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It’s been so long
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TNT song via noteblocks
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The SCP-106 Experience
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what if
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OASIS stand cry
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  • James Malang
    James Malang Day ago


  • LukeAlexander Matheou

    I want a full version

  • renfb
    renfb 2 days ago


  • D.r Offinsive
    D.r Offinsive 2 days ago

    Secco looks like a god damn emoji

  • pupal dugal
    pupal dugal 2 days ago


  • Saber Uchiha
    Saber Uchiha 4 days ago

    I like scolippi

  • Reydriel
    Reydriel 4 days ago

    This must have been so difficult to convey in the manga. If you think about it, manga panels are always "skipping time" lol, this ability would've looked no different to just panel progression in manga

  • Overy
    Overy 5 days ago

    Narancia and Secco are so cute.

  • Martin Lion
    Martin Lion 7 days ago

    Aaaah so that’s how king crimson works

  • Angie ꈍwꈍ
    Angie ꈍwꈍ 7 days ago

    1:28 aw, poor narancia

  • Burak Kerim Özkan
    Burak Kerim Özkan 8 days ago

    1:03 ;)

  • Imee Sta. Barbara
    Imee Sta. Barbara 10 days ago

    Doppio eats frog 20??: colorized

  • Queen Fangirl
    Queen Fangirl 11 days ago

    Ah yes, jojo's beach episode

  • Zed Zombies115
    Zed Zombies115 13 days ago

    1:54 assault riffle

  • Adrija Žaltauskaitė

    2:19 Giorno holds Mista's hand

  • Star Platinum
    Star Platinum 19 days ago

    Cooking: invented in 1644 People in 1643:

  • ha shira
    ha shira 20 days ago

    Secco like a suger fan :)

  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 23 days ago

    1:20 rare footage of backstory

  • Out_Of_Time137
    Out_Of_Time137 23 days ago

    0:39 notice how fugo gets left behind, just like how he dissapears in the anime

  • Gino Gregory
    Gino Gregory 24 days ago

    *D O Y O U P A Y Y O U R T A X E S ?*

  • Brucker 996
    Brucker 996 25 days ago

    Nobody Survival In Jojo 5 Only Giorno

  • AJ Shimkus
    AJ Shimkus 29 days ago

    I wonder how old secco was when Cioccolata “adopted” him

  • Break Requizar
    Break Requizar Month ago

    Still this man was just trying to tell them the truth didn’t want no smoke from the gang.

  • TuMadre8000
    TuMadre8000 Month ago

    3:58 jesus fucking christ

  • 『ZA WARUDO』21世界

    3:30 wtf how Mista coul shoot 3 times if 1 bullet didn't work??

  • k̸i̸n̸g̸ d̸r̸i̸p̸p̸

    Stand says it cooler than bucciarati when he says it

  • Lord Nevaplor
    Lord Nevaplor Month ago

    0:52 is my favorite scene

  • Yagami Light
    Yagami Light Month ago

    Gordon Ramsay: Finally some good fucking food

  • Neightrix Prime
    Neightrix Prime Month ago

    Why do these edits always cut off the ending?

    • AtlaSanity_
      AtlaSanity_ Month ago

      Because that’s literally the end of the episode

  • Stalin did nothing wrong

    That part 3 ost tho.

  • Rohit Kalaikumar
    Rohit Kalaikumar Month ago

    Gonna make this my new ringtone

  • El Kingu Crimson
    El Kingu Crimson Month ago

    1:39 Giorno PART 3 Giorno PART 3 Giorno PART 3 Giorno PART 3 Giorno PART 3

  • BogyPotet
    BogyPotet Month ago

    im just saying that everytime i see this it sends chills down my spine cause of how tense the moment was when the shit in the intro happened

  • cattata01 YT-_-
    cattata01 YT-_- Month ago

    And then abbrochio's soul assumed the identity of aizawa,and swore to make sure all the kids knew their math so fugo doesn't stab them with a fork.

  • GunScott HDgaming

    *Diavolo would have comeback if he didnt went in the sewers*

    • Leandro Fuentes
      Leandro Fuentes Month ago

      Wouldn't he have drowned if he didn't grab on to them though?

  • 名前御
    名前御 Month ago


  • Zombruv 2
    Zombruv 2 Month ago


  • ThisNameSucks
    ThisNameSucks Month ago

    Pink haired Italian male stripper with personality disorder beats up a crippled french man.

  • made in heaven
    made in heaven Month ago

    hayato arives out of nowhere and gains the strongest stand:Hey ya,and uses the requiem arrow to make hey ya requiem and kill diavolo with his requiem ability:infinite death

  • Pootis Man
    Pootis Man Month ago

    1:19 Every male before november 1st

    • Sanji Uchiha
      Sanji Uchiha Month ago

      Except guys who arent as simple and stupid to go along with that bullshit

  • Lettuce
    Lettuce Month ago

    Heh, it’s hard to believe someone like Narancia would eat more fruits and vegetables considering he doesn’t look like the type to. Ya hear that people, EAT MORE FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND IF YOU ARE SO PARANOID OF GETTING EATEN BY A CANNIBAL TNEN EAT A LOT OF MEAT (not suggested btw lol)

  • MusiSean
    MusiSean Month ago

    I got confused so who’s who ?

    • MusiSean
      MusiSean Month ago

      AtlaSanity_ ok so diavolo is Bruno and Trish is mista right ?

    • AtlaSanity_
      AtlaSanity_ Month ago

      You’ll have to watch the rest of the clips

  • [Demi-God]???
    [Demi-God]??? Month ago

    At least Giornio and GER solved Trish's daddy issues.

  • btsarmy
    btsarmy Month ago

    I just noticed but at 0:38 when everyone starts going narancia hesitates and then runs toward the others and fugo just doesn't go just like in the scene where they start betraying the boss

  • BigguBosu117
    BigguBosu117 Month ago

    Just stop make them, ok?

  • Seb Taglienti
    Seb Taglienti Month ago

    Doesn’t anyone know the music that starts at 3:23?

  • Trikki for 2020
    Trikki for 2020 Month ago

    1:45 when I saw the 7 page muda in anime form 1:45 when I realize people in the comments already made this joke

  • gar !!!
    gar !!! Month ago

    this is why he is my favourite character and I identify with him so much. It's all in the 3 am thoughts man.

  • ChampionGold
    ChampionGold Month ago

    Giorno... these past 9 days really were fun

  • Nice
    Nice 2 months ago

    so are you solid shibe?

  • BreadBurner
    BreadBurner 2 months ago

    0:06 epic number nice

  • Hi I'm Tua
    Hi I'm Tua 2 months ago

    1:02 yoooooo! That's when Diavolo was talking to Giorno in v2 and v3

  • *Smasher 874*
    *Smasher 874* 2 months ago

    0:52 if you put the speed at 0.5 it seems with drugs

  • Fabio1349
    Fabio1349 2 months ago


  • Twitch Vapzx 2,0
    Twitch Vapzx 2,0 2 months ago

    If I see a girl with a toy phone on an airplane I am totally learning this whole script and reciting it right there and there

  • History Egg
    History Egg 2 months ago

    Soooo... how did King Crimson do that if he can't interact with the world around him?

  • Putu Yudistra
    Putu Yudistra 2 months ago

    I know that mista going to F her dead body

    • Trish Una
      Trish Una 21 day ago

      You know what’s funny? *HE DOESN’T YOU BASTARD*

  • Homeless to Greatness
    Homeless to Greatness 2 months ago

    Plot twist: It's Jolyne

  • Blake Williams
    Blake Williams 2 months ago

    He deserves those sugar cubes more than anything

  • a panda
    a panda 2 months ago

    Mista please just listen to him!

  • a panda
    a panda 2 months ago

    1:26 Mista you are scaring the child, stop traumatising Narancia

  • joseph gover
    joseph gover 2 months ago


  • Yeet
    Yeet 2 months ago

    If anyone is looking for the theme of 1:19 it’s

  • Nolan Horn
    Nolan Horn 2 months ago

    I honestly sorta wanted them to be fine after this. Is that wrong? I don’t feel like it’s that wrong.

  • Reehan Akter
    Reehan Akter 2 months ago

    1:45 WTF 😆😂

  • The Dancing Mudkip
    The Dancing Mudkip 2 months ago

    I can't wait to hear this from the dub

  • The Guy
    The Guy 2 months ago

    Stand cries Muda Ari Vola Wannabe Miiiissttaaaa

  • Jett Parnell
    Jett Parnell 2 months ago

    Oh shit 9/11 reference

  • G BfiG
    G BfiG 2 months ago

    I like when secco being kid is so heart warming

  • Doppio but high
    Doppio but high 2 months ago

    robbie rotton is a stand user

  • Giio Giovanna
    Giio Giovanna 2 months ago

    mista best girl

  • Ruin Me
    Ruin Me 2 months ago

    Well someone’s into pet play lol

  • Isaac Travers
    Isaac Travers 2 months ago

    First dammit

  • Isaac Travers
    Isaac Travers 2 months ago


  • Vietnam Yoshi
    Vietnam Yoshi 2 months ago

    1:38 now *This is what I came for.

  • Sheree Hi
    Sheree Hi 2 months ago

    Everyone: oh how cute Me: wtf

  • anime index
    anime index 3 months ago

    Poor guy he looks so much like a villain and sounds like it too but he’s actually just trying to help in anyway he can

  • ・Poland ・
    ・Poland ・ 3 months ago

    0:25 Omae wa... *s h i n d e r u*

  • フォビドゥン
    フォビドゥン 3 months ago


  • Walter Clements
    Walter Clements 3 months ago

    *This Seems Familiar*

  • izak taylor
    izak taylor 3 months ago

    i put 1:45 to 1:49 on 2x speed i was not disappointed

  • Sanaz Hunter
    Sanaz Hunter 3 months ago

    no dignity

  • Maria Carvalho
    Maria Carvalho 3 months ago


  • Benito Perez
    Benito Perez 3 months ago

    What happend to number 1?

  • Kris
    Kris 3 months ago

    Everybody gangsta until time skips

  • Bg Link24
    Bg Link24 3 months ago

    *Me:* Why do I get addicted to every Jojo opening on the 3rd or 4th listen no matter how it sounds? *Jojo OP Stand:* Fool! You are already under the effect of my power!

  • eXalt
    eXalt 3 months ago

    I bet diavolo is still dying rn.

  • jordan ellington
    jordan ellington 3 months ago

    Kid looses his juul pod 2:33

  • Fenix Play
    Fenix Play 3 months ago

    2:15 Best part 5 dialogue

  • 2015 Corvette Z06
    2015 Corvette Z06 3 months ago

    Nobody: Narancia: Eh?

  • Pablo Mendoza Mendoza
    Pablo Mendoza Mendoza 3 months ago

    the moment when takes the nut 1:45

  • TheCursed Gary
    TheCursed Gary 3 months ago

    1:39 When I find a really good porno 1:46 When I’m cumming

  • Zhiphile Torn
    Zhiphile Torn 3 months ago


  • RpgBlaster
    RpgBlaster 3 months ago

    Doppio having dinner with the donut

  • Solar Deli
    Solar Deli 3 months ago

    bro i swear to god that part in the begging at 0:11 is fucking amazing. God i can not express how much i love this song and jojo at all.The music is always fucking amazing, the show is amazing, and god damn Araki is just the greatest human being in the world.

  • Артем Логачев

    Kami no sadame ni sae Hanki wo hirugaesu Gang-star [Verse 1] Osore to iu kanjou wo Kakikesu Rage Akuma ni somuku to Chikatta hi kara Houfuku to wa shuumatsu ka Mirai wo kou Ikikata wo sutete Idomu mono Stay Gold [Pre-Chorus] Sou sa me ni wa me wo Uragirimono ni wa Rekuiemu wo Woah - Woah [Chorus] Zetsubou ga temaneku Sekai ni tachimukau Don't care jihi nado iranai sa Karada horobiru toki Inori mo kie hateru? Hell no! Hajimari no Golden Wind

  • L Basi
    L Basi 3 months ago