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"He's two faced."
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Thank You For Your Service
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Mitt Romney on Syria
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  • Kelli Kocha
    Kelli Kocha Hour ago

    So because America says it’s okay to do this israel can do it?

  • James Clay
    James Clay Hour ago

    Johnson sounds drunk and high cant use more than 5 words a minute. fill like he is in slow motion

  • Blump King
    Blump King Hour ago

    The only thing that is inappropriate is Al Sharpton’s own quotes.

  • Wes Aregood
    Wes Aregood Hour ago

    Sharpton can write another book when he's in prison

  • Arnold Garry
    Arnold Garry Hour ago

    Al Sharpton is prime example of how black people ended up in slavery. Africans collaborated and sold fellow Africans to foreign slave merchants. How are black people so ignorant and naive?

  • Wes Aregood
    Wes Aregood 2 hours ago

    Nadler in the Democratic Party are idiots they have no business running anything under parliamentary procedure the double standards is crazy yes or no answers I watch Jackson Lee rant on yes or no yes or no

  • Red Alert
    Red Alert 2 hours ago

    Uh oh, better watch out Mark Gaetz, you're in a room full of the Faberge eggs of all races.

  • Shula Hangel
    Shula Hangel 2 hours ago

    the democrat need medicine they can not help them self

  • Wes Aregood
    Wes Aregood 2 hours ago

    Jackson Lee should be in prison too 2 standards Democrats can ask the people questions and expect a yes or no answer but if you ask them they want to Ramble On do a Biden

  • Wes Aregood
    Wes Aregood 2 hours ago

    Nadler should be in prison with Biden and Kerry and Pelosi and shift call me Loretta Lynch Susan Rice and the list goes on Hillary Clinton for sure

  • D T
    D T 2 hours ago

    I'm from Canada I'm so sick and tired of the government screwing these people over. Makes me sick. I stand with all indigenous peoples. I'm so disgusted with the government.

  • The Original DJ SCORPIO

    Fuck that white ass racist pig, Matt Gaetz!!! Fuckin' white ass pussy!!!

  • Matt
    Matt 2 hours ago

    12.45 - CHUD ALERT

  • Michael Shedlock
    Michael Shedlock 2 hours ago

    The Black community desperately trying to hide their bigotry.

  • Goodim Glad
    Goodim Glad 2 hours ago

    Nothing ever stays hidden

  • banna bread
    banna bread 2 hours ago

    Dead men tells no tails

  • 8Bit Latina
    8Bit Latina 2 hours ago

    I am sick to death with all the infighting. Republicans, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you anyone would swear your allegiance to any president over the constitution. Democrats, I do not hate you, but I can’t understand why you cannibalize your own people because they don’t agree with everyone of your principles. We, as a people, will never improve ourselves or the country without working together. Now I’m just a nobody, but I call for a political reformation, a clean slate: gut the White House, cut half the senate, and half of congress. Abolish the electoral college and separate California into three separate states. And then we can work from there.

  • Falcon 1
    Falcon 1 2 hours ago

    This is one angry woman. If she truly lectures at University then you have a clear understanding of the actions of ANTIFA.

  • Bass Speaker
    Bass Speaker 2 hours ago

    Great speech fell on deaf white ears

  • Akerberus
    Akerberus 2 hours ago

    The only thing dumber than believing he committed suicide is being SURE he killed himself. Nobody knows what happened and we probably will never know. Maybe he killed himself, maybe he was assassinated by Trump, maybe an angry inmate got into his room and killed him. That doesn't change that his estate and cohorts should be taken to court, obsessing over the way he died is the perfect distraction for his buddies.

  • Ellis D. Tripp
    Ellis D. Tripp 2 hours ago

    Is this guy an American president or a Saudi diplomat? How many times are we going to look the other way while these heathens attack our country, and our way of life? It’s time to put the Saudis on notice, and sanction them into submission. Or even better yet let’s do to them what we’ve done to Iraq. Destroy their country and steal their oil. It only seems right considering who attacked us on 9/11 in the first place.

  • Ian Khaw
    Ian Khaw 2 hours ago

    In 1991, Grets is still sucking thumbs and now he confronts Sharpton for the truth of things he may have said, word or word?

  • Sharon Sirvio
    Sharon Sirvio 2 hours ago

    The guy wasn't from Mexico or more south so it's ok. The king sent his prayer! Ugh! Make me sick!

    GEOFFREY BAKER 2 hours ago


  • Gamer Nerd
    Gamer Nerd 3 hours ago

    I hope someone in the next election vote Matt Gaetz out. His behavior and ignorance towards witnesses is spiraling out of control.

  • links felix
    links felix 3 hours ago

    Europeans can’t understand nore do they want to understand the only thing Europeans understand is violence u can just look at there faces with fuck u on them

  • Rob Ervin
    Rob Ervin 3 hours ago

    wthf? Why did I serve & still even try? Ax.....really motherfucker? Can't pay you taxes yet continue with the patronizing crap?! Please. This POS has made more $ off black any old fashioned slave holder. These old race traders are the true Uncle Tom's.....fuck this piece of shit honly6

  • ray Nic
    ray Nic 3 hours ago

    Wow, it really seems like Trump dropped the ball with Ukraine. First, he believes Putin over his own national security opinion. Second, he believes a discredited Ukraine official over his national security team. Third, he has an incredible opportunity to help a fledgling democracy get on track right next store to Russia and screws around with their support while their actively engaged in a war. My god, what a epic ( and incredibly important) democratic win that could be!

  • show bread
    show bread 3 hours ago

    Anybody that praises the race card Lewis, the Rino traitor McCain, and folds to the Democrats does not represent the people that voted for him ! I regret that I voted for this RINO ! I wish I knew more about this left wing sycophant ! He should have converted to the Democrat Party !

  • Geoffrey Cass
    Geoffrey Cass 3 hours ago

    Fiona Hill shows the idiots on the Republican side just how stupid they are. An Amazing lady (British by the way) has a backbone and Honor, something most Americans DONT have and DONT even understand!

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao 3 hours ago

    The State of VIRGINIA has ALWAYS been a State of Birth-Defects and NO shame to it. They have no appeal in the USA and the Virginia Testament is of NO value in Title or Word on the planet. If you think ignorance is expensive try their class lines.

  • Joseph Zao
    Joseph Zao 3 hours ago

    The State of VIRGINIA has ALWAYS been a State of Birth-Defects and NO shame to it. They have no appeal in the USA and the Virginia Testament is of NO value in Title or Word on the planet. If you think ignorance is expensive try their class lines.

  • Tessla Kimm
    Tessla Kimm 3 hours ago

    Al sharpton is a bitch

  • ks ks
    ks ks 3 hours ago

    Just in my personal experience, black folks are way more racist than whites....by a huge margin.

    GEOFFREY BAKER 3 hours ago

    WELL. HELL....ITS. TRUE!!!!! Sharpton. Just. Wants. To. Clean. It. Up. Now

  • Morpheus
    Morpheus 3 hours ago

    The guy looks like a turd that's been stepped on a few times.

  • Kim  Deese
    Kim Deese 3 hours ago

    He should have slapped the bitch!!!!

    GIANT_AVOCADO 3 hours ago

    TRIGGERED because she really does hate the President but liberals are physically unable to tell the truth. Even going so far as to use religion as her defense, that's pretty low. Will she also use religion to defend her stance on abortion, gays, the homeless in her own district ... ??

  • Soul Fly
    Soul Fly 3 hours ago


  • Brian.
    Brian. 3 hours ago

    He can be on my side at any time.

  • Svetlana Van Wyk
    Svetlana Van Wyk 4 hours ago

    Morrison: "I don't believe pursing investigation into Bidens and Barisma is in the interests of our foreign policy" Me: " Tell me again who elected you sir to make our foreign policy?"

  • Geawna Hernandez
    Geawna Hernandez 4 hours ago

    Amazing!!!!! Still amazing in 2019

  • odeb
    odeb 4 hours ago

    I'd like to slap that stupid smirk off strzok's ugly face. DEMS don't care /want to hear the truth. This Country is too divided. Let the DEMS get a little country of their own. Then they could live in peace, love and illegal immigrants.

    I AM DOCTORCAT 4 hours ago

    Why did they burn cross?

  • Trump's Neck Vagina
    Trump's Neck Vagina 4 hours ago

    If Bernie won he would have been tough on china, the difference is our farmers wouldn't be on welfare now.

  • Jim Ranz
    Jim Ranz 4 hours ago

    I can’t believe Florida put this guy in office. Very disrespectful! You can ask a question most definitely because that is your job as a committee member but please let the witness finish his answer. That’s how a proceeding should go.

  • aDDmoreJuice TV
    aDDmoreJuice TV 4 hours ago

    Jonathan Turley is a walking talking contradiction and a slick snake oil salesman. Turley today: Bribery, extortion, obstruction of justice, abuse of power, campaign finance violations are no big deal. Turley in 1998: Lying about sex goes "to the very heart of the legitimacy of [the president's] office and the integrity of the political system" twitter.com/Susan_Hennessey/status/1202243370992783367 …

  • Duncan Blade
    Duncan Blade 4 hours ago

    Gaetz is an asshole. how come the Republicans never ask questions? just talk all over people!

  • Jack Carolina
    Jack Carolina 4 hours ago

    people still shitting in you're zone pelosi you SCUMFUCKINGBAG !!!

  • Jack Carolina
    Jack Carolina 4 hours ago


  • Alpha Design
    Alpha Design 4 hours ago

    Nancy Pelosi is a piece of shit should be in a strait jacket and committed to a mental ward.

  • Justine Beaver
    Justine Beaver 4 hours ago

    Why isn't Reverend Al in prison? Isn't it against the law to _axe_ so many people?

    • trkrla 51
      trkrla 51 3 hours ago

      @Alex Korova ...The same demons that confiscated both my irs refund and paycheck because I owed them a few hundred dollars thus leaving two of my younger sons without summer cloths. This even tho they were garnishing incrementally from my wages.

    • Alex Korova
      Alex Korova 3 hours ago

      Al Sharpton _should_ be in prison. Not only did he perpetrate the Tawana Brawley hoax that ruined peoples' lives and created a toxic racial environment, he also orchestrated the Crown Hights riots that resulted in severel people losing their lives..... _and_ he's owed millions in taxes for years. But I guess black 'victim' pimps like Al are somehow untouchable.

    • Faustus
      Faustus 4 hours ago

      Reverend Al used to say 'ask' instead of 'axe,' which you can hear in some of his older videos when he was Fat Al. Apparently, he decided that it's a good political move to sound more like his semiliterate 'flock.'

  • KiDD
    KiDD 4 hours ago

    Maybe wealth is the answer to solving problems

  • APB 2 3 ALFXOR abbv
    APB 2 3 ALFXOR abbv 4 hours ago

    lotus elise

  • k g
    k g 4 hours ago

    That is the coolest shit ever

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 4 hours ago

    This is shameful. The world is laughing at us...

  • David Richardson
    David Richardson 4 hours ago

    Stinky pig

  • Madeline Levy
    Madeline Levy 4 hours ago

    If what you claim is true Nancy why havent you checked out Hillary Clinton?

  • Zen Tweak
    Zen Tweak 4 hours ago

    She does hate Trump look at the body language during the State of the Union address...

  • Brett Bonner
    Brett Bonner 4 hours ago

    Pimp Sharpton is a piece of shit ! And anyone who respects him is s fool !

  • holyhoops16
    holyhoops16 4 hours ago

    Who's the handsome devil sitting behind Mr. Graham??? 😉

  • Hurricaneplays
    Hurricaneplays 4 hours ago

    One of the worst Presidents in history. Even in disgrace and failure, he is emphatic endorsing his marginalist policy for the war--as if it mattered then. A truly sad politician who even in disgrace , his main goal is manipulation.

  • joann Klonowski
    joann Klonowski 4 hours ago

    "is it illegal to be an asshole?"

  • Svetlana Van Wyk
    Svetlana Van Wyk 4 hours ago

    Wonder what evidence Morrison has that would support his opinion of Biden having done nothing wrong in Ukraine? Evidence please, Mr Morrison. Your opinion is not evidence.

    DALE BROWN 4 hours ago

    Gaetz has a tantrum...😂😂😂😂 REV AI has to tell the brat to calm down calm down🙃

  • joann Klonowski
    joann Klonowski 4 hours ago

    geez hard to get the truth....always

  • Extollo1
    Extollo1 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the no volume

    DALE BROWN 5 hours ago

    Gaetz is a arrogant punk... Florida needs to show him the gate...👎

  • Dan K
    Dan K 5 hours ago

    I didn't understand the "When the baby is born, do you give Bill Clinton a cigar?" Can someone explain

  • Deborah Stachowski
    Deborah Stachowski 5 hours ago

    Well Smitty sorry you feel that way. Trump has done more for this country, even under all this stress, then the Dems. Problem is your only listening to one side, the left. You must read more than watching the controlled media. Look on the White House website. There they list what all they are doing. It’s quite amazing. He is not what you think.

  • NEPatriotsMass
    NEPatriotsMass 5 hours ago

    Amity, I agree with you on most of your points. However I disagree with you on the illegal immigration points. President Coolidge was a law and order president and he believed in the sanctity of our borders. Coolidge had a way of saying things more artfully than President Trump but on immigration, President #30 was saying basically the same thing as President #45. Neither Coolidge nor Trump are bigoted. For the benefit of the American People, they both wanted strictly controlled immigration. As President Coolidge said: "Two very important policies have been adopted by this country which, while extending their benefits also in other directions, have been of the utmost importance to the wage earners. One of these is the protective tariff, which enables our people to live according to a better standard and receive a better rate of compensation than any people, any time, anywhere on earth, ever enjoyed. This saves the American market for the products of the American workmen. The other is a policy of more recent origin and seeks to shield our wage earners from the disastrous competition of a great influx of foreign peoples. This has been done by the restrictive immigration law. This saves the American job for the American workmen."

  • Warrior Poet 1
    Warrior Poet 1 5 hours ago

    "The facts before us are undisputed": what more could be said about these Impeachment Proceedings, than in a concerted effort as an affront to our Democracy, have the President with members of Congress Impeded the Proceedings of Congress as in an Obstruction, to the Detriment of our National Security, by the withholding of Vital Information to the Conclusion of this Matter one way or the other, when there is no other way of knowing the truth, than by having the wishes of Congress honored in the gathering of the Record what would settle once and for all the once only attempt at the making of a king of the United States of America, by having Stole the Electorial Process, when the President prior to becoming President Elect did call for Russia to Commit Treason against our Sovereignty, and asked Putin to illegally hack Hillary Clinton's server and steal emails, crimes which the Kremlin did commit, and this all being the beginning of the Crimes of the Tyrannical king Don Trump! #DeathToKingTrump or #DeathToOurRepublic

  • Chris Tee
    Chris Tee 5 hours ago

    That is some kind a Reverend, a liar a thief and a racist

  • Eli Young
    Eli Young 5 hours ago

    So what about his cell mate .. the corrupt cop he shared his cell with ... the grim looking, muscle bound freak he spent nights in the cell with .. has he been questioned?

  • Caleb Custom Bricks
    Caleb Custom Bricks 5 hours ago

    Everybody talking about Jeffrey Epstein not killing himself.... what about Brian Epstein?

  • SamFreedom
    SamFreedom 5 hours ago

    Gowdy proved him a liar and creep.

  • ronald rusin
    ronald rusin 6 hours ago

    Gym Jordan needs to take a shower, he looks like a grubby smelly guy! That mouth and those teeth!!!!!!! Ugh

  • H R Soliman
    H R Soliman 6 hours ago

    Fuck u and fuck your king Mr president

  • Ziino
    Ziino 6 hours ago

    So now Gym Jordans believes in witnesses...

  • sarah deason
    sarah deason 6 hours ago

    Al Sharpton is acting like a blithering holier than thou fool ... It is Matt's time to control .. A yes or no answer is what is called for when such time restrictions are in place ... not a venue to allow Al to go on & on & on & on, etc, etc, etc ...

  • iridefast1
    iridefast1 6 hours ago

    Catholics don’t kill babies. Pelosi believes in and heads the baby killing Democrat party .

  • Fred Glick
    Fred Glick 6 hours ago

    Fred S. Glick People like this witch live in ivory towers far away from the smell and rot below them whilst they and their friends drink wine and tell stupid jokes to each other., It is an echo chamber of braying hyenas. They have no clue that they are neither funny nor special and they are surely not good people. Especially this sicko.

  • youtubing182
    youtubing182 6 hours ago

    I hate when people talk, very, slowly, to, make, it, seem, like, they, have, something, intelligent, to, say. Such an egotistical move. That Rep. Johnson has a sub 70 IQ.

  • jannmutube
    jannmutube 6 hours ago

    -----> ..."Shall any man be above Justice, and should that man be above it who can commit the most extensive injustice." (George Mason, Constitutional Convention 1787)

  • Uncle Andy
    Uncle Andy 6 hours ago

    We get the idea that Trump is smart and honest from the "Real News"???

  • James McGuinness
    James McGuinness 6 hours ago

    She had me at "we take every inmates life" lol

  • Seth's Project Woodworking

    What's the best way to fake your own death?? Have people argue whether or not you were murdered, or committed suicide. There is no proof that he was actually dead in the first place.

  • Ram sains
    Ram sains 6 hours ago


  • Eric Brosius
    Eric Brosius 6 hours ago

    Calling Al Sharpton a reverend is like calling a turd a tootsie roll

  • William Vani
    William Vani 6 hours ago

    This lady seems like she home bakes the shitties tasting cookies on the planet

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 6 hours ago

    All the dems are doing is reelecting trump I love it

  • Cosmic Universe
    Cosmic Universe 6 hours ago

    Trump is pathetic crying about no due process but won't cooperate to exonerate himself because he knows he is guilty af. Fatass Dotard thinking he's rambo.. delusional af this Clown!

  • Deborah 888
    Deborah 888 6 hours ago

    What a sham. Good job Gaetz.

  • Lucy Goosey
    Lucy Goosey 7 hours ago

    Ugg Collins voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Quit yelling an whining

  • eug3nius
    eug3nius 7 hours ago

    America has a funny ending.

  • Chrisc2000
    Chrisc2000 7 hours ago

    She need to get off the drugs.

  • FunDipLoL
    FunDipLoL 7 hours ago

    Round of fucking applause for sasse here, just absolutely going IN on this whole situation.

  • blcarcher69
    blcarcher69 7 hours ago

    I hope not but looks like this is blue and green attack here in the U.S on aU.S. Base God-bless everybody that was involved denier and I hope everybody coverage fast and God speed to love ones that lost families and friends

  • Paul
    Paul 7 hours ago

    Am I having visual problems or did I see horns on Peter's forehead? That is starting at 25 minutes.

  • banjo2018
    banjo2018 7 hours ago

    A liar telling us what another liar has to say about a murderer. What a world.