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Sum Values by Weekday in Excel
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  • Arshia
    Arshia 7 hours ago

    Saved my assignment right before the deadline. THANKS!

  • Gerard van Eggermond
    Gerard van Eggermond 19 hours ago

    Hello, I tried your formula but the first formula went wrong I received a different error message than on your video. can you help me to continue?

  • Thanveer muhamed
    Thanveer muhamed 20 hours ago

    If date range between 1/1/2019 to 31/1/19 then count children. Can i get formula for this

  • Joshua M'Anampiu
    Joshua M'Anampiu 23 hours ago

    Nice tip. Thank You.

  • Hemaraj YN Gowda.


  • Patti McC
    Patti McC Day ago

    I have to tell you that this is by far the best video explaining IF functions for a power query. I searched hours I should have known to look you up! Always such great content!

  • Sam H
    Sam H Day ago

    Ahhhhh use sumifs with a data validation list of months lol

  • Penguin007
    Penguin007 Day ago

    You have made some of the best Excel videos I've ever seen. Please keep them coming, although, I am only about 3 or 4 videos into your library of tutorials. Helping me no end with my day job :) All the best Sir.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga Day ago

      Thank you very much. Your comment is much appreciated.

  • Irshad Hussain
    Irshad Hussain 2 days ago

    thanks allot

  • Zviko mutsindiri
    Zviko mutsindiri 3 days ago

    I have multiple pages running and when I keep pressing my links even, I end up getting a runtime error 9 out of range notification.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 3 days ago

      This type of error normally indicates that it cannot see a sheet by that name.

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 3 days ago

    I can't thank you enough, Computergaga! My work project just became a breeze.

  • Zviko mutsindiri
    Zviko mutsindiri 3 days ago

    HIe, when i hide my sheets and press the object for my hyperlinked sheet

    • Zviko mutsindiri
      Zviko mutsindiri 3 days ago

      i had created hyperlinks on buttons to try making it a bit presentable but the code does not apply on links created on buttons

    • Zviko mutsindiri
      Zviko mutsindiri 3 days ago

      its not loading, any help?

  • Michael Barreto
    Michael Barreto 4 days ago

    You, sir, are the tutor I've been seeking. Subscribed

  • Angelo Fonseca
    Angelo Fonseca 4 days ago

    Hi Alan, thanks for this video. It seams Flow really can be used to improve productivity. For sure I’ll go deep to understand better it’s usage. Cheers.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 3 days ago

      You're welcome Angelo. Yes, it can be very useful and is still growing.

  • Jaime Perez
    Jaime Perez 4 days ago


  • new user
    new user 5 days ago

    Thank you so much

  • Tongsak
    Tongsak 5 days ago

    how to check if the cell has English letters? I have people register from many country and want to know how many people are speaking English.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 4 days ago

      Good question, but I'm not sure of a way of checking the written language of a cell.

  • Rakesh Dwivedi
    Rakesh Dwivedi 5 days ago

    It was so much informative and easy to understand. Thank you so much sir :-)

  • Gerard van Eggermond

    Hello, your video is very hard to see maybe you can play this formula through to me, it might help me with the problem I am facing.

  • James Keenan
    James Keenan 5 days ago

    Many thanks Computergaga. its so simple but I still could not do it till I watched your video. On-wards and forwards now! :)

  • Timur Mehmet
    Timur Mehmet 5 days ago

    Massive help, THANK YOU!

  • Eduardo Millan
    Eduardo Millan 5 days ago

    i'm doing this right now for a 50 item list, no joke when he says for a long one the = click thing thing gets tedious haha

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 5 days ago

      I have this video on using a macro to link them all Eduardo - Apologies if its too late

  • Ryan Westvig
    Ryan Westvig 5 days ago

    All of my formulas are still broken

    • Ryan Westvig
      Ryan Westvig 5 days ago

      They are formulas not text calc formulas IS ON, and they are not updating

    SHANU KUMAR DUBEY 5 days ago


  • Amit Rajput
    Amit Rajput 5 days ago

    Celling ( 18, 7) ? Please reply

  • Kyaw Soe
    Kyaw Soe 6 days ago

    So much love the way you explained. Thanks.

  • Siphiwe Thwala
    Siphiwe Thwala 6 days ago

    Thanks. Very useful

  • Johannes Wennekes
    Johannes Wennekes 6 days ago

    Dear GG, thx for this comprehensive explanation ! I just have one issue if I implement this , the Dropdown Menu keeps popping up every if I change input in non-related cells ? Do you have more tricks in your magic case ? Thanks & Cheers , Johannes

  • Pelle Thomsen
    Pelle Thomsen 6 days ago

    Clear and precise. Got me there. Thank you! Maybe speed it up a litte ;-)

  • Erica Dyson
    Erica Dyson 6 days ago

    Thanks for that. Would be nice to know what you actually use it for.

    • Erica Dyson
      Erica Dyson 6 days ago

      Got it.. Similar to IFTT with Google Drive but they seem to have removed the feature.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 6 days ago

      You're welcome. I catalogue an Excel file with with my videos automatically when uploaded to TheXvid. Helps me find my videos when people ask.

  • Wayne Edmondson
    Wayne Edmondson 6 days ago

    Hi Alan.. thanks for the quick intro to MS Flow. Looks like something that can really save some time and or increase productivity. Thumbs up!

  • Pankul Baijal
    Pankul Baijal 6 days ago

    Do you have any schcronized Excel sheet in which we can found most of your informations like examples of different formulas etc. If you have please provide link from where we can download that.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 6 days ago

      You can access a list through the playlists on TheXvid. I don't have a complete list of my examples. And I don't keep files that I use.

  • Pankul Baijal
    Pankul Baijal 6 days ago

    Very Nice.. Good to know these types of features how much helpful for everyone..

  • Sasha Blair
    Sasha Blair 6 days ago

    Thank you!

    AFZAL ZAMIR ANSARI 6 days ago

    Sir in my excel the said formula is not showing after =

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 6 days ago

      It is out only for the Insiders program at the moment (link in video description). Will soon be rolled out to Office 365 subscribers.

  • Esteban L. Hernandez


  • frostgamer hemans
    frostgamer hemans 6 days ago

    Finally an actually video that works!!!

  • Swanky Peter
    Swanky Peter 7 days ago

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  • ramesh patel
    ramesh patel 7 days ago

    sir, i am using multiple sheets in excel workbook, when i use this formula in any particular sheet it will also change my data when i am working on another sheet of same workbook. please sir suggest some correction so that it can work in one particular sheet of workbook and not apply to all sheets of workbook.

  • Penguin007
    Penguin007 7 days ago

    Hi there! I have a similar list, but no identifiable ID code for each person...How can I compare this? Great video by the way, Ive learned a lot already, just need some help on if there is no unique ID.

  • Mohit Batu
    Mohit Batu 7 days ago

    can i use this formula more then 4 contains

    • Mohit Batu
      Mohit Batu 5 days ago

      @Computergaga I mean if cell contains multiple specific text like example:- Cell Contaits in 2 line 1st is sita ram 2nd is gopal kishan then i find with formula 1 st cell ram and 2 nd cell kishan??? can u explain the formula for example.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 6 days ago

      Sure, as may as you need.

  • Linked Prosperity
    Linked Prosperity 7 days ago

    Champion , glad I looked you up ..saved as favourite on my channel.

  • Dub Master
    Dub Master 7 days ago

    Thank you for saving my ass I completely forgot how my professor did it in class m8🙏

  • Breathing Heart
    Breathing Heart 7 days ago

    i have a doubt about , in duplicates we can highlight same value presant in two columns,but those are in zig zog position.i requred that same values in side by side ,not in zig zog position.

  • Maria L
    Maria L 7 days ago

    Thank you so much! finally a decent tutorial

  • ashok sharma
    ashok sharma 8 days ago

    excellent, very useful

  • Eang Neth
    Eang Neth 8 days ago

    Can you teach a bout stock management will have sale.order.Request.transfer.Remain stock.....

  • Andy Peartree
    Andy Peartree 8 days ago


  • samuel kodjoe
    samuel kodjoe 8 days ago

    really cool!!

  • Jackson Scharf
    Jackson Scharf 8 days ago


  • qaiser ali
    qaiser ali 8 days ago

    Thanks for the tutorial.

  • TK
    TK 9 days ago

    so I all these worksheets are in different workbooks, then would you use same process..please advise.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 8 days ago

      I have this video - to import all workbooks from a folder which may be useful.

  • Akash Pervaiz
    Akash Pervaiz 9 days ago

    good job

  • Akash Pervaiz
    Akash Pervaiz 9 days ago

    Hi Alan, Thank You so much, very very useful video.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 9 days ago

      You're very welcome Akash. Thank you.

  • Rolan Reynacido
    Rolan Reynacido 9 days ago

    Welcome Xlookup RIP vlookup, dget, index+match, index+sumproduct.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 9 days ago

      ha ha XLOOKUP and FILTER will certainly see an end to some of these. INDEX and SUMPRODUCT will still be around but less required. XMATCH will be out to replace MATCH.

  • Mohideen Thassim
    Mohideen Thassim 9 days ago

    This is a superb tutorial thank you very much Alan, hope it will be released in 365 soon, many thanks again for the advance tutorial certainly will make things much easier than the Vlookup.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 9 days ago

      Hopefully released soon Mohideen. Will be exciting times.

    JACK MAXIM 9 days ago

    Make sure it should work my office 2016. 🙂


    what if the range has decimal values

  • mohammed abdul qadeer

    it's commendable. really it's a feather in my cap, Thanks a lot sir.

  • Online Tricks
    Online Tricks 9 days ago

    Xlookup is revaluation for me but the Last example is an amazing. Thanks a lot

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 9 days ago

      My pleasure. Yes, the bottom to top search is awesome.

  • komentatorica
    komentatorica 9 days ago

    this helped me a lot! Thanks :)

  • jidonu michael
    jidonu michael 10 days ago

    Thank You very much

  • One2One Removals
    One2One Removals 10 days ago

    Fixed in 10 seconds thank you.

  • Hazem Ali
    Hazem Ali 11 days ago

    How I`m miss to your videos

  • Freddy Fonseca
    Freddy Fonseca 11 days ago

    Thank you for your video, is very interesting and didactic for us.

  • Ahmad Rivai
    Ahmad Rivai 11 days ago

    Thank you Very Much, very helpfully

  • Marisha Jackson
    Marisha Jackson 11 days ago

    Excellent video, however there is a HUGE error: the instructions say to divide by A2. That would be incorrect. In order to calculate the profit percentage you would first have to divide by the cost price: B2. The correct formula should actually look like this: =(A2-B2)/B2

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar 11 days ago

    Very slow

  • Saurabh Mahajan
    Saurabh Mahajan 11 days ago

    Can’t do in excel

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 11 days ago

      Yes, it is only initially released to Insiders as yet. There is a link in the description of the video to sign up to get it. It will be a few months until generally available.

  • Clarence Chandler
    Clarence Chandler 11 days ago

    Is there a way to tell when cell went out a yearly date?

    • Clarence Chandler
      Clarence Chandler 11 days ago

      Computergaga I have a spreadsheet that contains month/day/ years in each cell. They expire in a year. I wanted to track when the certification expires

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 11 days ago

      Sorry Clarence I don't understand the question. When a cell contains a value that is not this calendar year?

  • devapujala naga radhesh

    very good explanation

  • Super Hatless Bros 009

    I have a question... when I create a name for the list to look up , what happens to the F4?Do I press it anyway?

  • george759
    george759 12 days ago


    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 11 days ago

      You're welcome. Thank you very much.

  • Marta Suarez
    Marta Suarez 12 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video. I watched several others & still had issues; now it's clear!

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 12 days ago

      Excellent! You're very welcome Marta.

  • Latifah Al-Moutaz
    Latifah Al-Moutaz 13 days ago


  • Riyaz Saiyed
    Riyaz Saiyed 13 days ago

    how this can be achieved with array formula. =IF(A2="",B1,A2) how to add array to this formula

  • Tahj Bomar
    Tahj Bomar 13 days ago

    Is it possible to have the order form accept free form text/data?

  • John Hough
    John Hough 13 days ago

    This is great, how could i do this across multiple sheets? Say I had similar data as you, but had 40 sheets each named after a year. How would I pull the top 10 from all sheets combined?

    MICHAEL FUENTES 13 days ago

    Very clear explanation and very informative to those who wants to learn more about ms project. 👍

  • Amuzecart Bangladesh

    Is it a volatile function or non volatile function ?

  • K sp
    K sp 14 days ago

    Is it possible to link this comment images to the value and use it in dropdown list?

  • Azwan GP
    Azwan GP 14 days ago

    U should commentate football matches

  • Gin Tomino
    Gin Tomino 14 days ago

    Great vid. I hope you can make one using xlookup with dynamic array. 😁

  • Corey
    Corey 14 days ago

    Yes, finally. The column number of VLOOKUP was crazy when columns are added, the number doesn't change.

  • Sakthivel Vajjiravel

    thank you sir. lots of hard work behind this video. great keep rock.

  • youcef boumendjeh
    youcef boumendjeh 15 days ago

    Thank you sir for this video, it is very useful for us, but it can replace index function or not?

    • youcef boumendjeh
      youcef boumendjeh 14 days ago

      @Computergaga thank you so much,we're waiting for a new video.

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 14 days ago

      My pleasure Youcef. In some ways it can replace what we used to use INDEX/MATCH combo for. INDEX is still very useful so that we can use row and column index numbers - so not 100% replaced.

  • Ramesh Singh
    Ramesh Singh 15 days ago


  • Sashi Kiran
    Sashi Kiran 15 days ago

    Thank you, very much its very useful for us

  • plezx29
    plezx29 15 days ago

    Oh I get it, return array is just basically the results

  • Achintya Ranjan
    Achintya Ranjan 15 days ago

    God where was this when I needed it!!!

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 15 days ago

      ha ha its just been out for a couple of weeks.

  • Fatih Yenidünya
    Fatih Yenidünya 15 days ago

    İt helped a lot thanks

  • Taro Suji
    Taro Suji 15 days ago

    I did it as it is. But, it can only work rightly in case of never included blank data in range.

  • Age Manzi
    Age Manzi 15 days ago

    I love being blown away by excel, much love

  • Busta007 Busta007
    Busta007 Busta007 15 days ago

    hi, great video. can you retrieve the sum of the last 5?

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 15 days ago

      VLOOKUP can't. But we could use 5 VLOOKUPs each to return the last 5. Then sum them.

  • drkash81
    drkash81 16 days ago

    Wow, awesome technique. Thanks a lot for sharing this

  • Thomas Queiroz Costa

    Hi! Your video was incredible, and very easy to follow, thanks a lot. I'm having an error when I try to run this macro on some computers with excel2010, could you help me with that? It crashes at the ".execute" and gives me this msg: "Run-time error '-2147467259 (80004005)': Method 'Execute' of object 'FileDialog' failed I've searched for a explanation, since it works just fine on some computers, but I wasn't able to find anything that could solve this problem :( thanks a lot in advance

  • Salim Saba
    Salim Saba 16 days ago

    Xlookup is simply amazing. I really like all the new features of Microsoft 365 for insiders. The most amazing thing is the Dynamic arrays. Thanks Alan. 👍 🌟

  • angel kz
    angel kz 16 days ago

    Thank you! Just what I've been looking for!

  • Chris Chapman
    Chris Chapman 17 days ago

    Hi Alan - brilliant video. I have a question - some of the tables in my list of URLs have two less columns than the other URLs. Is there a way to cater for this in Power Query, so that the data from all URLs is returned even if the two columns do not exist in some of the tables?

    • Computergaga
      Computergaga 16 days ago

      Thanks Chris. There will be I'm sure but it would take looking into.

  • Sushama Tamore
    Sushama Tamore 17 days ago

    Thanks! helpful