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4 years ago
Away We GoAway We Go
Away We Go
7 years ago
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Day 1
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  • YouTube Comment Poster

    Great music!

  • Fred
    Fred 2 years ago

    I've listened to so much coheed everything else sounds like sandpaper =/

  • Cytheiod
    Cytheiod 2 years ago

    Whoa, new profile picture?

  • Bullahan
    Bullahan 2 years ago

    Where did the "Island" video go? The whole batman skit was funny, but the original video was better.

  • Grant Cooley
    Grant Cooley 2 years ago

    Hey there! Like all of us here, I am of course a big fan. I did a painting I would like to give you guys a painting if possible when you are in Nashville. I would love to meet you and shake your hand but would be satisfied handing it over to your Touring manager or Merch Manager. Pics of the piece can be seen at , I am sorry for blasting a feed of yours, but you don't seem to have any contact info available on your site. Thanks for your time and all your endeavors!

  • Fred
    Fred 3 years ago

    Would you guys ever consider making an instrumental version of colors? I think it would be awesome!

  • Faux Paw
    Faux Paw 3 years ago

    Claudio! cover teenage dirt bag! it would fill me with glee

    • Jon Campbell
      Jon Campbell 3 years ago

      YES! cuz im just a teenage dirtbag baby!

  • James Stanley
    James Stanley 3 years ago

    I doubt ill get a response, But I have a question about the plot to good apollo i'm burning star iv I and II, Its pretty straight forward about chase, and her relationship with Claudio. Send me a personal message and ill go through it with you =)

  • CMBmusik
    CMBmusik 3 years ago

    Where did the Afterman and Domino videos go?

  • Howyadoinsparky
    Howyadoinsparky 5 years ago

    so when are we gonna get a hard cover of good apollo?

  • Avatar1178
    Avatar1178 5 years ago

    Your 'Somebody that I used to know' cover is incredible! Please make a recording of it!

  • braincrumb
    braincrumb 5 years ago

    This is crazy, you're uploading ll your accession tunes to youtube?! amazing musicians.

  • gonoslowr
    gonoslowr 6 years ago

    I can't lie. I feel slighted by not having my VIP laminate card signed as was stated it would be if you get the collectors box edition of the Afterman. I had higher expectations.

  • CaptainSatanica
    CaptainSatanica 6 years ago

    Correction "YEAR" damn auto correct

  • CaptainSatanica
    CaptainSatanica 6 years ago

    So if you guys go through with the movie deal will you start with The Tear Of The Black Rainbow or The Second Stage Turbine Blade like you did with your music/comics?ps when will you re release the VI comic series picked up the 2 & 3 collection and was blown away

  • trish920504
    trish920504 6 years ago

    - just loving The Afterman: Ascension and hopefully we get to see you guys in australia next year with the new line up :)

  • NetzAusg
    NetzAusg 6 years ago

    Time for a new Concept vid?!?

  • Hannah Mulligan
    Hannah Mulligan 6 years ago

    Ever thought about making a motion comic?

  • ALDA
    ALDA 6 years ago

    I'm so glad I went and saw yall live May 2. You were my first concert and I was absolutely blown away. I still listen to your Cds everyday while driving. I can't wait for the new music. Please keep posting for us!

  • james branson
    james branson 6 years ago

    The "Somebody that I used to know" cover blows away the original please record a studio version

  • Sarah Ellis
    Sarah Ellis 6 years ago

    Im pretty sure Claudio that you have no time to read our comments, but if you do i just wanted to say thank you with all my heart, i remember my brother rocking out to your music when i was 12 or 13 and being blown away... I actually stole his cd and put it on a casset tape now at 24 im still being blown away... I listen to your music almost every day but sadly only seen you live once... Thanks Coheed and Cambria for the music you've brought to this world and all thats behind it, Your music has inspired me and many others... Keep up the good work.. I hope to meet you all in person one day. :)

  • CaptainSatanica
    CaptainSatanica 6 years ago

    You guys probably don't pay attention to these but just in case I just finished your novel claudio it was one of the best books I have ever read keep up the good work, if the book is any indication of how good your comics are let's just say the amory wars may just be my new favorite scifi series

  • Brandon Y
    Brandon Y 6 years ago

    Dude it was awesome I was listening to This Shattered Symphony and reailzed "I KNOW WHAT THE SONG IS ABOUT!" cause I just read that chapter in Year of the Black Rainbow and I madew me feel awesome. Its really awesome how you guys did that :D

  • ClassicRockFan1220
    ClassicRockFan1220 6 years ago

    You guys should do a studio cover of "Somebody that I used to Know" because it blew my fucking mind last night. Nay, you MUST DO A STUDIO COVER!

  • Caio R dos Santos
    Caio R dos Santos 6 years ago

    Coheed, you must come to Brazilonce again!! With the hole crew, including the girls of backing vocals, and bring some Amory wars issues to sell \m/ peace!!

  • Delirium Trigger
    Delirium Trigger 6 years ago

    /watch?v=z9X8dQ-jXy0 for a Sentry the Defiant tutorial.

  • Alexis Galolo
    Alexis Galolo 6 years ago


  • simon44
    simon44 6 years ago

    Coheed and Cambria are the best!!

  • herportraitinblack33

    considering you're such an amazing musical composer, can we see a dubstep fusion im some of this new album.

  • Nicholas Sarraf
    Nicholas Sarraf 6 years ago

    Buffalo concert please?

  • Mike Rabie
    Mike Rabie 6 years ago

    Please never stop making music!

  • Sean Knudsen
    Sean Knudsen 6 years ago

    Take my money, you hairy siren. Now all that need to happen is a Japanese concert date.

  • FollowersofDamu
    FollowersofDamu 6 years ago

    Coheed and GODS. We are just mere humansssssesss

  • T Viera
    T Viera 6 years ago

    This is amazing--- Claudio, you are an amazing talent, thank you from the bottom of my heart for who and what you are!!!!! You have no idea how many lives you touch with your magical heart, voice, words, and soul.

  • Dixie Fisher
    Dixie Fisher 6 years ago

    Thank you so much! We all needed it sooooooooooooo much! CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR THE REST!

  • Mitch C
    Mitch C 6 years ago

    time for another vid!!

  • StopRunningKid
    StopRunningKid 7 years ago

    You guys have truly changed my musical way of thinking. You have changed my life.

  • mindsieve
    mindsieve 7 years ago

    i can't get enough of your band i've bo ught every album the only thing is do you have a digital version of the amory wars ive wiki'd and stuff but can't really ever find the comic as is

  • Phoen3
    Phoen3 7 years ago


  • Kirux13
    Kirux13 7 years ago

    Love you guys. Changed my life forever and you're all the best. Always one among the fence.

  • comics/game's for people

    epic band over

  • Artsic
    Artsic 7 years ago

    the greatest band ever

  • jayten59
    jayten59 7 years ago

    GAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sorry I had to let that out. You guys are my favorite band in the whole wide world, right up there with system of a down and serj tankian. I listen to your music ever, and let me emphasize this, EVERY DAY. I love what you guys do, Claudio I bet if you made a bowel movement into the microphone it would sound amazing. I don't know very much about the story, but I do know that your music speaks to me. I LOVE YOU GUYS! Keep up the good work.

  • lordmemnochthedevil
    lordmemnochthedevil 7 years ago

    WOW you guys are awesome, I not so long ago got the Batman Arkham City soundtrack and heard deranged, good stuff look forward to getting the rest of your music!

  • Will Lemieux
    Will Lemieux 7 years ago

    You guys are the best. Simply the best.

  • Davi Silva
    Davi Silva 7 years ago

    Bring Mic back as well!! Or let ME play bass with you guys!!!

  • CannabisReviewTV™
    CannabisReviewTV™ 7 years ago

    I love you guys, Travis Especially (hes like a Rock lol) & JOSH is Coheed !! lol so Glad he's back, just sucks Mic lost his Marbles.. Wish you guys the best of the Luck.. Shit this is so awesome !! Mush Love from a dedicated Fan (y'all signed my painting Neverender '08.. a Night i'll nvr forget) .. Much love to Mr. Pennie as well, really helped the band out in it's time of Need.. God this is Awesome lol.. Love you Guys haha Peace .V

  • Lucas McOresome
    Lucas McOresome 7 years ago

    As sad as it was to see Chris leave, it's great to see Josh back :)

  • Rob Worrell
    Rob Worrell 7 years ago

    He's back people. It's confirmed. WELCOME HOME JOSH!!

  • Paul-Micah McKnight
    Paul-Micah McKnight 7 years ago

    there next album is gonna be epic i can just tell.

  • 1Up_Frankenstein
    1Up_Frankenstein 7 years ago

    bring back josh!

  • cody sawmiller
    cody sawmiller 7 years ago

    So glad Josh is back. Even if it's just to jam for a few.

  • Static_Blue
    Static_Blue 7 years ago

    *shudders in excitement, anticipation* Guys..can I spend a day with you? lol

  • James DiDomenico
    James DiDomenico 7 years ago

    Guys, it has to be Josh, I mean who else rapes the cymbals like that?

  • Prologue2113
    Prologue2113 7 years ago

    Tell Josh I said yo ;)

  • VmanTheMind
    VmanTheMind 7 years ago

    What happened to the main site?

  • Rhymestein Rawshack
    Rhymestein Rawshack 7 years ago

    Coheed & Cambria, I think I worked out what the 10 videos are about! Am I gonna get a prize if I'm right? Signed album/novel/graphic novel? VIP concert tickets, maybe?

  • Static_Blue
    Static_Blue 7 years ago

    Need to come closer to southern Missouri. I have yet to see a live show, and that's like my number 1 thing to do before I die, but I never have the money or not close enough for me to go. You are number 1 and always shall be in my heart. Keep it going and cannot wait to see what the future holds for us all. Luck in everything you do and maybe one I will be so lucky and blessed as to witness your amazing musical and writing power. All from a fan too secluded and poor to ever be able to give much back..but one day I hope to change that. Anyways..luck, love, and peace to you all.

  • Gregory Angel Guzman

    my only wish in life is to hang out with yall.. but if that cant happen you should come down to San Antonio! :D

  • Cade Calcote
    Cade Calcote 7 years ago

    I hope you guys hit up New Orleans ( or any other venue near the MS gulf coast) some time. We'd love to have y'all come down.

  • ChickenBrad Chess
    ChickenBrad Chess 7 years ago

    great show in Portland! topped off one of the best weekends of my life to date!

  • acewest21
    acewest21 7 years ago

    I was there in Oakland to see that solo live... Im still tryin to come down!

  • fruitymonsta
    fruitymonsta 7 years ago

    please come to mexico, you have a lot of fans here

  • peebody44
    peebody44 7 years ago

    Detriot show rocked! Thank you guys for staying after and hanging out with us fans, also, thank you Claudio and Chris for sighing autographs / taking pictures with us.

  • Kenneth Holley
    Kenneth Holley 7 years ago

    Hey, guys Let us open for you next time you come back to the Tabernacle in Atlanta, GA. We promise to give you and your friends/fans a Devastating Performance! Keep us in mind?

  • billybrews40s
    billybrews40s 7 years ago

    Epic show in charlotte last night love you guys!!!

  • Brigham Cole
    Brigham Cole 7 years ago

    Can't wait til the 10th! Stay Classy in San Diego!

  • cody sawmiller
    cody sawmiller 7 years ago

    Planned to see you guys in Charlotte for two months. Take bus from Ohio, get hotel, tickets, day before show and I start feeling like crap. Prolly gonna be barfing in between yelling at the top of my lungs tomorrow guys. So i'm sorry in advanced if the show smells like vomit. Sorry again, Cody.

  • mgza81
    mgza81 7 years ago

    you guys were AWESOME last night

  • spassmofficial
    spassmofficial 7 years ago


  • Kyle Liddane
    Kyle Liddane 7 years ago

    I can't wait for the PDX show in a few weeks!!!! You guys are always amazing to watch!!!

  • Diego Salido
    Diego Salido 7 years ago

    pleaaase make good on your promise from about 4 years ago and return to mexico.... if i die not having my share of the 'Heed live not going to die a happy person

  • Rob Beam
    Rob Beam 7 years ago

    Going to see Coheed on the 26th in Philly. So stoked. Keep up the epicness that I know Coheed is known for.

  • jzayed12
    jzayed12 7 years ago

    SSTB in Australia please. A 40 minute set at Soundwave wasn't enough nor did it do you guys justice!

  • 10fingersmikey
    10fingersmikey 7 years ago

    was there last night and it blew my mind, about 10 times actually. Claudio was an unstoppable machine of epicness.

  • amozoness6
    amozoness6 7 years ago

    Don't get me wrong, I say this with all the love in my heart... but please upload in better quality! I know the 360p stuff is better than nothing, but come on.. we need Coheed in all their high definition glory

  • konfusion2113
    konfusion2113 7 years ago


  • Nigel Fortune
    Nigel Fortune 7 years ago

    Cool channel! \m/

  • David Cummings
    David Cummings 7 years ago

    I hope you guys post vids for all stops on the tour....can't wait to see ya in Seattle!!!!!

  • Chris Gunter
    Chris Gunter 7 years ago

    You stupid fucks. Shut the hell up and let him play this amazing song.

  • TheFireTongue
    TheFireTongue 7 years ago

    My bribe to doff my pants if you play Elf Tower in Boston stands still.

  • James Walker
    James Walker 7 years ago

    what an amazing band you are. come back to newcastle, england again. best show ever.

  • Eric Ray
    Eric Ray 7 years ago

    Love. Love. Love you so much.

  • oSo Chavarria
    oSo Chavarria 7 years ago

    20 DAYS AWAY!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

  • RevansDisple
    RevansDisple 7 years ago

    MWAHAHAHAHAHA im in that video

  • mcpartington
    mcpartington 7 years ago


  • Manoel Erculano
    Manoel Erculano 7 years ago

    meu eu sou do Brasil e estou muito feliz em ser um fã e saber que ainda existe uma banda boa que nem vocês sucesso e um grande abraço para todos ! "I'm from Brazil and I'm very happy to be a fan and know that there is still a good band that neither you success and a big hug for everyone!"

  • Aaron Barnes
    Aaron Barnes 7 years ago

    Holy Fuck Boys! Way to rock! p.s. comment if you know where "Holy Fuck Boys" comes from.

  • ThePickleweasel24
    ThePickleweasel24 7 years ago

    May 7th, Oakland!

  • Genielle Brewer
    Genielle Brewer 7 years ago

    Just had my daughter in Jan. Named her Ambellina! <3 Can't wait to see you guys in Oakland! SSTB is my favorite album!

  • Dorrey Kimber
    Dorrey Kimber 7 years ago

    More Videos Please!

  • RHfilm
    RHfilm 7 years ago

    I really dig the video. Has a very intimate touch to it.

  • Jeff Gentile
    Jeff Gentile 7 years ago

    it be SSTB time!

  • J-Lope
    J-Lope 7 years ago

    WOOP WOOP, SSTB invadin youtube