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  • João Segura
    João Segura Minute ago

    Finishing freshers week with Sunday vibes , perfect !

  • ataladin 87
    ataladin 87 4 minutes ago


  • Mujeeb Ahmed
    Mujeeb Ahmed 4 minutes ago

    Man City absolutely destroyed Watford 8-0 so I very much doubt they are in trouble despite injuries.

  • Júlio Simões
    Júlio Simões 4 minutes ago

    More 50 minutes of pato thinking he is smart and the others licking his balls

  • Premier League Freak
    Premier League Freak 5 minutes ago

    Because PVS has said it, if it's fine by PVS, it's fine by football daily, channel which runs solely based on stats collected by PVS

  • Júlio Simões
    Júlio Simões 6 minutes ago

    Pato just likes being controversial, but that makes him dumb af. #Patoout

  • Sam H
    Sam H 9 minutes ago

    This is your monthly power rankings. We are going to be doing this every month... No shit sherlock... ;)

    AUSSIE_ULTRAS 9 minutes ago

    Daniel james

  • Max D
    Max D 10 minutes ago

    man city should buy ruben dias

  • Elijah777
    Elijah777 11 minutes ago

    Should film Saturday night

  • DJ 11
    DJ 11 13 minutes ago

    No one: Hamill: chode, diminutive, good looking man, etc....

  • Ed Voyce
    Ed Voyce 15 minutes ago

    Problem is: goals doesn’t = rating

  • Maximilian Wendland
    Maximilian Wendland 15 minutes ago

    Jesus' stats are just that good because he only plays against shit teams when they dont need aguero

  • James Meechan
    James Meechan 15 minutes ago

    Anyone know what shoes joe is wearing

  • Xxx Xmn
    Xxx Xmn 15 minutes ago

    Mahrez > sane you idoiots

  • Leo Kovac-Zrakic
    Leo Kovac-Zrakic 17 minutes ago

    Chris: the king of horrible pants

  • Callum Wells
    Callum Wells 17 minutes ago

    “Sunday” vibes Filmed on Thursday🤦‍♂️

    LANGLEY 17 minutes ago

    Someone said losing John Stones is a good thing 😲😂

  • Alex S
    Alex S 18 minutes ago

    Classic pato crucifying Chelsea for no reason at all

  • Cooper Farrugia
    Cooper Farrugia 18 minutes ago

    Didn’t realise the result

  • Marius Dragomir
    Marius Dragomir 19 minutes ago

    Kokorin used to a beastly striker when he started at Krasnodar i think.

  • Autonomous Thought
    Autonomous Thought 23 minutes ago

    yes it will. liverpool are winning the league this season. it already has cost man city when otamendi gave norwich a goal

  • xdSwerveZz
    xdSwerveZz 23 minutes ago

    See this is the problem. I completely understand you guys don't film on the weekend but Man City beat Watford 8-0 I think they'll be okay, I think something needs to be figured out so that the talk is actually based upon the weekend of football because it's getting a bit ridiculous now.

  • FaTaL LG
    FaTaL LG 23 minutes ago

    I think that its not only just Man City losing players due to injury but because they have already dropped points to Spurs and Norwich I think mentally they're going to be nervous going into any game knowing they have got to win otherwise it can make Liverpool feel much more confident and can keep growing a gap between them. Not to say Liverpool won't drop points soon but I think that this isn't only about quality but also which team can keep a calm mind set in every game. Loved the show guys!

    • FIFA PRO
      FIFA PRO 4 minutes ago

      Nervous? 8-0 bruv. We still have problems at the back but i don't think mentality is a problem.

  • IgotPMT
    IgotPMT 24 minutes ago

    Weren't we saying the same thing about Liverpool when Alisson and Adrian got injured and then it became a distinct possibility that Andy Lonergan would get a game for one of the all-time greatest clubs in world football? City have Otamendi, Fernandinho, Rodri, Walker who can all play CB and a whole host of young players that they could probably turn to. They won 8-0 yesterday. Think they'll be alright...

  • Ben Allen
    Ben Allen 24 minutes ago

    its just not the same as tho old put really is it 😂

  • kydwykqyd
    kydwykqyd 25 minutes ago

    Discussing man city is prolly the most boring topic in football ever

  • Sam Prizeman
    Sam Prizeman 26 minutes ago

    Crisis!? Lol they lost one league game since January!? Yeah City are in crisis

  • Jack Monaghan
    Jack Monaghan 27 minutes ago

    Liverpool have conceded the joint least goals in the league this season along with United how on earth is our defence 4th or 5th place and being compared to Europa league standard?

  • Football Daily
    Football Daily 30 minutes ago

    Sunday Vibes will always be shot on a Thursday so we’ll either make great predictions or be made to eat our words. But that’s part of the fun 👀

    • Adnan Hussain
      Adnan Hussain 2 minutes ago

      @SundayVibes If or when Timo Werner leaves RB Leipzig next summer to join Bayern Munich or another team, do you think that Erling Braut Håland will be the next new young sensation/striker at RB Leipzig?

    • Andrei Itô
      Andrei Itô 20 minutes ago

      @sundayvibes Is Christian Eriksen good enough for Barcelona or Real Madrid?

  • The Poltical One
    The Poltical One 31 minute ago

    Chris those trousers. Come on man you going to a 60s rave or something?

  • Joe Macca
    Joe Macca 31 minute ago

    Again you just ignore Scottish football. In 67 celtic wo every tournament they entered 5. Winning the European cup at 1st time of asking,even your no1 is 2 years late,feyenoord beat Celtic to win the 70 european cup,they started the Dutch total football,typical english arrogance,this is why your clubs and national team are hated through the world,not because anything they do,its the arrogance of even the smallest media outlets

  • Finlay Dodd
    Finlay Dodd 31 minute ago

    Hamill turns into a 1980s mum power walking from the waist down

  • Jack Monaghan
    Jack Monaghan 32 minutes ago

    It’s so obvious Pato hates Liverpool. Saying city have the best defence in the league the past couple of years when Liverpool literally had the best defensive record last season

    • Manchesterz Finest
      Manchesterz Finest 25 minutes ago

      They actually dident.... obviously you haven't looked at the defensive stats

  • Sphesihle Mavuso
    Sphesihle Mavuso 33 minutes ago

    My favorite show on TheXvid.

  • Noah Coleman
    Noah Coleman 35 minutes ago

    Nobody: Joe: Welcome back to sunday vibes... ONE AND ALL

  • Victor Bulaya
    Victor Bulaya 35 minutes ago


  • Riccardo Platone
    Riccardo Platone 37 minutes ago

    At least the headline wasn't ''Tottenham can still challenge for the title because...''

  • Albin Joseph Roy
    Albin Joseph Roy 37 minutes ago

    They should live stream Sunday Vibes on Sunday, cause these topics are not aging that well from Thursday to Sunday

  • Harry MUFC
    Harry MUFC 38 minutes ago

    The people saying “oh they just beat Waford” are what’s wrong with football, one result and everything is fine their lack of defensive options isn’t an issue anymore🤪

  • Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh 38 minutes ago

    12:54 lol prat

  • Grey Eagle
    Grey Eagle 39 minutes ago

    Guys you either need to release this video before the weekends games or film it after the weekends games. This current way you do it literally makes most discussions you have dated and a bit pointless.

  • saganowski neto
    saganowski neto 39 minutes ago

    these 3 idiots have no ideia what they talk about

  • Phakamisa Selanti
    Phakamisa Selanti 39 minutes ago

    This is why you should do sunday vibes LIVE...some of the topics do not age well

  • spek888
    spek888 40 minutes ago

    I know the lads get the weekend off but when you guys film this on Thursday and then some mad premier league results happen just looks contradicting as hell. Just a suggestion but we all appreciate the work you guys put in.

  • Gaming Perfect 6946
    Gaming Perfect 6946 41 minute ago

    Still don't think that city are out of the title race. Liverpool will need to keep playing at their level, and certain games it may not happen for them. I think key for city will be how Fernandinho slots in at center back. If he plays like toure or mascherano did at bara under pep could be interesting

    • Gaming Perfect 6946
      Gaming Perfect 6946 22 minutes ago

      @spondon kashyapas a liverpool supporter my only concern ATM is creativity in our midfield. I'd would have loved to see us sign maddison. Allison will be back within a month that will help defence also. Just hope we don't get any bad injuries. City are a phenomenal team. They have better players in midfield than us. Other than that the rest of teams look very even

    • spondon kashyap
      spondon kashyap 33 minutes ago

      Exactly I still think city will win the league they made a comeback last season so what's gonna stop them from doing the same thing again

  • Adam Latchford
    Adam Latchford 41 minute ago

    Why did people allow hamill to wear those...

  • andrew brady
    andrew brady 43 minutes ago

    Anyone else have the England Tonga rugby game on in the back while watching this and hoping England lose

      SEMAJ HCAZ 35 minutes ago

      andrew brady that’s pretty niche.

  • Jaskaran Singh
    Jaskaran Singh 43 minutes ago

    Yes city won 8-0 but like pep said in his press conference watford had 2 golden opportunities to score in the first 5 mins particularly deulefeou So yeah a bit if luck on that side but the attack balances out that defensive deficiencies as we saw yesterday KDB is BACK!

    • Jaskaran Singh
      Jaskaran Singh 26 minutes ago

      @SEMAJ HCAZ OK that's ur opinion

      SEMAJ HCAZ 29 minutes ago

      Jaskaran Singh I wouldn’t be too sure about that.

    • Jaskaran Singh
      Jaskaran Singh 31 minute ago

      With Fernandninho back and mendy as well. In that back 4 it will be much better defensively

    • Jaskaran Singh
      Jaskaran Singh 32 minutes ago

      @SEMAJ HCAZ well i doesn't help with defensive errors and calamities from otamendi and stones does it?

      SEMAJ HCAZ 39 minutes ago

      Jaskaran Singh so how come the attack didn’t balance out the defensive deficiencies against Norwich?

  • innomi natum
    innomi natum 44 minutes ago

    When a player like Captain Fantastic leaves the club, there's always going to be some sort of problems in the time after. I'm sure City will come back on top, but seeing such a massive influence as Vincent was... you can't fix that overnight.

  • CSKI 514
    CSKI 514 45 minutes ago

    14 views 33 likes😨😨

  • Ewan Denton
    Ewan Denton 45 minutes ago

    Why would you title the video this after yesterday. Embarrassing. Rate HITC Sport better than Football Daily now

  • smanch24
    smanch24 46 minutes ago

    Barely scraped through against Watford. I reckon they are in full crisis mode #pepout

    • Sean McGowan
      Sean McGowan 4 minutes ago

      Completely agree and not just because I’m a united fan #pepout

    • Chris Lau
      Chris Lau 10 minutes ago

      smanch24 as a united fan it’s sad to see a rival fall so low with the squad they have. #Pepout

    • chσ-chαn愛
      chσ-chαn愛 25 minutes ago

      As a united fan #pepout

    • Sheep Life2
      Sheep Life2 26 minutes ago

      Agreed #PepOut

  • Garang Kedia
    Garang Kedia 47 minutes ago

    What happened to educating djellab?? #sundayvibes

  • Jamesa Fifa
    Jamesa Fifa 47 minutes ago

    Joe- *says a city are doing bad* City- *win 8-0*

  • LiT
    LiT 48 minutes ago

    City killed this video :(

  • Thabane Ntshangase
    Thabane Ntshangase 49 minutes ago

    Seriously guys, today's episode demonstrates why you ought to film Sunday vibes on Sunday...or Saturday night at least instead of Thursday

    • Jason Houliston
      Jason Houliston 17 minutes ago

      Microwave dinner of weekday leftovers OR freshly cooked Sunday roast. Facts.

    • Harry MUFC
      Harry MUFC 39 minutes ago

      Thabane Ntshangase Ehh you to realize people have lives yeah? You can’t expect people to go in on a Saturday night or Sunday morning to record this having worked the entire week already...

  • Martin P
    Martin P 49 minutes ago

    Short answer..................No!

    HANIF MIAH 50 minutes ago

    Ive been refreshing since 10. You dnt know how much my heart sank thinking this wasnt goung to be uploaded

  • oliver Marelich
    oliver Marelich 51 minute ago

    This aged well...

  • Lombar Talom
    Lombar Talom 51 minute ago

    Me me in top first 1000 views

  • fraz
    fraz 51 minute ago

    Another reason why Sunday vibes should be filmed on a Sunday. They couldn’t talk about the 8-0 thumping that happened on Saturday.

  • Corner Back
    Corner Back 52 minutes ago

    City's defence is not the best in the league atm. Neither is Liverpool's.

    • Tay Fluskey
      Tay Fluskey 39 minutes ago

      Corner Back alright then who’s is? If everyone is playing at their best with out any injuries?

    • Jaydeep  Bose
      Jaydeep Bose 40 minutes ago

      You are right..... it's new Castle

  • Bailey_ 8731
    Bailey_ 8731 52 minutes ago

    Man City's injury crisis? What about Chelsea?

  • Dave DO
    Dave DO 53 minutes ago

    City are still favourites for the title in my opinion. Even with defensive problems, their depth in midfield and the frontline is so stupid they can concede 2 goals every game and still win most of them. Whereas Liverpool has a strong first 11, but the bench is lacking. Especially if Salah, Mane or Firmino picks up a knock, then they'll run into several 0-0 draws.

  • Håvard Antonsen
    Håvard Antonsen 53 minutes ago

    People are talking about City being unlucky to have Laporte and Stones injured. Liverpool had Gomez, Trent and Lovren out while right after they sent Clyne out on loan last season. They had to play use a midfielder in the defence every game for almost two months.

  • Amoah’s Life
    Amoah’s Life 54 minutes ago

    Yolo I don’t then to win the premcoz it will up like seria a only 2teams Napoli juventus that can actually win it man city Liverpool

  • D A
    D A 54 minutes ago

    xhaka ???????? xaxaxaxaxaxa no way

  • Tom Crookes
    Tom Crookes 54 minutes ago

    Bit sad ik, but I was up waiting for this. This channel got me into more than just watching football like stats and diving deeper into football. Sort of a nerd now but wouldn't change it.

  • Ciarán Carlin
    Ciarán Carlin 54 minutes ago

    This topic aged BEAUTIFULLY from Thursday to Sunday. Big fan of your work.

    • Drunk Haus
      Drunk Haus 2 minutes ago


    • MJ B
      MJ B 3 minutes ago

      @Elijah777 Not taking anything away from Delofeu by far the best player in that squad. Just making a point.

    • Jimmy Knizzle
      Jimmy Knizzle 7 minutes ago

      Mackenzie DB yeh it’s incredible, their attack is the best in the league, but going away to half decent teams will be a lot harder with a make shift defence! I still fully expect a close title race

    • Mackenzie DB
      Mackenzie DB 11 minutes ago

      @Jimmy Knizzle but 8 goals is a lot

    • Elijah777
      Elijah777 12 minutes ago

      MJ B he nearly scored

  • al ex
    al ex 54 minutes ago

    Everyone:Man United need more young players Man United: Did I just hear Young?

    • Garry Medel
      Garry Medel 35 minutes ago

      al ex was alright the first time I saw this

    • KC Mukund
      KC Mukund 47 minutes ago

      Dead joke

  • Eтєяпітч фрр
    Eтєяпітч фрр 54 minutes ago

    It's only watford I mean any team could beat watford

    • J
      J 43 minutes ago

      Any team could beat anyone. That doesn't mean anything

    • living master
      living master 44 minutes ago

      not arsenal

  • Blue Cityzen
    Blue Cityzen 54 minutes ago

    We will win the league, the Champions League, the World Cup and the NFL. Deal with it 😎

    • KC Mukund
      KC Mukund 46 minutes ago

      You'll still be a smaller club than Liverpool and United

  • Sameer Aditya
    Sameer Aditya 54 minutes ago

    They literally just thumped Watford.🤣

  • Lewis Burns
    Lewis Burns 54 minutes ago

    Against harder sides than Watford I would say City do have to worry like the other top six and then maybe Leicester, they will be very defensively vulnerable against these teams imo

  • Tzyai
    Tzyai 55 minutes ago

    The state of this title after we just dismantled Watford lmao wasteman.

      SEMAJ HCAZ 7 minutes ago

      Tzyai about what?

    • Tzyai
      Tzyai 21 minute ago

      @SEMAJ HCAZ Scathing, lad.

      SEMAJ HCAZ 32 minutes ago

      Tzyai doesn’t change the fact that you lost to Norwich, lad.

    • Ruairi Sinnott
      Ruairi Sinnott 40 minutes ago

      Tzyai Recorded on Thursday

  • s s
    s s 55 minutes ago

    I mean if there as any manager that could win the league with one cb it is Guardiola so who knows. Side note. Hamill ur bottoms are on 🔥

  • Drew Bryant
    Drew Bryant 55 minutes ago

    Sunday vibesssss

  • Raptic Bladez
    Raptic Bladez 56 minutes ago


  • Corner Back
    Corner Back 56 minutes ago

    They literally won 8-0 yesterday. I'm sure they'll be fine

    • KC Mukund
      KC Mukund 47 minutes ago

      It was pretty close though.

    • rickoofable
      rickoofable 47 minutes ago

      They’re not. Watford were awful and still could cut through the City defense easily. Any decent side Will punnish them

    • Keshoalyn Pather
      Keshoalyn Pather 50 minutes ago

      Watford were absolute garbage.

    • Gerry
      Gerry 52 minutes ago

      Corner Back this is recorded on a Thursday

  • Sem Mutalindwa
    Sem Mutalindwa 56 minutes ago

    Literally just won 8-0 😂

  • Luke Escobar
    Luke Escobar 56 minutes ago

    Didn’t look like it yesterday tbf...

    • Mr Magnesium
      Mr Magnesium 30 minutes ago

      @daft banna exactly mate

    • daft banna
      daft banna 43 minutes ago

      That's against Watford they will have bigger tests

  • S51 Sporting Analysis
    S51 Sporting Analysis 56 minutes ago

    WiLl CiTy'S iNjUrY cRiSiS cost tHeM tHe PrEmIeR lEaGuE?! *Proceeds to go up 5-0 in 18 minutes and win 8-0*

  • Ben Parsons
    Ben Parsons 56 minutes ago

    Them pants hamill my word

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 56 minutes ago

    Football GAYly

  • Menez z
    Menez z 56 minutes ago

    well they did score 8 goals and did not concede soooo no 'crisis'

  • Alex Martin
    Alex Martin 57 minutes ago

    Was starting to get worried that it wasn’t gonna get uploaded 😱😱

  • skillz.exe_
    skillz.exe_ 57 minutes ago

    They literally just won 8-0 😂

  • Andrew Thornton
    Andrew Thornton 57 minutes ago


  • ItsJoeyLad
    ItsJoeyLad 58 minutes ago

    Waited for bang on 11 for this 😁

  • Andrew Thornton
    Andrew Thornton 58 minutes ago

    Love the show

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris Hour ago

    joe willock v lingard i know i would have willock but lingard i would maybe get for cover if the fastfood stand takes the day off

  • BluePlaysGames
    BluePlaysGames Hour ago

    Ole should just stick himself upfront tbh

  • Nandan Shetty
    Nandan Shetty Hour ago

    Mbappe is a good player and can score goals but he can't turn matches on their head,you need NEYMAR for that.

  • Nandan Shetty
    Nandan Shetty Hour ago

    If PSG needs to get anywhere close to the ucl trophy then it is only NEYMAR who can help them.

  • Andrew Owen
    Andrew Owen Hour ago

    In fairness spurs fans weren't wrong about paulinho, stats are stats, regardless of what he would go on to acheive, plus done nothing special for barcelona so he basically won trophies in China.

  • Jamie17
    Jamie17 2 hours ago

    Pep should manage Blackpool and see how he gets on

  • Theodor Voss
    Theodor Voss 2 hours ago

    TB to when Dougie had hair

  • Where’s my penis?
    Where’s my penis? 2 hours ago

    De Ligt one is very much wrong!! Wtf

  • Luis Usero
    Luis Usero 2 hours ago

    Este tipo confunde la categoría con la anécdota. Lo del Alcorcón fue una anécdota, una rareza, y todo el mundo lo sabe, ponerlo a la altura de u Brasil 1 - Alemania 7 es una boutade que sólo un hater, un antimadridista, podría sostener.