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Top 10 Terrifying Asteroids
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Top 10 Angry Joe Moments
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  • _Suburban_
    _Suburban_ 39 minutes ago

    There's no caramel in Coke. The ingredient is "caramel coloring."

    GAME4WAR 41 minute ago

    KISS Sucks

    MYSTERIOUS UNIVERSE 41 minute ago

    everyone blames the devil for their sins every sin you commit is because you commuted them I love god and Jesus but stop blaming someone for giving into your own temptation

  • mrsun9775
    mrsun9775 41 minute ago

    Nr 6 ... its full of sugar 😅

  • Rodolfo Yabut
    Rodolfo Yabut 42 minutes ago

    The commentary ruins this video. Completely annoyed.

  • XiXi Gonzales
    XiXi Gonzales 43 minutes ago

    Oh that #1 placeholder made me want to stomp the fuck out of him. Don’t let him out, he doesn’t deserve to die but I want him to get what he fucking deserves. I just feel bad for that little girl to have a father like that. He doesn’t even have a right to be protective of her as a man who does something and then POSTS a sex acts of a 13 year old. He can never judge another man if he does the same to his daughter. This is truly a piece of human GARBAGE.

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos 43 minutes ago

    The pig was terrifying in starfox😂

  • MGAlter
    MGAlter 45 minutes ago

    I mean, I was thinking GIlgamesh v. Berserker for your pick of fate, but that lancer vs. hassan fight was straight fire too. Honestly, im just glad fate series is getting more and more recognition.

  • kaya sawyer
    kaya sawyer 45 minutes ago

    Winden isn’t actually a fictional town, it’s basically the German version of Springfield.

  • Deba Dev
    Deba Dev 46 minutes ago

    Enough should have been on the top 10 Wonder Woman versus her bro

  • Death In The Spotlight
    Death In The Spotlight 47 minutes ago

    Killing Mike is a shoe-in for this list. Who gives a damn about a couple of drug dealers who barely had a line in their scenes?

  • Matthew Volb
    Matthew Volb 47 minutes ago

    I'll say it, I think the godfather is overrated

  • Cinder Man
    Cinder Man 47 minutes ago

    This list is actually quite a shit-show. There are artists FAR worse than most of these losers. Corey Feldman, anyone? PS., Spot on with Yoko Ono. I love that John felt true love for this woman, but Jesus H. Christ, keep her away from ANY f**king microphone. PPS., If you haven't checked them out yet, Sean Lennon and Les Claypool have an AMAZING band together called the Claypool Lennon Delirium. Check 'em out! John's living on, in a strange and wonderful sort of way.

  • Boss Dog
    Boss Dog 47 minutes ago

    Don't show Gillette adds. I won't watch this if you do.

  • andrew lawrence
    andrew lawrence 48 minutes ago

    John Fogerty sued by a record company for ripping off a song he wrote. Men At Work sued for use of music that in 1980 was public domain but brought buy wanker in 2000 because of stupid Disney legal shitfuckery to hold the rights Micky mouse sues for royalties to flute riff in the song

  • Donal Joshy
    Donal Joshy 49 minutes ago

    Batman is better in almost every way

  • Dani3po
    Dani3po 49 minutes ago

    The "best ports" run at 500p. I don't even wanna know what resolution worst ports run at. Welcome back to to 90's!

  • Montay TheGreat
    Montay TheGreat 49 minutes ago

    Who else clicked because of boondocks?👋🏾

  • Suman Chhetri
    Suman Chhetri 49 minutes ago

    I doubt that u have seen Naruto... Stupid stupid list...

  • Dalibor Mirkovic
    Dalibor Mirkovic 50 minutes ago

    no Dragonball heck? or spider man

  • Playstation psycho
    Playstation psycho 51 minute ago

    Chucky is not the doll hes the man in the doll. All these people saying 2019 chucky is better how can that be because chucky is Charles lee ray not the doll. So no Charles NO CHUCKY

  • Vintomania
    Vintomania 51 minute ago

    No masters of the universe which saddens me As well as no Thundercats!

  • Nanette Reyes
    Nanette Reyes 52 minutes ago

    There are other great band of the 80's Faster Pussycat, Tesla, Harem Scarem, Savatage Cinderella wtf.. not even mentioned

  • Kou Izumi
    Kou Izumi 52 minutes ago

    Luke: I'll never turn to the Dark Side. *30 years later, contemplates murdering his nephew*

  • Son Göki
    Son Göki 52 minutes ago


  • Alfonso Nahuat
    Alfonso Nahuat 52 minutes ago

    I lost faith in Sandler after ‘’That’s my boy’’, a horrible movie.

  • Mark Francis
    Mark Francis 53 minutes ago

    I am so smart I am so smart Smrt

  • Dalton Boardman
    Dalton Boardman 53 minutes ago

    4:32 Oh god, even the walls aren't safe from Pennywise's influence.

  • elijah galvan
    elijah galvan 53 minutes ago

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 wasn't that bad RAGE 2 was ok but it was definitely a Sequel nobody asked for.

  • Master Epps Returns
    Master Epps Returns 53 minutes ago

    We hate Chuck because although he was a critical hypocrite, he was right about a lot of things concerning the character whom we’re supposed to love: Jimmy.

  • Josh Begin
    Josh Begin 53 minutes ago

    The tunnel level? How about every level after that? 🤣🤣

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff 54 minutes ago

    @10:35 John Fogerty had to bring a guitar to court when his former record company sued him for plagiarizing himself. They own the rights to his old music and they thought his current music sounded too much like his old music.

  • Wolfkek
    Wolfkek 54 minutes ago

    well you ruined velociraptors for me. thanks.

  • tigerns35
    tigerns35 55 minutes ago

    Yeah it's not strong enough to desolve a tooth, but try leaving any animal liver in coke for 24hours.... Imagine what's it doing it to yours, don't drink this stuf...

  • Jack Millington
    Jack Millington 55 minutes ago

    evil protagonist is all in the eye of the beholder take overlord aniz is founding a uptipa of sort where all race live in peace and crime a poverty is non- exentance and they live under a powerful ruler but they needed to fight the kingdom in order to do so ainz has to do so to prove his strength and not let any other countries try to attack for being undead

  • Philip B
    Philip B 56 minutes ago

    Expected deep impact and Armageddon

  • Mike Kennedy
    Mike Kennedy 57 minutes ago

    Seriously, the song that made you, that was your biggest hit and funded your life... you open and close your concert with it! Hate it backstage, love it while you play it. Give your PAYING CUSTOMERS what they want 'cause it's not about you!

  • Arlinia Drummonds
    Arlinia Drummonds 57 minutes ago

    WT?... MCLyte should've been #1.. These people don't have a clue. And you forgot YoYo, RemyMa,CardiB... But you remember Missy?

  • Arun  Mohan
    Arun Mohan 57 minutes ago

    I believe Tom and Jerry should be no.2.. because Mickey mouse and Tom and Jerry are the cartoons everyone around the world should have been watched or at least heard about once in their lifetime..

  • Tien Shinhan
    Tien Shinhan 58 minutes ago

    You’ve obviously never played any ultimate alliance game lol, the camera has always been shitty

  • The Afterhours
    The Afterhours 58 minutes ago

    Where’s Josta?

  • Joeygotjokes
    Joeygotjokes 58 minutes ago

    What happened to Thundercats, Silver Hawks, He-man, She-Ra, Animaniacs, etc? There are a lot that are missing from this list.

  • Jurre Huizinga
    Jurre Huizinga 58 minutes ago

    My own favorite is life is a highway.

  • Mr. Emerald The Green
    Mr. Emerald The Green 58 minutes ago

    I actually liked Orbitz,, and not many drinks can make me part with diet soda

    SYNCR0NIZE 59 minutes ago

    No offense but it looks a bit cool.

  • Alexis Hernan
    Alexis Hernan Hour ago

    I made this up but i think tv tropes has it covered but i like to call it VOSW It means VICTIMS OF SHITY WRITING

  • Samantha McNamee

    How could this list not mention Volcano and Dante's Peak???

  • SHĐØW蒙 N1NJ4

    I think there will be naruto

  • Benjamin LeBaron

    WatchMojo, you dropped the ball on this list. Period. Jay Mohr was outstanding! RDJ?! Seriously? You forgot Melanie Hutsell, Kyle Mooney and a slew of others. IJS.

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia Hour ago

    Yeah thats not me. I stoped a little speeding ford focas once with my hand. That shit hurts.

  • G ODE
    G ODE Hour ago

  • captain awesome
    captain awesome Hour ago

    yuk.they are all horrible and their music is shit.i,m out

  • rahowhero X
    rahowhero X Hour ago

    Too many western songs ... which all suck. Garth brooks aint real country.

  • Borderlands Psycho FTW

    Fi's theme is even more sad considering that she's stayed in the Master Sword all the way through every timeline where it was wielded. She's watched every Link who've handled it come and go, time after time and has even witnessed some of their death's first hand. The fact you can hear her theme and sound in Breath of the Wild backs this up. Not to mention that she even speaks to Zelda in that game so hopefully she finally makes a well needed return....

  • Ago Contealia
    Ago Contealia Hour ago

  • Bro Zart
    Bro Zart Hour ago

    Mayweather is such a bitch

  • L e
    L e Hour ago

    Liberty city stories over gta 3 all day if your talking mafia stories

  • Karl Limpin
    Karl Limpin Hour ago


  • Marcel Walker
    Marcel Walker Hour ago

    "Career Day" is the only one I've specifically come to TheXvid to watch, and I get something new out of it all the time. I appreciate the comedy, the writing, the timing, and the lead performance. Adam Driver plays Parnassus so straight and serious - as though he were in a dramatic film - that the character becomes hilariously funny. I'm not an SNL detractor, but nothing on the show in years has made me laugh like this sketch.

  • haders gonna hade

    One of my favorite person ever. Fell for him the first time i saw him as stefon 😘

  • Playstation psycho

    I actually fell asleep and missed the form lift scene😂

  • TheMicrowave
    TheMicrowave Hour ago


  • Alexander Baker
    Alexander Baker Hour ago

    So the entire current cast?

  • Gunni Bare
    Gunni Bare Hour ago

    Take goatboy off now

  • dillpicklechips
    dillpicklechips Hour ago

    You know, I’ve watched countless watch mojo videos. And I just realized, I’d rather watch these things then listen to dis bitch talk about them.

  • Amatsu Kami Mikaboshi

    What's worse than one Whopper? Two....

  • Deborah Leach
    Deborah Leach Hour ago

    SpongeBob is meant to be a funny kids show that is comedic and that is meant to make kids laugh so I really think that this video is just a bunch of nonsense.

  • Veronique Marland

    what about queen

  • Avenged84
    Avenged84 Hour ago

    Please stop with the "Subscribe to us" thing before the #1 spot. I subscribed long ago so I do not need a reminder every damn video. It's really annoying as hell and probably everyone who wants to sub will do so even without you begging for it.

  • tan3r79
    tan3r79 Hour ago


  • J King31
    J King31 Hour ago

    Jim Belushi has never been funny in anything he's ever done

  • Vito Gonzalez
    Vito Gonzalez Hour ago

    Well the hashtag ruined the #1 pick. And it's not hashtag one

  • Joe x hunter
    Joe x hunter Hour ago

    "Guess rubber can't bounce back from everything" Bastard.. ok now you've pissed be off !!!!

  • Erik Lehman
    Erik Lehman Hour ago

    What no Smurfs. A true over look!

  • STH151NicoleFan
    STH151NicoleFan Hour ago

    Are you freaking kidding me!? I got pretty ticked off when you put Rage 2 in there but I can’t believe you guys put Days Gone and Wolfenstein Young Blood in there too! I can’t stop playing those games and I have been waiting years for them!

  • lawrence cansino

    This should be alucard and kars LOL

  • Weeb God
    Weeb God Hour ago

    I don’t watch mojo watches anime

  • agung andy
    agung andy Hour ago

    I agree with your pick now

  • Elvi Nimali
    Elvi Nimali Hour ago

    Did anyone else think the animal shooting squad scenes were redundant emotional filler that the series otherwise managed to avoid

  • Thomas Whalley
    Thomas Whalley Hour ago

    Hey What About The Smurfs Popeye Alvin and the Chipmunks The Adventures of Tintin

  • Jacob Flury
    Jacob Flury Hour ago

    What about jay Leno as cartmans cat?

  • Weeb God
    Weeb God Hour ago

    Did you just say Dbz is not number 1

  • Kathleen McCarthy

    I loved Jim Breuer as Joe Pesci in The Joe Pesci Show! When Pesci and DiNiro both actually showed up it was hilarious!

  • Jonathan Huerta
    Jonathan Huerta Hour ago

    How in the hell is Dave Grohl even near this list!? And Jim Morrison isn’t even in the top 10? And Freddie isn’t number ONE!? This is ridiculous

  • Carlos A.
    Carlos A. Hour ago

    We all know why we are here.

  • JunglePubez
    JunglePubez Hour ago

    How did Masters of the Universe not even get an honorable mention??

  • Total Creative Gaming

    What about Batou vs Kuze In Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig?

  • Maurice 2000
    Maurice 2000 Hour ago

    It’s crazy how some of y’all are defending this man

  • Opal Blue
    Opal Blue Hour ago

    Souther vs kenshiro should be added to the list...

    • True Grave
      True Grave Hour ago

      @Opal Blue If the version I saw is true to the manga, what Kaioh did to him was brutal. It was just a bigger shock to me that Ken lost after acquiring Musou Tensei than his fight against Thouzer was a shock. Ken had previously lost to Shin and drawn with Raoh so it wasn't as big a shock to me.

    • Opal Blue
      Opal Blue Hour ago

      @True Grave Ken didn't lose badly against him, Kaioh just can counter most of the Ken's move. While Souther almost beat Ken to death.

    • True Grave
      True Grave Hour ago

      I thought Kenshiro vs. Kaioh 1 was more shocking. I honestly didn't expect Kaioh to counter Musou Tensei.

  • hardyan pajero
    hardyan pajero Hour ago


  • Bryan Barwick
    Bryan Barwick Hour ago

    Metallica should be more than just an honorable mention!

  • The Ehsan27
    The Ehsan27 Hour ago

    Me seeing the thumbnail:Next you say you were only pretending to be a clown

  • Iker ID
    Iker ID Hour ago

    1.-It’s Time 2.-Real Life 3.-Radioactive 4.-Dream 5.-Bad Liar Stripped 6.-Amsterdam 7.-West Coast 8.-Bleeding Out 9.-On the Top of the World 10.-Thief

  • Tyler Mcgilvery
    Tyler Mcgilvery Hour ago

    The what? Oh ZA WOOOORLDO

  • SweetFoxLaura
    SweetFoxLaura Hour ago

    10 is not enough.

  • markdiaz512
    markdiaz512 Hour ago

    Ash only won Aloha league because of: 1. A illegal costume that nullified a Z-move giving Ash a unfair/undeserved advantage. 2. Hau's grandpa interference. 3. Glisopod emergency exit which was a lazy excuse for writers. Also Glisopod is a top tier pokemon with some of the highest attack/defense stats. But somehow 2 low tier 2nd evolution managed to take down Glisopod. Ash didn't win Aloha but the writers needed to pull something out their behind to end the series.

  • Silvery Blue
    Silvery Blue Hour ago

    That tide pod does look tasty tho 😂😂

  • Fahad Aljaberi
    Fahad Aljaberi Hour ago

    Where is Courtney Love by Molly Shannon that was funny

  • Styling King
    Styling King Hour ago

    GreAt moments for a while

  • Agata Malecka
    Agata Malecka Hour ago

    Candle in the wind was dedicated to Freddie Mercury.