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Dogs Frozen In Time
Views 3.4M5 days ago
A Cat That Sits Like This
Views 2.8M12 days ago
A Really Small Pupil
Views 3.9M15 days ago
The Grinch Ruins Christmas
Views 2.9M19 days ago
Cat Gives Up On Life
Views 3.5M23 days ago
A Really Buff Kangaroo
Views 4.4MMonth ago
A Really Sick Dog
Views 3.8MMonth ago
Kitty With An Itchy Bum
Views 3.4MMonth ago
Divers Find Giant Squid Egg
Views 4.1M2 months ago
A Really Long Chicken
Views 4M2 months ago
Cat Steals A Chicken Nugget
Views 3.3M2 months ago
A Really Really Big Bunny
Views 4.5M2 months ago
Baby Zebra Born With Spots
Views 2.5M2 months ago
Pouring Fire On A Burger
Views 5M2 months ago
Driving While On Fire
Views 5M3 months ago
Swimming Under Ice
Views 9M3 months ago
Sharks That Glow In the Dark
Views 3.4M3 months ago
Stealing In Front Of A Cop
Views 6M3 months ago
Golfing With Alligators
Views 3.2M3 months ago
A Rock That Glows
Views 4.8M3 months ago
A Human Burrito
Views 5M4 months ago
Helicopter Flying Past Cars
Views 4.3M4 months ago
Using Face Swap On Twins
Views 4.1M4 months ago
Making A Squirrel Pancake
Views 6M4 months ago
A Really Cool Cat
Views 4.1M4 months ago
A Giant Mosquito Tornado
Views 5M4 months ago
A Real Life Gummy Worm
Views 5M4 months ago
Crash Test For Dogs
Views 5M5 months ago
The Sleeve Monster
Views 5M5 months ago
A Really Itchy Rhino
Views 3.6M5 months ago
The Biggest Cat Hug
Views 5M5 months ago
A Transparent Caterpillar
Views 3.4M6 months ago
Crab Kidnaps A Jellyfish
Views 3.2M6 months ago
Rhino That Thinks It's A Goat
Views 4.1M6 months ago
Painting With Fire
Views 4.2M7 months ago
This Cat Has Thumbs
Views 6M7 months ago
Taking A Camel To The Store
Views 4.6M8 months ago
Forbidden Pasta
Views 8M8 months ago
Bag Going For A Walk
Views 8M9 months ago
Throwing Cheese At People
Views 6M9 months ago
Pancake Dog
Views 3.2M9 months ago
Sloth Crossing A Road
Views 5M9 months ago
This Cat Is Broken
Views 8M9 months ago
The Worst Parent Ever
Views 6M9 months ago
Owl With A Really Big Stick
Views 4.6M10 months ago
Eating A 3D Printed Steak
Views 8M10 months ago
This Seal Can't Stop Sneezing
Views 4.9M10 months ago
How To Move Your Mustard
Views 9M10 months ago
A Really Old Turtle
Views 12M10 months ago
217 People Skydiving At Once
Views 4.1M11 months ago
Baby Rhino Charges At Car
Views 5M11 months ago


  • I am ok
    I am ok 10 seconds ago

    1:00 it’s the moment in E.T

  • I Don't Care If You Broke Your Elbow

    Kangaroo: You thing yo tough huh flyin down our ground! Agressive punches*

  • cj
    cj 3 minutes ago


  • Rev_Potato YT
    Rev_Potato YT 4 minutes ago

    2:51 Color blind people: F#€( no

  • Animatic Production
    Animatic Production 7 minutes ago

    That poor polar bear

  • Yi Tong Lim
    Yi Tong Lim 9 minutes ago

    That cream in the first video would be perfect for Jungkook whenever they make him cover the tattoos... (beep beep army spotted)

  • Yusuf J
    Yusuf J 10 minutes ago

    1:36 Mr beast is angry PLANT 20 million NOT CUT

  • M J
    M J 10 minutes ago

    Those are not kangaroos those are wallabies.

  • AREKING Gertidian
    AREKING Gertidian 14 minutes ago

    It's not a god thing if the seal can't stop sneezing

  • poker
    poker 14 minutes ago

    I thought that was keanu reeves

  • George Constantinou
    George Constantinou 16 minutes ago

    0:46 I thought she was Kate Winslet. 😁

  • Kangaroo Boy213
    Kangaroo Boy213 16 minutes ago

    1:09 yay I’m safe!

  • Albert Jachowicz-Brzeziński

    Actually Kangaroo video was posted on kangaroos subreddit exacly 280 days ago, and video even longer before, I got disapointed knowing info isn't up to date. I'm gonna leave now.

  • van gogh
    van gogh 20 minutes ago

    Are you sure this koala isn't suffering from bronchitis?

  • rys
    rys 22 minutes ago

    RDJ has a double chin.

  • Destroyer Does stuff
    Destroyer Does stuff 22 minutes ago

    2:34 I actually thought it was real

  • Ken SG
    Ken SG 23 minutes ago

    1:55 if only it had been a rear wheel drive he wouldn't have tried to drive away

  • Homeless Emperor
    Homeless Emperor 23 minutes ago

    i prefer the strawberry scream

  • Otis-Bean Myhill
    Otis-Bean Myhill 27 minutes ago

    R willy

  • Isekai Believer
    Isekai Believer 28 minutes ago

    So if I put the coating on a water it'll stay dry, Nice....

  • Tyrant Onion
    Tyrant Onion 30 minutes ago

    These pet videos start to annoy me.

  • Ugnė Naprytė
    Ugnė Naprytė 30 minutes ago

    I hope comments on your videos brightens up your day just as much as your video does ours.

  • Laurynas Zajončkovskis

    That was not skydiving, that was paragliding (two differerent things)

  • Vinny Lam
    Vinny Lam 31 minute ago

    This is how many people saw Alex the honking bird 👇🏼

  • Plam tree
    Plam tree 32 minutes ago

    Am from Singapore but have not seen many caterpillars, let alone the gummy one

  • Meta Less
    Meta Less 38 minutes ago


  • x Ezzx
    x Ezzx 39 minutes ago

    Tiger be like *”They see me rolling they hatin”*

  • PoodlePop Spam
    PoodlePop Spam 40 minutes ago

    Monkey and Husky (The Movie) 2019 @0:53

  • x Ezzx
    x Ezzx 40 minutes ago

    Why has youtube recommended this to me 5 Months later

  • Irving Rocha
    Irving Rocha 43 minutes ago

    What happen with the gorrila

  • RJ 9 GAMES
    RJ 9 GAMES 45 minutes ago

    Never try to outrun a tiger...

  • Princess Bones
    Princess Bones 45 minutes ago

    2:22 My dream Present Lol

  • Ihtisham Khan
    Ihtisham Khan 50 minutes ago

    what is that animal called at 2:20

  • Vasya Kurolesov
    Vasya Kurolesov 50 minutes ago

    1:05 "HEY BUDDY!" The Person Who Said Is Epic

  • Bread
    Bread 53 minutes ago

    1:03 PEEKABOO

  • kyrina v
    kyrina v 53 minutes ago


  • Esrom Rufael
    Esrom Rufael 54 minutes ago

    We all know that mf seal was tryna smash

  • 5H - H3R0
    5H - H3R0 55 minutes ago

    No!! That was just like "Hey, How you doin man? Flying aroun? See ya!"

  • Wenweeen Banez
    Wenweeen Banez 55 minutes ago

    *PLOT TWIST* The rock was from Japan

  • Bowling Ball
    Bowling Ball 56 minutes ago

    0:03 Chinese breakfast..

  • Bowling Ball
    Bowling Ball 57 minutes ago

    0:08 [Disconnected from Server]

  • 'Assassin Creed'
    'Assassin Creed' 59 minutes ago

    00:21 me trying to wake my dad to play baseball

  • Muhammad Raziq
    Muhammad Raziq 59 minutes ago

    When your dad so tired and snoring at night 0:43

  • Vaughn Pijuan
    Vaughn Pijuan Hour ago

    ZA WARUDO!!!

  • Wranien
    Wranien Hour ago

    2:15 how my parents traveled to school everyday

  • Bowling Ball
    Bowling Ball Hour ago

    Marisupial Gang War

  • Shaggy Got Waves

    0:22 *head moves*

  • Emily Burnaflor
    Emily Burnaflor Hour ago

    Why is greenland is ice and iceland is green/grass

  • Isaackingvidos random stuff IS ON LOCK DOWN MODE

    The video should be called, invisibility is now real, dog bumps in to a rolf, and more. Name your videos like that next time!

  • Claire Monroe
    Claire Monroe Hour ago

    R.I.P single cell organism

  • Max C
    Max C Hour ago

    3:00 no wonder the pilot need to take Gforce test

  • Emily Burnaflor
    Emily Burnaflor Hour ago

    Area 51 more like matress 51 XD XD XD

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu Hour ago

    „A box, that’s more than just a box“ Yes, diabetes type 2

  • Not the Real Tfue

    Violent Kangaroo gang mistakes parachuting male for flying koala.

  • Ephexia
    Ephexia Hour ago

    Flame thrower drone hehe I wonder

  • Prince Chakraborty

    The tree got busted for having drugs

  • [Touka]
    [Touka] Hour ago

    Epic game of The floor is lava. 0:53

  • A Guy In a Van
    A Guy In a Van Hour ago

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was a human chicken, and that's what humans do.

  • Sean Booth
    Sean Booth Hour ago

    Brilliant as always. Thanks bud

  • Yung Venuz
    Yung Venuz Hour ago

    "this cat hates it's own reflection" My pupils get smaller when I look at my own reflection, I can relate to this cat

  • Discount at the dollar store

    I guess Dio likes dogs now.

  • 1000 subscribers with 0 vids

    2:50 alien cats are the best pets

  • Fox
    Fox Hour ago

    Every kids dream 2:29

  • JBreviews
    JBreviews Hour ago

    I slowed the video to 0.25 playback speed whilst on the slowed down version of the "Lightning fast fish" Still convinced the fish teleported into the other fishes mouth.

  • F.B.I spy William

    1:40 there plan to rule the world

  • Squish Tune
    Squish Tune Hour ago

    Lion: :|

  • Anas Gaming
    Anas Gaming Hour ago

    3:00 Gta's army base??!

  • Lukas Baumgarten

    i love daily dose enternet beacuse there is no clickbate

  • The Dynamic Doggo

    Those are the biggest eshays I’ve ever seen

  • Nautybilal
    Nautybilal Hour ago

    3:00 Show this video to all the flat earthers and they will never say earth is flat again

  • Melissa M. Sutton

    Man tries to clean rug during sandstorm. Almost a Darwin award winner. He deserved that rug smothering over on him.

  • Hunter Knife
    Hunter Knife Hour ago

    Plot twist:Those drug dealer are abusing a Loli in the submarine then FBI come and do an open up!

  • Mariya Krykhtina

    How to start a forest fire at 1:35

  • Johnty J P
    Johnty J P Hour ago

    I thought I was clever making a chess set with smaller Lego bricks! But BREAKFAST?!!! 😆

  • dubu’s world
    dubu’s world Hour ago

    RIP cupcake 😔💖

  • Five nights at Harrys

    3:10 it looks like he is in a tie fighter from Star Wars

  • Fabian R.
    Fabian R. Hour ago

    2:55 **Sweating in japanese**

  • SkittleZ
    SkittleZ Hour ago

    in 1:48 i swear i predicted of what she said

  • Minecraft 99
    Minecraft 99 Hour ago

    Bruh my phone company is sweet

  • Sebastian the Weeb

    He challenge the shoe for mating rights.

  • flyhigh
    flyhigh Hour ago

    That lady really needs to shut up and not spoil a sentimental moment like that

  • ie mand
    ie mand Hour ago

    6ix9ine definitely know them and have snitched on them

  • E-Man
    E-Man Hour ago

    0:35 that's literal heaven

  • manyaman mikeni
    manyaman mikeni Hour ago

    Its ganggaroos

  • Tama
    Tama Hour ago

    1:50 it reminds me of the pirate of Carribean scene

  • pp channel
    pp channel Hour ago

    0:36 when your crush touches your hand

  • Tonia
    Tonia Hour ago

    Me: clicks on video Also me: hears a clicking noise at the very beginning which hurts my ear infection

  • XxFrankSniperxX Broz

    The cookie phone they were talking in polish

  • C.B.T Enthusiast

    0:05 ZA WARDO

  • el papi
    el papi Hour ago

    2:07 hey it's Lil Baby!

  • Vishal M K
    Vishal M K Hour ago

    The owl is actually a warrior , holding a sword behind.

  • Oisin Nugent
    Oisin Nugent Hour ago

    0:17 bruh that cats just Making making a tik tok

  • なみ
    なみ Hour ago

    3:10 Jet: spins Rotation on camera: Nope

  • flyhigh
    flyhigh Hour ago

    Anyone with half a decency should stop and move to the side for an emergency vehicle, that is someone’s loved one that needs help! 🙁

  • [Insert Name]
    [Insert Name] 2 hours ago

    Ah, just an average day in Australia.

  • Melissa Clarke
    Melissa Clarke 2 hours ago

    omg i always wanted to see this

  • The Monkinizer
    The Monkinizer 2 hours ago

    The tree, the oak tree you must tell us how it is doing

  • Timo Brückmann
    Timo Brückmann 2 hours ago

    I need this box!! :D

  • • Fawna •
    • Fawna • 2 hours ago

    0:27 add too many leaves and 0:19 will happen

  • lieutenant giwaffe
    lieutenant giwaffe 2 hours ago

    Ayyyyy vat19!!!