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  • Ale Ksa
    Ale Ksa 36 minutes ago

    look at Sergey Lazarev in a different style, a new popular direction in Russia, returning to the 80-90s, "new wave" 2019 new songs by Sergey Lazarev and his dancers) "Lovi" and "I'm Not Afraid"

  • maggie tang
    maggie tang Hour ago

    Dimash 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Angela McGowan
    Angela McGowan 7 hours ago

    Such a good feel good song ❤️❣️ WOW

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    KiD_ _Hon 12 hours ago

    cali shit 🔥

  • James Da Bear
    James Da Bear 16 hours ago

    No problems official music video by Nick Nittoli

  • Artur A
    Artur A 16 hours ago

    Good reaction! Please, React to Nersik ispiryan ft. arabo ispiryan-pit pashtpanem.

  • Аля Гинкул
    Аля Гинкул 16 hours ago

    Make a reaction to Miyagi " No war"

  • James Da Bear
    James Da Bear 17 hours ago

    Do someone by Nick Nittoli

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    페테 19 hours ago

    pls react ‘taeyeon- when we were young

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    Do a Lucky Daye Album reaction

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    Do show me the bag by Nick Nittoli

  • Krakadil Krakadil

    Can you react to Gringo x sixnine GIGI

  • we!Rd cLever
    we!Rd cLever Day ago

    Ur cc totally wrong

  • Michael Peck
    Michael Peck Day ago

    No way u can't u move ur head up and down to this 😂😂😂

  • ainanor
    ainanor Day ago

    This is armenian patriotic song! About the armenian freedom fighters against terrorist turks! I love this song it lifts my spirit ;-)))

  • Albatraoz GG
    Albatraoz GG Day ago

    Ben Fero - Biladerim İçin [Official Video] reaction pleaseee <3

  • Albatraoz GG
    Albatraoz GG Day ago

    Ben Fero - Biladerim İçin [Official Video] Pleaseee <3

  • anton m
    anton m Day ago

    как всм Диана в этом формате Диана Анкудинова (Diana Ankudinova) - Feeling good

  • LaBabi Babi
    LaBabi Babi Day ago

    Barrio is a spanish word that means block

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    Noor Noor Day ago

    nexs lesti ibu

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    😍😍😍 Dang you got nice eyes!!

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    Reactionお願いします。 BENI Yura Yura Live Gimi Gimi Live MV BENI Live ERIKA FREE "90's J-POP J-ROCK" "00's~2020 J-POP J-ROCK"

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    Yati Ahriy Day ago

    Fles cover lagu ibu

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    hamo yan Day ago

  • mahasura gibran gibran

    Mantap sekali

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    si bulenya galau gezz

  • ubaidillah bloodlust


  • Кокорин Сергей

    Люблю эту песню больше всех с альбома

  • Clyde Shelton
    Clyde Shelton 2 days ago

    Реакция хорошая,но больше не напевай ничего брат это не выносимо

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    Wes pokok e reza ..matur suwon.

  • siti Jember
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    Terimakasih bnyak.

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    Ayu tingting the bhest thank you broo pleas reacted ayu tingting song kamu kamu kamu (you you you)and song suara hati akustik(sound heart❤)sukses to channel you👍🙏

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    pearl kang 2 days ago

    Hope you can listen to this album. Really good songs. Thank you.

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    Good reaction

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    них у тя тут рикламы

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    Çika Bom 3 days ago

    Thank you for reacting GOT7's songs 💚 💚

  • Alicia Garcia Gonzalez

    ¿Puedes reaccionar a "Saturno" de Pablo Alborán?🙏

  • Tae Yang
    Tae Yang 3 days ago

    EXO-L and proud 👑👑👑 ❤️❤️ Arab EXO-L ❤️❤️

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    Thnks for react9ng to our Queen!. TheVoice WH.GOAT!!😍😘

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    Felix56 3 days ago

    Трек огонь))

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    a kim 3 days ago

    please reaction rara lida mata hati

  • Alicia Garcia Gonzalez

    Please react to "Saturno" By Pablo Alborán 🙏

  • Евгений Неспать

    Нерусскоговорящие ценители рэпа просто ахуевают от этого вайба

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    VI VI 3 days ago

  • lowkey AMZ
    lowkey AMZ 3 days ago

    SEVENTEEN is a 13 member self producing idol group that debuted back in 2015 They write their own songs and choreograph their own dances and one of the members WOOZI along with the company producer BUMZU produce the music fot the group and other artists They are split up into the VOCAL UNIT,PERFORMANCE UNIT and HIP-HOP UNIT and as those units they sometimes release unit only songs instead of a full group comeback SEVENTEEN although having creative direction over their videos,music ect they actually debuted as this cute boy group and had kept this cute concept up until the end of 2018 where they started releasing more hip-hop heavy songs rather then vocal heavy and now in 2019 they are trying out a darker concept

  • lowkey AMZ
    lowkey AMZ 3 days ago

    The Korean title for the song translates to POISON but they changed the English title to FEAR Its a very comment thing for kpop groups to changed the English title of the song I honestly don't get the point but literally every group does this

  • Ömer Faruk Coşkun

    Please turkish rap reaction ceza & sagopa kajmer -neyim var ki please 😁😁😁😁

  • Николай Кондратьев

    Oxxxy Konstrukt

  • Ally
    Ally 4 days ago

    Wow, I love a good plot twist. thanks for filming it :) can't wait to see the other episodes

  • Indra Junna
    Indra Junna 4 days ago

    Thnks bro... RARA is the best... Next RARA Dstar "Mama aku ingin pulang" pleace

  • BloominkaFairy
    BloominkaFairy 4 days ago

    Please React to Armenian songs Inga anush aprelu april Narek baveyan es sirum em qez

  • hector ruiz
    hector ruiz 4 days ago

    Reacciona a esta maravillosa canción de Mónica Naranjo.Europa Live .(programa TV..OT.)..saludos desde Barcelona

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    Upload next chapter soon please

  • Tita Adrian
    Tita Adrian 4 days ago

    thankyou .... see his mini concert on dstar it's nice too... 🙏🙏🙏

  • Алексей Главный

    Заебали этим Миягой!!!!!!!!!!!

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    fedorjmb shin 4 days ago

    man i remember los prisioneros were early 90s IT WAS BIG

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  • Szabo Ida
    Szabo Ida 4 days ago

    O regină a cântecului, păcat că avem un juriu format din toți cacatii. Apreciată de artiști din toată lumea, numai de juriul căcat din România nu. Rușine sa va fie, nu știți aprecia comorile românești, de aceea pleacă toți cei buni din România. Dumnezeu sa te binecuvinteze prințesă a cântecului

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    Nunu Nugraha ASM 4 days ago

    my channel ...

  • Nunu Nugraha ASM
    Nunu Nugraha ASM 4 days ago

    Lagunya enak nya Mang ...

  • Jessica J
    Jessica J 5 days ago

    Will you please react to Josh wolf "best practical joke ever" and "d**k pics"

  • vnayeons
    vnayeons 5 days ago

    anyone ever tell you you look like a discount james harden lol nice video

    BUKCOLLECTOR 5 days ago

    All you who love Diana and ethnic hypnotic mesmerizing tribal primordial singers songs. Here’s one that will touch deeply your inner spirit. Please TheXvid : “Eivor palsdottir trollabundin” ( first vid 5:44). ( from the Faroe Islands and trollabundin meaning ‘spellbound’ and all who watch this will be spellbound. Great tribal primordial vibes. Atmospheric mesmerizing hypnotic recognizable vocal prowess. Scenery to die for. Best ethnic rendition since Diana Ankudinova “ river”. Love these unique tribal songs. Please react privately if not publicly. Or this one : “ Eivor Palsdottir Wake me Up” ( 7: 11 duration) it’s in English and she kills it with celestial high notes and emotional impact. Your listeners will love these. Love is all, Al

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  • Janet Mangalis
    Janet Mangalis 5 days ago

    It was wonderful

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  • Андрей Принц

    Да у нас у всех такая реакция, сидим головёшкой в разные стороны вертим

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    Catherine Panova 5 days ago

    I’m 👉🏼😁😁❤️🔥

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    Borys Bodnarchuk 5 days ago

    React to Miyagi feat. TumaniYO - JAMM (Official Audio) pls<3 . New song from Hajime records

  • Andrey Omsk
    Andrey Omsk 5 days ago

    Tumaniyo -rainy day

    • Catherine Panova
      Catherine Panova 5 days ago

      Andrey Omsk ааа ну так то да 👍🏼

    • Andrey Omsk
      Andrey Omsk 5 days ago

      @Catherine Panova вот и хочу посмотреть че он про других скажет, он хоть понимать будет че поют

    • Catherine Panova
      Catherine Panova 5 days ago

      Andrey Omsk блЯ че нету что ли?Блин я на всех этих реакторов подписана 🤣🤣столько всего с Мияги

    • Andrey Omsk
      Andrey Omsk 5 days ago

      @Catherine Panova где было. Нет видео такого

    • Catherine Panova
      Catherine Panova 5 days ago

      Andrey Omsk было уже

  • Олег Пичугин

    Miyagi top!!!

  • Аслан Карма

    Miyagi - Runaway Miyagi - Trenchtown 😎😎😎

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    красава, старается подпевать и вникать суть😅👍🌅

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    saat kebelet kencing gua tidak pernah mencoba menyalahkan siapapun, karena gua sadar itu murni panggilan alam !!

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    Анастасия 6 days ago

    супер реакция! молодец что подпеваешь)

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    Alexandr Kuznetcov 6 days ago

    Miyagi- jamm

  • blueorchidfeather
    blueorchidfeather 6 days ago

    Dimash will have his first Major Solo Concert in the USA!! It will be on Tuesday December 10th at 7PM at the Barclay Center, 620 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217. Tickets are on sale on for the general public Sept13 10AM NYC time. To search for his concert - use Dimash Qudaibergen with a Q instead of a K. PLEASE SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS THROUGH YOUR REACTIONS AND PIN THIS COMMENT! Thank You!

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    Димаш БРАВО!!!!

  • tinaamariee😘
    tinaamariee😘 6 days ago

    Tank & the Bangas deserve more hype. But Albert (the guy on the flute) stay hitting folks with the knees idk if it has an actual name tho

  • shanialover
    shanialover 6 days ago

    He wasn't standing on a balcony, that was the front of the Titanic that is associated with this song & the lady MY LOVE Dimash was singing to at the end that you didn't even mention is the present day Rose from the movie.

  • Janina Gorjaceva
    Janina Gorjaceva 6 days ago


  • Domenico Cova
    Domenico Cova 6 days ago

    Thanks for reaction !!

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    Zneel Zneel 6 days ago

    Miyagi & Tumaniyo - J A M M . Please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💣

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    maggie tang 6 days ago

    Pls react to Dimash Know new wave 2019 Another masterpiece 💕

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  • Chanda Das
    Chanda Das 6 days ago

    As this is not a competition, it's film festival and was tributing the movie "Titanic" for it's 20 yrs anniversary, so he can't change much still he went a note higher than Ms Dion in last bridge. Thank you.

    ODIE PAUL 6 days ago

    real shit on the Georgia guidestones. look into that nice folks of youtube. shout out to calikid

  • Video Ice
    Video Ice 6 days ago

    Миляги Энди 🤤🤤🔥

  • Tofik Zulfigarov
    Tofik Zulfigarov 6 days ago

    Yes man, they always dance, look

  • Gorse
    Gorse 6 days ago

    Even though I am a total Dimash convert I agree with your reaction. Why have a racing car that can do 180mph and drive it at only 40 mph. around the track.

  • Snarky Tart
    Snarky Tart 7 days ago

    This performance was done at a film festival where Dimash was invited to take part in the tribute to the 20th year anniversary of this Celine song from the film Titanic. As a tribute to the film and the song, he would not be permitted or expected to deviate from the original song.

  • Doktor BArbaris
    Doktor BArbaris 7 days ago

    Reaction man's heart will go on

  • Pop Fan 4life
    Pop Fan 4life 7 days ago

    Do songs I should have pitched by Nick Nittoli

  • Ади Галимова

    Pleeeeease make a reaction : VERSUS BPM: Drago VS Mufasah VERSUS BPM: Tanir VS Gangsburg VERSUS BPM: MC No Limit VS Gangsburg

  • Ади Галимова

    Pleeeeease make a reaction : VERSUS BPM: Drago VS Mufasah VERSUS BPM: Tanir VS Gangsburg VERSUS BPM: MC No Limit VS Gangsburg

  • Ади Галимова

    Pleeeeease make a reaction : VERSUS BPM: Drago VS Mufasah VERSUS BPM: Tanir VS Gangsburg VERSUS BPM: MC No Limit VS Gangsburg