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Gears 5 Review
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Borderlands 3 Review
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Control - Spoiler Chat
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Astral Chain Review
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Control Review
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  • St0RM33
    St0RM33 Minute ago

    The UI is very similar to MGSV

  • St0RM33
    St0RM33 2 minutes ago

    18:00 Make America great again lol xD

  • didem tunc
    didem tunc 4 minutes ago

    who's that robot lady i want her as new support

  • Hadgehog
    Hadgehog 9 minutes ago

    This is the best game in the world, waiting for the continuation

  • Andy Fairchild
    Andy Fairchild 12 minutes ago

    Please just take my money. All of it.

  • LEO
    LEO 13 minutes ago

    小島さん本当にユーザーが面白いと思うことよくわかってるわー プレイするのが楽しみで仕方がないよ!

  • Elvis Camilo
    Elvis Camilo 14 minutes ago

    Looks like cellphones games for me

  • leomais
    leomais 15 minutes ago

    Muito bom jogo curt.

  • what games need
    what games need 17 minutes ago

    the walking dead now its just the walking

  • ShaunieBee25
    ShaunieBee25 17 minutes ago

    Resident Evil: Project Cash Grab

  • TheDuckumz
    TheDuckumz 29 minutes ago

    9/10 people would piss in the hot spring after seeing that sign...

  • Cav723
    Cav723 35 minutes ago

    And just like that, my interest in this game is all but gone. If I want a looter shooter, I’ll play Destiny 2 or Borderland 3.

  • Brian Balcer
    Brian Balcer 36 minutes ago

    Personally, think Stalker tree is really good if your solo. I would even say damage wise, Hunter/Stalker is the best trees to combine. Odd video, I think it's widely considered that the master tree is the weakest, unless you just absolutely have to have a stronger pet.

  • turtuga gang
    turtuga gang 36 minutes ago

    *Loyal to steam gang back me up!*

  • Maritime
    Maritime 40 minutes ago

    This is so silly and I love it.

    MUZIBAL 41 minute ago

    The amount of detail in this game jeez

  • FKing
    FKing 45 minutes ago


  • Bloom Room
    Bloom Room 50 minutes ago

    I play fifa mainly because of the license

  • Tyler Bryan
    Tyler Bryan 51 minute ago

    I was 7 8 I’m 15 bad at math

  • Maxime Uzumaki
    Maxime Uzumaki 52 minutes ago

    Im from the future This characters is good I REALLY FEELING IT

  • Josh Rapson
    Josh Rapson 55 minutes ago

    Xenoblade Chronicles is now one of Nintendo's flagship RPG franchises, and this is where it all started.

  • iamthareale
    iamthareale 57 minutes ago

    What happens when they make the project Scarlett 2 it's gonna be the PS2?

  • Alexander Kirov
    Alexander Kirov Hour ago

    Now waiting for Assassin’s Creed Origins to come over

  • 1986SouthPaw
    1986SouthPaw Hour ago

    4:46 Excuse me Kojima?

  • Salman Siddiq
    Salman Siddiq Hour ago

    auto gen subtitles are comedy on another level

  • IamNotYourMate
    IamNotYourMate Hour ago

    Much more like the fs 15 intro music

  • Lag
    Lag Hour ago

    Ymir took no damage even though he got hit a lot cause he built full physical

  • Shadow561781
    Shadow561781 Hour ago

    "Spoiler Alert Comment" 4:20 I dont get it. they say they dont know what the story is but they clearly say. A cult who we have to prevent them from collecting the vault key to open the great vault. THAT IS THE STORY MISSION. WTH? Were not paying attention?

  • Combo John
    Combo John Hour ago

    Fck! And this is only the hub area. This game is gonna be insane!

  • вячеслав сорокин

    бля шварц желеска

  • Ed Julio
    Ed Julio Hour ago


  • Novacilys
    Novacilys Hour ago


  • Life n Facts
    Life n Facts Hour ago

    well explained; didn't expect this level of dedication from gamespot.

    NIGHDI Hour ago

    why is there no amara guide video?

  • Легендарный Овощь

    ok, this is epic

  • YokomaruWP
    YokomaruWP Hour ago

    Dark Souls 4

  • Aydanow FILIPOWICH

    "You forgot to say 'please', so f..k off" 😂😅😅

  • ONE TRUE DEFAULT fortnite

    Lesson kids: Don't snort mysterious purple nuggets found in safes...

  • gladiolus gladio

    Looks a like Mgs gameplay mechanics

  • Lut Haqimi
    Lut Haqimi Hour ago

    Girlfriend: 1:47 Me: 1:48

  • Zachattack 4625
    Zachattack 4625 Hour ago

    Remember when everyone was pissed when we saw this? Now we’re all playing as the Plant. And Sakurai even gave us Joker and Banjo after... We need more people in the world like him

  • Deepak Kumar
    Deepak Kumar Hour ago

    What just happened?

  • Dhimas CPW
    Dhimas CPW Hour ago

    Where amara?

  • Hydro_ Bruh
    Hydro_ Bruh Hour ago

    Both I like them both

  • Ariki Hoskin
    Ariki Hoskin Hour ago

    Only 11 hours into my first witcher playthrough, wish me luck.

  • ベント
    ベント Hour ago

    holy shit I think this is almost as good as graphics can get. This almost look like real life!

  • Leo Yang
    Leo Yang Hour ago

    This feels like the sequel to Doom 2016

  • Louise Park
    Louise Park Hour ago

    My other half is going to love ev minute being present iv ever got him, he is a true fan. It for him is awesome

  • Thomas Dryden
    Thomas Dryden Hour ago

    I think the shield tree is more useful in single player cause it help you stay alive longer

  • Guap Grabber
    Guap Grabber Hour ago

    Are they trying to confuse the American market on purpose? We waited years for gameplay, and finally we get it...... in Japanese.

  • Klaus
    Klaus Hour ago


  • Adam W
    Adam W Hour ago

    Uhm? lol

  • TheAllsomeEevee -Roblox

    I mean, this trailer is not really special. The true best parts is the suspenseful music and cheering.

  • Phantom Seeker
    Phantom Seeker 2 hours ago

    Does anyone see a ahem a Drawing on the wall at 5:45

    JOSHUA CLIFTON 2 hours ago

    Another fortnite dimension.

  • Phantom Seeker
    Phantom Seeker 2 hours ago

    Frickin Recruit Rush

  • Borat Sagdiyev
    Borat Sagdiyev 2 hours ago

    His hat should have said “Make America Great Again”

  • Ghufran s
    Ghufran s 2 hours ago

    Hmm i smell xone exclusive only since obsidian bought by microsoft

  • Michael Woznick
    Michael Woznick 2 hours ago

    Browser from super mario movie 1993 0.27

  • sucio dan
    sucio dan 2 hours ago

    The guys who made this trailer should make a 40k game....its amazing

  • Dylan Dunn
    Dylan Dunn 2 hours ago

    Gears of War is so iconic the chainsaw gun is very BAD ASS Gears 5 looks spectacular

  • Dylan Dunn
    Dylan Dunn 2 hours ago

    Gears of War is very Bad Ass

  • piggy kun
    piggy kun 2 hours ago

    I mostly use the sentinel tree but i also run a digi clone so i can self res when solo

  • Cloud  Chainz
    Cloud Chainz 2 hours ago

    hunter skill,kill skill,hunter kill skill,same thing? I am confused.... The Big Game skill

  • MrNuts70
    MrNuts70 2 hours ago

    So glad Hideo Kojima left Konami and is now able to do what he wants. I bet if he stayed with Konami they would have eventually made him work on Pachinko! Hahaha

  • Cloud  Chainz
    Cloud Chainz 2 hours ago

    hunter skill,kill skill,hunter kill skill,same thing? I am confused

  • Danny Rand
    Danny Rand 2 hours ago

    Looks like another long ass prologue to suffer through before actually playing the game.

  • Alex Takahashi
    Alex Takahashi 2 hours ago

    So this is basically a game where we get to watch Norman Reedus in his natural habit?

  • omar alajmi
    omar alajmi 2 hours ago

    17:51 now that's a Profile Pic 🤣 as much as i feel weird towards this game , the Hub options itself is probably a Full Game Installation alone... Kojima must've put alotta time & effort on this Amazing looking game... while Norman Reedus probably put like 200 hours perfecting the Actions & Motions. Honestly gameplay wise it looks great in all aspects , although Combat Mechanic or Playstyle seen with the older Boss fight video... the Terrains & level + the movements were fluid and also very tactical , that Exo-Skeleton Leg Enhancement was very nice... infact amazing but only throwing Grenades to the Boss felt not much in terms of approaches... however this is a demo version still , an addition of cluster of different Weapon types & Mechanical Enhancements or Augmentations like an Exo full body suit with more Jumping Capabilities , Strength increase & of course Armor ( Toughness ) will add up to the Combat Style... in terms of Stealth & Moving , Interacting with Objects summoned via Back Pack was very well designed... the Map also appears to be insanely huge ( Like an actual Continant for the player to discover )

  • IC instruments
    IC instruments 2 hours ago

    I hope this game is worth it dumping silent hills..................after watching trailers: I sadly conclude that it's not

    • IC instruments
      IC instruments 2 hours ago

      on the other hand, if they would have changed silent hills into a norman reedus sim. i am very happy they dumped it :D

  • Censored Kaevik
    Censored Kaevik 2 hours ago

    Это будет лучшая игра 2020 года!

  • Projectofpat
    Projectofpat 2 hours ago

    I really wanted to buy this game But I'm a PC guy now and it seems from the reviews that they release an unfished game for 60 USD and up to 100$ for some shit deluxe version. It really makes me wonder what their priorities were with this one

  • ovoj
    ovoj 2 hours ago

    Backpack Arrangement Simulator 2019. Take my money now!!

  • Ahmad Fatah
    Ahmad Fatah 3 hours ago

    So cute

  • -_T ip_-
    -_T ip_- 3 hours ago

    О великий суп наворили

  • grzegorz ronkiewicz
    grzegorz ronkiewicz 3 hours ago

    hey gamespot i think you missed siren guide build video

    DEATH IS INEVITABLE 3 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Aleksandr Kotov
    Aleksandr Kotov 3 hours ago

    реклама наркотических веществ и стимуляторов

  • Th3Fizzle
    Th3Fizzle 3 hours ago

    idk if its new or not, but now you can hide default items like bbq grill or fish rod from the item bar (press square/X to use).

  • Saku Raitonen
    Saku Raitonen 3 hours ago

    As always I will start out as a Siren. But Fl4k will be my 2nd character. 💪

  • Okay Silence
    Okay Silence 3 hours ago

    I tried the beta, but I don't understand why there's a gear score, it honestly seems pointless. Maybe I wasn't paying attention to the item stats.... it just seems like something that could've been just as easily left out.

  • Andre Ayton
    Andre Ayton 3 hours ago

    “Alyssums for the feeling” is one of my favorite songs of the year 🙌🏾👏🏾

  • ornello joice Ingnizine


  • Akz1
    Akz1 3 hours ago

    Who thinks fl4ks pets are useless and don’t even work properly. Like they don’t do enough damage and the attack command is buggy and isn’t smooth always delayed sometimes they don’t even do it

  • T Muddy Dutchman
    T Muddy Dutchman 3 hours ago

    Microsoft: we made the BEST console! And everybody will buy it! Sony: and how is that?! Microsoft: we blocked EA games! Sony: 🤯

  • Lodomir
    Lodomir 3 hours ago

    Actually this game isn't that bad

  • Luke Pearson
    Luke Pearson 3 hours ago


  • 2insne1
    2insne1 3 hours ago

    Ok so I'm a little disappointed now.. was not hoping for another division.. already grinded the shit out of that twice.

  • Vincent
    Vincent 3 hours ago

    weird and beautiful.

  • Вадим Исаков

    In the role of mother - Lana Del Rey

  • قناه كنان القشطه


  • قناه كنان القشطه


  • C Steegs
    C Steegs 4 hours ago

    I love that, despite still taking a ton of damage, they got the s+. It's also great not to be penalized by using items. It causes their management to become another consideration during combat.

  • nick roberts
    nick roberts 4 hours ago

    Where's the Amara one?

  • Night Soul
    Night Soul 4 hours ago

    you have to put a big spoiler alert!!! :@

  • Kosmyn Ilias Michael

    Was that Crypto at 0:03-0:06; 0:25; 0:28 & 1:02?

  • Venom Snake
    Venom Snake 4 hours ago

    I'm surprised the internet isn't furious, lol

  • Sean DeMarco
    Sean DeMarco 4 hours ago

    Did they ever fix the damage taken problems like where you are not touching fire but get damaged by it?

  • Jonathan Medrano
    Jonathan Medrano 4 hours ago

    1:43, como hiciste ese combo me encanto. Quiero hacerlo yo también.

  • Slimali100
    Slimali100 4 hours ago

    This guide is useless and Stalker can melt enemies in seconds IF u have the right build

    • Tommy Reyes
      Tommy Reyes 4 hours ago

      Slimali100 Stalker has Lucio-like regen aura.