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Getting Better with Age!
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  • Tony Collins
    Tony Collins 33 minutes ago

    I don’t believe her at all

  • Shanique Davis
    Shanique Davis 33 minutes ago

    Dont say this to an average jamaican woman 😂😂

  • gloria asante
    gloria asante 33 minutes ago

    I really love this FRI-YAY.. decor.... can we maintain it for a while.... I love this show... THE REAL... I love my celebrity sisters..we look up to you all

  • Detroit's Reaper
    Detroit's Reaper 34 minutes ago

    If i have to pay my wife to have sex ill just find somebody who wants to have sex with me for free.

  • laura juarez
    laura juarez 34 minutes ago

    I like kourtney, I feel Kim and Kylie try to pressure her to much and what to look like and where and I get that your suppose to be on top of that since there super famous. But at the end of the day, it’s her choice to how she wants to look and it’s not always about looking good and stuff!

  • troy bowman
    troy bowman 34 minutes ago

    what's sad is that them saying this people are still gonna say that they are lying when they are not even them nor Know what happened because they wasn't there

  • Azania Afrika
    Azania Afrika 34 minutes ago

    Can she hook me up with her surrogate?

  • Maggie Lau
    Maggie Lau 35 minutes ago

    This asian woman host can close to the celebrity, she is lucky.

  • Simlicity09
    Simlicity09 35 minutes ago

    Tommie is beautiful lol she just needs some class lol

  • Skylar Hampton
    Skylar Hampton 35 minutes ago

    Truth be told someone there backstabbed her and she thinks it was Loni..though I think Jeannie

    LADY MOON 36 minutes ago


  • drtash21
    drtash21 36 minutes ago

    Who should I listen to??? The wives or the girlfriends??The wives... or the girlfriends?? Hmmm🤔


    Loni, what you mean it had nothing to do with "US", we know! she didnt say them!! SHE SAID YOU LONI!!!!!

  • Skylar Hampton
    Skylar Hampton 36 minutes ago

    Loni was out of breathe

  • DaniEatzTV
    DaniEatzTV 37 minutes ago

    Tamera is the voice of reason 😍🤩

  • Nallah B
    Nallah B 38 minutes ago


  • Fitzgerald Muchindu
    Fitzgerald Muchindu 38 minutes ago

    "TO THAT ONE UP THERE"....Serious!!! Where is the honour for GOD?

  • Fast-Cast Joker
    Fast-Cast Joker 38 minutes ago

    What celebrity doesn’t have fake teeth

  • DaniEatzTV
    DaniEatzTV 39 minutes ago

    I think they look pretty && she can get her real teeth back if she wants 🤗🤗

  • Jailene Torres
    Jailene Torres 39 minutes ago

    Tamar isn’t perfect, she has issues just like everyone else. I loved her on The Real because she was funny and her personality was vibrant and out there. She loved being a part of The Real and I know she was deeply hurt when she was fired. I agree that she shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions and assumed that it was because of the other girls that she was fired but when your feelings are deeply hurt sometimes you lash out. I’m in no means justifying her actions or comments that she has made. I want to applaud Tamera, Adrienne, Loni, and Jeannie for handling this uncomfortable, and over discussed topic. ❤️ & 🙏🏻 to you ladies.

  • DivaGirl Jones
    DivaGirl Jones 39 minutes ago

    Wth in LAHH reunion is Tommie wearing.🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • DPurple Palm
    DPurple Palm 41 minute ago

    We stand with you ladies! We appreciate you class throughout this whole ordeal. ❤🌹😘

  • Serwena1212
    Serwena1212 41 minute ago

    We are so happy she's off the show

  • lynn.ri
    lynn.ri 41 minute ago

    She’s right. Men and women do have a role in the marriage. America just wants to flip the script and make everything fluid and undefined. Who can be a strong woman without being a damn man But I do agree with Loni about putting the blame on someone for being single like it’s character flaw

  • Azania Afrika
    Azania Afrika 42 minutes ago

    The diversity looks amazing👌🏿

  • Debra A
    Debra A 43 minutes ago

    jeannie looked confused and scared. lol

  • Shan Hart
    Shan Hart 43 minutes ago

    Maybe it's just me, but this was tacky and slightly unprofessional to do on tv. Every action doesn't warrant a response. I've watched the view since its inception ( I would get excited when I got to stay home sick and see it), they have had SEVERAL former co-host leave. Some have written books alleging drama back stage antics. Cough, Jennie McCarthy, cough. Yet, you never see them address this on air. There is a book that Wendy Williams referenced on their show last week that was just released about drama over the years, brought her messiness to the views on show, and no co-host even blinked an eye. So this was tacky. I'm sorry, what EP would sign off on this being spewed. I stopped watching years ago. Not solely because tamar left, but for a lot of people it has changed since the beginning. Keep it classy, regardless of what Wendy or who ever stirs up, move past it.

  • Winter Bleu
    Winter Bleu 44 minutes ago

    They need to let Adrienne talk more I love her points of views on stuff I swear I can see her being one of my girl friends 🤣

  • English Santana
    English Santana 44 minutes ago

    I think tommie is more crazy than Joseline, like ACTUALLY crazy. I think joseline just needs to control her temper. 🤔

  • bella20010
    bella20010 45 minutes ago

    Everyone needs to get over it, this includes Tamar, tabloids and the real team etc... It’s been years now!😤😤 but I’ll say this, Tamar really needs to do some self-reflection. She seems to be having issues with lots of people. If that was me, I’d like to find out why I don’t get along with people, I.e. my own family.

  • Cely Avila
    Cely Avila 46 minutes ago

    Dang what happened to loni!? Her face looks jacked up yo for real poor girl they effed up big time! 😰😨😧😦😮😯😲😳🤯😱😵

  • Kezia-Priscilla Valentine

    Love this Fri-Yay set up!

  • Me my Lady And the Dogs
    Me my Lady And the Dogs 48 minutes ago

    Tamar is and will always be her own demise... she’s a Ass-Hat/Clown...... jealously will get you nowhere

  • Nallah B
    Nallah B 49 minutes ago

    LMAO y'all didn't even listen.. I feel like Tamera is the only one who KIND OF got it

  • Cely Avila
    Cely Avila 49 minutes ago

    Honestly I didn't know who Jeezy was until he started dating Jeannie

  • Emoretta Robinson
    Emoretta Robinson 49 minutes ago

    I don't even know who she is but I like the fact that she wasn't going down without a fight and stuck by her friend! I also think her teeth are pretty. I've heard of a lot of people going to Turkey to get some of everything done from their teeth, to hair transplants and cosmetic surgery. Haven't heard that much about going to Columbia.

  • Amet Almaweri
    Amet Almaweri 49 minutes ago


  • laura juarez
    laura juarez 52 minutes ago

    I never liked Wendy! She’s a follower and an instigator

  • Umm Ahmed
    Umm Ahmed 52 minutes ago

    “We are also a Emmy winning show, don’t forget that sis” I DIED

  • Fe Fe
    Fe Fe 52 minutes ago

    Thank you Tamera for being the only one with a brain today.

  • Miya Anderson
    Miya Anderson 52 minutes ago

    Their hair alone is above ALL of this. Do you see the shine on Loni's hair?! Omg 😍😍

  • Johnny Cabrera
    Johnny Cabrera 54 minutes ago

    Yasss Jeannie, I with you gurl. Money makes me cum LOL.

  • gloria asante
    gloria asante 55 minutes ago

    I love this FRI-YAY table... this look so amazing... please maintain this

  • Silvia Araujo
    Silvia Araujo 57 minutes ago

    I love this shows soooooo much!!! Its the best

  • Real Kardashians
    Real Kardashians 57 minutes ago

    This is so damn fake. None of these 💩💩💩💩 has ever been laid. They never know what they're talkin about especially about sex. P.S and fingering each other or using dildos on each other don't count

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil 57 minutes ago

    Jeannie stayed quiet cuz she was thinking "UH. I DON'T LOVE YOU, TAMAR. AND YOU'RE NOT WELCOME ANYTIME. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF, LONI." 🤣🤣🤣

  • Dina Kay
    Dina Kay 59 minutes ago

    Kylie is not a billionaire, read the Forbes article.

  • Selena Kylie
    Selena Kylie 59 minutes ago

    I wanna know what happened?

  • Leslie Briones
    Leslie Briones Hour ago

    Oh SHUTUP Loni, nobody believes you by. You didn’t stick by her when she got fired. I don’t like Tamar but ya’ll were mad FAKE

  • Joelene Colon
    Joelene Colon Hour ago

    Tamar hasn’t gotten over it! It clear ... why is this still a subject... Tamar is drama she think what she say is what it is.. and not everyone is like her..or thinks like her.

  • Lona Pooh
    Lona Pooh Hour ago

    But Tamar likes drama and she keeps it going. Tamar can't accept the fact that its SHE HER the only reason she lost her job. No one else's.

  • Queen Queen
    Queen Queen Hour ago

    Nobody even likes Tamar she’s mad disrespectful to her own family and it’s all her fault .

  • Cathy Brown
    Cathy Brown Hour ago

    I love the girls of The Real. Praying for Tamar and Wendy to find peace in their hearts. Hurt people hurt people. Jeannie, Loni, Tamera and Adrienne: you girls keep doing your thing. Don't listen to the haters! Continue to be real and your success (career, love, family) will continue to soar.❤

  • Honey Bee
    Honey Bee Hour ago

    Well y’all think y’all don’t seem like y’all did her wrong but to her y’all did her wrong because y’all was supposed to be friends so either way she expressed how it made her feel and she feels y’all did her wrong y’all probably ain’t defend her which is why she felt the way she felt

  • Maria Rico
    Maria Rico Hour ago

    Go Lonni!! Such class 👏🏼

  • Grace Kuria
    Grace Kuria Hour ago

    Tommie sounds like she's had too many chardonnays

  • Michelle A.
    Michelle A. Hour ago

    I agree with Tamera, because both men and women benefit from sex (well..if it's done right lol) and we need stop acting like only men crave sex. The idea of paying your wife/girlfriend to have sex is silly. It's like win win situation for her. Sex is suppose to a a fair exchange. If you aren't attracted to your man.....that might mean you need to talk about it or y'all aren't right for each other.

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King Hour ago

    I'm 34 year old man this is in my recommendations every 10 or 12 videos. The REAL deal is a really don't give a s*** about any of these people so stop! B.S, such extreme algorithm manipulation to even recommend it, unbelievable!

  • itz Roslyn'sworld

    These lady are soo funny and fake lol

  • itz Roslyn'sworld

    Hey head over to itz_roslynworld on TheXvid for lots of laughs good food...and im cute

  • Azania Afrika
    Azania Afrika Hour ago

    What a busy set! 😧

  • jfour2zero
    jfour2zero Hour ago

    I wouldn’t even acknowledge Tamar anymore. Just let her be. She’d be more bothered by the silence of y’all than not.

  • Harlynn2194
    Harlynn2194 Hour ago

    “Thanks for calling us a cute show were also an Emmy award winning show “ get it loni

  • Meen Ahmed20
    Meen Ahmed20 Hour ago

    Am in Africa and I can say the Real is the most positive show and energetic I've ever known.For women of colour to be of this vibe is so beautiful. "When they go low we go high baby"

  • Tina LamarDion
    Tina LamarDion Hour ago

    Responding to Tamar’s comment was absolutely not necessary

  • Erika Thomas
    Erika Thomas Hour ago

    Why do they keep addressing this? Wendy asked Tamar a simple question. Tamar gave a simple answer. Loni should have even brought the topic up if they are "past it". There should be no further conversation/clarification or apologies needed

  • Harlynn2194
    Harlynn2194 Hour ago

    Tamera , I wish you were my big sister or mom or even just friend

  • Sam Oyler
    Sam Oyler Hour ago

    Nothing against Tamar, but I think the audience just didn’t like her as much. Every time I look through the comments, any mention of Tamar is negative.

  • purple
    purple Hour ago

    Where in columbia? Doctors name pls

  • sxybbwms
    sxybbwms Hour ago

    Adrienne is the flamingo on the masked singer

  • Simply Simone
    Simply Simone Hour ago

    Loni stated the obvious. We'd be happy that we got a black bachelor and then he picks a white girl and uproar would happen.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams Hour ago

    Yall is this the new set? Y’all feeling it or naw 👀🤔

    • FlyLeelee
      FlyLeelee Hour ago

      It's too much, IMO...or maybe it's cuz it's Friday they changed it up?

  • Elliot Ness
    Elliot Ness Hour ago

    Do you hear the passion and how she promotes her man, this is one of the reasons black men date other races of women.

  • Diva Dee
    Diva Dee Hour ago

    It’s not you ladies it’s Tamar . She needs to grow up and take responsibilities for her actions and her attitude . That’s what got her off the show herself..She needs to look in the mirror and make a changes she’s talking a good one but she’s not acting on it . She really needs to get her mind right!

  • Simply Simone
    Simply Simone Hour ago

    "Not many Asians though" "Tuhhh." I expected Jeannie to respond like that cause I'm asking the same thing😂

  • iMolika Men-Thlang

    Wow The net set up set it bomb y’all all girly that would of been my TheXvid back drop and more so pretty.

  • butyoucancallmesam

    Some may like it as a form of role play.

    • Anime Junky
      Anime Junky 50 minutes ago

      butyoucancallmesam I was just thinking that like what if she or he wants to be a literal “whore” for the night? In that context it sounds interesting but if it’s straight up “please babe have sex with me I’ll give you $50” that’s a whole different vibe

  • A Slade
    A Slade Hour ago

    I think you gotta get into some trouble with the law embarrass yourself then you get mad exposure. It's that Basphamet oath! Cause why she on T.V again? She's a puppet! Simply and a unpredictable dangerous one that's why they are uncomfortable.

  • Miss Sincere
    Miss Sincere Hour ago

    Imma play the Devil's Advocate that's not his wife so, it's not cheating!

  • iMolika Men-Thlang

    I like the new clear acrylic table set up today on the show it’s so freshly done and the background all girly. 💖

  • Di Addison
    Di Addison Hour ago

    Thy ageing “her mom is nearly 70 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭

  • Zaxy Pena
    Zaxy Pena Hour ago

    Jennie’s face says it all

  • Unidentified Frying Object

    The cry baby generation is very sensitive can't say the wrong thing or else you're not allowed to work.

  • Team Serious
    Team Serious Hour ago

    Men want more.

  • Venise Richardson

    Tamar is a BITTER woman ... and it CLEARY SHOWS .

  • Simply Simone
    Simply Simone Hour ago

    If you gotta pay your spouse to have sex with you, your relationship is dead

  • Polly Stanton
    Polly Stanton Hour ago

    Love Tamar👏👏👏❤

  • Michelle Hadiyyah Jenkins

    Something happened!! We do know that🤨

  • 11lululuv
    11lululuv Hour ago

    freedom of speech does not mean freedom of consequence... it means you can’t be jailed or killed for saying what you want to say

  • Voleta Chapman
    Voleta Chapman Hour ago

    I began watching the show when she Left! I can't stand what she puts forward which is drama. She is a talented woman and should lead with that. One word...THERAPY. PLEASE.

  • Jassy MC
    Jassy MC Hour ago

    Tommie brought the ratchetness to daytime lol. You know these ladies be uncomfortable when ppl from certain reality shows come on 💀

  • Peaches Cream
    Peaches Cream Hour ago

    wth is tommie wearing?

  • Chinelo Cece Iheagwam

    Sisters, y'all remain strong, beautiful, confident and very very successfu women of colour, bothl in your individual fields and collectively as a group. You don't need anyone to make the show work as you have been proving for 6 seasons.. Keep being who you are that we sooooo love. The more you are spoken about, positive or negative, the more your truth will stand out and stand strong. God bless you x

  • Apricot Bamboo
    Apricot Bamboo Hour ago

    If they’re uncomfortable with Tommie Lee then they aren’t as real as they claim. Don’t get distracted by her Tommie’s antics. She is a very genuine beautiful person. I wish her all the success in the world. I’m rooting for you!

  • Ixchel Gil
    Ixchel Gil Hour ago

    Tamar has no fucking manners. That's it. She was annoying af cuz she didn't know when to shut up and be respectful.

  • Shauna Willis
    Shauna Willis Hour ago

    Tamera can't do anything but talk about her husband🙄


    Tamera looks STUNNING😍😍😍💓

  • Darrell Williams

    I never cared for Loni Love, always always fake, fake fake..and not funny at all.

  • A M P
    A M P Hour ago

    I miss Tamar, but I think maybe once the word, racist, came out of her mouth. That was the start of her downfall with The Real. The network could not take that. This is my opinion. And sad to say that freedom of speech, did not apply to Tamar here.

  • rulenumber1
    rulenumber1 Hour ago

    Loni is so hurt but you can tell she's all about love because she still kindly said that maybe Tamar doesn't know what happened-as in Tamar is still in denial that Vince was the one who got her fired.