Best Ever Food Review Show
Best Ever Food Review Show
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  • Manu Sharma
    Manu Sharma 7 hours ago

    What have I done to deserve this moment 😂😂😂😂

  • Chi Leung
    Chi Leung 7 hours ago

    It can feed the whole village!

  • Beautiful Models
    Beautiful Models 7 hours ago

    pleeeease title song 11:00 ? thank

  • The Real Jim Jangle
    The Real Jim Jangle 7 hours ago

    so when you two getting married? you guys have baby making chemistry . Get MARRIED

  • Dan Nelson
    Dan Nelson 7 hours ago

    "ooh!" every time she says that, my ears pucker up.

  • Kokuma Lamoi
    Kokuma Lamoi 7 hours ago

    The Editing you guys do is straight up gorgeous. Timing the music with those chopping noises from 13:46 on...? That's some badass sense for detail you've got there. And don't get me started of all that swag slow motions you've got on those street vendors and beautiful every day life out there. Could compliment every single video.

  • George Gobin
    George Gobin 7 hours ago

    I wish I could go live there...I'm tired of people screeming, fighting,and killing each other all because we live in a society (╯︵╰,) The Joker:Me too 😢

  • Zulfan Nugraha
    Zulfan Nugraha 7 hours ago

    Indonesia hadir

  • R
    R 7 hours ago

    *Steps over bar* “Parkour”

  • Maya Blue-Corn
    Maya Blue-Corn 7 hours ago

    this is the funniest video so far dude! 👆😂👍

  • Edriss Yousuf
    Edriss Yousuf 7 hours ago

    Thy mix whit any kinde of food thes facking derty pork

  • Firzi VH
    Firzi VH 7 hours ago

    Yang dari indonesia like donk😄

  • J Chr G
    J Chr G 7 hours ago

    Het is de smaak van rommel

  • annon #
    annon # 7 hours ago

    edditing stuck in 2007 Anthony Bourdain...

  • Cheyenne Lee
    Cheyenne Lee 7 hours ago

    I still remember after church, we alwYs go for lunch at Luz kinilaw, it used to be a fancy restaurant in the late 70s early 80s, always full of people

  • Nez Bit
    Nez Bit 7 hours ago

    Nooo way, this is a step too far! Eating using their fingers!🤢

  • Kashif Amin
    Kashif Amin 7 hours ago

    Delicious hahaha...

  • annon #
    annon # 7 hours ago

    who the fuck puts best in the channel name . bullshit

  • Nostalgic
    Nostalgic 7 hours ago

    ($) any1

  • evolunter
    evolunter 7 hours ago

    Where those whites or yellows appear, soon nature and wildlife disappear!

  • FATIMAH Alshaghouri
    FATIMAH Alshaghouri 7 hours ago

    Wish to join the tour

  • wisiHD Disi
    wisiHD Disi 7 hours ago

    Go to Germany man

  • chris p
    chris p 7 hours ago

    she is super cute

  • Hussain Kasim
    Hussain Kasim 7 hours ago

    Was anyone dying at the way he said jalebi jELlY BeE

  • Derek Laflamme
    Derek Laflamme 8 hours ago

    It's been a longing question, do you shake hands like that on purpose or is that just how you shake hands?

  • akash goyal
    akash goyal 8 hours ago


  • Eminem Pakistan
    Eminem Pakistan 8 hours ago

    Fuck those both bitch bare

  • Geronimo London Geronimo

    Man before he heard that he was skeptical he got an OK from the other tribal members to visit white man wants to come to your home and he has lots of cigarettes ! Tribal chief” well come on in get your self something cool to drink” 🍹😅

  • Zoe 787
    Zoe 787 8 hours ago

    Why ar the alive camal legs tied?

  • Jett Philips
    Jett Philips 8 hours ago

    Is this dude a bloodz or what

  • ashwin #win
    ashwin #win 8 hours ago

    @ best ever food review show @ gordan ramsay ......Visit banglore.. Do reach me out !!!

  • Ivan Tapia
    Ivan Tapia 8 hours ago

    5, 000 years of history and healing his body like this, just do it!

  • Richie S
    Richie S 8 hours ago

    turtles are full of sominallia

  • CBR Fireblade
    CBR Fireblade 8 hours ago

    dude, you glorify this type of shit... If I could ever find you, I'd slice you into thin strips and feed you to the street dogs...

  • Huzaifah Aamir
    Huzaifah Aamir 8 hours ago

    Deez nuts are good Me here smiling the smile of the grinch

  • Blade ϟ
    Blade ϟ 8 hours ago

    most isolated? hmmm how about the north sentinel island

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 8 hours ago

    One man's pest is another man's food.

  • Ruh Roh
    Ruh Roh 8 hours ago Go watch this if you're interested. These types of videos don't tell the full story.

  • kanyaw say
    kanyaw say 8 hours ago

    Finally! My people!!!!! I wanna visit Thai now!

  • Lolita Horton
    Lolita Horton 8 hours ago

    Won't be trying the donuts at all, imagine eating Popeye's then one of these for dessert! DOA!

  • WitchidWitchid
    WitchidWitchid 8 hours ago


  • Ruchi Dhyani
    Ruchi Dhyani 9 hours ago

    woww human with no sense shit eating now ...? tatti to chhod dob

  • Faithful Queen
    Faithful Queen 9 hours ago

    Those vegetables they eat it’s I eating it’s too in my village 😋it’s so delicious if you fry it’s 😋😋

  • Cash Out dillon
    Cash Out dillon 9 hours ago

    This dude is adventurous

    LOWLiFE 9 hours ago

    every American knows Florida is whole different country lol

  • Ravindra gautam
    Ravindra gautam 9 hours ago

    2.45 boy said chieas 😂😂

  • Mlv
    Mlv 9 hours ago

    I've watch alot of food reviewer on entire youtube, i explore youtube so much But my favorite food review section is your channel

  • Sophia Sugar
    Sophia Sugar 9 hours ago

    Please don’t kill this tribe off.

  • TheMaskedCrisis
    TheMaskedCrisis 9 hours ago

    3:50 - That is one “hung” bat...

  • Jay
    Jay 9 hours ago


  • Dragon Lex
    Dragon Lex 9 hours ago

    I want some for the love of god. And at max i will need a year to get there. And like to make it worse crawfish in my country became expensive just recently.

  • gethyn phillips
    gethyn phillips 9 hours ago

    Lol all of Them are pretty safe if they don’t have serious local issues which we’ve often been a big part of. Great show and stuff

  • Brandon Herrera
    Brandon Herrera 9 hours ago

  • Saanvi Satpute
    Saanvi Satpute 9 hours ago

    I am half indian and watching sonny pronounce some of the words was sooo funny no hate i love this channel

  • steve Haynes
    steve Haynes 9 hours ago

    Why show it to this white guy then he’s on board to gentrifying you and your business...

  • Saurabh Patil
    Saurabh Patil 9 hours ago

    these is not mumbai there are gujrat

  • Makayla-Angelina Andre

    I have to visit Spuddy when I go to NOLA! We love you Spuddy

    RENPAI 9 hours ago

    It's not a food review, it's a documentary!!! I really like it.

  • Sinta Waikato
    Sinta Waikato 9 hours ago

    This girl❣️ my fave so far

  • Shaun Faulkner
    Shaun Faulkner 9 hours ago

    This is the most understated channel on TheXvid, nearly as underrated as how this guy never puts on any weight.. besides how much of a inspiration

  • Elite X39
    Elite X39 10 hours ago

    That was very nice of you exchange in culture 😊

  • Siddharth Rastogi
    Siddharth Rastogi 10 hours ago

    Host looks Indian...

  • Abhishek Lakra
    Abhishek Lakra 10 hours ago

    Swahili pizza is just like Mughlai here in India

  • Lauren Klitsch
    Lauren Klitsch 10 hours ago

    Madagaskar is the most beautiful n the world

  • Chloe McLaurine
    Chloe McLaurine 10 hours ago

    "Forget flowers, buy your girlfriend a bucket of this!" My fat ass: "ooooooooooo" 🤯

  • David Knigge
    David Knigge 10 hours ago

    Fat and carbs taste delicious, but wave goodbye to your health.

  • Euten Tv
    Euten Tv 10 hours ago

    Ok, even tho this is a Worth It parody, but this production is actually a step up. Wonderful work.

  • Nobuntunglogop Bonong
    Nobuntunglogop Bonong 10 hours ago

    You really drunk bro till you look like Mr Crab sleeping in the pot LOL

  • Benny Masbon
    Benny Masbon 10 hours ago

    Please do explore whole philippines. Im pretty sure you will be amazed

  • Denny Irawan
    Denny Irawan 10 hours ago


  • Manuel Almojera
    Manuel Almojera 10 hours ago

    Food #3. We calls it O.D.O.C.S. or One Day Old ChickS 🇵🇭

  • Just Drive
    Just Drive 10 hours ago

    You have a beautiful personality. I don't knoe you but proud of you.

  • El_cuh49
    El_cuh49 10 hours ago

    I like that shirt

  • Joseph Marshall
    Joseph Marshall 10 hours ago

    They literally eat like animals no skill involved

  • &i _Prime
    &i _Prime 10 hours ago


  • Roberta Cooper
    Roberta Cooper 10 hours ago


  • Karishma Patil
    Karishma Patil 10 hours ago

    Molested the bug

  • M M
    M M 10 hours ago

    Lol over half way and i feel cliqbated

  • miggy m
    miggy m 10 hours ago

    hell no. it's better to cook it first

  • DeathKing Ray
    DeathKing Ray 10 hours ago

    What's the title of the song at 0:09??? Please...I need to knoooow😭😭😭

  • Sane Indra
    Sane Indra 10 hours ago

    He:4.01 -goes to the ox ,says " Hi buddy" OX:is like'Yeah'😂😂😂

  • Lumampos 69
    Lumampos 69 10 hours ago

    its bitter gourd

  • Sujay Pillai
    Sujay Pillai 10 hours ago

    Who's the God of Food? ...Gordon Ramsey...

  • Arash Fariman
    Arash Fariman 11 hours ago

    If you can find beef hump it is almost the same,no need to pay this much

  • Free Mind
    Free Mind 11 hours ago

    There’s videos are so cutely edited hahaha always!

  • vic valenzia
    vic valenzia 11 hours ago

    You should be on tv

  • Naveen Rodrigues
    Naveen Rodrigues 11 hours ago

    afterall this from the first video till this video ...i have to say >>>>welcome to india Sonny and absolutely tremendous way to start of that thali food stuff >>>amazing no word to say....just keep on rolling bro......cheers>let me know if u happen to come to dubai please do visit emirates golf club>>>take care

  • Betsy Patawaran
    Betsy Patawaran 11 hours ago

    Visit pampanga in Philippines 🇵🇭 “The culinary capital of the Phil”

  • Sow Akh
    Sow Akh 11 hours ago

    Ad is so horrible...

  • Ashim Bohora
    Ashim Bohora 11 hours ago

    It’s called tarul (kasaaw)in my language

  • Alex Colon
    Alex Colon 11 hours ago


  • Enola Rijos
    Enola Rijos 11 hours ago

    Favorite show to watch everyday! Never without a smile or laugh, I love watching Best Ever Food Review Show!!!! You guys are the best💯 keep doing what you do ❤️

  • michael ponce
    michael ponce 11 hours ago

    I love japanese!!! Im from the Philippines

  • Combat Ovla oflo
    Combat Ovla oflo 11 hours ago

    Papua Indonesia

  • Kalani Nolan Vlogs
    Kalani Nolan Vlogs 11 hours ago

    0:12 what the f*uck is that in the water

  • Tasty Kitchen
    Tasty Kitchen 11 hours ago

    Support us

  • Jojo Hokky
    Jojo Hokky 11 hours ago

    She hot

  • Sanjeewa Weerasinghe
    Sanjeewa Weerasinghe 11 hours ago

    A guide to be a vegetarian

  • Sportivation 1
    Sportivation 1 11 hours ago

    Anthony Joshua revenge!!

  • ChunChun Maru
    ChunChun Maru 11 hours ago

    Wa wa wa wa