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What Is Fake Fish?
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How Patrón Makes Its Tequila
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How Cookie Cutters Are Made
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  • Donghae’s bitch
    Donghae’s bitch 8 seconds ago

    I saw this and I was like “subway fell????”, here in Brazil we love it and eat it all the time, sometimes I eat it once or twice a week and it’s my favorite

  • Isaiah Macias
    Isaiah Macias 57 seconds ago

    Well they definitely going downhill anyways by ariannas lawsuit against them

  • loopylupin1130
    loopylupin1130 6 minutes ago

    Halo top milkshakes?????? Yes!!! Sign me up!!

  • Enter name
    Enter name 9 minutes ago

    Guys I haven't ate lobster before is it really good?

  • Renato Shealey
    Renato Shealey 12 minutes ago

    We call it white supremacy! Prince Hall are the assistance!

  • Youn Bora
    Youn Bora 18 minutes ago

    As a sephora associate I can't agree more. Plus what people don't also realize is that we struggle from trying not to buy the latest product, especially when we are around it from 6 to 8 hours every day. I can tell you this, 90 percent of my pay sadly goes straight back to sephora.

  • Bigboibob
    Bigboibob 27 minutes ago

    I saw here at a Trump rally

  • aaa o
    aaa o 32 minutes ago

    I feel bad for the founders :(

  • Panik NT
    Panik NT 34 minutes ago

    Fucken hypocrites,only ducks are raised this way?You fat KFC eating mfos

  • Cool Thing with Noel
    Cool Thing with Noel 34 minutes ago

    I would know i live in Nevada

  • Damien Lewis
    Damien Lewis 34 minutes ago

    removing the yoga mat material from their bread was a good start

  • Cool Thing with Noel
    Cool Thing with Noel 34 minutes ago

    Why dose he say ne-vah-da it’s ne-va-da

  • raven50x
    raven50x 36 minutes ago

    They need a daycare for men who have to wait for their wifes/gf's

  • Cosmic Giggler
    Cosmic Giggler 39 minutes ago

    It’s interesting the internet’s taking over shopping- more so with women’s clothing. I never buy clothes online- every company makes their sizes a bit different. I’d be wasting my time if I ordered online just to have it arrive and not fit! Interesting

  • Jae Oppa
    Jae Oppa 40 minutes ago

    Wow, did not it was created from Koreans

  • James H
    James H 45 minutes ago

    If it was a doomsday scenario this plane would not be able to air refuel and will just last one day. Should make a nuclear power plane to fly longer lol.

  • Ecos Last13
    Ecos Last13 45 minutes ago

    Its a true pleasure to watch the orphants of wisdome (the Germans) listen to "The Wisdome" itself. Jeff - u r one of the most wise people I ever listened to.

  • Bignut Johnson
    Bignut Johnson 46 minutes ago

    Dude the sub shop near my house will sell you a sub that has almost a pound of meat and tons of cheese and delicious veggies for 10 bucks and it’s enough to feed 2 people. The same sub at subway costs like 15 bucks and there’s fuckin 8 pieces of disgusting meat and terrible cheese with nasty ass veggies on it.

  • Apple Lemonade
    Apple Lemonade 46 minutes ago

    Wah beautiful I Naver see this kind off koi fish big size

  • Ziggy
    Ziggy 47 minutes ago

    Maybe put f21+ in every store 😒🖕

  • Chowdhury1000
    Chowdhury1000 51 minute ago

    For me they started to fall after they got rid of the $5 footlong.

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 54 minutes ago


  • I am milan
    I am milan 57 minutes ago

    Didn't know South Koreans were behind it

  • Chai Wala
    Chai Wala 57 minutes ago

    So now fruits are also getting deported aswell. Damn those mexicans be hiding in my avocado

  • sean cash
    sean cash Hour ago

    A bunch of morons. It's the most free country in the whole world and still they're not satisfied.

  • chromaticcanuck
    chromaticcanuck Hour ago

    I used to like some of their stuff and got a few good sweaters and accessories, there but more and more often they've just had weird/hideous/cheap looking stuff

  • Fredriik Forkbeard

    Always charging forward is the height of stupidity. There’s something called a strategic retreat - where it’s smarter to pull back to regroup or to lure the enemy into an ambush, or to make your force appear larger - than to sacrifice your soldiers in an act of foolish bravado.

  • Asian Mouse
    Asian Mouse Hour ago

    These melons are so special, it gets its own little bed.

  • Lauren
    Lauren Hour ago

    next: H&M... and every other fast fashion company.

  • Rylee Lewis
    Rylee Lewis Hour ago

    I wonder how many other former employees are in these comments.

  • Keira Shena
    Keira Shena Hour ago

    The last thing I want to do is buy pants online... ID RATHER SHOVE MY BUTT OVER TO A STORE IRL AND TRY THEM ON TO SEE IF THEY FIT


    its corporate food you know its garbage....who eats this shit anyway

  • Keira Shena
    Keira Shena Hour ago

    Forever 21 is literally one of the only places here I can buy “trendy clothes from Asia” (not to be bias) because it was so diverse and in person rather than online on those sketchy websites, or me having to fly all the way across the world just for a cute top with writing on it. Seriously gonna miss it...

  • sugarbubbles Bathbakery

    Those are not samples they are testers.

  • Russ M
    Russ M Hour ago

    Well, maybe now its a forever 91?

  • LNR.73
    LNR.73 Hour ago

    "little baby in the back with a birkinnnnnn"

  • Moomin Jeno
    Moomin Jeno Hour ago

    Reason why I stopped going here is because the quality of clothes they sell here in my country is seriously bad. They export old clothes from other countries (they don't even bother with the price tags) and sell them for $7-$10 when the fabric is old & disheveled.

  • Charles Wild
    Charles Wild Hour ago

    Business Insider - Thank you. My thoughts on working memory, short term memory, medium term memory, long term memory: - Charles Thomas Wild

  • Rachel Idk
    Rachel Idk Hour ago

    they should open a store filled With only their cookies, they are amazing

  • JohnnyBDyer
    JohnnyBDyer Hour ago

    It's just a sandwich, they are not cheap, they must not pay their help much, because always have a new crew every time I go in, I go about once a month, Schlotskys is tons better.

  • Angie Jacobo
    Angie Jacobo Hour ago

    never liked that place bc of its mass production, but it’s really sad that some of the stores got closed down due to people not going to the stores and actually walking for once.

  • Shelby Pierce
    Shelby Pierce Hour ago

    The reason I dressed like a hoe in 7th grade wearing my Cheetos tube top

    TROPICAL BLUE Hour ago


  • Will McRae
    Will McRae 2 hours ago

    my grandma has like 30 of these, didn't know they were rare.

  • Nirav Patel
    Nirav Patel 2 hours ago

    Let’s call it TOY CAN 🤦‍♂️

  • Bryn Adamski
    Bryn Adamski 2 hours ago

    no, I just think that they started making ramen sweatshirts and all of us got uninterested 🤡

  • Da Main Mang
    Da Main Mang 2 hours ago

    Without watching this, ill bet it somehow magically makes it "his fault "

  • Julius Adams
    Julius Adams 2 hours ago

    I don't see how anybody even want to live in New York City it's overcrowded the streets are dirty and trashy

  • Julius Adams
    Julius Adams 2 hours ago

    I used to work in New York I live in Pennsylvania and let me tell you the money they spend on apartments in New York is ridiculous I'll talk about the average apartment like $3,000 to $5,000 a month Apartments that are one or two bedroom that are very extremely small slum run down looking but here in Pennsylvania you can get a nice 2 to 3 bedroom apartment for $700 to $1,000 and there are a lot larger Apartments and cleaner and much nicer neighborhoods

  • Julius Adams
    Julius Adams 2 hours ago

    I would rather not even live in the city if I could afford it I would buy a nice Ranch House somewhere in a nice country back setting area and have me a large backyard acres of land inground swimming pool my closest Neighbors would be a half a mile away from me just peace and quiet for the fraction of a price of that overpriced ridiculously 28.5 million-dollar apartment that is ridiculous

  • Angel rose
    Angel rose 2 hours ago

    I’m over here struggling with my third-graders homework!

  • Ramon MN
    Ramon MN 2 hours ago

    Why am I suddently hungry? And why am I watching this at 3.45 am?

  • danoosh S
    danoosh S 2 hours ago

    I like forever 21, but all their clothes are mini dresses, would be nice to add midis and other styles. Also the fabrics isn’t so good... they can still survive, just

  • black anaconda
    black anaconda 2 hours ago

    best president ever!

  • Lord Commander
    Lord Commander 2 hours ago

    It tastes good, but really, it is pretty expensive, at least for my country and the deli meats sandwiches are just not worth it. 2-3 slices in a sandwich worth that much? No, thanks.

  • Angel Morales
    Angel Morales 2 hours ago

    Thank You President Trump and your administration for sticking to your promise on building a wall for the protection of out American Citizens.

  • vi zeath
    vi zeath 2 hours ago

    Why are all the employees good looking?

  • twayna thomas
    twayna thomas 2 hours ago

    I'm so happy someone did this and their plus size clothes are so expensive now.

  • Meme4gang44 Meme4Gang44

    1:46 when your eating her ass and she farts

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez 2 hours ago

    Oh , I’ve gotta have those apple slices from McDonald’s

  • Twig
    Twig 2 hours ago

    everything that isn't the actual meat is safe. like all fish... Edit: for most fish, I meant favorable.

  • Anthony Vasquez
    Anthony Vasquez 2 hours ago

    Danny Devito jumpscare

  • Eirish Diño
    Eirish Diño 2 hours ago

    Wala talagang forever

  • Kelly Star
    Kelly Star 3 hours ago

    The grew too fast and made extremely cheap clothes.... then online stores came. Pretty little, fashion nova etc.....

  • Mechelle iscool
    Mechelle iscool 3 hours ago

    I bought a zipper skirt from forever 21 I bought it at the store and tried it on bought it the next two days I was getting ready for a concert I was dancing with it on and BAMM the zipper just popped open wtf I had to change my whole outfit! There zippers are so cheap they break easily wasted 20 bucks there more expensive now.

  • Estebandido22
    Estebandido22 3 hours ago

    I have met people that can't afford their insulin and vote republican in the elections, when the other side has plans to control this costs.

  • Catlove05
    Catlove05 3 hours ago

    I got 2 huge blisters on the bottom of my feet and I can’t even stand.....N E V E R wear converse while running continuously..... 😟 what do I do now!?! 😂😭

  • Giselle Castellano
    Giselle Castellano 3 hours ago

    Trader Joe's has been my saving grace since going vegan. I don't feel like I'm finding a needle in a haystack when looking for products I can eat!

  • PoodleScone
    PoodleScone 3 hours ago

    Affirmative action does hurt Asians. Just look at UC Berkeley before and after race was removed from the admissions process. The asian student admission increased by 10%.

  • Larry Arnold
    Larry Arnold 3 hours ago

    Who is that prick, staying he'll fight - fight for what? IT'S NOT YOUR PROPERTY...! You took the risk by not buying when you could. MOVE bell-head...!

  • Bu K
    Bu K 3 hours ago

    Piece of artwork my ass it looks so basic and nothing is artistic about it

  • Sydney O'Bier
    Sydney O'Bier 3 hours ago

    Forever 21 was amazing in 2010, but ever since 2015 their shit has become more and more tacky eyesore fad rather than ahead of the game.

  • Abc Def
    Abc Def 3 hours ago

    I still like subway.

  • TheBeatlesToday
    TheBeatlesToday 3 hours ago

    This video comes across like a high school research paper.

  • MrTesedgar
    MrTesedgar 3 hours ago

    So where is the turbo ?

  • Nia with red lips
    Nia with red lips 3 hours ago

    In 2011-2013 they had a in house design team. That's when the built a reputation as cute cheap cloths. Then they changed the way they designed. They started making clothing with worse material, in terrible cuts and poorly designed. They choose this path.

  • Alex Reyes
    Alex Reyes 3 hours ago

    Is a two sit car. Who cares about gas mileage

  • Ghoulin Rouge
    Ghoulin Rouge 3 hours ago

    They should just close the slow stores and focus more on online sales.

  • Nyx Quatorze
    Nyx Quatorze 3 hours ago

    There should be a museum for bonsai. It's like a masterpiece. You can't take Van Gosh's starry night and put it in your house. You shouldn't take a bonsai and put it in your house. It'll ruin the amazing craftsmanship that's been poured over for centuries. Put them in a museum and charge admission to view them, there for the work can be admired by all forever. Edit: As it turns out, there is one The National Bonsai & Penjing Museum

  • DafniGabriella
    DafniGabriella 3 hours ago

    Forever 21 is an expensive fast fashion company (next on the list is Zara) with very small sizes on their clothes. On H&M and Zara I’m a L-XL max, and on Forever 21 I’m considered plus size (same with Bershka). So I’m glad they are going bankrupt, because they suck.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 3 hours ago

    RIP human workers

  • Trena Harvey
    Trena Harvey 3 hours ago

    Will the. Prize patrol. Come at. My. Door

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 3 hours ago

    its probably crashed by a rock or something

  • Jessie Queen
    Jessie Queen 4 hours ago

    I only hate shopping in their public stores because it’s so overwhelming with the amount of clothing there are and how they push all the plus size items to the far back of the store. Even then, things are so chaotic and unkept it’s impossible to find anything. Smalls are always with the plus size, the fitting of the items aren’t accurate. I would love to shop there, but having everything on the floor or having the racks so filled you can’t get a good look at anything, is discouraging.

  • OhMy Cheezits
    OhMy Cheezits 4 hours ago

    “Forever 21... might not be forever after all” *well damn*

  • MistakenMystery
    MistakenMystery 4 hours ago

    Human meat is in McDonald's

  • Bradley R
    Bradley R 4 hours ago

    Elon is actually a god

  • pricila
    pricila 4 hours ago

    i love shopping in person how else are you gonna touch it or see that it fits ? too bad malls are closing :(

  • 404TRUCKER
    404TRUCKER 4 hours ago

    Nooooo, not down play his success but John D Rockafellers wealth is in the 300 to 400 billion range, he is billionaire champion. If you adjust for inflation. Rockafeller dust Bezos.

  • Rob Douglass
    Rob Douglass 4 hours ago

    Midshipmen want salutes from enlisted lol sike

  • Graf Zeppelin
    Graf Zeppelin 4 hours ago

    The future of transportation looks safer, no longer must bikes be on the paviment.

  • GamerTwig
    GamerTwig 4 hours ago

    It's just the nature of kitchens, chefs can be very strong characters, very dominant and sometimes narcissistic or power hungry. I'm not dissing chefs, but they work bloody hard and long hours from the bottom in order to work towards higher roles, so if you're a woman in a kitchen you better have thick skin. I worked in a kitchen and left crying, went into another job with even tougher men and was fine. The types of women I came across in the kitchen weren't feminine. We don't need feminism in kitchens, so long as you're a woman with balls you're fine lol. Wasn't for me anyway.

  • Murad Memmedov
    Murad Memmedov 4 hours ago

    I will respect when they respect Islam. So shut up😅

  • K Chan
    K Chan 4 hours ago

    i’m craving subway now

  • 6v6
    6v6 4 hours ago

    I like how they brushed over the fact that, yeah, people like shopping online more, but I feel like Forever 21 was the very first store where I increasingly only purchased online from because the stores are ALWAYS a mess. clothes are strewn around all over the store, so if you found something cute and it wasn't your size you were basically out of luck. the store selection was always worse than their online catalog. their sales bin look like dumpsters filled with fabric scraps. I remember when their clothes looked and felt unique. once the graphic era came and EVERYTHING had a dumb phrase on it, I knew my days shopping there were numbered. they stopped being trendy, and instead churned out the same basic silhouettes with the same dumb phrases on them for years. not to mention the last thing I bought from there literally faded and fell apart after just one normal wash. it's been years since I last purchased anything from there, and by comparison, I now love coming into the mall to see what Zara and H&M have because it's neat and not overwhelming. I could see their entire selection by casually walking around, and I usually walk out with 1-3 things every time.

  • ooofly
    ooofly 4 hours ago

    i’m hungry now

  • Minnie G
    Minnie G 4 hours ago

    How come I'm just now discovering forever 21, While at the same time discovering they are filing for bankruptcy?

  • Mohammed Ali IZGUA
    Mohammed Ali IZGUA 4 hours ago

    I feel stupid

  • Mohammed Ali IZGUA
    Mohammed Ali IZGUA 4 hours ago

    I feel stupid

  • ThE RaGiNg GaM3R
    ThE RaGiNg GaM3R 4 hours ago

    Wait... so it’s spelled Taycan but it’s pronounced Tiecon? I hate it...