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Jay Foreman
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Can you spot a map trap?
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The world's oldest border?
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Where does London stop?
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Fiddle With Your Balls
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Pretend You're Happy
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Renault Twingo
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Little Japanese Baby
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Skin Sofa
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Bim Bim Bim
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Trousers (on the One Show)
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What is tactical voting?
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Whom should I vote for?
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The Queen Hates Jay Foreman
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Jay Foreman - Yellow Bikes
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Barry Cryer Song
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Caterpillar Sick
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No More Colours?
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Child With a Handbag
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Jay Foreman - Angry Birds
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The Day I Met Sooty
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Rowan and Jonny
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Whizz-Tek (by Bob Dylan)
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Stealing Food
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