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  • Lcvendxr
    Lcvendxr Minute ago

    i was rolling my eyes at franks pickle part

  • Dazing FN
    Dazing FN Minute ago

    level 3 is gorgeous beyond comprehension but level 2 broke straight through my heart.

  • Inna Dudukina
    Inna Dudukina 2 minutes ago

    Nice! But using a goat cheese as an example of a high moisture cheese that melts at the same temperature as eggs coagulating is not very proper: as Heston Blumenthal proved in his cheese episode, goat cheese does not melt at all, it is weird that way.

  • Sasha Cutie
    Sasha Cutie 3 minutes ago

    idk what it is about her but i love the level 2 chef ;-;

  • Boss Bee
    Boss Bee 6 minutes ago

    I think Anthony won...! His looks the most like my grandmas.. But I want to try Michael’s recipe 😋

  • Hanif Ismail
    Hanif Ismail 10 minutes ago

    Seriously dude..with machete or parang u can do it less than a minute to open the coconut

  • XTerra KnightX
    XTerra KnightX 12 minutes ago

    I’m Suprised Frank Didn’t Grow A Lasagna Plant After Watering 30ml Every 3.625 Hours And Raising With Perfect Sunlight For EXACTLY 1.741 Months...

  • Ariel Peabody
    Ariel Peabody 14 minutes ago

    Emily: "I would eat this in the dark." Me: If my french toast looked like that, I would too.

  • Shanghizzy
    Shanghizzy 16 minutes ago

    0:43 "Young Coconuts" is my favorite rap-group from the early 2000s #dynamicbanter

  • QuantumStriker 003
    QuantumStriker 003 17 minutes ago

    Yup, ketchup is back on the menu.

  • Jonathan Anderson
    Jonathan Anderson 19 minutes ago

    i love these videos, but yall need to chill on the digital zoom.

  • last chance
    last chance 20 minutes ago

    Have never seen this thing

  • GoldenAge
    GoldenAge 24 minutes ago

    Level 1 left all the grease, water, and fat in w/ the meat. *Shudder*

  • Robert wendt
    Robert wendt 26 minutes ago


  • Elliot Aked
    Elliot Aked 28 minutes ago

    Level 3 chef has level 1 European Language pronunciation... the way she said Croissant and Mascarpone made me want to vomit.

  • 黄柄诚
    黄柄诚 30 minutes ago

    I 'm level 1 alright!😂

  • Jorge Ramirez
    Jorge Ramirez 31 minute ago

    Emily is us Level 2 is when we watched a TheXvid video before cooking Level 3 is when you've done this video a bunch of times and experimented Level 4 is when you watch Breaking Bad and you believe you are the Walter White of cooking

  • Emmeline Leng
    Emmeline Leng 32 minutes ago

    I'm not going to let a 12 year old destroy me with food facts. Its all like "this reaction is applied to the pan when you add butter, and depending on your climate, the pancake with turn brown". i'm just like um...

  • ipiesings
    ipiesings 32 minutes ago

    You dont have to spray the nonstick spray thing! A quesadilla doesnt stick that easy to a pan damn

  • Han Rael
    Han Rael 33 minutes ago

    I stir my eggs like home cook, adding herb and seasoning like that chef girl and cook that omelet like an amateur. And garnish it like amateur too . 😃So what level i am m?

  • Elias Birkeland
    Elias Birkeland 34 minutes ago

    Lvl 3 chef looks like that one strict af teacher

  • Lukas Posch
    Lukas Posch 35 minutes ago

    So, how does molasses tenderize a steak, if it is put in a little dipping bowl aside the Steak? Like, after ingestion?

  • Aru neko
    Aru neko 35 minutes ago

    everyone looked happy eating their own burger SO WHATS THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!

  • 이현승
    이현승 36 minutes ago

    You put the seasoning in the boil not on the plate!🤦‍♂️

  • Eltwaino 15
    Eltwaino 15 39 minutes ago

    Lvl 1 and 2 look like trash tbh

  • foreveruseless
    foreveruseless 40 minutes ago

    What anime was Emily watching?

  • _NightOwl _
    _NightOwl _ 44 minutes ago

    Level 5: Gordon Ramsay

  • Cameron Smith
    Cameron Smith 45 minutes ago

    Worst hand egg crack ever.. great if you enjoy eating shells I guess

  • Matthew Timothy Miguel
    Matthew Timothy Miguel 48 minutes ago

    IDK y i always like all the 2nd chefs

  • Dušan Dotlić
    Dušan Dotlić 50 minutes ago

    Anyone else notice the lvl 4 chick is tilted?!

  • Olly Maxwell
    Olly Maxwell 50 minutes ago

    The level 3 doesn’t know how to pronounce Worcester.. oh dear

  • Rob Wastman
    Rob Wastman 58 minutes ago

    The pro’s recipe. What a hassle.

    MNC CLAN Hour ago

    but the title says Hamburger, not Cheeseburger.

  • Rethabile Mosia
    Rethabile Mosia Hour ago

    The level 2 food is always the ones I prefer

  • Ilynca 49
    Ilynca 49 Hour ago

    So is he the one responsible for those strange infomercial kitchen gadgets?

  • Ethan Gould
    Ethan Gould Hour ago

    "grab a friend or two and suck it all down" 💀

  • Μάρκος Τσαβαρής

    "Lettuce" pray for these people who dont know how to make a salad ... 😅

  • Chloe Lauren
    Chloe Lauren Hour ago

    Does the food scientist even TRY the dishes?

  • Angelica Waldebäck

    I watch Joana Cedia and this was in my recomended

  • Mercy Appiah
    Mercy Appiah Hour ago

    When she added all that sugar my heart dropped

  • Mercy Appiah
    Mercy Appiah Hour ago

    When she added all that sugar my heart dropped

  • Rex R4D
    Rex R4D Hour ago

    1:33 I don’t really like milk in my meatballs. Frank is trangender everyone.

  • onith87
    onith87 Hour ago

    she has been in France and she doas a faulty bearnaise sauce? and been a chef for 10y? bearnaise = water, vinegar, shallots, estragon(tarragon preserved in vinegar) that u cook down then u temper eggjolks in a saucepan(smaller pan with runded edges,Saucier-pan) keep the pan over the heat and then u add the liquid from the reduction, and slowly add the butter to make a emulsion(making the eggjolks "bind" the fat) until it thinkens. u add salt and pepper + herbs in the end... herbs = parsley and tarragon maby some lemonjuice if u need the acidity... i worked in France as a chef and the headchef would have skinned me alive if i did like her...

  • Lorenzo Delmonte

    ma porcodio che merda

  • Brenda L. Phillips

    Nice burger www.ytrepeat.com/watch/?v=Q2JIXogyoI4

  • jcpennys7
    jcpennys7 Hour ago

    This video really helped me to decide to never make an omelette

  • thewackykid
    thewackykid Hour ago

    mine is lvl 0 omelette.. i just crack egg into bowl... stir the eggs for as long as i like with spoon... heat pan and melt butter into it... pour egg into pan and cook until it looks ok... no toppings no fillings no seasoning watsoever...

  • Kamuraze needs Peter to explain the joke

    My dad do open that coconut with a butcher knife

  • marco PAN7E
    marco PAN7E Hour ago

    non fatela la pizza in america vi prego

  • Lamech Palmer
    Lamech Palmer Hour ago

    My god, that guy was level 0...

  • Bigcoperd1tip YT

    Every level 3 chef's words "Let it sit over night"

  • Gabbiano
    Gabbiano Hour ago

    I can only see one TRUE lasagna...s/o to besciamella chef....real recognize real

  • Yeah No
    Yeah No Hour ago

    I wonder if Emily’s slowly getting better at cooking... 😂😂

  • Jammy Tùng
    Jammy Tùng Hour ago

    Let’s be honest level 2 and 3 is almost the same, the level 3 just have more expensive things

    • G G
      G G Hour ago

      No they r not

  • Misake
    Misake Hour ago

    These steaks are horrible lmao. I'd probably eat #3 without the sauce. Here in Europe we simply grill the meat and eat it with moutarde (mustard). There are many types of Moutarde. Marinating or putting gravy, tons of sauce to a steak is just kinda ruining it. Of course it's subjective, but this is like eating Sushi and dipping it entirely in soy sauce.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Hour ago

    it doesn't matter how it looks like or how much you spend!! Its all going to look the same when it comes out 💩💩💩

  • Kim Cruz
    Kim Cruz Hour ago

    “Oliver chefs used cinnamon”

  • Marco Giove
    Marco Giove Hour ago

    Feeling pretty good I’m just a normal guy but my steaks always come out like a top chiefs.

  • 残した霊魂
    残した霊魂 Hour ago

    *Sees Emily *KETCHUP WARNING*

  • Lorenz Andrei
    Lorenz Andrei Hour ago

    Oh hello lvl 2 chef *pulls out phone* i lost my number can i have yours?

  • Master Bates
    Master Bates 2 hours ago

    None of them know how to cook, its disgusting.

  • zoza
    zoza 2 hours ago

    How come level 2 literally always looks the best? Lmfao

  • teo lessig
    teo lessig 2 hours ago

    Lvl 1 is soo cute

  • Bowie Darling
    Bowie Darling 2 hours ago

    It’s not pronounced “NOOT-ELLA” ffs it’s “NUT-ELLA”

  • Purple Love
    Purple Love 2 hours ago

    *food poisoning Entered the chat*

  • Wilson Hu
    Wilson Hu 2 hours ago

    I just made a diner style omelette in a cigar shape, does that make me a Food Magician?

  • franzb69
    franzb69 2 hours ago

    level three to me was such a wasted ruined piece of perfectly good dry aged beef. omg. i was cringing all the way to the end when she was vacuum sealing it with so much crap. dry aged beef only needs salt and pepper. i'd be fine with that bearnaise if it was done right and without all that marination. i would have accepted that same process if it was on that level 1 steak but NEVER on dry aged.

  • avicohen2k
    avicohen2k 2 hours ago

    Only Emily did it right. Don't pour sauce on my steak! If you have to, put it to the side. Defenitly don't drown in cheese and butter! Its not an omelet..

  • Fishify Jenkins
    Fishify Jenkins 2 hours ago

    where is the ketchup at emily?

  • Lenox Bean
    Lenox Bean 2 hours ago

    I like that the conclusions of these videos are basically that everyone had differing but good techniques, it leaves the matter of taste as broad as it really is with no judgement

  • Jakob Hedman
    Jakob Hedman 2 hours ago

    I would really like to taste lvl 3 sundae! I love sorbet so much, and im sure that passionfruit sorbet is close to perfect

  • Fadi Omran
    Fadi Omran 2 hours ago

    give a filipino man/woman a knife and a coconut. we can open that thing in an instant.

  • purple dalilah
    purple dalilah 2 hours ago

    It's not MARScapone, it's mascarpone

  • Ianpaul Andreo
    Ianpaul Andreo 2 hours ago

    Damn he had some anger management issues.

  • robthenorm
    robthenorm 2 hours ago

    level 1, pan and daily cupboard stuff. level 2. a trip to asda will be fine. level 3. 24hrs+ and a loads of different gadgets..............not from asda !

  • AristoKat Claude
    AristoKat Claude 2 hours ago

    All she eats is carbs!! 😶

  • Qonkerzz
    Qonkerzz 2 hours ago

    bruh these kids r picky as hell. Asian kids have to eat rice and soy sauce no one complaining lmaoo

  • causewellyeah
    causewellyeah 2 hours ago

    You guys are giving these companies free design advice if there were to ever remake their products lol

  • Moya Laboy
    Moya Laboy 2 hours ago

    Level one sounds so scared calm down honey

  • Neal N
    Neal N 2 hours ago

    When Emily can pronounce Worcestershire better than the pro chef...

  • Christos Sidiropoulos

    Am I the only one who doesn’t like the expert girl... she seems sooo arrogant. I just skip that part because I can’t stand her. Sorry if you are reading this but you need to work on yourself

  • mollemannen
    mollemannen 2 hours ago


  • Thangapandy Govindarajoo

    Oh my God. Look at the lines and tap there twice or thrice

  • XTerra KnightX
    XTerra KnightX 2 hours ago

    Lorenzo HAS To Be Proffesional If Not He Is GREAT And The Only Reason He’s Not Is Because He’s Too HAPPY!

  • Dihini Rehansa
    Dihini Rehansa 2 hours ago

    How do you eat the iPhone 11 pro?

  • 99MChrisp99
    99MChrisp99 2 hours ago

    Well, if there would be a natural opening in a coconut, where you can just stick a straw in to get the water out, we wouldnt need that gadget. Oh wait.

  • Mario Fedriga
    Mario Fedriga 2 hours ago

    l'Italia non approva

  • Eisac Muana
    Eisac Muana 2 hours ago

    LeBron likes this

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube 2 hours ago

    I just felt so goddam related to the level 1 chef xD

  • tenore8
    tenore8 2 hours ago

    Every time I hear a "chef" use the term "umami" I know I am listening to a fraud. Gimme a break...umami. Did you ever hear Julia or Jacques use that term? Never.

  • moreno franco
    moreno franco 2 hours ago

    Thanks Will. It's never to late to get educated in something. I have a fine set of knives and keep them sharp. I read once that more accidents happen in the kitchen, because of a blunt knife, than with any other kitchen implement.

  • Poignant
    Poignant 2 hours ago

    "yeast is awesome, it has that delicious thing that's gonna make it into a beautiful dough" bruh

  • bella navv
    bella navv 2 hours ago

    1:10 he drops it

  • 運Ti
    運Ti 2 hours ago

    Why does it say “4” levels when theirs only 3?😅

  • bella navv
    bella navv 3 hours ago

    0:38 secs

  • 99MChrisp99
    99MChrisp99 3 hours ago

    She said it. NO SAUCE!!! Why are you doing sauce? It was perfect!

  • Baki
    Baki 3 hours ago

    It’s hard watching this one hand

  • Nigga Higga
    Nigga Higga 3 hours ago


  • Neilam Iqbal
    Neilam Iqbal 3 hours ago

    I never add any leaveners to my pancakes. I separate the eggs, using the yolks in the batter first, then whisk the egg whites and fold them into the batter. They rise very well and I have more control over the salt content. Works every time.

  • Haroldenio 13
    Haroldenio 13 3 hours ago

    Who just watches the people cook and then goes when the food scientist comes out?