Shye Ben-Tzur
Shye Ben-Tzur
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Shye Ben-Tzur Live Trailer
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Shye Ben Tzur - DARAS BIN
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  • Simone Petrucci
    Simone Petrucci 2 days ago


  • Caleb Potts
    Caleb Potts 16 days ago

    I can't believe this doesn't have 100x the amount of views. Beautiful music, beautiful words, beautiful feelings. Thank you Shye & band, we can only hope to get more from you soon!

  • Yousuf Aguria
    Yousuf Aguria 22 days ago

    HU... Amazing Vocals of Shye Ben Tzur!!! The Beauty of Hebrew Manifested in a Beautiful Way through Qawali.... Qawali is the epitome of Fusion of Indian Sufi and Persian Sufi Music, Poetry, Philosophy, World View and Merging into HU (Samadhi)...During Qawali, experienced others and myself journeying into the 'Wajd, the Spiritual Ecstacy' several times..HU

  • Ab Ranzoni
    Ab Ranzoni Month ago

    60 people have no souls. Much love and respect from Morocco and Boston.

  • Sara Ann Waller
    Sara Ann Waller 2 months ago

    אתא, שר לאלוקינו בליבינו -שיר לעלינו אצלי איתי בתוכי הדר בליבינו אליו אליהו מי זה זו? שהיא בי? עלה אלוהים על מידברינו הרינו לשער האוהלינו לטובטינו ליהודי מוסלמי לv V למי מי. אהובתי

  • David Mivasair
    David Mivasair 2 months ago

    The words are Hebrew -- "ani modeh /אני מודה" -- from a traditional Jewish prayer expressing gratitude. Beautiful!

  • jowin joseph
    jowin joseph 2 months ago

    Very short attention span is me when it comes to music, Listening for n th time here

  • madhusudan shiva
    madhusudan shiva 2 months ago

    Cos when is sufism it's better when masters conceive the idea, it's a project which no one could dream even wow - legends

  • Paweł Wójcik
    Paweł Wójcik 2 months ago

    Congratulations! This is beatutiful!

  • ZO Bee
    ZO Bee 2 months ago


  • waltzjiveandviennese
    waltzjiveandviennese 3 months ago

    I really need to know the lyrics sang by the women. Please help!

  • waltzjiveandviennese
    waltzjiveandviennese 3 months ago

    I can't quite make out the Hindi lyrics sang by the women. Anyone care to help me out?

  • Hikari Hoshi Enobi
    Hikari Hoshi Enobi 3 months ago

    I love this song! But... I can't seem to find the woman that sings the main voice.

  • Batı
    Batı 4 months ago

    This is one of the most beautiful music video clips I 've ever watched in my entire life and I'm not even mentioning the music... Timeless!

  • L. Acidophilus
    L. Acidophilus 4 months ago

    Beautiful Song, but Art is a farce. "let's pat ourselves on the back, praise the songs of peace while int he background Israel continues to occupy and commit sanctioned, legitimized, documented, Apartheid" .

  • lookingatyouforever
    lookingatyouforever 4 months ago


  • maria rivera
    maria rivera 4 months ago

    It's really sincere and real your music is too cool your music

  • raulvz
    raulvz 5 months ago

    Totally love this song, probably my fauvorite from a brilliant and moving album.

  • Ryan Fallon
    Ryan Fallon 5 months ago

    I’m sat staring at the exact part of the fort this was made with the desert winds rushing round my headphones so fiercely it’s audible over the track. It feels like I’m on acid how much I’m lost in it man. Maybe the greatest thing Godrich ever worked on and I don’t say that lightly. Nice one la

  • Damian Donoso
    Damian Donoso 5 months ago


  • della yuniar
    della yuniar 5 months ago

    This is so good..complete package music..

  • Leyla Leylada
    Leyla Leylada 6 months ago


  • Peter Rabin
    Peter Rabin 6 months ago

    A perfect collaboration to bring people together . It received little attention from the mainstream that likes to sow divisive identity politics on us

  • Rohan Agarwal
    Rohan Agarwal 6 months ago

    What are the original lyrics in hindi somebody please help... Thank you

  • La Luna
    La Luna 6 months ago

    I'm absolutely in love with this song it's so beautiful, thank you so much, love from Washington state❤️

  • Sushant Pandey
    Sushant Pandey 6 months ago

    Anyone knows which raag is this song in

  • 野獣先輩
    野獣先輩 6 months ago

    2:35 シコシコシコエエロー良い良いー

  • Ilana Rafalsky
    Ilana Rafalsky 6 months ago

    ואו שומעת בלופים!

  • Ani Spivak
    Ani Spivak 7 months ago

    Anyone knows who is the female singer? The video only shows the backup female singers.. sorry for my english 😁 Thank you! / Alguien sabe quién es la cantante femenina? El vídeo solo muestra a las coristas. Gracias!

  • Natha Ovalle
    Natha Ovalle 7 months ago

    Alguno que me pase la letra en español inglés y original ?

  • viktor kozlov
    viktor kozlov 7 months ago

    Вот это да, Наслаждение

  • basel saab
    basel saab 7 months ago

    From Lebanon, peace... salam

  • I live on a tropical island

    That clean riff is soul cleansing

  • I live on a tropical island

    Allah and Elohim are two different gods right?

  • portugezemonster
    portugezemonster 7 months ago

    Superb. What a beat drop.

  • Platanopple Alamilla
    Platanopple Alamilla 7 months ago

    Alguien tiene el lyrics?

  • Ricardo Pinilla
    Ricardo Pinilla 8 months ago

    Saw them live couple of months ago, damn they kill everyone with a powerful feeling

  • dey will
    dey will 8 months ago

    If more of us sat around in a circle playing music/communicating the world would be better

  • Isa Romero
    Isa Romero 8 months ago


  • I Musico
    I Musico 8 months ago

    Super sir great love from rajasthan

  • Murat Bakırdöven
    Murat Bakırdöven 8 months ago

    Amazing song! I've searched all around, nothing came up. Can anybody write the lyrics in its original form? (Hindi & Hebrew with Latin letters) :) Cheers!

  • Aryann Gourcuff
    Aryann Gourcuff 9 months ago

    Motherfucker... what is this

  • Dank memes Goal 100 subs


  • CÆsar
    CÆsar 9 months ago

    Thanks Jonni for bringing me here

  • madhusudan shiva
    madhusudan shiva 9 months ago

    If u don t understand a master piece of music don t dislike or under rate it.

  • madhusudan shiva
    madhusudan shiva 9 months ago

    The fusion is like fresh air on hills during winters - wow

  • Emre Saçan
    Emre Saçan 9 months ago

    Razia Khan is amazing in this song! I looked for the lyrics of her part but could not find. Could anybody write them down that I can read and sing along? (like Romaji of Japanese please..) Edit: I noticed that I haven't shown my appreciation to the creator of this project. I am a fan of Shye Ben Tzur since I saw Junun on MUBI several years back. I can never have enough of Chala Vahi Des as well. Thanks for this wonderful fusion music.

  • Rudra
    Rudra 9 months ago

    first time understanding the lyrics damn y’all feel the goosebumps?

  • Rudra
    Rudra 10 months ago

    hardest beat drop ever.

  • Rahul Baidh
    Rahul Baidh 10 months ago

    Some rhythms don't let that smile escape from your face. And on top we have Jonny on the Ondes Martenot with Nigel engineering the track. I mean what more can you ask for.

  • Mulo Young
    Mulo Young 10 months ago

    To Jews I am a Jew, to Muslims ‒ a Muslim,

  • Hari Utani
    Hari Utani 11 months ago

    so trippy

  • Lucas Vieira
    Lucas Vieira 11 months ago

    OMG, now I know the Lyrics for Junun! haha

  • Matias Cunha
    Matias Cunha 11 months ago


  • Nitzan Metatron
    Nitzan Metatron 11 months ago

    Please some one can write the words of the women singing in Hindi? Please

  • Rivdyl
    Rivdyl 11 months ago

    I heard you in Lima, a unforgettable experience.

  • Rivdyl
    Rivdyl 11 months ago

    Is so good hear you guys, I realy like wat you so on Lima.

  • Anand Sinha
    Anand Sinha 11 months ago

    Where was this shot in Rajasthan?

  • Batı
    Batı Year ago

    One of the most beautiful drum programmings I have ever listened in music history

  • Acid Trip
    Acid Trip Year ago

    Good quality people ❤️👍

  • Yoav Lavi
    Yoav Lavi Year ago

    תענוגות ! זכיתי להכיר את השיר המופלא הזה בזכות הופעת שי בן צור באולפן 88FM לקראת הופעתו בפסטיבל מטאורה 9.2018.

  • Ab Ranzoni
    Ab Ranzoni Year ago

    The spirit of pure Sufism can unite us all.

  • Kilgore Trout
    Kilgore Trout Year ago

    Lmao this quickly transforms into really groovy baraat music!

  • Ison Spectra
    Ison Spectra Year ago

  • Micah Buzan
    Micah Buzan Year ago

    Lovely, but where's Jonny Greenwood?

  • iambask iambask
    iambask iambask Year ago

    What do the words mean in English? I hear God but understand the rest. Thank you

  • Ryan Renteria
    Ryan Renteria Year ago


  • Ellipsis
    Ellipsis Year ago

    Saw this live yesterday, amazing!!

  • Pokéball35
    Pokéball35 Year ago

    Thanks, Vinny.

  • HemiUnaka
    HemiUnaka Year ago

    binyot thank you uwu

  • Jimmy Skeens
    Jimmy Skeens Year ago

    I got to see these guys live with Radiohead yesterday and I have to say, they are amazing.

  • jk3305
    jk3305 Year ago

    which language is this, this doesn't sound urdu. Is it Hebrew ?

  • Agumualius Pumm
    Agumualius Pumm Year ago

    yesterday’s Montreal live was just amazing

  • Angel Loram
    Angel Loram Year ago

    Someone has the lyrics in the original language?

  • César Diego Orihuela Tacuri


  • Donald Gotcher
    Donald Gotcher Year ago

    Steven Colbert brought me here

  • Rehana Ali
    Rehana Ali Year ago

    M in love with this song ❤️

  • kat
    kat Year ago

    Just saw them live on Friday as radiohead's opener

  • Joey Blackrose
    Joey Blackrose Year ago

    Heard you guys on Colbear tonight. WOW THANK YOU !

  • gentellabs
    gentellabs Year ago

    this is objectively bad

    • travis bickle
      travis bickle 7 months ago

      you are obviously retarded

    • stef
      stef 8 months ago

      You're objectively bad.

    • Make it lucid
      Make it lucid Year ago

      your comment is objectivley a bad comment no doubt about that ................. this song on the other hand is really great

  • mickshaw555
    mickshaw555 Year ago

    this is excellent

  • Claudia Fajardo
    Claudia Fajardo Year ago


  • Tree Tree
    Tree Tree Year ago

    bit weird with the woman cleaning while you stand there. Don't really like that. Feels off.

  • Clifford Prakash

    Spirit of two sons of Adam Israel and India twins

  • григорий богорад

    O my lord! Best!

  • Riri Airi
    Riri Airi Year ago

    The guy is not a good singer, he kinda sucks actually.

  • Sandra Escobar Quintana

    Me encantan ....

  • Meraj Hassan
    Meraj Hassan Year ago

    i wish thom came too

  • Muhammad Safeer
    Muhammad Safeer Year ago

    Lovely poetry. What comes from the heart, goes in the heart. -Rumi

  • Muhammad Safeer
    Muhammad Safeer Year ago

    This zikr gives wings to the soul. Jhoole Lal.

  • Muhammad Safeer
    Muhammad Safeer Year ago

    It's like Jeff Buckley came back as you.

  • Muhammad Safeer
    Muhammad Safeer Year ago

    Mashallah. Mast Hoo!

  • Muhammad Safeer
    Muhammad Safeer Year ago

    Wah wah! Zabardast!

  • Daria Stromberg
    Daria Stromberg Year ago

    Ой, ну прям ваще. Я улетела! Гринвуд дает конечно...

  • agustina persia
    agustina persia Year ago

    Me encanta. Gracias por el recital (desde Argentina). Fue toda una fiesta :)

    JORGE NARANJO Year ago

    I heard you in Bogota. it was amazing. please come back again

  • Andre Shackleton

    Awesome! Fantastic! Spectacular music!!!

  • LRenjhu
    LRenjhu Year ago

    Saw this Art on live , man what a good time to be alive

  • Yiroooo
    Yiroooo Year ago

    Who's the girl singing main refrain in Hindi or whatever language?