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  • asdsdaad sdadasdasd
    asdsdaad sdadasdasd 3 hours ago

    I wanna bang that girl so damn much

  • Franco Ledesma
    Franco Ledesma 3 hours ago

    Trapito sneaky desde tiempos inmemoriales

  • Mike Lytou
    Mike Lytou 4 hours ago

    One of the ways the LEC can improve next year is to have someone else pick the clothes that Sjokz, Froskurin & Ender should wear onstage.

  • TheStars & Back
    TheStars & Back 5 hours ago

    i missed xPeke

  • Luca Mckenn
    Luca Mckenn 6 hours ago

    Shouldve banned the damn cat.

  • MiStowgan
    MiStowgan 7 hours ago

    The cheer that happened when Rekkles got his first kill. everyone was like "Holy shit Garen in the LEC. HOLY SHIT GAREN GOT A KILL IN THE LEC!"

  • ρ я є т т у|fєαяѕ

    These people are awesome. And their creativity is just amazing. They all did so good. I can't stop staring at Fiddlesticks though lol God bless♥

  • dustysquito
    dustysquito 8 hours ago

    Oh look...Gragas and Silas yet again. If I never see another Silas in any game ever, it's too soon.

  • jc caparas
    jc caparas 8 hours ago

    After seeing tahm in action after the nerfs. "Look at how they massacred my boy!"

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD 9 hours ago

    Flexius is a fakkin legend

  • F1rst World NomaD
    F1rst World NomaD 9 hours ago

    you can be confident and humble at the same time... e-sports, as all sports, needs less cocky assholery.

  • 익명
    익명 9 hours ago

    아이번 정글인데 해설자들이 생각보다 조용하네......

  • Arwin Sanlia
    Arwin Sanlia 10 hours ago

    nice game

  • Gray _
    Gray _ 10 hours ago

    38:27 "He beat RNG....... with HJARNAN and WADID!" OOF! LMAO

  • 115DELDE
    115DELDE 12 hours ago

    Flexius by far was insane.

  • Dr Amethystium
    Dr Amethystium 12 hours ago

    three CHARGE! lol

  • Unseen Spy
    Unseen Spy 13 hours ago

    15 minutes in and i just cant resist not commenting those bad leona engages

  • Andrew Sloan
    Andrew Sloan 15 hours ago

    from the curse of forever fourth, all the way to four in a row. Congratulations to Team Liquid

  • Montoya
    Montoya 15 hours ago

    again Broxah is do nothing...

  • Troll Vs noobs
    Troll Vs noobs 15 hours ago

    Its easy to make Fnc tilt and lose ...Just focus bot and its over .. hyli is so bad and rekkless champions pool is crap .. I hope they fix this at worlds or Eu gonna suffer .

    • Chocola
      Chocola Hour ago

      @Troll Vs noobs focusing bot is a very bad idea against FNC. Hily won't usually stay bot and Rekkles plays really safe as he's usually weakside. Bwipo is a very talented but aggressive player. Fnc relays on him a lot. So you can focus that if your midlane and botlane knows the art of not inting. Or you could also pick a very agrressive jg and counter jg broxah as he usually sacrifice a lot of farm to help his laner. Hyli is also very aggressive so baiting him also is an option. Tf, rakan are the main problem and should always be banned. Itt would be the best way to destroy FNC imohowever it's the easiest thing to do.

    • Troll Vs noobs
      Troll Vs noobs 7 hours ago

      @Patryk Tomczyk I didn't say Fnc is bad .. ofc they are a good team but i just mentioned some holes wich they should avoid !!!

    • Patryk Tomczyk
      Patryk Tomczyk 8 hours ago

      You say so? So why FNC is 2nd best team in EU and they forced g2 to 10 games in 2 bo5 series? You just have to focus botlane and it is easy win, right? So you should be some coach in LEC if your game knowledge is incredible. Your team would be the best in the world with such amazing strategies

  • clhy0322
    clhy0322 15 hours ago

    @32:56 "and you calm down, Tim... they are families, okay?" I can't.

  • Victor Lin
    Victor Lin 16 hours ago

    There are two types of teams. Teams that play by rule and teams that don’t. The current meta gives more benefits to teams that play high risk high reward style due to turrets armor and new bounty system. G2 C9 FPX and iG are playing out of mind and this meta belongs to them.

    • Ivan Lu
      Ivan Lu 3 hours ago

      Swapnil Ghose ig won the gauntlet

    • Swapnil Ghose
      Swapnil Ghose 9 hours ago

      C9? The team that couldn't even win NA LCS? And IG? The team that couldn't even reach the finals of their region and basically got in on championship points?

  • Robert van der Padt
    Robert van der Padt 16 hours ago

    Why does hyli always first show Draven and Orianna? What did I miss here...

    • AryaGb
      AryaGb 15 hours ago

      His gf's name is Dori so (D)raven+(ORI)ana = dori

  • Kevin Roth
    Kevin Roth 16 hours ago

    EU Broadcast is like the perfect mix of serious quality analysis, awkward moment, bad puns, good puns and fun EU broadcast is so much greater than anything anywhere else in the world

  • Michael Demelo
    Michael Demelo 17 hours ago

    10:40 first kill of the game?

  • Andrew Sloan
    Andrew Sloan 18 hours ago

    4:32 le blunck

  • dung Phan
    dung Phan 18 hours ago

    Bjergsen's stop watch at 37:25 basically cost TSM the game, He wasn't in the Irelia ult and i'm 99% sure he still had W then, so basically a panic misclick. Even if it's somehow intentional that was a horrible position to do it in as his team had to peel back fast and by immobilize himself in the middle of a retreat, no one could peel for him and he set himself up for an easy irelia stun.

  • clint antonio
    clint antonio 21 hour ago


  • aggelos karakalas
    aggelos karakalas 21 hour ago

    The worst leona engage

  • Wen Ricky
    Wen Ricky 21 hour ago

    t1 and tl are so similar. lets see a tl vs t1 finals at worlds

  • Tien Tran
    Tien Tran 21 hour ago

    G2 vs FNC

  • Richard James
    Richard James 22 hours ago

    She doesn’t know what a suit is

    • emer
      emer 5 hours ago

      @The Bad GUY what is your point? Women don't have to wear suits as far as I'm aware. If the sentiment you are trying to get across is that women shouldn't be physically forced into a suit then that's so glaringly obvious I'm not sure why you felt the need to assert it.

    • Daniel Spencer
      Daniel Spencer 8 hours ago

      @The Bad GUY Of course they don't have to, but to be fair Frosk isn't wearing a men's suit anyways. She's not even wearing anything underneath it. I mean, if you saw a man wearing what she's wearing you would be a bit shocked, at least.

    • The Bad GUY
      The Bad GUY 8 hours ago

      @Daniel Spencer mb then lol.. my point still stands, women shouldn't have to wear suits. It was originally meant for men and it doesn't suit women as much. In the same way, I don't think men should have to wear dresses.

    • Daniel Spencer
      Daniel Spencer 9 hours ago

      @The Bad GUY That's some dumb shit you just said and u know it. Edit: I'm also pretty sure op was talking about Sjocks when she said that Miky was in a "suit", as he is not in one.

    • Soshi12005
      Soshi12005 12 hours ago

      The Bad GUY she doesn’t have to, she chose to. I’m pretty sure there are woman suits, they don’t always have to wear a dress

  • boris koblents
    boris koblents 22 hours ago

    hyli will be the reason fnatic somehow gets knocked out in groups.

  • Hans Loo
    Hans Loo 22 hours ago

    FNC was sloppy in this game

  • Game Tak tv
    Game Tak tv 23 hours ago


  • Maximilian Ru
    Maximilian Ru 23 hours ago

    Fnc and G2 are far ahead of the rest of the teams of Europe

  • Berryl
    Berryl Day ago

    @Riot EU: We didnt need this series to know that FNC is better. Final members should be automatically first and second.

    • Supersenkel2
      Supersenkel2 7 hours ago

      @Berryl actually -20 IQ.

    • Berryl
      Berryl 10 hours ago

      @Supersenkel2 Splyce would never be in the finals. Because they are bad.

    • Supersenkel2
      Supersenkel2 10 hours ago

      So what if Splye would have been in the finals or had more points? Like 100T and Vitality last year? Would you still say that?

  • Tiago Camurça

    Kinda feels bad for Zven how nobody, except mainsups, realizes how crucial Zven's ultimate was when Neeko ulted 4 mans on top. He got 4 too and it wasn't a complete disaster because of that. And when Damonte snared 4guys near the baron, it was him again ulting 4 guys.

  • Daniel R.
    Daniel R. Day ago

    35:07 ''Caps wasn't that 1 vs 10 player'' meaning he was so good he beat everyone, even himself lmaoo

  • laugh away
    laugh away Day ago

    Man, Nemesis needs a hair stylist

  • Dylan Truong
    Dylan Truong Day ago

    What’s the point of this confrontation after the LEC final against G2 ?

    • Syco Larry
      Syco Larry 20 hours ago

      Why you flaming a guy for skipping champ select? It's literally the most boring part

    • Dylan Truong
      Dylan Truong Day ago

      ivmen98 as i said . There’s a lack of grey cells up there

    • ivmen98
      ivmen98 Day ago

      @Dylan Truong ??????

    • laugh away
      laugh away Day ago

      @Dylan Truong Im cool, but next time you might wanna watch the whole video

    • Dylan Truong
      Dylan Truong Day ago

      ivmen98 as if its a golden rule to have all the explanations into a video that has been edited . You gotta be the dumbest frustrated boy ever .

  • The Bad GUY
    The Bad GUY Day ago

    Sjokz legs are so fine... On a more serious note, really glad to see the respect between the rivals.

  • Marko Todorovic

    Rogue should go to worlds instead of the Splyce.

  • Zoltán Somosi

    I feels so bad for sending splyce as third team from Europe, they are so awful, even clutch feels better a lot (not to mention dwg or ig). Rather send just 2 teams tbh.

    • ngoc lonng
      ngoc lonng 14 hours ago

      FNC will 3-0 rogue, spy, vit, og, s04 lol

    • Maximilian Ru
      Maximilian Ru 23 hours ago

      Yeah dude , Fnc and G2 are far ahead of the rest of the teams of Europe , other level

  • Ethan Neumann
    Ethan Neumann Day ago

    Man, if they could only hire casters that understand english grammar

  • EBlader
    EBlader Day ago

    Go FNC!

  • Alfian D
    Alfian D Day ago

    Now rekkles's jealousy grow bigger on perkz "His support is f handsome"

  • Richard Gibbs
    Richard Gibbs Day ago

    close one boys

  • Oatfarmer
    Oatfarmer Day ago

    Fnatic is a bunch of bitches

  • Mike March
    Mike March Day ago

    Support/Top dif every game

  • Charlotte Smoothie

    Loved that Cass pick!

  • SwtorRo Gaming

    Nemesis was a Monster this series

  • Rey
    Rey Day ago

    Spy is going to get crushed at worlds lol.

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  • Marko Todorovic

    Skill gap between Fnatic and G2 and rest of Europe is insane. FNC was goofing around, even inting at some points (Hyli walking into Gragas barrel just for luls) and they still won the game.

    • Indy Roosendaal
      Indy Roosendaal 14 hours ago

      @Marko Todorovic tbh i just think hes a nice player but he makes alot of mistakes quite frequently aswell

    • Marko Todorovic
      Marko Todorovic 14 hours ago

      @Indy Roosendaal I mean Hyli is stupidly aggresive player who constantly makes ambitious plays and ends up dying. But walking into the barrel that is behind him after the fight was over is not something that any pro player would do.

    • Indy Roosendaal
      Indy Roosendaal 14 hours ago

      Everytime someone makes a mistake its just for the luls, okay 😅

  • Cameron Robertson

    The old lcs format made way more sense tbh

  • Cindy Cox
    Cindy Cox Day ago

    Why does Leona have minion dematerializr?

    • Hjerne Skade
      Hjerne Skade Day ago

      @Cindy Cox Relic Shield share gold if you kill stuff with abilities too. The execute part is just unique to melee champions.

    • Cindy Cox
      Cindy Cox Day ago

      @Pekillas ? oh! Because I always took things literally. So relic shield says melee basic attacks execute minions, I had no idea that dematerializer procced the item! Good to know

    • Pekillas ?
      Pekillas ? Day ago

      @Cindy Cox yeah they both get the money

    • Cindy Cox
      Cindy Cox Day ago

      @Pekillas ? okay but why though I thought adc takes Cs. Do they work with relic shield?

    • Pekillas ?
      Pekillas ? Day ago

      It's a common thing for mele supports

  • Tim Bernard
    Tim Bernard Day ago

    I know this is terrible but I’m much more confident in a 0/2 rekkless carrying than a 3/1 kobbe rekkless is just so much better and positioned better every fight

  • andreas p
    andreas p Day ago

    and this team goes to worlds...:/

  • pruzla
    pruzla Day ago

    Great work EpicSkillshot !! forever in my heart

  • ikmal daniel
    ikmal daniel Day ago

    I'm here again after DWG get 3-0 by SKT ^_^

  • integrierter Kanacke

    Thanks Skillshot, for always Uploading every Pro Play Game! And youre the fastest! You deserve more Subs and Views my Friend. :) <3

  • Metzger JB
    Metzger JB Day ago

    0:57 well... you dont see something like that everyday

  • Metzger JB
    Metzger JB Day ago

    0:57 well... you dont see something like that everyday

  • Alex Petru
    Alex Petru Day ago

    4:33 Here you can see 2 beautiful girls

  • Yenrav Chigrakovich

    Imma wait for 1080p.

  • Ivan Leon
    Ivan Leon Day ago

    5:33 ?????? What was that? LMAO

  • Mahiru Chan
    Mahiru Chan Day ago

    Spy really need find new sub for sp role lol. Doubt if spy can make it out of play in stage world anot with tis current roster.

    • Mahiru Chan
      Mahiru Chan 7 hours ago

      @Renzo Paolo Villegas Jara u can say he bad or whatever , but I expected that result coz he seldom get assistance from his own junglers like caster said. His job is to survive in laning phase that's all.

    • Renzo Paolo Villegas Jara
      Renzo Paolo Villegas Jara 7 hours ago

      And top no (?

  • Michaela Volfová

    360 squad ?

  • Μ.Χ. #
    Μ.Χ. # Day ago

    21:29 im beginning to feel like a rap god

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  • Nerf Irelia
    Nerf Irelia Day ago

    Watching TSM lose is one of the reasons to live

  • Sosono
    Sosono Day ago

    thank you

  • Abinesh Vel
    Abinesh Vel Day ago

    " Stick with your team " - if only everyone understood this 🙄

  • Smog
    Smog Day ago


  • Shadman Newaz
    Shadman Newaz Day ago

    The return of Garen no Yuumiya

  • Gero
    Gero Day ago

    Why was fnatic playing in this gauntlet? they were already in worlds, is it a different format from na gauntlet or how does it work?

    • Schmitty Werbenjagermanjensen
      Schmitty Werbenjagermanjensen 19 hours ago

      It was to decide seeding. 1st and 2nd place seeds automatically go to groups. 3rd place has to play in the play-in stage

    • Pururu puru
      Pururu puru Day ago

      @Koishi yep, the loser is third seed.

    • Koishi
      Koishi Day ago

      I think it was for 2nd and 3rd seeds or something like that. They were both already qualified (Edit: they mentioned in the video that the winner goes to the group stage and the loser goes to the play-in stage)

  • Kodo91
    Kodo91 Day ago

    I love clown fiestas

  • Arman Amani
    Arman Amani Day ago

    Faker vs Caps Father vs Son Showdown

  • Ivan Wong
    Ivan Wong Day ago

    First! :) A little messy game..

  • EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library

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  • EpicSkillshot - LoL VOD Library

    S9 LEC Regional Qualifier For Worlds 2019: bit.ly/2lLxff3 Follow all updates on my FB page where I communicate the most - facebook.com/epicskillshot Please like/share/comment and sub if you haven't yet - it helps a lot!

  • איתי נחום


  • György Majtényi

    bocsánat, de...könnyű volt, de kivertem rá! :DD Csácsi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • khoa dang
    khoa dang Day ago

    levi vietnam gam esport

  • Ron Meinard Melchor


  • Jan Lebi
    Jan Lebi Day ago

    Picking teemo is not about winning nor losing. It is about being teemo.

  • RadeTcg
    RadeTcg Day ago

    lol what a crap series compared to finals

  • 周涵
    周涵 Day ago

    舒服了 :)

  • M.Riski aditya

    Wow 😍😍😍😍

  • xSteaLtHZz
    xSteaLtHZz Day ago


  • Blue Spirit
    Blue Spirit Day ago

    wtf zed and kennen had this at least get in just to see if you could win

  • Blue Spirit
    Blue Spirit Day ago

    why kold left?

  • TheOnlyMasterDooM

    Ok that was epic

  • Hyperfly
    Hyperfly Day ago

    0 adc focus only lose

  • Clever Anonym
    Clever Anonym Day ago

    Uploading constantly these competitive matches without even having huge numbers of viewers is very Respectable. I'm proud of this channel and of whoever uploads all this. Keep it up. 😉