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How People Pray | Cut
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  • Karly Provost
    Karly Provost 2 hours ago

    First line up I’ve ever seen someone get everyone right

  • Jordan Springer
    Jordan Springer 2 hours ago

    everybodys least a little

    IM MALAMOON 2 hours ago

    2:51 trippie red is that you?

  • M A
    M A 2 hours ago

    “most girls assume I’m gay, and my bro ppl are like 👈🏻👉🏻 he’s a straight bro hanging with us” 👈🏻👉🏻 That last part sent me 💀

  • Phoebe Gotanco
    Phoebe Gotanco 2 hours ago

    “owl fucker” 💀

  • IraqUpBeaches
    IraqUpBeaches 2 hours ago

    That's your first problem ... NEVER get student loans. Doesn't take a damn genius to figure that out. That's a cesspool you'll never get out of. Work and save and take a couple of classes at a time at a community college. Unless you're accepted into an Ivy league college, doesn't matter where you get your damn degree from. Not to mention majoring in stupid majors that won't land you any type of job.

  • Gabriel Brien Bérard

    That was one of the best lineup Ive seen. I really wish to see more videos of her and of that concept.

  • Paddy
    Paddy 2 hours ago

    Omg 5:07 is soooo hot 🥵🥰💋

  • Alien Animations
    Alien Animations 2 hours ago

    Dude was BEING a PRICK

  • Tom The Nigga
    Tom The Nigga 2 hours ago

    Since when do gays wear bootyshorts?

  • W S
    W S 2 hours ago

    i dont think i've seen so many weirdos consecutively since the last time i wen tto hollywood... oh wait.

  • Elliott W
    Elliott W 2 hours ago

    Mormonism is just silly tho

  • Rae Wolf
    Rae Wolf 2 hours ago

    ....wait a second! 😮😯😲 that kid, isnt he from all those food tasting videos from a couple years ago! He was! His sister came in later! He was about wanna say 7 or 8 when they first came out back in like 2015....could be wrong about the year, but CUT also put those videos out too! If im right, dayyyummnn...i feel old seeing him grown with his sister...

  • Itzel Neptune
    Itzel Neptune 2 hours ago

    I wish I was high

  • Pablo JetMetal
    Pablo JetMetal 2 hours ago

    give mcdonalds burger fuckin kids xddddd

  • Ella Spelta
    Ella Spelta 2 hours ago

    The girl in the denim jacket was definitely high

  • Pan-Wakka
    Pan-Wakka 2 hours ago

    God I hate this generation!

  • Fall3n Vandals
    Fall3n Vandals 2 hours ago

    I wanna get baked out of my mind

  • Naomi Yokoi
    Naomi Yokoi 2 hours ago

    Bianca looks like morticia adams

  • Pick N' POP
    Pick N' POP 2 hours ago

    I’m confused

  • M A
    M A 2 hours ago

    Girl in yellow: sadly looks down Producer: *You’ve guessed everyone wrong* Girl in yellow: 🙃

  • 西施小狗Ling Ling

    🤪 oh

  • Jessica Pacella
    Jessica Pacella 2 hours ago

    Fuck socialism

  • Jonathan Varela
    Jonathan Varela 2 hours ago

    Shes annoying.

  • Inyia_marie
    Inyia_marie 2 hours ago

    *do you find me sexy* ....I like the cut of your dress.

  • Pollo Hola
    Pollo Hola 2 hours ago

    Niños culeris aprendan de Honduras que ahí hasta mierda comen los más pobres,me empuja ver estos niños como son de mañengos y inútiles habiendo gente que comiera ese plato con gusto y lo desearia ellos me dan vergüenza y más sus padres mal paridos hdpta

  • Ryan Ethan Dunn
    Ryan Ethan Dunn 2 hours ago

    "You have gotten nobody right" 'cool' Me 😂😂

  • 1 extra
    1 extra 2 hours ago

    On the low low low lowkey... cid could get it

    AISYA 2 hours ago

    What's queer?

  • Kenkenthatsme
    Kenkenthatsme 2 hours ago

    "Eat hot cheetos and play videogames" definitely muah, lol.

  • Saylia Roam
    Saylia Roam 2 hours ago

    The old man is an Aquarius.

  • karine brazao
    karine brazao 2 hours ago

    Me assistir quando a mulher chegou e falou "PUTA QUE PARIU" KKKKK

  • Zara hm
    Zara hm 2 hours ago

    The flower dress girl keeps saying do u think I’m attractive like u just here for complimentsss

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 2 hours ago

    what's the girl who was afraid of clowns Instagram I think she just stole my heart

  • Zara hm
    Zara hm 2 hours ago

    Wow the flower dress girl is a bitchhhhh

  • Isaiah Manalili
    Isaiah Manalili 2 hours ago

    I really think having multiple (3 would probably be best for camera angle and time purposes) of any group with a strong dynamic would be a great cast continuation for this game! Siblings, coworkers, friends, sports teammates, cousins, the list goes on!! These sisters just became my favorite episode!!!

  • Thato Mashopha
    Thato Mashopha 2 hours ago

    They look so much like their kids!

  • Elsie Smith
    Elsie Smith 2 hours ago

    i’m fucking dying bro his mom

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 2 hours ago

    This is absolute humiliation!

  • Bob Hope
    Bob Hope 2 hours ago

    Every female was smiling when first handed the baby. Not even one male was smiling when first handed the baby. I don't know if that means anything, but it feels like it does.

  • Marisol Morales
    Marisol Morales 2 hours ago

    7:32 sorry but nooo (not in my opinion) the girl with the short short hair is prettier

  • Fernando Brandão
    Fernando Brandão 2 hours ago

    The best part is the guy laughing in the back...

  • NunChuck Taylor
    NunChuck Taylor 2 hours ago

    I understand what she’s saying with the guy with the khaki pants. He just seems seems like a universal donor of love.

  • Luis Patino
    Luis Patino 2 hours ago

    Who’s the asian girl tht was picking people what’s her ig

  • Jasmine Bryant
    Jasmine Bryant 2 hours ago

    “ I had Drunk emotions and sober thoughts If they really wonna know I’ll spill it all out” I’m a poet and that’s what I’ve said in One of my poems! This is the epitome of that

  • The Fox
    The Fox 2 hours ago

    The problem with these lineups is they are not even close to random population samples and form an extremely bias, misleading if not polar opposite version of reality due to highly selective sampling and artificial scenarios.

  • Kris
    Kris 2 hours ago

    “Oh my god, am I flustered” 😭😭😭😭 love him

  • Honey Pie
    Honey Pie 2 hours ago

    My mother found out I have an eating disorder...she rolled her eyes and said that I was acting like a stupid child and that I’m 16 “you can’t keep hiding food like if you were 12, grow up” and that she was tired of me being so childish...not gonna lie...I wasn’t planning on ever telling her but if she founded out i never expected it...i feel less hungry now... she said that to punish my childish behavior she’ll take me out of my dancing, singing and piano classes so I have time to grow up...I’m falling apart

  • igeek912
    igeek912 2 hours ago

    It would be too much to explain my 'visual' experiences with hallucinogens--but I've had some TIMES. We survived. I hope we all safely have a good ass time from here on out, too.💛 🤙

  • Jack Ü
    Jack Ü 3 hours ago

    Of course Virgo was an artist 🤗

  • Marc Manuele
    Marc Manuele 3 hours ago

    I got them all correct except the last one... my gaydar is quakingggg

  • Jack Ü
    Jack Ü 3 hours ago

    I knew that girl was Taurus. They all like to argue and never let you win an argument. EVER. They always gotta be right.

  • Quarter Nipp
    Quarter Nipp 3 hours ago

    What the fuck is up with this guys bandana around his neck

  • Rose-Michelle Maitre

    I knew she was a Libra when she said she couldn't decide cause same mehn

  • Fried Anyus
    Fried Anyus 3 hours ago

    when people say ''um hum" to my "thank you" instead of "you're welcome" like accept my gratitude you s w i n e

  • Elsie Smith
    Elsie Smith 3 hours ago

    this is the best fear pong i’ve seen and they are both so hot

  • im just here to commentate

    The monotone yay lmao

  • Maya Noëlle
    Maya Noëlle 3 hours ago

    Y’all really chose the most sheltered white people to guess people’s sexualities 🤦🏻‍♀️ Also PSA: *bisexuality has always included trans/nb people!! Read the Bisexual Manifesto of 1990! The “bi = two” thing is an invention of clueless heterosexual academics.*

  • badxvinchvlogg
    badxvinchvlogg 3 hours ago

    “despite the fact that you don’t like this you have to have a relationship” girl-“do i have to” i felt that im a scorpio

  • Elliott W
    Elliott W 3 hours ago

    Red dress girl and serial killer girl can get it

  • Ezra Foust
    Ezra Foust 3 hours ago

    Oh no

  • JackBoy DeeLo
    JackBoy DeeLo 3 hours ago

    They set them up 1st time and they hit a bong🤣🤣🤣

  • Toasted Butter
    Toasted Butter 3 hours ago

    2:34 i-

  • TheDaisykisses
    TheDaisykisses 3 hours ago

    Holy SHIT. This chick is a badass. Everyone she paired correctly, I was extremely doubtful with them.

  • Tobin Cantrill
    Tobin Cantrill 3 hours ago

    Calling cap that the old lady smokes weed

  • Sigit Sigit
    Sigit Sigit 3 hours ago

    Can U pay my student loan? Im dead

  • Mia Bilbrey
    Mia Bilbrey 3 hours ago

    ive been on this Rollercoaster before when I lived nearby lol

  • L N
    L N 3 hours ago

    I’m confused. Can someone explain asexual to me. Because I thought from what I was told that asexuals don’t have sex nor have sex drives??? I rarely hear abt it but her answer contradicted what I thought I knew

  • Fall3n Vandals
    Fall3n Vandals 3 hours ago

    I love Graham

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 3 hours ago

    THE DEMOTION LETTER what a couple. they should get married

  • Camii Diosa
    Camii Diosa 3 hours ago


  • Zoë Lopez
    Zoë Lopez 3 hours ago

    the POWER that Muslim woman has! QUEEN 🥺💗

  • Chaos Knight
    Chaos Knight 3 hours ago

    This was great. They were a lot more honest than I thought they'd be. Hope we get more of these types of videos. Someone else mentioned doing this with a blind date, and I think that would be a fantastic idea.

  • L B
    L B 3 hours ago

    9:45 does his religion prevent him from doing it?

  • NunChuck Taylor
    NunChuck Taylor 3 hours ago

    Just wanna say I’m so happy to see this surge in subscribers, which is no more well deserved anywhere else on TheXvid, and I feel ego driven unnecessary pride in knowing I was on this train since before a million.

  • Valentina Restrepo
    Valentina Restrepo 3 hours ago

    they both are so cuteeeee

  • Lauren’s Life
    Lauren’s Life 3 hours ago

    Comment what age u got your period I got mine at 11

  • Shu Yi Wong
    Shu Yi Wong 3 hours ago

    5:05 background wallpaper for the youtube channel😂

  • Lauren’s Life
    Lauren’s Life 3 hours ago

    Most of those girls look like they should have gotten there period already

  • Olivia M
    Olivia M 3 hours ago

    damn someone set me up with chad! great guy. 10/10! and 6'3?? doesn't get better

  • J W
    J W 3 hours ago

    Pink Shirt: are you like GAAYYYY or like gay other guy: well I don't really like shopping or anything like tha- Pink Shirt: omg you're perpetuating stereotypes bitch please.

  • Léo Cubas
    Léo Cubas 3 hours ago

    Not a big fan of ppl questioning ppl who identify as bisexual, can you imagine anyone telling a gay person "no you're not gay", grow up.

  • Luisa Salgado
    Luisa Salgado 3 hours ago

    People cheating is the one of the worst things you can do to someone else, you hurt their feelings, their self-esteem, you can break their trust, and even their heart, being cheated on is one of the worst feelings ever, you feel powerless, a bit empty, and you feel like you ain't enough.

  • applestix 3
    applestix 3 3 hours ago

    So happy to see Hot Pants back again! I remember him from when he wore the lime green crop top and booty shorts.😊

  • ChocolateSheetCookies

    Must have been hot in there. I spot several sweaty pits haha

  • Ryan Marie
    Ryan Marie 3 hours ago

    "Even my own penis disgusts me" this dudes a riot

  • Gabby Pacheco
    Gabby Pacheco 3 hours ago

    0:45 😳 I kinda melted

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 3 hours ago


  • Oursnoursof Fun
    Oursnoursof Fun 3 hours ago

    The first couple in the middle “romantic friends”, the girl works at barista @ burlesque brew in the tri-cities. She is so amazing and always smiling.

  • Yudhishthir Angiras
    Yudhishthir Angiras 3 hours ago

    0:17 , play it at 0.25× .. Thank me later

  • DisabledSwag
    DisabledSwag 3 hours ago


  • Marketta Sneed
    Marketta Sneed 3 hours ago

    The coach is gorgeous, there's something sensual about her.

  • XPL0RR
    XPL0RR 3 hours ago

    When Curtis said "I don't think you are" to the bi guy, it was disappointing. Bi men do not get the support nor space to be themselves and get flack from both straight and gay people. *Bisexual people exist.* Let them be. Also, if the bi guy sees this please say hello 'cause you are definitely my type.

  • Jammie Toor
    Jammie Toor 3 hours ago

    What is queer?

  • Nctsvt
    Nctsvt 3 hours ago

    I'm from Cuba😂😂😍😍

  • Klutzyvegetarian 7
    Klutzyvegetarian 7 3 hours ago

    I’m asexual, and I could tell she was ace before she even said it 🏳️‍🌈♠️ It’s funny cause we have the exact same fashion sense and personality. GIRL LETS GET SOME CAKE AND DO NOTHING ELSE BUT TALK 😂

  • P3yton P3yton
    P3yton P3yton 3 hours ago

    Do I look gay.... yah... ok...

  • cat .gonzalezz
    cat .gonzalezz 3 hours ago

    Please bring the pink shirt dude back!!!

  • escotina 🇵🇷
    escotina 🇵🇷 3 hours ago

    This was great!

    L0N3LY TRASH 3 hours ago

    Ahh!!!! Curtis’s hair looks so good 😭