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  • Cindy Greene
    Cindy Greene 16 minutes ago

    The Doctor gave Vincent such a beautiful and precious gift. I always cry at this scene.

  • Will Steger
    Will Steger 25 minutes ago

    Did anyone else lowkey cry during this scene or was I just staring into a fan accidentally?

  • John Goodenberger
    John Goodenberger 26 minutes ago

    Easily the best modern theme.

  • Vincent Florio
    Vincent Florio 36 minutes ago

    Yep, still makes my arm hairs stand on end.

  • Mj Jones
    Mj Jones 37 minutes ago

    Rose 🌹 was only upset at the realisation that someday mickey would be her pimp in another dimension 👋🏻

  • Christopher Alan

    he was made up an almalgam in between jodi and next one

  • finn white
    finn white Hour ago

    Wish he could do that to boris Johnson

  • Maria Stephens
    Maria Stephens Hour ago

    I really wish the scene where Amy figures out the solution were included in this; it's one of my favourite moments of all time... It really showed how much the doctor needs someone, and it was such a lovely use of Amy's character, and how brilliant she is

  • Gabriella Disla
    Gabriella Disla Hour ago

    I need this doctor to get amazing speeches like all the other doctors. I need emotional speeches that make me question life, I will not settle for less.

  • Maria Stephens
    Maria Stephens Hour ago

    It's hard to watch Tennant have to regenerate and it's all very sad, and you think, oh dear, I can't bear a new one, then you see 11s face and the moment he opens his eyes you're like "" And it's alright then

  • Volkier Neigh
    Volkier Neigh 2 hours ago

    Man Clara is awesome!

  • Alan Vieyra
    Alan Vieyra 2 hours ago

    Bill-Promise you won’t get me killed. Doctor-I pLomise Bill-What? Doctor-Huh?

  • Reynold Nugter
    Reynold Nugter 2 hours ago

    I miss Anthony Ainley.

  • The Confederacy
    The Confederacy 3 hours ago

    1:21 "You have all made sacrifices. Now I will sacrifice myself" Damn....he actually cared about the cult and all there own sacrifices they have made and he wanted to actually repay them with a new form of life and even though they put him as a slave in the end he tried to actually sacrifice himself for the sacrifices they made

  • Carlo Bayani
    Carlo Bayani 3 hours ago


  • Hyrr Oswald Noon
    Hyrr Oswald Noon 3 hours ago


  • MaxZaps Gaming
    MaxZaps Gaming 3 hours ago

    That man realized he met Vincent Van Gogh

  • Thomas Pappalardo
    Thomas Pappalardo 3 hours ago

    I always lose it at “Raggedy man, good night.” 😭😭😭

  • Miss LifescanX
    Miss LifescanX 3 hours ago


  • Stu
    Stu 4 hours ago

    That statement about ravens of death reminds me of what happens to Clara.

  • 27newyorker
    27newyorker 4 hours ago

    The comments here are so funny. And true

  • Ian Cypes
    Ian Cypes 4 hours ago

    Lies. He has both ears!

  • Vanima Permai
    Vanima Permai 4 hours ago

    All those people 100 years later no famaly no homes yep they will all die homeless and alone

  • Jero Briggs
    Jero Briggs 4 hours ago

    Love this story, and I love that is has been found and that I now have it on DVD, but what a lousy trailer. Too long and it shows you how it ends.

  • Nick Hentschel
    Nick Hentschel 4 hours ago

    "Why would I do that? . . . WHY WOULD I DO THAT!?" "Oh, I'm VERY good!" One thing that I'm learning to appreciate about Tennant, is that he handles stress the same way I do: by emoting like hell.

  • Nulono
    Nulono 5 hours ago

    "Where did the time window go?" You, uh... weren't paying attention when the Doctor was explaining things, were you?

  • Haxwell Eddison
    Haxwell Eddison 5 hours ago

    Jesus they're all turning into women.

  • Wesley Molt
    Wesley Molt 5 hours ago

    First it was ghosts with Charles Dickens at Christmas, here it's Shakespeare and three ghosts, next it's a murder mystery with Agatha Christie … is there anything else like this in later series?

  • Lauren Hobson
    Lauren Hobson 5 hours ago

    I didn’t mean to come here and cry but yes that’s exactly what I’m doing why wHY

  • JC - 10VR - The Woodlands SS (2372)

    3:34 thank you davros

  • Megan Is Awesome
    Megan Is Awesome 6 hours ago

    I have seen many a plot twist in my time but this is by far the best, most mind blowing, least expected plot twist ever and nothing can change my mind

  • Jegbmf
    Jegbmf 7 hours ago

    1:04 That GOD I LOVE THAT SHOT

  • Charlie Goldstein
    Charlie Goldstein 7 hours ago

    "we are French" yes I can see that because you all surrendered

  • Windy Statz
    Windy Statz 7 hours ago

    What I liked about the Seventh Doctor was that he felt like a full evolution of the Doctor. He felt like a culmination of advantages the other Doctors had shown (such as using being underestimated to his advantage and his wordplay), but with a streak of experience that made him come off more ruthless and many times more manipulative than usual. He’s played the game for so long that he started to evolve beyond his major enemies like Davros, Master, and Fenric (established to have lost to the Doctor before). The Time War was pretty much the universe biting back at him.

  • James Scarborough
    James Scarborough 7 hours ago

    was Matt Smith still the Doctor when this was filmed?

  • Raider463
    Raider463 7 hours ago

    The 10th was the saddest and the 11th was the best in my opinion

  • Ethan Blackwood
    Ethan Blackwood 7 hours ago

    tens puppy eyes haha very funny

  • Maya Evans
    Maya Evans 7 hours ago

    u really shouldnt use the silence as the subscribe to my channel scene. we all forget to do it!

  • Max Xandubar
    Max Xandubar 8 hours ago

    You’ve explained me to him, you haven’t explained him to me

  • frz3rbRnotaku1
    frz3rbRnotaku1 8 hours ago

    I forgot about the different Clara's for a second and was wondering "Why does Clara sound different??"

  • jadon bitner
    jadon bitner 8 hours ago

    Since when does custard come prepackaged in a box

  • Ana Hernandez
    Ana Hernandez 8 hours ago

    she's beautiful but tragic at the same time

  • One Strange Cyka
    One Strange Cyka 8 hours ago

    I always jumped on the “10 is best/4 is best” bandwagon but 11 is just so damn good

  • GmanGlover
    GmanGlover 8 hours ago

    New who at its best!

  • it's dave
    it's dave 9 hours ago

    Am I only the one who thinks "Satan" is Abaddon from Torchwood (that big demon in season 1)?

  • Wesley Molt
    Wesley Molt 9 hours ago

    I wonder if there's a reason for Sec's speech pattern of pausing between words, or if the writers decided to do it just to make him different

  • Snaily
    Snaily 9 hours ago

    Poor old Matt. He was never too great at hamming it up but Moffat always wanted him to.

  • The Pizza Time Fanatic

    And we never saw another sonic screwdriver on screen until the doctor who movie...

  • Megan Is Awesome
    Megan Is Awesome 9 hours ago

    I DON'T KNOW!!!,

  • David Hedges
    David Hedges 9 hours ago

    What the Doctor always gives, hope, hope beyond hope ... but still hope ...

  • Adril
    Adril 9 hours ago

    What s the title of the music when matt smith and tom baker are speaking ?

  • Zxzi
    Zxzi 9 hours ago

    1:13 that links back to when Amy changed her name

  • Wesley Molt
    Wesley Molt 10 hours ago

    How can Martha attack him for not talking about his people or Gallifrey when she's been with him for … what, MAYBE a week? If they had done this with Rose it would make more sense

  • עינבר נעים
    עינבר נעים 10 hours ago

    One of my favorite historical courtesans

  • Shady Deals
    Shady Deals 10 hours ago

    The Doctor has left the chat.

  • Dr D
    Dr D 10 hours ago

    It’s the music that makes thus scene too. No one mentions music but it’s brilliant when he starts saying “and when I close my eyes”

  • Toadlover404
    Toadlover404 10 hours ago

    3:38 Uh... K-9?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 10 hours ago

    Yeah this really isn't something worth posting. This was an embarrassment to doctor who. The first time I looked at my phone during an episode of Doctor who

  • SwishaMane420
    SwishaMane420 11 hours ago

    I really wish they didnt paint #1 as a racist biggot tho... embarrassing.

  • Callum McPherson
    Callum McPherson 11 hours ago

    "I don't think you've ever given me a present before." Didn't the Doctor give River her diary at the end of Let's Kill Hitler? I seem to remember he left it by her while she was sleeping, so perhaps she never realized who it was from.

  • YoshiTrainer DC
    YoshiTrainer DC 11 hours ago

    Ravens of death omg clara reference

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 11 hours ago

    First time *cries* Second times *cries* This time *cries* I can't stop crying 😭😭😭😭

  • Potato, please
    Potato, please 11 hours ago

    1:08 please pause the video lmao

  • Karol Clark
    Karol Clark 11 hours ago

    I wish doctor who ended with this episode, never liked anything after it But hey that’s just me so no point in trying to prove me wrong because even if you enjoy it that doesn’t mean that I do

  • PhoenixUp
    PhoenixUp 11 hours ago

    Also, Donna will never ever be able to meet her love in that world or she'll die. I feel sorry for Donna, she really became a great and wonderful person, and all of that was taken away from her.

  • Tracey Thorpe
    Tracey Thorpe 11 hours ago

    My name is brad from the vamps

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 12 hours ago

    David Tennant with Billie Piper David Tennant with Michelle Ryan Ahhh it be Catherine Tate next... Matt Smith! Waiiiit where's Catherine Tate! !!

  • Harry Potter
    Harry Potter 12 hours ago

    Time and Rain we finally see the tardis in the opening for the first time 2005 theme when I started watching brings back memories

  • lofthouse23
    lofthouse23 12 hours ago

    I've said it before so I will say it again: A *crying* Cyberman! Gah! That just makes it worse! "I Waited For You." Nope, I was wrong.

  • Neve Holmes
    Neve Holmes 12 hours ago

    After learning of the personal battles he was fighting during the filming of Doctor Who, that makes him even more fantastic ❤

  • lofthouse23
    lofthouse23 12 hours ago

    DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Gah! The Cyberman are freaky!

  • Tardis Net
    Tardis Net 13 hours ago

    This trailer shows the real potential of Ace returning to the show. I made a video a while back on if Ace should return if anyone wants to check it out

  • Logan Nguyen
    Logan Nguyen 13 hours ago

    I’m a bit confused? I know the Quator was one of the actors but is he just a person or the Doctor from the future?

  • Matthew Randell
    Matthew Randell 13 hours ago

    I love the way he says kind

  • Riko Saikawa
    Riko Saikawa 14 hours ago

    well, here we go again

  • Scatman4455
    Scatman4455 14 hours ago

    0:42 play at 0.5x speed

  • Relatable Things
    Relatable Things 14 hours ago

    six years later and this trailer still gives me chills

    THE NORTH 14 hours ago

    hey 173.....

  • Hawk Eye Station Paranormal (T-V)

    the wost enemy ever created looks like a bad tooth fairy on steroids omg😂😂😂

  • The Grimm Reaper
    The Grimm Reaper 14 hours ago

    I like the repaint on the outside, but the interior just seems a bit too bulky. So what is this theme called? The hive theme?

  • ana jones
    ana jones 14 hours ago

    why am i watching this again. :(

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister 15 hours ago

    A twice-baked Sontaran.

  • Ryuuzaki Hasegawa
    Ryuuzaki Hasegawa 15 hours ago

    Don't bring a sword to a spoon fight. We'll know who'll win.

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister 15 hours ago

    At least this time he didn't turn her into a Rose Tyler action figure.

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister 15 hours ago

    Just slightly Ood.

  • RJ McAllister
    RJ McAllister 16 hours ago

    I like Ood.

  • the gremlin
    the gremlin 16 hours ago

    oh my god the interlacing

  • Marcell Márton
    Marcell Márton 16 hours ago

    The doctor who is in the british people's hearts since 1963.

  • Napoleon Solo
    Napoleon Solo 16 hours ago

    All this and he plays an Epiphone SG. Capaldi is The Man.

  • H. Nima
    H. Nima 17 hours ago

    That was so bad

  • Tobi B.
    Tobi B. 17 hours ago

    I see Resolution as the finalé and this as an episode whose motive is the resolution of the series' character arcs. If you think of it like that, it doesn't seem so much of a let down, and it makes a lot more sense as to why Tim is back, considering he's responsible for Grace's death. They should have billed it like that, imo. If one thing can be said for Tim Shaw, it's that the voice work is excellent, and the costuming is brilliant, even if the design is a little average.

  • Lazy Droid
    Lazy Droid 17 hours ago

    Not the first sentient universe.

  • BrotherTree1
    BrotherTree1 18 hours ago

    That Gattaca type music made it so much sadder T_T

  • BrotherTree1
    BrotherTree1 18 hours ago

    I love this theme so much. It's got a bit of Gattaca type feel to it too in my opinion. Special.

  • Alita99
    Alita99 19 hours ago


  • Alita99
    Alita99 19 hours ago

    "Hush, mummy and daddy are busy." 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Trusk
    Alex Trusk 19 hours ago

    Jesus Christ Macaulay Culkin has aged badly lol

  • 10k Subscribers Without Video's For Thanos

    Hitler: Yes without The Doctor I couldn't do all the bad things so I thank the doctor for killing tons of innocent people..

  • Unigamer derp
    Unigamer derp 20 hours ago

    That must be some essential oil their using!

  • Nina Gracia Magbanua
    Nina Gracia Magbanua 20 hours ago

    that was hella creepy it gives me the shivers and im watching at night omg that was creepy