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  • Domingo De Anda
    Domingo De Anda 16 seconds ago

    Very cool

  • Anabela Da Guerra
    Anabela Da Guerra 20 seconds ago

    excellent move, why support gangster money? in this day and age money is just 'numbers on the computer' for those who don't know, but it's good that the Russian banks are playing their game to give the public a long story about 'storing their money' :))) we understand the politricks that is needed to play against the thugs and support it, even if it will kill us the 'sacrificial lambs' caught in the middle.....Russia deserves to be strong and stay smart.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 4 minutes ago

    So you give your bank your hard earned money, provide them liquidity and ability to invest or to give out loans, and for this 'service' they pay you how much?.. what? you have to also pay them on top of that? That's absolutely crazy upside-down world we are living. Also no sane person would ever store physical gold in banks, ahead of the greatest financial collapse of the century. People are brainwashed to the point of no return, it will cost a lot of lives and suffering in the future, and of course politicians and bankers will go unpunished, like they always do.

  • Marline Plenos
    Marline Plenos 8 minutes ago

    Pres Putin is the man for PEACE unlike US is greedy and jelous Country!

  • Jose Silva
    Jose Silva 8 minutes ago

    Russia will police the world good

  • Madaleine
    Madaleine 8 minutes ago

    He reads he knows!

  • joshron99
    joshron99 9 minutes ago

    I've noticed in reports from Vesti and other uploader that federal funds are appropriated to various regions in Russia and the authorities there who receive the money do not spend it and do not get the project underway. Isn't there some way of punishing them? Does it take a Stalin to get them moving? What power does Putin have to get them on the ball?

  • Marline Plenos
    Marline Plenos 10 minutes ago

    US is the cause of war all nations

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 16 minutes ago

    RESPECT Vladimir putin

  • Madaleine
    Madaleine 17 minutes ago

    Maybe in USA and Europe we have lack of real man of good character . Whether he is for real it’s different question, Seems a man of his word well balanced good planner!

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 18 minutes ago

    En De Federatie Rusland zal altyd op mijn Steun en Trots en Ere kunnen Rekenen . Ik als persoon op deze Globe is in mijn ogen belangrijk in mijn Visie als Een serieuze President van de federatie Rusland

  • Kenzofeis
    Kenzofeis 20 minutes ago

    Use the Euro you get to buy European countries one by one..? ^^

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 23 minutes ago

    Voor mij is Vladimir putin, na de val van de Muur .De ware Heer die zijn Moederland in Ere en Trots heeft .Ik zal altyd U Respect waarderen .

  • Dani Grigore
    Dani Grigore 28 minutes ago

    Moldova is Romania. Moldova is being opressed and kept in poverty by russian mobsters! Unite Romania !

  • Mr Greater Jomblo
    Mr Greater Jomblo 28 minutes ago

    The militan turkey group need to be abolished..As mention in the story God ask Rusia to bom and punish them..The truth will be exposed!!!!...

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 28 minutes ago

    President Vladimir putin de federatie Rusland is President. Ik ben eens met Vladimir putin.

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 30 minutes ago

    Ik heb Respect Voor Vladimir putin federatie Rusland.

  • Moira Trujillo
    Moira Trujillo 31 minute ago


  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 31 minute ago

    Als Vladimir putin wilt dat ik me terug trek met mijn Respect.

  • Enter
    Enter 33 minutes ago

    I understand Putin. The power to rule the world through a central progressive system. To hold it's ideals and oppose it indirectly out over nations who makes foolish decisions on a daily bases. American culture has been a chaotic mess compared to Putin's social standards. It would be wrong to view Russia as the enemy, when America is at fault for involving themselves in wars and political issues not regarding them. It's a nice thought, but simply getting involved won't help anyone. Analyse the history and work forward. Take action after knowing the past conflict between nations world wide.

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford 47 minutes ago

    Ukraine will never win out over Russia , even with the Satanist Zionist America behind you.

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford 49 minutes ago

    It was all started by America,s Terrorist CIA. who are out of control.

  • pleiades
    pleiades 50 minutes ago

    You are better off not getting vaccines. There are toxins to make you sick in all vaccines.

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford 56 minutes ago

    From London UK.dont trust western media.its ALL propaganda

  • Joe Morello
    Joe Morello 59 minutes ago

    Your Cruise missiles have proven themselves very effective on the Saudi Arabia oil fields! However, one was defective and landed intact providing evidence of the attacker! Next time, have a self-destruct mechanism so the evidence can not be examined by me! Yours truly, the Armchair Detective! 🇨🇦😊

  • Gost731
    Gost731 59 minutes ago

    Why d bloody US Americans love wars sooooo much....go round igniting wars all over d earth 🌎

  • Jack Bradford
    Jack Bradford Hour ago

    Fuck the Euro, from London.

  • Noah Solamillo
    Noah Solamillo Hour ago


  • LineOfCars
    LineOfCars Hour ago

    I take this as a sign, sometin bad will happen wit EURO in near future

  • agus sandi
    agus sandi Hour ago

    Great leader, may Allah always protect Ramzan Kadyrov, greetings from Indonesia

  • Bort McBort
    Bort McBort Hour ago

    Putin is the last person who should be criticizing others for usurping power from the people.

  • goinasian
    goinasian Hour ago

    Those idiots have no idea about the capabilities of the US armed forces and their speculation about Iran is horse shit...

  • Dark Dan
    Dark Dan Hour ago

    Seems like the 2016 election hack has failed...

  • Slavko Greben
    Slavko Greben Hour ago

    Bravo from Republic of Srpska, last standing orthodox Christianity guard of Europe

  • Mohammed Habib Salifu

    Mr Putin, you're a great leader, a hero God almighty guide and protect you Russia the only country that put the West on check

  • Ozkan Onalan
    Ozkan Onalan Hour ago

    If Turkey leaves nato, only na will remain. Putin

  • Peter Cabauatan
    Peter Cabauatan Hour ago

    Ongoing trade wars and recession put pressure on Western currencies to devalue.

    • parkplace6677
      parkplace6677 Hour ago

      Contrast that with Russia, where corruption and Putin’s criminal gangs cause the money to devakue

  • Dark Dan
    Dark Dan Hour ago

    I see the effect of fiat currency and hit home...BTW I've said it in poor taste to comment of the women at Vesti but Nailya is one of most beautiful Slavic women I've ever seen...

    • parkplace6677
      parkplace6677 Hour ago

      I prefer American woman. They have enough self respect that Russian men can’t come here and buy them for a potato like western men buy Russian woman.

  • Bo Modén
    Bo Modén Hour ago

    The UN has to be moved from the United States ! Its Urgent ! Why not to Suchi ?

  • grimm reaper
    grimm reaper Hour ago

    we learn from history not to make the same mistake/s. china was able to negotiate with Russia on the tough border issue because it was a drain on both sides to station troops on its long border. the pollacks let their past with Soviet Union got in the way. the Americunts bailed them out when Poland went through 'shock therapy'. Poland will be obliterated if US launches a strike.

  • Bo Modén
    Bo Modén Hour ago

    Really a promising development ! Thank you Russia .! Thank you Turkey !

  • Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen

    Don,t trust American investment they will take your money and go home become billionaire.

    • parkplace6677
      parkplace6677 58 minutes ago

      It’s easy to be a billionaire in Russian money. That’s around $7.00 in US dollars

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters Hour ago


  • Alex P.
    Alex P. Hour ago

    I am a PUTINIST, THIS IS SPARTA "kicks a few libretards into a hole"!

  • Lear King of Albion
    Lear King of Albion 2 hours ago

    Some things are quite obvious. All on the table here, or most of it anyway. Evgenii is trying to get everyone onto the record about those televised one-on-one meetings that VV has with people, and those giant rooms with huge chains of tables in a square -- and what that implies for management of whatever is being managed. Nobody Russian will touch that with a ten-foot pole. There are some things that people know not to bother trying to do.

  • Bo Modén
    Bo Modén 2 hours ago

    The US has not been able to maintain peace ! Better send in the Russian forces !

  • Amadey
    Amadey 2 hours ago

    Russians should be all deported from USA.

  • Abdalla Al Zoubi
    Abdalla Al Zoubi 2 hours ago

    Kadyrov is fucking idiot ! Putin brutally assassinated his Dad. His Fucking a fake muslim

  • luca liberati
    luca liberati 2 hours ago

    Euro and dollar have same owner !

    • parkplace6677
      parkplace6677 Hour ago

      What is Russian currency called? Oh yeah, toilet paper.

  • Amadey
    Amadey 2 hours ago

    Putin don't care about millions people in Russia starving.They live in poverty.Russia is very poor country not much better than Third World.Most russian families have not enough money to cover basic expenses.

  • Bo Modén
    Bo Modén 2 hours ago

    Is the EURO in process to loose its value step by step ? It is not profitable ! She is really a beauty !

  • jwang604
    jwang604 2 hours ago

    It’s a good thing that Trump is not a war monger. Some say it’s weakness, others say it shows strength. Bolton would’ve nuked Russia regardless of the ramifications if it was up to him.

  • Maziar Yousefi
    Maziar Yousefi 2 hours ago

    It was more than economical agreements, and certainly, a bird or whatever Saudis gave to Putin ( i don't know it was a door? Painting?). I feel it is related more to Turkey and Iran and Houthi rebel attack, Assad and Change of events.

  • Lear King of Albion
    Lear King of Albion 2 hours ago

    Very interesting that the editors at 2:30 pulled out the comment about Nancy Pelosi's "liking Marxists" (it was a correct insult). Why so? We are left to wonder. It was an insult that one would think, 30 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, Russians might understand and appreciate. As to Trump's childish letter to Erdogan, I will not comment, almost just like Vesti about Pelosi's "liking Marxists." As to the Ancient Rome comment, someone who is Hindu or Pagan might be more forgiving of the "Freudian slip".

  • Amadey
    Amadey 2 hours ago

    USA isn't interested to stay in Syria, because is nothing there just sand, very poor land and fighting muslims. Wasting time and money. Russia is very poor country and can't afford any long time war. They will lose loads of money and will back home with nothing. Well they can take some sand from Syria :))))

  • beryl thienhaus
    beryl thienhaus 2 hours ago

    She needs a smack go back to school....😁😁

  • ukoze
    ukoze 2 hours ago

    I'm an Irishman and am proud to call myself a Putinist. He is a Godsend to Russia and the world. Russia after all her suffering of the 20th century deserves such a leader! Arise ye Russian people. Stand strong, remain steadfast, deny America the world conquest which she desires.

  • GrowlerThunder51
    GrowlerThunder51 2 hours ago

    Something's up!!

  • Cheltook Tribe
    Cheltook Tribe 2 hours ago

    putin sir , dont say you have touch that bird at saudi , you must touch uae bird to , it is different

  • Mario Sismar
    Mario Sismar 2 hours ago

    Russia/china/north korea/india/pakistan/turkey/latin america/asia should set aside or relocate the UN venue at the neutral/fair country like Sochi,Russia or Guandong China.The UN at new york city is controlled/regulated/dictated by the dictator/fascist/neo nazi US/europe/Israel where the UN officiaks have no power/jurisdition due to abusive dictation/regultation of decission to any barbaric issues commtted by the dictator/fascist groups.Like the war in middle east/afghanistan/africa/yemen/libya/somalia/yugoslavia others which perpetrated by the evil groups but still the UN body never file any violations to his masters even millions of people were being killed/maimed.

  • Steppi B.
    Steppi B. 2 hours ago

    Religion? 😂 It's just common sense, traditional values ​​and a good amount of mistrust of the "new" Western, "liberal" politics !!! Politics has to control the business, not the other way around! 👍👍 Putin 👍👍 He may not be perfect, but he is the best politician and head of state these days! And the one most likely to trust and believe! 😑 And even if he were not exceptional, everyone else is worse !!! 😎 Greetings from Germany 🙆

  • Amadey
    Amadey 2 hours ago

    Russian bullshit :))) Millions people in Russia can't get enough food. Russia i very poor country far from civilized world. Russian army is mostly equipped with rusty, old equipment. Do you know that military budget in USA in over 30 time more than Russian ? Russia is second league, poor country with overgrown ambitions. World don't need Russia at all. Stay where you are and we are more then happy to forget about your existence peasants :)

    OPERATION ASS CREAM 2 hours ago

    She is so beautiful, just let her talk...

  • T Mac
    T Mac 2 hours ago

    They drive me crazy with this stupidity. They hate when we deploy but hate when we leave? WTF? Aren’t they mad because we have bases in the Middle East? What the hell are we supposed to do then??? Then they act like they won big for Russia because they have to babysit the Kurds and try to make peace. That’s going to be very expensive.

    OPERATION ASS CREAM 2 hours ago

    And the A-10 says brrrrrrrt, brrrrrrrt.

  • pwaoow aw
    pwaoow aw 3 hours ago

    This ain't called Satan. This should be called Satan is afraid of me

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    Georgia, JEW SA behind anti Russian riots Biden advisor Michael Carpenter openly incites violence. Georgian Nationalists Harbor Hate For Russian People.

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    America up to more crimes IAF Sukhois intercept Georgian Antonov cargo plane on lease to Ukraine trespassing into Indian territory from Pakistan. Both countries are under JEW S control and Pakistan is a JEW S declared enemy state.

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    US sets up illegal Bio Weapons lab to escape US Laws. Secret American Laboratory Performs Deadly Human Experiments in Caucasus' Georgia proof provided Georgian ex-minister claims US-funded facility may be bio weapons lab US Military and Big Pharma to manufacture DNA Vaccines to modify human behaviour disguised as medication. US has at least 30 illegal Chemical and Biological labs close to Russia and China US Boosting Number of Labs in Areas Close to Russia, China - Russian MoD Multiple deaths from Phony Hep C drug tests.

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    MH 17 absolute proof it was Ukraine and Jewmerica. Russian MoD Reveals New Evidence On Malaysia Air Investigation. All Ukraine Radar within 200 km was down for repairs 😉 Ukraine positively identified as Culprit in MH17 Atrocitiy Serial numbers of missile that downed MH17 show it was produced in 1986, owned by Ukraine - Russia MH17: Russia release video analysis denying involvement in plane crash that killed 298 MH17 Ukraine Shoot Down. CIA agent caught discussing MH 17 shoot down. MH17: Russia release video analysis denying involvement in plane crash that killed 298 MH17 SEARCH.,uid_tgPlWrviK8m30QSt6K34Ag_0:423&xxri=15

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    Murder of Donbass leader committed with help of Western [American] intelligence services duri g cease fire and talks. FSB arrests [American] ISIS member who planned murder of Donbass leader on behalf of Ukraine. Crimea bloodbath: Seeing friends die and fleeing for their lives - witnesses describe attack horror War Criminal Poroshenko $25 million Bribe. Pope-Adoring CIA Asset Bartholomew To Start Religious War In Ukraine"

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    Ukranian General reveals Zionist control of Ukraine. Savchenko on Jews control Ukraine. Nadia Savchenko arrests it's hero. US Diplomats act like Imperial Governors they even boast of how they violently overthrew South American governments and Brag about how they do the same in Europe. US diplomats act like imperial governors riding roughshod over sovereignty of national governments

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    More facts America denies US Mercenaries in Ukraine US denies Russian Jet chased them away. US aircraft caught air dropping supplies to ISIS again.

  • yfelwulf
    yfelwulf 3 hours ago

    UKRAINE the US led Coup that now sees a Jew as the countries leader has moved in and is taking over all its industry while Jewkraine slips into absolute poverty. The plot deny Russia access to its sea ports (an act of War) to cut Russia off from.its main Military Jet and Marine engine manufacturers now replaced in Russia. US Mercenaries in Ukraine if you want more video look up Blackwater in Ukraine.

  • Bubba Rogowski
    Bubba Rogowski 3 hours ago

    Imagine this was Moscow🤔 But it is Spain 😨 11. Salen de la furgoneta y empiezan a agredir a todo el que pasa, sin importar nada. Así fueron las primeras cargas policiales ayer en Barcelona

  • B Zayed
    B Zayed 3 hours ago

    alshaeb yurid 'iisqat alnizam

  • Gia Pacella
    Gia Pacella 3 hours ago

    Edgar Cayce said Ankara will fall...x

  • lowe booty
    lowe booty 3 hours ago

    Hey Putin if you build those 2300 armata tanks and 750 terminator tanks,50 gorshkov class corvets,12 lider class destroyers ,2 helicopter carriers ,3 kuznetzow type aircraft carriers i will create a strong christian Putinium Vladimir Ramirez thuglyfe punisher blyatismus.

  • Moira Trujillo
    Moira Trujillo 3 hours ago


  • Gia Pacella
    Gia Pacella 3 hours ago

    Good 4 Russia ...screw ECB

  • Darkice Metal Film
    Darkice Metal Film 3 hours ago

    Putin is 100 % right CNN start showing situation just after Russian Army crossed Georgia borders !!

  • jolia amar
    jolia amar 3 hours ago

    فلاديمير جميل اينما ذهب 🌹🌹🌹❤❤❤🇷🇺🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇷🇺🇷🇺

  • Female LOVEwarrior
    Female LOVEwarrior 3 hours ago

    PUTINISM - you telling the TRUTH and you are a GOOD human and a EMPATH ❣️☀️❣️ I am a PUTINIST ❣️

  • Anna Amato
    Anna Amato 3 hours ago

    President Putin is great!

  • Asura
    Asura 3 hours ago

    Larisa speak russian very well!

  • razeel2196
    razeel2196 3 hours ago

    Communist theevravaathikale karuthiyirikuka

  • razeel2196
    razeel2196 3 hours ago

    Sudaapi jamaathu mujaahid sunni islamika theevravaathikale Muslim beegaravaathikale nammude hindava sainyam nilakunirthuka thanne cheyyum

  • Apostolos Gr
    Apostolos Gr 3 hours ago

    I think it will be the end for danish Greenland soon. When you hear those Greenlanders talking they dont like Denmark and are seeking for true independence. The US is doing it again and will throw over the government of Greenland. Sadly, the people there aren't very clever. They only talk about development and progress. Greenland has no industrialisation, so they are still dreaming the dream. In a little while you will see parts of the population walking with foreign banners, singing the anthem of the US and call for democracy like in Hong Kong...

  • 394pjo
    394pjo 3 hours ago

    Slightly harder for the U.S as their people live in a destitute third world shithole devoid of hope, dreams and opportunity completely at the mercy of their Oligarchs.

  • 394pjo
    394pjo 3 hours ago

    The west is losing the information war and name calling and insults are all they have left.

  • Chum Bucket
    Chum Bucket 4 hours ago

    Well i just convert from catholicism to Putinism and i feel good

  • Arsalan Sherzad
    Arsalan Sherzad 4 hours ago

    Fuck USA and Nato , WHO supports and finances the terrorist in all the world ❗️‼️ Long live president PUTIN and Russaions Army and Syria ❗️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ We has 7500 aktive terrorist from SWEDEN in Syria now ❗️‼️ peace to Syria people ♥️♥️

  • Ran Ko
    Ran Ko 4 hours ago

    The Russians put them on the wrong train. the proper train would be one destined to some cold, extremely remote place in Siberia or Kamchatka.

  • Pal Kaposi
    Pal Kaposi 4 hours ago

    chinese intervention is awaited..., provoked...

  • F Haque
    F Haque 4 hours ago

    Saudi Arabia and UAE are all Zionist agents, so if Russia imparts technology knowledge to SA and UAE, then it means that Russia is giving away it's secrets to Zionist powers of USA, Britain and Israel as the Saudi Royal family and all the Arab royalties were set up by the British empire for control purposes of the Middle East, therefore these agents are not Muslims but the extended arm of the Zionists. Russia should be cautious about why suddenly SA wants to be friends with Russia.

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 4 hours ago

    Broer/Bratë .

    GERALD MARKHAM 4 hours ago

    Who can predict how a war will go? Sneering Russians who put their noses up at the Syrian SFD? Oh, and whats that funny red thing on top of the Kremlin that's on the YPG/YPJ flag, HUH!

  • William Wolters
    William Wolters 4 hours ago

    Vrede economie welvaart