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  • Marcia Sutton
    Marcia Sutton 3 minutes ago

    You should do the trams in nottingham next its a fun journey

  • ledjo
    ledjo 4 minutes ago

    I cant hear you on my thameslink trains (rainham line)

  • Mr Francesco31
    Mr Francesco31 9 minutes ago

    To be honest I do the Piccadilly line everyday personally I think Leicester Square to Piccadilly Circus is more closer. Literally it’s basically walking from Five guys to the hippodrome casino which is like 3-4mins walk.

  • Jaime Brown
    Jaime Brown 32 minutes ago

    Los Angeles: Closes 2 major light rail sections that render the line useless, delays construction by a month, and travel is still $1.50 London: Rolled out some trains which is great, FREE TRAVEL Londoners should be grateful

  • ChasMusic
    ChasMusic 48 minutes ago

    Um, why is TfL using a koala as a mascot for their timetables page?

  • ChasMusic
    ChasMusic Hour ago

    Wait, there's still smoking seats on buses? Okay, a question: What's the furthest you can go, traveling through London, on local public transit buses (as opposed to rail or intercity buses) in one day? With no one-day restrictions but with no gaps?

  • NathanTheRandom707

    When I started watching it I thought “ hmm 🤔 Geoff starts a lot like a woman “

  • Adriyan Angelov
    Adriyan Angelov Hour ago

    please do a video in Hong Kong how hot is the MTR they are air conditioned

  • TH Trains
    TH Trains 2 hours ago

    This is a great brilliant fantastic awesome amazing video i love it 😍 well done great job 🙂😍😎💕💗💖❤️😍

  • TheChrisD
    TheChrisD 4 hours ago

    Just a shame that to do this in Dublin, you wouldn't get very far what with the bus 3 stage fare being €1.55 and Luas 1 zone fare being €1.54. Which I guess means the winner would be the 40E from Tyrrelstown to Broombridge.

  • Bill Holland
    Bill Holland 4 hours ago - Blake Hall station, pre-closure in 1981... now THAT was a quiet station.

  • mllClam
    mllClam 4 hours ago

    Those are the cleanest least beat up freight cars I’ve ever seen.

  • N the Otaku
    N the Otaku 4 hours ago


  • mllClam
    mllClam 4 hours ago

    In the late 70s I used to have to wait for freight trains to clear the crossing when walking home from my girlfriend‘s place at 2AM. We didn’t have the technology to document our lives then so the memory is only in my head. When I’m gone it’s gone. Pretty sure nobody else could read this and know who that girlfriend was. Actually I’m not sure who it was either. So nobody knows. But the big news is that there aren’t even train tracks left there anymore.

  • mllClam
    mllClam 4 hours ago

    My world works to stymie pedestrians so I’m ecstatic to see all these passageways and crossings for people rather than cars.

  • Oliver
    Oliver 6 hours ago

    Lmao I’m in this video???

  • Midnight
    Midnight 7 hours ago

    Ummm yeah ehhh what the f*** did I just watch?

  • mllClam
    mllClam 7 hours ago

    Should have known Bombardier would be pronounced correctly here.

  • mllClam
    mllClam 8 hours ago

    Hopefully at some point the ‘why’ question will be answered... why the reflectors and total station or whatever? Is it to detect the tunnel shifting in response to other tunneling?

  • 1973Washu
    1973Washu 8 hours ago

    Is there a Beck style map of all rail services in London? That could be quite a useful thing to have, even if it might need to be the size of a small paperback.

  • Thomas’s Info Lab
    Thomas’s Info Lab 9 hours ago

    0:05 my ringtone from now on

  • OldUKAds
    OldUKAds 10 hours ago

    I moved 18 months ago, so too little too late Goblin. Although that could be Sadiq Khan's slogan. Too Little Too Late.

  • Mr joke guy
    Mr joke guy 10 hours ago

    **You feel your sins crawling in your back**

  • Matthew Good
    Matthew Good 10 hours ago

    The problem is that from the South West it’s the slower line that’s used so people tend to automatically use the Penzance to Paddington line as it’s about 30-50 mins quicker.

  • rahmah mohamed
    rahmah mohamed 11 hours ago

    Came up in my recommend and it was definitely worth watching!!!!

  • Ken Young
    Ken Young 12 hours ago

    Ok heres a challenge. Whats the shortest bus ride? I nominate 24 bus two stops by Victoria station 20 yards apart. Time on bus 15 seconds.

  • Sebastian Doe
    Sebastian Doe 12 hours ago

    I like how you manage to make a tube journey so interesting

  • Reggie Buffat
    Reggie Buffat 14 hours ago

    You gentlemen are very British and very silly. :-)

  • Rakim Kargbo
    Rakim Kargbo 14 hours ago

    Geoff Marshall and Vicki pipe make me laugh

  • iiShortz
    iiShortz 14 hours ago

    Woah! The C stock is John Cena?

  • Milk and Duck gaming
    Milk and Duck gaming 15 hours ago

    I wonder what the cab looks like. Also this train is no longer DOO, now with a conductor. Not sure why we need door buttons, as soon as they have been released by the guard they should open like the LU (buttons are used to reopen on s stock autoclose). Better than the 755, as this doesn't have some ramp which delays the door (AHHHHHH).

  • Jonathan Le Mesurier
    Jonathan Le Mesurier 15 hours ago

    O.O what song have you used in this one Geoff? #SayNoToCalibri

  • Robert Willoughby
    Robert Willoughby 15 hours ago

    Sadly not the original Paxman Valenta engine. If you'd have been in that engine room, no amount of earplug would have saved your hearing!

  • piece by piece
    piece by piece 15 hours ago


  • South Western Trainspotter & Buses

    What is the background music?

  • Alexej Chram
    Alexej Chram 16 hours ago

    Hi, Geoff. Thanks for your videos, I like them a lot. I´d like to ask a question on fares in South London. Did I get it right, that an extra fee of 1,50 or 1,70 is charged, if changing from the National Rail to the Underground System inside zone 1? If so, why and how do Londoners react to that?

  • Someguy
    Someguy 16 hours ago

    Geoff I have a challenge for you. Try and ride every overground line in London and see how quickly you can do it! It doesn't matter if you don't do all the overground stations as long as you ride an overground train on every line (unless you want to). Good luck if you decide to do this!

  • Patricia Hall
    Patricia Hall 17 hours ago

    Wonderful, what a difference in infrastructure development from my commute days in the 80s (OK long time ago). Always enjoy your videos Geoff. Praps you might like to trundle around Leeds/Liverpool/Manchester/Birmingham rail infrastructure by way of a comparison?

    • Silent Hunter
      Silent Hunter 9 hours ago

      I remember riding in the guard's van of a slam door unit on the Goblin in 1999/2000...

  • richjhart
    richjhart 17 hours ago

    To be fair, Waterloo is the equal least used station on the Waterloo and City line

  • Reyhana Patel
    Reyhana Patel 18 hours ago

    Any good places to go for a family day out?

  • Les 1266
    Les 1266 19 hours ago


  • ass
    ass 19 hours ago

    it shouldnt be on the tube map, TFL already has a map with national rail in it on their website

  • oocares
    oocares 19 hours ago

    Should have jumped out at West Hampstead. It's 'almost' been completely rebuilt...

  • James Butler
    James Butler 20 hours ago

    Eeerrr.....but surely the system doesn't know what route you take, if you touch in anywhere outside zone 1 and then touch out in zone 6, the system doesn't know if you have travelled through zone one of not, it Will only know that if you change trains in zone 1 and touch s pink reader in zone 1.

  • Ian Mcclavin
    Ian Mcclavin 21 hour ago

    I noticed on the Victoria Line train maps, many still don't show Overground at Seven Sisters and Walthamstow Central. It looks like stickers have been removed from that section of the map, but they may have been the ones showing that section temporarily closed a few years ago.

  • David Dixon
    David Dixon 21 hour ago

    Brilliant -as always

  • James Butler
    James Butler 21 hour ago

    There are these things you can buy called gloves. ;)

  • James Butler
    James Butler 21 hour ago

    Is the matching green of the handrail at Nuneaton and the train livery deliberate or just a happy coincidence?

  • Nicholas
    Nicholas 21 hour ago

    What do the 40 or so passengers come for ?

  • Paul Kennedy
    Paul Kennedy 22 hours ago

    Wouldn't it be Gospel Oak to Barking LINe rather than GOspel oak to Barking LINe. That's how I think of it anyway.

  • John Swanson
    John Swanson 22 hours ago

    Ayy my dad worked on that mural with Alistair

  • Ian Gascoigne
    Ian Gascoigne 23 hours ago

    It’s amazing they take the money out straight away but can take up to two weeks to pay it back. So they get to keep all the interest.

    • KbT Red
      KbT Red 2 hours ago

      @OldUKAds Such as using an OSI to 'start' a qualifying journey!

    • OldUKAds
      OldUKAds 10 hours ago

      I suspect there's a lot of manual working going on behind the scenes to process refunds. It's an unusual and temporary scenario, and as this video demonstrates there are many variables.

  • Ian Gascoigne
    Ian Gascoigne 23 hours ago

    Geoff doing his best Roy Orbison impression.


    once at Roby a 319 BROKE DOWN 1 YARD FROM STN XD

  • Michael Robinson


  • Andy Richards
    Andy Richards Day ago

    Well those are a vast improvement on the days of the Class 104s cascaded from the North-west. And they were knackered when we got rid of them...

  • Kieran Terry
    Kieran Terry Day ago

    4:28 - how do you get an Oyster Balance with 71p? Even with railcards there only fares charged to the nearest 5p


    I like how the new trains have the roundels on the front... Ither that or they're built by Nissan

  • Robert Ewalt
    Robert Ewalt Day ago

    Such pretty cars, but why so few people?

  • Leonard Berg
    Leonard Berg Day ago

    Denmark Hill, visible on the map at 1:44, was my local station when I lived in South London in the 1970's

  • Michael Bruchas

    My head is spinning....

  • Michael Bruchas

    Love that tram!

  • ScottLad
    ScottLad Day ago

    Where can I get those orange oyster wallets that Geoff showed on Twitter?

  • Jack's Railway Journeys

    Whilst it's great that they've done this I do think it a little over the top to give a month of free travel for the disruption. As I understand the 4tph frequency was reduced to 2tph and some dates nothing at all, but it's not like passengers were stranded, there are many other tube and National Rail stations very nearby and frequent buses all over the place. Further north, we had 47 days of strikes with zero trains whatsoever and we get.... nothing. As a side note I recently made an Oyster journey that confused me slightly: 20:18 Paddington -> 20:53 Archway - £1.60 20:18 Automated Refund £2.05 So I actually made profit on this journey with no idea why. (Journey taken on September 8th)

  • Tim Rowe
    Tim Rowe Day ago

    That's why I don't use the top deck on double-decker buses. The stairs are equivalent to a 15 storey building.

  • Christopher Lewis

    What is this 'walking' that you talk about?

  • gavin dunn
    gavin dunn Day ago

    Congrats on 100k subs, absolutely awesome. Great to see you visit Needham Market which is a lovely town. Hopefully one day you will visit Stowmarket station. Great vid as always.

  • Ricky Morgan
    Ricky Morgan Day ago

    I'm off work this week so thinking of trying it tomorrow 😀🚉

  • Rob Kennedy
    Rob Kennedy Day ago

    We've been working on the trams recently replacing the cameras, if you look in the video you can see the new shiny white ones. This station is really spooky at night and last time I was there a family of foxes ran past us haha

  • bluntcrayola
    bluntcrayola Day ago

    Love watching your videos, cant belive you was outside where i was staying in london for the summer and i missed you , so sad

  • Damien N
    Damien N Day ago

    I do like that the 345's and 710's have the roundel on the front of them.

    • Andrew Gwilt
      Andrew Gwilt 19 hours ago

      Yh I have noticed the roundels at the front and rear end of the Class 345 and Class 710. Even though I have been on the Class 345 but not on the Class 710. Which hopefully I should take a ride on the Class 710 train. Before the weather turns cold lol.

  • MusicVideosExtreme

    Does the gold discount only apply if you buy a rail card or is there any other ways to get a discount as a customer?

    • Geoff Marshall
      Geoff Marshall Day ago

      you can get the 1/3 Oyster discount with the : 16-25 Railcard, 26-30 Railcard, Senior Railcard, Disabled Railcard, HM Forces Railcard, and the Annual Gold Card (which is what i have)

  • OtisL
    OtisL Day ago

    Admit it Geoff. You have an obsession over bin bags in the breeze.

  • Maisie Moo
    Maisie Moo Day ago

    Nice sunglasses

  • businessbuilding1

    Funded by Bombardier- in other words the Canadian taxpayer. Bombardier is a joke.

    • Andrew Gwilt
      Andrew Gwilt 19 hours ago

      Well Bombardier will still manufacture new Aventra trains despite they have had technical problems with the TfL Rail Class 345 and London Overground Class 710 which slowed down the production line. As they kind of behind schedule and are yet to manufacture the: South Western Railway Class 701 c2c Class 711 Greater Anglia Class 720 and West Midlands Trains Class 730 And new Bi-mode Aventra trains which of could of been built for East Midlands Railway but instead Hitachi have won the contract and are to manufacture the AT300 IETs for East Midlands Railway.

    • businessbuilding1
      businessbuilding1 20 hours ago

      Norbiton Flyer no, but it probably could be considered so given how many times the Canadian has had to bail the company out.

    • Norbiton Flyer
      Norbiton Flyer 23 hours ago

      Is Bombardier state-owned then?

  • Noddy Mac
    Noddy Mac Day ago

    If this is the case over a late role out of trains, imagine how much free travel you'd get for 'Lizzy Line' when it eventually opens!

    • john smith
      john smith 13 hours ago

      You work for the l.u ? Do you ever look at your colleagues at the gate on the station and think theres about 3 or 4 people working here that dont really need to be there?

    • angus504
      angus504 13 hours ago

      Noddy Mac except that unfortunately Crossrail hasn’t impacted upon people in the same way that the problems on the GOB had impacted its users!

    • TheSniper9752
      TheSniper9752 14 hours ago

      Noddy Mac, Enough time to bankrupt TFL I'd imagine.

    • Noddy Mac
      Noddy Mac Day ago

      angus504 I’m well aware of the issues with Crossrail, I used to work on it before joining LU. My point is if you’re getting a month free travel on the ‘Goblin’ because of the delays in rolling out new trains, imagine how long you could get free travel on Crossrail for because of all the mishaps.

    • angus504
      angus504 Day ago

      But that line isn't delayed just because of the trains.

  • Neil Wilson
    Neil Wilson Day ago

    Is there a Sunday service?

  • timor64
    timor64 Day ago

    The best thing about this video is it shows the rabbit-warren disadvantage of taking the tube. Like cramming matches into a box getting on, and spilling them all over the place getting off. The exit signage in the tube is there first and foremost for efficient disengorgement of the passengers, not necessarily to point you to your optimal exit - and this video shows that even experts get foxed by it.. In any case subject yourself to that if a comfortable service gave you a view of the river too? Now Thameslink will run 24 trains / hr - through the core - its as good as turn-up & go. Please say hello to Andy. He's gone quiet and I hope he's OK. T

  • Ian Thomson
    Ian Thomson Day ago

    I feel I'm missing out on this as I have a 60+ Oyster card so I get free travel anyway! Tomorrow I'll be using it to visit all the least used Tube stations in a day- I don't know if anyone's done this before, or indeed if it's possible. I'll let you know. PS I'm enjoying All the Stations, a bit late I know but now I'm retired I have the time to watch things like that.

    • James Sadler
      James Sadler Day ago

      @Ian Thomson cheers for the offer, but I don't think I'll make it

    • Ian Thomson
      Ian Thomson Day ago

      @James Sadler If you can get to Kenton station for 8am you're welcome to come along!

    • James Sadler
      James Sadler Day ago

      Let me know if you need a companion

  • G H
    G H Day ago

    4.56 - 5.05 Geoff, welcome to Leyton Middle Road! Never heard of that station in existence!

  • alex cantlow
    alex cantlow Day ago

    Legend says his home is the network 😂

  • Abner Oliveira Cardoso

    Legal mesmo metrô

  • Stephen Dines
    Stephen Dines Day ago

    I travelled on this service a couple of weeks ago, very impressed.

  • Why on earth have i done this

    Go up the A10 from shorditch to cambridge hahahahha.. sorry i mean M25 or Turkey street on the overground netwrok to cheshunt.

  • zawtowers
    zawtowers Day ago

    StreetView map of the 108 bus stop that Hugo mentioned - and yes, it does look pretty grim!

  • Kent Explorer
    Kent Explorer Day ago

    5:42 When you’re late pulling into a station and you see your connecting train leaving.

  • James Lynch
    James Lynch Day ago

    Least Used Bus Route Contenders: 375 to Passingford Bridge (every 1½ Hours) or 347 to Ockendon (every 2 Hours)

  • Sam Brookes
    Sam Brookes Day ago

    5:01 you wrote Leyton Middle Road instead of Leyton Midland Road

  • Brayan DePaula4

    And lucky enough when you got to the overground you got the new trains not the class 172

    • Andrew Gwilt
      Andrew Gwilt Day ago

      Brayan DePaula4 Indeed. Which is why if London Overground did retain some of the Class 172/0s. I would think that they could of used them on the West Ealing-Greenford branch line. If London Overground did took over that route. Instead the Class 172/0s have been cascaded to West Midlands Railway and I think Class 165 using the Greenford branch line could be retained if London Overground were to take over the West Ealing-Greenford line.

  • Great hairy Fool

    Perhaps Network Rail should offer the same deal to passengers on this line bearing all the delays they caused while electricfying the line.

    • AsHalt
      AsHalt Day ago

      "that's a feature not a bug" -- IT developers

  • GrievousArmy
    GrievousArmy Day ago

    How do I donate you money? I WANT TO DONATE MONEY!!!

    • Geoff Marshall
      Geoff Marshall Day ago

      Vicki would love it if you signed up to her Patreon! She's putting videos on the 'All The Stations' channel ...

  • Dan Coleman
    Dan Coleman Day ago

    Anyone else think that the new station at Tottenham Hale looks absolutely hideous?

  • Robert Hindle
    Robert Hindle Day ago

    That seems like a phenomenally complicated way to offer a free journey.

    • KbT Red
      KbT Red 2 hours ago

      No wonder it was not explained. So you can travel anywhere in London for free for a month as long as you break your Journey for 20 mins on the GoBlin (tea break). Like Geoff I thought it was only free travel on that line, but rather it is for GoBlin station customers. Pity the transfer customers using interchanges without pink readers.

    • Stuart McConnachie
      Stuart McConnachie Day ago

      Robert Hindle: My guess is it’s tied into some existing system for giving refunds for “operational issues”. Hence the email Geoff got at the end. Behind the scenes someone’s running a script to extract all the qualifying journeys and then pushing that data into the refund system. For a “one off” probably a lot easier than changing the whole system not to charge you in the first place.

  • L Fewell
    L Fewell Day ago

    Just wondering what the GOBLIN will be called when it's extended to barking riverside, GOBRLIN doesn't sound quite right!

    • Robert Hindle
      Robert Hindle 16 hours ago

      GOBaRivLin? Sounds like a make of whisky...

  • Zimpaz
    Zimpaz Day ago

    Whats the music? love it

  • James Sadler
    James Sadler Day ago

    Interesting point about barking. If you use the lift from the ticket hall to the goblin, you bypass the ticket barriers. Not that it matters at barking cos every other person tailgates anyway

  • george mac
    george mac Day ago

    Good seeing scotrail wallet

  • James Sadler
    James Sadler Day ago

    Isn't the whole of the goblin in zone 2? So £1.50 a journey. I did a few (ten) journeys exploring earlier this month. I'm expecting £15 credit to my Oyster even though I hold a 1-6 travel card. Wish me luck.

    • James Sadler
      James Sadler Day ago

      @Geoff Marshall sorry I was confused. I checked it on the fare checker and whatever the zone, it's always £1.50 on the goblin that's what confused me

    • Geoff Marshall
      Geoff Marshall Day ago

      Nope, it's in 2 & 3 and then Barking is in Z4.

  • gavin dunn
    gavin dunn Day ago

    Fantastic video as always Geoff, big fan.

  • Reeta Tassberg

    Just as I’m coming there!