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    Daisy tyrrell 4 hours ago

    Ily so much 💘💘

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  • Benedicte Victoria Haugland

    Wish you could show what u bought!

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    Ruby B 7 hours ago

    Love these videos ❤️

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    Roger Linstead 7 hours ago

    Love you too much

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    keira stokell 8 hours ago

    will u like this comment

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith 8 hours ago

    Why am I watching this in September 2019 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    George Chalke 8 hours ago

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    Backgroundmusic 33 8 hours ago

    Love your vids 💗

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    keera 8 hours ago

    Good on you treating yourself for one 👏🏻👏🏻

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    Faith Evans 8 hours ago

    I love u both so much ❤️xxxxx

  • Harriet Fifield
    Harriet Fifield 8 hours ago

    love u 💖

  • Madi rees
    Madi rees 9 hours ago

    What editing app do you use and if a viewer is reading this and you know can you please tell me ♥️

  • K_ Attw
    K_ Attw 9 hours ago

    Is that in Maidstone?

  • Libby Walters
    Libby Walters 9 hours ago

    Hi Brandon I love ur vids also love Erin and holly ❤️

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    Lil Tayl 9 hours ago

    You hearted my comment!💗 appreciate it a lot!

  • Abbie Smith
    Abbie Smith 10 hours ago

    Been with with you since the start ily 💝💝

  • Madi rees
    Madi rees 10 hours ago

    Erin PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start a youtube channel if you haven't already xx

  • Ruby_. Maria
    Ruby_. Maria 10 hours ago

    Where’s holly😢😂

  • Casey Cox
    Casey Cox 10 hours ago

    It’s my birthday tomorrow 🥳

  • Madi rees
    Madi rees 10 hours ago

    What editing app do you use? you have the most amazing video ideas <3

  • Lucia- Belle
    Lucia- Belle 10 hours ago

    I liked and commented and i was already subscribing ! xxx Funny vid today , always having the best quility to watch absolutly amazing !! xx

  • Casey Owuodzie
    Casey Owuodzie 11 hours ago

    I’m watching this on the 16th of September 2019

  • Tara Hall
    Tara Hall 11 hours ago

    wen Erin picks up that baby outfit Brandons reaction

  • Katie Mann
    Katie Mann 11 hours ago

    Brandon and erin and holly you are the most amazing youtubers ever you are all soooo good at tic tok and I ABSOLUTELY love your youtube channel brandon you do soooo much work for youtube and you honestly don't know how much I appreciate it every single week I wait till 6:00 and I go and watch your amazing videos you honestly mean sooooo much to me and I really would appreciate if you replied to me its my birthday tomorrow and I can't wait love you all sooooooo much and thank you for your amazing talent thank you xxxxx❤❤💜💜

  • Millie Davidsen
    Millie Davidsen 11 hours ago

    I’ve been with you from the start your are so amazing and I would love a shoutoutx

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    megan pape mills 11 hours ago

    Hiiii ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Macky Steely 11 hours ago

    Happy birthday. Holly

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  • Keira French
    Keira French 11 hours ago

    I love you guys so much yous are the absolute best ❤️❤️❤️I cant believe Brandon liked my comment ❤️❤️❤️

  • Lil Tayl
    Lil Tayl 12 hours ago

    wE DoNT HaVe a BaBy I’m weak😂

  • Bryony Bell
    Bryony Bell 12 hours ago

    love this video❤️

  • Mia Cray
    Mia Cray 12 hours ago

    In jd they have white and gold trainers

  • Phoebe Howe
    Phoebe Howe 12 hours ago

    Love your vids please can you do spoiling my sister rotten video I love you vids hope I get hearted and noticed ❤️😂

  • emma.varley
    emma.varley 12 hours ago

    I live in Leeds! Xxx

  • Sammie Trueman
    Sammie Trueman 12 hours ago

    Who remembers the iphone stuck to the floor public prank near where they were walkinh outside💕

  • Kayla Neary
    Kayla Neary 12 hours ago

    Love this av got my notifications on ❤️and follow you on all social media xx

  • Tayalily
    Tayalily 13 hours ago

    Petition for Erin and Holly to have there own channel xx

  • Tayalily
    Tayalily 13 hours ago

    Love u x

  • Jasmine O’Brien
    Jasmine O’Brien 13 hours ago

    I always go blue water I wish I could see u there ! 😭❤️

  • Lily Haynes
    Lily Haynes 13 hours ago

    Love ur videos 🖤

  • Daisy 1526
    Daisy 1526 13 hours ago

    Favourite TheXvidr 💛

  • LondonBusVisuals 8
    LondonBusVisuals 8 13 hours ago

    you inspire me so much

  • Layla123 X
    Layla123 X 13 hours ago

    Are you going to WITC 💖💖💖P.s I love you guys

  • izzwizz 82
    izzwizz 82 14 hours ago

    I LOVE your shopping videos they are just so funny and interesting :))

  • Holly Farr
    Holly Farr 14 hours ago

    Great video x

  • Ollie Shehan
    Ollie Shehan 14 hours ago

    My favourite time of the day

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    Amelia Down 14 hours ago

    Hey ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Lauren Marlow
    Lauren Marlow 15 hours ago

    Came back and he looks so young 💁🏻🤣

  • L A
    L A 15 hours ago

    Just got back from my holiday to Hawaii jet lagged but can’t wait to watch ✈️🤓

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    Madison Lindner 17 hours ago

    i turnt post notifications on💋

  • Shelly Brady
    Shelly Brady 18 hours ago

    Its so sweet that you always thank your subscribers and tell them you appreciate them in every video. I love your videos but you always seem to end up spending a fortune on holly and erin so it's nice to see you buying yourself things.

  • Michael Ralph
    Michael Ralph 18 hours ago

    How was the heat over there bro. Looked like an epic adventure. Hope you had fun.

  • Tyla Pilson
    Tyla Pilson 18 hours ago

    I subscribed an turned on post notification x ps I love your channel

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    shontae lay 19 hours ago

    i love you

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    cody Taylor 19 hours ago

    Your so funny

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    Lauren Worley 19 hours ago

    Absolutely love your videos got post notifications on always put me in good mood🥰💗

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    Nethvin R 20 hours ago

    I also have crazy vidz come and check out guyzzzzzzz if u love vidz like this!!!

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    Olivia Strandberg 20 hours ago

    I love all the videos you post ❤️

  • Julianne Mahon
    Julianne Mahon 20 hours ago

    We don’t have A baby I’m dead 😂😂😂

  • Grace Fleming
    Grace Fleming 20 hours ago

    Erin: Look a lounge set Brandon: No i don't wear pj's Me: 😕

  • chloe richardson
    chloe richardson 21 hour ago

    When he said “ we don’t have a babyyy” that’s got me🤣🤣🤣 and btw I love your videos 💕

  • Wiktoria Skoczen
    Wiktoria Skoczen 21 hour ago

    love you so much three so much

  • Ava
    Ava 21 hour ago

    I love you Brandon and Erin and Holly 💖💖💖💖

  • Issie Wormall
    Issie Wormall 21 hour ago

    Love you guys when can Erin and holly make a channel

  • Macky Steely
    Macky Steely 22 hours ago

    Erin would be a great Mum

  • shubaita
    shubaita 22 hours ago

    favourite youtuber xx

  • Carol Edson
    Carol Edson 22 hours ago

    Well good video Brandon 🤣💙

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    Travis Bruce 22 hours ago

    Please click on to my pic and subscribe. It would be a dream. Xxx love you.

  • Gamer Leon
    Gamer Leon Day ago

    Brandon ur a hero ur a legend ur the boss ur just the best man ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • jim bob square pabts

    Where are you going on holiday

  • Jessica Smith
    Jessica Smith Day ago

    Video idea - go in public and try get random strangers to make tiktoks with you :)) love the videos

  • Isabella Dalli

    When I seen this I clicked on it so I fast ILYSM ❤️❤️

  • christian wright

    I love u Erin And Holly keep doing videos with your sister and girlfriend coz those videos are so cute and amazing when it’s the 3 of you

  • Leah Joyce
    Leah Joyce Day ago

    the fact you used mac as an example honestly makes me’s cuz ur always going shopping with erin and holly for makeup😂!

  • sarah archer
    sarah archer Day ago

    Brandon is to cute to erin🥰

  • Ali Lamb
    Ali Lamb Day ago

    This was so good loved this challenge so much omg 💕💕

  • Ellie Warner
    Ellie Warner Day ago

    i have mental health issues and everytime i see you have uploaded another video i go all happy. you always cheer me up i love all your videos! xx

  • Halebfan forever

    You won’t see this and won’t reply but your so amazing and i enjoy your videos so much and I’ve been watching for about a year now and haven’t missed one video. Your so real and I’d love to meet you one day xx

  • GXoxo
    GXoxo Day ago

    Why are Erin and Holly so pretty😫

  • Qwertyuser
    Qwertyuser Day ago

    Hi. Brandon💙💙

  • Becky Stroud
    Becky Stroud Day ago

    you should do it with holly and erin, that be such a cool vid; love your videos you’re all great💗

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    Chloe Swann Day ago

    Amazing video

  • Super sister Sparkles

    Ahhhh can’t wait 4 next weeks video 💓

  • zara atkin
    zara atkin Day ago

    erin: *picks up baby outfit* brandon: Erin- wha- what are you doin? you dont need that! you dont have a baby?!

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W Day ago

    Can’t wait for the next vid 🤩🤪

  • Owen Lee
    Owen Lee Day ago

    Good videos guys love your videos. Keep theses up your three are amazing!!. Brandon... I have to say tho I got a funny feeling that your girlfriend might be pregnant you know. 😉

    • Owen Lee
      Owen Lee 17 hours ago

      Hmm well should take one just in case would make a good video :)

    • Brandonio
      Brandonio 19 hours ago

      She’s just always hungry same as me 😂😂

    • Owen Lee
      Owen Lee Day ago

      Just because she’s always hungry and that it’s a sign of pregnancy. She sounded like it while in the car

    • Brandonio
      Brandonio Day ago

      1 million percent not I don’t know why people think this 😂

  • X.anaisgatt. Xxx

    I Love u guys

  • xzarazebra xx
    xzarazebra xx Day ago

    What is Erin’s job? 💞💞

  • Lily Seager
    Lily Seager Day ago

    I don’t care when they do the give away if I don’t win cause their vids is a gift for me xx

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    Where abouts do they live?