Bon Appétit
Bon Appétit
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  • Catherine Gomez
    Catherine Gomez Hour ago

    0:27 "While out gentalmen, Ryan-" oh yes Ryan is a bee

  • MageInWhite
    MageInWhite Hour ago

    I love how Claire starts to lose it as she reads off the absurd list of cheeses at the end 😂

  • Yasin Abdillah
    Yasin Abdillah Hour ago

    omg that chicken bowl!

  • Phil Evans
    Phil Evans Hour ago

    I love how Chris just always sits there judging everybody lol

  • jack hickey
    jack hickey Hour ago

    why do kids enjoy a crack head spilling candy every where and making weird noises

  • Brw78
    Brw78 Hour ago

    Loved this guy on that netflix food special. Hope theres a season two

  • Andrew Chatmon
    Andrew Chatmon Hour ago

    Spaghetti bolognese in apollo lounge.

  • rdknight89
    rdknight89 Hour ago

    I love how it becomes more and more clear as time goes on that Adam Rapaport is the antagonist of this channel

  • Kaivon saddler
    Kaivon saddler Hour ago

    Lmao "Hey kid wanna drank citrus acid"

    TCRMN Hour ago

    Dude. Carpaccio is not just pounded out raw meat. It's rolled up, frozen so it's a nice round shape, then sliced super thin with a deli slicer right onto the plate, then dressed with olive oil, rucola, parm, pine nuts, salt, pepper... but for fuck's sake don't go serving a huge slab of beaten out steak as carpaccio.

  • Umaibo
    Umaibo Hour ago

    Waste of eggs.

  • 1UpProduct
    1UpProduct Hour ago

    Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Bon Appetit: PlAtE a CaRrOt, GuYs!

  • MrUnrealreal
    MrUnrealreal Hour ago

    Oil (with additives) in Spray Cans, Water in Spray Cans,...And not even selfmade

  • Truelordpower
    Truelordpower Hour ago

    Guga foods is s h o o k

  • Jas Kan
    Jas Kan Hour ago

    My recipes for the sambal is cooking it in hour in a flood of oil. U can put out the oil later.

  • BTS Obsessed
    BTS Obsessed Hour ago

    5:23 HAHA Claire is seriously the best!

  • Josh Bricknell
    Josh Bricknell Hour ago

    Beautiful AND talented! Where do I find a Claire? 😂😭

  • AZHookahMeister
    AZHookahMeister Hour ago

    We NEED a "Brad and Matty Goin Places" show!!! Please God let this happen!

  • Tales from Tu'narath

    8:58 was straight up hilarious! LOL

  • Cooke Family Adventures

    Claire’s face during the introduction was save me please

  • IamMe
    IamMe 2 hours ago

    It doesnt matter if the towel is clean or dirty. But it needs to be damp. Otherwise all the moisture will just be sucked out. I love Claire but that is an amateur mistake.

  • lukejohnston1819
    lukejohnston1819 2 hours ago

    low key his looks better.... and our local Jamie Oliver restaurant went bust so lol

  • Jagger Haim
    Jagger Haim 2 hours ago

    Do Coffee Crisp next!

  • Extreme Eric
    Extreme Eric 2 hours ago

    Makes steak smoothie Ugh its disgusting WHAT DO U EVEN EXPECT

  • The Gaming Robloxian

    4:29 that reminds me of beef jerky

  • rainbow river
    rainbow river 2 hours ago

    As a non-American, hearing her say jelly is really weird. My jelly is their jello. What she was using is basically a smooth jam. (I'm South African)

  • Hamed Saharani
    Hamed Saharani 2 hours ago

    MORE SAMBAL! *Screaming in Malaysian

  • A cup of frosting
    A cup of frosting 2 hours ago

    I need a brad in my life

  • Alex Pereira
    Alex Pereira 2 hours ago

    Brad and matty are just so fun! Anywhere would be great but here is a YES to Newfoundland! FULL TIME SHOWWWW

  • keydokon
    keydokon 2 hours ago

    I would love to see them hunt a gator

  • Will Rae
    Will Rae 2 hours ago

    y'all better come to NL. Would make my year!!

  • hl alexis
    hl alexis 2 hours ago

    When they get in the what? The crik??

  • Cielo Andrei
    Cielo Andrei 2 hours ago

    Everyone needs a Roda 🥺

  • Tv Smurf
    Tv Smurf 2 hours ago

    Show's that need to happen; Matty and Brad goes to Canada

  • Hamilton and JJBA ate my soul

    i would die for her

  • ashwath Ash
    ashwath Ash 2 hours ago

    Egg bajji, egg pakoda is a great way too.

  • Dunkelweiss
    Dunkelweiss 2 hours ago

    Claire should try to make Tillmanns Toasties

  • syerra lynn
    syerra lynn 2 hours ago

    I came here for Claire and you cut her out?!

  • Andrew a
    Andrew a 2 hours ago

    That HP BAR THO

  • Buunski
    Buunski 2 hours ago

    Gourmet Kinder Bueno please!

  • Buunski
    Buunski 2 hours ago

    Ahh yes back when gourmet makes was less than 20mins long Not complaining tho. Love all the content

  • Take it Easy
    Take it Easy 2 hours ago

    Well I'm off to the market to grab some steak

  • Leslie R.
    Leslie R. 2 hours ago

    Oh Claire....your over confidence at the beginning of these always makes me laugh. You know you keep jinxing yourself when you say that, right? 🤣🤣🤣

  • HWEN
    HWEN 2 hours ago

    Please give this chef a pestle and mortar

  • Royston Wah
    Royston Wah 2 hours ago

    13:40 breaking brad

  • OhKayThanks
    OhKayThanks 2 hours ago

    2:15 that is like a toddler trying to tell you a story and then goes off topic

  • Well Tube
    Well Tube 2 hours ago

    What did it taste like? At the end it shows them all with their bowls but nobody actually eats it, was it that bad?

  • Pax Britannica
    Pax Britannica 2 hours ago

    Milf alert 🚨

  • Nicci
    Nicci 3 hours ago

    I’m sad you didn’t include biltong

  • rainbow river
    rainbow river 3 hours ago

    Using sandpaper on the white layer would probably have fixed the texture problems they had

  • Sushi Llama
    Sushi Llama 3 hours ago

    Salt and vinegar club!!

  • beauson1983
    beauson1983 3 hours ago

    Brad is the chef we all want, but Claire is the chef we all need

  • Gaming Gab
    Gaming Gab 3 hours ago

    Weird so eating raw steak is OK? Isn't that gonna give you stomach aches?

  • Erin Roach
    Erin Roach 3 hours ago

    why doesn’t she just add geletin?

  • John Ong
    John Ong 3 hours ago

    Brad you should make nutritional yeast making video

  • Gemma Watermelon
    Gemma Watermelon 3 hours ago

    Plz don’t stick random objects in your ears or in your nose bc you will end up in hospital

  • Tomás Genta
    Tomás Genta 3 hours ago

    You should drink the fernet with coca cola.

  • Niko S.
    Niko S. 3 hours ago

    Can this be used to season fried chicken?

  • Notmatt
    Notmatt 3 hours ago

    Oh my god that hippie grain bowl looks SOOO good

  • Jason Yehezkiel
    Jason Yehezkiel 3 hours ago

    How many and how much you use the meat

  • Milano
    Milano 3 hours ago

    das a flan..

  • Sauce2Go
    Sauce2Go 3 hours ago


  • N Vannote
    N Vannote 3 hours ago

    This recipe fucks the savory/sweet ratio of veggies for good stock.

  • rewa lodhiya
    rewa lodhiya 3 hours ago

    The crust is hard man!!!!

  • retta a
    retta a 3 hours ago


  • Wiilliam Copeland
    Wiilliam Copeland 3 hours ago

    Ok so is nobody gonna talk about how he cut his pickle....

  • ThiccDaddy
    ThiccDaddy 3 hours ago


  • Robert Jizzle
    Robert Jizzle 3 hours ago

    Not Twix, Raider!

  • Hedva Juliette
    Hedva Juliette 3 hours ago

    Great video :) Christina is so nice and these girls are awsome. So dedicated <3

  • Montgomery Sykes
    Montgomery Sykes 3 hours ago

    molly ur dumb

  • Joanne Nazareno
    Joanne Nazareno 3 hours ago

    I had to take a detour to see if it was Claire's hand deep frying the steak. It was not.

  • youneedajacket
    youneedajacket 3 hours ago

    I want my own Rhoda for daily encouragement.

  • Alejandro Castillo
    Alejandro Castillo 3 hours ago

    I gotta admitted I'm in love with Molly, I'm just watching this if she appears randomly

  • Elginshire Israel
    Elginshire Israel 3 hours ago

    What a simple dry rub!!!

  • Johnny Appleseed
    Johnny Appleseed 3 hours ago

    I hate to see all that wasted food

  • norman bates
    norman bates 3 hours ago

    brad really under reacted to that little dawg

  • Nan Yobizniz
    Nan Yobizniz 4 hours ago

    Love this Lady!!!!!!!✌️

  • Lou Pilleri
    Lou Pilleri 4 hours ago

    he sounds like ryan reynolds

  • Colity Quantent
    Colity Quantent 4 hours ago

    Looking at the pen behind Brad's ear get closer and closer to falling gives me anxiety

  • VodkaHindJelly
    VodkaHindJelly 4 hours ago

    This is why cooking programs are on TV, not on the radio.

  • a_silent_songbird
    a_silent_songbird 4 hours ago

    this has been my favourite episode in ages! they were all great, but this is special! the quirky sarcastic editing is back too!

  • Elizabeth Munson
    Elizabeth Munson 4 hours ago

    I have got to try this!

  • Mousumi saha
    Mousumi saha 4 hours ago

    How many eggs were wasted

  • Ile Salmo
    Ile Salmo 4 hours ago

    Couldn't you use the same skewers to hold the squash together if you go all the way through?

  • Roblox Sally
    Roblox Sally 4 hours ago

    She sounds so really stressed and i don’t like it

  • Mister Tree
    Mister Tree 4 hours ago

    Not using the footage of Claire deep frying the steak? I’m disappointed.

  • S N Rehmani
    S N Rehmani 4 hours ago

    That's more like experiment

  • esperensnare
    esperensnare 4 hours ago

    Matty and Brad... Epic duo.

  • Ricky Johnson
    Ricky Johnson 4 hours ago

    Oh what I could accomplish with just 0.1% of Brad's charisma...

  • Horacio Miroddi
    Horacio Miroddi 4 hours ago

    Cooking professionally with someone that doesn’t know how to cook it’s so annoying. Just get out of the way!

  • SleepLess
    SleepLess 4 hours ago

    But I like it THICC

  • kennashan
    kennashan 4 hours ago

    Who else would binge watch episodes of "Guess That F*cking Cheese" !!!!

  • Donnie Darko
    Donnie Darko 4 hours ago

    i just bought squid for the ink to write my papers.

  • Ritika Ritu
    Ritika Ritu 4 hours ago

    We want mor Priya Krishna!!!! She's gorgeous and so talented!!!

  • meekly
    meekly 4 hours ago

    "kopitee-ahm" .... 😨 i'M CRYING AT THE PRONOUNCIATION

  • IamMe
    IamMe 4 hours ago

    "Missing the point but with a great attitude" sums up brad amazingly I love it.

  • Fields Carlisle
    Fields Carlisle 4 hours ago

    I like some lumps in my mashed potatoes so they don’t feel like they came out of a box. I also hate when you get mashed potatoes and they’re so oily and greasy it’s like butter whipped with a touch of potato.

  • SuperEpicTimmy
    SuperEpicTimmy 4 hours ago

    Cant wait for chris to say bazinga

  • dēofol
    dēofol 4 hours ago

    He ruined it with that stupid question........period.

  • Conner Ammons
    Conner Ammons 4 hours ago

    Matty and brad would be amazing