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Metallica: Thank You, Lisbon!
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  • Tanis Mech
    Tanis Mech 2 minutes ago

    I'd kill to get to buy DVDs of their shows. I've bought the CDs from the ones I've gone to but I want more!

  • Jamie Johnson
    Jamie Johnson 13 minutes ago

    He looks like Stephen king

  • ATK4tw
    ATK4tw 15 minutes ago

    Favorite part of he song starts at 7:00

  • Keith Brass
    Keith Brass 17 minutes ago

    Best Deep cut!🤘🤘🖤

  • Framewraith
    Framewraith 20 minutes ago

    Finally they play this song in its original tempo!

  • Dave White
    Dave White 25 minutes ago

    I'm still not over this. So wash ne until you see Ride the lightning album

  • cutesywootsey
    cutesywootsey 26 minutes ago I'm really having a Metallica Monday ❤🤘🤘🤘🤘❤

  • Ercüment Çözer
    Ercüment Çözer 28 minutes ago

    Guitar sound, Papa's charisma, Lars's drum kit and sound.. Everything at that time was perfect.

  • Jacob Poller
    Jacob Poller 30 minutes ago

    (Insert joke here about Jimi Hendrix)

  • Joe
    Joe 31 minute ago

    Who gave Papa Het an eye jammy?

  • Heath Wolfe
    Heath Wolfe 32 minutes ago

    I actually stood in the front row at a Metallica concert when they performed at the Iowa Speedway in Newton in june of 2017. I was extremely happy extremely impressed by them because they put on one helluva performance. They really are an awesome band that every Rock N Roller should see Live in concert once in their lives. Their live performances are memorable and greatness all rolled into one. They truly are a Great Band & I Love those Guys.🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘🎵🤘.

  • Marcos M Nibor
    Marcos M Nibor 32 minutes ago

    I ve got huge respect for Metallica. They live for this, it's obvious

  • New Phobia
    New Phobia 33 minutes ago

    Trump is a metalhead confirmed.

  • Sheyda M
    Sheyda M 34 minutes ago

    I met Lars in a club back in 2001 in San Francisco. I asked him why they never played for the God that failed . He told me that it didn’t sound good live . Well me Lars Ulrich you proved yourself wrong 😃🇸🇪🤣😜👌🏻

  • Eddy Parera
    Eddy Parera 36 minutes ago

    Please Metallica, come again in 2020 to Restelo again, it will be a mega awesome night like this one was... I loved it and I'm looking for the next time...

  • Adam Purdon
    Adam Purdon 36 minutes ago

    Please please please play dyers eve

  • Caelen Doman
    Caelen Doman 38 minutes ago

    We want S&M2 videos!

  • Maxim Zubic
    Maxim Zubic 38 minutes ago

    Sorry guys but this was the worst Metallica show ever

  • Yuri Gabriel
    Yuri Gabriel 41 minute ago

    Algum brasileiro escutando esta banda foda #lovemetallica

  • Elias Rahman
    Elias Rahman 48 minutes ago

    If Lars was a girl I would smash

  • Luciano Pereyra
    Luciano Pereyra 48 minutes ago

    I m 16 years old but never listening nothing else metters but I love metallica

  • Kevin Morris
    Kevin Morris 51 minute ago

    I really hope that James keeps growing the hair.

  • DKSmusic
    DKSmusic 52 minutes ago

    I was hoping for this song to make it on s&m2......

  • Fun Times and Adventures
    Fun Times and Adventures 53 minutes ago


  • Austin Parrott
    Austin Parrott 54 minutes ago


  • Fabien Martel
    Fabien Martel 56 minutes ago

    What happen to his left eye ? It's swollen and blueish...

  • Nika Odzishvili
    Nika Odzishvili 57 minutes ago

    subtitels is epic :dddd

  • Evill Merodaque
    Evill Merodaque 59 minutes ago

    Very Good!

  • amangogna68
    amangogna68 Hour ago

    Amazing !

  • Manuela Gil
    Manuela Gil Hour ago


  • Stella's Pooch Pit

    this is probably just publicity for these two I would think these guys wouldn't care about America, with all the leftist dumbasses on the west coast, and Kirk ham sandwich bashes Trump they are both commy has-beens

  • Rausku
    Rausku Hour ago

    Fuck yeah, baby!

  • Hector Sandoval
    Hector Sandoval Hour ago

    Lars will never be a good drummer....... the sound always sucks.....

  • The Golden Thread

    Virginia Tech sucks at football

  • Sandra Hidalgo
    Sandra Hidalgo Hour ago

    Metallica muy buenos recuerdos mijito RICO

  • Doug Wilson
    Doug Wilson Hour ago


  • Jason C
    Jason C Hour ago

    How old is rob? he looks young compared to the rest

  • Marcos Monteiro
    Marcos Monteiro Hour ago

    whiskey ( Jameson of course ) in the jar in Ireland....dreams come true

  • RockyGamer 101
    RockyGamer 101 Hour ago

    I like how we in europe get other songs than in america, but would love to hear whiplash or no remorse here in europe too

  • John Smith
    John Smith Hour ago


  • emerson luna
    emerson luna Hour ago

    Ah Jason, cadê vc?👍🇧🇷🤘

  • Adem Şavluk
    Adem Şavluk Hour ago

    I'm jealous to who listen good old music in their time because now "musicians" just doing it for money they haven't passion for music now they just talking about money , drug , sex (worst part is they using woman's body like a sexual object)

  • what up
    what up Hour ago

    James voice actually sounds better on battery now then before fuckkkkkkkkkkk

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo Hour ago

    Se mua kiinnostaa, että kuka suomalinen rokkari on niille ensin esitelly Hassisen Koneen ja Popedan? :) Onhan noita heviretkueita tietty, jokunen liikahdellu Amerikassakin... Tai oisko Michael ja Andy?

  • Justin Voluck
    Justin Voluck Hour ago

    Not one of my favorite songs, but I’ll take it! Anything Metallica👍

  • Us Ra
    Us Ra Hour ago

    It's the god who created us, so you must thank him , it's impossible, hhhhhhh,it's à funny song hhhhh

    • Andrew Gubanic
      Andrew Gubanic Hour ago

      You have no idea what this songs about do you?

  • Jason Hertyonms
    Jason Hertyonms Hour ago

    God never fails

  • Laymen
    Laymen Hour ago

    I just wanna lick Rob's Bass

  • Jake Campbell
    Jake Campbell Hour ago

    My 1 year daughter falls asleep to this song

  • David Gutierrez
    David Gutierrez Hour ago

    Grandiosa.... yeaaaaahhhh!!!!

  • Артур Gilar

    Метла, ты супер!!!!

  • Juan Carlos Garcia Gomariz

    Hola tronkos! Lo compartimos en "Neguri Rock Murcia"

  • Us Ra
    Us Ra Hour ago

    You are all crazy, yes crazy hhhhhhhh

  • Francisco Oliveira

    I was there😎

  • Us Ra
    Us Ra Hour ago

    Mais ça n vas pas non, va dormir groupe mettalica sont des fous hhhhhhhh

  • Adrisnando Menezes

    Tem só 30 anos e 1 dia mesmo!

  • devison
    devison Hour ago


  • Johnny Campell
    Johnny Campell Hour ago

    This and my friend of misery are the best song on the album.I dont care what you say.Ok sad but true too.Ok all of them but these 2 are something else !

  • Haruki Watanabe
    Haruki Watanabe 2 hours ago


  • Steven Baksh
    Steven Baksh 2 hours ago

    I love Kirk's guitar

  • Soviet Slavdoge
    Soviet Slavdoge 2 hours ago

    Why is Lars always looking mad

  • valerio dr
    valerio dr 2 hours ago

    time travel confirm

  • K. Hall
    K. Hall 2 hours ago

    2:08 James says "find your funeral on your way"... It's a goof up but sad if you know what this song is about

  • Info
    Info 2 hours ago

    Nous faisons des oeufs, et couic couic ils se tournent.

  • Bill Sanders
    Bill Sanders 2 hours ago

    Satanic music...

  • mvyper
    mvyper 2 hours ago

    Mzn... These guys have been on fire, lately...

  • Carter haas
    Carter haas 2 hours ago

    I wish this song was in eb tuning

  • Bartu 65
    Bartu 65 2 hours ago

    I Love my god

  • Chris James
    Chris James 2 hours ago

    I enjoy listening to Kirk's solo's. There, I said it....

  • Cassie Nicole
    Cassie Nicole 2 hours ago



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  • XRT2 78
    XRT2 78 2 hours ago

    God forgive me to listening to this blasphemous song.

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson 2 hours ago

    There is no other music that compairs to this group the song where ever I may roam that's badass I'm having my body lies but still I roam put in my head stone when I pass away

  • Felipe Rodrigues
    Felipe Rodrigues 2 hours ago

    Coloca aí do s&m2

  • Thales Vidal
    Thales Vidal 2 hours ago

    2:42 one of the best metallica riffs ever

  • Fausto Faria
    Fausto Faria 2 hours ago

    Must be hard for James to sing these lyrics...

  • FlareFeather
    FlareFeather 2 hours ago

    Come back please, we already miss you guys😭, you are fuckin.. POWERFULL 🤘🔥 PORTUGAL🇵🇹 LOVES ❤ METALLICA 🇺🇸

  • JBananta Hydroforce
    JBananta Hydroforce 2 hours ago

    Love Metallica and love this song but I have to say...this sounds like shit.

  • KiberMan
    KiberMan 2 hours ago


  • Marvin Cardenas
    Marvin Cardenas 2 hours ago

    How's hetfields eye??

  • Jason Bland
    Jason Bland 2 hours ago

    That flying v is as big as kirk lol

  • Carlos briceño
    Carlos briceño 2 hours ago


  • Colinnnnn
    Colinnnnn 2 hours ago

    What's wrong with James' eye?

  • Benjamin Gorski
    Benjamin Gorski 2 hours ago

    Man, these guys rule.

  • Campos PT
    Campos PT 2 hours ago

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  • chargerman440
    chargerman440 2 hours ago

    This song doesn’t get enough credit. It’s heavy, yet melodic combined with great lyrics and solos. One of my all time favorites.

  • Bruce Bruce
    Bruce Bruce 2 hours ago

    Does it look like James has a shiner?

  • Emre Çiçek
    Emre Çiçek 3 hours ago

    upload s&m videos wtf

  • Masterpiece Conspiracy


  • Lucas Arthurs
    Lucas Arthurs 3 hours ago

    Love this song. They need to play The Struggle Within live again.

  • The Dancing Guy
    The Dancing Guy 3 hours ago

    They first eb Song and its fucking heavy!

  • mizair lobo
    mizair lobo 3 hours ago

    Metallica forever👏👏👏🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • Radu Chira
    Radu Chira 3 hours ago

    Favorite song

  • Raúl Guzmán B.
    Raúl Guzmán B. 3 hours ago

    Yo recuerdo claramente que la mujer en el vídeo, era una viejita con cara bastante perturbadora... ¿Efecto Mandela?

  • Whaqd76
    Whaqd76 3 hours ago

    Yo Jimmy!! I'd hate to see the damage you put on the guy who gave that black eye...Most prob Hospitalised!!

  • Ana Ledesma
    Ana Ledesma 3 hours ago


  • Pedro H
    Pedro H 3 hours ago


  • Liz C
    Liz C 3 hours ago

    Ireland 🇮🇪🥰 2019

  • Sanfilippo Angelo
    Sanfilippo Angelo 3 hours ago

    The story does not contradict with them forever metallica