel Guerrero
    Joel Guerrero 8 hours ago

    I have a question is this watch better than the new smart Fossil watches powered by Google ? and if so why?

  • TheEpiCool
    TheEpiCool 8 hours ago


  • Arun Kannan
    Arun Kannan 8 hours ago

    Buy MagicLeap

  • Outlaw_Run
    Outlaw_Run 8 hours ago

    I wonder why they aren’t selling well...that price tag

  • Nicky Gee
    Nicky Gee 8 hours ago

    When will the media stop going to Bill Nye like he is some sort of expert on everything science. He is no more a scientist that Tom Hanks is an astronaut.

  • Archit Chandra
    Archit Chandra 9 hours ago

    These spectacles are pricy than my phone.

  • Connor Bonstein
    Connor Bonstein 9 hours ago

    Bruh this was lame I can’t download the app anymore 😤

  • Caleb Lee
    Caleb Lee 9 hours ago

    I had to check to make sure this wasn't one of those boss town videos first

  • goliathsuperstar
    goliathsuperstar 9 hours ago

    home assistant is excelent for a sort of cheap integration with some tech savyness required

  • Saber Cat
    Saber Cat 9 hours ago

    Honestly if I had to go back, idk if I would choose between the s10+ or the note 10+. However, the note was on sale for around 600-700 dollars when I got it since the iphone 11 just came out, and since, to me, the 10+ is basically the note 9, the best phone 2018, perfected, I don't rly feel like I've lost much, especially since that's right around the same price of the note 9 rn

  • Tanishq das
    Tanishq das 9 hours ago

    Why aren’t we putting that on Mars?

  • chickenfarm09
    chickenfarm09 9 hours ago

    I can see possible advantages for someone that can no longer drive, but why would the average person want to stop driving? I like driving my auto.

  • Naman Perry
    Naman Perry 9 hours ago

    That's an expensive in app purchase.

  • Ananias Pereira
    Ananias Pereira 9 hours ago

    A Microsoft tem algum tipo de máquina que viaja dentro dos e-mails e sites da internet:? como o ololens.

  • Burak Bzglu
    Burak Bzglu 9 hours ago

    pls close ur legs kk thanks

  • Zubair Mirza
    Zubair Mirza 9 hours ago

    Eff uber n the CEO

  • Anclaudys Rivas
    Anclaudys Rivas 10 hours ago

    It's from Japan.

  • Zen Gaming
    Zen Gaming 10 hours ago

    I saw this on Flightradar24

    CDOSRUN 10 hours ago

    waste of money

  • Joseph Kim
    Joseph Kim 10 hours ago

    Which laptop is he using?

  • pappys productions
    pappys productions 10 hours ago

    Great video. You kept my interest, with all the info, great filming and awesome personality. Rock on

  • Toni Fuentes
    Toni Fuentes 10 hours ago

    I cant install robo killer on my iphone 11

  • Dir gtrann
    Dir gtrann 10 hours ago

    son una ternura, tienen encanto y quiero puro jugar a la escondida con uno de ellos jejeje ;)

    WEILONG TAN 10 hours ago

    If they can do a real time face swap, deepfakes..... that will be great!!! Imagine having some “fun” with a celebrity you like. Hehehehe

  • Taj Callender
    Taj Callender 11 hours ago

    That headset is actually Google Cardboard 2.0 based!

  • chrisw
    chrisw 11 hours ago

    it will soon have its own killing mode programmed into its a. i......

  • Antonio VH
    Antonio VH 11 hours ago

    What is Snapchat? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤔

  • Antonio Sciorra
    Antonio Sciorra 12 hours ago

    What happened to kitchen surfing?

  • WBG
    WBG 12 hours ago

    Anyone else waiting for a decentralized movie/show website that is free and ends all services... there is already one!

  • Macarena Aguirre-Low
    Macarena Aguirre-Low 12 hours ago

    who else is upgrading from a iPhone SE just like he said ME

  • Devin Smith
    Devin Smith 12 hours ago

    U.S military: " how much for 1000 and no paperwork"

  • David A
    David A 12 hours ago

    Clearly a lean startup product development here. Interesting to follow.

  • Singing Monster meme songs and more

    *The fact he said it’s easy to make one*

  • DieRunning1
    DieRunning1 12 hours ago

    controls are really mute, most airpod owners would have an apple watch which makes control much better..

  • Dongha Lee
    Dongha Lee 12 hours ago

    I never heard of this product before and after seeing this video I didn't becone smarter. Is it a camera? What is the cardboard for? Does it even has a screen?

  • Sharaf Motayne
    Sharaf Motayne 12 hours ago

    Look fashionable to me 💯🔥

  • DootyManF
    DootyManF 12 hours ago


  • Hezza
    Hezza 12 hours ago

    This dude sounds so nasally and like he has a cold, it's so off-putting 😩

  • Freddiana Cabello
    Freddiana Cabello 12 hours ago

    i got mine as a birthday present.... i didn't even know they were gonna give it to me-

  • Sebastian Huber
    Sebastian Huber 13 hours ago

    I gotta tell you. Boston Dynamics are genius and evil at the same time. Love it. Hate it.

  • Patrick McDermott
    Patrick McDermott 13 hours ago

    Wow now I know the hero to thank, I loved Gbaforios

  • Allan Doy
    Allan Doy 13 hours ago

    3:07 in the middle is blurs out which means there is two sides of the room which are connected to be like one room so that means they are not different people!

  • Just Cruz
    Just Cruz 13 hours ago

    Makes you look like the bad guy from Alita Battle Angel.

  • Derek R
    Derek R 13 hours ago

    It’s not a new concept so why are you making it a big deal?

  • 100MPH Selfies
    100MPH Selfies 13 hours ago

    The most useless tech for the last decade.

  • Geoff Foster
    Geoff Foster 14 hours ago

    Musk has already said that in the event of any novel battery technology being produced by a competitor within the next 10 years this entire factory is toast.

  • JC Maldonado
    JC Maldonado 14 hours ago

    Who even uses Snapchat anymore?

    • Easy Ebs
      Easy Ebs 7 hours ago

      More people than ever actually look up the daily active users boomer

  • Andy Ripp
    Andy Ripp 14 hours ago

    Dr.Brown would be happy

  • Giorgio Imbiscuso
    Giorgio Imbiscuso 14 hours ago

    These have got to be a joke right?

  • Peter Marquardt
    Peter Marquardt 14 hours ago

    Did they make them sunglasses so fewer people would find out about their possibly abysmal low light performance?

  • outplayed 725
    outplayed 725 14 hours ago

    moment of silence for all the money that died making this

  • Cookie Wookie
    Cookie Wookie 14 hours ago

    Why not just put a GoPro on a helmet?

  • Frank Alonso
    Frank Alonso 14 hours ago

    I was waiting for these things to go down on price not up... you lost my money on this one snapchat.

  • alex f
    alex f 14 hours ago

    wait for the 2nd gen of the consumer version and it'll be $600

  • Crypto
    Crypto 15 hours ago

    Tech reviewers: Gets to play with all kinds of tech and weird gadgets. Twelve seconds later: I recommend this tech for a specific group only

  • Mr. Fox
    Mr. Fox 15 hours ago

    seriously they look fugly ! Not like i would use them but i really like first and second gen. These ones just look weird....

  • Wilson Mathias
    Wilson Mathias 15 hours ago

    It's minerals marie

  • Rob Julian Maghinang
    Rob Julian Maghinang 15 hours ago

    It is pleasure listening to this review!

  • Piter Admski
    Piter Admski 16 hours ago

    its time to buy skydio 2 instead of dji

  • Waldo Stakes
    Waldo Stakes 16 hours ago

    It is not a question of Mechanical hardware it is a question of biology.

  • Fedir Kriviy
    Fedir Kriviy 16 hours ago

    Do people still use Snapchat? I thought Insta stories just killed them

  • john doe
    john doe 16 hours ago

    How about optical imagine stabilization 😕

  • NV_1790
    NV_1790 16 hours ago

    Hard pass.

  • kertone
    kertone 16 hours ago

    yeah one more useless gadget

  • Nitrobuz Ae
    Nitrobuz Ae 16 hours ago

    No video? Cruel.

  • sararoxana8
    sararoxana8 16 hours ago

    Dream on.......just getting more confusing and copy cat

  • jim smith
    jim smith 17 hours ago

    It's a con. Lol.

  • Watch Girl
    Watch Girl 17 hours ago

    You didn't comment on REAL battery life - I get 4 days out of my active 2. BTW Samsung finally released the Starbucks app for the Active 2!! (It's called SB Coffee Card). Now the Samsung Active 2 can finally replace the apple watch.

  • argotti
    argotti 17 hours ago

    You guys are way too harsh on Wear OS, all the stuff missing from this watch is present on Wear Os and I easily get a day's battery and some on my Fossil Gen 4. Sure performance stutters at time but it's just a matter of getting used to it. Also Google Fit is severely underrated as a fitness tracker.

  • Sheikh Mustaq Ahmmed
    Sheikh Mustaq Ahmmed 17 hours ago

    For Navigation, you can try HERE WeGo

  • Alexander Telling
    Alexander Telling 17 hours ago

    Thx for letting us know, that you can buy a 12W charger, instead of using the 5W. That really helped me! I recommend other people go getting that too. It really does make a huge different in speed, when you got used to the old 5W charger. 💯👍🏻😃

  • Gorilla UMP
    Gorilla UMP 17 hours ago

    Skynet sneaks in via construction sector to scout out real time human activity.

  • Kurt Abo
    Kurt Abo 17 hours ago

    Hard pass.

  • Robert Klimek
    Robert Klimek 17 hours ago

    po cholerę im te kaski?

  • TheDaanVD
    TheDaanVD 17 hours ago

    Matter of time untill someone attaches a flamethrower.

  • science chicken
    science chicken 18 hours ago

    The spot brings me extremely bad vibes after i saw the Fox "War of the worlds" serries.

  • Onur Cingilli
    Onur Cingilli 18 hours ago

    Where is the rear camera ?!?

  • Tejas Agrawal
    Tejas Agrawal 18 hours ago

    Who here didn't even know about the version 2 😂