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  • my opinion
    my opinion Year ago

    If you did nothing but smoke and tutorial your FABULOUS make up and outfits....I would watch until I died, guuuuurrrrrrlllllllllll please?!?!!?!?!?

  • Brandon
    Brandon Year ago

    I'm not sure you'll ever read this but I love you! You've grown a lot since your season and it is lovely.

  • Kevin Eagle
    Kevin Eagle Year ago

    mary xmas from down under

  • LaganjaEstranja
    LaganjaEstranja Year ago

    Did ya'll see my Kushmas video yet???

  • LaganjaEstranja
    LaganjaEstranja 2 years ago

    Hey Guys! I've been working on updating my channel, and I really hope you are enjoying the new content!! "Ganja's Grooves" a new step by step dance series will be coming in July, so be on the look out every Wednesday at 4:20pm!!

    • john mercay
      john mercay Year ago

      @LaganjaEstranja yay! awesome ill make sure to donate

    • LaganjaEstranja
      LaganjaEstranja Year ago

      Hi love! We accept donations via paypal!( You can also visit my website! Thank you!

    • john mercay
      john mercay 2 years ago

      is it possible to donate money for your channel cuz your my everything stay beautiful queen

    • Lmurr4y15
      Lmurr4y15 2 years ago

      could you try get jeffree star on your channel it would be awesome seing you teach her some moves ilysm xoxo

  • Mini Money
    Mini Money 2 years ago

    You should search on google 'smoker lung', so you can see what your lung looks like tbh

    • it is mw
      it is mw Year ago

      bet your great at partys

  • Michael Scott Hertzberg

    sooo can people donate some dollas for more Ganja Smokes episodes? it's my new favorite thing.

  • steffan hardy
    steffan hardy 2 years ago

    laganja when are u ru pual drag queen again your so beautiful

  • stephanie culpepper
    stephanie culpepper 2 years ago

    When are you going on tour again?

  • Girl Robin Hood
    Girl Robin Hood 2 years ago

    Hey +LaganjaEstranja I need more ganja videos! I want to watch one of my favorite queens help me with my medical problem. At only 24 I have lumbar spinal stenosis with a herniated L5 and protruding L4. I need reviews to know what will be the best medicine! Thanks girl. Love what you're doing

  • Rain Bo
    Rain Bo 2 years ago

    More Ganja Smokes! That video is everything

  • Cartoon Craft
    Cartoon Craft 2 years ago

    When is the exclusive 4 HOT BOX Video?

  • DragRaceEspañol
    DragRaceEspañol 3 years ago

    I'm sorry baby for that coment, I feel very stupid now. Stay sickenning and hope see you again in another season a la Shangela kisses

  • Star Marchment
    Star Marchment 4 years ago

    Finally, a queen for the stoners! I love you, girl. La ganja es certainly estranja <3

  • tntbandit5
    tntbandit5 4 years ago

    No Lie, just saw the teaser from NNN and you're entrance is the BEST!!!!!!!!! Death drop entrance?!!?!? Why did no one think of that before?! Team Ganja Bay-by!!!!! #genius #iminlovewiththemoves

  • Curtis Prewitt
    Curtis Prewitt 4 years ago

    omg you +1'd my comment, rooting for you on drag race! Twerk it out hunty

  • Rosa Piñata Juárez

    Hola Laganja! Como estas? muy bien? It's Rosa Piñata Juarez here, hoping you can check out my channel and subscribe if you like, yo. Muchas gracias, con amor. ~Rosa~

  • david havelka
    david havelka 5 years ago

    Hello Please look at my sexy shiny satin shorts with ...

  • ClassyBug
    ClassyBug 6 years ago

    You're absolutely flawless! <3

  • LaganjaEstranja
    LaganjaEstranja 6 years ago


  • carosene
    carosene 7 years ago

    Love your Jar of Hearts performance! :D

  • OhSnapTommmy
    OhSnapTommmy 7 years ago

    Yes bitch!