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  • steven john
    steven john 29 minutes ago

    What is the best age/mileage to change the timing chain on BMW 120d 177bhp ? Cheers 👍

  • Stewart Bowie
    Stewart Bowie 37 minutes ago

    Great work mate

  • Daniel Delaney
    Daniel Delaney Hour ago

    i like your content, subbed, keep it up mate

  • Joe Gardiner
    Joe Gardiner Hour ago

    How people can wear gloves when doing mechanics is beyond me.

  • Paul Lockwood
    Paul Lockwood Hour ago

    This is ace content mate! Keep it coming. 😁👌

    FIFAHERO90 Hour ago

    First problem for me is them cheap tyres on a 350bhp car

  • James Mannion
    James Mannion Hour ago

    Your fixing things that need doing, your happy with it! So good on you fella for taking it on! So many people are quick to slate these days! Can't wait to see the progress!

  • Saint Soldier
    Saint Soldier 3 hours ago

    Looking to get one to upgrade from my 06 S4 any issues with the timing chains on these ?

  • Lu kas
    Lu kas 8 hours ago

    I have the exact same car with the exact same colour in my garage. I am really hyped for the following videos

  • Gregory UK
    Gregory UK 10 hours ago

    Recently found this channel. I'm down with this straightforward delivery. Look forward to your continual trial and tribulations with this S5 👍

  • iHacker007
    iHacker007 11 hours ago

    Bro, don't care about the comments. You should be proud of what you have and what you can get. The alloys look pretty nice! Few curbs ain't nothing. And as for the tires, who cares? We know it's just for you to be able to drive the car at least. Then they will be changed eventually. You're one of the few UK channels that actually do proper stuff with cars!

  • Scott i
    Scott i 11 hours ago

    Fuel filter, transmission, brake and steering fluid flush if it has been sitting for a while... check the rotors, pads thickness and even wear and brake hoses for cracks, check belt tension and for cracks... check engine mounts... bushings can be hard as rocks if old even if they look ok.

  • Mzima Springs
    Mzima Springs 11 hours ago

    Check the MoT history nothing much wrong just the usual wear and tear with 1 or 2 odd bits. Its a bargain having done only 3000 average miles per year

  • XeonJa
    XeonJa 12 hours ago

    Alloys looking smart! I really don't want to see too much done to this car but I do at the same time. 4.2ltr I think it's great left stock. Even stock exhaust, peopel said to me to put milltek on mine but I just can't do it as it sounds great as it. Leave the milltek for the 3.0 imo lol

  • P S
    P S 12 hours ago

    When you’re changing tyres look at Vredestein Ultrac Vorti. They’re highly rated and very good performance tyres for a fraction of the cost of Michelin or Pirelli.

  • James Carson
    James Carson 13 hours ago

    You need to start doing daily videos mate I can wait days lol

    • James Carson
      James Carson 12 hours ago

      Excellent mate cheers for the reply

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong 12 hours ago

      @James Carson mid next week bro!!

    • James Carson
      James Carson 13 hours ago

      Mat Armstrong haha when’s the nxt video due

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong 13 hours ago

      😂 😂 Mabye when I can earn a living off this

  • Jolly Jamma
    Jolly Jamma 13 hours ago

    Hey Matto, quick question on the whole insurance thing, if you don’t mind? I know that cars that were in an accident go for less when sold on but is it true that insurance goes up for those cars? I agree with you on the oil by the way, go for any oil that’s passed certain quality criteria and you should be golden. Keep up the restoration!

  • Zee See
    Zee See 13 hours ago

    Hi Mat, could you fix my car, I would like to make this little bit economical Audi Q3 - 2015. Could you help please? Call me on 07817597748

  • Chris FPS
    Chris FPS 13 hours ago

    Crazy that in 10 months, you gained 40,000 subscribers! You earned them mate, great content keep it up! :D

  • Johnny Olsen
    Johnny Olsen 16 hours ago

    I love to follow your projects Mat. Thank you

  • Stan Eddison
    Stan Eddison 16 hours ago

    Great car.

  • Truck Talk Videos
    Truck Talk Videos 17 hours ago

    Dont think about it.just enjoy the good bits.

  • Bibiana Davila Lorenzo

    The chain problem is only on N47, not m47. And in that case isn´t a chain failure its a failure from differents parts of the motor, that makes a chain failure. If you change those parts before, is cheaper, you´ll don´t have that chain problem. If you don´t change oil in the time, you too have that problem. It´s esay if you make a correct manteinance the problem probably will not appper.

  • Big BHP
    Big BHP 18 hours ago

    Bargain car. Looks awesome. Fair fucking play 💪

  • This is Largemouth
    This is Largemouth 19 hours ago

    In the states, it's so not worth it to get an Audi. They are fun cars but when they break down here v is a death sentence. Audi has the MOST expensive parts and they fail all the time. I wish they were more reliable. Even guys who make a ton of money here won't touch audis. It's cheaper to maintain a Mercedes than an Audi. By several orders of magnitude. That said, when audis come up on the second hand market they are generally crazy undervalued because nobody wants to buy them.

  • TFSS Mob
    TFSS Mob 19 hours ago


  • danlat1415
    danlat1415 20 hours ago

    Here's the car history; Cat D write off 2015 - full frontal damage & engine. Cat S write off 2018 - passenger side door & rear wing.

  • Nick
    Nick 21 hour ago

    damn bro you did those spark plugs really fast

  • Chris P
    Chris P 21 hour ago

    Hi. Where was the venue you went to as featured in this video 😎

  • Nick
    Nick 22 hours ago

    How is the paint holding up mate?

    • Nick
      Nick 19 hours ago

      @Mat ArmstrongYou've got me feeling inspired to do my A4 calipers. Love the Channel and the new S5 series!

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong 22 hours ago

      Looking decent man. I'll be up loading a lil Vid in the 1 series soon

  • Dj Majah
    Dj Majah 22 hours ago

    Hiya Mat, When ordered the wrap, what size did you get please ?

  • Furry Nobber
    Furry Nobber 22 hours ago

    Wouldn't it have been easier to wrap the wing off the car ?

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong 22 hours ago

      Not really as it requires alot of pulling and pushing so unless you have the wing mounted somewhere it'll just be flying round all over the place 😂

  • Darryl Hart
    Darryl Hart 22 hours ago

    Mate that's an absolute dog

  • Andrew Parker
    Andrew Parker 22 hours ago

    I wish I could do up my car like this guy

  • Artie Plotnikov
    Artie Plotnikov 23 hours ago

    I've been watching american rebuilders such as b is for build, samcrac and vtuned for a while. Its good to see someone from uk doing car bits on YT! Well done!

  • A H
    A H 23 hours ago

    Sorry that looks terrible

  • ellis O
    ellis O 23 hours ago

    You’re right about the oil.. more expensive doesn’t mean better. Everyone’s circumstances are different. Plus these fuckers probs don’t even service their cars

  • Anfecs Ian
    Anfecs Ian Day ago

    Little heads up for people buying or looking to buy a new Audi. From 2009 to 2017 all Audis have a problem with the piston rings, causing them to become clogged with carbon build-up and resulting in oil starvation or piston failure. This is a very common issue due to the direct injection and ring design. Best post 2000 Audis to buy are between 2005 and early 2009 model year... Hope this helps someone.

  • sifting tru the shit

    My mmi unit on 2011 a6 turns on but then knocks itself off after 15 secs any idea's?

  • MrMhl2kuk
    MrMhl2kuk Day ago

    When will the timing chain need doing on this? Isn’t it a major concern for a 100k v8?

  • Michael Lauter

    Or, the drug dealers bought it, smashed it at the front and its been off the road.

  • mrextremophile

    Great channel. I’m not really into cars, but enjoy watching your videos as they are informative, interesting and entertaining. You seem a good lad also.

  • xYaatez Alistair

    Use your Carly and check the miles ??

  • Robert Shaw
    Robert Shaw Day ago

    Looking forward to seeing you lowering the S5. Hoping to lower my A6 and I would think process very similar. Be good to see you go through it first. Keep up the good work. Great channel. 👍

  • Martin Tait
    Martin Tait Day ago

    Where is the best place to get front grilles? Need a facelift grille for my insignia... Thanks to a deer! Cheers

  • DaveP
    DaveP Day ago

    Try a short shift kit, it transforms the car.

  • iamyourfuture808

    Hmm hope the dodgy steering wheel angle has nothing to do with the unexplained front end bumper/liner damage and air bag deployment ... twisted chassis?

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong Day ago

      noo it was straight before i replaced the control arms

  • tomas grunwald

    Hey dude! Let us being frank.... You bought it or you stole it mate????

  • Jack Bean
    Jack Bean Day ago

    I have the same issue with my passenger door, what part did you order mate can you help me out please?

  • Dominkox
    Dominkox Day ago

    I have a5 2.0tfsi and mine was sitting for 2 years in garage and it has leaves marks on hood:/ good thing is that the mileage is 50k

  • Janine A.
    Janine A. Day ago

    Lovely. I own a 2012 S5 special edition, glad to see this video! Great job!

  • Gary Broadbent

    I gave up watching as the music was too annoying.

  • okambambo
    okambambo Day ago

    I literally stumbled on this channel, you are the typical car guy who does most stuff himself and in most instances with primitive tools. Fairplay to you.

  • Sim W
    Sim W Day ago

    Seems very dangerous to not tell you the cruise control is on.... why is the engine light on at all times also?

  • swansmeister
    swansmeister Day ago

    looks like crap and looks cheapo

  • irishgar
    irishgar Day ago

    It's amazing how afraid people are about certain milestones of mileages on any car. If it's been serviced well and looked after, the millage is not an issue at all.

  • Nicholas Massey

    I love your work...been watching Lee Lockwood but I rather your style. I would have gone after market on wheels but for £400, like someone who struggles with the letters t and f, you can't say fairer than that!

  • ParkeCore personal training PT

    Love the vid Matt new work man. 👍👍

  • Phil Rudd
    Phil Rudd Day ago

    Brilliant tailgating car.

  • Edward Steele
    Edward Steele Day ago

    whats the name of the track matt

  • Asif Pandor
    Asif Pandor Day ago

    What website did you say you found the other pics from?

  • Chrishalliday1984

    Where did you get the spark plugs from Mat? Cheers Chris

  • TJ C
    TJ C Day ago

    Man this is so relaxing, satisfying to watch & interesting at same time!

  • Sohail A
    Sohail A Day ago

    Great stuff. I just watched the video on how RR do it.. it is basically the SAME process! and the same kinda bits (long fibre cables) Amazing. Is it still working ok?

  • Dismas Joseph
    Dismas Joseph Day ago

    Great video - very interesting - looking forward to the next episodes - Happy New Year to you! 👍👌

  • Sean
    Sean Day ago

    This is the first time.... well no the third time I’ve drove this car 😳

  • Marwan Hassan
    Marwan Hassan Day ago

    PLAYBOI CARTI AND AUDIS im bout to 😢 its beautiful.

  • wheatlj3
    wheatlj3 Day ago

    Some skill wrapping cars, did the interior on a 59 plate Clio, so much time and loads of mistakes. Great fun though

  • Fynn's Workshop

    I've got the exact same door lock problem on my drivers side door on my A5. Any chance you could link me the part you used to fix it? Was it an easy job replacing it? Looked easy in the vid but of course was sped up!

  • Nicholas Collins

    The company that sells the obd for the remap are very limited that they don't have an upgrade for my car

  • Matt Catchpole

    Considering I paid £8k for a 2012 A5 3.0 tdi Quattro that had been in a crash! I don’t think you got ripped off! Car looks sweet, looking forward to the next vid. Subscribed!

  • Atticus Jun
    Atticus Jun Day ago

    What’s so special about the S5. I have the 08 6spd 4.2l and it’s slow and very low now. I’ve been thinking of just getting rid of it, so why does everyone all of a sudden want one now?

  • Jerry Beugelink

    I wish I could afford a V8, but then there is the Netherlands and it's taxes...

  • ObeseWesticleツ

    i recently bought a car which has fake invoices and receipts for the head gasket and cam chain. car was £1000 down to 800 which was fishy. the cars a good spec and valued at 2100 on sites so im not complaining too much because i can do all the work myself but feel like a twat for not spotting it. was my first car so i had no idea on what paperwork to look for

  • Stuart Whelan
    Stuart Whelan Day ago

    Where are you from Matt?

  • Marco Gonçalves

    Nice channel! I also have a manual S5 V8 (2009) and bought second hand 20" alloys (TSW Nurburgring) with used tires. Exactly the same as yours. So please change the tires as soon as possible because they are just garbage! I almost killed myself with them. Keep on with your vids 👍👍👍

  • Chaos Anime
    Chaos Anime Day ago

    Can u change the headlight to 2014 version

  • Daniel Dixon
    Daniel Dixon Day ago

    Surely due another BMW video? Great to see the channel blowing up

  • BiG Al
    BiG Al Day ago

    Look at your trousers and shoes ffs rylan

  • wardex
    wardex Day ago

    Maybe the previous owner drove it in reverse for a thousand miles

    • FAZ KHAN
      FAZ KHAN Day ago

      maybe he knows mo the mileage clock back man

  • Ponderer01
    Ponderer01 Day ago

    Sorry mate, lost me at "replica"

  • Mister Magnifico

    What's the fix for the door. I have one of four doors that does the same thing

  • Dale Cooper
    Dale Cooper Day ago

    Mileage clocked back or the cars a ringer? Neither is a good scenario with the latter being the worst out of the 2

  • Youtube Watcher

    YOu just make sure that ET of alloy is OK not too deep

  • simon Collis
    simon Collis Day ago

    5k for that. Bargain. Loads of potential

  • ben ripley
    ben ripley Day ago

    Hi how did you get the old copart images? Where did you put the vin number in to get the info? Cheers

  • Kenny Bird
    Kenny Bird Day ago

    these vids are a great watch and have made me start looking at S5 prices! another S5 with a mileage 'discrepancy' -

  • Mitchell Shaw
    Mitchell Shaw Day ago

    So glad I came across your channel ! I'm from Ontario Canada the s5 has been a dream car of mine for years cant wait to pick one up . But unfortunately here in Canada a good one 2012 goes for 20 grand and up aha

  • Ričardas Baika

    I have a5 3,2. With different engine. So you are lucky, you at least can + - guest yours. I don't know how much my car has :D. + You can try log in to that car, maybe there are some info with how much miles it run. Or check, maybe there are sticker under that hood where its written when belt or something last was change

  • Ferrino 41
    Ferrino 41 Day ago

    Hmm not sure but these wheels looks like RS4 ones, not an rs5

  • 12MATZE13
    12MATZE13 Day ago

    Maybe you could include some S5s in the next video that subscribers send you via Instagram. I got a real diamond at home that I would like you to comment on.

  • 错鞘
    错鞘 Day ago

    dude you ruined your ears

  • Emad zeitoune
    Emad zeitoune Day ago

    I actually love this guys videos

  • Aaron Dominic
    Aaron Dominic Day ago

    You should consider to facelift the front end

  • Josh Walling
    Josh Walling Day ago

    Does it getting clocked back effect getting it registered or insured or anything? It’s interesting how common this is in Australia and the UK. I’ve never seen it as much in the US

  • Noname
    Noname Day ago

    You worry too much about commentators, do your thing man, you're doing great!

  • Dean Prosser
    Dean Prosser Day ago

    It's annoying but that mileage on a car with a larger capacity engine should mean it;s only just run in :-)

  • tom downing
    tom downing Day ago

    you mapping it mate

    • Mat Armstrong
      Mat Armstrong Day ago

      Yeah man after it's been walnut blasted etc

  • Adam Wattam
    Adam Wattam Day ago

    Get vag com and check the actual mileage from the ECU. That cant be changed unless they went to the extent of swapping that out aswell as the clocks

  • Tshwetso Langa
    Tshwetso Langa 2 days ago

    "milage is just a number" he said... engine: oh me break down in few miles, fella