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  • Sendo Nerd
    Sendo Nerd 33 minutes ago

    A bit of respect for the fans?

  • David Singleton
    David Singleton 51 minute ago

    Afla Romeo Giula Quadrifoglio Vs BMW 320D MSport best rivalry race.

  • Tom Lees
    Tom Lees Hour ago

    How the hell is this a year old already

  • Anthony Stockley

    And who said Dart players arent athletes 💪💪💪

  • Sue Bricker
    Sue Bricker Hour ago

    I can't wait !!!!!

  • LOTRBeecake Fan4life

    He would have been a good bilbo Pete and Fran are good directors and all but still Eddie would be good

  • karen leal
    karen leal 2 hours ago

    Adorei haha

  • Steve S
    Steve S 3 hours ago

    I couldn't listen to Tom's story, I was too busy looking at Gemma!!!!

  • Julia Naylor
    Julia Naylor 3 hours ago

    Anyone watching BBC America is in for a treat this coming January.

  • Amina Naila
    Amina Naila 3 hours ago

    Royals acting like normal humans... rare species

  • Karim Mohamed
    Karim Mohamed 3 hours ago


  • Migena Panariti
    Migena Panariti 3 hours ago

    Jok pa u takuar ne lokal si njerëz pa biseduar kështu veproj un

  • Artorius Cinggis Qahan

    Damn what a girl!!!! ♥ 😁

  • a pug in a mug
    a pug in a mug 4 hours ago

    Y is this British talk show so much superior than the American ones

  • Blaine Charlery
    Blaine Charlery 4 hours ago

    Shit that’s a dude? I mean he killed that

  • Katherine Pierce
    Katherine Pierce 4 hours ago

    He ia s O charming and lovely and talented! Pasionate about eveything ♥️

  • Amit Sardal
    Amit Sardal 4 hours ago

    Plz..a role for her playing an English character with that accent!!

  • Byron Boston
    Byron Boston 5 hours ago

    no hell no

  • Book of shadows contributor Brian

    kick bait

  • Axel Qwerty
    Axel Qwerty 5 hours ago

    wish that fat lady would shut up

  • REECE Burgess
    REECE Burgess 5 hours ago


  • lawrie
    lawrie 5 hours ago

    Having been watching His Dark Materials, I can't help but see Mrs Coulter's daemon in the thumbnail

  • Antonio
    Antonio 5 hours ago

    This feels like when Jesus comes back from the dead and his apostles aren't sure if it's him or not :p And then we have "Thomas" over there, who's just in denial!

  • Ashanti Peres
    Ashanti Peres 5 hours ago

    The guy is 40+

  • Tobiaz Tobiaz
    Tobiaz Tobiaz 5 hours ago

    to me Chris O'dowd is the greatest storyteller, sorry Rami, u r not good enough.

  • Samir Bechiche
    Samir Bechiche 6 hours ago


  • Samir Bechiche
    Samir Bechiche 6 hours ago


  • Cody Greene
    Cody Greene 6 hours ago

    Keep 'em coming.

  • playlist ideale
    playlist ideale 6 hours ago

    click :50 for the setup, watch it whenever you need a laugh.

  • Matthew Schreiner
    Matthew Schreiner 6 hours ago

    That makes me so happy to hear he is attempting to work with the FIA to lower costs and bring working class racers in (like me :D) there’s a lot of hidden talent out there

  • Hans Gruber
    Hans Gruber 7 hours ago

    I came here after greta

  • Francisco Palafox
    Francisco Palafox 7 hours ago

    I have something in common with mr. Ruffalo. I smoke a lot of cannabis

  • Coleman!
    Coleman! 8 hours ago

    Tony stark: what’s your secret? Mellow jazz, bongo drums, huge bag of weed? He may have been right about that bag of weed XD

  • Lord of All Dino's
    Lord of All Dino's 8 hours ago

    Robber: you move and I shoot you Me: doesn’t move Robber: if your lizard moves I shoot you The lizard:

  • 1000 Subscribers without any content Challenge

    Did anyone notice how he fell down?

  • MrRainbowDash
    MrRainbowDash 8 hours ago

    This video should just be Rick Astley's Never gonna give you up, but with the same title and thumbnail as it has now

  • Student
    Student 8 hours ago

    Most of them don't even look like Adele except for having a somewhat similar hair colour. Only the first singer actually looks like her.

  • Michael Loder
    Michael Loder 9 hours ago

    Thats why I love Tom- Best Actor Ever!!!

  • 원정나
    원정나 10 hours ago


  • the real dave dave
    the real dave dave 10 hours ago

    Why does will not age

  • Staarkalinou
    Staarkalinou 10 hours ago

    1:18 amazing !!!!!!!

  • Vihar Shah
    Vihar Shah 11 hours ago

    Tom's True DareDevil!

  • Max Guevara
    Max Guevara 11 hours ago

    Que grande Antonio ajjajaja y que bien habla el inglés. Increíble 👍🏻👍🏻

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    I would love to see these 3 actors make a film together! Rami, Chris Pine, and Sally Field.

  • Vino sitas
    Vino sitas 12 hours ago

    "i dont like to help death, i dont want to speed it up" *gets into a car accident nearly dying few months later* don't jinxxxx itttt keevvinn

  • Jhonny Auditore
    Jhonny Auditore 14 hours ago

    I think that he saved 15% more on is car insurance

  • Stan Shady
    Stan Shady 14 hours ago


  • Frank R
    Frank R 14 hours ago

    “VERY nice, how much” did they pay you......or were you bought a long, long while ago” ..... you sir are a propagandist ....... people are waking up.....and that sir is the threat. Nice try though Ali G....but now I see through your act.....kudos to you had many fooled for quite awhile :)

  • Ace Ventura
    Ace Ventura 16 hours ago

    And the movie gets 12% rotten tomatoes

  • Jo Moody
    Jo Moody 17 hours ago

    Torchwood is in my top 10 forever

  • I Am So Bored So What
    I Am So Bored So What 17 hours ago

    So heartwarming! I love this.

  • Jackstez Savage
    Jackstez Savage 17 hours ago

    Congratulations you have passed the vibe check here is your reward 🍫

  • Varissa Varissa
    Varissa Varissa 18 hours ago

    Ok boomer !! she talked for him but ok this two guys are handsome including the anchor lol

  • Tuan Pham
    Tuan Pham 18 hours ago

    Cô ấy là ai

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 18 hours ago

    BRITS ARE THE BEST sooooo funny

  • Stephen Fermoyle
    Stephen Fermoyle 19 hours ago

    NORTON IS THE BEST... KIM looks weird in her purple thing but she is awesome

  • Phương Trang Võ
    Phương Trang Võ 20 hours ago

    I was too familiar with Jodie's accent in the film and now listen to her real accent it is like meeting a whole new person :v LOL

  • Katy Marie
    Katy Marie 20 hours ago

    You guys are so rude about Naomi! I mean,’re all saying she’s annoying and will never be like them. Well, you might as well look in the damn mirror because you’ll see exactly that. She’s new to the business, so no she might not be an A list celebrity, but she’s sweet and trying to fit in like the rest of us are. So get over yourself and out of the comments section with your negative words.

  • DanielNuttGaming
    DanielNuttGaming 20 hours ago

    Literally all i hear when he talks is brian

  • Amal A
    Amal A 20 hours ago

    Time ship *shudders*

  • Susmita Sikdar
    Susmita Sikdar 21 hour ago

    Emotional scene but the kiss.❤. it's awesome.. they are hot 🔥

  • JP
    JP 21 hour ago

    disgusten luv xo

  • HighGgodess Of Terror
    HighGgodess Of Terror 22 hours ago

    its 4:47 am

  • John Andrew
    John Andrew 22 hours ago

    God I hate people who tell you to smile more often! Some people just look like geeks smiling..............

  • Andrea Gonzalez
    Andrea Gonzalez 23 hours ago

    I love the photo of earth from the moon in the wall 0:03 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ariana AJ Beaverhausen

    For anyone else who wanted to know more: My gift to you, Merry Christmas! 😜🎄😂

    WILLIAM SION 23 hours ago

    oh no

  • John Burningham
    John Burningham 23 hours ago

    I hate getting public hair caught between my teeth.

  • Patrick Mccallion

    Beautiful friendship Jack and Tosh had

  • Gihi Kyrt
    Gihi Kyrt Day ago


  • Gihi Kyrt
    Gihi Kyrt Day ago


  • MrPrice2u
    MrPrice2u Day ago

    I liked her OLD nose!

  • JustAGuyfromLDN

    God's sake America stop censoring shit!!!

  • Tom Robards
    Tom Robards Day ago

    She is sooo sexy , she made me hot in the Mask and bad teacher movie WOW !!!

  • Kevin Cleveland

    I never thought she was very good looking

  • Max Stollbrock

    ... to bring them a giggle means everything in the world to me ... 😍 Thank you Mr. Depp

  • heavystarch100

    The breakdown was str8 GANSTA!!

  • Nikki Clayton
    Nikki Clayton Day ago

    I love Adele ♥

  • Yellow Asian
    Yellow Asian Day ago

    Damnnn joe jonas gon be hitting it from diff position lucky 🕴🏿

  • Michael McGrath

    She has a face like a potato

  • Michael McGrath

    R.I.P DOCTOR WHO 1963 - 2017

  • Cruz Astudillo

    Is this real? Is She okay?

  • Hard Ball
    Hard Ball Day ago

    I hope she is going to be fine if no man ever asked her out again.


    I love The 13th Doctor but I miss Peter Capaldi as The Doctor

  • Ovrly Em0tional

    Finally been waiting forever!

  • Cha_88
    Cha_88 Day ago

    Don’t they risk to be in trouble for having cheated at an official exam? Maybe it’s too long ago now, but it’s not really something I would tell on television even if it’s funny.

  • Milan Duchevski

    I feel bad for the announcers voice...... ONNNEEEEE HUNDREEDDD EIIIGHTYYYY

  • Jack Hart
    Jack Hart Day ago

    Evie telling Cosima about Delphine while Cosima is still reeling from what happened to Kendall is one of the most spiteful acts I've seen a villain do.

  • 83rdox
    83rdox Day ago

    I was wondering why his name is so familiar but not his face. I was thinking of stanely tookie williams

  • ieetemos4breakfast

    Would love to know who that was

  • Only Me
    Only Me Day ago

    A good series, went down the road of the conspiracy behind the virus rather than surviving in later episodes, which didn't make the best of the characters and premise set up. Good production values and performances. I hope that the BBC world consider doing another series, maybe about the next generation surviving.

  • WSWEss
    WSWEss Day ago

    this idiot broke a realy good looking cane

  • Gordy Gibson
    Gordy Gibson Day ago

    Stanley Tucci comes across as a lovable guy.

  • Chris Cunningham

    I'm 46 & don't drive 😂😂

  • Rose Baker
    Rose Baker Day ago


  • REECE Burgess
    REECE Burgess Day ago

    BRING ON SERIES 12!!!💙💙

  • Kerplunk
    Kerplunk Day ago

    He said he'd smoked a lot of pot yet gets stoned off 2 bun at a party?

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A Day ago

    That is savage

  • Bonymic
    Bonymic Day ago

    I literally cut my eyes on that jawline