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  • Jack O'Connor
    Jack O'Connor Hour ago

    He raised so much money for those people effected by the attacks. The song doesn't say anything bad about the attacks at all. He doesn't talk about the actual situation at all. Just another example of snowflakes looking for things to be offended about

  • Philshki82
    Philshki82 Hour ago

    Remoaners-we lost but let's keep it low key. We must stop the celebrations or everyone will know.

  • FlameSp33y AMV
    FlameSp33y AMV Hour ago

    Snp is the new anti-brexit proxy army.

  • R. Mays
    R. Mays Hour ago

    I can’t stomach the double standards either!

  • Jordan Garforth
    Jordan Garforth Hour ago

    Lbc you are a joke

  • Kev H
    Kev H Hour ago

    No Losers consent for 3.5 years . What concsessions would Remain have given to leave voters had they won ? . ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

  • John Dixey
    John Dixey Hour ago

    So we cannot afford to spend £500k to celebrate Brexit but can spend £14 billion in foreign aid and £9 billion net contribution to the EU? Not a problem anyway just play some recorded bongs on Loudspeakers in Parliament Square. Only £500 and it drowns out the idiot remoaner with the loudhailer.

  • bat man
    bat man Hour ago

    Has anyone ever been offended and reported in the news the lyrics from black rappers? 🧐

  • Charles Holbrook

    Hes playing the fact that media will eat this up.... he got over 2 million euros in donations for manchester.... and in the end hes talking pro gun control..... 🤣🤣 so perfect... 👌👌 playing the world.... negatives get more clicks afterall.

  • Janky McJangles
    Janky McJangles Hour ago

    They want to Remoooooan for the rest of time, apparently. Pathetic.

  • bat man
    bat man Hour ago

    But being STORMZY and wearing a stab vest with the British flag is fine though, eh James?

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe Hour ago

    Were leeeeeeeaviiiing 😂🤣😅😃🤣😂😆😂🤣😂😃😂🤣

  • carraw
    carraw Hour ago

    I will give it six months and all the hatred for Blackford from the brexiteers on here will be directed towards Johnson. Johnson couldnt walk into any NHS hospital in the country without being jeered out the door. Nicola Sturgeon could walk into any Scottish hospital and be welcomed. Because NHS staff know the score. It will soon become clear just how much Johnson has lied and blustered his way into a false position of governance. There will be 48 SNP MPs in the commons to point out his lies and incompetence as the horrors of Brexit become real, and his domestic big spending promises are shown to be impossible. He is already on borrowed time.

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson Hour ago

    Summed up by a journalist/commentator on All Out Politics this morning 17 Jan 2020: "The Labour Party has become a party for students, social activists and middle class liberals from the cities". Absolutely.

  • Karl Johan Lea
    Karl Johan Lea Hour ago

    The SNP want Scotland to be independent from England, yet they want to give their independence to the EU. Their just trading on master for an even more representative master.

  • The Plug
    The Plug Hour ago

    James O’Brien’s voice just wastes radio waves

  • bob heathcott
    bob heathcott Hour ago

    Gina you loser I agree you are on record pity you sound like a broken one

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe Hour ago

    Ring them bells , toot your horns , fly your flags 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧 Let's celebraaaaaaate 👍

  • kurtis howard
    kurtis howard Hour ago

    I'll collect all the meanest things people have done over history and presume everyone is like that!!.400 of the meanest comments = everyone😣

  • Soviet Battle Mole

    Celebrating brexit lol while your towns from north to south are full of Africans that are citizens already and soon u english will be a minority, enjoy. ;)

  • gary Hinchliffe
    gary Hinchliffe Hour ago

    Celebraaaaaaate were leeeeeeeaviiiing 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇬🇧

  • John Martinez
    John Martinez Hour ago

    Sooo no one is going to mention the 2 million dollars he raised for them 😂😂😂 what a bunch of snowflakes

  • Joe Harry
    Joe Harry Hour ago

    The SNP try to undo the result of a democratic referendum and call the Conservatives undemocratic. Blows my mind.

  • Chet Bob
    Chet Bob Hour ago

    You think eminem said it for money and clicks?? He is way past that stage in his life, he's sold millions of records, top charts and sold out concerts. I see "bombs away on the game" being a comparison to him releasing his last couple of albums by surprise and his attack on others rappers/mumble rappers etc. And an earlier reference to plumbing in the song, "bombs away" drain cleaner, same with "dre knows" meaning draino. You can't just take 1 line of eminems on face value, everything has a double or triple meaning and the reference can be made anywhere in the song.

  • John Dixey
    John Dixey Hour ago

    Who does this disgraceful loser think she is and why should we be concerned about her opinions. She can take a couple of positive steps to get over this. Book herself into a therapy clinic and get sorted or better still move immediately to another country in the European Union where she can enjoy living under the control of the EU bureaucrats that she respects so much. Over 17.4 million people will be very pleased to wave her goodbye!

    POUDEL SAMIR Hour ago

    stans dont say u didnt expected these kinda videos... theres always a hater😂

  • Phillip S97
    Phillip S97 Hour ago

    It's all because of waycism. Cereal.

  • John Nicolson
    John Nicolson Hour ago

    "Once in a generation" is one of the greatest lies of the of the cuff statement like the "dead in a ditch" from Bojo.

  • Nose in the air Elephant

    Never heard of Megan Markle before she hooked up with Harry; Harry is Megan's meal ticket nothing more.

  • Nat Rfc
    Nat Rfc Hour ago


  • Nat Rfc
    Nat Rfc Hour ago

    Her ex made a joke about it shut up its rap he’s not meaning nothing by it

  • goharik jones
    goharik jones Hour ago

    Gina Miller !!!! Except UK has chosen to LEAVE your beloved EU, if you don't like it, then you know what to do !!! Your opinion doesn't matter any more !! Sick of this woman.. celebration !!! Must in a big way, get over you remoaners.

  • asllc wrecker
    asllc wrecker Hour ago

    The financial status of the U K will be 2 fold in short order with a clean Brexit !!!

  • Marcus Payne
    Marcus Payne Hour ago

    Gathering salt for the cold weather x

  • Jon Cocks
    Jon Cocks Hour ago

    The bonus greggs gave is subject to extra tax. James is an idiot

  • Joe McCaffery
    Joe McCaffery Hour ago

    They can’t dig too deep or they end up back at Westminster & The ‘Lords’,, (The ‘Lords’, the screaming reality of Britain still being the Monarchy it’s always been, Britain ‘IS NOT’ a democracy.)

    THE ARSENAL Hour ago

    Would you care this much if Ricky Gervais made a joke about the same thing?

  • Katie Little
    Katie Little Hour ago

    This is a difficult one for me, there's one thing certain Manchester will definitely not be buying Eminem again. He's went after nearly every major cultural icon of the day so he is being true to himself which I love. Hearing others reactions to the lyrics will set my overall view.

    • Katie Little
      Katie Little Hour ago

      @Bb370 I didn't know that, thank you for educating me today. I will keep that in mind, I'll need to check out the rest of the album.

    • Bb370
      Bb370 Hour ago

      Katie Little he raised over 2m for the Manchester victims and the British Red Cross, just another thing to keep in mind

  • Andre Comtois
    Andre Comtois Hour ago

    Leave it to the employer to decide if they're going to share profits or not and leave it to the employees to decide if they want to work for there or not. Freedom for everyone.

    THE ARSENAL Hour ago

    Fun fact: Eminem raised 2 million pounds for the Manchester bombing

    • Starvin Marvin
      Starvin Marvin Hour ago

      He'd better raise some more before somebody blows his daughter up & jokes about it

  • Sovereign Idiot
    Sovereign Idiot Hour ago

    If you grew up as a Christian from Egypt it just sounds like he's talking about the postman walking down the street. It sounds like you're in so much denial that that's why this is a shock to you.

  • Jamie
    Jamie Hour ago

    Hang on Jason I need to tell you how to run your business I know nothing about.

  • starksenterprises

    The Manchester Arena bombing still shakes me... but no, PC culture is NOT coming for battle rap! Leave it where it is... its 'out of the mainstream', thus does not need PC overhaul. Stop.

  • Kirk Pinkney
    Kirk Pinkney Hour ago

    Ontario Humans Rights is radically left

  • Allan Dickman
    Allan Dickman Hour ago

    Political correctness gone mad this is on the police force and labour run council Andy Burnham is pathetic some people need too be taken to task for this and the grooming gangs 🙄🙄

  • David Dack
    David Dack Hour ago

    am out !

  • Niki Ferrari
    Niki Ferrari Hour ago

    Boris Johnson wants £500,000 of your tax payers cash to let it ring, that's the government that you voted in. If the Brexiteers want the bell to chime for Brexit, pay for it your selves, not with tax payers money. It'll only cost you 17m out voters 3p each. Why should 16m voters who voted remain contribute??

  • Geo Leech
    Geo Leech 2 hours ago

    Miller is a born loser. Just like James O'Brien.

  • gringott12
    gringott12 2 hours ago

    She took the baby as hostage to Canada.

  • Lee Clarke
    Lee Clarke 2 hours ago

    We the victorious winners of the leave referendum and champions of democracy don’t want to bring the undemocratic, salty remainers along. They lost 3 times. I mean look at this idiot lord. He comes back with opinion polls. Opinions are like arseholes everybody has one. However elections and referendums are democracy and the last 3 are reality. Not opinions. Remainers have no concept of reality or what it is to be British. To be British is glorious. To be a member of a european club is just being a member. There’s no glory in it.remainers are not British. They are free to immigrate to an EU country that will take them. No ones stopping them and the sooner the better.

  • 1346crecy
    1346crecy 2 hours ago

    I've bought rockets and everything and I've got big party planned. I've also invited all my Remainer friends and in the spirit of reconciliation I've bought twenty conical silver hats with a big gold D on them for them to wear during the celebrations.....Well you have to reach out don't you?

  • CHNKYOfficial _
    CHNKYOfficial _ 2 hours ago

    It wasn’t a line or reference to cause offence is a metaphor ffs. It was in no way a joke. You criticise stating they aren’t smart enough when causing offence. Actually break the lyrics down. Read between the lines ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Miss Windrose
    Miss Windrose 2 hours ago


  • Viking Adventurer
    Viking Adventurer 2 hours ago

    He has most definitely and it messed with his head and never recovered as you can hear!

  • ThatBadGuy
    ThatBadGuy 2 hours ago

    How does this happen? How can people treat kids like that?

    ROBBIE SUN 2 hours ago

    Get an APP that sounds like BIG BEN ..have 100,000 people turn up there and turn it on all at the same time..two quid each..done.

  • The Progress Report
    The Progress Report 2 hours ago

    Sooooo uhm freedom of speech??do you know what hip hop is ?do you the goat?

  • Wolf gang
    Wolf gang 2 hours ago

    I bet Eminem doesn't remember that particular interview

  • Jeff Appleby
    Jeff Appleby 2 hours ago

    Gina Miller is yesterday's news. Forget her.

  • Andrew Gruffudd
    Andrew Gruffudd 2 hours ago

    Explosive? If so, these are the mildest mannered men who ever cut a throat.

  • Ashley Soudah
    Ashley Soudah 2 hours ago

    Gina Miller is unbelievable.

  • Samuel Wardell
    Samuel Wardell 2 hours ago

    Well said Boris

  • Airwolf 276
    Airwolf 276 2 hours ago

    Worst radio station on the planet

  • Callum Shah
    Callum Shah 2 hours ago

    Who HASNT has a session

  • Andre Comtois
    Andre Comtois 2 hours ago

    It's art. Don't consume the art if you don't like it. Also, how does your dislike of the music intersect with the fact you just advertised the music for free?

  • Greig Allan
    Greig Allan 2 hours ago

    O'Brien couldn't educate anyone on anything. From Frank Lampard, Carl Beech, or Brexit he's always wrong.

  • Minor Seven Sharp Eleven.

    Michael "If you see three White men walking towards you, cross the street" Moore. He's a moral contradiction.

  • Danny vickery
    Danny vickery 2 hours ago

    I don't understand everyones issue with this. His point was bang on. Why shouldn't people be rewarded if they contribute to a healthy profits margin? You could not pay them well and alternatively loose a strong work force to a competitor consequently diminishing said profits?

  • Climbatize
    Climbatize 2 hours ago

    I wasn't bothered about the bell being rung, but now I want it to be, just so it will trigger more snowflake remoaners.

  • hugeroastpotato
    hugeroastpotato 2 hours ago

    Mr Stabby.

  • Lee Stevens
    Lee Stevens 2 hours ago

    97% of scientists who want to keep their jobs say what ever they are told to.

  • The Vo Show
    The Vo Show 2 hours ago

    People blame Murdoch for organisations he doesn't even own. It's a meme at this point.

  • Melanie z E
    Melanie z E 2 hours ago


  • hugeroastpotato
    hugeroastpotato 2 hours ago

    Stone cold loser.

  • k windsock
    k windsock 2 hours ago

    I prefer Roy Harper to Enimem, yoghurt coated rainsins to m&ms ,and Tommy Robinson to Carl Beech. You look well in your grief.

  • Angela Nicholson
    Angela Nicholson 2 hours ago

    Harry is messed up inside, and his "friends" from the U.S. and his Mrs are taking advantage of who he is and his Royal status. She's a total narc/user,/opportunist, but they mix with the same types of people who think they should be more Royal than the Royal Family, and hope to dismantle or weaken it for their own purposes. I'm talking specific people, not the U.S. as a country. Harry is being shamed by these people into giving up his family ties in order to be controlled by them.

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray 2 hours ago

    Same people who are fuming about this are the same people who were sending thoughts and prayers to the victims while he was raising 2 million dollars in charity.

  • Engleman Bluenose
    Engleman Bluenose 2 hours ago

    Anti-Democratic LibDemonsters!❌

  • Bo Pik
    Bo Pik 2 hours ago

    Liberalism is the gateway to ruin and is mental illness.

  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic 2 hours ago

    This guy has no idea what he’s talking about

  • 86littel
    86littel 2 hours ago

    this guy dont hear darkness yet ?

  • Robbie Robot
    Robbie Robot 2 hours ago

    Independence Day 🎉

  • H4WK69
    H4WK69 2 hours ago

    iz it cos he iz white? I mean i bet O'Brien wouldn't dream of criticizing a black rappers lyrics.

  • Lee Stevens
    Lee Stevens 2 hours ago

    I would like to see them attempt to stop the London to Brighton bike ride.

  • Tosta Details
    Tosta Details 2 hours ago

    These idiots are still making fun of the situation and of their own people...

  • paul Bull
    paul Bull 2 hours ago

    Ok let’s keep this in context. I guarantee comedians have made jokes about it and it’s taken as tongue and cheek. Why is music different? The crime would be to forget this horrendous attack and never talk about it. Do you really think he would want to blow up kids or people? It actually makes people remember that day and go listen to his anti gun song!!!!

  • Deplorable Me
    Deplorable Me 2 hours ago

    More Hate from James to white males. Why don't you just strangle yourself James you waste of human life

  • Chilledspartan117
    Chilledspartan117 2 hours ago

    UK cop: in my boot of the car, we have simple first aid-kits, a car jack to help those in need. US cop: in my Trunk we have an M416, and a Remington 870 shotgun. So you yeah, depending on the situation, if things get a little tasty.

  • Kreig Rastalovich
    Kreig Rastalovich 2 hours ago

    Life doesn't evolve around twitter you know. I know that's hard for the media to accept as they've bought into it and as such NEED people to support it. This perpetuation of fake, minimal outrage is ludicrous. In the real world, there are going to be people that don't like other people or things - hate things, as you'd put it, using the playground language. The guy on the phone has to keep this narrative up or he'll have no job. If twitter had those bad comments, the people would be banned. Learn how to use the internet, don't rely on people to hold your hand. Block, don't use things that scare you. Teenage boys historically get the worse abuse online - cover that.

  • Roland de Groot
    Roland de Groot 2 hours ago

    The Dutch people will follow you soon. Here people are very much willing to leave this illegal contstructed form of goverment, don't let yourself be misleaded by the m.s.m., we are getting imprinted a false pro-europe bias via media, schools, etc and they try to feed the people doom scenarios if we exit. Just as they try to feed the world a climate problem, while there isn't. People are beginning to see, that's why they are in a rush to unity EU lawfully and delaing brexit. Soon everybody will see thier lies. I hope for them, the people are able to forgive them for their mistakes.

  • phillip ward
    phillip ward 2 hours ago

    The REMAINERS have driven the WEDGE into this country for 3 years.. NOT THE LEAVERS . LETS PARTY .!!!!

  • Dr. Respect
    Dr. Respect 2 hours ago

    It's disgusting and horrendous. I hate it, BUT it is free speech, he has the right and I'd never stop him speaking his mind.

  • From Dukes Corner Productions

    Well i'm sure you have missed alot of other lyrics in alot of other songs that covered other grisly, awful things (not saying this is't terrible) but i dont hear you talking about them lol. Freedom of speech is becoming more of a joke these days in which you can only say things that don't upset people?? All Sunshine and lollipops on this earth right?!

  • RickP2012
    RickP2012 2 hours ago

    If there is any division it has been brought about by the lies and the divisive policies of the remain establishment.

  • bradley moseley
    bradley moseley 2 hours ago

    Listen to darkness aswell people are far too sensitive

  • Well Hello
    Well Hello 2 hours ago

    Notice how MeGain is not giving up the titles she gained from marrying him, they can just go by their given names without their titles, Princess Anne's kids don't use titles or the Royal Brand and they live in the UK, these titles are irrelevant outside the UK but they still are using them to brand themselves. There is reason they dated in secret and got engaged, married and had a kid all within 2 years, and she has the gall to complain, as if she was a 18 years girl bindsided instead a 36 year old divorcee z list celebrity and who schemed your way into the royal family.

  • Lee Stevens
    Lee Stevens 2 hours ago

    Have some grace yourself Gina.

  • Daniel Read
    Daniel Read 2 hours ago

    Too many snowflakes around these days....

  • Tom Thumb
    Tom Thumb 2 hours ago

    Really...who cares? If this is a Mr Francois idea, it can only be a bad one that appeals to about 12% of the electorate at best. Only something under 40 per cent of those eligible to vote supported leaving the EU, so I suppose the democratic thing would be to have no bells, in recognition of the opposition or indifference of the majority of the electorate (something just under 30 million people) on this issue...or a slow death knell?...or two minutes silence?

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez 2 hours ago

    EMINEM IS GOLD, you cry babies need to come over this lol Arianas x bf did the same she want crying about it lol