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  • Sophie Edwards
    Sophie Edwards 8 hours ago

    I think when holly came out of the bathroom she was already laughing with her head down.

  • Afnan Rashid
    Afnan Rashid 11 hours ago

    Most British swap

  • Slime Create
    Slime Create 12 hours ago

    Done xox

  • Elle’s All around
    Elle’s All around 12 hours ago

    Please like my comment because it would make my dream come true

  • Esther Reddel
    Esther Reddel 13 hours ago

    So you like comments

  • Chelsey Johnson
    Chelsey Johnson 18 hours ago

    The hairdryer one I’m dying 😂😂😂

  • sameena amir
    sameena amir 21 hour ago

    Just cut the rubber bands

  • Eloise weller
    Eloise weller 21 hour ago

    Follow u on social media and subscribed

  • Maddie Edmonds
    Maddie Edmonds 22 hours ago

    get 10kkkkkkkkkkkk xxx

  • Molly Cooper
    Molly Cooper 22 hours ago

    Poor Holly 😂😂😂!!! Absolutely love your videos and I have the bell on so I never miss a video!!! 💕💕💕x

  • Sharif husain Shaikh
    Sharif husain Shaikh 23 hours ago

    She could’ve got scissors

  • Robert Cockerill

    Omg that’s crazy

  • Robert Cockerill

    Omg that’s crazy

  • snow angel 786


  • Neve Beer
    Neve Beer Day ago

    My favourite is the phone one with my bands around it x

  • Stacey Brooke
    Stacey Brooke Day ago

    The hydro flask in back ground I have it

  • chelsea gorgeia D

    I did all of your roles

  • Anita Skrabala

    Holly didnt play level up im so sad 😂😂😂

  • Neve Xx
    Neve Xx Day ago

    Bet ya he won’t like this comment :( <3

  • Emma Gillan
    Emma Gillan Day ago

    Thanks for another great video xx

  • Ayla Kilic
    Ayla Kilic Day ago

    So funny 😂

  • Tillie x
    Tillie x Day ago

    I love how real Brandon’s videos are, i don’t know how to explain it but he doesn’t cut out the bits that he maybe doesn’t like and it’s more raw💗

  • Poppy X
    Poppy X Day ago

    I liked and subscribed and followed all your socials xxxxxx ❤️

  • emma howlett
    emma howlett Day ago

    who else here in 2020 🥰🥰

  • sophie smith
    sophie smith Day ago

    hi i know this video is from a while age what camera are you using

  • Isobel Livingstone

    This was so funny 💗💗

  • Cosmic Gang
    Cosmic Gang Day ago

    Wait was anyone’s face like 😅 when Erin had Brandon’s wallet

  • Lexi Morriso
    Lexi Morriso Day ago

    give me a shoutout plese i follow u on everything x

  • Amy Ball
    Amy Ball Day ago


  • Lolly Cleaver
    Lolly Cleaver Day ago

    i think Brandon should do more 24hour videos

  • Amy Ball
    Amy Ball Day ago

    Apparently if you are early Brandon replies! If u do Brandon then omgggg hi ILYSM xx

  • Holly Upton
    Holly Upton Day ago

    I love watching you I did all the steps

  • Chelsea Cotton

    Your vids are so cool. As iv the screen looked like itwas acc broke

  • Grace Ewan
    Grace Ewan Day ago

    Love this

  • Nelsonba Win
    Nelsonba Win Day ago

    I missed you so much Brandon.. ❤❤❤

  • Josh and Zach Monk

    Loved it 🌈❤️

  • Cutie Pie
    Cutie Pie Day ago

    I love u guys ps Manley the girls 😂😂

  • Francesca
    Francesca Day ago

    they didnt do level up

  • Kelsie Harker
    Kelsie Harker Day ago

    Can your sister start a TheXvid x

  • Amelie Isabella

    I love this channel so much 🥰 x

  • Fiona Keyes
    Fiona Keyes Day ago

    holly macbook

  • Chloe Louise
    Chloe Louise Day ago

    I’ve followed you on insta and liked and subscribed ❣️

  • Kelsie Harker
    Kelsie Harker Day ago

    What options did holly choose for her GCSE xx lysm x

    • Brandonio
      Brandonio 11 hours ago

      I’m not sure fully but try asking her on dm!

  • theTILLYchanell xxx

    Fav video x

  • Elizabeth Anne Faulkner

    Chicken leg

  • Rosie Lagan
    Rosie Lagan Day ago


  • janine
    janine Day ago


  • Sky Murtagh
    Sky Murtagh Day ago

    𝙸 𝚏𝚘𝚕𝚕𝚘𝚠 𝚢𝚘𝚞 𝚘𝚗 𝚝𝚒𝚔𝚝𝚘𝚌

  • Alix Edwards
    Alix Edwards Day ago


  • ImnotsureKT B
    ImnotsureKT B Day ago

    You should of put the cracked screen on and then covered in elastic bands because she might of thought the pressure caused it

  • Hannah Clark
    Hannah Clark Day ago

    U guys are going to be great parents 💗

  • Emma X
    Emma X Day ago

    How dare you boo chelsea !!! We gonna fall out 😂

  • Imogen Highcock

    Brandon literally cheated the girls stayed still and Brandon moved places like 3 times

  • Lexi Paris
    Lexi Paris Day ago

    Apperantly if your early Brandon replies to your comment and hearts it lets see if he does

  • Keren Cardoza
    Keren Cardoza Day ago

    Looool aw Holly

  • Keren Cardoza
    Keren Cardoza Day ago

    Omg bedroom mess from Christmas is read! I still have bits of amazon boxes everywhere lol

  • Keren Cardoza
    Keren Cardoza Day ago

    Hello again! :)

  • Lex Kent
    Lex Kent Day ago

    I’m doing a magic trick 🤣

  • ItsAliyah hamaida

    I'm actually creasing lol

  • Louie Is amazing

    I love your videos please like my comment

  • Rose Edwards
    Rose Edwards Day ago

    with the phone prank, you should of changed the time zone and date to make it even more believable x

  • Jessica. Rose.

    Omg I really wanna try these

  • Kevin Sinaga2015


  • Erin Cartmell
    Erin Cartmell Day ago

    Hi I am so sorry couldn’t get here yesterday xxx

  • Zoe Joanne
    Zoe Joanne Day ago

    This made me laugh so much! 😂❤️

  • Emma Hyde
    Emma Hyde Day ago

    Yet again great video 💜 SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE

  • Tempany Hicks
    Tempany Hicks Day ago

    The way you say subscribers at the start 😂🤣 you sound American

  • Tanya Warwick
    Tanya Warwick Day ago

    your all absolutely funny as

  • Alisha Griffiths

    Followed all the rules. I have that hairdryer in pink. Even a tiny bit of talc still makes just as much mess. Best prank of the lot 😂

  • Rhi Rhixx
    Rhi Rhixx Day ago

    Love that he used one of Joe Suggs pranks on her (rubber band prank)

  • Curtis Williams

    😍 Love your pranks and videos😍

  • Curtis Williams

    Ruin all her make up then buy her new ones💄💄💄💄💄😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣

  • I hate You
    I hate You Day ago

    I love you guys so much. I watch all off your videos and follow all of your social media’s. I watch you all the time and you all make me so happy and make me laugh. Follow my Instagram if you have time. love you all, keep up your hard work you are doing so good xx

  • Aaliyah Khan
    Aaliyah Khan Day ago

    You should do more 24 hr videos there really good like maybe like 'i only brought or ate what the worker recommend for 24hrs' idk maybe that might be a good idea

  • Gracie Noodles

    Done ✅

  • Alice Xo
    Alice Xo Day ago

    You should prank holly saying you and erin are moving out together. Love your videos ❤️

  • Kelly Salisbury

    Liked and commented🤣I love you,, you are so entertaining x

  • Fifa Max
    Fifa Max Day ago

    It’s clearly fake, holly knew about all of them you could see her laughing before it hit her In the 1st and 3rd one

    • Kyra_plater Xo
      Kyra_plater Xo 11 hours ago

      Fifa Max you can’t trust any youtubers these days🙄

  • Rhiannon Hemmings

    Love your videos xx

  • Henrietta Sandy

    Haha her reactions are always so funny

  • Megan Zyke
    Megan Zyke Day ago

    When the hairdryer came on I couldn’t stop laughing for an hour straight😂

  • Tara Ariazad
    Tara Ariazad Day ago

    I’m gonna do that’s lol xx

  • Kelsey’s Channel x

    Subscribed follow you And holly and Erin can you follow me back Kelseyobrien17

  • Amelie Sharp
    Amelie Sharp Day ago

    Hi omg I’m your biggest fan my friend saw you at winter fest and I was so jealous I watch ur vids all the time

  • Jessica Dawson

    Love the videos!❤️ What brand are erins glasses 💗

  • imie Whittingham

    ur TheXvid is the best pls shoutout next video

  • Annaaandme Williams

    Your videos are actually amazing xxx

  • Ali Pritchard
    Ali Pritchard Day ago

    You should black bag her bedroom door up in the night, this is so funny I've done this on sister and mum

  • Amelie Sharp
    Amelie Sharp Day ago


  • Seema Jahan
    Seema Jahan Day ago

    Hair dryer one was the best 😂

  • Millie Kearney

    I loveeee watching ur vids😘

  • Chloe Johnson
    Chloe Johnson Day ago

    Use are really cute xxx

  • Daniella POND
    Daniella POND Day ago

    I'd go insane if my brother Brandon did any of these to me lol

  • Hannag 568
    Hannag 568 Day ago


  • Lisa Yemm
    Lisa Yemm Day ago

    Love your videos. They are so funny and I love the pranks on your mum. Please do another prank on your mum. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Grace Lauren
    Grace Lauren Day ago

    While watching the video me and holly both have the saffron barker summer primark range bed set on😂😂😂

  • ruby swainston

    the powder in the hair drier x

  • Amelia Bower
    Amelia Bower Day ago

    Brandon, since you like every comment u will maybe see this I love your channel soooooo much🤩if you replied or even hearted this, I would literally cry Erin and holly are so pretty and u all seem so sweet and just so nice I love your videos so much and yeah😂💙❤️

  • Chloe Grace
    Chloe Grace Day ago

    You should do a prank to make Holly think that Brandon is cheating on Erin then we can see if holly tells her😂

  • Carrie-Anne Peoples

    Fav TheXvidr you are all so funny and semi so kind ❤️❤️