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  • erich84502ify
    erich84502ify 28 minutes ago

    140 horsepower or 180?

  • Roger Rolex 69
    Roger Rolex 69 33 minutes ago

    Check engine light is nothing clogged fuel injector you probably put cheap gas in it!!! Tune it up plugs filters those engines suck!!!! Supercharged and twin turbo ones are the best still

  • Nigel W
    Nigel W 33 minutes ago

    This car has been abused. I've seen A LOT of these Quattroportes and this has the worst looked after interior I've seen. The Italian leather typically holds up much better than that used in the likes of BMW and Jaguar. Some if not all of the fit issues are down to abuse. These are pretty decent cars, but no premium car is built to stand up to abusive owners. Most I've seen are in pretty good shape. The styling is by Pininfarina and universally praised. Never seen anyone trash the looks before, as many commenting here have. The engine is from Ferrari. It's a good unit with comparable power to similar naturally-aspirated units from Jaguar and Mercedes from the time...actually 5% better....50% better when you consider this unit entered production in 2002. Sure, these cars aren't cheap to maintain. Which comparable European sports sedan is? These cars date back to 2004 with the F1 Duoselect gearbox, and 2007 with the ZF 6-speed auto. And the ZF was widely used and widely respected. IMO, these QP Vs from 2007-12 are the best cars of their type from that period. And fit and finish is the same as a Ferrari from that period. The newer Maseratis have been downgraded both quality-wise and performance-wise, and the new QP was even designed in-house. Fiat put Maserati under Alfa Romeo, and Fiat/Alfa have for some unfathomable reason downgraded the brand, targeted fleet sales and the Chinese market, introduced the Ghibli as a second four-door saloon that has no rival for the Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio, introduced the Levante that has no rival for the Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio, dropped the option of the Ferrari V8 from the QP, and left the ageing GranTurismo in production for 12 years and counting without any major upgrades. Personally, I don't understand people who trash the QP V with the ZF box. It's a a very good example of a Euro sports saloon of its time. If anything, prices have bounced back a little in recent times, too. Biggest problem is its fuel consumption, which is very poor, even for its time. All that said, I wouldn't pay US$10K for this particular car with that mileage in that condition, let alone after knowing its recent history. If the Phantom's interior was in a similar condition, how much do you think it would be worth? Who would want it? I think the answer is the same for this QP. Sad because I personally like the exterior colour very much.

  • Amit Badwal
    Amit Badwal 38 minutes ago

    your viewers pay for redline don't trip

  • Donnie Hall
    Donnie Hall 39 minutes ago

    Hoovie you stay the hell away from my check engine light lol

  • jefrhi
    jefrhi 54 minutes ago

    "One simple donut grenaded the power steering pump AGAIN..." but I can do better so I've decided to beat the SH!T out of the car on a dyno until it begs for mercy. Because, well, you know, the Car Wizard still needs his Golden Yacht.

  • Badge #1st Amendment Ohio

    You got an absolute steal wow

  • BA
    BA Hour ago

    Jeez that car is a heap.

  • XskiXedgeX
    XskiXedgeX 2 hours ago

    I would love to know your opinion on owning a Audi B7 S4 or RS4. I have such a soft spot for them but their dreaded maintenance cost kill my hope of owning one. Thanks!

  • Sr EJ
    Sr EJ 3 hours ago

    hi all ty for entertainment

  • Ron Andersson
    Ron Andersson 3 hours ago

    Is she still around? A tip... gifts never work...(for you🤫)

  • Bob Quattrini
    Bob Quattrini 3 hours ago

    Too big and too heavy!!!

  • jacob wanamaker
    jacob wanamaker 3 hours ago

    I know im late to the video but thats cool you met lisa there and cool alpine poster at the end.

  • Michael S
    Michael S 3 hours ago

    You’re cursed. Just get rid of it. Lol

  • Bill
    Bill 3 hours ago


  • Jadoohere mir
    Jadoohere mir 3 hours ago

    Hey your a dumb ass

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 3 hours ago

    It’s sooo clean

  • Noah Smith
    Noah Smith 3 hours ago

    It’s sooo clean

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 4 hours ago

    Throw that shit away .why you think rich people get rid of those cars after 100.000 miles.

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline 4 hours ago

    Pre 2004 Mercedes are rusting junk TBH, and the real improvements didn't occur until around 2012-14.

  • Peter Evans
    Peter Evans 4 hours ago

    Flag is good but I'd remove it if it were mine

  • Michael Skyles
    Michael Skyles 4 hours ago

    What is going on with the orange crap on the center console?

  • Harrison  Fastenau
    Harrison Fastenau 4 hours ago

    Please make more videos about the typhoon, we all love turbocharged gm vehicles!

  • Matt Hipple
    Matt Hipple 4 hours ago

    Run! The old 3.8s are almost always going to have issues with the intake gaskets resulting in nasty sludge in the oil and cooling system resulting in overheating and the ENTIRE cooling system being gooped up, including the heater core and radiator... There have been mass lawsuits against gm for these issues with dexcool in the 3.8 4.3 5.0 5.7 ... Believe me it's NOT a good choice! You were warned!

  • Richard Emerson
    Richard Emerson 4 hours ago

    Those three ports or whatever they are soooooo scream "old-time Buick 'Doctor's car'" with three bogus exhaust? ports down each side.

  • Turf Surf
    Turf Surf 4 hours ago

    You should at least get a free detail job from the same place.....lol

  • Sarah Webster
    Sarah Webster 5 hours ago

    My friend has one of these...very “meh” If you want a real rocketship executive cruiser from the 90’s go straight to the top and buy a “Lotus (Opel) Omega!!!” It took the German “big 3” a decade to match what that car was in 1990! Crazy!

  • M.A. M.R.
    M.A. M.R. 5 hours ago

    Tesla 2012 technology is still better than 2020 Taycan technology.

  • Maurie Barnes
    Maurie Barnes 5 hours ago

    LOL the familiar warm glow on the engine warning light!

  • Hugo Coelho
    Hugo Coelho 5 hours ago

    The name of the song after 7:39. Thank you guys.

  • AJ Whitaker
    AJ Whitaker 5 hours ago

    Have really liked these trucks a lot since they were introduced- very cool.

  • brenth1979
    brenth1979 5 hours ago

    Really enjoy your videos Hoovie but please please buy another lav mic for any guests you have so we can hear them clearly - if it's worth doing...then it's worth doing right, as they say Thanks

  • Quentin Carver
    Quentin Carver 6 hours ago

    Dynos car, doesnt go full throttle...

  • TK Kennedy
    TK Kennedy 6 hours ago

    What type of car guy in hooks the positive and not the ground! 😂

  • Julio Gonzo
    Julio Gonzo 7 hours ago

    I wonder what percentage actually make it to auction and what percentage are written off? They gotta wreck a lot of them

  • 궁둥이
    궁둥이 7 hours ago

    Xg is not hyundai’s the biggest car. Hyundai centinial is the biggest car in hyundai in 1999~2008.

  • Asian Ford Guy
    Asian Ford Guy 7 hours ago

    Persian rug under a ragged out Mercedes. That is very Arab thing to do.

  • Brian The Explorer
    Brian The Explorer 7 hours ago

    ....Featuring Mr. spaghetti

  • brandon Diericks
    brandon Diericks 7 hours ago

    Mercedes... endless money pits as they age. Electronic problems out the wazoo !!

  • Tom Conklin
    Tom Conklin 7 hours ago

    Hoovie and I have very different views of "broken".

  • Deke
    Deke 7 hours ago

    I love the fact that I'm a sub since the begginings of the channel.

  • Chris McTernan
    Chris McTernan 8 hours ago

    Why does Doug DeMuro have so many more subscribers than you? You’re much more entertaining. All of his videos are exactly the same. Different car, same chat.

  • dcontreras2014
    dcontreras2014 8 hours ago

    Jokes on you my check engine light is already on.

  • mfuji02
    mfuji02 8 hours ago

    louder less comfortable than a prius thanks FYI

  • t4705mb6
    t4705mb6 8 hours ago

    You have to be really really insecure or really really stupid ... or both ... to even consider wasting money on this sort of garbage. Cool??? Would I ever want to try to impress tards??? Not bloody likely! thexvid.com/video/I6KC0PAvJZw/video.html

  • michael grossman
    michael grossman 8 hours ago

    take the front bash bar off. Looks so bad. Its a raptor not ment to have that

  • Niki Barret
    Niki Barret 8 hours ago

    Oh man ive been building up to spending a cringesome £25 maybe £28,000 on a 13 or 14 plate c63 coupe in grey with maximum of 35000 miles on the clock but now im starting to think im just stupid! The dream isnt gona live up to expectations? I am so Insane I am prepared to put up with the Vpower rip off here in England I wont use shit fuel even in the t plate E300 TD that is my daily driver 20 years old and less than 50,000 miles. So in truth you would say stay in the bland Derv world where I just buy Tyres and wipers every now and again? oh fuck....

  • Jamie Potter
    Jamie Potter 8 hours ago

    Wouldnt turn on a blacklight inside any preowned Maserati from Florida.

  • bubbajones0422
    bubbajones0422 8 hours ago

    witchita ks is the center of the universe for youtubers!!

  • Adam N
    Adam N 8 hours ago

    You make me laugh. Thanks!

  • Habibi Assyrian
    Habibi Assyrian 8 hours ago

    Not only this is the most reliable car ever but it’s my favourite SUV in the world my dream is to find one that’s cheap as you get yours or even cheaper which is going to be very hard

  • murphyebass
    murphyebass 9 hours ago

    12 years ago and a complete mess. Ffs a Toyota somewhere is laughing.

  • TheSuperiorGolem
    TheSuperiorGolem 9 hours ago

    tdu2 flashbacks I hated getting the licenses :(

  • Unsteady Cam
    Unsteady Cam 9 hours ago

    He made more on this video than it cost to repair and buy the car. Well played, Hoovie.

  • Scottish Lad
    Scottish Lad 9 hours ago

    should have put Pussy Patrol instead lol

  • RoadhogRNA
    RoadhogRNA 9 hours ago

    Excellent job and love the Flag!!!!!

  • Ross L
    Ross L 10 hours ago

    Why? Would you do that ??? Poor MB

  • Robert Speer
    Robert Speer 10 hours ago

    Ha ha, this is really funny because I have a friend who is a quintessential millennial, and she drives a Buick. Sold it for a while and then came back to get another just like it.

  • John Mizutani
    John Mizutani 10 hours ago

    If you purchase anything used, something is going to break. On a Benz with 204K miles, you have to absolutely know something is going to cause a CF.

  • Fotios Tsingos
    Fotios Tsingos 10 hours ago

    European cars are super expensive, super high maintenance, highly luxurious, very fast, and very boring. I have no idea how anyone finds these cars beautiful or exciting.

  • Sidd Khan
    Sidd Khan 11 hours ago

    I think you should 1uz swap this with a twin turbo

  • Sidd Khan
    Sidd Khan 11 hours ago

    THIS is a honest car review

  • hobby 4me
    hobby 4me 11 hours ago

    Ask Scotty K maybe he can put a Toyota engine in it, just stay away from all the Toyota sludge engines.

  • JuanDiego Rodríguez Alvarado

    Wtf a fuking prius

  • Bernandy Joseph
    Bernandy Joseph 11 hours ago

    Owned 3 toyotas they never failed me one corolla hatchback , camry, rav4

  • aaron abel
    aaron abel 11 hours ago

    Was this video bobs car?

  • Y G
    Y G 11 hours ago

    He has the yellow fever.

  • Bart Peeters
    Bart Peeters 11 hours ago

    Where is this car now ? I never see iT again in your video’s ?

  • Cedric Heidelberg
    Cedric Heidelberg 12 hours ago

    Get rid of the flag it looks busy

  • Mach1 MustangGuy
    Mach1 MustangGuy 12 hours ago

    # Apollo 911

  • B. ACTS
    B. ACTS 12 hours ago

    In Europe, hach backs and wagons that is all they drive, so go ahead and enjoy your wagon.

  • B. ACTS
    B. ACTS 12 hours ago

    I have lived in Germany for years, and trust me, I've seen wagons with more miles than yours and people get on the autobahn like nothing. Those engines are sturdy and powerful.

  • B. ACTS
    B. ACTS 12 hours ago

    I think your horses went from the engine compartment to the cabin of your wagon, mate...

  • wendy hazledine
    wendy hazledine 12 hours ago

    This is a family car so why don't you tow a caravan and see how far it gets

  • TiDw
    TiDw 13 hours ago

    Im buying a manual one i don’t care if there is none im getting one

  • daniePM
    daniePM 13 hours ago

    To be honest, most cars will have problems when they reach 200k miles. Friend of mine owned a e-class diesel from the same year and it never had any problems, but it had only 60k miles.

  • Fan of facts
    Fan of facts 13 hours ago

    if I had even half of money I would have brought my land and started farming given my part of taribute to this land and society, hey you rich can you donat sm...I think you don't and nobody like you will do...

  • batmayn
    batmayn 13 hours ago

    Can you take me higherrr

  • Dwayne Harralson
    Dwayne Harralson 13 hours ago

    now you need to sell the Mercedes, it's fixed ;)

  • Talkie Toaster
    Talkie Toaster 13 hours ago

    That didn't even sound like full throttle on those pulls..... if it was I'd be checking out stuff like plugs and coil packs, maybe even the fuel system - the check engine light is coming on for a reason. Just because it's high miles doesn't really mean it should have lost that much power.

  • Kamal Q
    Kamal Q 14 hours ago

    There are very few cars you should buy if they have over 200k

  • Jeroen de Sterke
    Jeroen de Sterke 14 hours ago

    He's very careful not to tell us just HOW fast he was going! LOL

  • caiofsantos2005
    caiofsantos2005 14 hours ago

    Hi Hoovie, Why don't ship your E63 Wagon to Alex @LegitStreetCars? He will make sure everything is sorted out. ;-)

  • Louis In Name Only
    Louis In Name Only 14 hours ago

    Totally MY fault! Says Hoovie

  • Ian Townsend
    Ian Townsend 14 hours ago

    I really think you should get a 5.5 V8 S63 amg coupe

  • Simons Tescfai
    Simons Tescfai 14 hours ago

    I’m not Doug demuro

  • Cummins MAN
    Cummins MAN 14 hours ago

    How did u spend on the Barbie Jeep repairs ?

  • Xovius
    Xovius 14 hours ago

    Hah! You can't come to me in the night to turn my check engine light on! It's always on anyway!

  • Earl Scheib
    Earl Scheib 14 hours ago

    Stay away from Mercedes, they are endless money pits.

  • Bryan Jase
    Bryan Jase 15 hours ago

    What's with that gas lid?

  • Jamie Potter
    Jamie Potter 15 hours ago

    Cant be too surprised when you rag a 12-year-old 200k miler on the dyno and the engine light comes on.. Enojy the low-end tourque and cruise highway speed and she'll last forever

  • Digger Dawg
    Digger Dawg 15 hours ago

    Personally, I would remove the 'Hooptie Patrol' decals, and also the flags from the doors...and remove the Patrol' from the rear. Just leave the green stripe and HP numbers on the front fenders. Less is more.

  • Moto Moto
    Moto Moto 15 hours ago

    why do you have a carpet in your garage?

  • Dean Woods
    Dean Woods 16 hours ago

    So this car is a pile of shit basically...

  • VinceThe1
    VinceThe1 16 hours ago

    5:19 "Alright let's merge here", we hear the engine revving, he says "Aaah yeeea", but that honda odyssey still passed him :D

  • GeorgeGordon Meade
    GeorgeGordon Meade 16 hours ago

    All that polishing and decals, and you didn't get a $8 can of rustoleum for the grille guard?

  • VinceThe1
    VinceThe1 16 hours ago

    It keeps amazing me how this guy, after all the money he's spent on fixing german cars, still thinks they're "reliable" and "high quality".....

  • Juan Garcia
    Juan Garcia 16 hours ago

    Do your TheXvid Channel Icon on the door instead of the flag

  • Miles Eggimann
    Miles Eggimann 16 hours ago

    This channel is an utter waste of time. It's a real tribute to the magnificence of America as a marketplace for ANYTHING that this jagoff can make a living buying things like old Mercedes-Benz station wagons with 200K miles on the clock and then, predictably, wading through thousands of dollars of repairs. OVER and OVER and OVER again. To make it worse, his stale, corny attempts at humor don't work, but hundreds of thousands of dopes watch anyway. This is TV for the dumb new kind of American who will sink the last nails into the coffin into which our broken nation's future will be laid.

  • Bill z
    Bill z 17 hours ago

    Hate to disagree, but do NOT get a SUPER charger. They all break and cost a lot to fix. The 38oo series II is a great engine except for the leaking exhaust gaskets. I stick with the Series 1. No issues with teh DEX cool coolant. My every day is a 1992 olds 98 series 1