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  • SnuffleTruffler
    SnuffleTruffler Hour ago

    "Just keep squirting till you're out of juice" Tyler, you are going to be quoted nonstop

  • Lana Like banana
    Lana Like banana 2 hours ago


  • Taneisha Hunter
    Taneisha Hunter 2 hours ago

    I love miss Mina she’s so cool and nice!

  • Joshua Hamilton
    Joshua Hamilton 3 hours ago

    Tyler: we're done with the blowtorch Saf: oH bOy yOu tHoUgHt wRoNg

  • Maris Norton
    Maris Norton 4 hours ago

    as a chicagoan, i was supremely happy to see that lou malnati's was the place you went. i have one thing to say: chicago style deep dish with a buttercrust that is all, thanks for coming to my TEDtalk

  • Kawaii Cotton Candy Heart

    Who is here because of Safiya Nygaard

  • Anna G
    Anna G 7 hours ago

    I can smell the hairspray through the computer screen

  • WhiteRaven696
    WhiteRaven696 7 hours ago

    Ok, but why were Days 1 and 6 so yummy? 🔥🔥🔥

  • Alex Gaming Wolf
    Alex Gaming Wolf 22 hours ago

    Tads so gentle and cute! We need more of tad!!!!!

  • Sushmita Tiwari

    I feel like safiya's style and personality has bleeded into Tyler so much that he seems like male gym shorts wearing Safiya now

  • thenunnery
    thenunnery 2 days ago

    I think Saf has problems

  • Stephanie Orchard
    Stephanie Orchard 2 days ago

    Ok I’m pretty claustrophobic but it looks like there’s enough room in there for me to not get panicky. Also since there’s no lock on the door I wouldn’t freak out about accidentally locking myself in. I would probably try it if I had the option tbh

  • Megan Ryan
    Megan Ryan 2 days ago

    If you both still have access to the videos of your Nextbeat rooms I would love you to upload them to this channel so we can rewatch them!! I never usually caught the Nextbeat rooms live anyways so I just want to watch more of your antics

  • Trina High
    Trina High 2 days ago

    OMG, this thing seems like HEAVEN to me! Now, ~I~ have a SUPER high sugar tolerance, and could probably eat one without batting an eye. It's not unlike me to eat 12 cookies, 4-5 Andes mints, a bowl of ice cream, and some marshmallows during the course of a day...every day. Nobody knows how I've managed to avoid major bodily damage at this point...but I digress... I NEED to get one of these. Somehow.

  • Elani de Bruyn
    Elani de Bruyn 2 days ago

    Ar you together ☺

    • lmaree200886
      lmaree200886 Day ago

      Elani de Bruyn They are getting married soon ( or have already )

  • rhama devi
    rhama devi 2 days ago

    They fooled u . The food they showed you is made in india and it's call appadalu . we make them in homes

  • Jerry Gurrola AKA Spade Beats

    Flock of Seagulls called! They want their hairstyle returned And that wasn’t even my main diss, it was just a sideburn

  •  3 days ago

    This kinda made me fall asleep 😂

  • Debbie Geu
    Debbie Geu 3 days ago

    The hottest ice cream is in Glasgow Scotland

  • WhiteRaven696
    WhiteRaven696 4 days ago

    To be fair, Toxic starts in Tokyo (Blonde Stewardess), then moves to Paris (Red-headed Biker), and ends in New York (Brunette Assassin). So there was Japanese influence there.

  • 01010011 01000001 01010110 01001001

    A lot of these are called milk caps instead of cheese tea

  • Trina High
    Trina High 4 days ago

    Late to the party, but my thoughts: Maybe next, you can bake a tomato pie (not pizza). Since tomato is actually a fruit, it'd just be another fruit pie, *lmao*

  • egg yolk
    egg yolk 4 days ago

    this is like the indian papad

  • Jane
    Jane 4 days ago

    Why do I want to do this This would give me anxiety

  • Bodhi Rojas
    Bodhi Rojas 5 days ago

    What do you do if you wet the bed while in the capsule hotel

  • Erin F
    Erin F 5 days ago

    lol ur yeast is dead dude...therefore they didnt eat the sugar and expel the gas in order to rise. u must've made the most dense thick clumps of dough ever

  • PriusRaj
    PriusRaj 5 days ago

    The straight cut skirt really does suit him.

  • 〈Glxoi 〉
    〈Glxoi 〉 5 days ago

    Claustrophobia: Hello there.

  • Linh Huynh
    Linh Huynh 6 days ago

    Can we please get all the other deleted scene? Please!! Lol

  • Skyler Proctor
    Skyler Proctor 6 days ago

    mmm potato chip water

  • Sci
    Sci 6 days ago


  • River Overland
    River Overland 6 days ago

    Before knowing who Safiya and Tyler were, their videos were always recommended and I would think ‘well this seems like any other boring review’. I was wrong.

  • Rachel Ring
    Rachel Ring 6 days ago


    ARYAN 6 days ago

    Sucker Idiot

    EMMALYNNR WAGNER 7 days ago

    I where my sunglasses at night 🌙

  • Lila T-Z
    Lila T-Z 7 days ago

    The orange thing legit triggered me, it is the he hath borne me on his back sppech, not to be or not to be

  • Summer Price
    Summer Price 7 days ago

    I'm claustrophobic😭😐So watching this was like........i can't imagine.

  • StarpeltTheWolf
    StarpeltTheWolf 8 days ago

    i like to be in small spaces so this seems fun and rather comfy

  • Bear Birch
    Bear Birch 8 days ago

    Where did you go

  • Kim salvi
    Kim salvi 8 days ago

    when I tried to open the link it said " someone is trying to fool you into taking private information you should close this server immediately"

  • Cute Boots
    Cute Boots 8 days ago

    my question is how do u get in and out of the top pod? like isnt that hard u have to like climb up ?! is that just me? like if u agree and know what im talking about

  • R Kive
    R Kive 8 days ago

    The really fried ones looks like Kropek.

  • John Cat
    John Cat 8 days ago

    As a non American, I’m really confused when y’all said Avocado as an ice cream is weird, do y’all not have avocado shakes and ice cream as a regular flavor? :o (I’m genuinely curious btw )

  • Erin F
    Erin F 9 days ago

    I was on their website and it seems the grape one no longer has lavender sprinkles. Maybe they saw ur video saying it tasted like medicine and changed it, lol.

  • 2027: Jimena Marti
    2027: Jimena Marti 9 days ago

    who wants to make a fanfic on tyler and saw being two kids at camp sneaking out

  • Harper Yanuska
    Harper Yanuska 9 days ago

    Voodoo doll was cutting onions

  • mhikyla elaine vlogs

    I keep forgeting its his channel not safs and i was wondering the hell why am i not sub yet

  • David Porter
    David Porter 9 days ago

    These 2 are annoying

  • Aisha Alsulaiman
    Aisha Alsulaiman 10 days ago

    I’m claustrophobic sooo ya that would not work for me😂💀

  • Sheetal Jhingoer
    Sheetal Jhingoer 10 days ago

    SOFIA dress Like a powerpuff girl

  • preceslimsdown
    preceslimsdown 11 days ago

    Her skin is amazing! So beautiful without make up.

  • kzthryn thangjam
    kzthryn thangjam 11 days ago

    There is a similar,common recipe in indian households!!

  • Elizabeth Felix
    Elizabeth Felix 11 days ago

    They took me shooketh! 🧐

  • Elizabeth Felix
    Elizabeth Felix 11 days ago

    They took my original journal idk what happened to it

  • Sarah Willox
    Sarah Willox 12 days ago

    No one: My stoner ass: what if you farted in the capsule?? 😱😱🤣

  • Emilu
    Emilu 12 days ago

    I bet the foot bath is the first thing the hotel shows so you can wash your feet before going in and switching to slippers

  • dbrooks189
    dbrooks189 12 days ago

    I would enjoy a video...or a comment...by Safiya telling why she likes to wear a lot of black.

  • MagicCastleCupcakes
    MagicCastleCupcakes 12 days ago

    Where Saf and Ty are staying: Boom- Akasaka. Get it? Boom shacka lacka I'll leave now.

  • Roshill K
    Roshill K 12 days ago

    Hope you skamashed safiya that night on that comfy couch/bed thingy. You know crusty was in the corner watching xD

  • Samantha Sherers
    Samantha Sherers 12 days ago

    Looks and sounds like ice

  • Keely Rollins
    Keely Rollins 13 days ago

    **fiancée** 😏

  • I just like food ok!?!

    I always thought that ice would be clear chips apparently not

  • Char Elle
    Char Elle 13 days ago

    You have to get a meet me at McDonald’s hair cut

  • Jill Carter
    Jill Carter 13 days ago

    Saf makes the cutest faces!

  • med amine kaddar
    med amine kaddar 13 days ago

    Just one question : WHY ?

  • irais salazar
    irais salazar 13 days ago

    Those plastic wrapped toilet seats, lol Only seen them here in OHare airport restrooms. I love those...I dont feel weird sitting on them

  • Lily Mcafee
    Lily Mcafee 13 days ago

    Fast forward to 9:34 and put headphones on! It's crazy!!

  • Ritika Gupta
    Ritika Gupta 13 days ago

    You should have asked an Indian mom how to make it you wouldn’t face the paper problem and also we eat that kind of giant chips on regular basis😅

  • Emily Noir
    Emily Noir 14 days ago

    Love the introduction...👻😂 🕷️🦷🖤🤍

  • Miyelis Mojica
    Miyelis Mojica 14 days ago

    My birthday is in may 13 so yeah I'm 8 I know what is 12×12= is it's 144

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 14 days ago

    Oh I get it!! Abercrombie and Finch, and then when saf said A.F it was the beginning letters in Abercrombie and Finch.

  • Megan Chiong
    Megan Chiong 14 days ago

    I need that as a 11 year old I would not die from eating so much sugar

  • Potato Yt
    Potato Yt 14 days ago

    You made it a day before my b-day

  • Sis C
    Sis C 14 days ago

    I love how tys channel is just yall eating 😍🤣

  • _kadence_mullis_
    _kadence_mullis_ 14 days ago

    "Yes the condiments" *ha he said ments*

  • Hajira Tahir
    Hajira Tahir 14 days ago

    Tyler ur face at the end it is so funny 😂😂😆

  • Jayden Chapman
    Jayden Chapman 14 days ago

    you guys should do a challenge where you both shave your leg hair at the same time then wait a couple weeks and see who's lag hairs are fuller 😅❤

  • White Masked Monster

    And its great how Saf stays original with no makeup sometimes

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love 15 days ago

    all kids grew up with scoobydoo are going howwwww dooooo youuuu notttt knowwww whattt annnnnn ascottttt issssss

  • Ellis Love
    Ellis Love 15 days ago

    maybe for the sake of modern day when you bend down dont wear gym shorts switch to kilts

  • Little Turtle
    Little Turtle 15 days ago

    135°C or 135°F because if it was 135°C it would cook.

  • your local hufflepuff

    I was just waiting for some Lady and the tramp actions this whole time...

  • Ben’s number 3 fan

    I love that bun world shirt!

  • Aurora Things
    Aurora Things 15 days ago

    When he said nutmeg I thought he said nothing

  • Tengoku :3
    Tengoku :3 15 days ago

    Why when anybody walks into a ice cream store or something like that they always have dog version but nothing for cats

  • silvia botticelli
    silvia botticelli 15 days ago

    Crusty is an angel 😇😍

  • dark side of The moon

    Easy access😏

  • Mitch Roldan
    Mitch Roldan 16 days ago

    Wow bao is called siopao in the Philippines

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 16 days ago

    There's a potbelly in Phoenix!!!!👌👌👌👌👌👌

  • Shanghavi marla
    Shanghavi marla 16 days ago

    Actually, the chips are a recipe in India ( telangana) the white chip you made is the one which is correct. We get the baked chips in packets in the market. For us, it is a two minute recipe....

  • Ethan Throop
    Ethan Throop 16 days ago

    When is he going to make another video!!!!!! It's been 7 months since his last video😒

  • Kathleen Hake
    Kathleen Hake 16 days ago

    When or if you come to texas, they have potbelly in some places, and it is amazing

  • Cat kid Kuhn
    Cat kid Kuhn 16 days ago

    The common area was very crowded six people were in it

  • Sarah Scanlon
    Sarah Scanlon 16 days ago

    You're supposed to use the pusher to make a pit in the rice before you add the inner ingredients so that the rice comes together, this machine really does work and can make really nice looking sushi!

  • Iris Vd Sluis
    Iris Vd Sluis 16 days ago

    He was so comfortable with wearing skirts/ female clothes, your reactions werent about I'm not a girl, I don't wanna wear skirts and that's the good vibe!!

  • Ruhith Pathirana
    Ruhith Pathirana 16 days ago

    When that timer went off, my heart skipped a beat

  • ReaperJello
    ReaperJello 16 days ago

    You look so good in skirts!! 😊

  • JBurnstudios
    JBurnstudios 16 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/dI-UkvXN21g/video.html how to make unicorn frappuccinos

  • Emma Elkins
    Emma Elkins 17 days ago

    Dude I would live there!!!

  • Violet Phoenix
    Violet Phoenix 17 days ago

    They really take minimalistic to a whole new level.