Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit
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  • paige ̮̈
    paige ̮̈ Hour ago

    rick is just a supportive dad

  • awan
    awan Hour ago

    "ambition never got anyone anywhere"

  • Tranquility
    Tranquility Hour ago

    7:35 "Baby, be careful, it's my first time."

  • Alex J
    Alex J Hour ago

    Laffy taffy banana is the best one!!!

  • Beenie
    Beenie Hour ago

    It's Alive: Delaney >:( Gourmet Makes: Delaney :D

  • Claire Chege
    Claire Chege Hour ago

    Most of these chickens are not cooked all the way through...or do my eyes deceive me??

  • guimvalente91
    guimvalente91 Hour ago

    Pls make dunkaroos

  • JustKathy
    JustKathy Hour ago

    Rick is the biggest sweetie 🥰🥰🥰

  • Helen Monaghan
    Helen Monaghan Hour ago

    Also...poor old Delaney! That “can I help you” tho...ouch.

  • Irish Wristwatch


  • nagyesszep
    nagyesszep Hour ago

    Claire has BPD and/or executive dysfunction

  • ligets
    ligets Hour ago

    that black chicken is disturbing

  • Megan Ripley
    Megan Ripley Hour ago

    Genuinely felt really sorry for Delany in this episode. I'm all for Claire having a challenge and it's fun to a point to see her make mistakes/get frustrated. But when it's something like this, that is basically impossible, the fun element completely goes.

  • MikeHaggarSSBM
    MikeHaggarSSBM Hour ago

    *plus or minus .2

  • Ratcha
    Ratcha Hour ago

    Bobby: They need to be sliced very thinly. Shane: *dicey dicey* Bobby: great.

  • Under The Sun
    Under The Sun Hour ago

    Almost all waa undercooked. And that's dangerous.

  • ZwoK
    ZwoK Hour ago

    how many chickens were KILLED to make this video

  • Yumiko
    Yumiko Hour ago

    IM SHOOK that this is a 48 minute video. THATS ALMOST AN HOUR

  • El Basho
    El Basho Hour ago

    for me, Eastern European-born, anything short of well-done looks disgusting

  • Phoebe S
    Phoebe S Hour ago

    Rick is officially the newest member of the gourmet makes team. Sorry, but I don't make the rules

  • 麦麦
    麦麦 Hour ago

    Why doesn't Claire make candy coating?

  • Briana Ippolito
    Briana Ippolito Hour ago

    Finally, Bean Appetite

  • MCDexX
    MCDexX Hour ago

    Me: "Oooh, this should be cool. I wonder how well it will g-" [sees 48 minute runtime] "...oh dear."

  • Ambar Lopez
    Ambar Lopez Hour ago

    Claire: Friendship ended with DELANEY. Now RICK is my best friend.

  • Yze AV
    Yze AV Hour ago

    Great job, Claire! This was probably the hardest one so far. I hope she gets a really one next episode.

  • IFCGaming
    IFCGaming Hour ago

    I thought this was a realistic video... until titled Budweiser as beer

  • JKaneLOL
    JKaneLOL Hour ago

    Coolest Jelly Belly coloring is the watermelon flavor because the outside is green and the inside is red - that blew my mind as a kid

  • Kiana Hubbard
    Kiana Hubbard Hour ago

    Y’all ppl doooo have bad knees 😩🤣🤣🤣

  • Joe Shupienis
    Joe Shupienis Hour ago

    "First we did chicken, now we're doing egg..." FINALLY! The Unanswerable Question has been answered!

  • Helen Monaghan
    Helen Monaghan Hour ago

    Please just let Claire make snacks in whatever way she thinks would make it taste best and be ‘gourmet’ instead of making her try to replicate factory processes with posh ingredients. Its just nigh on impossible.

  • Aggression
    Aggression Hour ago

    He's 6'11 btw

  • Connor :/
    Connor :/ Hour ago

    Uh oh, it’s almost 50m 😳

  • Matel Sumatra
    Matel Sumatra Hour ago


  • Ratcha
    Ratcha Hour ago

    "On the *_suace_* "

  • Corinne Deichmeister

    Claire: Delaney should come back every hour on the hour to keep me sane *delaney comes over like every hour* Claire: no. Go away

  • AlibifortheAfterlife

    18:37 Molly "First Try" Baz

  • Annie Rose
    Annie Rose Hour ago

    At least pretend to give a sh*t.

  • orangeapples
    orangeapples Hour ago

    I like how they introduce Markiplier, then immediately say A Heist with Markiplier.

  • Liz
    Liz Hour ago

    R.I.P my sleep schedule

  • Uttkantha Sindhwani

    Can you guys please tell your editors to edit the clips of the chefs in the order of the score lineup?

  • Rainna T.
    Rainna T. Hour ago

    26:10 JULIEN?!

  • MLND
    MLND Hour ago

    what's gourmet about it ?

  • Kaytea
    Kaytea Hour ago

    The editing on these videos has me creasing 😂😂😂 I can't cope. Well done editor 👏👏👏

  • All The Artsy
    All The Artsy 2 hours ago

    The idea of Delaney being Claire's port in the storm (although ultimately fruitless) is kind of giving me life?????????

  • Arameh Bozorgi
    Arameh Bozorgi 2 hours ago

    Rick is the hype man we all need. Power to Rick. We love you Rick!

  • 麦麦
    麦麦 2 hours ago

    Breadwater and popcornwater is awful. Who wants these flavors in candies anyway?

  • Renshelle Danag
    Renshelle Danag 2 hours ago


  • Pronity Sway
    Pronity Sway 2 hours ago

    Let’s take a moment of silence for the 43 steaks he wasted

  • Bettina Buan
    Bettina Buan 2 hours ago

    "good enough for this show" lmfaooo

  • Phrodie Kayina
    Phrodie Kayina 2 hours ago

    Saw the 48 minute time and my first thought was "oh no, poor Claire".

  • Phazz
    Phazz 2 hours ago

    I just got the pasta machine I'd wanted for christmas, already made some pretty standard fettucine and I randomly stumbled across this video again. I'll definitely have to make some of these butter-knife varieties.

  • Faris Mallah
    Faris Mallah 2 hours ago

    We love Claire’s mild unexplored adhd SHES the best

  • Rika tut Dinge
    Rika tut Dinge 2 hours ago

    When you only see him wiggle that glorious butt...

  • Wolfan Terror
    Wolfan Terror 2 hours ago

    Weird now Americans call it sunny side up

  • Emmeirrt
    Emmeirrt 2 hours ago

    İs anyone see the look in last frame :D

  • NosillaSpice
    NosillaSpice 2 hours ago

    She straight up dressed in a prison jumpsuit lmao

  • babyem
    babyem 2 hours ago

    I almost peed myself lmao

  • Nindy P
    Nindy P 2 hours ago

    The gourmest series is basically a "let's make our life more difficult by imitating store-bought snacks" show

  • Ambar Lopez
    Ambar Lopez 2 hours ago

    The craziest thing about this episode is how much everyone seems to like Buttered Popcorn flavored jellybeans.

  • Felipe Brockveld
    Felipe Brockveld 2 hours ago

    Hey, I don’t want to be with anyone that knows it. All I want is my new ID card.

  • lauhany
    lauhany 2 hours ago

    Love you both Claire and Rick 💜

  • Michael
    Michael 2 hours ago

    Can you please make a video of just Gabby guessing jelly bean flavors? Oh and make it an hour long

  • NoahMArt01
    NoahMArt01 2 hours ago

    Can you guys make sweet tart ropes?

  • Ookleton
    Ookleton 2 hours ago

    Anyone else intrugued that Chris is a cart rider?

  • Logan Davey
    Logan Davey 2 hours ago

    The save Claire sign killed me

  • Tommy Derp
    Tommy Derp 2 hours ago

    Between the Instant Pot and air fryer techniques' results, it seems as though Amiel has sadly gone back to his ways of being like "WHOOPS WE OVERCOOKED IT ON THIS METHOD, BETTER CHALK THAT UP TO A BAD METHOD RATHER THAN BAD EXECUTION, NEXT!"

  • Max Random
    Max Random 2 hours ago

    Sorry Claire, but that's no horchata, that is, maybe and with luck, rice pudding flavour.If you add some citrus extract, lemon, orange, and powdered milk, besides the cinnamon, will be even closer to the rice pidding. If you want real Horchata flavour you will have to make plant base milk, like soy, but with tiger nuts. Also thanks for the effort.

  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor 2 hours ago

    enter: Rhoda.... again.... to make things better... again... lol

  • Morgan’s life
    Morgan’s life 2 hours ago

    *laughs in Texas because having lived in New York I know there’s nothing that compares to Texas bbq

  • Ian Cryar
    Ian Cryar 2 hours ago

    So Rhoda is the kindergarten teacher we all wanted and Carla is secretly an ad executive

  • Cassidi Roberts
    Cassidi Roberts 2 hours ago

    She’s baaaccccckkkkk

  • gundi5
    gundi5 2 hours ago

    I wish they showed Claire’s reaction each time she is told what the episode is gonna be about

  • Ian Cryar
    Ian Cryar 2 hours ago

    I can’t believe that you can’t sense... for a slit second I kind of hoped for Claire stabbing Brad while Delaney and Morocco look on in horror and then I remember I was reading King earlier

  • iiScarFace
    iiScarFace 2 hours ago

    i find it funny that she pronounces it as "Noot-ella" When it's nutella because of nuts... Does she say "Noot" or "Nut"? Like.. Imagine her reading a meme about someone busting a nut..

  • Concentrate Corner
    Concentrate Corner 2 hours ago

    lmao "it sensed your fear thats all"

  • Emily Xu
    Emily Xu 2 hours ago

    I just realised this video is 48mins, help.

  • Plastique-Kiwi
    Plastique-Kiwi 2 hours ago

    Can you do a gormet chef boyardy beef ravioli

  • Amogh Vajramani
    Amogh Vajramani 2 hours ago

    Other people: use words to explain Brad: use sounds to explain !

  • MarLy MarLLe
    MarLy MarLLe 2 hours ago

    That guy has to have Cancer or atleast an ulcer.

  • Simulation Omega
    Simulation Omega 2 hours ago

    Can’t wait for another episode of the Black Mirror spin-off that is Gourmet Makes

  • Kenzie’s Toy Box!
    Kenzie’s Toy Box! 2 hours ago

    No Oregano??

  • Fab Jon
    Fab Jon 2 hours ago

    8:37 “is there any world in which banana flavor candy is good” *banana laffy taffy:* am i a joke to you?

  • jacel sapno
    jacel sapno 2 hours ago

    “Hi Delaney” “Hey Claire Saffitz” why was that so cute!? I had to take a moment.

  • ReverseHigh5er
    ReverseHigh5er 2 hours ago

    "Make toast water" is my favorite step I've seen in this series

  • Thomas Chicka
    Thomas Chicka 2 hours ago

    When the new strat is to just put EVERYTHING in the mighty dehydrator.

  • amancalledcraig
    amancalledcraig 2 hours ago

    The only one which was close to right was the last one. The french omelette. Which is really hard to do and needs it's own video. The rest suck. Molly almost gets there with her slow fried egg.

  • Black Sky
    Black Sky 2 hours ago

    ''Ambition never got anyone anywhere..'' excuse me wtf?

  • Aali Guy
    Aali Guy 2 hours ago

    @48:15 That's how you know you made good Jelly Beans :)

  • Kyle's Trials
    Kyle's Trials 2 hours ago

    Gourmet remakes

  • Asia Gethers
    Asia Gethers 2 hours ago

    Does anyone else love her laugh!😂 it makes me laugh!!

  • EmmaAppleBerry
    EmmaAppleBerry 2 hours ago


  • EmmaAppleBerry
    EmmaAppleBerry 2 hours ago


  • EmmaAppleBerry
    EmmaAppleBerry 2 hours ago


  • Andy M
    Andy M 2 hours ago

    You NEVER micro pizza rolls!! You need to bake them. The crust is light, crispy, and flakey when you bake them!!!

  • Bagoose
    Bagoose 2 hours ago

    he looks like Tyler the creator for some reason...

  • Litty LeRouge
    Litty LeRouge 2 hours ago

    Where is Chris! I want ANANTHA!

  • Jalapeño Bomber
    Jalapeño Bomber 2 hours ago

    People hate black pepper?

  • ShadowedSteel
    ShadowedSteel 2 hours ago

    I was hoping for a How2Basic video. Disappointed

  • Big Willy Billy
    Big Willy Billy 2 hours ago

    Respect to her cause I would’ve probably killed my self on the first day.

  • Ian Cryar
    Ian Cryar 2 hours ago

    Nicely toasted... we don’t say burned here but for me that was the perfect toast