Great Big Story
Great Big Story
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Your Halloween in 1997
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  • Wubbzy336 Boj909
    Wubbzy336 Boj909 3 seconds ago

    0:46 when said I sing... RICE RICH BABY DUN DULUN DUN DUN DUN DUN

  • naxel37
    naxel37 11 seconds ago

    Never heard someone speak such clear Mandarin. I only know a little, but his pronunciation is easy to separate words.

  • Life with Malikah
    Life with Malikah 13 seconds ago

    Love has no color❤️

  • DailyXams
    DailyXams Minute ago

    So They could fix The Titanic?

  • Leo Lunchbox
    Leo Lunchbox Minute ago

    This is closer to my Halloween in 2012. Vhs, goosebumps, Hocus pocus, scary stories, all of it. Mostly because I wasnt born yet in 1997.

  • Bendy the ink Demon
    Bendy the ink Demon 2 minutes ago

    No one gonna talk about how painful that looks 😟

  • アクアAxoaura
    アクアAxoaura 4 minutes ago

    Gen Hallilintar?

  • Natalia
    Natalia 4 minutes ago

    Thanks great big story!!

  • low money millionaire
    low money millionaire 5 minutes ago

    He's the man no cap... If I was a multi-millionaire I would invest in him and wouldn't ask 4 a dime back he's a super hero.

  • S N
    S N 5 minutes ago

    Желаю всем интересной старости! Оригинальная бабулька! Зарядила позитивом👍👍👍

  • niusha
    niusha 8 minutes ago

    I am incredibly happy for her success and what she is achieving. but I personally think that this requires no talent. All she does is splash paint and occasionally stick figures and instruments on it, and it is sold for thousands?

  • Jayaluxmee
    Jayaluxmee 8 minutes ago

    Love you Sai ❤

  • Syed Aqib
    Syed Aqib 8 minutes ago


  • Samuel.F.Ferguson hhh&
    Samuel.F.Ferguson hhh& 10 minutes ago

    Bruh...That tree gay asf

  • Breanna R. Paez
    Breanna R. Paez 10 minutes ago

    Imagine taking in SIX kids at once. The Sanders' are angels fr

  • TheMilkGoesMoo no
    TheMilkGoesMoo no 13 minutes ago

    He looks good for 51 (and in general)

  • Breanna R. Paez
    Breanna R. Paez 14 minutes ago

    I really hope that someone finishes this cathedral after he passes

  • Pax Kingzilla
    Pax Kingzilla 16 minutes ago

    This guy is going to known for a very long time

  • Triple D
    Triple D 16 minutes ago

    ... Wait so the only reason y these things are alive is because of someone liking them

  • Matthew J Machin
    Matthew J Machin 16 minutes ago

    You just said trappin

  • imaginate animate YT
    imaginate animate YT 16 minutes ago

    I'm egyptian.....

  • Dio
    Dio 17 minutes ago

    Money Heist next hideout

  • Unbox Boy
    Unbox Boy 18 minutes ago

    Compressorhead crossover

  • Jon Boateng
    Jon Boateng 19 minutes ago

    Wow 😲

  • Harald Søberg
    Harald Søberg 22 minutes ago

    Anyone done the Easter island joke yet?

  • The Blue Fugi_
    The Blue Fugi_ 23 minutes ago

    Everyone is like oh it's super slow and shit, but it's still a car it not going to be losing to the speed of walking any time soon.

  • Front Yard Cricketers Foundation FYCF

    She is last of her kind with all of her tooth intact...

    WINGTHESKILL 123 25 minutes ago

    What benders

  • Shyanimal789 mew :3
    Shyanimal789 mew :3 26 minutes ago

    A house fo- *POTATOS????!!!*

  • mfun503
    mfun503 26 minutes ago

    People need to understand that ALL of America is native land and native food not only includes north American native but south and central America as well. Tortillas, corn, tomatoes, vanilla, chocolate, and so many other foods are all native. There is a rich history and we owe the natives for a lot such as the potato to the Peruvian natives who cultivated it.

  • Flikzeu
    Flikzeu 28 minutes ago

    Thats the whole Wifon noodle

  • AboveTheHeavens
    AboveTheHeavens 28 minutes ago

    May god forgive our souls.... *Nice*

  • xyz zyx
    xyz zyx 32 minutes ago

    Dank weed yo !!

  • Triggered danko.
    Triggered danko. 32 minutes ago

    Why not help this man instead of storming area 51.

  • Gaming Gab
    Gaming Gab 33 minutes ago

    Oh hey its my country But somehow I can't understand her

  • Monique B
    Monique B 33 minutes ago

    They seem extremely loving!

  • 단이엘님
    단이엘님 34 minutes ago

    I absolutely hate how this channel brings up the most interesting topics for a video but gives us absolutely NO DETAILS

  • Leizun
    Leizun 34 minutes ago

    imagine eating it when it reach 69years

  • iInTerPreTeR
    iInTerPreTeR 40 minutes ago

    Cockburn is pronounced Co-burn. And it's fraser not Frasier, christ you'd think having visited the man you could at least get part of his name right especially as half of the east coast of the US claims to be from 'Scutt Land'

  • jeonghoon choi
    jeonghoon choi 41 minute ago

    Can I be god

  • Indiana Bolton
    Indiana Bolton 43 minutes ago

    How did she make the app?

  • Allagi
    Allagi 46 minutes ago

    Bros, they reproduce these trees now... It's finally not the last trees!

  • Ohio hates Michigan
    Ohio hates Michigan 46 minutes ago

    2:31 let's gOOO

  • gabbobler
    gabbobler 48 minutes ago

    Building in Survival

  • Uyen Hoang
    Uyen Hoang 48 minutes ago

    Yeah, they're on over Chinese mukbang's dish

  • Jellyfish
    Jellyfish 48 minutes ago

    Poor man, but good work

  • Rainier Lozano
    Rainier Lozano 49 minutes ago

    20th anniversary of the vegetable orchesta Happy anniversary

  • Tan Wei Qiang
    Tan Wei Qiang 49 minutes ago

    Then there is me wanting crispy bread chocolate. Okthxbye

  • Waskito
    Waskito 51 minute ago

    9:07 his wife must be one happy woman

  • bignatec1000
    bignatec1000 51 minute ago

    Time travelers must love that restaurant

  • Terran
    Terran 51 minute ago

    I didn't know he was Samurai Jack, I remember him as Vamp from Metal Gear.

  • kim simp
    kim simp 52 minutes ago


  • Zeus Sniper
    Zeus Sniper 53 minutes ago


  • Phoenix Nation
    Phoenix Nation 53 minutes ago

    Poor pigs

  • Hate Yourself
    Hate Yourself 54 minutes ago

    Filipino 👇🏻

  • TheEpicsniper34
    TheEpicsniper34 55 minutes ago

    Love the fact she has a coco martin shirt.

  • Sam Millwood
    Sam Millwood 55 minutes ago

    I've been casually following Cicada for years now and I'm glad somebody has finally decided to do the weird community built around solving it some justice.

  • SlimeKing223
    SlimeKing223 58 minutes ago

    I know damn well that worker didnt have a $4 supreme shirt she got down the street during recording...

  • StepOne
    StepOne 58 minutes ago

    The soup has been cooking for 45 years Gordon Ramsay: "ITS RAW!"

  • Sir Octopus
    Sir Octopus 59 minutes ago

    Anyone else confused by the curvature of his neck?

  • Andy Ruiz
    Andy Ruiz 59 minutes ago

    bless this couple, & their children..... their minds and heart are in the right place... especially adopting those 2 other girls so they could stay with their siblings all together.... 🤞🏽😇

  • Alfredo Sandoval

    Famous how come I never heard of it

  • Can we have 1000 subscribers challenge?

    Thats just *vodka*

  • Jamilkyway69 -
    Jamilkyway69 - Hour ago

    Why the hell is the iPhone case £19.23

  • JulianPerry
    JulianPerry Hour ago

    Maybe try holding your nose to eat it

  • Whitesiberianhusky .d

    I've experienced sleep paralysis once. A goat head, with a muscular body, with hooves for feet. It was facing me and just staring, and so I put my head under the covers. I heard the sounds of hooves hitting a wooden surface, and when I peeked out, it was gone, and the noises had stopped. Hell of an experience.

  • ogilvy85
    ogilvy85 Hour ago

    Chutya banara bc. Lauda mkc

  • Link The Fox
    Link The Fox Hour ago

    hes the guy who gave cinderella her pumpkin chariot

  • Pener
    Pener Hour ago

    What’s your favorite food? Me:Di...I mean clams

  • Matt Shack
    Matt Shack Hour ago

    I love it....never knew foley was a dude. Love me some film & studio stuff

  • discus aficionado

    SHOULDNT GIVE THIS LITTLE ENTITLED RICH SHITE ANY PUBLICITY she is the definition of a spoiled brat that thinks she is someone that matters, stay in Sweden and make your future there, "skip" school for a cause lmfao

  • sanjib singh deo

    Africas mohan bhargav 👍👍👍👍👍😊😊

  • Catrina
    Catrina Hour ago

    Wow, I might cry. This takes me right back...

  • Xcel Mateo
    Xcel Mateo Hour ago

    Beautiful.... Love conquers All

  • KeiyaValecourt
    KeiyaValecourt Hour ago

    Aw I was hoping this would be longer 😭

  • SketchinCat
    SketchinCat Hour ago

    Me: **reads title** Also me: _hmm yes, the floor here is made out of ceiling_

  • SketchinCat
    SketchinCat Hour ago

    Me: **reads title** Also me: _hmm yes, the floor here is made out of ceiling_

  • Ethan Donald '20


  • kiro campos
    kiro campos Hour ago

    1:02 LMAO xDDDDD

  • Henry Chan
    Henry Chan Hour ago

    I dont know why but its oddly satisfyingq

  • NanaBanana
    NanaBanana Hour ago

    Am i the only one wondering where the hell did he get all the supplys to build this? 0k

  • Kimmy Putri Raditya

    Gordon: what the fuck is this thing around it? Thai guy: *sweats heavily*

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann Hour ago

    Never get police involved in any community effort. Eventually they will make it corrupt. Then you will have to pay a street tax. Guaranteed

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Hour ago


  • Bianca Dort
    Bianca Dort Hour ago

    I'm just curious how these two have sex I don't know why I am....weird

  • Dodo2Fly OOF
    Dodo2Fly OOF Hour ago

    Imagine it says BIG TACOS

  • Lisbeth C.
    Lisbeth C. Hour ago

    How can someone not like this story??

  • Tomasz Szypulski

    This is an eastern polish cake. We call it sękacz.

  • Random_User
    Random_User Hour ago

    I legit thought the dude was singing at the beginning

  • Jaska Penttilä
    Jaska Penttilä Hour ago

    Goddamn... Asians dont really look their age

  • chewed up gum
    chewed up gum Hour ago

    My friend has a very interesting sleep paralysis demon She said it was a big floating pitch black cube that has tinier cubes surounding it

  • Tyrone Freezy
    Tyrone Freezy Hour ago

    This cardinal is proof that minecraft can be the future of the world

  • J L
    J L Hour ago

    What about plumbing?

  • Yseson _
    Yseson _ Hour ago

    1:27 literal Shit Eating grin

  • Hyperion
    Hyperion Hour ago

    Another reason to love Mr. Rogers

    PRINCY MATHEW Hour ago

    God bless you

  • Grandpa Sandwich

    Interviewer: What if we switch off the atomic clock? *closes the doors immediately *

  • Krasps
    Krasps Hour ago

    2:20 what did he put in the yakisoba??? Them boys TWEAKING

  • Louie Moon
    Louie Moon Hour ago

    My favorite is jackfruit.

  • Merlin Alexander

    GOd I LOVE this family! God bless y'all!