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It’s $52k good lord
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  • Steven Manning
    Steven Manning 8 minutes ago

    The Mac Pro isn't meant for 98% of regular computer users. It's meant for graphics designers who work for tv and movie production studios, research and development people at major universities, and people who work in things like AutoCAD. A Windows build that is the equivalent of the maxed-out Mac Pro easily runs north of $60k, so all things considered the Mac Pro is a bargain. Dare I talk about that Sony monitor that is meant to calibrate HDR content that itself is over 40K?

  • SteveAkaGoatpile
    SteveAkaGoatpile 13 minutes ago

    if you buy a pickup truck for its design and look then you do not need a truck and should get a saloon instead.

  • SteveAkaGoatpile
    SteveAkaGoatpile 17 minutes ago

    tri motor is coming out in 2023. so its unclear if battery improvements are already part of the stated range.

  • Hase
    Hase 17 minutes ago

    They announced this as a rack and now it actually makes a lot more sense to me

  • Festival Flight Crew
    Festival Flight Crew 25 minutes ago

    So basically a iPad with a keyboard attached.

  • wrxsubaru02
    wrxsubaru02 38 minutes ago

    The biggest issue i predict is repair-ability. A truck is used for work so there will be lots of job site accidents that break parts all over the truck which would make it a major problem and financial loss for both the customer and tesla. They will have to add a ton more repair locations and teams just for this truck which will cost them way more than expected. Once Tesla can be repaired like any other car on the road, they will have fully succeeded in the auto industry.

  • lucky dhiman
    lucky dhiman 46 minutes ago

    The upcoming GPU's are going to be cheaper than the Vega duo's. As those are GDDR6 option not the HBM ones.

  • JKayser
    JKayser Hour ago

    Yeah I use my tablet in landscape all the time.

  • Pedro Sousa
    Pedro Sousa Hour ago


  • kaartikeya panjwani

    "That thing has wheels included",lmao

  • Rexin Oridle
    Rexin Oridle Hour ago

    I'm only interested in the Afterburner card.

  • Mohamed Hussain
    Mohamed Hussain Hour ago

    I wonder how much it would cost if it is made in China etc...

  • seigemotube
    seigemotube Hour ago

    A nice Car or a computer that’s the question ......

  • Shameer Mulji
    Shameer Mulji 2 hours ago

    If you're complaining about the price, this machine is obviously not for you. For those that need this power and capability, they will not blink at the price.

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins 2 hours ago

    At this price they should include airpods, at least 18W charger, and at least 48 mp cameras. With a case inside the box. Just like xiaomi.

  • Taj Callender
    Taj Callender 2 hours ago

    So that isn’t even the final maxed out price!

  • João Maria Jorge
    João Maria Jorge 3 hours ago

    62.500€ in Portugal 🇵🇹. Something like 69.000$ US dolars. Already with taxes. 🤣🤣

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy 3 hours ago

    Threadripper 3970x.

  • Michael Latta
    Michael Latta 4 hours ago

    For years Apple has gotten the architecture independent code for apps submitted to the App Store. They should be able to deliver all App Store apps in native ARM on day 1

  • Matthew Eliart
    Matthew Eliart 4 hours ago

    What this is the best thing since slice bread this thing is just fucking genus

  • Felix Huray
    Felix Huray 4 hours ago

    You can get a car with that monies

  • some guy
    some guy 4 hours ago

    Apple can go for fuck themselves!

  • Jonny Bingham
    Jonny Bingham 4 hours ago

    I think u are focusing a bit too much on the maxed out version. More interesting is what this thing does for a £10k machine. It’s there that it is value for money for pros.

  • Azure Thessian
    Azure Thessian 4 hours ago

    Drew. Officially, most enjoyable video about new MacPro. Good laugh. AppleCard bit! Priceless :D I'm PC first and Mac second. No nVidia support, no more Macs. What's totally depressing for folks on MacOS is that equivalent Xeon Platinum/EPYC/Threadripper system with 4 Quadros RTX6000 (16k USD) and stuffed full of RAM and with paltry 4TB NVMe will cost much less and smoke MacPro totally. For 3D work that's not even a contest. It gets even worse with dual CPU chassis and risers you can plug 7 or 8 aforementioned Quadros into one enclosure... for same price as maxed MP with tons of connectivity still left to use. Speechless. Apple is no longer Apple - despite logo. It's Bananas completely.

  • Docta byte
    Docta byte 4 hours ago

    I actually think it looks really good and think it would be a really good first car

  • BuzzedBox
    BuzzedBox 5 hours ago

    I love your studio background browwwww! :)

  • planetxdvd
    planetxdvd 5 hours ago

    Thats $102K Australian for a maxxed out setup.. sweet jesus..

  • Hunnit Thou
    Hunnit Thou 5 hours ago

    Apple fanboy channel

  • DS 19
    DS 19 5 hours ago

    I can make it easier. Pro version = overpriced garbage. Non-Pro version = overpriced garbage. Done. This guy is an idiot.

  • Vaughn Downard
    Vaughn Downard 5 hours ago

    Can someone tell me how the ‘Apple sheep’ is managing to overlook a ton of vital information in his complaints?

  • DS 19
    DS 19 5 hours ago

    Lol 50k and my Nitro 5 is still better. Hell my Raspberry Pi ei5g Ubintu is better. Lol @ Apple fools.

  • Erin Piers
    Erin Piers 6 hours ago

    Just to pick up email and notes and my music that's it that's all I would use it for

  • Illbosboy
    Illbosboy 6 hours ago

    It costs more than a nice car.

  • Erin Piers
    Erin Piers 6 hours ago

    I thought the ipod touch and any ipod would of vanished I'm a bit shocked they still do it

  • Tx66
    Tx66 7 hours ago

    I shook my head so hard I was afraid it falls off.

  • Will Newcomb
    Will Newcomb 7 hours ago

    Mine keep falling out. I'll have to buy some hooks! (Yes i've tried the different sizes of tips).

  • Marcos César
    Marcos César 7 hours ago

    "for 52k you can pay someone to edit for you" Well, if i buy one and edit for those peoples, i would receive all the cash back quickly, seems like a good deal to me

  • Dying OldMan
    Dying OldMan 8 hours ago

    *Just gone buy it & used it one street's after being homeless from buying it yaaa*

  • allways inquire
    allways inquire 8 hours ago

    All the Tesla fanboys are wetting there pants over this thing! I will wait the 3 years till it goes into production! Tesla currently cant manage to make the 3 ( batterys as well as cars) let alone the semi the roadster or this thing! They are like apple without the ability to make the dam thing!

  • Pappu Bhai
    Pappu Bhai 8 hours ago

    That sarcastic comment about wheels and screen oh man😂😂😂

  • Raw2929 Will
    Raw2929 Will 8 hours ago

    What the fuck so much money wow

  • Daren Halfpenny
    Daren Halfpenny 9 hours ago

    1:30 - VESA is a standard - companies may already have VESA stands installed. Plus, even the TheXvidrs such as MKBHD are using £30k+ RED cameras - the file sizes these things output are massive. iJustine said she's filmed over 8TB for her test video. It's the movie studios that are going to find the top tier useful - it's all very well just sitting in a studio behind a single camera and bitching about the price because it won't suit your needs. Plus NO-ONE who buys this is going to be shelling out £50k in one go! There is such a thing as finance - a 2 year lease would be about £1,500 per month on a returns basis! Looking at the stats, MKBHD earns $8k A DAY out of his videos - he'll have the thing paid off in under a week!

  • Angel Raya
    Angel Raya 9 hours ago

    What did you use to mount your iPhone boxes to the wall ?

  • Tristan Paul Pestaño

    The best route is to buy the base model but the CPU is upgraded to 28-cores. Since you can upgrade the RAM, GPU and SSD, it is better to find their cheaper alternatives.

  • TheLoxionKasie
    TheLoxionKasie 9 hours ago

    Definitely not a camera improvement because no one really NEEDS that on an iPad other than for scanning. In fact, cheapen the back camera and use those savings for something else.

  • elysiumcore
    elysiumcore 9 hours ago

    That shit OLD 28 intel CPu ( $7000 ..gross ) is just that... Trash... a 12 Ryzen beats it in Single core Geekbench.. You can imagine what 64 core Threadripper would do - No thanks apple

  • alien gamer
    alien gamer 10 hours ago

    babe 52500$ aint nothing, in Europe its 69000$ converted

    • Cashx DGAF
      Cashx DGAF 5 hours ago

      alien gamer sucks to not be american bitch

  • zoomboomashz
    zoomboomashz 10 hours ago

    Graham Stephan’s gonna make a video on how he bought this for $3 bucks

  • michaelsmiley15
    michaelsmiley15 10 hours ago

    Their are a couple of new companies that produce a black pods that are far better than the original black pod clones that came out of fairly quickly after the ipods were released from Apple One of the reputable companies is a black pod make sure that you read in the description the letters capital TWS if you find a website and it says that the new know you found the right 1 because those are the only ones that I am finding reviewers that are saying these are the best formed factor 1 to 1 that actually do pretty much the same thing as Apple's air pawed and you can get them in gloss or satin black

  • TechMishMosh Adeel
    TechMishMosh Adeel 10 hours ago

    I will buy 5 🤪

  • Supernatural Hauntings

    Should I wait till March next year or should I get the 11inch pro now? Just want an iPad for good portability and movie streaming honestly. Don’t care about drawing honestly.

  • Andoy33
    Andoy33 10 hours ago

    So i could get a Tesla cyber truck or a maxed out Mac Pro 🤔

  • marksapollo
    marksapollo 10 hours ago

    I think your nice they update the Mac Mi I with 10th gen Intel processors it’ll be a MUCH better buy for the home users who would buy a Mac Pro, these You Tubers really do not need a nearly maxed out Mac Pro yet they all seems to have one....

  • varun tiwari
    varun tiwari 10 hours ago

    Gift me iphone 11

  • earlbee31
    earlbee31 10 hours ago

    You took the words right out of my mouth you could buy a car for that 1 2 3 4 5 I’ll give you five out of five apples for this video

  • Ash Greninja
    Ash Greninja 10 hours ago

    I would say realistically the porrless iPhone would happen around 2022 or 2023

  • Brandon Lisik
    Brandon Lisik 11 hours ago

    How do you make an Aero dynamic truck?

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White 11 hours ago

    $3,400 of cash back

  • M M
    M M 11 hours ago

    Suggestion: MS Surface Pro- like kickstand on ipad Pro.

  • Gabriel Law
    Gabriel Law 11 hours ago

    when a wheel equal to the price of a budget laptop hmm typical apple.

  • JEEP 2019
    JEEP 2019 11 hours ago

    I just surf the Internet and bought one with the display. Can’t wait. iPhone Pro and iPad Pro... might as well get the Mac Pro 🤷‍♂️

  • parry berenji
    parry berenji 11 hours ago

    I like you!! You speak the truth man!!!! For us not so rich ordinary people out here... we dont have $53,000 lying around to buy something like that!!!! And even if i did, I’d rather buy that beautiful Tesla that could actually take me places...! 😐😐😐

  • wayne harvey
    wayne harvey 11 hours ago

    What, still no wheels ! Guess it’s going up on blocks behind the shed next to the ‘39 Ford pickup.

  • Quenton Daniels
    Quenton Daniels 11 hours ago

    With wheels and maxed out to F$&@ it’s $85177 Australian with taxes!!! Lol

  • jkjkjk
    jkjkjk 12 hours ago

    I have more respect for you to not have it actually. I think only people who actually buy it are those who have it on the company cards.

  • Marsorry Ickua
    Marsorry Ickua 12 hours ago

    This computer is for people that buy Ferraris and Bugattis. They COULD drive at 300mph - but they’re likely gonna use it to go to the grocery store, like the rest of us🤷‍♂️

  • Marsorry Ickua
    Marsorry Ickua 12 hours ago

    My use cases of Web Browsing and Email must be INSANE on it!!! Really love your background tune 👌.

  • Flam3Sm0k3
    Flam3Sm0k3 12 hours ago

    If i were buying it (more like could), I would probably get it with base RAM and max it out myself. I did the same with my iMac, and got 128GB RAM for less than half of what apple charges for extra 56GB (Hell, there isn't even an option for 128GB even though iMac supports it). Apple tends to charge more than double for RAM when compared to market prices. Samsung's Unbuffered 2666MHz ECC RAM Costs around $1100. %1100 x 12 = 13200 vs 25000 for Apple ones. That's around 50% savings. (PS : As far as I know, the memory used in the Mac Pro is same as standard Server/Workstation-Grade Unbuffered ECC Memory.)

  • Jen
    Jen 12 hours ago

    Looool... If I ever have that kind of money laying around someday, I would hands down spend it on a NEW CAR over a $52,000 computer. That's just... Like I see how it could be helpful for some creative people, but DANG that's just... inSANE.

  • Christian Adamo
    Christian Adamo 12 hours ago

    Oh God it starts at $10,000 and maxed out is over $80,000 in Australia

  • Mich Washington
    Mich Washington 12 hours ago

    FUCK YOU‼️

  • Rocnroll 00
    Rocnroll 00 12 hours ago

    Lmao....how will this systems specs hold up in three years??? I'm thinking some people will feel like morons for buying this Mac Pro for this price compare to what you can build now, let alone in the near future....32 core threadripper for 2000.00

  • jumbo shrimp
    jumbo shrimp 12 hours ago

    Blow it out your ass Bozo

  • Teddy M
    Teddy M 12 hours ago

    The one I would love is 22 grand AUD.. wow.. 16 core, 96Gb ram, 4TB SSD, one vega II, wheels. WOW.. Even at interest free for 24 months it would be just under 1000 a month.. I suppose if I was a video editor I could justify it but i'd never go to the twin GPU or 28 core.. In fact i'd save 3 grand and wait for the 5700x option if I was getting one. That's enough. 16Gb ram and around 2070 level power. I do audio, so the 16 core is the right one, better sustained turbo and base clocks = better for VI's. Anyway, how stupid to only have two usb a ports.. i mean what is their childhood trauma? It's an expensive massive desktop computer! Why not 4 thunderbolt as it has, and EIGHT usb 3? I don't get it. None of the MPX expansions have more USBA either. So you'd need a friggin hub for all your USB A stuff.. The other option would be to get a monitor with 4 usb 3 downstream ports built in, so you'd have one on the desktop and 4 on the monitor for KB/Mouse/SD reader/Software Dongle so I guess that's a workable solution.. but still.. weird decision and even the imac pro has 4 USB 3 and 3Tbolt standard.

    • Teddy M
      Teddy M 12 hours ago

      PPS I also configured a faster windows based PC than the 16 core mac pro for a third of the price LOL with 7TB SSD space.. That's funny. Ok not server grade but does it really matter for music work, gaming or even video work like with Vegas pro for example? I don't think so. It had a 2070 super/970 evo 1TB x 2 in raid 0 for OS and apps, Qvo 2TB x 2 for data storage and sample streaming, and a 960GB intel enterprise for repeated writing (audio track recording). 9960X overclocked to 4GHZ (easy) which get close to the cinebench of the 28 core mac pro LOL. I know people do 4.5 and 4.6ghz (which made the 16 core 9960X equal the 28 core mac pro!) but I want absolute stability and no fluctuation.. what this means is no speedtsep, no turbo, just one permanent frequency which is the absolute best for audio production work as you ALWAYS know your precise headroom.. (actually truth be told a stable clock speed is great for any sort of work..EIST was only ever introduced to save power therefore electricity). Also no PWM fans, but only 3 pin noctuas, lots of them but with the ULN cable in a high airflow case.. No rising and dipping fan noise..Absolutely no spinning HDD.. When doing audio the GFX fan won't spin, when gaming it will which is of course fine... Honestly it's worth giving up Logic Pro and moving to Cubase or S1 on windows for that sort of saving. And I DO want to learn a bit of video editing, I think Vegas pro is easy to learn, much easier than final cut.. so.. there's options.. I have to get out of this mac trap!

    • Teddy M
      Teddy M 12 hours ago

      PS if anyone wonders why I don't want the 580X and save 4 thousand australian dollars is because i don't have space for two desktops and this would need to be a bootcamp games machine too. I presume the Vega II and 32GB ram would give outrageous 1440P gaming power, but even the coming 5700X is fine for 1440P/high or ultra settings. I'd get two 2560x1440 27" monitors, one with free sync, perfect for music production work and gaming.

  • Thunnus Obesus
    Thunnus Obesus 13 hours ago

    $86,000 in Australia, maxed out, no monitor 😬

  • Jesse J
    Jesse J 13 hours ago

    Browse youtube in style.

  • Aidan Mate
    Aidan Mate 13 hours ago

    In Australia it goes up to $99,000

  • angel torres
    angel torres 13 hours ago

    Who here is watching this on their new Mac Pro? Not me.

  • MC Plana
    MC Plana 13 hours ago

    What’s the use of this? I understand it’s not for the average consumer

    • Crispy K
      Crispy K 4 hours ago

      Music studios and movie studios in where it's takes hours to render a single frame of the CGI

  • Daniel Davila
    Daniel Davila 13 hours ago

    Got me at "you're buying WHAT right now?" 😂

  • Wyatt B
    Wyatt B 13 hours ago

    So Full self driving hardware is faster than this Mac Pro.

  • Jessica Leyba
    Jessica Leyba 14 hours ago

    it's still glowing!

  • pacosaucedo
    pacosaucedo 14 hours ago

    DAMN!! .. is the price for a House in mexico (1 million pesos)

  • Robbie Mercury
    Robbie Mercury 14 hours ago

    Ya think

  • Wing Ken Tham
    Wing Ken Tham 14 hours ago

    Cybertruck > Mac Pros

  • Sacto1654
    Sacto1654 15 hours ago

    It appears that Apple considered using USB Type C connector, but dropped the idea because it would immediately obsolete way too many accessories that used the Lightning port. What they probably may do is an improved Lightning port that could take advantage of 27 to 29 W USB-C charging (higher than the 18 W now) and full support for USB 3.0 connection speeds.

  • Moudire Ifan
    Moudire Ifan 15 hours ago

    I love this channel, but honestly, this episode is completely useless.

  • Venkata Appala
    Venkata Appala 15 hours ago

    Funny that people think this is for every one. It’s for professions that need the computing power. Not for average joes or TheXvid content creators. People who make movies pay thousands and thousands for their machines. People who work in research, data science, etc need these hardware. And considering the hardware, I think it’s not that expensive.

  • Right Wing Safety Squad

    Apple is going to alternate budget years. Milk the people that upgrade every year for everything they can get like the Xs. Then follow with budget models every second or third year.

  • TheUnconventionalDeal
    TheUnconventionalDeal 15 hours ago

    52k and Already obsolete.

  • Makata_Pro
    Makata_Pro 15 hours ago

    Apple Mac Pro is insanely crazy but Apple itself, a million times crazier: Macbook Pro 16” max out: almost $7,000, up to 5 to a years to afford and takes a while Mac Pro max out: luxurious, let me rob a bank first its faster.....

  • Dylan Santiago
    Dylan Santiago 15 hours ago

    Yeh thats right get more dislikes

  • Cactus Tweeter
    Cactus Tweeter 15 hours ago

    I would love to get one but I do not have that much disposable cash.

  • jorge jesus mendoza balleza

    So about the monitor, many pro users already have stands for their monitors and is usual to sell it without it, about the storage, same, many people have external storage using thunderbolt or ethernet

  • Apple Kid
    Apple Kid 16 hours ago

    I want 5 of them. Pay me.

  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 16 hours ago

    Is this Mac Pro the Highest performance pre-built name brand computer being sold right now?

  • gamer
    gamer 16 hours ago

    I won't buy it, i'm waiting for the 100k one 😂

  • beszt95
    beszt95 16 hours ago

    Imagine buying this overpriced shit

  • randomrazr
    randomrazr 16 hours ago

    does the new XDR pro display....have built in speakers?

  • Ghetto Fama
    Ghetto Fama 17 hours ago

    I’m getting one completely maxed out to log on Facebook, The desktop version is better.