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Spike Lee Makes History!
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Tricked Into a Date
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  • Jennifer Bond
    Jennifer Bond 2 hours ago

    Loni is dead on about parents involved in school

  • Kerisha Tyrell
    Kerisha Tyrell 3 hours ago

    Leave the race out of it. No apology was necessary.

  • Alvarito Arguello
    Alvarito Arguello 3 hours ago

    Why making about race now ? Wow She was right !!!! Lizzo is overweight !!!!

  • shai I
    shai I 3 hours ago

    Does anyone else notice Amanda not feeling Jeannie?

  • Lene Domi
    Lene Domi 3 hours ago

    My babies say my dad don’t love me n I say don’t say that baby he loves you smh the truth is they love him so much but he left us n no birthdays no Christmas no new year n it’s new for my kids but yea they don’t really understand all they know it why he not here no more

  • Jj
    Jj 3 hours ago

    Loni looks great and hair is so cute 🥰

  • Veronica Michael
    Veronica Michael 3 hours ago

    My fav MLK quote: “We are not satisfied and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.”

  • tolu planB
    tolu planB 3 hours ago

    I wish I could still call and text my mother. Rest in peace mom, she's been gone 16 years. what I will do to hear her voice. 🙏🏽😊 if you have a great relationship with your parents stay in touch with them while they are here. 😊😊😊😊

  • Tina Howard
    Tina Howard 3 hours ago

    Hear we gooo long winded Jeanie.please shut her upthank you amanda she tried to change the subject who not listening there is nothing to hear but the world belongs to everyone not just whites

  • Miranda
    Miranda 3 hours ago

    they didn’t understand what the comment was trying to say. it’s not saying to stop talking about race, it’s saying to stop making issues that have nothing to do with race a race issue. jillian didn’t attack lizzo because shes black. get over yourselves.

  • Kaleidoscopic Dreams

    Don't ask for commitment if you don't want to commit. Simple as that. If the Endgame of dating isn't to make a lasting commitment, then don't get mad if they don't see you as "the one".

  • December's Child
    December's Child 3 hours ago

    I wonder if this would be considered a joke if he did a similar thing to her.

  • Kezia-Priscilla Valentine

    GET AMANDA OFF THE SHOW PLEASE! She’s amazing and intellectual in her own right but this is not the best place for her to shine. She fails to listen and polices people’s opinions if they’re contrary to hers. That’s not what this show a about! I miss the unity of the 4- Amanda would be much better suited in the View. The Real producers messed up here by not consulting us

  • SuelyPio
    SuelyPio 3 hours ago

    Loni sounds like a hater for real.... she’s making this personal

  • Kezia-Priscilla Valentine

    Can Adrienne get a Movie section because she’s been recommending great movies for seasons now

  • TachikazeTyler
    TachikazeTyler 3 hours ago

    Men are attracted to: beauty, youth, fertility and femininity. Women are attracted to: success

  • Chuyita_87_ C
    Chuyita_87_ C 3 hours ago

    Well I learned from working at 15 that I was able and should call my older co workers by their names. But when responding to them I’ll be sure that I was responding like I do to my parents. In Spanish “Mande usted “ or en que le puedo ayudar. So basically Yes sir and what may I help you with ma’am. So polite.

  • phunke0305
    phunke0305 3 hours ago

    I swear.. Tamera’s laugh..😂😂😩

  • sugar baby 555
    sugar baby 555 3 hours ago

    Loni knew what Adrienne and Amanda was saying she was be so shady by saying who is they. 😑😒

  • Lasiamarie Red
    Lasiamarie Red 3 hours ago

    Well, dear ladies of the Real,take your own advice and LISTEN to your audience.

  • Faith Anne Bell
    Faith Anne Bell 3 hours ago

    amanda said “those people need to SHUT UP” and the two seconds later said “we as a community need to listen to EACH OTHER”

  • SuelyPio
    SuelyPio 3 hours ago

    I really dont like Amanda and I feel Jeannie will leave soon if this continues

  • Sarah Regli
    Sarah Regli 3 hours ago

    I want to premise by saying that I've never commented on TheXvid before, but this subject is so dear to me that I feel I must share. Tamera's point on empathy is strong, because empathy and grace have the power to change the human heart. In my early twenties, I lived apart from my family, was very lonely, and felt quite lost. I searched for a church online, randomly picked the first one to attend, and it was a small, longstanding black baptist church filled only with elderly black folks and children. I honestly was never so warmly embraced and loved. Truthfully, because of internet culture, I questioned why this older generation, who has faced oppression in ways I could never fully comprehend, would embrace a young white woman. In reality, they saw a lonely pale-faced baby that needed love. They encouraged me to be a member, sing in the choir, and encouraged me in my walk with God. While I no longer live near them, I visit when I can, knowing the importance of loving back the community who adopted me as their own. I proactively listen now to African-American issues and talk to individuals in my life to bring awareness in spaces that otherwise would not be challenged. No one can change the packaging that we come in, the beautiful complexion that God gave us, but when create a loving space to have these important conversations, it serves to eradicate the ignorance that binds us.

  • Cha'dea Arana
    Cha'dea Arana 3 hours ago

    For the CHILD I said it too😭😂

  • yo soy caribeña
    yo soy caribeña 3 hours ago

    YALL ARE WAY TO SENSITIVE ! You really hate Amanda being a bold, opiniated black woman. She only placed 2 WORDS in this clip ! Yall exagerate so much get over yourselves. When she talks yall dont like it and when she doesnt talk "oh she is so rude she is making faces, she is condescensing". LISTEN to the topic instead of bashing this woman !

  • kenisha Scott
    kenisha Scott 3 hours ago

    No, because the mother will lie to the child about why the other parent don't want to see the child. In the end the child hates the mother

    MARISSA h 3 hours ago

    Amanda and her lowkey sarcastic remarks “rIgHt NoW?” “hElP???” Remove her from the showww I feel like ever since she’s came on the other girls besides loni don’t feel comfortable enough to speak up passionately how they used to

  • Brandy Duink
    Brandy Duink 3 hours ago

    My biological father was an utter deadbeat, my mom never bad mouthed him because he was half of us and she loved all of us in our entirety. She never wanted us to think we were unwanted or unloved. Like Loni, said my mom surrounded us with people who did love us and I too had no idea I was poor but I was more like 15 or 16 when I figured it out.

  • fabulous life
    fabulous life 3 hours ago

    If you ever forget deodorant, just make sure you use a wet soapy paper towel to wipe down each time you visit the restroom and also dry off. It will minimize the funk. I can go for hours without deodorant now that I trained my body at night without deodorant and still not smell. It took a while but now I don't use anti-perspirant unless I am going to be under serious stressful situation. I just use regular deodorant without aluminum.

  • Amanda Lander
    Amanda Lander 3 hours ago

    There was a lot more to the interview.

  • H00tieMac
    H00tieMac 3 hours ago

    Translation after I've already been a Jezebel and I've hit the wall i'm ready to give all the men I turned down in my teens & 20s 👌

  • Kesandra Williamson
    Kesandra Williamson 3 hours ago

    Yes tamera you betta sing and ter shirt is so cute. Adrienne and christina milian look stunning

  • Mak
    Mak 3 hours ago

    😂 everything is about race. We get it. This is old. Make changes within first, stop blaming everyone else.

  • Spazz TSG Gwopo
    Spazz TSG Gwopo 3 hours ago

    These women need to be held accountable for there dumbs actions.. as well

  • Rubi Aldrete
    Rubi Aldrete 3 hours ago

    I usually give an invitation to all the kids in my daughters class because honestly not everyone is going to come and if they do thats the point of making your kid feel happy for a day!

  • Spazz TSG Gwopo
    Spazz TSG Gwopo 3 hours ago

    I’m so tired of the real these women act like men is the problem and females are so perfect

  • Mak
    Mak 3 hours ago

    Amanda ... you are arrogant. You are not all that. Get off your high horse & listen to other people. YOU DONT KNOW EVERYTHING

  • Jenither Greaves
    Jenither Greaves 3 hours ago

    i suspect jeanie mai feels the same way as well i love adrienne but she seems to be riding loni's dick and tam dont seem to like confrontation

  • Jasmine Rodriguez
    Jasmine Rodriguez 3 hours ago

    Tamar got kicked off the show for being “too much” but now we have Amanda . Her point of view is interesting and she makes good points but her attitude is nasty stop making faces looking like you got an attitude rolling your eyes while other people are speaking. Just rude. This segment is about listening to each other but y’all got a cohost that can’t even do that.

  • Twenty5KDiamond
    Twenty5KDiamond 3 hours ago

    It needs to be addressed, however, you two throw it in at junctures where it's not needed way to often!!!

  • fabulous life
    fabulous life 3 hours ago

    Before I went to college, this family friend's dad told me to make sure to take care of my teeth and brush after meals and stuff. I was thinking does my breath kick all the time or something. I have siblings who are honest and would not hesitate to say something. Honestly, I became super paranoid after that and to this day I overbrush my teeth and always use mouthrinse. I floss too and scrape my tongue. I never had anyone say anything about my breath and I am one who always asked or carried minty gum and/or mints even in high school. I was the gum/mint girl. I hope someone would just tell me and not hide if my breath kicks.

  • Miranda
    Miranda 3 hours ago

    tamera was absolutely right with what she said! 🤍

  • Ave Cesar
    Ave Cesar 3 hours ago

    He is could...iCE MAN...Sonthing does´nt make sense to me...

    PHOENIX MINISTRY 3 hours ago

    Loni, I am so over you. You say something like this as though you are the victim of racist negative talk, but everything that comes out of *your* own mouth is how people are against black people even when the issue you are supposed to be talking about has NOTHING to do with race. You make everything about race. You are your own enemy and the "ya'll" you keep referencing is all in your own head.

  • fabulous life
    fabulous life 3 hours ago

    If it is bad breath, just take out a mint and/or gum..., people always ask me for some when I take one out. I think it is second nature to ask. I like them for myself to freshen up but they help everyone out without you having to say anything. I learned that if you eat an orange or something citric it helps neutralize these too especially if you got a weird food after breath. You can also drink like fanta or some of those orangey sodas or sprite. It works everytime. Try to make sure you seep on water too all day to prevent dry mouth. A cup of coffee also works to neutralize things and smells way better than bad breath.

  • Bellers
    Bellers 3 hours ago

    Plot Twist "nail in tire" chic still got her job. Hope not, otherwise her boss would have the biggest L.

  • TheVictoriaPuentes
    TheVictoriaPuentes 3 hours ago

    I am Latina and completely agree with the comment. Yes, the other women DO talk about race but not EVERYTHING needs to be about it. Sometimes it’s irrelevant to the situation. Like when they were talking about Kevin’s cheating Loni literally brought up slavery and nobody understood why. That’s what they’re talking about. Joe said Kevin works hard and travels so he understands how he can get caught cheating and she brought up he works hard so he don’t go back where he came from and his ancestors are part of slavery and that HAS NOTHING to do with being a cheater.

  • H00tieMac
    H00tieMac 3 hours ago

    This made my stomach hurt 🤢

  • La Reina
    La Reina 3 hours ago

    The conversation was about basically providing for the child. It was all for the child. It wasn’t about personal issues between the parents so I’m confused on what everyone is talking about in the comment section. Y’all all speaking ur opinions from your comfortable homes while this mother is waring with her daughters father who is a dead beat dad. Dead beat dads are the worst and this mother is being a mama bear by protecting her child. This man might as well attack her daughter cuz he’s sentencing her to a life of poverty , insecurities and father issues. He’s withholding food, shelter and clothing from her child and putting everything on her to cover and y’all want her to protect his image with THEIR child? If she was bashing him yes I’d be concerned but all she did was allow her daughter to see the real man who is her father. The man who won’t see his own daughter and why.

  • Lanee Occhipinti
    Lanee Occhipinti 3 hours ago

    My mother raised 5 of us and never spoke negative about my dad, I got my own perspective on him

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown 3 hours ago

    I can't afford lots of expensive but i can definitely give Jeannie a facial ☺

  • Jenither Greaves
    Jenither Greaves 3 hours ago

    i agree with the comment %100 i thought i was the only one every topic i realise that loni brings in race and it was annoying to me and I AM BLACK

  • M M
    M M 3 hours ago

    This woman is using her kid as a weapon. She filmed that for nothing but sympathy. If she loved her child she would try to keep her from being hurt. Not try to hurt her and film it.

  • Jay P
    Jay P 3 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion: Black women can be opinionated, intelligent, and speak their mind without being ratchet, obnoxious, and unreasonable. Self respect is one thing but respecting others seems to be something they forget.

  • PollyLove92
    PollyLove92 3 hours ago

    Ok but where is the lie?

  • Clare Ssemwogerere
    Clare Ssemwogerere 3 hours ago

    I don't understand why Amanda and Loni had to make this about race. The interviewer specifically asked Jilian about Lizzo. Not female singers that are overweight in the industry. Lizzo also advocates for body positivity and not being ashamed of your body no matter what size you are and Adele doesn't do that. In fact, Adele has lost a lot of weight recently and is no longer a plus size woman. Just because a white woman was speaking about a black woman does not mean what Jilian had to say had anything to do with race

  • Annie Parker
    Annie Parker 3 hours ago

    Sick of Loni let her go.

  • KissSimina
    KissSimina 3 hours ago

    America talks about race not sure how come its not in Germany or Austria like that. If people are here from other counties is it such a big thing there. Also I think the person from insta did not mean it the way the hosts took it at least not 100%.

  • thankunextbetch
    thankunextbetch 3 hours ago

    seat 4 always and if not I stand because that's my unassigned assigned seat 😭💀

  • ObadiahBumbley
    ObadiahBumbley 3 hours ago

    Why isn’t your panel diverse?

  • lemontea
    lemontea 3 hours ago

    Amara needs to listen more

  • Ashani Desilva
    Ashani Desilva 3 hours ago

    Everyone on this show talks about losing weight to become healthier. Come on Jeannie, I expected more from you!!

  • Elle D
    Elle D 3 hours ago

    AWESOME commentary!!! Loved this show.

  • ixamxmsright
    ixamxmsright 3 hours ago

    Amara is PANDERING constantly to what she thinks women want to hear.You can tell the Amara is raised in FLORIDA , in Hispanic culture MOST mothers NEVER tell you anything about your father it’s almost sacrilege.

  • Mahdia Malik
    Mahdia Malik 3 hours ago

    The African makes sense for two reasons: one obviously because of the salve trade and also because of the 900 years of North African Muslim rule in Spain. I’m always surprised that the American education system doesn’t teach much world history. I am curious about how much Americans are taught about the slave trade? Can someone answer this?

  • Reg Jones
    Reg Jones 3 hours ago

    One of these things is not like the others!

  • Leah You
    Leah You 3 hours ago

    Tyler Perry is the worst when it comes to portrayal of black ppl .. and black women... lollll

  • GodIsGreat
    GodIsGreat 3 hours ago

    Now these people bring race into it!. What is wrong with these simpletons. I'm white and I'll say it, that chick is overweight, fact. Dont use black to prop up weak opinions because you have no other angle. Someone else tweeted "People can be overweight and still be healthy".. then why say "OVERweight".. that implies more than necessary, it implies danger. If you OVERload a lorry's recommended limit or squeeze too many people in a lift above the maximum load.. that's not safe nor healthy as the lorry could overturn and the lift could break down or worse. So no, you cannot be OVERweight and be healthy, hence the word "OVER". You can carry a bit of weight sure and not necessarily be unhealthy, but overweight = overweight.

  • Seefa
    Seefa 3 hours ago

    I feel like you don’t talk about race you only talk about black women and men not about Latinos, Chinese, Filipino, Indians, Native Americans, y’all only talk about black people and that makes the PEOPLE OF COLOR feel left out because you only talk about black women and men. If you’re going to talk about race then talk about EVERY RACE not just one race.

  • Phuoc Trinh
    Phuoc Trinh 3 hours ago

    Well speaking from my experience with a single mom. She was busy doing two full time jobs day and night so my grandma raised me mostly. Back then I didnt know my mom was my mom. I just thought she was someone who is that scary principle with the ruler walking down the hall back in the day. I grew up in a house that the only person who showed me intimate caring love was my grandma and sometimes my uncles but they were in their 20’s so they weren’t in the house as much. My big sis and I were only with each other with my grandma most of my childhood because everyone else in the house is busy working or being busy with social entertainment. I kind of understand Loni in a sense that it’s hard for single moms out there, I can relate to that, now knowing how much my mom worked her ass off to save a lot of money for her kids future. I also can relate to what that mom in the video was trying to do because it’s reality and when I started to understand sentences and words that’s when my mom and grandma both let me know all the time that my dad left my big sis and I because he was poor and didn’t love us enough to stay and work his ass off. Constant reminder of that. So I grew up with an invisible wall of hatred towards my dad. I gave him three chances to meet my big sis and I after many years so we could reconnect and he never showed up or said to my grandma that he was busy he couldn’t make it. My mom always told me he was a drunk, smoker, and only cared about playing music at the vietnamese bar. I witnessed with my own eyes that my dad didn’t care about his kids and that he chose music and entertainment over his kids. To top it all off now my dad is trying to reconnect with my big sis, he didnt bother to add me on facebook because I had already said to my grandma to tell him, I’m done with him, I gave gave him three chances and he bailed out on all three, why should I give him any other chances. My big sister didn’t mind to reconnect but we grew up in America and my dad doesn’t speak much english so my big sis has a hard time texting in vietnamese so the convo gets awkward. Mind you last time we spoke to him was in 2010-2011, it’s 2020, still no response. It’s good to let your kids witness and know that their dad doesn’t love them but let them see rather than hear it constantly from a young age. Actions speak louder.

  • yo soy caribeña
    yo soy caribeña 3 hours ago

    Say that to your husband Tamera...

  • T J
    T J 3 hours ago

    While I did like some of yall comments , *guys lets be honest, she didn't give the same criticism to Adele a few years back* also i think Loni or tamera mentioned that... on like the full segment on tv.. so .. u know😏🙄 its kinda odd that she criticized a black women. One way and a white women another. But she was asked and she is a professional and if someone is currently overweight I do think *in the US we do glamorize accepting obesity more than the strength it takes to get in shape* . At the end of the day we do have one body u know ♡

  • Elle D
    Elle D 3 hours ago

    Her mother was right. Anything else can cause a cycle of encouraging her to chase a man who doesn't want her.

  • Timeka Roberts
    Timeka Roberts 3 hours ago

    There are 6,775,235,842+ people on the planet. Pick someone that I haven’t been with. If you are truly the girl’s friend, you wouldn’t want Anyone she has been with. Period.!!!!!

  • Matt Croc
    Matt Croc 3 hours ago

    Women with high body counts do not make good wives and are harder to attach with emotionally, also much higher chance of cheating

  • Steph Powell
    Steph Powell 3 hours ago

    No Jeannie. Don't teach your kids to always want to be happy because that's all they will chase, happiness is fleeting. Teach them to have joy in every situation, happiness is icing. Joy is the cake.

  • Tamara Emily
    Tamara Emily 3 hours ago

    This was great till it turned into a race thing. 🙄

  • Dion ash
    Dion ash 3 hours ago

    This the realest episide

  • Carissa Snyman
    Carissa Snyman 3 hours ago

    Wow. Love these comments ❤

  • Skin EyemIn
    Skin EyemIn 3 hours ago

    I can tell it's pumpkin pie right after the very first bite.

  • ns
    ns 3 hours ago

    I’m pretty sure literally EVERYONE having an issue with turning each and every topic about race, goes to show it’s not just about people being frustrated about an inconvenient truth.

  • Dina Blessed
    Dina Blessed 3 hours ago

    Loni face looks ashy

  • Dajia Star
    Dajia Star 3 hours ago

    My mom steals my dad’s charger and me and my sister’s and then she breaks them or lose them and pretends she never unplugged our phone the night before.

  • Dennis Oliver
    Dennis Oliver 3 hours ago

    Why would anyone listen to these ugly woman. This show is as bad as the View. All of these woman are Racist hacks. They don't even understand what MLK's message really was. His message was to judge people on their Character not their skin color.

  • Dymon
    Dymon 3 hours ago

    Y’all always complain because the girls on the panel dance around the real issues, then y’all get Amanda up here and y’all complain that she enforces her opinion. Smh.

  • Pretty Roses
    Pretty Roses 3 hours ago

    WAIT A MINUTE (In my Kevin Hart voice) 👀 They put Amanda in the middle?!

  • tann Stov
    tann Stov 3 hours ago

    Rideshare pays hell I made 46,000 with uber alone 17,000 something with Lyft last year I think it was dam good to be driving some one around

  • K C
    K C 4 hours ago

    Women make me laugh. All these comments over and over and over. It’s MY day. And they make sure to capitalize the MY. Yes, you’re right. It is your day. All the starving children, cancer patients, and homeless people have disappeared in (addition the rest of the 7 or 8 billion people). It’s your special day! You get to marry the man that you most likely badgered into marriage, or who will probably most likely cheat on u. But go ahead and drape that white veil over your 34 year old self and pretend you’re a fancy virgin. LMAO 😂 *i am a woman

  • Rg Mo
    Rg Mo 4 hours ago

    Am I the only who doesn’t really care 😂😂😂💀 they can say and do whatever they want after all, I agree that sometimes they talk about when it’s not relevant but at the same time if it bothers soo much just stop watching, I don’t get why it seems so difficult

  • patricio rodriguez
    patricio rodriguez 4 hours ago

    OMG you buy at Target, take the bus and fly coach... where is the meddal...

  • Steph Powell
    Steph Powell 4 hours ago

    Loni's make up is painful.

  • Enock Mwebaze
    Enock Mwebaze 4 hours ago

    Father is everything

  • Cameron Geer
    Cameron Geer 4 hours ago

    Short hair looks really good on loni

  • brazillianbeauty1
    brazillianbeauty1 4 hours ago

    Glad someone said it!! Amanda is useless and a waste of space on this panel. Like SHUT UP already.

  • Enock Mwebaze
    Enock Mwebaze 4 hours ago

    I'm sorry young lady so sad

  • Coco
    Coco 4 hours ago

    Most of these black colorist children grow out of it, as soon as they hit 25 or over. As they grow, the kids will be exposed to a variety of different people. Thus, their taste will change. People adapt to their environment. They will be more open minded. I see this all the time. Black kids finding white counterparts more attractive and then boom! Years later they find their own people attractive.

  • Jacqueline Rosario
    Jacqueline Rosario 4 hours ago

    Adrienne you have been my idol when i saw you on cheetah girls i was like look mom she Hispanic like me i want to be like her if she can do it i can do it

  • Mela Boricua
    Mela Boricua 4 hours ago

    I would love this.

  • LuisLuxe
    LuisLuxe 4 hours ago

    the problem is not about talking about race. race can be discussed as much as needed. yes, its important to talk about race. thats NOT the issue. the issue is when race is brought onto the topic when its irrelevent to the topic. shan boodram topic was would you pay/hire someone to help you date. loni came in with “ugh, white people..” then got into shans race. even jeannie called it out like, what does race have to do with her line of work? or percentage of blackness? loni tried to justify her reasoning with shan aint all black. just bc someones not all black doesnt make them less black. it was rude and disrespectful. another was the men cheating topic. lets be clear ALL MEN cheat. if a person wants to cheat, they will. it does not matter what race they are. loni specifically targeted how its mostly black men who cheat then tried relating it to slavery. like i said, its ok for race to be brought up but when and if relative and necessary. otherwise it just comes across as profiling and insensitive.

  • jazziedazzle
    jazziedazzle 4 hours ago

    Tyler Perry doesn't hate black women. He loves to portray strong black women. It's positive portrayals of black men that are a problem for him....