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  • Void Termina
    Void Termina 4 hours ago

    Parasol Marx and Blue Waddle Dee!

  • I want To commit neck rope

    A midget taking down giants... Best game ever

  • kfc bucket
    kfc bucket 4 hours ago

    Where is gramps

  • Katie W
    Katie W 4 hours ago


  • Diana Lecona
    Diana Lecona 4 hours ago

    Kirby is stronger than ultra instinct shaggy let's be honest all right.

  • SapphireFlame
    SapphireFlame 4 hours ago

    Do I hear some Meteos in that baseball game?

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 4 hours ago

    7:19 The nerfs have gone too far

  • Engie49 Roblox
    Engie49 Roblox 4 hours ago

    Kirby Can Easily Defeat Galaxy Level Threats,Destroy Entire Planets,Survive Massive Explosions,Launch Dedede Into Outer Space,Punch Ridiculously Fast,Smash Huge Boulders By Throwing His Friends At Them,Create Massive Explosions,copy the powers of his enemies,and was created by sakurai. Kirby Is The Most Powerful Nintendo Character,If Not The Most Powerful Character In The History Of Video Games.

  • tattletail gempley terror Morales

    Link king dedede and ganondorf is awesome :0

  • Fluffal- Wuffal
    Fluffal- Wuffal 4 hours ago

    3:25 tho

  • Miguel de la torre
    Miguel de la torre 5 hours ago

    Can someone tell me why Greninja didn't the second jump?

  • PaddyTheLegend16
    PaddyTheLegend16 5 hours ago

    Wario singing to his own theme is the best thing in this game

  • JJ M
    JJ M 5 hours ago

    You never answered the question

  • The weirdo of nowhere.

    he is OP, but that doesn’t mean we should stop him.

  • Kruhl Sentru
    Kruhl Sentru 5 hours ago

    Kirby's real superpower: cartoon antics. Never underestimate the power of cartoon antics.

  • Electro_Deadlight_Elite

    Can we still consider Little Mac a “low tier”?

  • XXV_Alerad
    XXV_Alerad 5 hours ago

    Fox can do better if u use side b and then use recovery to the side

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 5 hours ago

    samus has an armored suit so thats where the weight comes from

  • Niyata Agrahar
    Niyata Agrahar 5 hours ago

    5:53 im a figure skater

  • Devon Cerda
    Devon Cerda 5 hours ago

    I think Toon Link's Ballad of Gales was a missed opportunity for a cinematic final smash. He could still use that little lock-on mechanic and whoever gets caught in the line of fire will activate the Final Smash where Toon Link can be seen riding the King of Red Lions. Whereupon Toon Link makes one swift thrust, sending a mini-tornado after his opponent.

  • Haohmaru HL
    Haohmaru HL 6 hours ago

    Skull girls trumpet thing is neither reference to anything nor a cameo.

  • Nicolas Lucena
    Nicolas Lucena 6 hours ago

    Wow, last time I saw Ike it was on Brawl. I think this boy is on steroids.

  • hvychevy94
    hvychevy94 6 hours ago

    He’s 2527527838393737464674474747474777373737

  • Gentlemen Palutena
    Gentlemen Palutena 6 hours ago

    We need a marin Plushy with the links awakening switch remake look

  • Dragonlight_99
    Dragonlight_99 6 hours ago

    what is that song?

  • good boi
    good boi 6 hours ago

    Aw man, my boy link can't do it

  • Mama Mao The Mienshao

    i can’t help but purposely lose to glass joe because i just feel bad, he tries so damn hard and gets almost nothing in return

  • TheRealPlasma
    TheRealPlasma 6 hours ago

    Auto levels : You're weak. Luigi : I'm you.

  • Norf the narf
    Norf the narf 6 hours ago

    I disagree on Link. That’s two separate inputs.

  • Fransiscaca, Babyberge & Zan pépère

    1:41 He is very nice. I want to kill kirby. 😡 Poor Sectonia 😭

  • Shantyy
    Shantyy 6 hours ago

    bruh since when was home run contest in smash?

  • MarioFanNick Yoshiboy

    NSMBU came out in 2012. not 2013.

  • Sara Morgan
    Sara Morgan 6 hours ago

    Luigi stops nuclear war by doing absolutely nothing

  • Jack Dotzler
    Jack Dotzler 7 hours ago

    Rob can use his back air to cancel his up b, also you forgot a bunch of characters that can air dodge out of their up b

  • Cynthia yeung
    Cynthia yeung 7 hours ago

    ......KIRBY IS A GOD

  • leozar69
    leozar69 7 hours ago

    Wish there were more Link's Awakening art style content from the amiibo.. Would be cool if it unlocked chibi Link in Hyrule Warriors.. I don't know.

  • FN LN
    FN LN 7 hours ago

    Punch ball mario bros looks like something off

  • Chusterkuun
    Chusterkuun 7 hours ago

    What is the song that begins at 7:17 ?

  • Connor Reed
    Connor Reed 7 hours ago

    5:13 That's the alt I normally use. Looks kinda like the colorless piranha plants around the Boggly Woods in Paper Mario: TTYD

  • 花樣年華Jinchae
    花樣年華Jinchae 7 hours ago

    The moment when Little Mac leaps just as far as Greninja, the *frog* pokemon

  • Chaos_Vortex
    Chaos_Vortex 7 hours ago

    2:40 I’m honestly surprised that this is a thing. Never thought Roy could survive by doing his up b.

  • ana YEET
    ana YEET 8 hours ago

    mega lucario reminds me of ryu's shinku hadouken lmaoooo

  • Gaming Bandicoot
    Gaming Bandicoot 8 hours ago

    9:37 Jesus Christ you killed 'em dude!

  • Xenosyx
    Xenosyx 8 hours ago

    I love mario and luigi encouraging kirby to destroy his own planet

  • I'm Santamito
    I'm Santamito 8 hours ago

    What ? How the Shield Breaker from Marth can’t break it ?

  • Mitchell Sidebottom
    Mitchell Sidebottom 8 hours ago

    Incineroar, Ivysaur, and Pichu all have the same base speed stat from the Pokemon series.

  • Jorden Jorden
    Jorden Jorden 8 hours ago

    32:53 soulja boy time

  • Ha Jama
    Ha Jama 8 hours ago

    I think that all of the ones you can mash out of shouldn't count, as there is something you can do about it.

  • Leandro Romera
    Leandro Romera 9 hours ago

    1:43 epic

  • nicol RB
    nicol RB 9 hours ago

    So, god-like?

  • qwerty qwerty
    qwerty qwerty 9 hours ago

    Wow Kirby is stronger than El Primo

  • Ruben
    Ruben 9 hours ago

    Why don’t Zelda and sheik get to use the second hit of theirs but many others do

  • SuperMarioGlad64
    SuperMarioGlad64 9 hours ago

    Ah, good old Kirby: Nightmare In Dream Land, The best GBA game ever! Brings back memories... So does Kirby: The Amazing Mirror do!

  • JoaoEmanuel Mendes
    JoaoEmanuel Mendes 10 hours ago

    Insert your like here if you want see a battle of Kirby vs shaggy

  • Joseph Conover
    Joseph Conover 10 hours ago

    Kirby fighting Galacta Knight may not be cannon due to how the only times we fight him is in what if situations.

  • Amber Van Cleef
    Amber Van Cleef 10 hours ago

    super mario final levels (1985- 2018) has bower battles oh my goodnees

  • colly407
    colly407 11 hours ago

    2:06 weegee? Is that YOU?!

  • JustDChief76
    JustDChief76 11 hours ago

    literal space god capable of transporting things to distant galaxies in no time at all: Failure one really fat boy with a motorcycle: SUCCESS

  • ZeldaCraft Gaming
    ZeldaCraft Gaming 11 hours ago

    Kirby: has infinite power Also Kirby: i am inevideble

  • Bithius Gaming
    Bithius Gaming 11 hours ago

    okay, not all of these are one hit K.O. Most of these you can DI out of, and Hero's moves are complete RNG. Also, Kamikaze is a suicide move, that kills the user, but at low percent, surrounding players can DI and survive. If anyone actually dies to a warlock punch or Hero's crits at 0%, they're just bad.

  • Canal Win
    Canal Win 11 hours ago

    Could you give my channel a boost by subscribing and advertising it?

  • Billy el tuerto
    Billy el tuerto 11 hours ago

    What happens if kirby absorb jiren from Dragon ball super 😐😐

  • Nerdytimes
    Nerdytimes 11 hours ago

    His health bar isn't his life force, it's the number of fucks he has left.

  • Tronan
    Tronan 11 hours ago

    Piichu makes it if you time it right, just tested it out but it took a few tries.

  • Dyzair Nelson
    Dyzair Nelson 11 hours ago

    Ah yes the game we all played in school

  • Im a Wii U
    Im a Wii U 11 hours ago

    Falco : personally I prefer the air. Welp you got your wish falco cause in ultimate you got the arwings

  • megadoomed100
    megadoomed100 11 hours ago

    15:01 Oh my god, my dick.

  • Kingofkings 155
    Kingofkings 155 11 hours ago

    Ganondorf was just like "no u"

  • megadoomed100
    megadoomed100 11 hours ago

    Bulbasaur Cyndaquil Treecko Turtwig Oshawott Froakie Popllio

  • MariaMC Games
    MariaMC Games 12 hours ago

    "How Strong Is Kirby?" With These Concepts Maybe He Is Stronger Than Thanos

  • VSM unofficial
    VSM unofficial 12 hours ago

    3:15 this guy could destroy goku

  • Lord Zo
    Lord Zo 12 hours ago

    Kratos : "I AM THE STRONGEST VIDEO GAMES CHARACTER !" Kirby : " I gonna end this man whole career, POYO"

  • SPOOPY Orange Dude
    SPOOPY Orange Dude 12 hours ago

    Let's face it, Kirby can survive anything Except for bombs, waddle dees, And G I A N T P E N G U I N

  • Yoichi
    Yoichi 12 hours ago

    Nobody: Pokemon Trainer: *g a e* (6:31)

  • ML VibrantPlayz
    ML VibrantPlayz 12 hours ago

    ATTENTION: No Pokèmon was hurt in making this video XD

  • tarik gaming go!
    tarik gaming go! 13 hours ago

    I a gaming TheXvidr

  • scatsking Z
    scatsking Z 13 hours ago

    USE smash attacks with donkey kong

  • Luigi Let’s Plays
    Luigi Let’s Plays 13 hours ago

    I know five of these. But have you heard of Kaettekita Mario Bros?

  • ああ
    ああ 14 hours ago


  • illogicL
    illogicL 14 hours ago

    just so everyone knows this doesnt mean the best grounded spike lol

  • GiganticMax7 6
    GiganticMax7 6 14 hours ago

    10:26 IS MY WORST NIGHTMARE. But no joke I hate hammer bros.

  • ああ
    ああ 14 hours ago


  • ThisDinoBruh Bruh Moment

    No matter how many gods he has killed he is still a pure punk fluff boi

  • Angel Guacamaya *Lord Lucario*

    A prro Robaste la tienda XD

  • Fantoliko o Fantasma
    Fantoliko o Fantasma 14 hours ago

    Who would win? A massive explosion than can destroy a planet and everything alive easily Or A pink boi

  • FlyGuyAlex 《Alternate》

    A dog and a bird are heavier than you Zelda EAT SOME DAMN FOOD

  • Francesco Boccuni
    Francesco Boccuni 15 hours ago

    That THIEF thing triggers my multiple OCDs...

  • Juliruli
    Juliruli 15 hours ago

    dark and shadow link are different things

  • Bob-omb the walking bomb

    1:35 *m a g i c*

  • Nicholas ros
    Nicholas ros 15 hours ago


  • szg손지검
    szg손지검 15 hours ago


  • 佐々木拓也
    佐々木拓也 16 hours ago

    たさし なちつちさすせききくけくすくすかんゆぢむきれゆふ すむりるかさちゆりんかしーむりふゆれふづし。ーりふちむねれねゆれぬふりつーるふさつ。んりふしふみるざりるふちーるふいつりむー。ち。みりんち。むりんさつりんむき。さんむりつ。りんみ。ふりんかさんふりつりんかちりふん。かさりぬんにぬりんざぬるりさつりぶるふゆるさつふりるしふりるつしるゆつりぶるしふるゅつしるゆふすゆふるしすゆぶるぎゆるきゆるすむきりんせりるふすゆふんすくくくくききき 、おおおおお

  • ZMG
    ZMG 16 hours ago

    Anybody know when One Punch Kirby comes out?

  • Benyamin Baigi 2A Skottegårdsskolen

    Kirby: *does’nt make it* Shulk: *sweating nervously*

  • どこかのFawful
    どこかのFawful 16 hours ago


  • Lachie GamesYT
    Lachie GamesYT 17 hours ago

    Able to hold swords and knifes 10 times the size of him. Can create super novas. Threw dedede in to space like it was nothing, destruction on planets with a bat, and lives a planet level explosion it like was nothing, that's our kirby for ya!

  • Cubrave The Justice
    Cubrave The Justice 17 hours ago

    I still in for Malon

  • Dstone1187
    Dstone1187 17 hours ago

    A Guys Night Out starring: Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi

  • Ivan Casares
    Ivan Casares 17 hours ago

    Kirby are a god 100% :3

  • Samuel Rosal
    Samuel Rosal 17 hours ago

    This video, and yet he is still an F tier character in smash ultimate. :<