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LIVE Q&A - Ask Me Anything
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  • David Garrod
    David Garrod 4 hours ago

    Nash is shit, god knows how he ended up captain But I’d really love to deck that broadz twat

  • Some One
    Some One 4 hours ago

    Like if hashtag United would smash DTFC ###

  • Matthew Reach
    Matthew Reach 6 hours ago

    Hi mr dt well down for neting aftv

  • Heskey Time
    Heskey Time 7 hours ago

    Hahah nash the fat twat is useless

  • aMaZeW4
    aMaZeW4 9 hours ago

    Kieron is so wack haha

  • Mr Aks
    Mr Aks 10 hours ago

    Nash is so bad lol

  • Kgjhghujjgh Gghjkkhhhj

    Broadz , kieron and Nash are terrible

  • NN_Harribo 369
    NN_Harribo 369 10 hours ago

    Come on arsenal

  • Messi Don
    Messi Don 11 hours ago

    Pepe will score 2 today

  • Ben Parsons
    Ben Parsons 11 hours ago

    What happened to the vlogs

  • criminal oldschool connection

    Ceballos özil martinneli pepe and laca must start 🔥🔥

  • N. S
    N. S 12 hours ago

    dt every video: starting in goal berd leno straight forward really dont need to explain anything...*explains everything*

  • Everlynne mshai
    Everlynne mshai 12 hours ago

    Actually DT deserved it and he had the last nice woop woop

  • mralex070
    mralex070 12 hours ago

    So I take it you won blud brothers tournament lol... Hadn't watched it yet but congratulations, you must be very proud of your son. Not looking forward to the game we got laca who cant score to save his life.

  • Coin Toss
    Coin Toss 13 hours ago

    I'm shocked nobody said anything about dt doing an emery at around 18.55

  • Ben Hext
    Ben Hext 13 hours ago

    You did 10 players not 11 🤦🤦

    • AW 47
      AW 47 13 hours ago

      Leno is the obvious 😂

  • Score46
    Score46 13 hours ago

    Pépé can play as a striker, maybe we should play him there and drop Lacazette or play Pépé on the right and martinelli as a striker

  • Mesut Ozil
    Mesut Ozil 13 hours ago

    Congrats DT! we need another W

  • Arsenal fan For life
    Arsenal fan For life 13 hours ago

    Conratulations DT! Well done for the win mate you and the team deserved that win And Great line up! I agree!

  • jay Lloyd
    jay Lloyd 13 hours ago

    Man I’m a chelsea fan why am I here 😂😂

  • jamuriyada barakasan
    jamuriyada barakasan 13 hours ago


  • Papa Nabri
    Papa Nabri 14 hours ago

    Nobody: DT: Gunners for life ❤

  • Peaceganjareggae
    Peaceganjareggae 14 hours ago

    Ws only

  • Cameron Gormley
    Cameron Gormley 14 hours ago

    lacazette will score 2

    DINGLE HOPPER 14 hours ago

    Announce bruno

  • Niko F.
    Niko F. 14 hours ago

    kierran higuain

  • Liaam All Blades Aren't We!?

    Yeah spot on words, you're do seem to pick momentum up but as a blade I do hope for a result but I think it's going to be 1-1 I'd be happy for a draw ⚔️

    • afc vlogger
      afc vlogger 4 hours ago

      Fairplay mate u deserved a draw today

  • Niall Walsh
    Niall Walsh 14 hours ago

    About dani cebellos on the wing

  • Wizard Of Doom
    Wizard Of Doom 15 hours ago

    Don’t buy any of this “we’ve improved” crap, the proof is in the pudding, remember you said the same when Emery arrived

    • Arsenal fan For life
      Arsenal fan For life 13 hours ago

      Wizard Of Doom Do u even ever watch the matches dumb kid? Ur a fake Arsenal fan so F off.

  • Audrius Luidis
    Audrius Luidis 15 hours ago


  • Bub Gaming
    Bub Gaming 15 hours ago

    Well deserved DT FC

  • devil king maker
    devil king maker 15 hours ago

    I think this match is draw game

  • HZ Jee
    HZ Jee 15 hours ago

    My Prediction Line Up 1-11: 4-2-3-1 Leno M.Niles Sokratis David Luiz Kolasinac Guendouzi Xhaka N.Pepe D.Ceballos Martinelli Lacazette My Prediction Score: Arsenal 3-0 Sheffield United (It's time to show some class performance and start winning games and lastly Well Done to DTFC of winning the league. They deserved it.)💪

  • komujimaru
    komujimaru 15 hours ago

    loss or draw...

  • Ash
    Ash 15 hours ago

    Arsenal are playing a different way, but the squad is not good enough, Arsenal will need to spend A LOT of money if they even want top 4, nevermind win anything.

  • Justin Liong
    Justin Liong 15 hours ago

    Kieron and Nash talked so much trash since the begining, but both are the worst player in the team

  • Life of Reece Garner
    Life of Reece Garner 16 hours ago

    Does any one watch love island I do

  • Qibili
    Qibili 16 hours ago

    If we finish in the top 10 this season, that will be progress.

  • John Mwangi
    John Mwangi 16 hours ago

    I love the introduction, hope we win today game

  • Sheldon Frederick-Francis Thompson

  • J03c 15
    J03c 15 16 hours ago

    I go to a skl outside Stamford bridge 😂😂🤣 I won’t be able to get home

  • Owen Goh
    Owen Goh 16 hours ago

    I miss the vlogs😥😥

  • Saintie Ferdinand
    Saintie Ferdinand 16 hours ago

    “It’s as simple as that” counter - 1,000

  • Adam Cracroft
    Adam Cracroft 17 hours ago

    Big up DT he came through everything and has proven pretty much everyone wrong. He's also shown what a good manager he is, with a huge future!

  • Awesome Bro’s
    Awesome Bro’s 17 hours ago

    Leno Niels. Luiz. Sokratis. Saka Torriera. Xhaka. Pépe. Ozil. Nelson. Martinellí Laca got 5 yellows fam. 1 match suspension

  • Colin W
    Colin W 17 hours ago

    Well done DT. Excellent job in beating them aftv puffs and that guy that looks like a skid mark rants.

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder 17 hours ago

    Nobody: DT: gonna move into..

  • Tihnan Ahmed Fb
    Tihnan Ahmed Fb 18 hours ago

    Mike dean is refereeing so we'll get robbed Also congrats to MrDt for winning the blud bruvvas cup 🔥

  • Ahmad Farhan
    Ahmad Farhan 18 hours ago

    Dt remember van persie...van persie in other way..he only love united..haha..i predict 1-1..good luck arsenal fan...

  • Notorious MiGZ
    Notorious MiGZ 18 hours ago

    GK: Leno RB: Bellerin RCB: Sokratis LCB: Luiz LB: Saka RDM: Maitland-Niles LDM: Xhaka RM: Pepe LM: Nelson CAM: Ozil ST: Martinelli

    • Football Live
      Football Live 16 hours ago

      Ralph Kaspar not as good as martinelli

    • Shai Levy
      Shai Levy 17 hours ago

      Notorious MiGZ no because it back to zero yellow cards after 19 games

    • Notorious MiGZ
      Notorious MiGZ 17 hours ago

      @Ralph Kaspar I thought he was suspended

    • Notorious MiGZ
      Notorious MiGZ 17 hours ago

      @Ralph Kaspar he has 5 yellow cards though

    • Ralph Kaspar
      Ralph Kaspar 17 hours ago

      His work rate is phenomenal

  • Trwerking man
    Trwerking man 19 hours ago

    Lets bring back the Mo bot, I'll start it off shall I... A 1 2 3 Do The Mo Bot.. Dododdododoo dodododododododddo

  • screamboy8
    screamboy8 19 hours ago

    Congratz DTFC !

  • hb_ Cassanöva
    hb_ Cassanöva 19 hours ago

    Laca time will come jst like bobby at liverpool .He banged one N the rest followed

  • TopStrikaz TopStrikaz

    Play Pepe where Ozil play Nelson and Martenelli on the wing Pepe beat any defender 🤷‍♂️ to Me Ozil and Xhaka is the problem

  • top world
    top world 21 hour ago

    Nobody: DT: Hello boys and girls

  • omar yahya
    omar yahya 21 hour ago

    Congrats DT. Well done. You lot completely outplayed AFTV and deserved to win that game

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic 21 hour ago

    imagine if DT FC goes through the leagues, gets promoted to the PL, thrashes Man City & Guardiola, and then wins the CL, int the next 5 years. Would be 1 in a billion story

  • Zen Shahradzain
    Zen Shahradzain 21 hour ago

    Dt, please start back your match game vlogs. Miss it

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic 21 hour ago

    I knew that scully/skully guy was shit from the pre season

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic 21 hour ago


  • Sam Harrison
    Sam Harrison 21 hour ago

    Leno Maitland-Niles Sokratis Luiz Saka Torreira Xhaka Pepe Ozil Martinelli Lacazette

  • Anugrah Shrestha
    Anugrah Shrestha 22 hours ago

    Lacazette shouldn't start in any circumstances. Bin him off to some strip club in Spain.

    • Football Live
      Football Live 5 hours ago

      Anugrah Shrestha what about his work rate? It’s awesome.

    • Anugrah Shrestha
      Anugrah Shrestha 12 hours ago

      @Football Live Hasn't scored 15 goals in 3 seasons. Scored 1 away goal in 2019. 32 goals in 32 months. I think that isn't bad form.

    • Football Live
      Football Live 13 hours ago

      Anugrah Shrestha he is just lacking confidence. He hasn’t hit form. We know he’s a good player.

    • Anugrah Shrestha
      Anugrah Shrestha 16 hours ago

      @Football Live It's facts

    • Football Live
      Football Live 16 hours ago

      Anugrah Shrestha 😂

  • Pacifique HABIMANA
    Pacifique HABIMANA 22 hours ago

    We are together Mr.DT. Laca should now be firing because at the moment we don't have a sharp striker to rely on thanks to the suspension of Auba. However, it v.possible to see Martinelli and Nicolas shining in this match

  • mambet usa
    mambet usa 22 hours ago

    I hope DT fc will play in premier league

  • Thomas Cheesman
    Thomas Cheesman 22 hours ago

    Please do some match day vlogs...... Mis them.... Please bring them back.....

  • Lewis Murphy X
    Lewis Murphy X 23 hours ago


  • Rahul Rebello
    Rahul Rebello 23 hours ago

    I think we should start Pepe, Martinelli, and Nelson as our front three

    • Football Live
      Football Live 16 hours ago

      Rahul Rebello he’s just out of form.

    • Football Live
      Football Live 16 hours ago

      Rahul Rebello Nelson???? You crazy??? Pepe is better. He has hit the post last 2 games!!! He’s just a bit unlucky bro. Nelson has not done as good as pepe

    • Rahul Rebello
      Rahul Rebello 23 hours ago

      @JoshMan Rubbish, can't score for his life

    • JoshMan
      JoshMan 23 hours ago

      Rahul Rebello no laca?

  • Ethan Manners
    Ethan Manners 23 hours ago

    Back you lot all the way 🏆🥶👍🏽

  • Dean Clark
    Dean Clark 23 hours ago

    Dt clearly knows what hes doing he has the better players and fills them with confidence and self belief, you can see they attack in numbers and press as numbers there is always players in the box, aftv FC on the other hand put a cross in and no one is there and it's just a lump forward every time, those tactics dont work all the time in the modern game, nice flat astro surface get the ball down and pass it, a change of manager is required for the next series

  • isakdinhox 14
    isakdinhox 14 23 hours ago


    • Ammanuel
      Ammanuel 18 hours ago

      well be prepared because we won't make top 4. no Champion league next season. got to be realistic.

  • especiallyfootball

    Perfect example of when parents say u ain’t go be shit, keep your high and prove doubters wrong , I look up to u mate💪🏼❤️

  • Zak Alrubae
    Zak Alrubae Day ago

    Lacazette is SHIT ! The man cannot score to save his life. Not good enough for us we should move him on and bring in Eddie.

  • slinkiegirl2001

    we have been drawing to many games i want a win

    • HZ Jee
      HZ Jee 15 hours ago

      I guess we are going to get a draw again cuz we have terrible defenders can't defend a ball. Arsenal have forgetten how to win games plus if we want to get a win, a lot of changes are needed.

  • D14Villan
    D14Villan Day ago

    Not sure if they're skipping parts of it but Skullys the biggest wannabebe manager ever. I have seen zero constructive comments from him all season

  • Logan Kerr
    Logan Kerr Day ago

    Why don’t he vlog games anymore ??

    • Milo Fundz
      Milo Fundz 23 hours ago

      Logan Kerr wants to savor his time at the game more

  • Erik Anders
    Erik Anders Day ago

    It’s actually mad how fast dt have turned and want xhaka ozil to stay mad

    • Ammanuel
      Ammanuel 18 hours ago


    • Harsh Deshpande
      Harsh Deshpande 19 hours ago

      Dt has always been a supporter of xhaka and ozil

    • Josh Craig
      Josh Craig 20 hours ago

      Flip flop that’s why

    • E T
      E T 21 hour ago

      To be fair I think every Arsenal supporter wanted Xhaka gone in January but we've already got rid of the real problem which was Emery and we can all see that now

  • jamuriyada barakasan


  • Isleofskye
    Isleofskye Day ago

    Arsenal 2 Sheffield United 0..............comfortable home win...

    • Football Live
      Football Live 16 hours ago

      Isleofskye let’s hope bro

    • Isleofskye
      Isleofskye 17 hours ago

      My friend , I am in my 58th year of attending since my first match in 1962 and , good ad they are , Sheffield United are in a false position and are over-performing. I don't see Sheffield United even scoring....

    • Ammanuel
      Ammanuel 18 hours ago

      @ledlila more realistic...they have tense momentum and a squad that is used to their system with discipline ... 1-2

    • ledlila
      ledlila 23 hours ago

      We bouta lose 4-1

  • Owen xh
    Owen xh Day ago


  • Gamer boy 620
    Gamer boy 620 Day ago

    Welcome back dt

  • Milly Mahinra
    Milly Mahinra Day ago

    Sheffield have only been beaten twice away from home. Which are these teams? Aubameyang has scored 48% of Arsenal's total's goals. Which other player is relied on more as a goalscorer?

    • conor 95
      conor 95 15 hours ago

      The only teams that beat sheffield united are man city and Liverpool at their grounds I'm a blade but I think this will be a 1-1 draw 😊

    • Milly Mahinra
      Milly Mahinra 17 hours ago

      @Ammanuel Danny Ings but ok

    • Ammanuel
      Ammanuel 18 hours ago

      no one....a tie at to be proven wrong but.....

  • tomworrier
    tomworrier Day ago

    take a drink every time DT says "it's as simple as that"

  • DJ Fury DejaVu

    Congrats DTFC well played 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Liam Hannan
    Liam Hannan Day ago

    Well done dt watched blud bruvas from season 1 you come a long away brilliant watching yous playing the game we all love well done again Dt fc about time aftvs look ran out well in dt fc dt fc dt fc

  • Ali Yavan
    Ali Yavan Day ago

    Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield

  • bravehats
    bravehats Day ago

    Leno AML Sokratis David Luiz Saka Ceballos Torriera Xhaka Pepe. Lacazette. Martenilli

    • Arsenal fan For life
      Arsenal fan For life 13 hours ago

      bravehats ur fucked up mate just admit it, Ozil has been sick for the last few games under Arteta , Like Torreira, Auba and the others would have got the goals if not for him.

    • bravehats
      bravehats 14 hours ago

      @Moe Lester bench. He is not consistent enough. Can't wait for his contract to expire. Man has milked Arsenal.

    • Moe Lester
      Moe Lester 14 hours ago

      what abt ozil?

  • Emmanuel Egunjobi

    DT we need to beat up Chelsea on Tuesday because to shut them up because what they did to us in Baku and in the perimer league at the Emirates it's time do get are revenge at Stamford bridge DT

    • Will
      Will 13 hours ago

      Lol good luck with that. You're gonna need it without Auba.

      DINGLE HOPPER 14 hours ago

      We won't, especially without Auba. I'll take a draw right now and live to fight another day.

    • HZ Jee
      HZ Jee 15 hours ago

      Our first priority is to win Sheffield united. If we can't even win today, we can stop wishing on beating chelsea.😒

    • Moeez Javaid
      Moeez Javaid 16 hours ago

      @Gcode Davies we don't care because Chelsea is shit

    • Football Live
      Football Live 16 hours ago

      Zak Alrubae whatttt? Are u serious??! That’s crazy bro

  • JoshMan
    JoshMan Day ago

    My man Dt what a guy

  • Rami Abdulbaki

    Why did everyone forget about ceballos

    • Score46
      Score46 13 hours ago

      No Name he’s not class but he’s good, he’s not shite 😂

    • Moe Lester
      Moe Lester 14 hours ago

      he needs to build a bit of muscle if he wants a regular starting place

    • HZ Jee
      HZ Jee 15 hours ago

      @Tristan Feinauer At least he wins the ball often by pressuring the opponents. I think he deserves to play for tonight's game.

    • Rami Abdulbaki
      Rami Abdulbaki 15 hours ago

      79Sarwar i agree that we can do better but i think we should give the guy a chance like the other players that weren’t performing before arteta came in

    • Tristan Feinauer
      Tristan Feinauer 16 hours ago

      Takes WAAAY too long to release the ball, turns inside and outside and then loses it.

    HRFLOW Day ago

    Fun fact - DT is fuckin tall

  • RogueSaint88
    RogueSaint88 Day ago

    DT you should get Bez’s red card investigated. His hairline was still on the field at full time.

  • Kasra Habib
    Kasra Habib Day ago

    Those 5 fucking spurs supporters disliking the video

  • danny blain
    danny blain Day ago

    though he aint scoring laca been one of our best plyers lately holding the ball up etc

    • NN_Harribo 369
      NN_Harribo 369 10 hours ago

      Your not wrong

      DINGLE HOPPER 14 hours ago

      No one else in our team can retain the ball when it's fizzed into them. His work rate is second to none. Just needs to avoid giving away silly freekicks like he did vs palace

    • HZ Jee
      HZ Jee 15 hours ago

      Laca was poor recently. Not scoring, holding the ball for too long.

  • Hammad Syed
    Hammad Syed Day ago

    Laca is suspended

  • Akon Pitt
    Akon Pitt Day ago

    Best intro ever

  • Arsenal Vlogs
    Arsenal Vlogs Day ago

    Dt torriera out bro.

    • Vishnu Sharma
      Vishnu Sharma 21 hour ago

      @Emmanuel Egunjobi lol he meant torreira is out for this game, maybe injured. Not a OUT like Wenger out. :)

    • Emmanuel Egunjobi
      Emmanuel Egunjobi Day ago

      Shut up

  • Connor Wishart

    Arteta needs to put sokratis in his proper position tomorrow that’s where he’s at his best, so looking forward to doing the double ahaha UTB but I will be watching out for the post match reaction 🔴⚪️⚔️

  • Harry Watson
    Harry Watson Day ago

    Come on you gunners

  • Arsenal Vlogs
    Arsenal Vlogs Day ago

    My brother man go on dt Kieran my Luton town lads

  • Nikos Dimitriou

    This intro is dope 💥🔴⚪❤️