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  • The Bigger Byte
    The Bigger Byte 22 minutes ago

    "I've never arrived at platform 4 before" - that's got to be a euphemism ;)

  • Henrys Adventures

    There are also people who race the tube. I guy did it between Mansion House and Cannon Street, since then loads of people have done it around the World's Metros!

  • Edward Vella
    Edward Vella Hour ago

    what is the board underneath the raspberry pi zero that has the button?

  • Shadowwolf TD5000
    Shadowwolf TD5000 2 hours ago

    I can vividly remember when Silverlink 313s used to run on the North London line out of Clapham Junction. Otherwise known as, by 5 year old me, purple trains! (The OG purple train)

  • Mohammed Azizur Rahman

    hey geoff can u do a least used station on train lines like least used c2c station ans southern and more

  • Pauluk James
    Pauluk James 3 hours ago

    Great episode Geoff very informative shame the place does not really exist in fact Blackgang is really Mordor .

  • Angel Mcfadden
    Angel Mcfadden 4 hours ago

    I have a heart condition,it’s an emergency,damn!

  • mariaud999
    mariaud999 5 hours ago

    I travelled up from St. Pancras to Elstree the other week so I guess I wiuld have heard these guys

  • gritintheoyster
    gritintheoyster 5 hours ago

    Excellent as always, Geoff.

  • Brian Crutchley
    Brian Crutchley 5 hours ago

    Ticket machines were added some months ago along the whole line, along with the smart card readers, but they have yet to come into service. And I'm assured that there now is a Bank Holiday Monday service. The trains are busiest when students are travelling to college in the morning. An extra stop at the interchange retail park would be most welcome. Usually between Christmas and New Year the service is reduced to half.

  • WesternTrains 125
    WesternTrains 125 6 hours ago

    Geoff could you please do a review of the Chiltern Silver Trains (68 hauled trains) perhaps with Vicky as well. I travel on them alot and it would be interesting to see what you two think of them as I really like them.

  • HyperBlueWolf
    HyperBlueWolf 9 hours ago

    I have a freedom pass, so does that mean i am buggered?

  • Charizarzar
    Charizarzar 10 hours ago

    Not that he has an unpleasant voice but I don’t really get why he got chosen as an announcer?

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy 12 hours ago

    3:26 “Platform 12 for the 12:12 Southeastern service to Margate”

  • NEO Digital
    NEO Digital 13 hours ago

    Mind The Gap, my new band name.

  • Yusuf Sulaiman
    Yusuf Sulaiman 13 hours ago

    someone say hi in the background :-)

  • Yusuf Sulaiman
    Yusuf Sulaiman 13 hours ago

    Trams is Train right ? . . . #confused

  • RouteW12
    RouteW12 13 hours ago

    Ian has to be one of my favourite guest to watch. He was knowledgeable. On brand (All The Station). Hope he makes another guest appearance.

  • Isaac Nemzer
    Isaac Nemzer 13 hours ago

    Vicky would have been top 2 no matter her route on willpower alone

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy 12 hours ago

      As a Gamesmaker in 2012 we were allowed to use this - at that time this wasn't included in Oyster fares.

  • mrpete1972
    mrpete1972 13 hours ago

    Try Denton Station in Manchester, I'm sure there is only one train a week..

  • Silver_Arrow
    Silver_Arrow 13 hours ago

    3:49 i still make these exact sounds at random parts of the day

  • Joe Fothergill
    Joe Fothergill 15 hours ago

    Literally does this the moment I move out of southern territory

  • Kayleigh Joyce
    Kayleigh Joyce 15 hours ago

    Geoff could you do Northampton Station please :) we have also had a new line open so a direct train from Northampton (Well Euston via Northampton) to Liverpool Lime Street :) thank you x

  • Emerson Butler
    Emerson Butler 15 hours ago

    I have a station named about me ☺️

  • Zoe M
    Zoe M 15 hours ago

    Considering your looking at Bedfordshire stations please look at Shepreth Station in Cambridgeshire its so odd, completely unmanned 😳

  • Jesus Izquierdo
    Jesus Izquierdo 15 hours ago

    I'm going to London in January, the pricing system is so stupid. Why?

  • Alex's film-house
    Alex's film-house 16 hours ago

    does it work with foreign cards?

  • Stevie Nicholson
    Stevie Nicholson 16 hours ago

    Ah yes, it has reclaimed its crown!

  • Fonda Legend
    Fonda Legend 16 hours ago

    Bradford interchange - Bradford Forster Square?

  • Ewa Z
    Ewa Z 16 hours ago

    I hate a S-stock I really do

  • arsenal fan
    arsenal fan 16 hours ago

    What's that horrible thing your wearing 😯

  • Ash Fuller
    Ash Fuller 16 hours ago

    I never understand why Geoff's videos have dislikes on them?

  • Andy Merrett
    Andy Merrett 16 hours ago

    Why do contactless card users have to *tap* in and out?

  • Omar Elattar
    Omar Elattar 16 hours ago

    Hendon my endzzz

  • Rob Moss
    Rob Moss 16 hours ago

    It might become a lot more busier as the amount of houses being built around that area is immense.

  • Janimation
    Janimation 17 hours ago

    District line to Upminster vs Greater Anglia in Fenchurch street next

  • Lossy Lossnitzer
    Lossy Lossnitzer 17 hours ago

    But I do not have contact less - That is annoying

  • Daniel Wild
    Daniel Wild 17 hours ago

    Hey Geoff Still waiting to see you on the Tram-Train in Rotherham and Sheffield and also it would be nice to see the least used station in South Yorkshire

    • Richard Hutchinson
      Richard Hutchinson 15 hours ago

      Cant do it at the moment as the Tram-Train service is currently suspended

  • Greg Kiteos
    Greg Kiteos 17 hours ago

    According to Wikipedia, Rutland is the 4th smallest county in England. The three counties which are smaller are the Isle of Wight, City of Bristol, and City of London.

  • Martin
    Martin 17 hours ago

    What a toilet pan `o shit. When is it going to open? Why is it over Budget by Billions of pounds.

  • Corin Heathcote
    Corin Heathcote 17 hours ago

    Why the platform has been extended on one side only. When the line was re-signal, the signal was moved away from the level-crossing for safty reason (Standard practise). So when a train gets a red light and it got to stops, it will have all of its coaches on the platform. Your answer Geoff.

  • Martin
    Martin 17 hours ago

    Lets call it what it is: 3+ years late to programme completion. £3Billion pounds over budget. Not due to be operational for the foreseeable future. And a complete and utter waste of taxpayers money.

  • Jordan Weir
    Jordan Weir 18 hours ago

    hardwick ...unfortunate,

  • Greg Kiteos
    Greg Kiteos 18 hours ago

    As of May 2019 the manual crossing gates at Brundall are still there.

  • Harry Horing
    Harry Horing 18 hours ago

    South Yorkshire

  • Jess Lucas
    Jess Lucas 18 hours ago

    there is now a zone system like london on the trams which makes it a lot easier buying tickets

  • iResurrect
    iResurrect 18 hours ago

    Start of the video Geoff looks like a madman

  • Jess Lucas
    Jess Lucas 18 hours ago

    i’m from stretford which is the station before old trafford :)))

  • Greg Kiteos
    Greg Kiteos 18 hours ago

    I got off at Brundall in May this year. Lovely station where I got some nice pictures too. The manual level crossing and semaphore signals were still there and it was nice to see trains travelling over the points to and from Yarmouth. There’s also a nice pub next to the station that does nice food.

  • Henrys Adventures
    Henrys Adventures 18 hours ago

    Another great video! Thank you for telling us about this ticket. I might buy one myself for a 313 bash!

  • Samuel Weeks
    Samuel Weeks 18 hours ago

    It's the race against Kempston Hardwick and Aspley Guise, what will be the least used station in Bedfordshire 2020??????

  • Kevin Boyd
    Kevin Boyd 19 hours ago

    I watched this most of the time, while I was doing admin. The interview was engaging and well planned.

  • Greg Kiteos
    Greg Kiteos 19 hours ago

    I got off at Berney Arms in April 2018 and walked the rest of the way to Great Yarmouth, and back again. It was a lovely day for it and the area is divine. I was one of three people who got off the train. Sadly the pub and cafe are now closed.

  • Greg Kiteos
    Greg Kiteos 19 hours ago

    Good video. Very amusing. Fair play to Northern for stopping to make up for the cancelled service.

  • R. Alexander Corbitt
    R. Alexander Corbitt 19 hours ago

    Saw those teeth things on Transpennine Express trains on a trip down to Carlisle back in July. Didn't know what they were tho. Thx

  • Trevor Baker
    Trevor Baker 19 hours ago

    Did catching the train from Catford to Catford Bridge involve more walking than simply walking between the two stations?

  • Louis Millard
    Louis Millard 19 hours ago


  • king caino
    king caino 20 hours ago

    When is least used in Devon?

  • TheAwsomeness8474 Games

    9:48 bleep

  • WDH59510
    WDH59510 20 hours ago

    Just to add that no Glaswegian I know (I am one) calls our underground railway system the 'Clockwork Orange'. Or the 'Tube'. Or the 'Metro'. 'Clockwork Orange' seems to have been made up by a marketing man as a joke.

  • RedArrow73
    RedArrow73 20 hours ago

    9:12 - (US Lingo) - Hash marks.

  • YDBSA3452 TheObjectShowFan

    4:59 There is no new trains on the Bakerloo in 2018. There will be one in the future.

  • Conor
    Conor 21 hour ago

    You can still see the old Kempston Station house next to the Retail Park where it runs behind Geoff. - As a local I know this :)

  • Elliot Brown
    Elliot Brown 21 hour ago

    When you said “let’s go down to Weymouth” I was so happy because you wanted to come to my hometown

    • Elliot Brown
      Elliot Brown 21 hour ago

      Never mind they got off at our neighbour Dorchester

  • David Avery
    David Avery 21 hour ago

    Geoff I wonder if the one platform with the signal is longer than the other because drivers are not meant to stop close to signals. If they stop 150-200m from the signal customers can still alight or join as the platform is longer. Also, because of the level crossing it makes more sense to stay back especially if the signal is red and weather conditions are bad which could result in a possible SPAD/overrrun.

  • Gary Butler
    Gary Butler 22 hours ago

    Surprised you didn't head to Bolton/Wigan to pick it up...

  • The Jackson Winfrey Project

    Their subways look really nice

  • George Chambers III
    George Chambers III 22 hours ago

    There may still be a petition on to add through services as request stops and/or extend Mersey Rail.

  • charliezattic
    charliezattic 22 hours ago

    Yay! My localest station 😬

  • Hunter Brown
    Hunter Brown 22 hours ago

    Why am I watching a video about a transit system in a country I've never been in

  • Paul Carney
    Paul Carney 22 hours ago

    As a Bedford local I would say you did well to get 13 mins of usable footage about Kempston Hardwick station. Kempston itself is hardly a village any longer and is just morphing into a Bedford over spill area with an insufficient travel structure.

  • tony jones
    tony jones 22 hours ago

    Least used station in Anglsey: Llangefni.

  • ABM W
    ABM W 23 hours ago


  • Jamo 75
    Jamo 75 23 hours ago

    Where did you think Glasgow was ? The fuckin Mediterranean ? Of course its raining ffs 😂

  • tb3420
    tb3420 Day ago

    The automated announcements on the 710s, on this route and the Watford line, are a bit of a mess. No mention of what the service is, only “the train”; and different parts of the same announcement can be different volumes. They almost seem like placeholders until they could get them recorded properly.

  • Heretic OSJC
    Heretic OSJC Day ago

    I like Ian bring him back!

  • Ian Drury
    Ian Drury Day ago

    This is the old Varsity Line isn't it?

  • Lauren Moore
    Lauren Moore Day ago

    do a least used station in cambridgeshire!

  • Henrys Adventures

    The people of Roy Bridge must have thought "Geoff Marshall is coming, let's all mow our lawns"! Who's Roy anyway?

  • Henrys Adventures

    A not on the tube! I did knot know that!

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov Day ago

    3:26 “Platform 12 for the 12:12 Southeastern service to Margate”


    I visited both stations earlier in the year it certainly has nothing around it for a station

  • stuart currie
    stuart currie Day ago

    search "a perfect misunderstanding" on youtube for a interesting video featuring Kempston Hardwick

  • Bib The Boulder

    With the ever expanding population in the whole area I am sure Kempston Hardwick will soon enough be a station at the heart of a busy suburb of Bedford....then it will probably be closed....

  • Bib The Boulder

    I used to like the smell that came from the brick works at Stewartby....

  • Calvin Breakwell

    Do Least Used station in Staffordshire

  • Tom U
    Tom U Day ago

    A challenge for next year; catch a 01:01 (am or pm) on the 01/01 from platform 1 (any station). Catch a 02:02 on the 02/02 from platform 2. and so on.....12 nice episodes.

    • aola wili
      aola wili 21 hour ago

      It takes 7 minutes to Stratford International by javelin hs1 and tube takes 20 mins and u got to walk to station

  • Jamie Lipscomb

    Now we need a Disused Accessible Ramps video

  • Alex Verdigris

    "No Internationals trains stop at Stratford International." So not an international station then. Should be called "Stratford Local".

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov Day ago

      that is left as an exercise for the reader.

  • Gustav Löwgren

    A re-opened station where they talk about at 08:18 could look something like this:

  • Ron Tanser
    Ron Tanser Day ago

    That was a wonderful video Geoff I wonder if they will still make a comeback in a small way in the future like the steam trains have done

  • MAS_ pilot
    MAS_ pilot Day ago

    Never knew the central line says this train terminates at Hainult via Newbrey Park

  • Tycho Botter
    Tycho Botter Day ago

    Ian should come along more often

  • mckenzie403
    mckenzie403 Day ago

    Try and sit on the 25 bus from Central London to Stratford and see how long it will take. ( possibly a long time) 😂

    • aola wili
      aola wili 21 hour ago

      that is left as an exercise for the reader.

  • Rhydian Edwards

    I very nearly ended up using this station a few years back. I was looking at buying a car at BCA (British Car Auctions) Bedford which is just down the road. Unfortunately that car ended bid too high for me so I ended up having to go to the slightly less exciting Peterbrorough to get my new wheels!

  • aola wili
    aola wili Day ago

    No one: "Hello ladies and gemtlrmen, we are just stuck at a red light signal"

  • xXPyrophorusXx

    Rainy day in my birth town. I love how all the shows (Least used station in..., All The Stations) have their own music.

  • Dave Kirwin
    Dave Kirwin Day ago

    I do need to go and have a trundle on the old D-Stock...and why not take in the least used while I'm there?!

  • Ethan 555
    Ethan 555 Day ago

    Do a least used station in Wales.

  • chandan sinha
    chandan sinha Day ago

    Same i experienced in london subway