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  • courtney parrish
    courtney parrish 2 minutes ago

    Isnt this where Beyonce did love on top

  • arcade w/ luke plouffe
    arcade w/ luke plouffe 4 minutes ago

    E eatmy wife’s check off

  • Pettyy Boo
    Pettyy Boo 7 minutes ago

    How do y’all mfukaz comment and NOT WATCH THE VIDEO!!! SLIME comes from N.O.R.E stop sucking yung thugs dress wearing dick

  • Arthuro Lupian
    Arthuro Lupian 10 minutes ago

    Who’s here after they locked up Kodak

  • あい
    あい 13 minutes ago

    i’m Japanese and have been learning English for 7months in LA but i couldn’t understand what they’re talking about in this video lmao

  • El Gato
    El Gato 26 minutes ago

    Lil us vert

  • Boomhauer TX
    Boomhauer TX 28 minutes ago

    It ain't nothin to cut a bitch off

  • zSaturn
    zSaturn 31 minute ago

    1:48 - 1:54 This is equal to the stupidity of my class last year

  • Pettyy Boo
    Pettyy Boo 32 minutes ago

    Mark ass nigga; smfh doing that clown ass shit on the bridge. Clout chaser

  • Terrell Thigpen
    Terrell Thigpen 33 minutes ago

    best cypher

  • Marc Huerta
    Marc Huerta 37 minutes ago

    When lil boat said " wasnt no food but rice " i felt that heavy bruh. living in Mexico is hard bruh

  • Kofi Mumina
    Kofi Mumina 42 minutes ago

    How many time he clap his Hands

  • Objective Perspective
    Objective Perspective 44 minutes ago

    All I heard was put a dic in a bitch mouth, I'm hard cause i got shot, and I go down on a bitch that already got a man. Which is nasty as fuc. I guess the last one was the best by claiming to be an indi rapper but said it in a wack as way. Man I'm so done with pop rap. So done

  • Objective Perspective
    Objective Perspective 48 minutes ago

    Man w d f kinda garbage is this....

  • Forfeit Booch
    Forfeit Booch 57 minutes ago

    When the silent kid start saying x verse then pulls something out of his book pack

  • Andre Jackson
    Andre Jackson 57 minutes ago

    The start of a new cult💯💯

  • Arjan Binpal
    Arjan Binpal 57 minutes ago

    I am surprised he knows his ABCs

  • FaReal WitIt
    FaReal WitIt Hour ago

    Vic mensa sux nuts

  • Y tho
    Y tho Hour ago

    Y’all ripped him off

  • Y tho
    Y tho Hour ago

    And he was having fun

  • Y tho
    Y tho Hour ago

    Why did y’all not keep the lit ones

  • Saads Yosof
    Saads Yosof Hour ago

    The first guy lost by far 😂😂😂😂 Got showed up fr

  • SuperNaturaali s

    Fuck uncle bens , no named is 60 cents kilo thats were the hood at

  • Weyes Noir
    Weyes Noir Hour ago

    Danny Brown might not be the best, but he is doing something different and unique and I'm here for that

  • Skul led
    Skul led Hour ago

    Only 540 views!

  • big bellyman
    big bellyman Hour ago

    This nigga Action Bronson is nice🔥🔥

  • Newton jr
    Newton jr Hour ago

    Wanna know why lil mosey was orange written in the Thumbnail?? Cause with his freestyle Skills you'll never know what rhymes with Orange

  • Gore Mac
    Gore Mac Hour ago

    Yg should even be a rapper with that freestyle lil twist and diggy did there thang but don't got any albums out . what i dont get how you suck so bad and went platinum non lyrical ass YG ??????😴

  • Keron M
    Keron M Hour ago

    Are these verses from songs?

  • Lil Devil
    Lil Devil Hour ago

    how just lil mosey rap so good but he’s freestyle trash 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jaekwon Mann
    Jaekwon Mann 2 hours ago

    This is not fire..

  • TheNamesTraz
    TheNamesTraz 2 hours ago

    comethazine really made this freestyle into a real song. (NO EVIDENCE)

  • Young CEO Productions

    This class was going strong until..this happened Kodak Black sentenced to 4 years in jail 21 Savage sent back to the U.K for good Lil Uzi is trapped by his label Lil yachty is literally no where to be found The rest aside from Denzel Curry are history..

  • Falak Naaz
    Falak Naaz 2 hours ago


  • Drin Zahiti
    Drin Zahiti 2 hours ago

    Dezel curry hip hop king

  • Raysean Strong
    Raysean Strong 2 hours ago

    It will never be a nother pac or biggie add me on Xbox one Latin king 69 lol I don’t gang Bang it’s just the crew I was in on gta

  • Jules Brion
    Jules Brion 2 hours ago

    What’s the prod ?

  • Christina Abney
    Christina Abney 2 hours ago

    I like this

  • planet of the synth
    planet of the synth 2 hours ago

    .. i love what he has become .. changed his life around.

  • Jonathan Leal
    Jonathan Leal 2 hours ago

    skateboard 4ever TYO IN THAT SHIT

  • 3V
    3V 2 hours ago

    Ahhh fuck thought this was master peace from the uk

  • Jonathan Leal
    Jonathan Leal 2 hours ago

    that bitch is fiiiiiire

  • How ya Figure
    How ya Figure 2 hours ago

    Lil dicky don't deserve to be put with these trash ass niggas lil dicky killed this shit bruh like if agree

  • Joyce Gonçalves TV
    Joyce Gonçalves TV 2 hours ago


  • Coleman Greer
    Coleman Greer 2 hours ago

    1:38 yachty’s like “third times the charm”

  • Coleman Greer
    Coleman Greer 2 hours ago

    I love how out of it 21 is for this whole video and when the camera gets put on just him he look like the kid the teacher called on even tho he had his hand down

  • justus heinrich
    justus heinrich 2 hours ago

    We need more of that shit From the Freakin!!😎 professional rapper lil dicky. Yall other niqqaz mumblin

  • Kevin Stewart
    Kevin Stewart 2 hours ago

    Gates dat pressure. starts off easy then str8 bust pipes

  • greyson smith
    greyson smith 2 hours ago

    Desiigner does a mean fred flintstone impression. YABADABADOOOOOOO!

  • How ya Figure
    How ya Figure 2 hours ago

    0:22 0:30 my last two brain cells in the back

  • Kopano Malema
    Kopano Malema 2 hours ago

    Rico murdered that beat🔥🔥🔥

  • EuphoriaEffect
    EuphoriaEffect 2 hours ago

    Dont be surprised by 2050-60 the world be dressed in kanye clothing lol one style as it was back in those old times.

  • I'm Lucid
    I'm Lucid 2 hours ago

    Interviewer never been through the struggle and it shoooows

  • Who Are You? Suka!
    Who Are You? Suka! 2 hours ago

    How can you go there unprepared? Thats disrespectful to everyone that didnt get that slot....and the ones that did and took it serious. its a rough business, noone is begging for you to be there .

  • Christopher prellwitz

    rex been dat dude, dont play

  • Stevie Armstrong
    Stevie Armstrong 3 hours ago

    I Like The Art My Hommie And I Will Be Waiting On The Album To Drop. 💯

  • manxmaniac
    manxmaniac 3 hours ago

    It's over Kodak It's over Kodak It's over Kodak It's over Kodak

  • XXL
    XXL 3 hours ago

    What's your favorite song on Pardison Fontaine's new project, Under8ed?

  • Perez
    Perez 3 hours ago


  • FacTual _69
    FacTual _69 3 hours ago

    Ayyy I’m 3rd

  • Defaulty_Boy 54
    Defaulty_Boy 54 3 hours ago


  • 5000 subs before Christmas

    Who's been a BIG fan of *XXL* before 2019?? 💙 👇gifting next 36 loyal subs🎁

  • Perez
    Perez 3 hours ago


  • TXC Dagger
    TXC Dagger 3 hours ago


  • Super Random Zay
    Super Random Zay 3 hours ago

    actually first

    • FacTual _69
      FacTual _69 3 hours ago

      That moment when you see 1 view🥵

  • Super Random Zay
    Super Random Zay 3 hours ago


  • Lil Nicki
    Lil Nicki 3 hours ago

    -Giraffe neck💀

  • 3rdflo4life Greg
    3rdflo4life Greg 3 hours ago



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  • Blake Hunter
    Blake Hunter 3 hours ago

    That's why I mess with Camp,he can always hold it down👌🏾

  • pleviousryonrost
    pleviousryonrost 3 hours ago

    Can someone let me know what this beat is please!? Thanks 👍

  • Upsidedownfrownsboi
    Upsidedownfrownsboi 3 hours ago

    Can we have this be a live performance please

  • Isaac Brunn
    Isaac Brunn 3 hours ago

    me and the boys: *freestyin for sh@ts and giggles* some kid: yo can i hop on? the boys: ok fam some kid: 2:07

  • Trevor3x
    Trevor3x 3 hours ago

    Rice wit ketchup I be doin tha shi 😂😂💯

  • Saidsaki Ismail
    Saidsaki Ismail 3 hours ago

    Lil mosey is trash man😆😆😆

  • Isaac Brunn
    Isaac Brunn 3 hours ago

    police: why? florida man: 0:17

  • Stevie Garcia
    Stevie Garcia 4 hours ago

    I swear it’s a 17 year old Jadakiss under them shades

  • Mike Vanner
    Mike Vanner 4 hours ago


  • AcesGaming
    AcesGaming 4 hours ago

    Travis should be a real rapper and stop with auto tune and the odd flows. I love it but this man can really rap like Jesus Christ. This man can spit like J.cole and Kendrick and needs no auto tune

  • cheese lxrd
    cheese lxrd 4 hours ago

    A: imma beat u up B: imma beat u up C: imma beat u up

  • keksi tyyppi
    keksi tyyppi 4 hours ago

    0:46 so sad no money :( XD

  • Danielle Brown
    Danielle Brown 4 hours ago

    It think that YNW melly is not guilty because, he made a tribute to his friends that he lost

  • Skorp
    Skorp 4 hours ago

    Man, seriously thinkin bout unsubbing, this shit just keeps getting worse and worse dog. Give em a beat, see if they can actually freestyle. I want to hear real, talented artists freestyling on some killer beats, not this lame ass acapella type shit. Dude's not trash, but he's not great either. If I wanted to listen to shit, I'd record myself in the restroom to watch it back.

  • 58LilAnt
    58LilAnt 4 hours ago

    thexvid.com/video/QsAvfgz9los/video.html. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Isaiah Crawford
    Isaiah Crawford 5 hours ago

    Flowing pretty good

  • Devin Ex.
    Devin Ex. 5 hours ago

    Beats on my channel 🔥🦇💎

  • Nathan Bodenheimer
    Nathan Bodenheimer 5 hours ago

    Chris Bosh on the beat

  • DarkeFN
    DarkeFN 5 hours ago


  • Sub for a Sub ?
    Sub for a Sub ? 5 hours ago

    If your reading I hope you have a good day

  • Puratic
    Puratic 5 hours ago


  • Alberto Rynda
    Alberto Rynda 5 hours ago

    Another dude that had hits then fell off HAAAAARD. He there with ace hood

  • Xtremer Clouds
    Xtremer Clouds 5 hours ago


  • Tony Vans
    Tony Vans 5 hours ago

    😩 he don't take his music serious what it seems now n what happen snootie wild ass 👮💊 💰👍

  • 703 Jay
    703 Jay 5 hours ago

    He had like 12 good songs then dipped

    • Lauren West
      Lauren West 4 hours ago

      703 Jay bro did not dip go listen to kiss 3 and kiss 4. He the most underrated rapper

  • Shanelle Warner
    Shanelle Warner 5 hours ago

    All I got to say for the level of talent Camp got he is to slept on 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽

  • MCM Nation
    MCM Nation 5 hours ago

    I rap better than him and I can’t even rap that good

    • jim dunk
      jim dunk 4 hours ago

      Then you must feel pretty shitty that he's making a living from it instead of you...

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 5 hours ago

    What happened to him I haven’t heard from him since he dropped “cut her off”

    • jim dunk
      jim dunk 4 hours ago

      He still making music just look him up

    • Hot New Media
      Hot New Media 4 hours ago

      Adolf Hitler well go search him & check out his new stuff

  • Elihandro Eiman
    Elihandro Eiman 5 hours ago


  • Carlos Villa
    Carlos Villa 5 hours ago

    This shit fire

  • Rads 1821
    Rads 1821 5 hours ago

    This is George 🙇🏽‍♂️ He wants to be a Famous youtuber one like is 10 subscribers