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LIVE Q&A - Ask Me Anything
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  • HK Football Ralph Ralph

    were is blud bruvers

  • Cheesetoast31
    Cheesetoast31 5 hours ago

    This vlog is amazing. I hope DT brings these back. These vlogs are what made me subscribe

  • Cheesetoast31
    Cheesetoast31 5 hours ago

    Why did he stop doing this?

  • Cheesetoast31
    Cheesetoast31 5 hours ago

    Where is the match vlog?

  • Best Vibes
    Best Vibes 5 hours ago

    Go FT 🕺🏾🕺🏾

  • ItzCon
    ItzCon 6 hours ago

    Enjoy being happy coz next week when city destroy use u will be back crying 🤣

  • Jack Storey
    Jack Storey 7 hours ago

    DF looks like someone who just got high off of life

  • soumya adhya
    soumya adhya 7 hours ago

    Imagine F2 freestylers coming with their team in this league of twats 😂 😂

  • soumya adhya
    soumya adhya 7 hours ago

    what does DT's son do in real life?

  • George Grigg
    George Grigg 7 hours ago

    I hate the intro music so much

  • Rashid Shire
    Rashid Shire 7 hours ago


  • Rashid Shire
    Rashid Shire 7 hours ago

    Yea but who won the game

  • EnemyKIA
    EnemyKIA 8 hours ago


  • Life of Reece Garner

    Congrats for the shirt many thanks Reece garner

  • Life of Reece Garner

    Congrats for the shirt and getting it and we got the victory that is the main job

  • Life of Reece Garner

    Congrats for the shirt and getting it and we got the victory that is the main job

  • HenryGoober
    HenryGoober 8 hours ago

    Torreria giving his shirt to ur son acc made me rlly happy dk y😂

  • AsHu
    AsHu 8 hours ago

    3 for Xhaka and 1 for Ozil

  • xRedNorthLondonx
    xRedNorthLondonx 8 hours ago

    Good news for the little un that he won’t have to wait too long to grow into Torreira’s shirt XD

  • Gunners 1st
    Gunners 1st 8 hours ago


  • Rahul Rebello
    Rahul Rebello 9 hours ago

    It honestly feels like we won the league

  • Captain Smoke
    Captain Smoke 9 hours ago

    Xhaka didn't duck, he was late and that wasn't his man anyway. Not Xhaka's fault everyone is going to the ball like a headless chicken.

  • Faheem
    Faheem 9 hours ago

    martinelli > greenwood

  • john malakos
    john malakos 9 hours ago

    fucking relief, i didnt see that coming.

  • Itz Shamz
    Itz Shamz 9 hours ago

    Dt looks like a 21 year old after that!

  • Itz Shamz
    Itz Shamz 9 hours ago

    Back to reality against city so enjoy it

    CAEZARBONG 9 hours ago

    Yea man ,Shadow Box indeed

  • James Wragg
    James Wragg 10 hours ago

    hi Arsenal fans, Leicester fan here, i would say this should be your strongest line up Leno, Bellerin, Tierney, Sokratis, Holding, Guendouzi, Torreria, Martinelli, Lacazette, Pepe, Aubameyang. so you can take Ozil out and put in Lacazette in that position, go all out for man city with this line up and do us a favour and win for us foxes, and DT keep it up man loving your videos, where are your match day vlogs?!

  • Michael Kavanagh
    Michael Kavanagh 10 hours ago

    I had a rare Monday night off work for a change so decided to watch the game! I thought the wee guy Chambers had an alright game! Gutted for oor Tierney though if it's a dislocated shoulder that's a couple of months out

  • Miguel Merkman
    Miguel Merkman 10 hours ago

    Watch you watching with xhaka he loses half his balls . Clumsy.. you want ansernal to win ..he needs to go..get to fork out

  • TheMuzikall
    TheMuzikall 10 hours ago

    Your ratings are very fair...The attack came up with 3 goals. .so they deserve their high marks...defence conceded another soft goal. .but one is an improvement from the 2 goals per game we 've been conceding all season😥

  • 99Jayo
    99Jayo 10 hours ago

    Seen him giving your son the shirt on TV, delighted for your son dt, coyg

  • Imran H
    Imran H 10 hours ago

    Good ol Lucas Torreira! What a lovely gesture, and what a performance!

  • Imran H
    Imran H 10 hours ago

    Great to see you so happy, DT. I think the whole world smiles when you're smiling! 😊

  • Ronnie Bellas
    Ronnie Bellas 11 hours ago

    Torreira an 8 REALLY!!!!!?

  • Brent Cooreman
    Brent Cooreman 11 hours ago

    See you in Liége

  • T t tnrjdisskwow duharfemrrf 84

    Good performance. But let’s not get cocky. We need to go into every game like we did. Any side we are facing. But, Pepe and martenelli look absolutely brilliant.

  • avinash jaiswal
    avinash jaiswal 11 hours ago

    I'm smiling, we finally won a game. DT-2019

  • Luke Stewart
    Luke Stewart 11 hours ago

    Unbelievable how bad this club is getting celebrating an away win to West ham

  • Thomas Habte
    Thomas Habte 11 hours ago

    DT ma man, I am surprised y'all letting this win deviate us from what we have been craving for, NEW QUALIFIED MANAGER. I like and respect what y'all are doing on AFTV, let us all keep pushing forward to get our ARSENAL back.

  • Full Send
    Full Send 11 hours ago

    Why do you dye your beard black

  • Eric Saforo
    Eric Saforo 11 hours ago

    give Ozil 4

  • Abdulmajeed Omar
    Abdulmajeed Omar 11 hours ago

    You forgot to mention the referee

  • Anthony Rayment
    Anthony Rayment 11 hours ago

    Before his goal Pepe was awful, gave the ball awy, poor passes falling over. He scored a great goal but he played badly. Seems Arsenal fans just remember those 10 minutes and not the 60 before it.

  • Jakub Bieleń
    Jakub Bieleń 11 hours ago

    This was Chambers' 2nd start as a centre back in 4-men defense this season. We won both these away BPL games (vs. Newcastle and vs. West Ham). These are actually our only away wins in the BPL so far. In both games he didn't make any big mistakes, wasn't flashy but he did his job really well. I really hope to see him starting as a CB more often. With a good partner alongside him he can be a very solid option.

  • nb7 9uk
    nb7 9uk 12 hours ago

    West Ham need a Freddie 😂

  • Craigs Craig
    Craigs Craig 12 hours ago

    fun fact jetro willems has scored more goals from his weaker foot that pepe’s all goals in pl this season

  • — Haedmii —
    — Haedmii — 12 hours ago

    I saw you when Torreira gave the shirt

  • Charlie James
    Charlie James 12 hours ago

    Your playing west ham why are u praising pepe so much he played alright he wont do it next week

  • Duncan Brand
    Duncan Brand 12 hours ago

    Bit personal( dont need to answer dt) does your wife or fiance like football or could feature in future vids

    • nb7 9uk
      nb7 9uk 11 hours ago

      Fuckin weirdo 😂😂

  • HZ Jee
    HZ Jee 12 hours ago

    My Prediction Player Ratings: Leno 8/10 Maitland Niles 8/10 Chambers 7/10 Sokratis 7/10 Tierney 7/10 Torreira 8/10 Xhaka 5/10 N.Pepe 8/10 Ozil 4/10 Martinelli 9/10 (MOTM) Aubameyang 7/10 Subs: Kolasinac 7/10, Guendouzi, 6/10, Nelson 5/10 Freddie Ljungberg: 8/10 Referee: 6/10 (Let's not get carried away after win against West Ham, we got bigger games coming ahead. Our team needs huge improvement.)

  • Myles Cowling
    Myles Cowling 12 hours ago

    Idk how u can give ozil a 7 tbh🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Jonas filberg
    Jonas filberg 12 hours ago

    Do this more consistently D wee

  • Sixarr
    Sixarr 12 hours ago

    isn't Niles preferred position attacking midfield ? I would expect him to act like a donkey on defense honestly

  • TrueCanadianGooner
    TrueCanadianGooner 12 hours ago

    Xhaka ducked a header for the 1st goal and made a couple of poor passes that could've cost us a goal. 5 at max.

  • fel b
    fel b 13 hours ago

    Nice moment with you, your son and Torriera DT!

  • DS Rai
    DS Rai 13 hours ago

    He’s rubbish, he’s amazing, he’s rubbish, he’s amazing. Arsenal fans about Pepe. Give the guy time. It’s his first season coming from a weaker league. Freddie literally picked the 11 and formation most of you were asking for. Martinelli was immense for you guys, got the ball running and it all lead from his goal. LFC fan.

  • NN_Harribo 369
    NN_Harribo 369 13 hours ago

    Dt take all the credit your crazy good

  • Suman Rockon
    Suman Rockon 13 hours ago

    Love you Man from Nepal

  • Nav Rav
    Nav Rav 13 hours ago

    These Arsenal fans like using the word ‘capitulated’

    • Coin Toss
      Coin Toss 11 hours ago

      If you kept capitulating then you would too

  • Mulla Baby
    Mulla Baby 13 hours ago

    Came back to laugh


    Yes finally. It does feel good

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi 13 hours ago

    I am also happy

  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye 13 hours ago

    Very fair and honest assessment DT....

  • Jamzor - Bristolian Arsenolian

    Good lad Torreira <3

  • Anas Hellfire Elghazaoui

    first open play goal , i think this goal is gonna boost his abilities

  • Jure Horvat
    Jure Horvat 13 hours ago

    Freddie Ljungberg deserves a chance yust because of the fact that there is almost nobody available from top class managers

  • Diepreye Guembe
    Diepreye Guembe 13 hours ago

    I like your player rating except Martinelli kid should be getting the highest rating

  • girl gooner
    girl gooner 13 hours ago

    Bless Lucas. 🙏

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 13 hours ago

    lol fair play i was playing darts last night in Meltham Hudds we won 3 2 i was the only Arsenal fan there. I went over the top on the celebration lol well happy.

  • Ady Arnold
    Ady Arnold 13 hours ago

    Martinelli deserved a 9!

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus 13 hours ago

    I was watching Dunk closely this past two games, Arsenal and Wolves, the guy is tall, physically fit,he is fast,you can't bully him easily, he is a fighter. If we can get Dunk this January it will be great. 2020-2021 season, he can partner with Salibah in the defense.

  • Abubakarr Titus
    Abubakarr Titus 13 hours ago

    We need an experience manager, and also we need to sign Dunk from Brighton ,he is a proper defender .

  • Olly
    Olly 13 hours ago

    Beautiful moment when you kissed your son and then the man next to you when we scored! Big love from the LGBT community, WE STAND TOGETHER! #MRDT #RIGHTS4ALL #LGBT

  • LG 92
    LG 92 13 hours ago

    Xhaka and Maitland Niles were the only terrible ones, everybody else was fine, Chambers MOTM for me.

  • man utd football
    man utd football 14 hours ago


  • Reu_messa
    Reu_messa 14 hours ago

    DT you hero

  • Wade Lex Luther Moodie

    You know it Bro! Let's feel sweet for the day

  • Albert Omwenga Nyakundi

    What a game. And the 30 minutes did erase the first 60 lol.

  • Chiranjeevi Dova
    Chiranjeevi Dova 14 hours ago

    I think martinelli was the standout i would give him 9. He was my man of the match

  • Kennedinho
    Kennedinho 14 hours ago

    Dont get fooled by this result. Arsenal wasn´t better than West Ham. West Ham was worse than Arsenal. The only positives about this performance was that we got these answers: Chambers, Torreira and Pepe should never be benched again. There is a real player in Martinelli Xhaka and Sokratis are disasters waiting to happen and should be on their way out of the club Get payed for Auba while you still can (dont need another Ramsey situation)

  • Billy Schmit
    Billy Schmit 14 hours ago

    Congratulations on getting your son torrera shirt DT. Peace bruv.........

  • Keenfe Kaleb
    Keenfe Kaleb 14 hours ago

    You should give Lucas Torreira 11 out of 10 when you rate him as his shirt number. He was fantastic in middle

  • Nuno Martins
    Nuno Martins 14 hours ago

    DT our next manager is Paulo Sousa

    • Nuno Martins
      Nuno Martins 14 hours ago

      He manages Bordeaux got them at 5th place Rn 2 points behind 3rd and he’s above teams like Lyon and Monaco and Bordeaux is an average team he will be a good addition for us well organised plays attractive football and likes playing youth

  • Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh 14 hours ago

    Missing the matchday vlogs mate

  • Muay Thai Daddy
    Muay Thai Daddy 14 hours ago

    Martinelli will become a super star and Arsenal needs to keep him and build around him!! My MOTM yesterday!!

  • Eng Han How
    Eng Han How 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one that feels Chambers was class yesterday?

    • TheMuzikall
      TheMuzikall 10 hours ago

      Chambers has been superb this..Emery has been messing up the players rhythm. .Dropping players that perform and sticking with clowns like Luis...Holding and Chambers should be our No1 CB pairing with Sokratis as back up and a Taxi for the Chelsea reject!!!

    • Anti Monitor
      Anti Monitor 13 hours ago

      Please don't play him at RB again lol 🤣 he stays at cb

    • Dean Bridger
      Dean Bridger 13 hours ago

      Yeah definitely class

    • singhashon
      singhashon 13 hours ago

      Agree... he was so much better than Luiz... we looked more solid

    • ejo 1337
      ejo 1337 13 hours ago

      Chambers is class when he plays as CB like in pre-season against Barcelona

  • drew donohoe
    drew donohoe 15 hours ago

    Keep ljunberg he was hugging the players after the game, players went to hug him, klopp does it all the time, you wouldn’t get that from emery. Players are humans after all, if it’s not going well an arm around the shoulder can help, Ronaldo did describe Ferguson as a 2nd father, great to see that from ljunberg

  • Callum Hudson-Odoi
    Callum Hudson-Odoi 15 hours ago

    Why does DT look like a converted white muslim

  • Odell Forde
    Odell Forde 15 hours ago

    Give us content more

  • Legend 27
    Legend 27 15 hours ago

    You beat westham 😂 you aint safe from relegation yet

    • Legend 27
      Legend 27 12 hours ago

      @Kurt Thompson Sorry bro I didn't think people would have time to scroll through and spell check youtube comments looking for apostrophes 😕

    • Kurt Thompson
      Kurt Thompson 14 hours ago

      Legend 27 ain’t ????? Learn how to spell

  • Lazar Petkovski
    Lazar Petkovski 15 hours ago

    only two corection Xhaka-5, Ozil-6

  • Paulkk23
    Paulkk23 15 hours ago

    Martinelli - The Brazilian Vardy

  • Osarobo Ehigiator
    Osarobo Ehigiator 15 hours ago

    Players selection spot on DT. Great job man!!

  • mohd fazli
    mohd fazli 15 hours ago

    That Jersey probably the last gift from toreira..January is coming..

  • JafPlays
    JafPlays 15 hours ago

    One thing I say about this club we always step it up for the big games at home I think we can draw or maybe even snatch a win against City a draw is more likely or even a loss coz it’s city

  • Joe "Complex geometric shapes" Rogan

    Beard looking bit jihadi pal

  • Tom Hayes
    Tom Hayes 15 hours ago

    We were awful, defensively clueless, World class talent saves us again, we can't keep relying on these players though

  • C M Wargames
    C M Wargames 15 hours ago

    Pretty spot on just Xhaka i really disagree with his role in goal and his wayward passing was dire yes can’t fault his effort but for me a 5. For me that first 60 mins was if we pass ball and keep it amongst ourselves we can’t concede and there was fear to play in the attacking third. Our first came from the fact noble came to press and left rice in no mans land but once again Martinelli for a youngster showed how clinical he was, he didn’t do anything to flash but he hustled and harried and did his bit defensively something we lose when auba is out on left occasionally and his desire to get the game restarted and go Again was infectious. Yeah saw Torreira give your boy his shirt as I’d got home from work in time to Watch the match and thought it was a nice touch that cap makes it easy to spot who He was giving shirt too. Yeah I think the way Freddie congratulated each player and had a quick word was nice and the way the also reacted showed their is a respect and willingness to work for exact other there.

  • Dimitri Yates
    Dimitri Yates 15 hours ago

    Well said - and well done Lucas. Making a four year old happy is priceless.