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Irish People Try Chex Mix
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Irish People Try Weird Coffee
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Irish People Try Space Food
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Irish People Try Crickets
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  • Caleb Joshua Madamba
    Caleb Joshua Madamba 5 minutes ago

    Accent 💙

  • silver eyes Silver eyes

    Look at them getting addicted to American snacks.

  • Jacob Rodgers
    Jacob Rodgers 23 minutes ago

    So by Canadian chips, you just mean just Miss Vickie's then?

  • James Willett
    James Willett 27 minutes ago

    5:12 I would be delighted to squeeze my cream into your strawberry... 5:26 glad you liked it.

  • Mysterios1989
    Mysterios1989 33 minutes ago

    You really should have a taste test of Milka and / or Ritter Sport.

  • Roshelle Baker
    Roshelle Baker 36 minutes ago

    What was left in the bag?

  • farsight
    farsight 37 minutes ago

    Why tf does Damon have a Midwestern accent?

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 39 minutes ago

    Ciara , if you were having a glass of wine and I was the only one in the house... would you do me a few?

  • the jax of all games
    the jax of all games 39 minutes ago

    The Pink beanie guy is so me it's unbelievable, the beanie, the hangover the "why am I doing this again" look after each shot and singing well like damn dude you are Irish me

  • Jamie-Sue Ferrell
    Jamie-Sue Ferrell 40 minutes ago

    Thank you all for keeping ‘class’ ‘class’. I was last in Ireland 20 years ago and encountered that terminology. Thank you for keeping it up. Nostalgic for Ireland.

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 49 minutes ago

    Nicole can I play with your “whole” while you lick Lena’s “whole”?

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison Hour ago

    I hate. Hate. HATE. Chocolate and sea salt together. Godiva is definitely not the top of the lign chocolate though.

  • Brittany Shinault

    I hate dark chocolate

  • D T
    D T Hour ago

    Who goes drinking with scissors? No have to try them frozen they are the best and you drink at home, silly's!! :) love you guys, you all crack me up! And Paddy, you are gorgeous!

  • Roadd Jack2
    Roadd Jack2 Hour ago

    something i was just wondering are george and elga husband & wife or brother & sister??

  • Richard Letanosky

    Who really care what obama likes.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law Hour ago

    T ey almond butter,,Dermot

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law Hour ago

    If I close my eyes, I swear those groans were from

  • Ander Ander
    Ander Ander Hour ago

    This is getting old..... Tattooed lesbians bashing America.... do these people have jobs?

  • James Willett
    James Willett Hour ago

    I'd say you could have my soft sausage but unfortunately you've made it hard.

  • Lindalee Law
    Lindalee Law Hour ago

    PB Oreos? Nah

  • MetroVerse
    MetroVerse Hour ago

    They actually handled it better than the l.a beast 😂

  • Dark Side Of The Menu

    “Oh look, she,s naked. Would like it with more animals not just a horse. They should put a guy on the label” Have these young folk never heard the story of Lady Godiva?

  • jsjazz12
    jsjazz12 Hour ago

    That's it? There are so many more Godiva chocolates to try. These were boring.

  • Gary L
    Gary L Hour ago

    Justine, Elga and Fiona! This shoot was something about chocolate, right?

  • info ninja
    info ninja Hour ago

    More Jamie and Shannon pairs!

  • Lise Hachey
    Lise Hachey Hour ago

    Maybe I WILL have kids! LOLOLOL

  • info ninja
    info ninja 2 hours ago

    Omg! Jamie and Shannon! ♡♡ Jamie has a mind elsewhere ;-}

  • Danielle Vaughan
    Danielle Vaughan 2 hours ago

    Agreed, why would you need anything else when there's absolut? 😍

  • Ajvonhausen 77
    Ajvonhausen 77 2 hours ago

    "My first instinct was stfu Claire, but my second instinct was that she may be on to something" 😂😂😂

  • Ashley Godfrey
    Ashley Godfrey 2 hours ago

    I have found that sea salt in really dark chocolate mellows out the bitter and makes it taste sweeter. I love it!

  • JamButterHoney
    JamButterHoney 3 hours ago

    that lady looks like celine dion

  • Casey Jones
    Casey Jones 3 hours ago

    Emmanuel's got a weird accent for an Irish person.

  • mercedogre
    mercedogre 3 hours ago

    Someone should just send them the contents of a trick o treat bag and let them randomly taste things

  • ANGEL del Rey , Furler, Martinez, Minaj

    Me : eats K,k doughnut hmm...its lacking glaze content Irish : That be the best tasting thing ive ever tried , omg 😍💀

  • Po - op
    Po - op 3 hours ago

    Next time fazers chocolate its amazing.

  • Po - op
    Po - op 3 hours ago

    Like lady godiva wooh wooh wooh theres no stopping meeee

  • Ian Shearer
    Ian Shearer 4 hours ago

    My first experience? Started drinking in Arkansas, woke up on dauphin island Alabama 2 days later with 4 of the 12 pack 4lokos in my passenger seat with 3 friends passed out on the beach...

  • Amir Khalid
    Amir Khalid 4 hours ago

    Here in Malaysia, one of the world's great durian-eating nations, I have never seen durian coffee for sale. And now, I hope I never do.

  • cristopher wong
    cristopher wong 4 hours ago

    Russia gonna say "taste like debil. STONGER THAN PUTIN NOW, DEBIL BLYAT"

  • Genjinai
    Genjinai 4 hours ago

    I never understood the hype around Belgian chocolate. I mean it's good quality chocolate but it's not really that great...

  • Penelope
    Penelope 4 hours ago

    Davey: dark chocolate, you don't eat loads just have a lil' bit then put it back Me: I've been eating it wrong? *homnomnomnomnomnom*

  • NowI'mMe
    NowI'mMe 4 hours ago

    You all should try chocolate covered Espresso beans! Ohhhh, yeah!

  • sure right
    sure right 4 hours ago

    Emanuel you can’t read it said MILK CHOCOLATE. Try Ghirardelli Chocolate even better.

  • Rob Whelehan
    Rob Whelehan 4 hours ago

    If they haven't already I hope they do Ghirardelli chocolate. Which I like as the percentage goes up, until it hits the inflection point and gets entirely too bitter.

  • Casper Whitby
    Casper Whitby 4 hours ago

    4 loco and mountain dew kickstart is really good

  • warriorwolfprincess
    warriorwolfprincess 4 hours ago

    Falling more and more in love with ciara in each video she’s in and it’s so unfair

  • Maeson Glover
    Maeson Glover 4 hours ago

    Ciara is a damn robot

  • Robert Kelly
    Robert Kelly 4 hours ago

    I want to try the Go-diva’s from the try channel !

  • Ryan MACK
    Ryan MACK 4 hours ago

    Pretty good but lindt is better

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley 4 hours ago

    A show here in the United States of America, called "America's Test Kitchen," had a segment on chocolate tasting. They demonstrated that music can affect the way that the chocolate is perceived! (come on Paddy-boy, "i" before "e" except after "c.") It was a fascinating note.

  • drakedakes
    drakedakes 5 hours ago

    You should try craft beers from really small breweries, not some crap that is really part of large companies...

  • Patman Crowley
    Patman Crowley 5 hours ago

    72% Cacao, Hmmmm. Have a cup of coffee with it!

  • APaganPerspective
    APaganPerspective 5 hours ago

    Im from Springfield Missouri and you guys are insane.Love you Lolsy

  • Alicat Gtz
    Alicat Gtz 5 hours ago

    I did not know what this fruit was until I clicked on this video. Now I know never to try it 😂

  • Missy D'Onofrio
    Missy D'Onofrio 5 hours ago

    My favorite Try video yet! I should be asleep. It's 3 a.m. I went down a try video binge! It's time to end on a high! Goodnight!

  • ooftaZone
    ooftaZone 5 hours ago

    What American demographic is Duke's sold? Can not recall ever seeing that on any convenience shelves. Though after today will most likely now see it more often. Still disillusioned that out all possible brand names.

    theLOUISIANIMAL1337 5 hours ago

    My mom was a cool "if you're going to drink its going to be around me so you don't get yourself in trouble" parents. When four loko first came out she got me a green one thinking it would be like a Smirnoff ice or whatever. Obviously it was very not. She lives on the water and I woke up half hanging off the dock to the point where if I had moved whatsoever I would have fallen in and drowned. I apparently tried another one when they came back out and I have no recollection of it, I only know because I found the can in my trashcan the next morning.

  • James Willett
    James Willett 5 hours ago

    I'm not sure if it's TRUE but when my brother was 7 and I was 4 I followed him around and we were playing at one of his freinds house and I picked up his freinds dad's beer and chugged the whole thing he said I must have loved it. Now I can't remember this or much of my childhood there was alot of abuse and it's all blocked away. If I can remember something its generally me remembering what I remembered it's hard to explain. But the point is according to my brother my first alcoholic drink was at the age of 4 before he even had a drink or my sister who is 8 years older I had my first drink. So I've been drinking longer then I haven't at 21 years drinking and 4 years not. However the first drink I remember was 10 years later and it was a wine cooler my mother gave me.

  • MatthewvMayo
    MatthewvMayo 5 hours ago

    Damn now that I've seen the end of the video I want to be that bottle of whiskey

  • Barry Werdell
    Barry Werdell 5 hours ago

    Hey Try, rule of thumb. You feed Elga Chocolate you give her coffee, just like you feed Dermot anything you give him beer. Bring back Madi, Jayde, and Grainne soon. But as always a great video. Davey is doing his Ryan impression again.

  • It's Irvin Time
    It's Irvin Time 6 hours ago

    $squeeze some of your cream into my strawberry there"..... Well alright then. 😅

  • Radiyas 13
    Radiyas 13 6 hours ago

    Everyone talkin' about chocolate; all I see is Elga and that beautiful waterfall of ginger hair . . . .

  • Helen Sarkisian
    Helen Sarkisian 6 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thinks tossing the snacks/candy isn’t funny anymore?

  • MatthewvMayo
    MatthewvMayo 6 hours ago

    "There's fruit in it. Just like this video." Best line ever.

    • MatthewvMayo
      MatthewvMayo 6 hours ago

      I take it back. "There's no artificial swedeners." I died laughing. My dog had to do CPR so I could type this.

  • Angelo
    Angelo 6 hours ago

    Damon sounds like Greg Proops

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 6 hours ago

    Blaithin... I could listen to your voice all day

  • Mormon Mafia
    Mormon Mafia 6 hours ago

    Y'all should do a video on spicy food challenges. Like the Johnny Scoville tube of Terror

  • Kourtney Y.
    Kourtney Y. 6 hours ago

    hatch chilies typically aren't spicy. it's more flavorful than anything and adds a bite but again, it's more for flavor. it's amazing in guacamole

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 6 hours ago

    Blaithin!!! Where the heck are you?!?!?

  • Roger Wolfe
    Roger Wolfe 6 hours ago

    I'm American and never knew combos and pop tarts was candy? Where did you get your drugs? Gotta be good stuff your completely out of your mind 90% of this wasn't candy

  • Someone Somewhere
    Someone Somewhere 6 hours ago

    Blaithin!!! Where the heck are you?!?!

  • Parallel 916
    Parallel 916 6 hours ago

    Love the offbrand thriller at the start

  • Elias Turney
    Elias Turney 6 hours ago

    Ger as in German, not Grrr ya cretin

  • Elias Turney
    Elias Turney 6 hours ago

    Poor Dermot, hating peanuts in a peanut filled world

  • Roger Wolfe
    Roger Wolfe 6 hours ago

    I live in America never herd of that crap

  • Sarge Gunn
    Sarge Gunn 6 hours ago

    Too bad you didn't get to try the pumpkin spice, popcorn truffle or any other Godiva limited edition types...

  • Andrew Chaney
    Andrew Chaney 6 hours ago

    Leather jacket guy, I'd love to meet ya for a drink sometime. You seem like quite the man to hang out with.

  • thesandtiger
    thesandtiger 6 hours ago


  • jeanine sawvell
    jeanine sawvell 6 hours ago

    Keep the salt out of the caramel 😘

  • thesandtiger
    thesandtiger 7 hours ago


  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris 7 hours ago

    Love brown sugar one but where can I find the peanut butter one

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris 7 hours ago

    Where can I find the peanut butter one

  • Eudaemonius MarkII
    Eudaemonius MarkII 7 hours ago

    Great music in this one guys!

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris 7 hours ago

    White tshirt guys act like best friends

  • Brolo Jay
    Brolo Jay 7 hours ago

    Football is the closest thing to live action chess, and this guy is trying to say there is no skill? lmao... I get it, they like soccer better and that's fine. But what a fucking stupid thing to say.

  • Rainbowkatsudon
    Rainbowkatsudon 7 hours ago

    I love Paddy lmao

  • julie doll
    julie doll 7 hours ago

    But where's the suffering. It's not as entertaining without the suffering.

  • Renee Fern
    Renee Fern 7 hours ago

    Someone get these fools some truffles!

  • Adam Halliday
    Adam Halliday 7 hours ago

    “I would like some more salt in there”, as she sits beside one of the saltiest guys on the channel lol

  • Kamara Pierre
    Kamara Pierre 7 hours ago

    Lena and Dermot are my favorites lmao we need more Lena

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris 7 hours ago

    They have never had a real s'more?

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris 7 hours ago

    Are the two brothers?

  • cajunO21
    cajunO21 7 hours ago

    and the rest of America gives no shyte... glad you liked it anywayz....

  • Bri Ram
    Bri Ram 7 hours ago

    These jerky sticks seem like they’re regionally available, I don’t think I’ve seen them in California.

  • agenttheater5
    agenttheater5 7 hours ago

    Irish people try Lindt Chocolate - as many flavours as possible ie ginger, raspberry, pomegranate, pink grapefruit, sea salt, orange, almond, hazelnut, mint, caramel, etc. But especially all forms of dark chocolate - 70%, 70% smooth, 78%, 85%, 90%, 95% and most importantly of all, the 99% dark chocolate. Rest assured though, the 99% is much smaller than regular pieces. It's like an espresso only you can eat it. Don't chew it though, just put on your tongue and let it melt.

  • Rob Graham
    Rob Graham 8 hours ago

    In America, we use Cruzan Rum to remove paint. It's all its good for.

  • Edward Morris
    Edward Morris 8 hours ago

    Jesus is the lucky charm leprechauns grandson

  • The Noid
    The Noid 8 hours ago

    Guys please hook me up with Justine 😍

  • Rob Graham
    Rob Graham 8 hours ago

    great Kentucky Bourbon LOL