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Top 10 Anime of Fall 2019
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Top 10 Call of Duty Games
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Craziest Joker Fan Theories
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  • You Don’t Need To Know

    any list that doesn’t have Cate Blanchett in it is automatically wrong

  • Mary Rose
    Mary Rose 4 hours ago

    How old is too old to still be watching this show? I love it!!

  • Jane Rayos
    Jane Rayos 4 hours ago

    Not satisfied on your list instead of mystique is on the TOP 3 it should be storm.

  • Kenny Born
    Kenny Born 4 hours ago

    Stick Samsung they good at 11 not make a 12 because epic fail iPhonie 11 lol.....more lenses make more issues lol....

  • Juan Medina
    Juan Medina 4 hours ago

    Fan of your videos my concern that every time you put parody is always like Worse Should not be made Bad rating But this time around your saying greatest that's interesting

  • J.T Megaverse
    J.T Megaverse 4 hours ago

    That guy from high noon got play of the game afterwards

  • Not Stonks
    Not Stonks 4 hours ago

    Where is Batman Begins???

  • Elias Campos
    Elias Campos 4 hours ago

    Dracula dead and loving it. Best one ever

  • Levi #776
    Levi #776 4 hours ago

    He's actually with WatchMojo!? No way! No bloody way!

  • UF Cosmic Playz
    UF Cosmic Playz 4 hours ago

    I feel like blood and bacon should be on this list at number 6

  • Joshua Nolan
    Joshua Nolan 4 hours ago

    These are all great movies. Thank you big company for trying to tell me what to think.

  • 3 Hotz N a Cot
    3 Hotz N a Cot 4 hours ago

    How can there be 10 when there's not one

  • big c pimp daddy
    big c pimp daddy 4 hours ago

    Lana del reys snl is one of best performance ever.. its raw n theres nothing wrong about that..

    SL1PKNOTME 4 hours ago

    I would have added Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm St., Gremlins, Halloween and all of the Chucky movies. But, then again, I am a little different and find these movies to be more funny than scary.

  • Drr Trr
    Drr Trr 4 hours ago

    shut the hell up

  • Organic_Mechanic
    Organic_Mechanic 4 hours ago

    No Army Of Darkness? Disappointed.

  • Anastas Buzi
    Anastas Buzi 4 hours ago

    So far in the anime escanor is stronger than meliodas but yeah if we're talking manga than I get it why he wasnt on the list

  • Spooder- Man
    Spooder- Man 4 hours ago

    Jail Courtney in the corner of the room:

  • Lucky Rice
    Lucky Rice 4 hours ago

    Metal Gear Rising Revengeace should’ve been here. In my opinion all the boss fights were epic and they had cool ways to die

  • Wyler XL
    Wyler XL 4 hours ago

    Saw the thumb nail... list better be good.

  • Sham Rock
    Sham Rock 4 hours ago

    Zombieland 2

  • Goku
    Goku 4 hours ago

    Bruce Lee taught me ultra instinct...

  • Jupiter Le Fec
    Jupiter Le Fec 4 hours ago

    C’est quoi ce classement de m... ?!

  • Otaku boyz
    Otaku boyz 4 hours ago

    U drunk mojo?

  • Hector Hector
    Hector Hector 4 hours ago

    Screw New York Were the Hell is Philadelphia!

  • Dr Rare
    Dr Rare 4 hours ago

    why there a Led Zeppelin's song name after Freddie's sister?

  • Gtex Nova
    Gtex Nova 4 hours ago

    I don't listen to man I feel like a woman I just love looking at Shania twain guilty as charged

  • Doc Martn
    Doc Martn 4 hours ago

    Rated r doesn't mean that it's supposed to be scary. That just means that the content within the movie it's unsuitable for children. Fifty shades of grey is rated r and it's not scary either. a better title would have been 10 movies that are supposed to be scary that are not. Just saying.

  • Divyam Gandhakwala
    Divyam Gandhakwala 4 hours ago

    Such good shows and not one of them except the peaky blinders is on the idiotic netflix in australia. Such a shame!

  • Abhi A
    Abhi A 4 hours ago

    Sucky list

  • The Derp Knight
    The Derp Knight 4 hours ago

    Did not see _Young Frankenstein_ coming as #1 lol

  • hobbsmack
    hobbsmack 4 hours ago

    Denzel doesn't even have any competition...he should have as many oscars as he has had leading roles....I doubt even Russell Crowe would argue that.

  • Scarlett O'Hara
    Scarlett O'Hara 4 hours ago

    I have my original Jarts! And Clackers as well!

  • Jesus Rivera
    Jesus Rivera 4 hours ago

    Hello people, you definitely forgot about Katheryn Winnick!!!!

  • Cinema Paradies
    Cinema Paradies 4 hours ago

    Colonel Kurtz should have been higher!

  • Phoebe - WatchMojo
    Phoebe - WatchMojo 4 hours ago

    What do you guys think of The Mandalorian? Is it worth subscribing to Disney+ for?!

  • John Romulus Laco Morales

    “Do you have the time?” Me: goddammit, how many times is this gon appear in the list?

  • Tracy Keyes
    Tracy Keyes 4 hours ago

    I’m good not watching most of the movies adapted from his novels. So far Carrie and The Stand mini-series are the best. The Dome was a massive joke to us constant readers.

  • GhostMiner
    GhostMiner 4 hours ago

    *_I ' m g o i n g t o d i e ._*

  • Hans Dampf
    Hans Dampf 4 hours ago

    2:43 Whats that nasty thing on her elbow?

  • Daniel McDowell
    Daniel McDowell 4 hours ago

    lets just hope they keep the sjw feminism out of this show, it has killed the movies

  • Robert Polanco
    Robert Polanco 4 hours ago

    I just hope for next time when does lists of other hilarious parody movies from other genres. I will be curious of what they are.

  • Jimmy TwoToes
    Jimmy TwoToes 4 hours ago

    Like how you dumb motherfuckers dont even understand Dave's comedy. Making it about politically correct shit when Dave ain't got no time for that

  • Gujaro Pimaro
    Gujaro Pimaro 4 hours ago

    Where is melbrooks Spaceballs or the ledgendary Monthy Phythons?

    IVAN KORNUTA 4 hours ago

    7:19 he looks a lot like Brad Pitt

  • Raeka
    Raeka 4 hours ago

    I dont like katy Perry her videos are always creepie and physo

    SL1PKNOTME 4 hours ago

    I have to say that Haunted Honeymoon deserved an honorable mention in the least. One of my most favorite Horror Comedies of all time.

  • Quinton Sanders
    Quinton Sanders 4 hours ago

    Boys on the tracks Arkansas 😱 dare I Say CLINTON'S

  • amir razak
    amir razak 4 hours ago

    Watchjubo not watchmojo

  • pap jin
    pap jin 4 hours ago

    However shit JB is, he has a large crazy fan following and yet more famouys than other appearances

  • Tommy Richard
    Tommy Richard 4 hours ago

    It's spelled genre, not gere

  • NickProductions20
    NickProductions20 4 hours ago

    Anyone for “Dracula dead and lovin it”?

    DHRUV BHARDWAJ 4 hours ago

    I think you should must display the rangers you show in introduction In fact cristina masterson(Emma) from megaforce should be the first choice

  • Glenne De leon
    Glenne De leon 4 hours ago

    Tucker and Dale is my best Parody to me, specially the chainsaw scene. His just running because of the bugs. Also Scary Movies.. 😂

  • Eunice Razon
    Eunice Razon 4 hours ago

    anyone wished for the power to steal panties

  • Goni. Mine.Craft
    Goni. Mine.Craft 4 hours ago

    Well we all know that one of the scary movie movies are gonna be in the list *YES*

  • Triple X
    Triple X 4 hours ago

    MCU vs DCEU no winner yet. People think DC's end game movie is Justice league 2017 as marvel has Avengers Endgame. That is goddamn out of track, DC's endgame will be when DARKSEID finally arrives as marvel with THANOS , so wait and stop judging.

  • S
    S 4 hours ago


  • KemmetMedia
    KemmetMedia 4 hours ago

    Nailed it

  • Krillin
    Krillin 5 hours ago

    Peanut Butter

  • Krillin
    Krillin 5 hours ago

    Peanut Butter

  • Lexus LC500
    Lexus LC500 5 hours ago

    If barbecue flavour isn't on this list, I'm going to dislike this video. It's the 1st potato chips flavour I tasted. I've tried many other flavours, but nothing beats it.

  • Aurora Erigeneia
    Aurora Erigeneia 5 hours ago

    Chumlee... Where is he... *sob sob*

  • Anshu MHNR
    Anshu MHNR 5 hours ago

    La Liga ? UCL???

  • Henry Frederick
    Henry Frederick 5 hours ago

    Iconic: Just What I Needed / The Cars / 1978...

  • Emplays
    Emplays 5 hours ago

    Lol The "Comfert Wipe" was in my dream

  • Quick Click
    Quick Click 5 hours ago

    Where's the Scary Movie?

  • Valdeze Gray
    Valdeze Gray 5 hours ago

    Point Break with the wing suits. Point when they robbed the plane.

  • OtakuRhi
    OtakuRhi 5 hours ago

    Sam from Cannon Busters should totally be on this list

  • Manny In Michigan
    Manny In Michigan 5 hours ago

    Rebecca is a bad parody of a good narrator

  • Alejandro Elvira
    Alejandro Elvira 5 hours ago

    Remake Disturbia is for The Birds. Always supposed which be #1.

  • milking cow suprise
    milking cow suprise 5 hours ago

    Nothing to do with horror... but If done now... we'll get Abbott and Costello meets the mcu.. or dcu... and i think they'll be hilarious...

  • Daniel da mexican
    Daniel da mexican 5 hours ago

    Mr Crowley on top

  • Trevon - ETN & More
    Trevon - ETN & More 5 hours ago

    If Scary Movie isn’t #1, I don’t know what is Edit: oh.

  • panneer selvam steve

    3:30 it reminds me Scary Movie2

  • Daniel Wang
    Daniel Wang 5 hours ago

    i don't know why this guy is not dead

  • Steve Starks
    Steve Starks 5 hours ago

    Been playing guitar for 20+ years and I gotta say, Yngwie deserves it...

  • Andak Sindan
    Andak Sindan 5 hours ago

    I was surprised to see megumin make it to the list!!!

  • MrCrackerJack420
    MrCrackerJack420 5 hours ago

    The GTAV review was utterly idiotic. “There’s no positive female characters in the game.” There’s NO positive characters period. The GTA universe is a heavy skewer and parody of our world.

  • SparXZWizard
    SparXZWizard 5 hours ago

    Mob vs Saiki......Saiki would win......he created anime fgs.....

    DHRUV BHARDWAJ 5 hours ago

    I think troy should not be in this list Moreover if someone doesn't like his emotions No one should put a red ranger in this list especially troy

  • Mody Osman
    Mody Osman 5 hours ago

    Unpopular opinion, but Seed of Chucky was great. Should've put it in the list.

  • Huzaifa Gill
    Huzaifa Gill 5 hours ago

    *Top 10 sex parody movies?*

  • Maou
    Maou 5 hours ago

    I hope number 1 is "One Piece is real"

  • Mousen has fallen and he can't get up

    I'm not so sure Killua is more powerful than Gon though...

  • G1 Grimlock
    G1 Grimlock 5 hours ago

    I can't stop laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Florrie Davey
    Florrie Davey 5 hours ago

    Corey's was hilarious 😂

  • Cringe Gacha Bearer
    Cringe Gacha Bearer 5 hours ago


  • Paul's Parlour
    Paul's Parlour 5 hours ago

    Cough Monster Hunter World PS4 cough.

  • Detroit North Gun
    Detroit North Gun 5 hours ago

    Who is here in November

  • Fryan
    Fryan 5 hours ago

    No deșteaptă-te romane?

  • Sir Friendship
    Sir Friendship 5 hours ago


  • spider snake
    spider snake 5 hours ago

    This 2019 remake is pure shit.. where is the og Chucky 😪

  • Harris Sufyan
    Harris Sufyan 5 hours ago

    Twilight should be NUMBER ONE!!!!!

  • rizki ai
    rizki ai 5 hours ago

    Tell me why....

  • rizki ai
    rizki ai 5 hours ago

    Hello world

  • Calix Santos
    Calix Santos 5 hours ago

    Costa Concordia SS Edmund Fitzgerald MV Wilhelm Gustloff MS Estonia SS Mont Blanc RMS Lusitania USS Arizona MV Le Joola MV Doña Paz RMS Titanic

  • PetarBlade Štrok
    PetarBlade Štrok 5 hours ago

    Ummm Dragonite?!