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  • Albert Hong
    Albert Hong 5 hours ago

    white boys are crazy try everything

    ABHIJIT ROY 5 hours ago

    o man this is intense to show slaughtering on air...... wtf

  • enamul faisal
    enamul faisal 5 hours ago

    Rafsan is ur perfect sidekick . U guys like batman and robin

  • Buddha BLACK
    Buddha BLACK 5 hours ago

  • enamul faisal
    enamul faisal 5 hours ago

    Man rafsan is ur perfect sidekick . U guys are like batman and robin .

  • D
    D 5 hours ago

    No wonder they have the coronavirus

  • enamul faisal
    enamul faisal 5 hours ago

    Man I was super excited for this episode and finally I'm watching it . rafsan my man u r doing a great job by filming it in chittagong and covering the local sea food .

  • levi kamerik
    levi kamerik 5 hours ago

    13:17 when you sniff to much coke

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 5 hours ago

    thank God u did not acquire corona.

  • Knowledge News
    Knowledge News 5 hours ago

    will try food vlogging Subscribe our channel for interesting information

  • N Ravi
    N Ravi 5 hours ago

    I really want to taste it man. I just love eating anything related to cows since they are the worst creatures in this world. The only good use is the cow meat and I hope people do eat a lot of cow meat!!!

    ASD ASD 5 hours ago

    Corona virus has joined the chat room

  • Warish Khan
    Warish Khan 5 hours ago

    indonesian govt need yo band like this kind of food

  • Big Brain
    Big Brain 5 hours ago

    I dont even eat vegetables

  • Times up
    Times up 5 hours ago

    All Asian love rice

  • Twiggy the lizard
    Twiggy the lizard 5 hours ago

    That was awesome, and she's cute. But...How much was the restaurant bill👀because...I hear Hong Kong is expensive😈

  • squaremarco
    squaremarco 5 hours ago

    Imagine the smell of all that gutter oil lmfao

  • Erik Ljungdahl
    Erik Ljungdahl 5 hours ago

    Fuck them

  • Joy
    Joy 5 hours ago

    You will forever be missed Mr. Bourdain taken way too soon🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Zach'sCombat
    Zach'sCombat 5 hours ago


  • Raj Kumar Das
    Raj Kumar Das 6 hours ago

    Stop showing the sloughtering's horrifying...😱

  • Spartaeus
    Spartaeus 6 hours ago

    They look so much more healthy there, than Americans who mostly live on junk food.

  • Jerrmey Joseff Bañas


  • EbennixIman
    EbennixIman 6 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion cafe du mond's beignets ain't all that. It probably didn't help that I had homemade ones from a black grandmother the day before.

  • Geraline Gonzales
    Geraline Gonzales 6 hours ago


  • Game Codez
    Game Codez 6 hours ago

    man i cant put this to word the first time i saw this channel almost two years ago it was a normal day i was HUNGRY it was a day in Ramadan i was on you tube to pass time where i was scrolling for nothing interesting to watch at the time it was mostly gaming and it was not much fun a side story (as a Muslim there are things which are halal and haram i love watching these because i can see other people taste the food i cannot to feel what they are tasting because i normally enjoy trying new foods wierd and all but restricted to do so) anyways i saw my first video around two years ago and it was Raw pigs blood soup and at the time i was like eww no but it bugged me that i didnt watch it so i swallowed my gut and watched it and watched another and another and another then i saw something that food unites humans that food is a power food is a passion and the lifes of these humans how they make it with love not only with the feeling of hunger i saw sonnys love for food and i have been a very big fan ever since well i know this is a old video but there are lots that i havent watched yet to this day and i felt like saying it here because this video warmed my heaaart

  • Shadman Tanjim
    Shadman Tanjim 6 hours ago

    The level of bidah is high in CTG, still great video.

  • Tech Me
    Tech Me 6 hours ago

    It is safe

  • Tech Me
    Tech Me 6 hours ago

    Mark wiens and the food ranger did this

  • Fun and info
    Fun and info 6 hours ago

    grand bear gills

  • Tech Me
    Tech Me 6 hours ago

    It's safe man Look to mark kwins and the food ranger did this

  • Anshu Majumder
    Anshu Majumder 6 hours ago

    i recently just started watching your videos and they are so good . A little different from the usual food vlogs

  • Tech Me
    Tech Me 6 hours ago

    Dude please come to Pakistan

  • Lamarck Leland
    Lamarck Leland 6 hours ago

    I guess there are good reasons for why this is not a very popular dish around here

  • Cynthia Appleberry
    Cynthia Appleberry 6 hours ago

    Omg I love you guide his is so real and hilarious love him

  • sup rcpu
    sup rcpu 6 hours ago

    what a bunch of pussys i have been there and it is nor even that spicy

  • Kamlesh Yadav
    Kamlesh Yadav 6 hours ago

    bangladesh will be a state of India soon..inshallah..

  • Inday Ganda
    Inday Ganda 6 hours ago

    That cooking tradition is so amazing. I love it..

  • Master Wushu
    Master Wushu 6 hours ago

    White men makes a video about this, gets more like than dislikes, people in their own country making a video like this n they get bashed n humiliation lol welcome to the United

  • Angel McTerrell
    Angel McTerrell 6 hours ago

    Why you eat it then

  • Potato Grl
    Potato Grl 6 hours ago

    "What is hello in tagalog?" Vendor: hi 😂😂😂😂 Lmaaaaaoooo that's a hard question tho...

  • Douglas McDaniel
    Douglas McDaniel 6 hours ago

    That woman wanted to fuck

    REMAIN ORGANIC 6 hours ago

    Gtfoh. This is an abomination.

  • Goodbye.
    Goodbye. 6 hours ago

    1:24 my God she's beautiful

  • Kislay Anand
    Kislay Anand 6 hours ago

    "Your bread game is strong"😂

  • Dreygo Dreygo
    Dreygo Dreygo 6 hours ago

    Enjoy this episode

  • Kris Carrington
    Kris Carrington 6 hours ago

    You must visit the Caribbean You can't be a good review channel and not try and review Caribbean food

  • kelly chanhow
    kelly chanhow 6 hours ago

    Come to Mauritius! A small multicultural island near Madagascar

  • Cynthia Appleberry
    Cynthia Appleberry 6 hours ago

    Absolutely love your guide his reactions are so real and enjoyable love y'all together hilarious

  • debanjana chatterjee

    Were they support slaughter of innocent animals i don't support such religion or practice.

  • Cutie Voken
    Cutie Voken 6 hours ago

    Subscribe to me please anyone

  • Thelosthat Thelosthat


  • jyjygjy yjfyjygj
    jyjygjy yjfyjygj 6 hours ago

    dam their toilets must be nasty as fuck. Doesn't india have a problem with people shitting in the streets everywhere?

  • Brian Pan
    Brian Pan 6 hours ago

  • Noelle Olivier
    Noelle Olivier 6 hours ago

    We eat raw pig on a roll/ bread in germany, with a lot of onions, great😍

  • Bertin
    Bertin 6 hours ago

    Corona virus

  • Ladie Braden
    Ladie Braden 6 hours ago

    *what if i told you you’re gonna die*

  • Earth Pharaoh Oaeoxz

    Reincarnation is real. Probably more ethical to wait until the life cycle ends before decided to eat physical body or not. Besides the experience of witnessing one of my past life of my birth as a wolf the and some others, one was some A hole left an active bear trap in some forest and I got caught in it and bled to death with a fractured right arm and bones sticking out cause there was no one there to help save me & I'm still pretty pissed about that vision of a prior life & experience that came back to me in memory.

  • Zenbeach Traveler
    Zenbeach Traveler 6 hours ago

    well, he is cool. it took a few video for me to finally admit that.

  • gudik
    gudik 6 hours ago

    Here comes the Corona

  • Jessie Cornelius
    Jessie Cornelius 6 hours ago

    Wow Muhammad's Mom's kitchen is like LA and the you think you were in California

  • Mocha Mathis
    Mocha Mathis 6 hours ago

    They giving me that tribe from King Kong vibes😂

  • Pavel Alexander
    Pavel Alexander 6 hours ago

    *Oh yum!*

  • mitu arif
    mitu arif 6 hours ago

    Welcome to 🇧🇩♥️

  • Blast From The Past - The Good Old Days

    when I first saw this I thought he said the orange/yellow thing was turtle anus, but apparently it was eggs. I've only recently come across this channel but I love it- binge watching.

  • Amazon Sigma
    Amazon Sigma 6 hours ago

    7:24 he just washed his hand with that water and peoples are gonna eat that? 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮

  • Jessie Cornelius
    Jessie Cornelius 6 hours ago

    During the second world war 1... I believe in France people would walk barefoot in the stables where the horses were and one day there tuberculosis was gone

  • kamal kishor
    kamal kishor 6 hours ago

    Vietnam really beautiful love from India

  • sherry jumain
    sherry jumain 6 hours ago

    Pilipino is best very naturally

  • Amazon Sigma
    Amazon Sigma 6 hours ago

    yuck what a disgusting country 🤮

  • Jessie Cornelius
    Jessie Cornelius 6 hours ago

    Beautiful people ❤️❤️❤️ singing to the cow makes him happy and do good work. There's another thing in Iran if you see a drunk person sit by him and listened to his stories.

  • Air Walker
    Air Walker 7 hours ago

    Reason why there’s all this SARS VIRUS OR WUHAN VIRUS...

  • Rashmin Patel
    Rashmin Patel 7 hours ago

    So beautiful country and decent people . Why USA harassed such beautiful country?🤔

  • billah halum
    billah halum 7 hours ago

    you miss one Bangladeshi food its name Yogurt in Bangladesh we called doi you should eat bogra's yogurt

  • Zhiar Ali
    Zhiar Ali 7 hours ago

    Thank you for the Corona Virus!

  • Paranormal Angel
    Paranormal Angel 7 hours ago

    Here we go again 🤗🤗😚

  • billah halum
    billah halum 7 hours ago

    Bangladeshi 😇

  • blitzerrhames
    blitzerrhames 7 hours ago

    And while eating the $100 ramen, their CLOTHES EXPLODE OFF

  • willa
    willa 7 hours ago

    People on the west literally eat pigs and cows, we have no rights to criticize people's culture. It's unfortunate what's happening right now, and I pray for everyone's safety. Let's be more humans.

  • Ramane boswell
    Ramane boswell 7 hours ago

    He is really good but sometimes he talk about country or food no good why u talk about icecream like this we all know it’s poor country

  • Janielle CassandraTV

    I just want to say those 🤬 PUTANG INA!

  • thesourkroutkid
    thesourkroutkid 7 hours ago

    I got to work for an iranian an they were nice an normal

  • Lazy Ghoste
    Lazy Ghoste 7 hours ago

    When she keeps sucking after you nut 0:12

  • Mayank Sahani
    Mayank Sahani 7 hours ago

    Even we indian didn't listen background songs that played in video..😂😂

  • Janica rose gacha Gamer

    Stop eating that u will get a infection

  • Ugly creature
    Ugly creature 7 hours ago

    I love that Chinese girl oh my God she is just I like her♥️

  • Ngocoanh Nguyen
    Ngocoanh Nguyen 7 hours ago

    I no phở.i love bún bò

  • Hush Puppy
    Hush Puppy 7 hours ago

    I love kicking my dog

  • muh abdi
    muh abdi 7 hours ago

    This is like the complete opposite of Australia. Instead of getting eaten by anything, here you can eat everything

  • Lost Bible Books
    Lost Bible Books 7 hours ago

    Not enough seasoning. That bird looks bland. Should I come and season it for you guys?

  • Omar M Khalil
    Omar M Khalil 7 hours ago

    The easiest way to tell if an Animal is Halal is if that animal eats anything besides a vegetarian diet. If an animal eats meat, its not halal. If an animal eats excrement, its not halal. If an animal is a scavenger its not halal. Halal animals tend to eat grass/hay

  • sofa king
    sofa king 7 hours ago

    Man I hope you don't eat any snakes soon.

  • Al Bundy
    Al Bundy 7 hours ago

    I don't share your enthusiasm for noodles but i absolutely love chicken sate. With peanut sauce yum.

  • alma onambele
    alma onambele 7 hours ago

    go to cameroon next please:)

  • phoenix rising
    phoenix rising 7 hours ago

    These people who eat bats, monkeys, poo, rats, snakes, dirty pig parts and other filth create diseases and viruses that spread to the world.

    BOODRO WEBB 7 hours ago

    More of Gods' people.

  • Firas Ashraf
    Firas Ashraf 7 hours ago


  • annonim
    annonim 7 hours ago

    Whos here after corona?

    D . ANTHONY MATHEW 7 hours ago

    Then why the fuck you want to eat it desperately as if u dont have any other fishes